yeah im gonna tag it fight me

welp this AU escalated quick, didnt it?? I’m just a rando witness watching Lewis sass up a bartender…nope..dont wanna be there when he’s pissed;;;;;;

Im so surprised everyone likes this bara ruffian detective gonna add more characters and scenes to this, just for shits and giggles..but yeah! I always loved a good supernatural crime-fighting AU!
So im tagging this ‘detective lewis’ or ‘detective lewis au’ for those who wanna see more or blacklist it!✨ 


 Tsukikana week, day 8 -  Ambrosia: “Your love is reciprocated.”

yeah fuck you im even turning the not-angsty prompt into sth sad fucking FIGHT ME HAHA

tsukiyama has blue hair bc im gonna guess thats his natural hair color? since ishida drew him with it lately…. maybe he got too lazy to dye it haha

anyway this was a really nice week. not a lot of people participated but the bit of content that got out was fucking quality. (im looking at u rosexwald w/ ur fuckign nice-ass fanfic)

NOT GENDERBEND/R63 DONT TAG IT AS SUCH please just genderqueer hc

these are really rough but i’ll probably polish one of them this week!

fenris is one of my favorite characters but i’d been struggling with his face so i just sat down and drew him a couple times. i think i understand a bit better now c:

bottom two are actually the same as the top, i just slapped some long hair on him because i love fenris with long hair. we need more of it

the measure of my changing love

a coda to my dcbb, Pedaling a Bicycle toward Your Arms

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It starts in the grocery store. They’re looking at eggs, and Dean’s showing Cas how he has to pick up each one to make sure they’re not cracked. The dairy aisle is cold, cold, cold. It makes the hairs on Dean’s forearms stand up. Cas is taking too long with the eggs and Dean just wants to get to the beer, so he snaps, “Hurry the fuck up, will you, Cas? They’re just eggs.”

Which is, apparently, the wrong thing to say.

Cas is still newly human, and while he’s not as fragile as an eggshell he doesn’t take well to being snapped at. Dean has learned in the past few months, the hard way, that Cas is still figuring out how to deal with unexpected emotions.


Dropping a carton of eggs on the floor of the dairy aisle, for example, is an inappropriate reaction.

Saying, “Fuck you, Dean,” and stalking off – also inappropriate.

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