yeah idk why everyone hates her


Gabe is so pure idk why everyone hates him he’s great

-No, it’s not that. It’s… You’ll think it’s stupid.
–What’s up?
-I just wish Clementine was still with us.
–We ran into her.
-Really? I hope she came back with you. I - I wish she was around. I know, I know. She’s tough, but… I don’t know. It’d be nice to hear she’s alright.
–If we run into her… She could really use a friend right now.
-Yeah, me too

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Something I don't get is that Taylor literally said in her statement that she's privileged and therefore had more chance of fighting back etc and people are still like "yeah well she's privileged what do you expect" like ?? Everybody knows that you aren't special for saying it. It's as if we're never allowed to be happy. It's ok to celebrate victories, even when small, and simultaneously recognise progress still has a way to come

idk why i’m always surprised when people continue to try so desperately to find something to hate about taylor. it doesn’t matter what she does did you notice how everyone completely ignored that she acknowledged her privilege?? and the fact that she (and some of us) are donating to charities that help sexual assault victims??? “they’re only doing it now because of taylor if they really cared they’d be doing it all along” like you know what lmao??? do you think the victims are gonna be like “no thanks i don’t want this money it came from TAYLOR SWIFT FANS” like really honestly truly who cares what the motivation is as long as its giving money to people who need it??? literally WHOM????

ok but every character in tmr and even some of the fans of the books are all like “thomas is the hero, thomas saved everyone, etc.” but the gladers would have never even escaped the maze if it wasn’t for teresa like you can hate on her however much you want but there wouldn’t even be a second or third book without her and you can’t deny that she’s important so idk why u guys give tom all the credit bc he probs wouldn’t have even been able to come up with a plan without teresa tbh