yeah im going to punch you

rewatching old minecraft lets plays (mostly for background noise as i study) and in the old potions lets plays, there was some fucking great team nice dynamite moments. fucking gavin picking fights with everyone that michael begrudgingly has to step in and finish. michael even says at one point “well yeah, gavin started it but now i gotta step in to save his ass” and all im saying is please incorporate this more in fahc au thank you 



*He watched in shock as your fist hit the face of his manager. One minute he was moaning at Jongin for his tardiness and lack of enthusiasm for what he was meant to be doing and the next he had blood seeping from his lip. You were shocked you had hit him too but the frustration was clearly too high to handle*

K: “I think we should run off now”

Y/N: “Me too”

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*You were not in the mood for anyones shit today so it was only natural for anyone testing your patience to be socked in the mouth. Today the poor (but not so poor bc he was being r00d to the king of asia) sod in your line of fire was a trainee who thought it was ok to disrespect your man. Sehun just stood back, hand covering his mouth as he tried not to burst out into laughter. As you walked away he followed you and stared with his kouth wide open pointing at where it just occured*

S: “Wow I can’t believe you just punched him, he is going to tell everyone..I..that was amazing, you really are the best”

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*You started a fight with this man because he dissed your man and you weren’t having that AT ALL. You punched him in the arm, brimming with overconfidence and stood back to realise u fucked up. Junmyeon saw the entire scene and knew he had to step in. 

STYLIST: “Is Y/N in another fight over you again?”

JM: “Yeah she is lovesick what can i say, I better go and jump to the defence”

STYLIST: Why do you need to take your top off?”

JM: Because I look good”

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*All he heard were the words “Chanyeol hasn’t got a tiny wanger” followed by the screams of someone other than you.

CY: “Jesus christ here we go again”

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*You told him what you did to defend his honour, he didn’t say anything he just got up and walked to his laptop*

Y/N: “What are you doing, I just told you I punched someone and you walk off”

BH: “Well yeah Im looking for dispatch pictures i wanna use it as a meme”

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*He got all wide eyed when you told him what you did, but then found it rather cute so his smile broke out. It’s not like you liked violence, or much physical movement at all so the fact you wacked someone for him was a bit of an honour really*

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*Word had gotten out that you the partner of Kim Jongdae hit a famous actor round the face for saying his hair looked like a sweet potato in Hey Mama. It really wasn’t too serious to him but you were NOT having someone call ur man a vegetable. A few days later Exo had an interview where Jongdae was asked how he felt about what went down. He had no response valid for this question so smiled until another member changed the topic*

 Xiumin: Anyways so about Kris leavi..”

Suho: Dont chANGE it to tHAT

Xiu will bring up anything to save his best friend buddy buddy of chums jongdae

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*This guy started getting rude to Martial arts king Huang Zitao because he admitted he was scared of heights. Tao was about to sass back but you got in there first and didnt look back*

“Lol u scared of heights you’re such a pus..”

*Tao couldn’t believe his eyes as your first came into contact with this mans nose*

T: Y/N what are you doing?? thats Kris!”

Y/N: “As in Kris wu former bandmate??…oh well you guys fell out anyways right”

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*Lay was in a panic, as soon he had come to terms with the scene in front of him and grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the man you just hit*

YX: “You just punched the presidENT Y/N we are going to J A I L”

Y/N: “What was I meant to do she said your album was “pretty good” im sorry but it was AMAZXING (dont forgive me for this basic, common ass pun)

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*He knew it was pointless top try and stop you when you were in fighting mode, however his manager told him to calm you down so he sarcastically and half heartedly said some words as the side*

K: oh no y/n stop..dont do should calm down…and yep there we go she hit him”

*Fake surprised*

This gif is so cute im screnkfiwf THRU MY ASS

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UGLI: “Luhan sucks and the only thing he can get sucked is his dik by u u hOE”

*He had never seen you fling a bitch so hard in his lyfe, he stood back not wanting to get in the way of this*

Y/N: “I will have you know he could get his dicc sucked by many bitches ok, even tho he technically cant bc he is mine but you get my p0INT”

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*He stood and watched as you thew those punches to those who said he didn't love Luhan like Luhan loved him, you were hvaing NONE of that*


XM: “Yes she is mine believe it or not she is mine”

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banter m8

Ten Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where you and your soulmate share the same pain

