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I’ve been wondering and maybe you could help. Do you think Lexa ever realized how personal the betrayal was to Clarke? As Lexa tried to earn forgiveness C gave every indication (I thought) that it was her heartbreak and not the politics that bothered her more but Lexa always believed her that she only cared about her people. Why didn’t Lexa see through her as she knows her so well? She seemed so in awe later that Clarke could love her back. idk what do you think? Thank you!

Right here, this is when Lexa realizes just how deeply she’s cut Clarke. Prior to this, Lexa believed Clarke was just furious because of her people and the consequences of Lexa walking away. Here she realizes it’s much more personal than that. She looked into Clarke’s eyes and saw how broken she was. She realized she did that; it’s her fault. She accepts this and takes responsibility. There’s no guise of this being a political matter, this is completely personal. She offers a genuine apology and Clarke has to hold back her tears. Not only because she knows Lexa means it – even though she wants to hate her and continue to demonize her – but because she can’t bring herself to kill her. Something just hours ago she thought she wanted. 

When Clarke turns away, Lexa let’s this realization sink in, she looks guilty and offers more contrition in the form of, “I never meant to turn you into this.” So, yeah, Lexa 100% knew it was personal pain she caused Clarke, she sees that she’s broken the girl she loves heart.

Look at her face. She’s distraught for a multitude of reasons. She hates herself for hurting Clarke so deeply. She’s terrified for Clarke’s saftey – if she doesn’t stay in Polis and join the coalition, she and her people will die. She knows she could possibly die too, but at the very least be overthrown. She’s lost Clarke and her world is tumbling down. This is the face of a broken hearted girl. She looks on the brink of tears. Not only that…but Clarke had just tried to kill her, that really messed her up.

Clarke sticking with the “I’m doing everything for my people” script was her way of keeping Lexa out and shutting down any possibility of anything more than a political arrangement. I think that Clarke’s behavior perplexed Lexa. Clarke was hot and cold and Lexa didn’t really know for certain one way or the other. She wanted to believe she could get back in Clarke’s good graces but Clarke’s mixed signals did nothing to make her think that was a possibility. 

Lexa was so in awe because as much progress as they had made, she still didn’t wanna allow herself to believe they’d ever connect like that again. Lexa was perfectly fine with letting Clarke go – for what might have been the last time – with just a handshake. Clarke pulling her in and kissing her, stunned her. She thought her transgression would never be forgiven much less understood and put behind them. She thought it was something they couldn’t overcome.

I needed a recovery fic after yesterday and I can’t even think about Death Note without also feeling like I might cry, so I wrote more incredibly self-inulgent KaiShin.  Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed by how schmoopy this got (and how long, all things considered), but I hope you guys like it.  8)

Kaito sighed, gazing down at the letter in his hands with dismay.  No scholarship unless he turns 24, has a child, or gets married.  Sitting down at the kitchen table, he runs through his options.  As he has barely turned 21, he can’t conceivably turn 24 in time to get his loans.  He’s not ready to become a father, nor does he know any girl willing to have a kid with him.  And, well, the only girls he knows are his best friend and her girlfriend, so they’re completely out of the question anyway.

Which left marriage.

He hummed to himself.  He could legally get married at 21.  That would be the easiest course of action, but the problem was who could he marry?  The girls were out, obviously.  They were dating and he didn’t really want to get in the way of that.  He’d rather spend the night at an aquarium than marry Hakuba.

Sighing, he pulled out his phone.  He only had one option, so he might as well give it a shot.

“can u marry me”

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Comfort With You

Pairing: YoungK X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,383

Request: Hi there! Can I request for YoungK from Day6 scenario where both of you have been friends for a long time and he’s always had a one-sided crush on you so he tries to confess to you with his cute yet embarrassing ways! (I hope that made sense?? ;_;) Thank youu!! :) <3 -@its-youngk

You could not believe your luck when you felt water hit your head. Rain fell like curtains of water when you were still only halfway from the coffee shop you promised to meet Brian. Even as you started to pick up the pace and ran in your heels with your hand barely covering your hair, you were wet by the time you made it to the entrance.

The coffee shop was cool and dry and smelled nice. You stopped for a minute to brush off the droplets on your clothes before you searched for the familiar face. Brian spotted you and smiled, waving his hand in the air.

“Wow, you look nice,” he laughed, handing you a napkin.

“Thanks,” you breathed, taking the napkin and then a seat. “I didn’t know that it was going to rain today. I didn’t even bring an umbrella.”

Brian pulled out an umbrella for you to see and then placed it back on the seat next to him. “I got you.” He then looked at the food on the table. “I also got you your favorite, iced green mint mocha. And mango ice flakes to share since I thought you’d be a little hungry.”

“That’s why you’re my best friend,” you cheered with a smile before you took a sip of your coffee. “I see you’re having a boring iced Americano, as usual.”

“Hey, I don’t judge your complicated order so don’t judge my simple one,” Brian responded with another laugh.

“You don’t know the true beauty of what coffee’s supposed to be like until you’ve tried it,” you sang, holding out your cup to him. “Try it.”

Brian held his own cup and shook it in front of you. “Only if you try mine.”

You rolled your eyes but switched your cup for his. “Fine.” You observed the drink with only espresso, water and ice. It was less than the things put in the coffee you ordered. Brian watched you as you placed your lips onto his straw and took a sip. You stopped immediately and returned his cup back onto the table with a scowl on your face. “It’s bitter!!”

He gave you a nonchalant shrug and then put his lips on your straw, drinking the caffeine. He also handed you back your drink with an unreadable expression. “Ok, mint in mocha is not right. I can’t even explain its taste.”

