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the trail to forever

Summary: Keeping a secret is hard, but keeping a secret from his best friend is even harder, especially when you’ve always seemed to know him better than he knows himself. 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff; Spiderman AU 
Word Count: 6,410 
Author’s Note: Tom Holland filled my heart with too much fluff, so I did what I had to do.


There are moments where it still feels like dream, where the reality of the situation still hasn’t sunk in, where he can wake up and go to school and come home and think that perhaps his memories of that accident in the lab hadn’t been memories but mere dreams instead. Or even a nightmare, depending on how he wanted to look at it.

He would think that all the radioactive spider stuff as well as the aftermath had been in his head, at least, until he lifted a desk or caught something flying at him from unimaginable speeds or unintentionally latched himself to his bedroom ceiling—although it would be better not to ask, given that he still doesn’t entirely know how he had done it himself. The powers that had come from the acquisition of a mishap made sure to introduce itself to Jungkook in increments that he couldn’t control or wasn’t entirely aware of himself. Jungkook knows that he’s still trying to understand and learn the full capability of his techniques and abilities that he’s gained, trying to make sense of the situation as a whole, yet some days are harder than others. Especially since he has to undergo all of these things on his own, not really trusting other people to hold such a secret but not really having many people to tell the secret to.

He’s never been the type of person with an overload of friends or individuals he could count on and rely on, given that all his past friendships are messy and nonexistent; yet, it’s different with the handful of people who have stuck by him through thick and thin. With a secret so important, so life-altering, so dangerous, there’s so much more at risk than just an eye roll and a fight and a discussion about ‘making better choices’. Jungkook may not have too many friends, but the ones who are in his life are extremely important to him and the potential consequences has kept his lips shut for the past few months.

More than the abandonment, Jungkook is scared of the fear. He worries that upon the realization, upon the understanding of what he has become and what he is capable of, those by his side would no longer be there and he would truly be alone. He doesn’t think he could stand the shock, the wide eyes or parted lips, the tense silence.

Basically, the same look he’s getting right now—from you.

Wait a second.

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Connor Murphy x Reader - Freak (FLUFF)

WC: ???
Warnings: lots of swearing (it’s Connor, come on now)
Summary: (y/n) and Connor work together on a school project about a romance novel…
Requested?: on Wattpad


First day at a new school and all (y/n) could think of was how huge the place is! From the outside there were three visible floors that stretched across for miles either way.

Lost in thought, you fail to notice your childhood friend walk up behind you.
“‘Sup, (y/n/n)!” The one and only Jared Kleinman says, swinging his arm around your shoulder. You shrug him off, masking a smile. You hadn’t seen Jared in years and, though he’s clearly still an idiot, you’d kinda missed him. “You got the first day jitters yet?” He jokes at you.
“As if. I’ve moved around since I was 6! I’ve got this, man.” You remark, heading towards the doors as the sharp shrill of the bell chimes.

Your first class was English, a subject that always had you caught between love and hate. Stepping into the full room, you scan about to find the one empty seat left. Sat in the chair next to it is a rather tall boy with long brown hair and a huge black jacket on. With a deep breath, you stride towards him, feigning confidence.

I hope he doesn’t mind…

You pull out the chair and sit down with a plonk. Your (f/c) skirt splaying out around you.
“Hey,” you whisper to him. “I hope you don’t mind but there aren’t any other seats left in the class.” Your attempt to strike up a conversation falls flat as the somewhat moody kid scoffs at you and turns away.
“I’m sorry. My name’s (y/n).”
“Good for you.” You hear him mutter under his breath.

Now visibly irritated, you turn away and pull out your notebook. Laying it in the middle of your actual work page to disguise the fact you really didn’t want to take notes, you begin to scribble rapidly, ideas and images flowing out of your pen like magic. From the corner of your eye, you see the boy turn to you slightly. Page after page fills up, black ink tattooing the clean canvas.
“Connor.” A rough voice says from beside you. Turning with surprise, you cock your head. “My name. It’s, uh, Connor.”
Slowly, a smile creeps onto your face.
“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” You exclaim, happy to have drawn some conversation from him.

She’s new, he had thought to himself, she doesn’t know you. She doesn’t know that you’re a freak, yet.

As the class was about to finish, the room filled with idle chatter. Over the top, the teacher was demanding silence and being profusely ignored.
“Stop it now, all of you! I have a project to set and if you don’t listen, I have half a mind to fail you all now!” That shut everyone up.
“Thank you. Now, as I was saying, to help get your creative juices flowing, I will be assigning everyone a classic book for you to review by Monday!” He was met by a collective groan, to which he abhorrently ignored.
“I want all of you to pair up now before I start choosing books.”

Shit… nobody’s gonna want to pair with the new kid…
Shit… nobody’s gonna want to pair with the freak…

Gingerly, you turn to Connor and hope he understands what’s going through your head. He grants you a small nod, barely noticeable, and with that you have a partner.

Standing to leave the room, the teacher turns to the pair of you.
“(Y/n) and Connor! Oh you’re so lucky! You shall be reviewing the wonderful Pride And Prejudice!”
“A love story?” Connor shoots back with disgust. “Yeah. We’re sooooo lucky”. The sarcasm oozes from his words as he storms off. Behind him, the teacher begins to babble. Something about it being 'so much more than love’ or something?

“Hey, um, Connor?” You call after him, jogging to keep up with his strides. The boy ignores you, stomping onwards with force.
“Connor!” You demand, taken somewhat aback by the power in your voice.
“What?!” He snaps back, furiously. You step back nervously before clearing your throat and breathing in.
“Doyouwannamaybehavemynumbersowecantalkabouttheprojectandstuff?” You sputter out, praying he understood. Connor looms over you, standing a good foot taller than yourself and cocks his eyebrow. You couldn’t tell if it was humour, mockery or plain confusion.
“Sorry…” You hang your head. “Do you want my number? So we can talk about the project and stuff?” You try again, retracing your words with caution. You hold your breath, ready for him to shout again but instead, you feel him reach for your arm and roll up the sleeve of your (other f/c) jumper.
“W what are you d doing?” You ask, cursing yourself for the stammer.
“What does it look like? I don’t have any paper so here!” He replies, bluntly. You look down and there, in shimmery numbers, was what could only be his phone number. You turn to smile to him but he’s already gone, leaving you alone in the long hallway.


Sat at home on your bed, you put the shining numbers into your phone and type out a message.

To: Connor
From: (unknown number)
Hey, it’s (y/n). When do you wanna meet up about the project? X

Hoping to god that he actually gave you the right number, you hit send and place your phone behind you.
About 10 minutes later, whilst you were sat reading the assigned book, a chirp came from your phone.

To: (y/n)
From: Connor
Idk. Tomorrow, mine?

To: Connor
From: (y/n)
Sounds good. What’s ur address?


Connor sent his location

We’re all set.

The following day at school went rather dully. Jared had taken it upon himself to give you a… not so PG tour of the school. He seemed to know just about everything about who hooked up with who and where. He also mentioned Connor briefly, calling him 'freak’. Though not sure why, you found yourself defended him against your childhood friend which earned you a day of teasing. Despite you ensuring him it was no more than a project, he now calls you Mrs Freak.

Finally, the last bell rang and you rushed home to get ready. Though not sure why, you felt the need to present nicely today. You slipped on a soft t-shirt with a laced up front in (f/c) and a pair of skinny black jeans. You were just about to leave the door when…


Your phone sang.

To: (y/n)
From: Connor
U don’t have 2 come tonight if u don’t want. Don’t want u getting a bad rep or whatever

You blink at the screen, partially confused. Why on earth would you get a bad reputation for hanging with him?

To: Connor
From: (y/n)
Never been one 4 reputation. See u in 5 x

You shoot back at him, shaking off the confusion and heading through the door.

To you, Connor was an enigma. Something about him seemed so trapped. As though that harsh exterior was masking something. You couldn’t help but think about him as you padded down the hot concrete pavement. The way his long hair fell to his shoulders, his sharp bone structure, his perfectly painted nails polished in black.
He was kind of cute…
Shaking it off with a sigh, you try and divert your mind to the project as you approach the Murphy house.

Whatever you do, (y/n), do NOT get a crush on the guy.


Inside of Connor’s room was a weird and tense atmosphere. The kid had never had a girl in his room before and so he watched and marvelled as you took in your surroundings. On the walls were rows and rows of book ranging from classic literature to modern comic books.
“Wow, Connor!” You gasped, in awe of the arrangements. “This is amazing! I didn’t have you pinned as such a reader!” While you spoke, Connor found himself staring into your sparking (e/c) eyes.
“Y yeah. I read a lot. It helps with… stuff.” He forced out, trailing off at the end before he said too much.

“So!” You said suddenly, clapping your hands and swivelling on your heels. “With all of these books, have you ever read Pride And Prejudice?”
“I, uh, yeah. I have.” He replied, ramming his clammy hands into his jean pockets.

Why the fuck are you freaking out?! It’s just a dumb project. Not like you’ll see her again after this.


“Aaaaaand… done!” You sigh, contently. Between you, Connor and you had managed to complete the project in about 2 hours. Though little to your knowledge, Connor had spent a lot more time looking at you than at the screen.
In the time it had taken for you to write the review, he had noticed so much about you. The way you’d let your hair fall across your face without noticing from being so distracted. The way you’d bite the inside of your cheek while thinking. Even the way your breathing would pick up as you sped up your typing. He scolded himself for noticing but he found every little detail so… endearing.

It felt like the time had gone so fast and, deny it though he might, he didn’t want you to leave.
“So… you going now or what?” He asked, hating how forceful he sounded.
“Oh! Um… I told my parents I’d be back at 8…” You say, embarrassed a little. Glancing at the clock, it read 4:13pm. You had hours left and no way back into your house.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?”
“You can stay here until then. If you’d like… that is?” Connor felt the heat rise in his face, turning away from you in hopes he could mask it.

Connor Murphy does NOT blush!

Without thinking, you grin wildly and fling your arms around his neck happily. But, like he had burned you, you recoiled quickly, muttering a thousand apologies into your chest.

Ah shit… I think I’ve got a crush!


Moments passed by, feeling like hours, as the pair of you sat in silence. You were certain that the hug had messed things up, unaware of Connor’s racing heart.

It was him that broke the tension with a quiet fact. “You really seem to get the whole lovey dovey shit in the novel.”
“Oh! Thank you. It’s a better book than I thought it was, actually.” You replied, unsure of his point.
“Do you… fuck… do you have a boyfriend then?” This takes you by surprise. You open your mouth to tell him but are rapidly cut off by him rambling again.
“I mean, it’s not like I fucking care! Why should I care? You’re probably very happy with him and that’s just fucking great, isn’t it!!” He erupts, getting louder and harsher with each word. You were baffled by what was happening in front of your eyes. He turns from you, muttering furiously to himself. You catch the odd curse word but nothing more. Slowly, you reach out to touch his arm. Your fingers curl around the black fabric, surprised he hasn’t pulled away yet, as you turn him to face you.
“Connor…” you begin, nervously. “I don’t have a boyfriend. Look, are you oka-” Your words are cut off by his lips pressed to yours. They’re oddly soft and you can taste mint and weed in your throat. But as soon as he’s there’s, he’s gone again.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know what came over me and I just… maybe it’d be best if-” This time, you’re the one to cut him off. You place your lips on his, wrapping your arms around his neck. It takes a moment but soon you feel his arms wrap tightly around your waist. You pull away, putting your forehead against his and smiling.
“Thank you…” he breathed so only you could here it. Not wanting to ask what for, you lean your chin on his shoulder as he holds you.