  • hello whos ready to suffer
  • jk i wont make another angst
  • at least this one wont be
  • shall we start
  • its funny how one moment you could be just fine and the next youre in a serious amount of pain
  • like so much pain you could barely walk
  • “y/n you should really get that checked out”
  • “what? im fine! dont worry about me doyoun-aHHH CRAP”
  • “told you so”
  • “shut up doyoung or im goin-OK I NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTORS PLS HELP”
  • so you went to the doctors to see if it was anything you did but turn out its your soulmate who is inflicting this pain on you
  • and at first youre like ‘ok cool’ but then youre like ‘wHY HAVENT THEY GONE TO THE DOCTORS YET WTF’
  • best thing the doc could do was give you pain meds
  • so here you are, walking with doyoung when you see some street dancers
  • “damn theyre so good”
  • “theyre good but im better”
  • doyoung then proceeds to make a fool of himself
  • and the best worst part, people were staring
  • and not in the same way the people were staring at the actual dancers
  • “just to clarify, i dont know him”
  • so you just walked limped away from your embarrassing friend
  • but your limping didnt go unnoticed
  • a certain tai dancer noticed but he didnt approach
  • he instead helped the hot mess that was trying to dance
  • “hey hey bud um no lets not do that”
  • “ok fine ill stop showing my awesomeness. thank you to all my fans watching”
  • “where did y/n go???”
  • man he must have really been into it if he didnt even notice you leave
  • “your friend? they left a few minutes ago but they didnt look too good are they ok?”
  • “actually we just came from the doctors office because theyve been having knee problems”
  • “…wait why am i telling a stranger this?? Y/N WHERE ARE YOU!!”
  • he eventually caught up with you
  • “dont make a fool of yourself in public again”
  • anyways
  • ten is standing there after yall left
  • and hes like “hmm knee problems maybe i should ask them for any tips on dealing with the pain”
  • oblivious af
  • so its been a week since that day
  • if you ever meet your soulmate youre throwing fists
  • not just because theyre making you go through all this pain but for not taking proper care of themselves
  • you havent been outside in ages because of your knee
  • but doyoung thinks some exercise should benefit you
  • so he takes you out for a walk when yall see those street dancers again
  • “doyoung i s2g if you start dancing im leaving”
  • thankfully he doesnt
  • and at the end of their routine ten notices you guys
  • “ahh! youre the bad dancer!”
  • “yep thats me! wait what do you mean by bad?? im a godsend”
  • “what ever you say doyoung”
  • “y/n if i wanted to i could tickle you and you couldnt run away”
  • yeah its time to shut up
  • “y/n are you his friend that has a knee problems?”
  • “yes i am but its technically not my fault. my soulmate has a problem with taking care of themselves”
  • “wow thats a shame i was going to ask you if you could help me with my knee problem but i guess i cant ):”
  • …wait
  • doyoung reacted before you could and punches your arm
  • you and ten are both in pain now
  • thats when one and one clicked for ten
  • remember how you were going to throw fists? well thats exactly what you do
  • “pls stop hurting me ;-;”
  • “why havent you gone to the doctor?? your knee has to be killing you does anyone know about your knee? do you know how much pain youve put me through, mentally and physically? ive been worried sick about your knee and you bet your ass we’re going to the doctors right now”
  • thats when he slows you down and pulls you into a kiss
  • “im sorry about putting you through that much pain i didnt really think that much of it but lets go to the doctors now, ok?”
  • “stop being a cutie i s2g ill hit you again”
  • cue a laughing ten and a flustered y/n
  • ok im going to call it
  • this one is a lil long lmao
  • thanks for reading bebs!
  • byee

@bluecalligraphy requested this story with prompts 35 and 37. Im working on another one for you too! Feel free to repost, like, and tag me in any posts you’d like love! I hope I did Pietro justice and I hope this is satisfies your Pietro feels! Requests are open! Send me something from my prompt list, or send me something original. 

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“Yeah so I’m going to need the day off tomorrow.” I said to Steve praying that he wouldn’t put up much of a fight. Steve stopped his relentless punching on the bag and turned to me. “(Y/N) we have training tomorrow. What’s so important?” He asked. “Im meeting up with one of my old friends. He’s only going to be in town for a couple of days and its been years since we’ve hung out.” I pleaded giving my very best puppy dog eyes. “Fine” Steve sighed. “But your going to need to do an extra hour of cardio” I jumped up and down hugging Steve around the neck. “Thank you!” I shouted running from the room.

The next night I picked out my favorite dress and did my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror trying to decide what shoes to wear. Knock Knock I turned towards my door as Pietro walked in. “(Y/N) I was going to make some pasta did you wan-” He stopped mid sentence as he took in my dolled up appearance. “Hey Pietro” I said picking up my nude heels and slipping them on, “Thanks for the offer but I’m going out tonight.” Pietro cleared his throat and tried his best to focus on my eyes. “Okay” he said his voice shaking. “No problem” he speed out of my room. “That was strange” I thought as I walked out the door to meet my friend.

Pietro’s POV

I speed into my room where Wanda was waiting for me. “How did it go?” she asked standing up to meet me. “She’s going out” I murmured fighting to stay calm. “Oh I see.” Wanda said giving me a hug. “Wanda stop it.” I said. She was making it hard to fight back tears. “Im okay, really. I’ll just go out too.” I said straining to keep my voice steady. Wanda stepped back and looked me in the eyes, her own glowing red. “I don’t think that is a wise idea brother.” She said shaking her head. “Your right. Im perfectly entitled to have some fun tonight.” I said an idea forming in my mind. “That is not what I said and you know it.” She said putting her hands on her hips. “Thanks for all your help.” I said speeding out the door before she had a chance to read my mind. I knew she probably wouldn’t approve, but if (Y/N) could have some fun tonight, then so could I.