Both of you drank your own coffee to rid of the previous taste. Then you reached for a spoon and began to dig into the mango dessert. “Hey,” you said while your attention was on the ice flakes, “we just technically did an indirect kiss, haha. Scandalous.”

Brian started to choke on his drink. Your eyes widened, and you watched him as he patted his chest and then drink some more coffee to stop the coughing. “Oh my gosh, Brian. I was just joking. It’s not a real kiss. Calm down,” you told him.

He tried his best to calm down, but he could barely meet your eyes. When you mentioned how the both of you basically kissed, Brian freaked inside. You took it as a joke, something that best friends do to each other a lot, but it was hard to just brush it off as nothing when he had a crush on you.

You and Brian were friends for a while, and there was not any romantic attraction from either of you at first. The first time a little bit of that attraction showed, Brian took it as a type of attraction that would go away. He then began to notice how attractive you looked, felt nervous every time you two touched and would, and realized how much he talked about you to his friends when you were not with him; he then became aware that he liked you.

He had not told you. You were his friend, and he was not sure how it would change if he confessed to you. He wasn’t even sure if you liked him back. You made it quite hard for him to decipher, but since there were no obvious moves, he took it that it would just be better to keep his feelings to himself.

“Anyway,” you continued, “are you into someone these days?”

“What?” he replied right away, taken aback by the sudden question.

“I don’t know. There’s something about you… I just have a feeling. Call it a best friend instinct if you want,” you said with a shrug. You scooped mango and ate it. Then you placed your spoon down, looking Brian straight in his eyes, squinting. “Is my best friend instinct right, Kang Brian? Don’t lie to me.”


“You are!” you gasped out loud. “Do I know her? Have you talked to her? Is she pretty? No, wait, that’s not really important. Is she nice to you? What does she do? When did you two meet? What’s her name?”

“Uh… which one do you want me to answer first?” Brian asked with a nervous chuckle. You caught him rubbing the back of his neck. He did that a lot when he was nervous.

“All of them!” you exclaimed.

Brian could not help but smile at how you were itching to know about his crush. If only you knew that you were asking about yourself. He watched your bright eyes as you spoke. “I can’t tell you that easily,” Brian said. “Maybe. How about we finish the ice flakes, and I’ll think about it.”

“Oh, you’re challenging me? Jokes on you because you know that I love mango ice flakes,” you told him as you grabbed your spoon once more with a determined look on your face.

You could barely breathe when you had to stand up. The bowl was empty, and half of your coffee was finished. You lagged behind Brian out of the door. The rain continued to pour. Brian opened his umbrella up, holding it above the both of you. “I’ll walk you home,” he said.

“Oooh, how lovely,” you cooed. “A cute boy walking me home after treating me to coffee. I love it.”

Brian did not know how much longer he could contain his happiness. His phone then buzzed into his pocket. You heard the sound as well and decided to hold onto the umbrella. Your hand was below Brian’s, but you both were still slightly touching. Brian’s heart almost jumped like he did. “I’ll hold it,” you offered. “Answer your message.”

“Thanks,” he said and hurried to reach for his phone to check the message.

Jae: Yo, did you know that (Y/N)’s supposed to be going on a blind date?! Idk when, but I think it’ll be soon. My good friend Brian that I love, you need to tell her that you like her.

Jae: Also… I ate all of the pepperoni off of the pizza you ordered a while ago. Sorry bro. But at least I didn’t eat the rest of your pizza… Wonpil did. DON’T TELL HIM I TOLD YOU

Jae: Good luck w/ (Y/N)!!!

“What’s up?” you asked Brian when you noticed his expression changed from reading the texts. He snapped out of his thoughts and stuck his phone back into his pocket.

“Here, I’ll hold it now,” he said, taking the umbrella from you. He was not sure how to start his conversation next. “Um, hey (Y/N).”


“Are you…going on a blind date?”

You tilted your head to the side, and then jumped up as if you remembered something. “Oh yeah! I am. One of my friends arranged the blind date. She said that she thinks I should try getting into a relationship now. I guess you heard it from someone else,” you spoke. It was your turn to laugh nervously. “Are you mad that I didn’t tell you? I was going to, but I just kind of forgot when I was with you.”

He shook his head. “I’m not mad. Just surprised.”

“To be honest, I don’t even think I want to go on the blind date.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t think it’ll work out. I don’t know. I shouldn’t judge the date already since it hasn’t even happened yet, but… I just like being in a relationship with someone that I know. Having the foundation of our relationship from being friends first instead of just trying to build a relationship from one date.”

“I understand. I’m the same,” Brian agreed.

You glanced over at him. “Oh. So the girl you like was actually your friend first? That should make things easier for me. Is it it Mijin?”

“No, it’s not her,” Brian chuckled at your attempt. Near the stoplights ahead, Brian found a convenience store. He stopped walking which made you stop. He handed you the umbrella.

“Can you wait just a few minutes for me? I’ll be right back. I just need to buy something first.”

You nodded your head and watched him run into the store. Like he said, a few minutes later, he returned with a bag in his hand. “What’d you buy?” you asked, curious.

“Just something.” He took the umbrella again, and the both of you continued to walk towards your house. With a start of a new topic to talk about, you were not curious about the bag at all.

Before you even knew it, you had arrived in front of your house. The rain became lighter. You turned to Brian. “Thank you for taking me home, best friend. I’ll treat you next time.”

“Actually,” he started which caused you to stop and wait. Brian was not sure what to say. He did not plan what he wanted to say, but knowing that there was a possibility knowing that he could lose you to another from the text he received from Jae, he knew it was best to let you know now. It could go totally wrong. He would be embarrassed. But it was better safe than sorry.

