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Summary: “dan and phil go to one of their friend’s wedding and when the couple kiss Phil leans over and says "one day that’ll be us” to dan" (prompt taken from phanfic)  

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Genre: fluff

A/N: shitty title ik. Also I accidentally lost the prompt and so I had to summarize what I remembered from it, but I mean I did pretty good I think. 

“Dan could you come here please?” Phil groaned calling for Dan once again. They were already thirty minutes late to one of their friend’s wedding, and weren’t even half ready. “I really need your help,” Phil added looking in the mirror. “Yeah give me a minute!” Dan shouted. “You’ve said that already,” Phil fixed his tie, hoping he looked decent.

“What do you need Phil, I’m trying to straighten my hair, and we’re already late,” Dan crossed his arms moving over to Phil. “Does this look right?” Phil placed his hands by his side. “You look great!” Dan placed small kiss on his cheek.

About fifteen minutes later and they still weren’t ready. “Dan! Let’s go, I don’t want to be anymore late!” The older boy said.

When Dan and Phil finally got to the wedding they weren’t nearly as late as they anticipated. The two boys walked into the chapel and took a seat waiting for the ceremony to start. The ceremony began shortly after they got there, and after everyone made their way down the aisle the priest began, “Friends, we have joined here today to share with Felix and Marzia an important moment in their lives….” It seemed as though the word the priest said went on and on. “Their time together, they have seen their love and understanding of each other grow and blossom and now they have decided to live out the rest of their lives as one,” the priest finished.  

The couple gave their vows, shedding a few tears, Phil might have let some fall as well. “I Felix give you Marzia this ring as an eternal symbol of love and my commitment to you,” Felix placed the ring on Marzia’s finger as she began. “I Marzia give you Felix this ring as an eternal symbol of love and my commitment to you.” Marzia placed the ring on Felix’s finger smiling the biggest smile she could.  

“By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride,” the priest said. Felix and Marzia kissed and the people erupted in cheers. “One day Dan, that’ll be us,” Phil whispered into Dan’s ear. The younger boy was so in love it was obvious. Once they were done kissing everyone left to go to the wedding party. “Congrats, Marzia and Felix!” Phil congratulated them.

Dan and Phil stayed close to each other, as usual until everything was over. The two boys got on the train back to London, both extremely tired and wanting to be home. “Phil, what did you mean by ‘One day, that’ll be us’?” The chestnut haired boy asked. “I meant that one day, maybe sometime soon, I want to marry you, maybe adopt a kid and spend the rest of my life with you, I love you,” the older boy said looking Dan into his eyes. Dan couldn’t help but smile and cuddle next to Phil. He didn’t care if onlookers saw he just wanted to be as close as possible.