(Y/N)’s POV

I walked back into the tower feeling light as air. It felt so good to catch up with an old friend. I was walking down the hall to my bedroom when someone bumped into me. I stumbled forwards into Pietro. “Oh sorry Pietro. I didn’t see you there.” I said looking up at him. I tilted my head up to get a better look at his cheek. “Why do you have a lipstick mark on your face?” I asked, jealously bubbling up inside me. “ Pietro cocked his head to the side, a small smile on his face. “I too went out tonight Princessita.” he said. “That’s great” I said cringing at how fake my voice sounded. “It really is.” I bit my lip trying to keep the strain out of my voice. Pietro’s brow crinkled as he said “Is something wrong (Y/N)?” “No” I murmured.Even though I was looking down, I could feel his eyes scanning my face. Sometimes I felt like both the twins had the ability to read minds. “Stop doing that. Its very suggestive and strangely attractive” He said suddenly, his eyes dark. “Stop what?” I asked, my jealously mixed with confusion. “The lip thing.” Pietro said his breathing heavy. “Stop it.” “Why?” I asked. Confusion giving way to anger. “You obviously don’t care about me or my feelings.” I said, meeting his dark eyes with mine. He took a deep breath but his voice was shaky when he spoke. “(Y/N) don’t say that. I care about you very much.” I snorted “Your cheek says otherwise.” I turned to storm off to my room before I broke down. My heart was already throbbing and my legs felt shaky. I felt a breeze fly by me and saw a blue streak before I saw Pietro standing in front of me blocking my path. “Pietro” I began “(Y/N) wait.” he said his were eyes watery but he stood tall. “I was jealous that you went out on a date tonight so I went out too because I didn’t want to seem weak. Im sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.I just don’t know how to tell you how I feel because every time I see you my words just-” It was my turn to cut Pietro off as I captured his mouth with mine. He reacted quickly but I guess they don’t call him quicksilver for nothing. One of his hands flew around my waist and the other cupped my head, tilting my head up.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled on his hair earning a groan. I fought him for dominance but let him win. I pulled away after a few moments. “I didn’t go on a date tonight Pietro.” I whispered threading my hands through his blonde hair. “I went out to meet a friend.” He smiled and re captured my mouth gently biting my lower lip. His hands gripped my waist tighter as he deepened the kiss. He pulled away to whisper “Will you go out with me?” I giggled “Do you even have to ask?” He smiled and met me half way for another kiss.

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Hello hello! Is it alright to request some hc for Victor having a little sister ( not like super little, yurio's age maybe?) and just what would happen with that! Thank you!!!

Sure, this sounds sweet!

-God Viktor is such an overwhelming brother
-He’ll always get you gifts and souvenirs from the places he travels when on business
-BUT if you have the chance, and you’re not busy with school or shit, he will absolutely without a doubt take you with him
-”viktor im going to be so jetlagged”
-yeah okay GREAT
-he will, by all means, be super harsh on your work if you ask him to look over it
-But he means well, he wants you to produce the best stuff!!! And he knows you’re capable
-you punch him if it upsets you though, he’s your brother, you have those privileges
-(although this comes with revenge from Viktor who fuckin sets alarms on your phone for like 5 in the morning f uCK YOU)
-He’s awkward if you have problems, but that doesn’t mean he won’t listen!! 
-Viktor will definitely ask if there’s anything you want to do, to get your mind off it, because he’s good at distractions
-And he’ll ask you if it’s okay before he hugs you, because he wants to show you his support
-When he’s out skating, he’ll ask you if you could pick up some lunch for him, and if you bring the mcdonalds shit AGAIN he will never speak to you ever
-Viktor also encourages you to make friends with his rinkmates!!!
-Yurio thinks you’re alright, but you’re related to Viktor so he’s wary if you begin to show any Nikiforov symptoms
-Yakov tbh kinda avoids you, he’s too busy for more kids and honestly he just wants Rest
-Mila really gets along with you though!! And Viktor is super happy about that
-Georgi does his best to get along with you, and honestly becomes a little like another older brother

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-haha excuse YOU *I’m* the older brother here
-you don’t care, and honestly like rub it in his face
-To which he pouts and never lets go
-So the next time he goes out of town he doesn’t bring you shit
-You completely hog Makkachin’s attention and now hes insulted
-In the end you both get along, it’s whatever
-He’s a good older brother, he’s just a little shit
-Like most brothers are

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hi!!! so ok first of all MTB WAS AMAZING & IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU bc finishing a fic can be super difficult and aaa WELL DONE!!!!! secondly, for the au headcanon thing: i was wondering who lee's soulmate is? (because he's my terrible dog-loving trash son)

ACKKK THANK YOU!! and here you go… yikes

Ask more things here :)

I got suspended. Again, Lee wrote angrily on his arm.

What did you do this time? His soulmate, S, wrote back quickly.

I punched some homo, the school got pretty mad, Charles scrawled back, almost breaking his pen.


Yeah some dick called J - Charles attempted to write the rest of the name, but it burned off his skin quickly. Fuck I forgot you can’t do names. But he had it coming.

Why, for being gay?

Charles sighed, not really wanting to respond.

Because if that’s the case, I hate to break it to you… S wrote, and Charles froze. I’m bi.

Charles’ eyes widened, and he curled up on his bed, tucking his knees to his chest. He couldn’t believe his soulmate was bi. Because… if he admitted it to himself, the idea of being with a guy was enticing… Charles tamped down those thoughts. He wasn’t gay.

That’s cool, he wrote back, wincing at how lame the words sounded. I mean I just don’t like when guys are all in your face about it. Like I don’t want any dudes hitting on me.

The words sounded wrong as he wrote them out, but he shrugged it off. S would understand. She would have to.

Well I guess I should stop then…

Charles’ pulse picked up, his eyebrows shooting up his forehead. S was… a boy? His hands shaking, he rose his pen once more, his writing coming out smudged:

No don’t… I’m sorry.

Charles placed his face in his hands, shaken. Angrily, he threw his pen at the wall, leaving a large blot of ink on impact.


Lee took a long walk through the city the next day, looking at every boy’s face, wondering if they could be S. His S, who had been eerily silent since the night before.