Do I know her? Yes, you do. Have I talked to her? Yes, I have. Is she pretty? No wait, that’s not really important. It might not be, but she is absolutely the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

You slowly realized that he was answering all of the questions that you had asked earlier. He continued to look at you as he answered.

Is she nice to you?” Brian tried to stifle his laughter after that question, but you could still  noticed. “We both exchange teasing remarks at each other sometimes, but it’s our way of showing affection to each other. I’d say she is nice.” Your heart skipped a beat. You had no idea why.

What does she do? As of now, she’s a server at a restaurant.” You worked at a restaurant.

When did you two meet? Hm, it was when we both went to the same school orientation. We ran into each other, but neither of us knew our way around that school though we pretended to in order to try and help the other out.” You couldn’t possibly…

What’s her name?

You held your breath for a bit. Brian watched your reactions and then he sighed. He was not sure whether you finally pieced everything together. Would you run away? Or would you stay?

“(Y/N). Her name is (Y/N), and I’ve liked her for a while now,” he confessed. “I was nervous to say anything at first because I was scared she wouldn’t like me back. But then I heard about her blind date. I didn’t want her to go meet another guy, so I decided to suck it up and tell her how I feel now. Now, I’m not sure what she’s going to say. I can’t tell by the way she’s looking at me.”

You always thought of Brian as your best friend. He was someone you can count on, and someone you could easily talk to about anything. You knew what he was thinking, and you knew his likes and dislikes. You were never able to tell that he had a crush on you though. Hearing it actually come out of his mouth, you were stunned, and your heart was pounding.

You were not sure how the relationship would carry to the next level, but then you thought about your relationship so far. As you said, before you wanted a romantic relationship with someone, you wanted to make sure the foundation of your friendship was strong. Maybe you have meant Brian all that time.

Brian was blushing. You don’t think you have ever seen him blush before. You noticed that it was quiet, but it was because he was waiting on you to speak. “Uh…” you managed. You chose to say exactly how you felt. “I like you, too. More than a friend.”

“Really?!” He sounded so shocked, and you could not help but laugh.

“Yeah, I do,” you confirmed. “All this time, I’ve been wondering who this special girl was, and now that I know it’s me, it feels nice.”

You became curious again when he started to pull something out of the bag from the convenience store. It was a bag of Hershey’s Kisses. You had a feeling you knew who it was for, and you burst out laughing. “I can think of so many cheesy things you might do with this,” you said in between laughter.

“Just play along, (Y/N),” he said, trying to keep his composure and his cheeks from becoming any more red. “Here’s some Kisses for you.” He handed you the bag.

“Aw, thank you,” you said, and you meant it sincerely, too. “Well, I should head back inside now. You should also head home, too.”

“Wait, you forgot one more,” Brian said. You waited. He stepped closer, closing off distance between you two. Then he leaned down and planted a kiss on your cheek. Now, you were surely blushing.

Brian clenched his hands into fist and then started to back away quickly. You could not stop smiling. “There. I gave you your kisses. I’ll see you later! Don’t tell anymore about this!” He rubbed his forehead, laughing. “Okay, that was embarrassing. Bye!”

“Text me later,” you yelled back at him waving, laughing and watching as he turned around and began to run out of your neighborhood.


Author: obrosey-af

Characters: reader x Scott

Warnings: again, just some fluff because Scott is a cupcake

Word Count: 1,033

A/N before I start rammbling lemme just say that the gif has nothing to do with the story, I just don’t know when I’d ever use it again lol so here’s my second little imagine, one shot,drabble thing, i’m so new to tumblr idk what you even call this haha but it’s a thing and it’s here so I hope you like. Please please let ya girl know what you think, any comments are appreciated! I’ll probably post a few more of whatever these are and then I hope to take requests from you guys, so def lemme know, k i’m done talking enjoy(: -Er

Originally posted by teenwolf

“I hate laser tag. You know I hate laser tag,” you whined as you gently closed your locker door, revealing Scott leaning against the adjacent locker. “Babe, it’ll be fun, c’mon,” he whined back, mocking you. “I promise I will make sure you have fun,” he said, lacing his fingers in yours. “Promise?” you asked, pouting. “Promise,” he replied, lifting your hand to his mouth before placing a soft kiss to the back of it. “You better,McCall,” you retorted, before placing a kiss to his cheek before parting your ways to your separate classes.

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Authors Note: Hi! This is my first one shot ever so take it easy on me. The reader is Australian (purely for the snappy attitude of “if we were in Australia you’d be fucking melting you weaklings” or “you think that’s a big spider? Peter I’ve seen spiders bigger than you” and the fourth wall breaking that will definitely come when Deadpool comes in)

Pairing: Avengers/reader, Xmen/reader, Deadpool/reader, AOS/reader

Summary/Prompt: The reader some how gets sent to a world where The Avengers, Xmen, Agents of Shield, Nextflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones are all in the same universe.


“Ok so you found her in the middle of no where, asleep, fully clothed, with a Star Wars bag next to her?” Wanda asked, peering into the window of the white container to see the mysterious girl that was brought in by a group of people she didn’t know.

“That basically sums it up.” The man who introduced himself as Phill Coulson said turning to her and nodding slightly.

“Her vitals are fine, no radiation, no wounds, bumps or bruises.” Jemma Simmons, a British doctor with PH.D’s in fields she couldn’t even pronounce sighed from across the room while looking at the monitors. “It’s as if someone just dumped her in the middle of the forest and left via Bifrost to get our attention.”

“She’s moving!” Pietro loudly announced with his face pressed against the window. Fizt and Simmons moved quickly to where the speedster was standing and looked through the glass with him, Bobbie, Mack, Lincon and Daisy soon following.