Connor wouldn’t tell you but he was scared. He clutched onto you like you would just disappear in his arms at any second. He couldn’t let that happen. The first person to see him as something other than a freak. He wasn’t about to lose you now. Not now, not ever…

first date w/johnny

• alright so johnny is an annoying barista at your local starbucks
• and without fail
• every time you have ordered a drink
• he has spelled your name wrong on purpose
• it started like letters in the wrong place
• now there’s some numbers scattered in through your name
• will not stop even though every time you spell it out

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anonymous asked:

hi there! i was the one who requested prince!wonwoo on your other blog but you redirected me here. so can i request a prince!wonwoo au where the reader is a girl? you can play with the plot. i don't mind anything thank you so much! - princess anon

hi there too princess anon~~ i’m glad you got here lol anywayyy here it is~ enjoy! hope to not disappoint so much. i didn’t check for errors tho

  • known as “the cold prince”
  • just because of his appearance tho lets be real he’s a soft mallow inside
  • and also because he’s so quiet
  • always has a book with him
  • his room always has a small pile of books on the floor beside his bed
  • and he loves reading in the palace library and in his bedroom with his glasses on but when he reads outside even on the garden he doesn’t wear them idk why
  • his cousin mingyu says wonwoo’s trying to look cool cause him in glasses is so cute he doesn’t like a cute image
  • but tbh he’s just trying to protect everyone cause their hearts will be snatched if they saw him in glasses just kidding
  • the queen thought he was undergoing emo phase when he was in early teens but she now understands that it’s just the way he is
  • the king believes wonwoo is gonna be a great king cause he’s so smart from reading lots of books
  • and he beats the king everytime they play chess so he knows how to make a good strategy and plans
  • he excels in archery and horse riding
  • he’s also good with a sword but mingyu’s better lol wonwoo beat him twice tho
  • …out of ten matches
  • he’s also learning dance and music
  • he’s just perfect
  • but he sucks in learning foreign languages
  • every girl in the kingdom swoons at his visual slayage but they’re afraid of him really
  • he just looks scary when he’s serious but they saw him smile once or twice and everyone just aaAHhh what a handsome prince we have he looks so soft awww
  • he cares a lot about his people and everyone knows that he’s such a lovable prince
  • there are so many girls wanting to be with such perfection but he always reserves himself for the one arranged to be his wife
  • you
  • he never met you he never saw you even your name is a mystery and that was also your situation towards him
  • he just knows he’s promised to this certain princess in this certain kingdom
  • his parents met you a good amount of times tho
  • the queen is so selective on people and doesn’t like people instantly or so much but she likes you really really well
  • so wonwoo thinks you’re such an angel if she talks about you to him a lot
  • the queen always tell wonwoo that you’re really pretty and that you are really nice and smart
  • and wonwoo is like oh a typical description of a princess
  • but no you are far from typical
  • you are great in stitching as much as you are great in sword fighting you’re even better than wonwoo lmao
  • you love books but not addicted to them like him
  • but you love painting whether it’s oil or watercolour or whatever medium you love arts
  • you are also great in taming wild animals and have a vast knowledge about poisons 😂 it just fascinated you
  • you also have a stepmother she’s not a witch or anything of the sort but your older stepsister might be
  • she just hates you to the guts
  • she’s so easily annoyed and irritated she has this permanent frown on her face
  • and wonwoo thought you were her when your family went to his kingdom to plan the wedding
  • his mind is like how can my mom like this girl so much such a brat she orders everyone around like they’re just slaves and with that frown not pretty at all
  • is my mom blind or what
  • lol
  • you arrived one day late cause you were kinda sick when they left and you promised to follow in about five days maximum you just need to rest
  • but it only took a day of recovery such a strong body
  • and when you got there they told you you’ll meet your future husband at dinner so you sneaked out of your room to roam the palace freely cause its still ten in the morning
  • but while trying to look around, you saw a figure walk out from what your stepmom told you is the prince’s room when she help you get to your room earlier
  • it was mingyu tho but you thought it was the prince you’ll marry and you’re like oh that’s him seems decent he’s okay really handsome too so lucky of me lol
  • and then you got to the stables and on the way there you tripped so your clothes are dirty and tattered thankfully your skin is still flawless
  • you were trying to be friendly with the horses but then someone approached you
  • you looked at the guy with dirtied clothes as well with a horse with him it was wonwoo (with seokmin you get it? lol just kidding)
  • and you think wow so handsome is everyone in this kingdom good looking?
  • then he spoke to you “who are you?”
  • his voice is so deep wow this guy is so hot but so disrespectful doesn’t he know i’m a princess?
  • but you realize you look far from a princess right now and you just arrived in this kingdom
  • wait he can’t know i’m a princess if i looked like this and i shouldn’t flaunt myself i might be in danger or whatever trust no stranger
  • “i’m a daughter of a kitchen staff in the palace, forgive me for alarming you, i just wanted to see the horses”
  • he was kind of taken aback “you ride horses?”
  • “yes, it’s what i do in my past time back home outside the palace, like a hobby”
  • his mind is like wow a girl who likes horses and she’s really pretty too “how come i only saw you today?”
  • “oh, i came today to replace my mother since she’s sick… forgive me for asking but… who are you?” you’re such a smooth liar it’s part of your princess training
  • he thought you were really suspicious and how come you don’t know him? you might be a spy or something he should be careful “i’m a stable boy”
  • “really? oh wow, these horses, do they have names?”
  • and so you bonded over horses lol 😂
  • then mingyu came and was like “his highness the king is looking for you-”
  • “okay” wonwoo cut him off before saying his respect
  • recognizing mingyu, you tried to hide from him
  • you turned to wonwoo “oh you need to go”
  • “yeah”
  • “i guess i’ll see you around?”
  • “yeah, see you around… goodbye”
  • “goodbye”
  • and while walking away mingyu is all smiley with this little glint in his eyes “who was that pretty girl? you having a secret affair while your bride is here?”
  • “no, mingyu, i just met her”
  • “you two were talking~”
  • “exactly we were just talking”
  • “you and i both know you don’t talk a lot with anyone except me”
  • “shut up”
  • and that ‘see you around’ you two said came so soon at 5 in the palace
  • his mother sent him to give a dress to his bride so he was about to knock on your door when it opened and there you are trying to go out again after showering and changing into clean princess clothes
  • and you were surprised to see him too all clean and formal like you
  • you two were both surprised and frozen until you broke the silence smirking at him
  • “oh what are you doing here? i thought stable boys are supposed to be in the stables not inside the palace… and certainly not wearing these kind of clothes”
  • and he was like “i thought kitchen staffs are supposed to be in the kitchen too not from the important guest room… and certainly not wearing these kind of clothes”
  • you looked at each other with narrow eyes… and laughed “fine~ i’m not a kitchen staff”
  • he smiled “and i’m not a stable boy”
  • you swoon by his adorable smile with his nose scrunched up and teeth so white this boy is so perfect
  • you two just have a nice feeling around each other even though you just met
  • “you are?”
  • “i’m wonwoo, right hand of the prince”
  • “i’m y/n, handmaid to the princess”
  • “oh” he says but his mind is like i just wish you’re my bride you’re far better than that stuck up princess- what in hell did i just think of?
  • “why did you lie tho?”
  • and he blushes and sheepishly smiling, was like “…you were suspicious… and may i ask why did you lie also?”
  • you laugh and he thinks its the prettiest laugh he saw and it made him smile more “cause i knew i was suspicious” and you were like “oh why are you here?”
  • he motions to the big box he was carrying “i need to give this to the princess”
  • your eyes widen “oh i’ll take it from here, i’ll give it to the princess”
  • you take the box from him and he gave you a little smile and says “tell the princess to wear it for dinner”
  • “okay… goodbye”
  • “goodbye see you around?”
  • “see you around”
  • and at the 7 o'clock dinner the ‘see you around’ happened again
  • you two were both surpised again to see each other and more surpised when they introduced the two of you
  • “this is the crown prince wonwoo, he’s the one you’ll be marrying”
  • “and wonwoo, this the crown princess y/n”
  • aside from surprised you two were confused
  • “you?!”
  • “you two knew each other?”
  • “we met each other earlier your highness”
  • “oh that’s good then”
  • “y/n, this is mingyu, wonwoo’s cousin and his right hand”
  • and you remembered mistaking him for the prince so you blushed a bit and wonwoo notices this
  • did you like mingyu?
  • and you notice him looking at your sister too
  • so when dinner is over, the two of you were forced to “spend time together” at the garden
  • you both turned to each other “do you like my cousin?”/“do you like my stepsister?”
  • “no!”/“no!”
  • “but you were looking at him!”/“but you were looking at her!”
  • you stare for a while until you feel your cheeks warm up so you look away “…i just thought he was the crown prince so i kinda feel embarrassed”
  • he rubs his nape in awkwardness, “i thought she was my bride too”
  • you blush at the word ‘bride’ cause YOU are his bride
  • you suddenly remembered your earlier encounter “wait– you lied to me again earlier”
  • he eyed you “don’t blame me you did too”
  • “it was because i don’t want you to be suddenly formal and stiff towards me”
  • “well… same”
  • “oh” you suddenly grew quiet
  • but he gave you a small smile, “you look good in the dress tho, it suits you, you’re so beautiful”
  • how can he just say these things so casually like he didn’t just make you blush
  • but with just moonlight you notice his ears getting red and it took you so much control you learned from various princess lessons you took to not just squeal in his cuteness or faint from feeling like you’re floating with the clouds
  • and it took you so much confidence to say something back “you look good too… really handsome- i mean, yeah, you look so great- good, you look good”
  • and the two of you are just a blushing mess smiling at each other thinking “well, they aren’t so bad”
Catch Me

Description: this is kinda based off an old demi lovato song, im not sorry and I wrote this forever ago but felt the need to post

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon x reader ft Byun Baekhyun

Genre: Girl Group AU!, slightly ansgty, slightly fluff

Word Count: 3k

Originally posted by lullabyun

“Baekhyun, I don’t think you understand. I like him. I really like him, but I’m just scared to get hurt again. I’m scared to let someone in again. Last time that happened, last time I let someone in, last time I trusted someone with my heart, they broke it, shattered it into a million pieces. I just can’t go through that again. I don’t want to end up broken and hurt again. I don’t want to hand someone the power to ruin me. This time will only be worse.”

I rolled over. I didn’t open my eyes yet. Even though I knew it wasn’t going to happen I wanted to go back to sleep. I laid still another few minutes. I stayed curled up under the blanket I was given last night, but finally opened my eyes. No one else was in the living room besides me, which made sense seeing as how it was silent. I was staying in the EXO dorm. With everyone up and going, there’s no way it could be this quiet around here. I reached over my head to the end table on that side of the couch. I felt around a bit until my hand graced my phone. It was five am. I hated that I was up this early. I never woke up this early.

I attempted to go back to sleep, but after over an hour of flipping, tossing, and turning, I just gave up. I got up and went into the kitchen. I decided to make the guys coffee. It would be a nice little surprise seeing as how Junmyeon is always the one that wakes up to make it, but always complains that he has to wait for coffee. I grabbed the coffee grinds and filters from the kitchen cabinet directly above the sleek silver coffee maker. I carefully measured everything out and started it up. The clock on the wall read 6:15 AM. “That should be enough time to make the guys breakfast before they have to head out.” I confidently whispered to myself.

“You can’t let fear hold you back forever Y/n. You’re gonna have to face your fears, especially when it comes to him. If you don’t ever jump back into things and face all your fears, you’re never gonna be happy. If you continue on the way you’re going, everyone else will be happy, falling in love and you’ll be on the sidelines watching it all. He’s nothing to be afraid of. You have feelings for him. You need to tell him.”

I was almost done with everything when I heard the first bits of noise from the other side of the dorm, letting me know that the guys were starting to wake up. As I placed pieces of toast on a plate, someone came into the kitchen. I didn’t see who it was at first seeing as how my back was turned towards the task at hand, but I knew as soon as they wrapped their arms around my waist.

“This is all for us?” Junmyeon asked, resting his head on my shoulder. “Yep.” I said, reaching over to flip the pancakes I had cooking on the stove. “And there’s coffee.” Junmyeon loosened his grasp from my waist, and as soon as I turned around to face him, he wrapped me up in a proper hug. “Wow, you’re honestly the best Y/n.” He let me go soon after. He poured himself a cup of coffee, and I finished cooking the last few pancakes. As I did, a few more guys herded into the kitchen. “You made breakfast? Sweet!” Chanyeol and Baekhyun practically shouted in unison.

“What if he doesn’t feel the same way and I ruin our friendship? He still means alot to me. I don’t want to be the cause of us growing apart.”