Time passed slowly in this vein, Charles’ anger translating into rage-filled homophobic slurs to people he came across, namely that pansy Gilbert. It wasn’t until several weeks had passed – with little communication with S – that he made any progress. One lunch time, he wrote a long apology to S, explaining that he’d always been afraid of being gay, and that he projecting that on others… it felt so cheesy to say, so stupid, but he felt a weight lift off him after he’d written it.

I have to tell you something, S wrote back after a few minutes.

Excited, Charles scrawled back, What??

I know who you are.

Charles’ heart leapt into his throat.

“C?” he heard from behind him. His heart pounding, he whipped his head around. A short, skinny whisp of a boy was standing in front of him, his mousy brown hair falling into his eyes.

“Sam,” Charles breathed, his face splitting into a wide grin as he rushed up to Samuel Seabury. For once in his life, not caring if anyone thought he was gay, he wrapped his soulmate in a tight hug, relieved he’d found him at last.

dream | taeyong

genre: fluff??

characters: taeyong x reader

word count: 547 (sorry)

summary: you and your best friend go to an nct concert you get lost and stuff happens

request: open

a/n: this will probably have a second part idk,yet , also srry for lack of posts my internet sucks rn

You and (Y/B/F) were at the bleachers of the stadium. We had waited almost a whole year for this and it had finally come.  They were finally gonna watch NCT live at a concert.

“This is the last song for tonight, it’s called Paradise” announced Jaehyun, while the slow beat started to sound through the speakers. I heard (Y/B/F) give a little squeak, and I couldn’t hold my excitement, Paradise was a fan song, we all loved it.

“yeogin Paradise Paradise Para- dise dise dise” sang the crowd with the boys.

The last slow beat of the song ended the lights flickering of the stage, the stadium went mute for a couple of seconds before slowly the lights turned back on and the crowd went wild. The crowd started to walk out of the stadium, and so did you and (y/b/n). We got out of our section, and let’s just say we weren’t the best at navigation so… we kind of got lost. You and (y/b/n) had walked out into the street, “Well I’m going to head home, coming with?” asked me (Y/B/F)

“I think I’ll pass, feel like walking”

“Ok, see you tomorrow then?”

“You know it”

With that they both went their own way, the only problem was that ypu didn’t know where to go. You got out her phone and looked up her address on maps. Putting on her headphones, looked down at her phone and started walking. “Turn right, in 5ft” the machine said into her headphones. Looking  down to see, where to turn, but right and there with the luck you had your phone died, ‘Great, just great’ you thought to yourself, thinking about punching something, and you did accidently of course, in frustration you had started walking down the street fast not really paying attention to where you were going (not very smart idea), not paying attention you bumped straight into someone “Sorry” the person muttered, looking up to see a boy, who you could recognize anywhere. In front of her was Lee Taeyong, with his beautiful dark brown eyes, which a little while ago had contacts in, to his now dyed pink hair.

“Sorry” you mumbled, looking down

“It’s fine, are you okay?”

“Yeah, im suppressing my fangirl inside of me and not freaking out you know?”

“I guess, well glad your ok…’

“(Y/N) ”

“(Y/N) pretty name, are you lost?, or are you just casually walking around at 1 a.m down the streets of Seoul?”

“See that depends on how you look at it, if you look at it from my perspective I’m lost and my phone ran out of battery so I can’t do anything, but if you look at it from a stranger’s perspective I’m just a normal New Yorker walking down the streets of Seoul at 1 because that is exactly what a normal, sane person would do”

“Nice explanation though I’m going to go with the first option,” Taeyong said while laughing, at that you started laughing along, the situation is ridiculous.

“Well you still need a ride home, right?”


“I can take you if you want, I’m not going to kill you, you know”

“Um, I would happily take that offer”

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Do you have headcannons for Jon or anyone else seeing one of gendrys and aryas little arguments? Once they're all reunited

omygoodness i love your ask thank you so much for this! (btw my headcanon involves jon just meeting gendry for the first time)

  • arya and gendry causing a fuss at the great hall because apparently, arya was eating way too fast according to gendry
  • jon freaking out deep inside while acting all cool and chill cause a boy is arguing with his lil sis and he doesn’t know whether to punch gendry or to stop arya from killing him by the looks of it
  • “oh please gendry, it’s not like im gonna choke”
  • “yeah keep talking while you eat and you might soon enough”
  • sansa smirking at the two of them because gods, these two are trying so hard to act normal with each other when something else is clearly going on and it’s adorable
  • bran thinking, yes if arya doesn’t stop talking, she might actually choke with the speed that she’s devouring that chicken
  • and bran taking a good look at gendry and approving because, “Gendry would be good for Arya, as she is to him. I know this is true, I dreamed it
  • Lem laughing at their argument with a nudge at gendry’s side while saying,“You might actually steal kisses from a princess now!”
  • arya blushing and shouting at gendry with “you stupid bull i hate you! AND SHUT UP TOM”
  • rickon hearing the commotion and smiling to himself because gendry is so in love with her sister and even though he just reunited with her, he can see despite the death glares she’s sending gendry’s way that she loves him too
  • if the way that she looks at gendry like he’s the only one at the hall isn’t proof enough, he doesn’t know anymore
  • meanwhile, hot pie’s rolling his eyes because if these two idiots start kissing again after an argument he’s gonna lose it 
Random dialogue prompts!

“I know who you are.”
“I’m talking to a bar of soap.”
“Just close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
“Well, it’s not TECHNICALLY illegal!”
“Are you gonna want this back or can I keep it?”
“Stop focusing on the bad things, it’s the good things that keep us going.”
“Wait, you’re not dead.”
“Yeah? Well one day these tears are gonna punch you in the face!!!”
“What are you in for?”

christmas presents

◇ In which Johnny gets the best Christmas present ever thanks to Winwin’s obsession with ice cream.