“You’re alive.” It wasn’t a question at this point and Coulson sighed lightly while turning to the still shocked Avengers in front of him.

“Yes I’m alive. I was brought back to life by an alien DNA that almost drove me completely crazy but I’m here with one less hand. Can we move on?”

“What makes you think we can help?” Steve was the first to snap out of it and started walking towards the glass to see what the speedster was so impressed about.

When he did his eyes nearly bulged out of his eye sockets when he saw the woman stretching like cat, arms above her head, shirt riding up to her ribs and hair a tousled nest of bed hair curls. When he looked back to Coulson waiting for an answer some pops could be heard and an outright filthy moan left the woman’s lips. Everyone then went to the window to see she was still sound asleep on her stomach this time with her left leg hanging off the small bed comfortably and her head buried in the duvet and pillow.

“We were hoping with Thor around he could help with some theory’s about where she’s from and how she got here.” Daisy cut in looking at Thor who was just as lost as the rest of them.

“What about facial recognition? Finger prints? DNA tests.” Natasha stepped back and turned to Dr. Simmons.

“We haven’t done DNA but the rest?” She frowned with a sigh. “We run everything though every system there possibly is, even Daisy hacked into a few we didn’t have and nothing.”

“Nothing?” Tony was next to walk away from the white box with a frown.

“It’s as if she doesn’t exist.”

“What if she doesn’t?” Clint asked looking through the glass at the sleeping woman, when he saw everyone’s confused expressions he continued. “Not here anyway we know that. But what she isn’t from here?”

“She can’t be from a different realm. I mean look at her.” Bobbie added. “She has a Wonder Woman shirt on, caps shield helix bar, ripped skinny jeans, heeled batman boots and a Star Wars bag.”

“Are we talking alternate universe theory.” Bruce piped up turning to his team mates.

“That would fit.” Simmons tilted her head in agreement.

“But how did she get here.” Fitz turned to Simmons and they went to the monitor before they heard Pietro speak up.

“Wait Batman? As in DC comics? What about the flash?” Everyone gave him questioning looks and he rolled his eyes. “Didn’t flash have a huge thing where he ran so fast he time traveled? What if it’s something like that? What if she’s a mutant?”

“That why we’ve called the X-Men for help as well, they’ll be here shortly with Deadpool to see if he’s run into anything like this.” May answered leaning against a desk top with her arms crossed.

“Not Wade!” Peter Parker groaned in annoyance.

“Problem?” Lance looked at the kid with amusement, knowing just how bad the merc could get.

“He thinks we’re dating.” Peter replied unamused causing everyone to chuckle.

“Pietro get away from the glass! She’s not an animal at the zoo!” Wanda scolded her twin.

“Pft that’s obvious.” He turned back to glass.

“Why are you so desperate to look at her?” Natasha asked with a raised eyebrow. He turned to her with a sassy face ready to give her a sassier reply but he was interrupted by a croaky, deep, morning voice.

“Well I’m drop dead gorgeous what would you expect?”


“My name is-“

“Nicholas J. Fury. Former director of SHIELD and a pain in HYDRA’s ass.” The woman sat across from him answered almost like second nature. “I know.”

“Well I’m at a disadvantage.” She raised an eyebrow. “You know me but I don’t know you.”

“If you want to ask me questions you don’t have to do it super spy style like I’m an enemy or some shit. Just ask me the questions.” Fury was taken back by the woman calmness of the situation and lent back in his chair. Behind the double sided mirror next to them Tony chuckled.

“I like her.” He said nodding while everyone else in the room looked on in curiosity.

“Where are you from?”

“Planet earth, Queensland, Australia. The place where from the minute you’re born everything under the sun is trying to kill you. Including the sun as it turns out.”

“She’s not lying there.” Coulson said turning to them. “Have you seen the spiders there?”

“Why can’t we find you in any of our systems?”

“Have you asked your systems that question? It might have a better answer than me.”

“Can you cut it with the smart ass answers?” Funny said annoyed.

“Can you cut it with the boring ass questions? I feel like we’re on a date arranged by our parents which is weird because you’re old enough to be my dad.” She scrunched up her nose and looking at the double sided mirror remembering the part in Kingsmen when Egsy recognised it and punched it open under water. “Is Bobbie Morse in there?”

Fury frowned at the question and brought his hands together.

“Why do you want to know that?” She rolled her eyes at him, knowing he’s looking for a hidden reason as to why she’d want her in here.

“Relax Patchy the Pirate, she’s just a better interrogator than you. Plus she likes Star Wars.” As much as she liked the guy, he was getting on her nerves.

A thoroughly annoyed Fury stood in the room behind the double sided mirror watching Agent Morse talk with the woman they still didn’t know the name of. Tony was holding in laughter making his face turn bright red along with Natasha, Clint, Steve, Bruce and the twins. Coulson’s team just watched with amusement while Peter hung from the ceiling upside down eating a bag of chips he’d occasionally share with Pietro and Clint.

“What’s your name?” Bobbie started with a kind smile.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” She replied at more ease.


“Depends, what year is it?” Bobbie frowned before answering.

“2018.” Y/N’s eyes widened before she looked down.

“Shit.” She whispered. “Well that means I’m 19.”

She brought her elbows on the metal table and started rubbing her temples to ease the headache she could feel coming on.

“How do you know so much about us?” Bobbie continued.