As if on queue the rest of the guys ran into the kitchen. “I bought apple and orange juice last night, and I also made coffee this morning.” “Thank you Y/n.” Sehun said, in a low morning voice as he walked past me to get to the food I had just finished cooking. “Ah, no need to thank me. I knew today was gonna be a busy day for you guys so I wanted you to start it off right. But I’m not the best cook, so it probably isn’t even that good.” I said, pouring myself a glass of orange juice and joining everyone at the table. “Are you kidding Y/n??! This is the best thing I’ve eaten in the last two months.” Baekhyun mumbled, shoving food into his mouth. “Hey! I cook for you everyday and you never say that about what I cook.” Kyungsoo said from the opposite side of the room. “Well that’s because your food isn’t that great.” Chanyeol interjected for Baekhyun who still had his mouth slam full of food. “In that case you better not eat anything else I prepare because from here on out, it might have poison in it.” Baek’s eyes grew wide, and he almost choked on his mouthful. He took a quick sip of his juice and turned to Junmyeon. “Don’t let him poison me please!” He gave him a sly smirk. “Sorry Baekkie, you made your bed. Now you have to lay in it.” Baekhyun threw his head over and laid it on Chanyeol’s shoulder. He let out a high-pitched groan. “Why do I always let myself get into these deadly situations??!” Chuckles and giggles could be heard throughout the room. After it all died down, we all continued eating in silence.

Slowly everyone finished their food, putting their dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Eventually it was only Junmyeon and I left. He sat in front of me. We were almost done with our food, but it looked like he had stopped because he was deep in thought. He stared down at the center of the table, and he hasn’t moved his hand in several minutes. “Hey, you okay?” I asked, waving my hand in front of him. My heart fluttered as he rested his intense gaze on me. It was a few moments before he finally muttered a quick, ‘yeah’, and left out the room, leaving me all alone.

“Sometimes you have to take risks to be happy.”

Junmyeon didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. I wracked my brain trying to remember what I might’ve said to him that upset him to the point of avoiding and not talking to me, but I just couldn’t figure it out. Things were fine at breakfast and then instantly afterwards they weren’t. I wanted to talk to Baekhyun about it. He was the only one that knew I liked him. But that’s only because apparently he heard me saying Junmyeon’s name in my sleep. He confronted me about it and the rest is history. Which honestly out of all the members, I’m sorta glad it’s him. Baekhyun is so naturally pushy and noisy that when he asks Junmyeon something for me, he doesn’t question him about why he wants to know.

“He’s not talking to me… do you know why??”

I quickly typed out the message, and sent it. I got a reply almost immediately.

“No clue, but hes been quiet all day. Somethings wrong but Idk what.”

I put my phone down. What could possibly be wrong with him? Why is he avoiding me? Here recently we haven’t been speaking much, so it’s not like I could’ve upset him with something I said. The girls and I have only been here a night. The plumbing messed up at our dorm yesterday, and we arranged to stay here with them while it gets fixed. I got here later than Yeon and Seulgi, and everyone was practically asleep, so it’s not like something I did could’ve upset him. No matter how hard I thought about it, I couldn’t think up any logical reason Junmyeon was mad at me.

I sat alone on the couch thinking about everything for another hour or so until finally everyone came home. Well… almost everyone. Chanyeol and Jongdae carried in several boxes of pizza, placing them all on the dining room table. “Sorry it took so long Y/n. Junmyeon wouldn’t make his mind up on pizza toppings.” I nodded. “It’s fine.” I grabbed the plates from the kitchen and set them right beside the pizza. “Which was ridiculous, seeing as how he’s not even coming home to eat them.” My heart dropped down to my stomach. Of course he wasn’t coming home to eat dinner with the rest of us, with me. “But anyway,” Chanyeol continued. “Do you guys wanna watch a movie or something?” Throughout the room a chorus of ‘yes’ could be heard. Everyone grabbed their plates and went back into the living room. It was another ten minutes of arguing before we all decided on a movie we would all be happy with watching. I didn’t care either way. My mind was definitely somewhere else right now. I couldn’t help it. This whole situation was so nerve wracking. Why is Junmyeon so confusing? I tried my best to pay attention to the movie. It wasn’t necessarily healthy to obsess over him like I had been doing today. I managed to watch all of the movie. Jongin, who was closest to the TV, got up and put in another movie. The sun had been done for quite a while; I was ready to go to sleep even though I knew everyone else would probably want to stay up late. My focus on the second movie wasn’t as strong as it was on the first one as I slowly faded into slumber.

“Y/n, Y/n, wake up.” I heard a hoarse voice whisper from in front of me. I slowly opened my eyes. I could just barely make out the outline of Junmyeon. Am I dreaming? I thought to myself as I sat up. “No, this isn’t a dream. We need to talk.” I didn’t mean to say that out loud. “About what, and can it wait ‘til morning, I’m tired?” I yawned, stretching my arms out in front of me. Junmyeon got quiet. I looked up at him. He was towering over me, something that usually didn’t happen seeing as how we were similar in height.

“You said my name in your sleep just now.” He said. The simple sentence changing his tone from one of annoyance to something more soft and sincere. “I’m sorry.” I quipped, lowering my head and averting my gaze away from his. He bent down in front of me, and brought one finger underneath my chin. He slowly tilted my head back up, so we were making eye contact again. “Don’t be sorry. I should be the sorry one.”

I shook my head in confusion. “What do you mean?” Junmyeon switched from being bent down in front of me, to sitting criss cross on the floor. He took my hands in his. “It shouldn’t have taken me this long to tell you how I feel.” My heart began to race as he continued his words. “I don’t expect you to feel the same in the slightest. We’ve been nothing but friends since the very first day we met. I could always count on you to be there for me, whether I was ranting or getting advice from you. Somewhere along the way, I started to see you as more than a friend. I always wanted to be with you or near you. I never wanted to leave you, but I didn’t have that luxury because all I ever was to you was a friend. I thought maybe if I avoided you, my feelings would just go away. But unfortunately that’s not how it works.” Junmyeon let out a small chuckle, but continued on. “This morning when I saw you in the kitchen, I couldn’t help but think about waking up to that in the mornings. My beautiful girlfriend making breakfast, and that’s when it hit me that it could never happen because you don’t even know how I truly felt about you.”

“How exactly do you feel about me?” I asked, my breath catching in my throat as the words left my mouth.

“I love you. I love you so much. I love everything about you from the way you laugh, how cute you are when you try to be sassy, to how determined and hardworking you are, to much much more. I’ve been so scared to tell you how I feel. I didn’t know how you would react. I’ve put so much thought into this, telling you. I had so many ideas on what to say and when to tell you, but it all went out the window when I came in earlier and heard you say my name. I don’t know why, but I took that as a sign.” I couldn’t even speak. Everything that he said had stunned me into silence. I didn’t even know what to think about this, let alone give him a good enough reply, one I knew he was waiting for. “Jun.” I croaked weakly. “Yes?”

“I love you too.”


Eye Contact (Yongguk Short Story)

Au Note: Idk with this one guys, I thought it might be cute but idk how I feel about this short. What about you? 

Genre: ???

Word Count: 1222

Originally posted by soooldout

Eye contact is a strange thing. It can prove someone has done something wrong by the avoidance of it or it can be the start of something amazing. Unfortunately, I had both happen to me on the same day in the span of a couple minutes. My now ex-boyfriend and I were at the shopping centre as I was preparing last minute for one of my close friend’s wedding which we were attending together the next day. At first the day was going great, that was until I had purchased the pair of shoes that I had wanted to wear to the event. We had just left the shoe shop when he stopped abruptly and said he needed to talk to me. I thought nothing of it because he sometimes acted strange anyway, but I did not expect the words he managed to choke out.

‘I’m sorry (Y/N), I can’t do this. I’m in love with someone else; it’s got nothing to do with you or anything like that. It’s got everything to do with me though. I just don’t love you anymore.’ If that wasn’t enough embarrassment already, people passing by stopped to watch what would happen. He avoided my gaze, whether it was angry or not, he would look anywhere but directly at me or make eye contact with me. I only stared at him, the newly gained attention stealing my voice from me. 

‘So, yeah, that’s it, there’s nothing you could possibly say or do to change my mind about my decision.’ He just had to keep talking didn’t he? He just had to take the opportunity of the crowd gathering to turn my embarrassment into humiliation. The only thing I could think to say to try and direct the attention off of me was to make a comment about what I had just bought.

  ‘Well, that was a complete waste of money, why couldn’t you have said this before I bought these shoes for the wedding tomorrow?’ If he wants to publicly humiliate me, I can counter attack against him. The crowd doesn’t have to know that we were only attending a wedding; they can believe that the two of us were getting married if they wanted. Technically, I didn’t say it was our wedding so they thought of that themselves.

  ‘I guess I won’t be missing much anyway seeing as you weren’t the greatest in bed with all your weird kinky shit. I guess it’s also pretty lucky that I’m not being dumped the day before our wedding, because I honestly never thought we would last long enough to even get engaged which was correct.’ He was flushing a bright shade of red by now. 

I glanced at the crowd surrounding us, but one particular pair of eyes caught mine. I’m not sure if it was pity for me being dumped publicly or something else glimmering in their eyes but whatever it was gave me a strange sense of strength. I smiled at this stranger, who happened to flash a smile at me and send a wink my way. My god, not only is he gorgeous but he has a beautiful smile too. My ex looked behind him at the stranger I smiled at; the stranger’s smile immediately disappeared and was replaced with a cold hard glare. The kind of expression that would make anyone scared for their life. This stranger made him look like he was wetting himself with just a look of disapproval. It was a very funny sight to witness. What this stranger said next surprised everyone in the crowd including myself. 

‘I know we are complete strangers, but so you don’t have to attend the wedding on your own and look like a complete loser, I would like to offer my presence. So, the purchase of those shoes won’t completely be a waste of money, I would like to go with you.’ Wow, he sure has a deep voice. He pushed through to where I was currently standing and smiled down at me, his height was definitely intimidating to a shorter person like me. He said goodbye to the crowd and my ex-boyfriend, grabbed my hand and marched me right out of the shopping centre. Once through the doors we both burst out laughing. I liked this stranger already for his sense of humour and the way he saved me from that humiliation. He was smiling at me again, that beautiful smile could make any woman or man weak in the knees. 

‘You don’t have to accept my offer of myself going to the wedding with you. When our eyes caught each other’s, your eyes had a glint of mischief in them that I just could not resist. It was just too good of an opportunity to pass up, I apologise if I embarrassed you even more.’ Smiling like crazy, I tried to suppress my laughter long enough to respond. 

‘Please do come with me! Like you said, the shoes I just bought will not have been for nothing if you go with me. Unless you’re uncomfortable with this whole thing than its okay, I understand.’ He glanced down at me and finally agreed, much to my surprise again.  

The following day we had arranged to grab a late breakfast before starting the journey out to the venue. We both knew that there would be a lot of questions about the two of us and we wanted to know a little bit about each other to be prepared. The drive out to the venue was longer then I had expected but it gave the two of us more time to get to know each other. To my pleasure it gave us more time alone. It gave me more time alone with the handsome stranger who I now know as Yongguk. Unexpectedly he grabbed hold of my hand and gave it a tight squeeze; I guess he sensed the nerves crawling through every inch of my body. 

‘Don’t worry, I’ll be by your side the whole time and if the questions become too much to handle, we will leave. I promise.’ He flashed that killer smile at me again before his attention fell back onto the road ahead of us. However even though he was focused on the road he hadn’t let my hand go. It was comforting, and made me feel calm; almost as if we have known each other for a long time. He was the first to speak again after a few minutes of driving in silence. 

‘You know, (Y/N), I have a feeling that this is going to be a fun experience. And strangely you’re making me feel at ease, I think you’re actually good for me as weird as that sounds. It’s like you’re suppressing any nerves I have and I like that. I don’t feel like I need to go to the doctors for some sort of anxiety medication, so thank you. Thank you for allowing me to feel this way.’ I looked over at him, his expression was calm and happy, and he had a small hint of a smile stretching across his beautiful face. That smile makes me forget simple words and makes me smile as well. It’s a contagious smile. All I could manage to say at this point was a hushed reply. 

‘Me too.’