◇ Johnny x reader

◇ werewolf!au

◇ oh yeah a werewolf au B) also can you sense my desperation for christmas?? the request said nothing about chrismtas but im desperate and impatient so have some winter in august!!


Johnny was a sweet guy, really. He helped old ladies across the street, bought ice cream for a kid who just dropped their cone, didn’t punch Donghyuk after his last prank - all in all, Johnny Seo was a nice guy, and everyone knew it.

But if these grandmothers kept pestering him about finding his mate, he was going to lose it. “Why are you taking so long?” One frowned, leaning back in her chair, “I’ve lived for 300 years and I’ve had a mate for 287 of them.”

“You’re getting older now, Johnny,” another one chastises, shaking her head at him, “It’s time to settle down.”

Johnny bites his tongue, refraining from telling his elders that 1, he’s only twenty one, and that 2, he wants to find his mate as much as they want him to. Do they honestly think that he’s avoiding you on purpose? Hell no, Johnny would swim across the icy ocean right this minute to find you, and once he did, he promised that he would pick you up and give you the best kiss you’d ever experienced.

Ten must see the irritable look in his eyes, because he’s quick to appear at Johnny’s side, an award winning smile on his face that quickly averts the elders attention from Johnny to Ten. Shooting Johnny a look that clearly says ‘get out of here’, he turns to older women, beginning a story from the top of his head. “Did I tell you about how Doyoung and I once-”

Johnny takes the hint well, and leaves. His blood is boiling and his frustration has reached the roof. Why can’t anybody see how hard he’s trying to search for his mate? Is he not looking hard enough? Is that why those grandmothers blamed him for not finding you?

He can only groan, leaning his head against the doorway of the kitchen. It was too bad that pack get-togethers were mandatory, because otherwise he’d be halfway home by now. He shuts his eyes, sighing deeply and hoping that it will shut out the chattering from the large living room.

A soft chuckle catches his attention - one eye peeking open, he can’t help but smile at the sight of his mother, a bowl of food in her hands and raised eyebrows. “What do you think you’re doing?” She asks, setting a hand on her hip.

Johnny shrugs, moving away from the doorway. “Nothing much. Not like there’s anything to do here.”

“All your friends are here,” she replies, as if that would completely solve his boredom.

“All my friends are here with their mates,” Johnny groans, throwing his head back and missing the pitiful look his mother throws him. “The next time I hear Hansol say something cheesy I’m gonna stab myself with a silver knife-”

“Hilarious,” his mother rolls her eyes sarcastically, holding out the bowl to him. “Well, make yourself useful and put this on the table, will you?” It sounds like a request but Johnny knows better - even at twenty one years old he doesn’t dare disobey his mother.

Reluctantly, but slightly glad for a distraction to his boredom, he takes the silver bowl, turning on his heels and setting off towards the kitchen table. As usual, Jaehyun is there, without his mate this time, critiquing the food and putting almost everything onto one plate. “If you eat so much, your fur will start to shed,” Johnny teases just for the fun of it, watching as Jaehyun narrows his eyes, a sarcastic laugh coming from him.

Johnny sets the bowl onto the table, before turning to talk to Jaehyun - only to see that his friend was back at his mate’s side, laughing brightly and looking at them lovingly. Johnny sighs, turning away from the sight. Was he cursed to be mateless forever?


It’s a few months later and Johnny has had no luck whatsoever with finding you. He’s tried to let destiny do it’s thing, to let everything play out, but he had quickly grown impatient. What would it take to find you?

“I’m telling you, hyung,” Mark declares one day, “It’s best that you get out of this slump and start dating. Your mate won’t be angry, promis-”

The idea of dating sounds almost… offensive. Imagine knowing that somewhere out there, there’s a person who’s destined to be the love of your life. A person who’s perfect for you. Now imagine completely disregarding that fact and dating random people anyway - getting involved with them, falling in love with them… Do you see the problem?

“I’m not dating,” Johnny says firmly, making the younger boy groan. “Shut up - why’s this such a big deal to you anyway?”

Mark looks sheepish for a second, biting his lip and lowering his face to sip at his hot chocolate, “Well… we’ve noticed that you’ve been kinda down in the dumps lately, and so we just though that… maybe, you’d be a bit happier if we-”

“Set me up?” Johnny concludes, unimpressed but at the same time glad that his friends cared so much about him. Mark stutters to find an answer, but Johnny stops him with a chuckle. “Whatever, it’s fine. Just don’t try it again, right? I’m not dating, and that’s final.”

Mark lets out another groan but he shuts up and goes back to drinking his hot drink. Sighing, Johnny leans back in his seat. The cafe was stiffling warm, and with the heat of a werewolf, he was definitely getting too warm. “When will Taeyong and Jaehyun be here?”

The younger shrugs, too focused on his drink to answer. “Yah, answer your elders,” Johnny chastises jokingly, pushing him on the shoulder gently.

Mark is about to retort, but the bell above the cafe’s door rings and the boy’s heads snap towards the sound. As expected, in stride Taeyong and Jaehyun, smiles on their faces, not bothered one bit by the fact that they were 10 minutes late. Letting out a sigh of relief, Mark downs the rest of his steaming drink - wincing in the process -, and scampers to meet his hyungs.