“You want the honest truth?” She asked, not really sure she should tell them, when Bobbie nodded and leaned forward she sighed before answering. “Where I’m from, every single one of you are either comic book characters, tv shows, Netflix series or movies. You’re all frictional. Thor or anyone related to him doesn’t exist, or if he does he’s staying the hell away from earth, Cree never came to earth and started the Inhumans program, in World War two HYDRA never existed Steve was never born-although there was a Russian Bucky doppelgänger in the U.S.S.R. called James Barnes and a Sargent James Barnes somewhere else-Tony was never born, the technology is way less advanced, SHIELD never happened-any disaster that lead the Avengers getting involved never happened, New York, The Mandarin, Washington, Ultron, PYM Industries. None of it happened because it was in a comic book or TV or on the movie screen.”

Bobbie was silent before she leaned back in her chair with her mouth slightly agape.

“Jesus Christ you’re telling the truth.” Y/N nodded with a small sad smile. “What about us? Or rather not us?”

“Actors. Your name is Adrianne Palicki.”

“What about the rest of them?” Bobbie shook her head trying to wrap her head around it.

“All actors. You and your team are a TV show called Agents of Shield, Steve, Thor and Tony with their solo films, The Avengers, Avengers Age of Ultron which doesn’t really make sense because it only lasted a few days.”

“Yeah.” Bobbie agreed nodding.

“More like The Long Weekend Of Ultron.” Bobbie hummed in agreement. “But there was so much wrong with that movie anyway.”

“Really?” Y/N groaned and rolled her eyes leaning back in her chair while slouching.

“So much. Joss Whedon directed in and wrote it to basically be his own messed up fanfiction so he could have his ship.” Bobbies face went horrified at the mention of Joss but leaned forward with a determined face. Just before she was about to speak the door opened to revel Natasha dragging in a chair.

“Tell me everything.” She said pointing to Y/N sternly and sitting down next to Bobbie.

“Ok.” Y/N got business like, tucking her chair in so her stomach touched the table and pointed to Natasha. “Do you and Banner have a thing?”

Natasha was thrown off by the question and she frowned. “No.”

“Did you ever have a thing?” She said double checking.


“Thank fucking Christ!” It looked like a weight had been lifted from Y/N’s shoulders. “Well Joss made it that you two did but it was so poorly written because in the first Avengers movie there was nothing. No chemistry no hint at a romance like yeah you went and got him and yeah you tried to calm him down but that was it. You had an inside joke, you were friendly that’s it.

“AOU rolls around and it’s suddenly ‘oh Bruce I adore you! Let’s run away and be misfits together!’ Like.. Don’t get me wrong I could’ve accepted the ship if it was written well but the way he made you out to be was just.. Not you..”

“What was the first Avengers movie?” Bobbie said frowning.

“Loki and the Chitari.” Y/N realised she got a head of herself and tried slowing down to make easier to understand.

“Tony wants to know what his solo films are called.” Bobbie sighed while rolling her eyes.

“Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3-they’re not really that creative.” Natasha nodded and took out a Stark phone to give to Y/N.

“Put everything on a timeline so it’s easier.” Nat said handing her the phone.

“Shit you mean these are a thing?!” Y/N took the device with wide eyes, huge smile as she looked at it with amazement. “I thought it was just in the fanfiction!”


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{Klance} The Bloom AU


(You’ll see why it’s called the Bloom AU later ;D)

Ok so how about an au where both Lance and Keith are both YouTube stars but they’re both cover artists? Like they do covers of songs, put them on YouTube, and they’ve gone viral? Yeah.

• Lance has been with YouTube since the very beginning. He’s been on the site ever since 2007 or something but he only has like 500k subscribers smh. Usually he does covers using only his guitar, but there are often times where his friends Pidge and Hunk help out with vocals and/or other instruments needed. Pidge also does the editing for some of his videos.
•Keith, on the other hand, has been on YouTube for a while and has over 2 million subs. His earlier covers were just like Lance’s; no editing, only had a guitar, and a low quality filming, using his laptop to record. In due time, when he started to sing duo’s w/ Allura, his channel started to boost. They do covers as often as possible now (fans think that they would make a cute couple but in reality Keith’s in the closet and is scared to come out to the internet).
• Since Keith and Pidge go waaaay back (high school), she suggests to Lance about arranging a duet w/ Keith. Lance chokes.

- “No way!! I mean, even though he has the voice of a god I won’t duet with him!! I’m fine the way I am!”
- “Lance, it’ll help boost your channel.”
- “……..fine”

* So Pidge get’s back in contact with Keith and soon they arrange a duet. They’ll meet at Keith’s studio, which is in his brother, Shiro’s, house. Shiro’s in a band. Enough said.
• At first, Keith and Lance don’t really get along well. It started as bickering, which led to arguments, which led to actual fights. Shiro has to supervise to keep the two from ripping each other apart. The main reason being on what song to sing…

- “so let me get this straight. You flew all the way over to the other side of the country and you haven’t thought about what song we’re going to sing?!!!”
- “this is going to be a train wreck.”

• Wrong!! Once they find a song, sing the cover, and release it to the public, people were ecstatic. The people who were both Lance and Keith fans lost their shit. The video gets thousands of likes and millions of views. It went viral. Lance gained so many new subscribers.
• The two rewatch the video and think “huh. That could have gone so much worse.” So at the end of the day, they exchange numbers for “business reasons” and Lance leaves.

-They still text and message each other.

• So, due to others wanting more collabs between the two, they give the fans what they want. Two duos every month by Lance and Keith. Fans ate it up.
• And as weeks pass, the songs become more intimate. Their first duet had them both in separate recording boxes- now their newest cover was of them looking into each other’s eyes while singing a very calm and sweet love song idk
• also insert slow burn/mutual pining
• and so many people ship them (:
• Lance was the first person that Keith came out to, and he helped him with an idea to come out to his fans

- “Two words. Original. Song.”
- “…..alright?”