I needed a recovery fic after yesterday and I can’t even think about Death Note without also feeling like I might cry, so I wrote more incredibly self-inulgent KaiShin.  Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed by how schmoopy this got (and how long, all things considered), but I hope you guys like it.  8)

Kaito sighed, gazing down at the letter in his hands with dismay.  No scholarship unless he turns 24, has a child, or gets married.  Sitting down at the kitchen table, he runs through his options.  As he has barely turned 21, he can’t conceivably turn 24 in time to get his loans.  He’s not ready to become a father, nor does he know any girl willing to have a kid with him.  And, well, the only girls he knows are his best friend and her girlfriend, so they’re completely out of the question anyway.

Which left marriage.

He hummed to himself.  He could legally get married at 21.  That would be the easiest course of action, but the problem was who could he marry?  The girls were out, obviously.  They were dating and he didn’t really want to get in the way of that.  He’d rather spend the night at an aquarium than marry Hakuba.

Sighing, he pulled out his phone.  He only had one option, so he might as well give it a shot.

“can u marry me”

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friends with benefits!sungjin

Originally posted by busan-calling

a/n: dadgang!series will be continued when i get a grip but these ideas have been in my head for a while now ok. THIS IS NFSW!!!!

jae // sungjin // young k // wonpil // dowoon

  • warnings!! this is not a friends to lovers au ok…… this is purely a thot guide™ tbh so for this special series, we have two rankings!! 
  • >>>> the ideal ranking!! who’s the most professional and will get u in & >>>> out of there (brief summary of kinks, foreplay time + openness)
  • 2. the dangerous rANKING!! aka who’s gonna fall first and if you should believe it (#1 being the best and #5 being the worst) LETS DO THIS!!
  • brief summary of our man: busan native, 5′10″ (177cm), self-identified isfj, capricorn sun w/ scorpio moon, well-mannered, cute nose
  • rankings: the #1 ideal, but the #3 dangerous one
  • friends with benefits typing: the professional™ you must quit after two months or only frequent twice a month

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How I imagine the post concert chaos should’ve went down:

CHOICES, THE FRESHMAN: BOOK 3 CONFLICT with Kaitlyn Liao, reimagined~

A/N: Please know that I am an illustrator, and really good at it but not so much as a writer. I may be a visual person but it doesn’t translate well with words apparently. I wanted to make this into a comic but it might take me forever. Anyway, don’t have a beta so my messy grammar might be too painful. Still, enjoy!

After Zig threw the punch, other attendees began a scuffle amongst themselves too and soon enough the mosh pit is thrown into disarray. I tried to keep my balance as I scurry away from this whole mess, which was almost impossible when people are shoved against you. I managed to get halfway towards the exit when I hear Kaitlyn’s attempt at calming the crowd. I struggle to turn myself and get a look at the stage, to see how Kaitlyn and her band have been faring, and thankfully she is facing my direction. I wave both my hands to hopefully get her attention and I think it worked because her eyes widen briefly before anxiousness overtakes her features. I’m not really sure how she managed that, “Maybe it’s because of what I’m wearing? Or she just has penchant for detecting where I am…” I mused.

I angle my left arm pointing towards the exit and she nods in understanding. I wanted to give her a smile (which probably was one of the strangest things to do at the moment and she likely won’t get to see it in this commotion anyway), instead my face contorts into a grimace when a hand forcefully shoves me from behind. I stumble forward and after my poor attempt at keeping my balance, I make contact with the floor on my knees but prevented myself from falling further by planting both arms on the ground.

The whole experience knocked the wind out of me and it was extremely difficult to reorient myself when my vulnerable form is being pushed and stepped on, so I remained on the ground. After awhile, a feel someone yank me up by my bicep. “MC! You’ll be fine, I’m right here.” I recognize Zig’s voice. Feeling a little light-headed, I mostly focused on keeping myself upright that I couldn’t bother responding to him. He stays on my side while holding me by my shoulders, sort of encasing me in his arms. “Let’s get out of here.” He says while he guides me out the exit.

Only when we finally got out and a safe distance away from the venue did Zig release his hold on me. I muster a small smile at him before leaning on a wall. I massaged my temples and released a heavy sigh, Zig wordlessly eyeing me from a few steps away. After regaining my bearings, I broke the silence between us, “Tonight went to hell fast, oh my god, Kait’s probably—“

“MC!!!” Kaitlyn shouts as she runs toward us from the exit, looking frantic. “I’ve been looking for you! I saw you fall and shit, I was so scared something terrible happened to you!”

Relieved to see her relatively unharmed, I gave her a tired grin. “I’m fine.” She raises an eyebrow. “Okay, I’m not fine.”

She holds me by my arms, her eyes scanning me for any horrible injury I might have gotten before pulling me into a hug. She abruptly pulls away before I could return the embrace, her hands now resting on my shoulders. “I… I went into the mosh pit to look for you but you weren’t there anymore when I arrived. I ran into Zack and he told me you were led outside by…” she trails off, then turns to look at Zig and narrows her eyes, “that guy.”

“Kaitlyn…” I whisper. It doesn’t deter her attention from Zig.

“You started this whole mess! Our concert was ruined, and we’ll likely be blacklisted from this venue. Not to mention, my girlfriend got hurt” she motions to me, then turns to fully face him and raises both her arms dramatically “because you just haaaad to punch the guy.” The anger was clearly lacing each of her words and it unnerved me, I’ve never seen her so angry.

Zig looked taken aback for a moment before his face morphs into a scowl. “Hey! That guy happened to get rough with your girlfriend! I was only protecting her.” He responds, bordering on a shout.

“So you punch him right then and there? Didn’t anyone teach you conflicts can be solved without resorting to violence?!” Kaitlyn retorts, her own voice dangerously rising.

I didn’t want this escalating further, so before Zig could respond I stood between them with my body facing Kaitlyn. “Enough. It was just an accident, Kait. Don’t blame Zig for trying to look out for me.”

“Are you being fucking serious right now, MC?!” She practically screams at my face. “Even after all this, you still take his side?!!”

“I’m not taking his side, Kaitlyn.” I answer too fast to my own liking. “No one wanted this to happen, okay? Just calm down and not take this all on Zig!”

“So who do you want me to blame? You?!! Because you’re this guy’s friend so by extension, you are at fault?? Do I rationalize it as your way of getting back at me for not spending time with our roommates?!” She challenges.

“What, NO! That sounds petty… and stupid.” I choke out. She rolls her eyes. “Exactly. The most logical person to blame here is him.”

“He acted before he thought it through. Cut him some slack.” I spoke softly. Kaitlyn suddenly glares at me “Why are you still defending him?!”

“Because you’re being unreasonable and she’s a good friend” Zig suddenly speaks up, and I am reminded he was actually there with us.

“I’m being unreasonable, really? And what is with this guy, why does he always throw himself at you every chance he gets?” Kaitlyn narrows her eyes on both of us. Is she jealous… again?

“He i-isn’t! He’s just new here and he just needs a friend.” I stumble over my response and mentally kick myself for it, because to Kaitlyn I probably sound like I’m hiding an affair but I’m just bewildered she even brought up Zig’s tendency to pseudo-flirt with me.

“And you are such a darling huh, befriending everyone you find attractive.” She says, each word punctuated with venom. My mouth hangs agape, even Zig didn’t dare breathe a word; he looked just as shell-shocked as I was. A memory flashed through my head. /He’s hard not to notice/

I close my eyes and press my mouth in a thin line. “What the fuck, Kaitlyn?”

She backs away slightly, but continues to glower at me nonetheless. She opens her mouth to say something but I don’t let her. “And what about you and Natasha?! Who, might I remind you, was someone you were always giddy to meet every band practice… which is incidentally, almost everyday! And I didn’t assume this, you were the one who always told me how excited you were to meet her. You barely even mention Rachel or Amara, goddamnit”

Surprisingly, Kaitlyn’s scowl never wavered one bit. “I was excited because of the original song lyrics and arrangements she wrote! She also tries to teach me how to play a guitar and I’m interested in learning. I love being in a band, MC… not being with Natasha!!”

“Oh, so you get angry at me for indirectly accusing you of cheating but you’re fine with assuming the worst with Zig and I?!” At the mention of his name, Zig steps back. “When I’ve always made it clear to him that I’m exclusively yours whether our roommates are around or not. But of course you wouldn’t know that because you’re barely around, huh?”

Kaitlyn is still understandably seething but she abruptly turns and begins to walk away. I quickly grab her sleeve, “Hey! Why are you walking away?”

She breaks free from my grip, never turning to look at me. “I need some space.” She says, in her normal speaking volume but she’s clearly still angry.

“Are you fucking breaking up with me now?” I retort without thinking. She turns around, her face still contorted to a scowl but she seems… tired. “I did not say that, MC. Oh my God, I just need space to sort out my feelings!” She doesn’t wait for my reply and quickly stalks off. 

I just stood there, livid, while Zig was completely silent a few feet away. A few beats later my anger subsided, but it was replaced by misery. Replaying the earlier scene in my head over and over, I cover my eyes as tears roll down my cheeks. I realized how poorly I handled tonight’s events. I hear Zig’s nearing footsteps but he stops at a good distance, careful not to get too near. “Tonight really went to hell fast.” He whispers. 

I can’t help but silently agree.

And then Tyler, Abbie and Zack arrive! And of course the events at the bar and the sleepover with Becca still happen. But yeah, I wish it happened this way where Kait wasn’t made to be a complete shallow bitch? I sure as hell know she isn’t THAT petty, and I don’t say that coz I like her lol

Book 3 had good build up with the jealousy path because whether you entertain Zig’s advances or not, he’s mostly flirty so Kaitlyn can take it the wrong way either way. And of course there’s the “omg Kaitlyn is spending way too much time with the band, and of course, NATASHA” for MC’s side.

Their lesson here would be mutual trust, I guess? Also as for those whose LI isn’t Kaitlyn, just replace the dialogue with concerned bestfriend lines like “Bitch your grades are dropping, you hang around too much with those Bad Influencers™ and Kait will go into her rebellious mode and just be Angery™ at MC’s clinginess. Just not, blame her for what happened at the pit?? James and Chris were understandably unreasonable during Book 3 but Kaitlyn was just… over the top unreasonable.

astro witch coven au (jinjin)