Johnny shakes his head with a fond laugh, but he follows him anyway. And so, the Christmas shopping begins.


“Winwin wants ice cream for Christmas?” Mark is asking incredulously from in front of Johnny. Taeyong nods distractedly, rifling through the presents he’s already bought and muttering under his breath. He only looks up, a glare on his face, when Mark chortles, “How has your mate not gotten fat already?”

“Shut up, please,” he replies dryly, before turning to Johnny. “Can you guys please get the ice cream Winwin wants? It’s from that little shop down the road, you know the really fancy one-”

“Shouldn’t you be getting your own mate’s presents?” Johnny comments, but he accepts the money Taeyong passes to him anyway. Taeyong is rolling his eyes now. “Jaehyun and I are gonna go to the jewelry store to shop for something.”

“Finally doing it, hm?” Johnny asks, raising his eyebrows. “I’m happy for you guys.” A blush actually spreads against Taeyong’s normally cool and calm face, and he quickly thanks Johnny in embarrassment, before he takes a deep breath to calm himself.

“There’s a wolf that works there, her name is ______ . I placed an order with her a few weeks ago-” Taeyong glances in annoyance at Mark, who’s made a comment about how serious Taeyong is about getting Winwin’s presents - “Just ask for her and give her the money. I’m counting on you to not mess this up, Johnny.”

“How low do you think of me?” Johnny asks cheekily, before he’s towing Mark along, through the snow covered bustling streets that are covered in a soft golden glow from the various street lights and shop displays.

Heavenly Bites is a small shop located just off of the main street. It’s cked out in warm colours, like reds and golds and yellows, and it seems to be a popular place for people to buy gifts, judging by the large crowd that just exited the shop.

The moment Johnny and Mark set foot in the shop, they’re bombarded by numerous smells - sweet chocolates, delectable toffees and cold ice creams, among with the gentle chatter from outside. Apart from an old couple, Johnny and Mark are the only people in the shop - though Mark is quick to scatter off, babbling about getting some chocolate to share with Haechan and Jeno.

That leaves Johnny by himself. Heaving a sigh, he waltzes up to the cash register that’s currently empty. He leans against the wooden counter top, tapping his finger as he waits for someone to come from the back of the shop.

“Can I help you?” The voice is sweet and helpful, but Johnny barely looks up from where he’s staring at the menu when he answers.

“Uh, I’m looking for _____ - I’m picking up an order for Lee Taeyong…?” He finally looks up, and he can’t help but trail off and become speechless as he finally makes eye contact with you. Pupils dilating, he seems to be thrown into another world, scenes playing out before his eyes.

You, spinning around with a smile on your face, stumbling into his arms while he glances down at you lovingly. Him, kneeling down on one knee and watching as your eyes fill up with tears of happiness and elation. Him, standing behind you, a hand on your protruding stomach-

It’s gone before he can register it. He’s left back in reality, eyebrows furrowed and eyes completely fixated on you. He - you - you were his mate.

“Oh, my God,” he hears you whisper, a hand coming up to your mouth. Then, there’s a squeak of happiness, and you’re running around the cash register to hug him. Reacting quickly, he winds his arms around your waist, completely beaming as he feels you burrow your head in the crook of his neck.

“I’m ______ ,” you breathe, pulling back with such a cute smile on your face that Johnny finds it hard to breathe.

“Johnny,” he murmurs back, not being able to hold back the laugh bubbling in his chest. “I can’t believe I’ve finally found you.” Your laughs are disbelieving but you’re unbelievably happy.

“I’ve been looking for you for ages,” you explain. His arms are still around you but you honestly don’t want him to let go, so you say nothing - if anything, you bury yourself further into his embrace. “This is so surreal…”

Johnny’s so caught up with taking in you - your image, your voice, your smile, your laugh - everything, when he suddenly realises something. “I - I kinda have a promise to keep,” he bites his lip, a cheeky smile blooming on his face at the confusion painted over yours. “I only have on question - can I kiss you?”


And, as he promised himself earlier, he takes you in his arms and gives you the best kiss you’d ever had. The best Christmas present ever.

I know this isn't a head cannon but I need to share with you

This is the conversation I had with my friend Cat today.

Me: Hey cat, do you remember that vine with the guy saying “It’s Wednesday my dudes” and then yelling?

Cat: Yeah why.

Me: Well I was on Tumblr and I found this animation of Bendy-

Cat: I swear, you and Bendy.

Me: What?

Cat: I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys had kids.

Me:…….I’m very confused.

Cat: well you never stop talking about him.

Me:…First of all, he’s a cartoon character in a horror game. Second of all, I don’t want to imagine having kids with an ink demon.

Cat: so you’re telling me-

Me: don’t-

Cat: you don’t want to imagine-




Cat: Hah, you would get ink poisoning.

Some random kid: What the f*ck is wrong with you guys.

Both me and Cat: A lot of things.

(Note that we are in art class surrounded by our pears and if that’s not bad enough the class is in a old garage so our conversation ECHOED THROUGH THE WHOLE ROOM WHERE EVERYONE CAN HEAR.)


me: im not aggressive ever lol
brain: reminder a Shitty Person exists & lives in this world
me: im 💪 gogna 💪 go 💪 literally 💪 punch 💪 them 💪 in 💪 the 💪 got 💪 dam 💪 face

syub-baby  asked:

Heya! I just got my braces tightened. So can you do a BTS reaction when their girlfriend's braces hurt to the point where she starts crying and what they do do comfort her? Thank you!