• So they both write the song about how it’s perfectly ok to be who you are and not be afraid to show it to the world. It’s really sweet and cute and it’s a duet w/ Lance on acoustic guitar
• Saying the fans cried and replayed the song over again was an understatement. Many of Keith’s fans were so supportive and came out themselves in the comments. Both Lance and Keith read the comments and they almost cried.
• One day, Lance gets an idea. A very, very, very good idea.
• He asks Pidge for a camera. She agrees.

- “break it and I will break your skinny noodle legs”

• So from then until Vidcon, every time that Keith and Lance were together (either working on a song or just hanging out) Lance filmed it. Every moment of Keith smiling, singing, and just being Keith was caught on film. Lance always said it was a semester project for his film class.
• but Lance doesn’t have a film class
• (so you might be wondering why I said this lasted until vidcon, which was, luckily, exactly one year since Lance and Keith first met. Ohohoh, just you wait (((: )
• So, a few days till Vidcon, Lance (with the help of Pidge and her brother, Matt) edit all of the clips together into one 10 minute video. It’s gonna be showed at Vidcon
• So at Vidcon, there’s a panel with different Youtube musicians. It includes both Keith and Lance.
• Note that their panel is HUGE. Even though there’s like 5 people talking in the panel, at least a couple hundred people show up. And there’s a big screen. You see where I’m going with this.
• As soon as the Q&A’s over, Lance says he has something he’d like to say. The lights go out. And the video begins.
• It starts with Lance saying a little thing into the camera for context.

- “Exactly one year ago, I met someone very special. He’s an asshole, a smartass, and has the worst hair I have ever seen. But, he’s special. He can be caring when he wants to be, he can have amazing tastes in music, he’s kind to his devoted fans, and he has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know the real him. And I’m glad I did. He means a lot to me and I hope he loves this as much as I love him. Keith, this is for you.”

• And the video is just a bunch of clips put together of Keith being a total dork and being a cinnamon roll and laughing and bloopers behind some of his cover videos while Lance is covering Bloom by the Paper Kites (THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED THE BLOOM AU HAHAAA) and people in the audience are crying and I’m crying and Keith’s about to start crying.
• The video ends and Lance gets up from his seat, faces Keith, and just gets a microphone and is just “I’ve been wanting to ask you this for months but… Keith Kogane?”
• everyone’s on the edge of their seats
• “Will you be my boyfriend?”
• So Keith’s now definitely crying, he says yes, and they both hug tightly, and there’s two people in the audience that are handed the microphone.

- “That was amazing!! Definitely worth the wait. But, Hunk?”
- “Yes, Pidge?”
- “I honestly think that after all this, a year of pining and duets and sappy cue videos, they hug? And they’re boyfriends? Don’t the fans want to see them do more?
- "I agree. What do you think guys? Does anyone else want to see them kiss?”

• Everyone screams yes because they’ve waited for this for months and they want their fanfics to be canon dammit
• Keith’s all flustered and sputters out words that’s just “what?? we uh we just got together and” and then Lance just dramatically dips him and kisses him and everyone goes nuts
• Two weeks after Vidcon, a new duet by Lance and Keith are released to the public. It involves an acoustic guitar, two lovey dovey happy boyfriends, and the song “Can’t help falling in love”

ribbonkitties-deactivated201511  asked:

hmm, yeah. i remember the first time he opened up about it and he said something like Kris was disrespectful, i think. i just lost all respect for him. i think Kai was the only member who didn't speak about it and i have loads of respect for him for keeping quiet. all the other members should have kept quiet until Kris said something. hell, man, they're saying these horrible things about him yet Kris hasn't said anything. :c i would love to speak to you more about this ^u^

Ahhh! Sorry for this late reply but I was wayyy too happy before. I’m going to address why Suho is one of the members I hate. Now, I hope you don’t mind me publishing this because I think this also sheds some light on Kris’ situation. And maybe I am incredibly biased? I hope I don’t get much hate but /deep breaths/ here goes! I haven’t been with exo from the start-start, I didn’t really stan them until a few months after debut but I can say I’ve been in the fandom for quite a long time and I like to analyse things so… I feel that as a leader, Suho was quite lacking in 2012, he was almost a non-existent leader of exo-k. I mean nobody really saw him as a leader. Almost everybody was praising Kris’ leadership skills with his ability to speak up for the members, help them answer the harder questions when they were stuck etc.. but almost nobody mentioned Suho’s leadership skills. Now this could be because exo k didn’t really promote much but I still felt that way. There’s this clip I think during Gayo Daejun (watch this) you can see Kris’ leadership in action. He commnicates to the staff, arranged the members in seats, quick and snappy. Suho? not so much…

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May Cupid's Arrow Pierce Your Face - Brendon Urie Imagine

(Name credit goes to.. Tumb.. lr. i)

Warning, not actually a warning, this has literally nothing to do with valentines day because I’m a lying piece of shit. I had no vday specific requests but I was like damn i should do one today so here’s one, actually there’s a bit at the end but yeah, just used the name ‘cause it’s vday and I don’t want to have to think anymore.

Um, it’s nearly midnight.

Also I’m seeing Panic! tomorrow (16th) holla so if you’re going, go to my main blog and look at my face so you can say hi if you see me.

I was going to say something else but I can’t remember. Let me know if there are any mistakes, I ran through it but I’m like.. Sleep high rn idk. 

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call me maybe; phone swap AU (captain swan)

Words: 4K+
T (some mild language)
Killian and Emma cross paths without knowing it and accidentally swap phones. They meet to exchange phones back after weeks of texting/phone calls.
Author’s Note: I’ve been on such an AU kick lately, so I really couldn’t help myself when I saw this prompt. If you read and like this one, check out my other AU’s!