introduction | rocky | eunwoo | moon bin | mj 

  • the only Human in their coven
    • the only one that actually Went to School and Functions in Human Society
    • I mean MJ’s also a human that underwent Blood Ritual training but
    • Jinjin likes to remember that he’s the only one who Suffered School
    • Sometimes he gets annoyed that everyone else gets to have shortcuts for things while he has to do things manually sometimes
    • But also sometimes stupid things happen that make him glad he’s a regular human
    • And it’s hilarious sometimes seeing the other magic users flounder at simple tasks that normal people do without magic anyway
      • A confused Bin @ the microwave because he’s never had to use a microwave to heat up his food before
        • He kind of just scatters crystals around whatever needs to be heated up and mutters a quick Heating spell and waits for it to work
        • So when Jinjin bungs a bowl of ramyeon in the microwave and takes it out after three minutes and his noodles are cooked Bin is pretty shocked
        • Cue Bin spending the rest of the day prodding the microwave and suspiciously putting different things in
      • Rocky muttering angrily at the air conditioning whenever it breaks down because back at the Bangtan coven he usually got Jimin or Taehyung to help him ~magic~ it better
      • Jinjin grabbing a ladder and prodding around the air conditioning unit until it starts blasting cold air again and Rocky is shookt
  • came for Rocky…
    • has been Rocky’s best friend since forever
    • ok not forever but it’s pretty close
    • literally knows everything about Rocky, from Rocky’s first crush to what can make Rocky laugh until his stomach hurts
      • can tell from Rocky’s eyes when he’s annoyed, happy, flustered etc even if his face is covered
      • it alarms the rest of Astro how accurate it is sometimes because Rocky’d come in looking stormy and everyone’d freeze up but Jinjin would just reach behind him for a sandwich and toss it over to Rocky and the Park Minhyuk™ Beam would come out immediately
      • the cutest!!!!
      • I love the Park Minhyuk™ Beam
    • used to get into all sorts of shit with Rocky
      • which was literally all the time since Rocky didn’t go to school
      • that one time Rocky stole a Luck potion from Yoongi’s stash to split with Jinjin the day before Jinjin’s final exam
      • and replaced the potion with green soda
      • obviously got caught since soda looks nothing close to the bubbling, glittery (and might I add, opaque) lime green potion
      • rip my poor boy
      • when Yoongi found out Jin was 80% sure shit was about to go down so he slipped like 10 Calming crystals around Yoongi’s potions room and sent his boyfriend in to reason with Yoongi
      • because I mean, Rocky didn’t steal it for his own personal gain or anything he truly genuinely wanted to help his best friend
      • and for some reason it never crossed his mind that he could have just asked Yoongi or bought it from Yoongi lmao
      • cue a fumbling Namjoon trying to explain to a calm but annoyed Yoongi what a young teen with access to a potions stash’s thought process might have been
      • and a thirteen-year-old Rocky sliding back in through the fence and into the potions room only to meet with a very unimpressed Namjoon and a very unamused Yoongi and a very worried Jin hovering by the door
      • I mean, sure he was grounded and stuff but what stuck with both Jinjin and Rocky after the whole encounter was
      • 1) Yoongi: “if you wanted a Luck potion that badly, you should have asked, bought it or learned how to make it.”
      • 2) Yoongi: “if you needed a Luck potion that urgently, you should have stolen it better.”
      • Cue a very excited Taehyung teaching Rocky and Jinjin how to steal things without people noticing
        • Also cue a frazzled Bangtan coven house when they start realising things have been going missing & a cackling Taehyung & a very innocent-looking Rocky
        • Because what???? Park Minhyuk stealing things????? Unheard of in this house !!
        • Also cue a very frustrated Jungkook when he woke up to all his underwear gone rip
        • but that wasn’t so much stealing as Taehyung and Rocky pulling pranks
      • 3) that Yoongi’s Luck potions were A+ and they really did work, as shown by Jinjin’s 99% on the final
      • anyways yes they got up to a lot of different shenanigans
    • moved into the Astro coven so he could make sure his best friend wasn’t being kidnapped by a serial murderer
      • has anyone watched Eunwoo on crime scene 3 he was very good he was beautiful I 10000% recommend watching it
      • I recommend the series in general but anyway
      • I mean with someone so handsome can you ever trust them
      • Jinjin thinks not
      • The only handsome person you can ever trust, in Jinjin’s opinion is Jinjin
      • And so he meets Eunwoo and is introduced to Bin and gets along with Bin like a house on fire
  • …stayed for MJ
    • hooooo boy are you ready for this
    • the first time MJ comes over it’s with a gigantic batch of slightly burnt brownies
    • and this was before Sanha came in so the house was still relatively quiet
    • and so Rocky’s in his room in the basement and Eunwoo and Bin are upstairs on the second floor doing who-knows-what
    • and Jinjin’s the only one free to open the door
    • and so he does
    • Jinjin: (loading screen)
    • MJ: “trust me thEY’RE REALLY GOOD BROWNIES”
    • Jinjin, muffled behind a tray full of brownie: “oh my god are you usually this loud”
    • MJ: “whAT??”
    • Jinjin, scrambling: “WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME INTO OUR HOUSE”
    • MJ: (beaming intensifies)
    • And so this is how Rocky finds Myungjin sitting around the kitchen, brownie crumbs all over the counter and MJ talking a mile a minute about the weather and Jinjin trying to form a sentence in his head without it being blasted to pieces by MJ’s smile
    • And this is how Binu finds them in the kitchen, with much less brownie than MJ came with and 3stro standing against the kitchen wall trying to determine who was the tallest
    • (spoilers, it was Rocky)
    • reminder that at this point MJ all thought they were human and 3stro thought MJ didn’t know about magic so
    • I mean, all in all they’re pretty good at pretending they’re non-magical
    • But MJ’s grown up with KNK and their portion of the supernatural community
    • And so when he sees small (anti-Burning) crystals tucked into different corners of the kitchen, courtesy of That Time Jinjin Fell Asleep While Cooking, he smiles to himself
    • At least he doesn’t have to explain to Jinjin why his in-laws-to-be don’t eat dinner
    • Cue MJ casually pointing out the crystals: “oh where did u get those we usually order them from the VIXX coven”
    • Bin: falls out of his chair
    • Jinjin, turns pale and stammers a bit before Eunwoo sensibly whacks the back of his head and proudly pats Bin’s empty chair
    • Eunwoo: “yeah we have our own Charmer here”
    • Rocky: “pls don’t say charmer ever again he’s nowhere near charming”
    • Eunwoo, opening his mouth to rebut but blushing and closing it on second thought
    • Wow way to go vivi sneaking a little binu in again
  • runs a flower store as a front for the Astro coven house
    • I mean he literally has a garden in their backyard full of weird-ass flowers and herbs that he has to tend to because Rocky needs them for his potions
    • He might as well plant a few more and make it a “family” business
    • I mean the extra income is always welcome
    • And so he set up an online store for people to order flowers and arrangements and bouquets with
    • Isn’t a botany witch but !! still ahs green fingers so his plants all grow very well without magic thank you very much
    • *without that much magic
    • Got Bin to enchant his entire garden to be anti-pest so he can label himself “organic” and “pesticide-free” for those who looked for stuff like that
    • Gets Rocky to brew a couple potions for the cut flowers that keep them fresher longer so he can provide fresh flowers all year round regardless of the season
    • Also gets Bin to charm some of them once in a while to sparkle a little extra or seem less dead
    • So really, without that much magic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    • Sells mostly to magic users, although there are a few clueless humans who place orders on his online store
    • Once got called in to decorate a house by a mysterious online customer with the name Michael Jackson ‘to make the house seem less… dead!’
      • It was KNK’s house
      • Jinjin was not amused
      • Inseong was very pleased though so there was that
  • also manages their finances and other household things, the resident Dad™
    • with the help of MJ of course
    • so they basically do things like balance Bin’s, Eunwoo’s and Rocky’s books in addition to their own
    • and take a little money out of each account to pay for stuff like electricity and food and soap and random stuff
    • Jinjin places orders for whatever they need (like vials or ladles or bandages) along with his own orders to save on shipping and stuff
    • It’s like a very well-run set-up, if Jinjin says so himself
    • Takes care of their general food situation as well with MJ
      • Ok listen it’s so domestic alright
      • MJ chopping vegetables and singing & Jinjin standing at a pot stirring and humming along and staring at MJ being loud and silly
      • Jinjin’s face softening into a smile and just
      • Wow
      • Wow he’s so soft for this beautiful man who beamed his way into his life
      • MJ meeting Jinjin’s eyes and seeing this wonderfully soft look on his face and
      • cue a mad scramble to get the pot off the stove
      • but Mj doesn’t forget that look, no, he keeps it in his mind like a kid keeps candy tucked away in his pocket, to be pulled out on a bad day and to ponder over and savour
  • part of the Needs to Be Protected Squad (½)
    • we all know MJ’s 2/2
    • squeaks whenever someone rings the doorbell
      • at first they had a very serious meeting as to who was allowed to answer the doorbell and who wasn’t
      • Rocky was very against Jinjin answering the doorbell because I mean you’re never sure who’s ringing it – it might be someone magical looking to kidnap Jinjin or something
      • But Eunwoo pointed out Jinjin, being the only Human, was also the only one who could actually properly appear Human in case it really was a Human knocking on their door
      • Given that Bin changes hair colour nearly every week or so and usually has blue energy trailing after him
      • And that Rocky’s stuck in the basement nearly all the time and can never hear the doorbell anyway
      • And Eunwoo can’t really get up in the middle of treating a patient
      • And so it was Jinjin
    • But usually whoever rings the doorbell turns out to be human after all
      • Like that one kid who accidentally kicked a ball into KNK’s garden and was too afraid of ‘the tall, scary uncles’ to go and rummage in their garden for it  
      • And so Jinjin had to go do it for him
      • Or that one grandma who fussed over ‘all those handsome boys in the house’ and really she’s concerned if they’re all eating well because they look like they live alone poor dears
      • And so now she makes them kimchi and tofu on a regular basis in exchange for MJ and Jinjin coming over sometimes to repair things in her house or to help her with things
      • So really MJ and Jinjin are the neighbourhood sweethearts fight me on this
      • And so this is more or less how Jinjin’s made a couple friends up and down the street
    • But they all turn out to be human mostly because those who ring the doorbell looking for Eunwoo or Bin or Rocky or MJ ring a separate doorbell, hidden under layers of spells and only visible to magic users
    • but also after those couple times Bin fell asleep and didn’t unlock the door to let the client up, all of Bin’s clients all kind of learnt to ring the main doorbell in addition to Bin’s to let everyone else in the house know

i should probably introduce the fantagio girls at some point too idk 

Comfort With You

Pairing: YoungK X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,383

Request: Hi there! Can I request for YoungK from Day6 scenario where both of you have been friends for a long time and he’s always had a one-sided crush on you so he tries to confess to you with his cute yet embarrassing ways! (I hope that made sense?? ;_;) Thank youu!! :) <3 -@its-youngk

You could not believe your luck when you felt water hit your head. Rain fell like curtains of water when you were still only halfway from the coffee shop you promised to meet Brian. Even as you started to pick up the pace and ran in your heels with your hand barely covering your hair, you were wet by the time you made it to the entrance.

The coffee shop was cool and dry and smelled nice. You stopped for a minute to brush off the droplets on your clothes before you searched for the familiar face. Brian spotted you and smiled, waving his hand in the air.

“Wow, you look nice,” he laughed, handing you a napkin.

“Thanks,” you breathed, taking the napkin and then a seat. “I didn’t know that it was going to rain today. I didn’t even bring an umbrella.”

Brian pulled out an umbrella for you to see and then placed it back on the seat next to him. “I got you.” He then looked at the food on the table. “I also got you your favorite, iced green mint mocha. And mango ice flakes to share since I thought you’d be a little hungry.”

“That’s why you’re my best friend,” you cheered with a smile before you took a sip of your coffee. “I see you’re having a boring iced Americano, as usual.”

“Hey, I don’t judge your complicated order so don’t judge my simple one,” Brian responded with another laugh.

“You don’t know the true beauty of what coffee’s supposed to be like until you’ve tried it,” you sang, holding out your cup to him. “Try it.”

Brian held his own cup and shook it in front of you. “Only if you try mine.”

You rolled your eyes but switched your cup for his. “Fine.” You observed the drink with only espresso, water and ice. It was less than the things put in the coffee you ordered. Brian watched you as you placed your lips onto his straw and took a sip. You stopped immediately and returned his cup back onto the table with a scowl on your face. “It’s bitter!!”

He gave you a nonchalant shrug and then put his lips on your straw, drinking the caffeine. He also handed you back your drink with an unreadable expression. “Ok, mint in mocha is not right. I can’t even explain its taste.”

Both of you drank your own coffee to rid of the previous taste. Then you reached for a spoon and began to dig into the mango dessert. “Hey,” you said while your attention was on the ice flakes, “we just technically did an indirect kiss, haha. Scandalous.”

Brian started to choke on his drink. Your eyes widened, and you watched him as he patted his chest and then drink some more coffee to stop the coughing. “Oh my gosh, Brian. I was just joking. It’s not a real kiss. Calm down,” you told him.

He tried his best to calm down, but he could barely meet your eyes. When you mentioned how the both of you basically kissed, Brian freaked inside. You took it as a joke, something that best friends do to each other a lot, but it was hard to just brush it off as nothing when he had a crush on you.

You and Brian were friends for a while, and there was not any romantic attraction from either of you at first. The first time a little bit of that attraction showed, Brian took it as a type of attraction that would go away. He then began to notice how attractive you looked, felt nervous every time you two touched and would, and realized how much he talked about you to his friends when you were not with him; he then became aware that he liked you.

He had not told you. You were his friend, and he was not sure how it would change if he confessed to you. He wasn’t even sure if you liked him back. You made it quite hard for him to decipher, but since there were no obvious moves, he took it that it would just be better to keep his feelings to himself.

“Anyway,” you continued, “are you into someone these days?”

“What?” he replied right away, taken aback by the sudden question.

“I don’t know. There’s something about you… I just have a feeling. Call it a best friend instinct if you want,” you said with a shrug. You scooped mango and ate it. Then you placed your spoon down, looking Brian straight in his eyes, squinting. “Is my best friend instinct right, Kang Brian? Don’t lie to me.”


“You are!” you gasped out loud. “Do I know her? Have you talked to her? Is she pretty? No, wait, that’s not really important. Is she nice to you? What does she do? When did you two meet? What’s her name?”