Of course! And sorry it’s late ;-; 

BTS Reaction When Their Girlfriend’s Braces Hurt To The Point Where She Starts Crying

You and Jin are sitting on the couch watching a movie when the pain from your braces started kicking in. Jin noticed this by your face expressions and asked if you were ok. You held your hands on your cheek, shaking your head. It started to hurt so much that you felt tears running down your face. Jin, who is in shook because you’re crying quickly disappears into the kitchen. Not long after you see him coming back out with a tub of your favourite ice cream and two spoons. “Here princess, eat this it’ll make you feel better.” He says, as he toss the lid on the coffee table and took a spoon full of ice cream. You took the spoon full of ice cream into your mouth, as the ice cream eased your pain. He smiles at you once he notice you stop crying.
“Thank you, Jin.” You smile back, wiping your tears and giving him a hug as you continued to watch the movie.
“Anything for you, princess.” He replied, hugging you tighter

Originally posted by thisisjustforfunval

“Why are you crying?”
“Because *sniff* my teeth really hurt from my braces.” You answered, you tried to stop crying but your tears just kept pouring out.
“I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that much, I mean it’s just your teeth.” He replied, but he paused when he saw your crying expression.
“But it does hurt!” You sniffed.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it hurt so much that you’d cry. I just thought…” He sighed, wiping the tears off your face.
“It’s ok…” You replied looking down. Seeing this, he started to feel really bad and didn’t know what to do.
“Come here, y/n.” He demanded opening up his arms. “I’m sure this can make you feel better.”

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Jimin quickly noticed the tears falling from your eyes.
“Jagi! W-what’s wrong?” Jimin asked shocked that you were crying. He could only see the painful expression you were giving him and it made him furious.
“No, Jimin. It’s just my braces are hurting me.” you interrupted him weakly.
“It’s ok, you don’t need to cry. I swear the pain is gonna go away if I kiss it better.” He smiled before gently wiping yours tears from your cheeks and placing a kiss on your forehead.

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

“Stop being such a baby”
“Yoongi!! It really does hurt! If I punched you in the mouth several times and you weren’t able to close your mouth very well, how would you feel?” You puffed out your cheeks and turned the other direction of where he was facing.
“Okay okay I’m sorry baby, what can I do to make you feel better?”
“… Hmm… Cuddles.” You mumble to yourself.
“You’re so cute y/n” he would say, showing his gummy smile

Originally posted by hellyeahkpopp

He’d panic before asking what’s wrong then panic again.
“I’ll get you some ice- no no how about some jello?”
“Taehyung-” “No, let’s just bring you to the hospital.
” “TAEHYUNG!” He stopped when he heard you raised voice.
“I’m fine, it’s just that it hurts. But it’s not enough to bring me to the hospital. Just calm down” You chuckle.
“I’m sorry, I just freaked out when I saw you crying. Are you feeling better?” He asked, wrapping his arms around you.
“Yeah.” You smiled, pulling him closer. “That’s good, just don’t freak me out like that again.” He chuckled placing his chin on your head.
“I didn’t. You just overreacted.” You laughed

Originally posted by jodyejota

Seeing you cry only means one thing, he’d freeze not knowing what to do. Then he’ll ask why you were crying. No matter what the reason is he’ll make you laugh in anyways possible to ease and distract you from your pain. You would burst in laugher with his silly actions, forgetting about the pain in your mouth. “Are you feeling better?” He smiled after the laughing session you had.
“Yeah, thanks Hobi.” You smiled back, giving him a hug for his efforts.
“Anything for you, Jagi”

Originally posted by jiminb

Not knowing what to do he’ll probably search up what to do on google, then come back with random things like ice packs, ice cream, tea, painkillers, and more.
“Thanks Kookie but I don’t think I need all of this.” You giggle at the pile of stuff on the table.
“You were crying because it hurts right? Well now all these things will ease your pain.” He answered with a smile.
“Alright, alright but what if it still hurts after that?” You asked, curious what else he’d do.
He thought about it for a moment then his expression changed, telling you he had an idea. Suddenly he started to sing to you, a sweet and gentle melody that always took all your pain away.
“How was that? Did that make you feel better?” He asked as he finished his song. Without saying a word, you placed a kiss on his cheek answering his question. “What was that for?” He asked blushing.
“A thank you for your pain relief.” You smile. He smiled back pulling you into his arms.
“You’re too cute.”

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Hope you liked it! (Sorry, I’m still new at this)
~Admin Ari (With the additional help from Admin Luna)

Let's talk about Mob Psycho 100

(like a little bit of spoilers)

Alright, it’s obvious that ONE intended to make this series more serious as opposed the the comedy-oriented One Punch Man.

While I really enjoy his humor (and it’s definitely in mp100), I also just really like his storytelling in general. It’s witty, it’s pretty quick, and his characters are lovely. The drama he writes is just as filled with content as the humor.

What I don’t understand is how he is also great at ripping my fucking heart out and tearing it to shreds

You guys remember the Mogami arc or whatever??? It fucking KILLED ME!! I CANT ADD PICS BECAUSE IM ON MOBILE BUT MOB IS SO FUCKING KIND AND GOOD AND EVERYTHING!!!!


This is SO MUCH MORE serious and emotional than OPM and I do like it but there are so many differences and it’s just!!!