Killian has had the most spectacularly shit-filled week. Not only has his first week as senior editor at the publishing firm been nothing but headaches and problems, but he has just realized that the cell phone in his hand is not, in fact, his.

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Breaking down the spoilers objectively (or kinda)

Look, i know everyone is pissed. I think i’m the only person in the entire fandom that isn’t pissed cause from all the spoilers i got… they kinda match a headcanon i had back when texas 2 aired. 

But anyway, let’s talk about the spoilers (or the bits I got) and think about where the writers are trying to drive the plot and how they’ll do that (I’m telling you, this is the only way you’ll be sane):

- The love triangle won’t be resolved.

Disappointed but not surprised.

(or actually…maybe i’ll be disappointed but maybe not, let’s see)

…. looking back, they gave us many signs that they wouldn’t end this love triangle now. Liking it or not, they told us season 3 was about feelings, they had cory and topanga telling Maya that things wouldn’t be easier on season 3 when she said she was confused.

We just…didn’t hear it. (or didn’t want to hear it)

Plus, they had one episode (Legacy) to sort everything out. After New years… yeah… Pretty darn unlikely

(again, i thought at least the lucas/riley aspect would be over. But it was silly of me cause they can’t sort this out before the darn season OF FEELINGS. So It was my mistake)

But is this the end of the world? 

No, calm down. Let me tell you my thoughts and you decide if they make sense:

Look, the writers know we don’t want all that drama.

One of the reasons why we had a bunch of non-triangle related episodes after texas and then after new years is not just because they like the crazy airing order- it’s because people don’t tune in their televisions to watch maya and riley “fight” over lucas. They want to watch gmw, they want the comedy, the cute stuff, the lessons. They might like a ship or another, but they don’t watch this show because of it.

And sure, the writers themselves might like this drama (idk what goes on their heads) but they know they’re not writing a drama show. This is disney channel

(even on icarly, for those of you who watched it, the big ship episodes were all spread out. The biggest arc lasted for 4 episodes and then it was over. That’s how kids’ shows work when they have love triangles and romance and such).

Now, when season 2 ends… there will be no prodution/airing order that can save the audience from all of this drama. Except………………..

except if riley,maya and lucas decide to stop whatever it is that is happening between all of them.

-Cue to the seniors love triangle.

Why do we even need it? THINK.

why would we need a random love triangle to remind us of another love triangle we surely didn’t need to be reminded of?

(even better, Didn’t the writers just tell us that there is NO love triangle?)

Parallels on Gmw are tricky, they are almost NEVER what they seem (exibit A: Lucas and Riley exibit B: Farkle,exibit C: “never assume, look deeply, yada yada yada” do i need to go on?).

So this parallel will NOT be here to be Lucas/Maya/Riley on the future. However, Riley, Lucas and Maya won’t know that, will they?

So we get a whole episode of those three being nervous about love triangles, then scared about their futures and losing their friends and BAM… they probably agree to stop everything and only be friends.

And all of this isn’t about Lucas making any choice.

(ad it never was tbqh)

But rather about the three of them making the same choice.

(my personal favorite would be if they kinda made a promise to never let anything romantic happen between them, cause i’m a jerk… but anyway).

and this would make sense not only to the plot, but to the characters because: 1- the three of them have NO IDEA what they’re feeling. 2- They choose their friends above EVERYTHING, definitely over themselves and feelings they can’t understand 3b- Didn’t cory tell them to stop everything on texas3?

So there you go, the show will be back on track - less drama for us the viewers, yay.

…………At the same time, the writers will be able to play with the ships on the sidelines like they’ve been doing on season 1 and 2.

Here lies the problem.

Look, to me, the writers have given all the signs in this whole wide world that they want Lucaya + Riarkle. They couldn’t be clearer. Rewatch the show. Think about the things Farkle said to riley and didn’t say to maya *or the things he said that lucas didn’t say. Think about the things Lucas said to Maya and didn’t say to Riley… look at the way the characters are arranged (seriously, if you wanna make a rewatch just paying attention to that it’s ALWAYS riarkle + lucaya or riley/maya + Farkle/Lucas. This just wouldn’t happen if the writers were truly planning on anything else. Even on shows like iCarly and freaking How I met your mother, where the endgames were “clear” we didn’t have this sort of arrangements ).

So, to me, i think i know where they’re going. The only problem is HOW they’ll get there.

Cause the writers have a big issue ahead. They need to convince the audience that lucas/maya love each other romantically, but lucas/riley don’t.AND they need to bring riarkle into the game (and, man, they’ll have to worrrkk)

So, it makes sense that they’d drag the love triangle longer cause they need the viewers to stay tuned, so they can show them. SO they can convice them.

(i mean, they could have killed rilucas completely on legacy, but many of the casual viewers wouldn’t get it at all. They’d be pissed, they’d be sad for riley. They need to see- like we do - WHY lucas and riley are just friends while lucas and maya aren’t. And one episode won’t do it.

Riley needs to see all of this too. Remember that Riley very often reflects the casual viewer because this show is on HER POV. If one episode won’t be enough for Riley to kill rilucas romanticallym it definitely won’t be to the casual viewers. )

Now, they have basically one season to do all of this. Season 3 is the one about feelings and season 4 is a whoooole other story…, for now, i don’t know when they’ll kill the triangle (my bet is on SkyLodge) - or if they’ll kill it in one episode that is (maybe it’ll be a slow process).

Either way, i think it’s likely that it won’t be there on season 4 anymore.