“Uh… which one do you want me to answer first?” Brian asked with a nervous chuckle. You caught him rubbing the back of his neck. He did that a lot when he was nervous.

“All of them!” you exclaimed.

Brian could not help but smile at how you were itching to know about his crush. If only you knew that you were asking about yourself. He watched your bright eyes as you spoke. “I can’t tell you that easily,” Brian said. “Maybe. How about we finish the ice flakes, and I’ll think about it.”

“Oh, you’re challenging me? Jokes on you because you know that I love mango ice flakes,” you told him as you grabbed your spoon once more with a determined look on your face.

You could barely breathe when you had to stand up. The bowl was empty, and half of your coffee was finished. You lagged behind Brian out of the door. The rain continued to pour. Brian opened his umbrella up, holding it above the both of you. “I’ll walk you home,” he said.

“Oooh, how lovely,” you cooed. “A cute boy walking me home after treating me to coffee. I love it.”

Brian did not know how much longer he could contain his happiness. His phone then buzzed into his pocket. You heard the sound as well and decided to hold onto the umbrella. Your hand was below Brian’s, but you both were still slightly touching. Brian’s heart almost jumped like he did. “I’ll hold it,” you offered. “Answer your message.”

“Thanks,” he said and hurried to reach for his phone to check the message.

Jae: Yo, did you know that (Y/N)’s supposed to be going on a blind date?! Idk when, but I think it’ll be soon. My good friend Brian that I love, you need to tell her that you like her.

Jae: Also… I ate all of the pepperoni off of the pizza you ordered a while ago. Sorry bro. But at least I didn’t eat the rest of your pizza… Wonpil did. DON’T TELL HIM I TOLD YOU

Jae: Good luck w/ (Y/N)!!!

“What’s up?” you asked Brian when you noticed his expression changed from reading the texts. He snapped out of his thoughts and stuck his phone back into his pocket.

“Here, I’ll hold it now,” he said, taking the umbrella from you. He was not sure how to start his conversation next. “Um, hey (Y/N).”


“Are you…going on a blind date?”

You tilted your head to the side, and then jumped up as if you remembered something. “Oh yeah! I am. One of my friends arranged the blind date. She said that she thinks I should try getting into a relationship now. I guess you heard it from someone else,” you spoke. It was your turn to laugh nervously. “Are you mad that I didn’t tell you? I was going to, but I just kind of forgot when I was with you.”

He shook his head. “I’m not mad. Just surprised.”

“To be honest, I don’t even think I want to go on the blind date.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t think it’ll work out. I don’t know. I shouldn’t judge the date already since it hasn’t even happened yet, but… I just like being in a relationship with someone that I know. Having the foundation of our relationship from being friends first instead of just trying to build a relationship from one date.”

“I understand. I’m the same,” Brian agreed.

You glanced over at him. “Oh. So the girl you like was actually your friend first? That should make things easier for me. Is it it Mijin?”

“No, it’s not her,” Brian chuckled at your attempt. Near the stoplights ahead, Brian found a convenience store. He stopped walking which made you stop. He handed you the umbrella.

“Can you wait just a few minutes for me? I’ll be right back. I just need to buy something first.”

You nodded your head and watched him run into the store. Like he said, a few minutes later, he returned with a bag in his hand. “What’d you buy?” you asked, curious.

“Just something.” He took the umbrella again, and the both of you continued to walk towards your house. With a start of a new topic to talk about, you were not curious about the bag at all.

Before you even knew it, you had arrived in front of your house. The rain became lighter. You turned to Brian. “Thank you for taking me home, best friend. I’ll treat you next time.”

“Actually,” he started which caused you to stop and wait. Brian was not sure what to say. He did not plan what he wanted to say, but knowing that there was a possibility knowing that he could lose you to another from the text he received from Jae, he knew it was best to let you know now. It could go totally wrong. He would be embarrassed. But it was better safe than sorry.

Do I know her? Yes, you do. Have I talked to her? Yes, I have. Is she pretty? No wait, that’s not really important. It might not be, but she is absolutely the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

You slowly realized that he was answering all of the questions that you had asked earlier. He continued to look at you as he answered.

Is she nice to you?” Brian tried to stifle his laughter after that question, but you could still  noticed. “We both exchange teasing remarks at each other sometimes, but it’s our way of showing affection to each other. I’d say she is nice.” Your heart skipped a beat. You had no idea why.

What does she do? As of now, she’s a server at a restaurant.” You worked at a restaurant.

When did you two meet? Hm, it was when we both went to the same school orientation. We ran into each other, but neither of us knew our way around that school though we pretended to in order to try and help the other out.” You couldn’t possibly…

What’s her name?

You held your breath for a bit. Brian watched your reactions and then he sighed. He was not sure whether you finally pieced everything together. Would you run away? Or would you stay?

“(Y/N). Her name is (Y/N), and I’ve liked her for a while now,” he confessed. “I was nervous to say anything at first because I was scared she wouldn’t like me back. But then I heard about her blind date. I didn’t want her to go meet another guy, so I decided to suck it up and tell her how I feel now. Now, I’m not sure what she’s going to say. I can’t tell by the way she’s looking at me.”

You always thought of Brian as your best friend. He was someone you can count on, and someone you could easily talk to about anything. You knew what he was thinking, and you knew his likes and dislikes. You were never able to tell that he had a crush on you though. Hearing it actually come out of his mouth, you were stunned, and your heart was pounding.

You were not sure how the relationship would carry to the next level, but then you thought about your relationship so far. As you said, before you wanted a romantic relationship with someone, you wanted to make sure the foundation of your friendship was strong. Maybe you have meant Brian all that time.

Brian was blushing. You don’t think you have ever seen him blush before. You noticed that it was quiet, but it was because he was waiting on you to speak. “Uh…” you managed. You chose to say exactly how you felt. “I like you, too. More than a friend.”

“Really?!” He sounded so shocked, and you could not help but laugh.

“Yeah, I do,” you confirmed. “All this time, I’ve been wondering who this special girl was, and now that I know it’s me, it feels nice.”

You became curious again when he started to pull something out of the bag from the convenience store. It was a bag of Hershey’s Kisses. You had a feeling you knew who it was for, and you burst out laughing. “I can think of so many cheesy things you might do with this,” you said in between laughter.

“Just play along, (Y/N),” he said, trying to keep his composure and his cheeks from becoming any more red. “Here’s some Kisses for you.” He handed you the bag.

“Aw, thank you,” you said, and you meant it sincerely, too. “Well, I should head back inside now. You should also head home, too.”

“Wait, you forgot one more,” Brian said. You waited. He stepped closer, closing off distance between you two. Then he leaned down and planted a kiss on your cheek. Now, you were surely blushing.

Brian clenched his hands into fist and then started to back away quickly. You could not stop smiling. “There. I gave you your kisses. I’ll see you later! Don’t tell anymore about this!” He rubbed his forehead, laughing. “Okay, that was embarrassing. Bye!”

“Text me later,” you yelled back at him waving, laughing and watching as he turned around and began to run out of your neighborhood.

Introducing Kate Bishop in the MCU

Part 1
Part 2


A/N: Some of you seemed to like the way I wrote about Kate Bishop being introduced in the MCU. Here’s how I thought it would continue. Now, I realize that some of this is highly unlikely to happen if Kate actually became a part of the MCU but it’s not like I’m actually writing for Marvel. I’m writing this for my own entertainment and for those of you who want to read this. Before we get started, I just want to say a few words about Pietro being brought back to life. (Is it confirmed that he’s coming back?? Tbh, I’m too afraid to trust anyone saying he is, haha.) Anyways, I thought that could have happened with GH.325 or the way Scarlet Witch brought Wonder Man back to life in the comics, with love *insert hearteyes* (and her powers ofc) but of course the love will be different, with Simon it was romantic and with Pietro it’s brotherly/sisterly love. Idk if I’m gonna continue whatever this is because I’m pretty much out of ideas but I might. I’m sorry I can’t give you a proper answer. Okay, I’m done with the A/N.

Words: 1,752

Warning: Some comic references, nothing you’ll get confused by.

credit for this fan art goes to the artist who for a second made me think this was real

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Characters: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff ~~~

Word Count: 2237

Summary: With the help of a sarcastic remark by Yoongi, you manage to come up with the perfect present for Namjoon on his birthday.

(A/N: aaaa okay so I power produced this fic in a short amount of time so if there’s any mistakes I apologize! The time where I am right now is just before midnight on September 12, so I had to make sure I posted before Joonie’s ‘technical’ bday was over lmao.,,,but it’s rlly sweet I promise, so I hope you enjoy <3 btw the song that this fic references is Maybe by Birdy, so give it a listen if you would like to! shoutout to the Birdy song on Jungkook’s Spotify playlist)

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

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stekampraunai  asked:

I’ve been wondering and maybe you could help. Do you think Lexa ever realized how personal the betrayal was to Clarke? As Lexa tried to earn forgiveness C gave every indication (I thought) that it was her heartbreak and not the politics that bothered her more but Lexa always believed her that she only cared about her people. Why didn’t Lexa see through her as she knows her so well? She seemed so in awe later that Clarke could love her back. idk what do you think? Thank you!

Right here, this is when Lexa realizes just how deeply she’s cut Clarke. Prior to this, Lexa believed Clarke was just furious because of her people and the consequences of Lexa walking away. Here she realizes it’s much more personal than that. She looked into Clarke’s eyes and saw how broken she was. She realized she did that; it’s her fault. She accepts this and takes responsibility. There’s no guise of this being a political matter, this is completely personal. She offers a genuine apology and Clarke has to hold back her tears. Not only because she knows Lexa means it – even though she wants to hate her and continue to demonize her – but because she can’t bring herself to kill her. Something just hours ago she thought she wanted. 

When Clarke turns away, Lexa let’s this realization sink in, she looks guilty and offers more contrition in the form of, “I never meant to turn you into this.” So, yeah, Lexa 100% knew it was personal pain she caused Clarke, she sees that she’s broken the girl she loves heart.

Look at her face. She’s distraught for a multitude of reasons. She hates herself for hurting Clarke so deeply. She’s terrified for Clarke’s saftey – if she doesn’t stay in Polis and join the coalition, she and her people will die. She knows she could possibly die too, but at the very least be overthrown. She’s lost Clarke and her world is tumbling down. This is the face of a broken hearted girl. She looks on the brink of tears. Not only that…but Clarke had just tried to kill her, that really messed her up.

Clarke sticking with the “I’m doing everything for my people” script was her way of keeping Lexa out and shutting down any possibility of anything more than a political arrangement. I think that Clarke’s behavior perplexed Lexa. Clarke was hot and cold and Lexa didn’t really know for certain one way or the other. She wanted to believe she could get back in Clarke’s good graces but Clarke’s mixed signals did nothing to make her think that was a possibility. 

Lexa was so in awe because as much progress as they had made, she still didn’t wanna allow herself to believe they’d ever connect like that again. Lexa was perfectly fine with letting Clarke go – for what might have been the last time – with just a handshake. Clarke pulling her in and kissing her, stunned her. She thought her transgression would never be forgiven much less understood and put behind them. She thought it was something they couldn’t overcome.

Authors Note: Hi! This is my first one shot ever so take it easy on me. The reader is Australian (purely for the snappy attitude of “if we were in Australia you’d be fucking melting you weaklings” or “you think that’s a big spider? Peter I’ve seen spiders bigger than you” and the fourth wall breaking that will definitely come when Deadpool comes in)

Pairing: Avengers/reader, Xmen/reader, Deadpool/reader, AOS/reader

Summary/Prompt: The reader some how gets sent to a world where The Avengers, Xmen, Agents of Shield, Nextflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones are all in the same universe.


“Ok so you found her in the middle of no where, asleep, fully clothed, with a Star Wars bag next to her?” Wanda asked, peering into the window of the white container to see the mysterious girl that was brought in by a group of people she didn’t know.

“That basically sums it up.” The man who introduced himself as Phill Coulson said turning to her and nodding slightly.

“Her vitals are fine, no radiation, no wounds, bumps or bruises.” Jemma Simmons, a British doctor with PH.D’s in fields she couldn’t even pronounce sighed from across the room while looking at the monitors. “It’s as if someone just dumped her in the middle of the forest and left via Bifrost to get our attention.”

