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Important Announcement

So, I won’t be active properly until July. This month I have my final exams for high school (my bac) and I really shouldn’t have procrastinated a whole year lol. Oops. Anyway, I won’t be reblogging or posting anything (I will like things tho mostly from my phone from time to time and answer messages).

See you in July. 


Heyyo Babes~ so I never thought I would be “that blog” that needed a master post because so many people have been reading my stuff, so me writing this right now is incredibly exciting and humbling. Thank you so so so much for reading what I write, I genuinely enjoy it and it helps me release stress so seeing you guys enjoy my writing style really warms my heart. YEAH YEAH ILL STOP BEING ALL MUSHY AND GET ON WITH IT. 
Here’s a list of all my work~I will update this as I go on :D


Rfa+V&UNK- Most to Least likely to cheat

RFA reacting to MC being insecure about being carried + V&SAERAN

RFA reacting to MC farting in front of them + MINOR TRIO 

RFA boys reacting to MC bringing them lunch 

Random Jumin Fluff


MC Dying in a Car Accident Minific (RFA+ Saeran)

Girl Next Door Minific (RFA)

Unknown Child Minific (RFA boy+V+Saeran)

Inexpendable 500 followers special JUMIN + BONUS AFTERCARE

Post Frick Frack~Aftercare Fic (Rfa boys)

RFA having an “omg i love you so much” moment

707 Happy Endings

707 Safe & Sound

~Alternate Universe’s:~

Seven Thief AU: Chapter 1 I Chapter 2? TBD

Neighbor AU 706: Chapter 1 I

Jumin College AU: Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4 I Chapter 5 I Chapter 6 I

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Who would I date out of the RFA and why?

Oh na na~ what’s my name

What do I look like?

What I look for in a significant other?

Relationship Status?

Favorite Quotes?

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Do I believe in ghosts?

ok so i rlly wanted to post the comic now but it’s rlly not possible ;;;; i never drew a comic that long, like 18 drawings it’s a lot zrjlhkbn it’s been now 8 hours than im drawing I still need to draw 7 drawings i want to cry WHY DID I DO THAT

so yeah i think that ill stop for now and ill draw the rest tomorrow! (i mean today but wtv) 


“Define Ethereal : Yoon Jeonghan”  ✧*。/ 2 /

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anonymous asked:

Are you gonna go to the dan and Phil meet up at vidcon? I went last year and it was cringe as hell but I'll probably go again anyway and it would be cool to meet you

yeah ill stop by and then probably leave cuz im awkward


So remember when I said we played fan games… yeah

Games represented here are home, unknown, fastforward, and continue stop rise

Check ‘um out if you have the time!

tbh I don’t know how to say ‘if you only concentrate on the negative sides of society and feed into a constant loop of negativity it’s going to seriously affect your personal wellbeing and perspective’ without implying that I don’t also recognise that a lot of the issues addressed are real and serious. I’m just worried this site is encouraging constant distrust and hatred in a lot of young, impressionable people and because the seeds of negativity are based in real things that it’s okay to continue to water them day after day. 

honestly just stay safe out there everyone and try not to forget that there is a lot of good in this world that is easily forgotten about.