(PLEASE it can’t be there on season 4. Cause they’ll need to talk about relationships in general on the show, and they won’t be able to make that if the characters don’t know what their relationships are.

So - to me- if season 3 is about feelings…this is the season where they all figure out what they are to each other. Then season 4 should be about relationships. But I digress)

- Now, add Josh, Smackle and Farkle to this crazy mix.

Just like riley, maya and lucas couldn’t possible have figured out their feelings on season 2 if season 3 is the one about feelings- farkle FOR SURE- doesn’t know what he’s feeling:

“And I don’t know how to handle these feelings we’re feeling. “  (texas3)

“Because all these things we’re feeling are new.
We don’t know what they are yet. “ (New Years)

(Let’s not ignore what the writers are telling us this time, huh?)

So,sure, Farkle is happy with smackle on the end of season 2 and beginning of season 3…… but how exactly is this a good sign for them?

If farkle is so sure about his feelings for smackle then…what’s left to figure out? what’s his arc on season 3 if he has his feelings all figured out? Because this guy is one of the main characters of this show (he’s on more episodes than Lucas),so FOR SURE he has an arc on season 3 and IT WILL be about feelings. And arcs imply changes so… he starts the season of “figuring out feelings” with smackle… does he end this season?

(think about it)

More than that, it makes complete sense that Josh and Smackle are in all this

 How do you learn in life? About ANYTHING?

Comparisons and Contrast.

How does maya figure oout her feelings for Lucas? She needs Josh

Farkle needs Smackle fo figure out her feelings for Riley (and Maya if you believe in Mackle but …later I’ll talk about this)

and Riley needs Lucas to figure out her feelings for Farkle

and Lucas already has Maya and Riley.

So, plotwise, everything that i’ve heard about the spoilers MAKE SENSE.

Because I can see why they made certain choices in order to slowly make the casual viewers catch up (in case anyone hasn’t noticed, texas and new years was not enough AT ALL) and they need to bring gmw back to the comedy/kid show side, so they need to press pause on this blatant love triangle and they need to work on the sidelines yet again.

I just honestly can’t know if they’ll make it a pleasant and (truly) honest ride or if they’ll  play with the love triangle (even on the sidelines) until we die. 

What I can tell you is that, in my opinion, it wouldn’t make sense for them to do this, considering i believe they need to drag the love triangle just to convince everyone that it doesn’t exist. So…. there’s let’s wait and see

foreverdreamingstar  asked:

"I’m pregnant.", minkey :)

“Are you going to sit here all night?" 

It’s been hours since anyone spoke, so the familiar voice right behind her makes Gwiboon jump a little.  She doesn’t turn, though, as she recognizes Minho’s voice from the first syllable. Instead she waves vaguely at the space next to her, indicating he should sit down.

"Maybe,” she sighs, squinting at the sunset. She must’ve been here for hours, as the sun was pretty high on the sky when she got here. “It’s not like I have anywhere to be,” she goes on, finally turning to look at him from the corner of her eye, “except for a luxurious honeymoon suite but well, I don’t really feel like going there by myself.”

Her butt is actually getting numb from sitting on the stone stairs of the chapel for so long, but she doesn’t really care. It’s a testament to how bad her day is that she didn’t even consider the very likely possibility of ruining the brilliantly white of her dress when she first sat down. All she could think of, all she still can think of, is the moment she walked into the chapel, towards the altar, and saw no one there.

How’s that for a wedding day.

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itsalwaysfour  asked:

Since we got the parent trap AU (sort of??)...i'm also going to need the It Takes Two Arrow AU.

Alright alright alright here we go now. I hope you enjoyed me angrily tweeting movie lines at you as I watched this xoxo.

Oliver Queen lost both of his parents five years ago in a tragic boating accident, leaving him alone with his much younger sister (I’m aging Thea down again for this so let’s say 20 years not 10). He’s struggled to take on their family company, Queen Consolidated, with the help of long-time family friend and the company’s CFO Walter Steele, who basically guided both Oliver and Thea through the dark few months after their parents died and who also formed a close relationship with Thea. Now Thea’s a little older (about 12) and Oliver has sent her off to boarding school for the past two years because things haven’t been safe at home. He’s finally got things cleaned up enough to where she could come home, but he’s been having problems at QC — there have been all kinds of rumors spreading about lost profits, etc. — and the only solution he can come up with is an agreement where Stellmoor International and Isabel Rochev will take control of 50% of the company. ANYWAY, Oliver isn’t crazy about it and neither is Walter, but they both have decided there’s no other way to keep the company afloat and they have to do this. This is when Thea gets home from boarding school, just in time for them to go to their fancy lake house where they’re having a party to celebrate the upcoming business arrangement.

MEANWHILE, we have social worker Felicity of the East Side Children’s Home, who maybe was in the system herself as a teenager (dad left, mom was sick and died, there was no one else???) and yeah she went to MIT on scholarship but then she got a master’s degree in social work because she decided ultimately her calling was to help kids like her who had no one else. So we have Felicity and her friends John Diggle and Sara Lance, who basically have devoted their lives to helping these kids, and I think Laurel probably oversees all of the legal aspect of this as part of working at Legal Aid. Felicity has this particular attachment to this kid Tess, who just so happens to look just like Thea. Felicity (and Digg and Sara and Laurel) would do anything for any of their kids, but Tess is special to Felicity. Tess has just had an interview with a family that might want to foster her, and neither she nor Felicity are particularly pleased about it but that’s okay because Felicity will stop it from happening if it’s not what Tess wants and they’re off to Camp Queen for the next week anyway! Which conveniently is located across the lake from the Queen summer vacation home where the big party is going to take place. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING.

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