“She’s moving!” Pietro loudly announced with his face pressed against the window. Fizt and Simmons moved quickly to where the speedster was standing and looked through the glass with him, Bobbie, Mack, Lincon and Daisy soon following.

“You’re alive.” It wasn’t a question at this point and Coulson sighed lightly while turning to the still shocked Avengers in front of him.

“Yes I’m alive. I was brought back to life by an alien DNA that almost drove me completely crazy but I’m here with one less hand. Can we move on?”

“What makes you think we can help?” Steve was the first to snap out of it and started walking towards the glass to see what the speedster was so impressed about.

When he did his eyes nearly bulged out of his eye sockets when he saw the woman stretching like cat, arms above her head, shirt riding up to her ribs and hair a tousled nest of bed hair curls. When he looked back to Coulson waiting for an answer some pops could be heard and an outright filthy moan left the woman’s lips. Everyone then went to the window to see she was still sound asleep on her stomach this time with her left leg hanging off the small bed comfortably and her head buried in the duvet and pillow.

“We were hoping with Thor around he could help with some theory’s about where she’s from and how she got here.” Daisy cut in looking at Thor who was just as lost as the rest of them.

“What about facial recognition? Finger prints? DNA tests.” Natasha stepped back and turned to Dr. Simmons.

“We haven’t done DNA but the rest?” She frowned with a sigh. “We run everything though every system there possibly is, even Daisy hacked into a few we didn’t have and nothing.”

“Nothing?” Tony was next to walk away from the white box with a frown.

“It’s as if she doesn’t exist.”

“What if she doesn’t?” Clint asked looking through the glass at the sleeping woman, when he saw everyone’s confused expressions he continued. “Not here anyway we know that. But what she isn’t from here?”

“She can’t be from a different realm. I mean look at her.” Bobbie added. “She has a Wonder Woman shirt on, caps shield helix bar, ripped skinny jeans, heeled batman boots and a Star Wars bag.”

“Are we talking alternate universe theory.” Bruce piped up turning to his team mates.

“That would fit.” Simmons tilted her head in agreement.

“But how did she get here.” Fitz turned to Simmons and they went to the monitor before they heard Pietro speak up.

“Wait Batman? As in DC comics? What about the flash?” Everyone gave him questioning looks and he rolled his eyes. “Didn’t flash have a huge thing where he ran so fast he time traveled? What if it’s something like that? What if she’s a mutant?”

“That why we’ve called the X-Men for help as well, they’ll be here shortly with Deadpool to see if he’s run into anything like this.” May answered leaning against a desk top with her arms crossed.

“Not Wade!” Peter Parker groaned in annoyance.

“Problem?” Lance looked at the kid with amusement, knowing just how bad the merc could get.

“He thinks we’re dating.” Peter replied unamused causing everyone to chuckle.

“Pietro get away from the glass! She’s not an animal at the zoo!” Wanda scolded her twin.

“Pft that’s obvious.” He turned back to glass.

“Why are you so desperate to look at her?” Natasha asked with a raised eyebrow. He turned to her with a sassy face ready to give her a sassier reply but he was interrupted by a croaky, deep, morning voice.

“Well I’m drop dead gorgeous what would you expect?”


“My name is-“

“Nicholas J. Fury. Former director of SHIELD and a pain in HYDRA’s ass.” The woman sat across from him answered almost like second nature. “I know.”

“Well I’m at a disadvantage.” She raised an eyebrow. “You know me but I don’t know you.”

“If you want to ask me questions you don’t have to do it super spy style like I’m an enemy or some shit. Just ask me the questions.” Fury was taken back by the woman calmness of the situation and lent back in his chair. Behind the double sided mirror next to them Tony chuckled.

“I like her.” He said nodding while everyone else in the room looked on in curiosity.

“Where are you from?”

“Planet earth, Queensland, Australia. The place where from the minute you’re born everything under the sun is trying to kill you. Including the sun as it turns out.”

“She’s not lying there.” Coulson said turning to them. “Have you seen the spiders there?”

“Why can’t we find you in any of our systems?”

“Have you asked your systems that question? It might have a better answer than me.”

“Can you cut it with the smart ass answers?” Funny said annoyed.

“Can you cut it with the boring ass questions? I feel like we’re on a date arranged by our parents which is weird because you’re old enough to be my dad.” She scrunched up her nose and looking at the double sided mirror remembering the part in Kingsmen when Egsy recognised it and punched it open under water. “Is Bobbie Morse in there?”

Fury frowned at the question and brought his hands together.

“Why do you want to know that?” She rolled her eyes at him, knowing he’s looking for a hidden reason as to why she’d want her in here.

“Relax Patchy the Pirate, she’s just a better interrogator than you. Plus she likes Star Wars.” As much as she liked the guy, he was getting on her nerves.

A thoroughly annoyed Fury stood in the room behind the double sided mirror watching Agent Morse talk with the woman they still didn’t know the name of. Tony was holding in laughter making his face turn bright red along with Natasha, Clint, Steve, Bruce and the twins. Coulson’s team just watched with amusement while Peter hung from the ceiling upside down eating a bag of chips he’d occasionally share with Pietro and Clint.

“What’s your name?” Bobbie started with a kind smile.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” She replied at more ease.


“Depends, what year is it?” Bobbie frowned before answering.

“2018.” Y/N’s eyes widened before she looked down.

“Shit.” She whispered. “Well that means I’m 19.”

She brought her elbows on the metal table and started rubbing her temples to ease the headache she could feel coming on.

“How do you know so much about us?” Bobbie continued.

“You want the honest truth?” She asked, not really sure she should tell them, when Bobbie nodded and leaned forward she sighed before answering. “Where I’m from, every single one of you are either comic book characters, tv shows, Netflix series or movies. You’re all frictional. Thor or anyone related to him doesn’t exist, or if he does he’s staying the hell away from earth, Cree never came to earth and started the Inhumans program, in World War two HYDRA never existed Steve was never born-although there was a Russian Bucky doppelgänger in the U.S.S.R. called James Barnes and a Sargent James Barnes somewhere else-Tony was never born, the technology is way less advanced, SHIELD never happened-any disaster that lead the Avengers getting involved never happened, New York, The Mandarin, Washington, Ultron, PYM Industries. None of it happened because it was in a comic book or TV or on the movie screen.”

Bobbie was silent before she leaned back in her chair with her mouth slightly agape.

“Jesus Christ you’re telling the truth.” Y/N nodded with a small sad smile. “What about us? Or rather not us?”

“Actors. Your name is Adrianne Palicki.”

“What about the rest of them?” Bobbie shook her head trying to wrap her head around it.

“All actors. You and your team are a TV show called Agents of Shield, Steve, Thor and Tony with their solo films, The Avengers, Avengers Age of Ultron which doesn’t really make sense because it only lasted a few days.”

“Yeah.” Bobbie agreed nodding.

“More like The Long Weekend Of Ultron.” Bobbie hummed in agreement. “But there was so much wrong with that movie anyway.”

“Really?” Y/N groaned and rolled her eyes leaning back in her chair while slouching.

“So much. Joss Whedon directed in and wrote it to basically be his own messed up fanfiction so he could have his ship.” Bobbies face went horrified at the mention of Joss but leaned forward with a determined face. Just before she was about to speak the door opened to revel Natasha dragging in a chair.

“Tell me everything.” She said pointing to Y/N sternly and sitting down next to Bobbie.

“Ok.” Y/N got business like, tucking her chair in so her stomach touched the table and pointed to Natasha. “Do you and Banner have a thing?”

Natasha was thrown off by the question and she frowned. “No.”

“Did you ever have a thing?” She said double checking.


“Thank fucking Christ!” It looked like a weight had been lifted from Y/N’s shoulders. “Well Joss made it that you two did but it was so poorly written because in the first Avengers movie there was nothing. No chemistry no hint at a romance like yeah you went and got him and yeah you tried to calm him down but that was it. You had an inside joke, you were friendly that’s it.

“AOU rolls around and it’s suddenly ‘oh Bruce I adore you! Let’s run away and be misfits together!’ Like.. Don’t get me wrong I could’ve accepted the ship if it was written well but the way he made you out to be was just.. Not you..”

“What was the first Avengers movie?” Bobbie said frowning.

“Loki and the Chitari.” Y/N realised she got a head of herself and tried slowing down to make easier to understand.

“Tony wants to know what his solo films are called.” Bobbie sighed while rolling her eyes.

“Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3-they’re not really that creative.” Natasha nodded and took out a Stark phone to give to Y/N.

“Put everything on a timeline so it’s easier.” Nat said handing her the phone.

“Shit you mean these are a thing?!” Y/N took the device with wide eyes, huge smile as she looked at it with amazement. “I thought it was just in the fanfiction!”


1892 words

Tagging: @uncomfortable-writers @imagine-that-marvel @alloftheimaginesblog (not really a Merlin one shot but I’m still writing it) @stupidcleverjoke


Author: obrosey-af

Characters: reader x Scott

Warnings: again, just some fluff because Scott is a cupcake

Word Count: 1,033

A/N before I start rammbling lemme just say that the gif has nothing to do with the story, I just don’t know when I’d ever use it again lol so here’s my second little imagine, one shot,drabble thing, i’m so new to tumblr idk what you even call this haha but it’s a thing and it’s here so I hope you like. Please please let ya girl know what you think, any comments are appreciated! I’ll probably post a few more of whatever these are and then I hope to take requests from you guys, so def lemme know, k i’m done talking enjoy(: -Er

Originally posted by teenwolf

“I hate laser tag. You know I hate laser tag,” you whined as you gently closed your locker door, revealing Scott leaning against the adjacent locker. “Babe, it’ll be fun, c’mon,” he whined back, mocking you. “I promise I will make sure you have fun,” he said, lacing his fingers in yours. “Promise?” you asked, pouting. “Promise,” he replied, lifting your hand to his mouth before placing a soft kiss to the back of it. “You better,McCall,” you retorted, before placing a kiss to his cheek before parting your ways to your separate classes.

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My follower forever

Alright, as previously announced, my follower forever!

Ok I´ll be honest for the longest time I had no idea how these work. I´m still no 100%. But I always thought you tag the people you follow. I that´s not the case, sorry about that.

I´ve already explained in this post what I feel towards all of you. I´d recommend reading that first, if you´re interested in my trashy teenager self. So instead of rehashing all of that, let me just quote my favorite moment in fictional history, which sums up my feelings very well:

Thank you, for being with me. Thank you, for teaching me how to life. Thank you…for wrapping this scarf…around me.  

(ok this was a bit too corny wasn´t it? :P)

Anyhow, mutuals are bolded. There is a chance I messed up here, tumblr wouldn’t properly show me who is a mutual so maybe there are few mistakes. I´m sorry about that, none of those were intended).

I´ve arranged it in Alphabetical order. Enjoy!


@a-heartablaze - something incoherent? more like something awesome!

@ackerscarf - although the real Natiwati may not be around at the moment, she will never be forgotten.

@alphaofdarkness - oh my gosh your art aaaahhhhhh its beautiful

@ao3feed-eremika - gotta stay updated right? Its kinda funny because I always a have an ao3 tab and ff net tab open but oh well.

@armin-gesumin - your crack is the best crack. no doubt.


@bertannie - thank you for fulfilling all my beruani needs on a daily basis

@blufics - your writing…just…aaaahhhhhh!!

@bluinary -  same thing since, well, you know, same person etc. you rock!


@clevergirlraven - I can´t believe I didn´t start following you sooner. What a huge mistake.


@datsteeve - this is one of the two hoomans who knows me irl. IDK why I´m telling you this. I dunno. Go spam him or something.

@daydream24-7 - ok I am sooooo sorry if I kinda weirded you out the other day with that post but…your blog…your art…it´s…astonishingly beautiful.

@didanwhisperer​ - thank you for being the greatest Bertl fan on this website. I need you haha.

@drinkyourfuckingmilk - youarefuckingawesome.

@drunkeremikatexts - your kind of RP blog is what the fandom really needs.


@eremika - yeah I think we´ll all marry Mikasa Ackerman hahaha.

@eremikadefensesquad - Thank you for defending our ship with the very core of yourself, thank you for being able to put up with all that nonsensical hate. You deserve none of that and I have an incredible amount of respect for you.