I mean the comedy relief is Reigen basically (bless his soul) but he also got a part where it gets all emotional and shit when he was like “mob ur all grown now im PROUD” (not actually quoting haha) AND IT WRECKED ME TOO

Also Mob is like 14 and he’s put in all these situations and he’s gotta deal with them and he’s experiencing all this violence but he HANDLES IT LIKE A CHAMP

where was i going with this? oh yeah

IN CONCLUSION if you’re like “hmmmmm should i really read mob psycho 100 won’t it be the same kinda story? i mean theres a super powerful person and a teacher/disciple dynamic it sounds the same” you are MISTAKEN it’s a really different experience from OPM and there’s gonna be an anime for it so GET INTO IT!! IT’S REAL GOOD!!!

Perfectly Imperfect (Coffee, pt. 2)

Originally posted by sugagi

(Your first date isn’t exactly smooth-sailing, but somehow it’s just right.)

word count: 2,604
note: for a lovely anon who requested a part two of my previous yoongi scenario! sorry that this took so long, and very sorry that it’s probably not as good as part one - major writer’s block all throughout the process of writing this. but I hope you enjoy to some extent!

read part 1 here

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Summary: Gilinsky has been out a lot and you miss him

Requested: yes

“Hey babe you’re home woah are you high right now?” I say to my boyfriend Jack.

This is how most nights go now. He says he’s at the studio writing with Madison but he comes home high as hell. I usually get phone calls from the boys asking if he made it home okay. If coming home at 3am was okay then yeah. Jack was perfect.

“Look y/n. I don’t feel like listening to your bitching right now. I’m hungry as fuck and I just want to sleep. The studio was tiring and I don’t need you acting like my mother” he stomped into the kitchen.

“I’m not acting like your god damn mother Jack. It’s called being considerate some thing you obviously know nothing about. I sit here cleaning and cooking and studying and trying my hardest to make sure everything is good so that you can come home enjoy dinner and go to bed happy. Lately all you’ve been doing is “writing with Madison” and smoking way more than you should.“

“You don’t care that Nate or swazz smokes this much.”


“Why do you keep bring up Madison.”

“Cause God knows what you two do in the studio”

“Write songs…..”

“Oh yeah I’m sure.” I say turning around. I was beyond pissed at Jack. He turned around and punched a wall. I jumped at the loud noise in made and could feel my heart racing.

He’s gonna do it. Just like my last one. Just like my parents. He’s gonna hit me.

Jack walks over to me and gets in my face.

“Don’t ever say I’m cheating on you. Ever” he brought up his hand and I screamed begging for him not to do this. Apologizing for being so stupid. God how could I do this to my self. Again.

“Y/n?” I hear jacks voice crack and look up from the fetal position I was in to protect myself. “Did-do-why-I wasn’t going to hit you. I swear I would never. Babe I love you soo much I wouldn’t ever hurt you. I’m sorry I was angry and hit the wall but I wouldn’t hit you. I’m here to protect you not hurt you. Oh my god. I’m an idiot. Why did you flinch though. I’ve never done anything like that”

“Instinct. Old Habit whatever you want to call it.” I say shrugging and moving to the couch. I hated talking about this stuff made it me feel weak.

“Did he hit you?” Jack sat on the other side of the couch. That really hurt cause I wanted him next to me.

“Yes. But I’m so used to flinching from my parents so I-”

“Your parents hit you!!?!?”

“"Yes Jack now please just drop the subject. We really need to talk about what’s been happening lately.” I look at Jack who’s looking at me. He grabs my arms and pulls me into his lap. He puts his chin on the top of mine and sits for a minute.

“Babygirl you know I would never cheat on you in a million years. Madison just needed one more song for her album and she really wanted me in it. I would much rather be here with you than sitting in a studio with her. She’s been trying some stuff lately and talking bad about you so I figured if I smoked I could forget and still have time for my guys since I was spending all my time with her.” He says looking at the blank tv.

“I understand that babe but I think you forgot to make time for me too” I say moving my hands to the back of his neck. Running my fingers through the short hairs in his neck.

“Everything is such a mess. I can’t keep doing this song with Madison. It’s fucking me up.” He’s says moving me so he can look at me. I looked in his eyes he looked exhausted. I could tell he hasn’t been sleeping much and he just wanted to stop everything.

“How about this? I’ll go into the studio with you tomorrow and we can hang out there while you finish the song with Madison. I’ll even help you guys finish faster if you need me too. Then afterwards we’ll invite the guys over and have a movie night. Sound good?”
I put this face in my hands.

“Oh my god babe. That’s a great idea. You’re so smart. I love you so much.” He kissed my face a bunch of times which causes me to laugh because it tickles.

“Jack stop. It tickles.”

“Oh it tickles?” He says with a smirk.

I hop off of his lap cause I know what comes next I shoot up the stairs and start running around with Jack chasing me. I run into room and back up while watching the door. I turn around and see Jack standing there with his arms crossed. He smiles and picks me up. Carrying me to our bed.

“JACK FINNEGAN GILINSKY” I scream and laugh.

He throws me on there and starts kissing my neck.

“Jack quit. You’re tired. Let’s sleep”

“Good idea babe.” He throws his shirt off and grabs my hips pulling me against him.


“Yes Jack”

“If Madison says anything just-”

“Jack if Madison does, tries or says anything I’m beating her ass. Oh and does chickfila sound good for breakfast?”

“I don’t want you hurt.”

“Me? Hurt? By Madison? Lol ok funny joke. Seriously though. Chickfila?”

“"Ok. Chickfila.”

We say goodnight and fall asleep. I dream about me and Jack. How good we are together and how much I love him. If Madison thinks about trying anything I’ll punch the foundation right if her.