- fics, fics, and even more fics! fics everywhere!

@eremikaiscanon - you´re goddamn right

@eremikashipper4life - I love your writing, I love your blog!

@eremikaweeks - so hyped for the next one! :D

@eren-and-mikasa-jaeger - your url alone is aesthetically pleasing you have no idea.

@erenmiikas - forever and ever-exactly!

@erensjaegerbombs - you are just awesome and a gift for the fandom.

@erenslips - another brave warrior in war against the haters haha. plus your friendship with ladywongs is goals

@erernika - all of the eremika!


@fady-jaeger - according to tumblr, you were my first follower. IT ALL STARTED HERE!!! But seriously you´re great and Sawano is life!

@fuckyeaherenxmikasa - fuck yeah damn right!

@fuku-shuu - in my entire life I have never seen anyone as dedicated to a fandom as you are. Seriously, you are my fav snk news source and your live translations are my most anticipated thing every month. You are absolutely amazing!


@ghostmartyr - your meta is just fabulous


@iamthewallrose - same here, love your meta and theories

@ieralia - EREMIKA 6EVER!!!!! :D


@jaegerchips - originally I followed you because eremika but your star wars content is just as awesome! may the 4th be with you!


@kodanshacomics - official news everyone!

@kuchen-ackerman - your writing and everything is just A W E S O M E


@ladywongs - you made me ship touken without me ever having read or watched a substantial amount of TG. PROPS!! (plus yeah all eremika, duh)

@leapingtitan - meta! theories! analysis! EVERYTHING!

@leviskinnyjeans - just as fukushuu, you´re an amazing news source! Thank you for all your dedication! And I love the way you love Reiner!


@lyssala - you were the first eremika writer I followed and whose fics I patiently awaited everyday haha. Seriously though, your writing played a big part in my early days in the fandom and you still never fail to deliver ahah



- I never thought I´d make a friend online whom I would speak with as much as I do with you haha. You´re too sweet, I love the way you ship eremika, your writing, your admiration for Sawano (YA FEEL ME RIGHT xD) and everything else and I look forward  to our chats everyday (damn you timezones, why must you be this way), they really are the highlight of my day :D. Ok Im gonna stop before it gets too awkward or embarrassing ahaha *runs away*

@mikasajaeger - your name is my dream

@momtaku - Another person I adore chatting with ahah. But seriously your meta and analysis (and crack) is goals, and I am indefinitely grateful for all the help you provided building up a blog and building up a following. I am a proud member of the TIB and will do my best as your newly adopted son haha. Thanks mom. Love you :D!

@motorcyclles - your comics are a heavenly gift from the Shingeki goddesses themselves, no doubt!

P -

@pizzackerman - I should´ve followed you a loong time ago haha. plus am I wrong, oder sind wir beide deutsch :P ?


@rosehips-and-cherrydips - oh my god your eremika and your stuff and your everything ahhhhh.

S -

@saitamas-hoodie - the dankest of all zeh memes and memesterzs.

@shiganshinatrio - EMA ecstasy!

@shingekinoeremika - your eremika is as dank as your memes.


@someboredloser - Im just SomeBoredFan.

@ss-eremika - I never figured out the ss in your eremika, but I´m a simple man, I see eremika, I press like.

@suits-neechan - all the reibert. all the art. everything!


@thanks-for-the-scarf - thanks-for-your-awesome-blog-and-the-lesson-about-duck-dicks-lmfao.

@the-moblit-sketchbook - The most precious RP blog of them all…..and fuck you for making me ship mobuhan now that he might no longer be around!

@the104thsquad you guys taught me how to spell Tatakae and that’s one of the greatest gifts and one could have given me.


@uncklerman - how would´ve thought that Kenny out of all people ends up with an RP blog. Who would have thought it´d turn out as incredible as it did hahaha.

@utterlypointless-snk-headcannons - it isn´t pointless if its utterly hilarious hehe.


@waytooemily I think I followed you before already but tumblr messed up? idk. I love your chapter reactions and your thoughts and translations!


@yummiecurrie - long live the queens indeed (YMIR WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU).

@yusenki - another incredibly dedicated person! thanks for the news! thanks for the translations! thanks for the eruri!

Aaaaaand that´s it! I think it goes without saying, but I highly recommend every single one of these blogs to all of my followers. Seriously you guys are absolutely incredible! Keep up all your amazing work :DDDDD


{Klance} The Bloom AU


(You’ll see why it’s called the Bloom AU later ;D)

Ok so how about an au where both Lance and Keith are both YouTube stars but they’re both cover artists? Like they do covers of songs, put them on YouTube, and they’ve gone viral? Yeah.

• Lance has been with YouTube since the very beginning. He’s been on the site ever since 2007 or something but he only has like 500k subscribers smh. Usually he does covers using only his guitar, but there are often times where his friends Pidge and Hunk help out with vocals and/or other instruments needed. Pidge also does the editing for some of his videos.
•Keith, on the other hand, has been on YouTube for a while and has over 2 million subs. His earlier covers were just like Lance’s; no editing, only had a guitar, and a low quality filming, using his laptop to record. In due time, when he started to sing duo’s w/ Allura, his channel started to boost. They do covers as often as possible now (fans think that they would make a cute couple but in reality Keith’s in the closet and is scared to come out to the internet).
• Since Keith and Pidge go waaaay back (high school), she suggests to Lance about arranging a duet w/ Keith. Lance chokes.

- “No way!! I mean, even though he has the voice of a god I won’t duet with him!! I’m fine the way I am!”
- “Lance, it’ll help boost your channel.”
- “……..fine”

* So Pidge get’s back in contact with Keith and soon they arrange a duet. They’ll meet at Keith’s studio, which is in his brother, Shiro’s, house. Shiro’s in a band. Enough said.
• At first, Keith and Lance don’t really get along well. It started as bickering, which led to arguments, which led to actual fights. Shiro has to supervise to keep the two from ripping each other apart. The main reason being on what song to sing…

- “so let me get this straight. You flew all the way over to the other side of the country and you haven’t thought about what song we’re going to sing?!!!”
- “this is going to be a train wreck.”

• Wrong!! Once they find a song, sing the cover, and release it to the public, people were ecstatic. The people who were both Lance and Keith fans lost their shit. The video gets thousands of likes and millions of views. It went viral. Lance gained so many new subscribers.
• The two rewatch the video and think “huh. That could have gone so much worse.” So at the end of the day, they exchange numbers for “business reasons” and Lance leaves.

-They still text and message each other.

• So, due to others wanting more collabs between the two, they give the fans what they want. Two duos every month by Lance and Keith. Fans ate it up.
• And as weeks pass, the songs become more intimate. Their first duet had them both in separate recording boxes- now their newest cover was of them looking into each other’s eyes while singing a very calm and sweet love song idk
• also insert slow burn/mutual pining
• and so many people ship them (:
• Lance was the first person that Keith came out to, and he helped him with an idea to come out to his fans

- “Two words. Original. Song.”
- “…..alright?”

• So they both write the song about how it’s perfectly ok to be who you are and not be afraid to show it to the world. It’s really sweet and cute and it’s a duet w/ Lance on acoustic guitar
• Saying the fans cried and replayed the song over again was an understatement. Many of Keith’s fans were so supportive and came out themselves in the comments. Both Lance and Keith read the comments and they almost cried.
• One day, Lance gets an idea. A very, very, very good idea.
• He asks Pidge for a camera. She agrees.

- “break it and I will break your skinny noodle legs”

• So from then until Vidcon, every time that Keith and Lance were together (either working on a song or just hanging out) Lance filmed it. Every moment of Keith smiling, singing, and just being Keith was caught on film. Lance always said it was a semester project for his film class.
• but Lance doesn’t have a film class
• (so you might be wondering why I said this lasted until vidcon, which was, luckily, exactly one year since Lance and Keith first met. Ohohoh, just you wait (((: )
• So, a few days till Vidcon, Lance (with the help of Pidge and her brother, Matt) edit all of the clips together into one 10 minute video. It’s gonna be showed at Vidcon
• So at Vidcon, there’s a panel with different Youtube musicians. It includes both Keith and Lance.
• Note that their panel is HUGE. Even though there’s like 5 people talking in the panel, at least a couple hundred people show up. And there’s a big screen. You see where I’m going with this.
• As soon as the Q&A’s over, Lance says he has something he’d like to say. The lights go out. And the video begins.
• It starts with Lance saying a little thing into the camera for context.

- “Exactly one year ago, I met someone very special. He’s an asshole, a smartass, and has the worst hair I have ever seen. But, he’s special. He can be caring when he wants to be, he can have amazing tastes in music, he’s kind to his devoted fans, and he has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know the real him. And I’m glad I did. He means a lot to me and I hope he loves this as much as I love him. Keith, this is for you.”

• And the video is just a bunch of clips put together of Keith being a total dork and being a cinnamon roll and laughing and bloopers behind some of his cover videos while Lance is covering Bloom by the Paper Kites (THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED THE BLOOM AU HAHAAA) and people in the audience are crying and I’m crying and Keith’s about to start crying.
• The video ends and Lance gets up from his seat, faces Keith, and just gets a microphone and is just “I’ve been wanting to ask you this for months but… Keith Kogane?”
• everyone’s on the edge of their seats
• “Will you be my boyfriend?”
• So Keith’s now definitely crying, he says yes, and they both hug tightly, and there’s two people in the audience that are handed the microphone.

- “That was amazing!! Definitely worth the wait. But, Hunk?”
- “Yes, Pidge?”
- “I honestly think that after all this, a year of pining and duets and sappy cue videos, they hug? And they’re boyfriends? Don’t the fans want to see them do more?
- "I agree. What do you think guys? Does anyone else want to see them kiss?”

• Everyone screams yes because they’ve waited for this for months and they want their fanfics to be canon dammit
• Keith’s all flustered and sputters out words that’s just “what?? we uh we just got together and” and then Lance just dramatically dips him and kisses him and everyone goes nuts
• Two weeks after Vidcon, a new duet by Lance and Keith are released to the public. It involves an acoustic guitar, two lovey dovey happy boyfriends, and the song “Can’t help falling in love”

May Cupid's Arrow Pierce Your Face - Brendon Urie Imagine

(Name credit goes to.. Tumb.. lr. i)

Warning, not actually a warning, this has literally nothing to do with valentines day because I’m a lying piece of shit. I had no vday specific requests but I was like damn i should do one today so here’s one, actually there’s a bit at the end but yeah, just used the name ‘cause it’s vday and I don’t want to have to think anymore.

Um, it’s nearly midnight.

Also I’m seeing Panic! tomorrow (16th) holla so if you’re going, go to my main blog and look at my face so you can say hi if you see me.

I was going to say something else but I can’t remember. Let me know if there are any mistakes, I ran through it but I’m like.. Sleep high rn idk. 

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ribbonkitties-deactivated201511  asked:

hmm, yeah. i remember the first time he opened up about it and he said something like Kris was disrespectful, i think. i just lost all respect for him. i think Kai was the only member who didn't speak about it and i have loads of respect for him for keeping quiet. all the other members should have kept quiet until Kris said something. hell, man, they're saying these horrible things about him yet Kris hasn't said anything. :c i would love to speak to you more about this ^u^

Ahhh! Sorry for this late reply but I was wayyy too happy before. I’m going to address why Suho is one of the members I hate. Now, I hope you don’t mind me publishing this because I think this also sheds some light on Kris’ situation. And maybe I am incredibly biased? I hope I don’t get much hate but /deep breaths/ here goes! I haven’t been with exo from the start-start, I didn’t really stan them until a few months after debut but I can say I’ve been in the fandom for quite a long time and I like to analyse things so… I feel that as a leader, Suho was quite lacking in 2012, he was almost a non-existent leader of exo-k. I mean nobody really saw him as a leader. Almost everybody was praising Kris’ leadership skills with his ability to speak up for the members, help them answer the harder questions when they were stuck etc.. but almost nobody mentioned Suho’s leadership skills. Now this could be because exo k didn’t really promote much but I still felt that way. There’s this clip I think during Gayo Daejun (watch this) you can see Kris’ leadership in action. He commnicates to the staff, arranged the members in seats, quick and snappy. Suho? not so much…

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