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“I hope you’re always smiling”

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imagine CEO kim seokjin.

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  • you have the most handsome boss in all of creation, good luck.
  • first things first, kim seokjin is heir to one of the great business empires on his side of the planet.
  • for the moment though he’s just managing a few of the smaller branches as well as all the charities and his passion project, a moderately successful chain of restaurants.
  • you find work in one of these aforementioned branches, filling in as his secretary when his PA needs time off to care for their sick mother.
  • and he’s so stressed and busy he doesn’t even notice until around lunchtime when he bursts out of his office in a frenzy.
  • “assistant choi! you’re not assistant choi. where’s assistant choi?”
  • you remind him and he’s like “oops, i thought that was next week.”
  • because he can manage twelve charities and two businesses at once, he can clothe and feed himself because he’s a big boy, but he can’t organise anything. that’s what he needs you for.
  • also he can’t tie a tie properly.
  • he probably went to harvard business school, but he can’t tie a tie for shit. it’s always askew or crumpled or something, so you look knots up online because you’re just itching to fix it for him.
  • but you don’t actually approach him with the offer for a while, that would be inappropriate. instead you wait for him to tie it himself and ultimately fail, before you offer your help.
  • he accepts gratefully, and watches you concentrate in the agitating piece of cloth as if an angel just descended to save him from drowning.
  • later he admits that was when he knew he would fall in love with you.
  • and after that, whenever he has an important meeting to attend, you gotta fix his tie for him. it’s like ur lil ritual, and it helps him calm down and prepare.
  • sometimes he neglects to eat though. 
  • like when he’s trying to stay on top of events and important paperwork and running back and forth between meetings and you start to wonder if you should be organising meals for him as well.
  • he works so hard you end up feeling like you can’t just leave him alone in his office even if the work day is technically over, so you sit around answering emails as you wait for him to dismiss you.
  • eventually you just Go For It and order a bunch of food in, not knowing what he likes, because you’re hungry too dangit.
  • so at like 7pm you knock softly and ask him is it okay if you bring him something to eat.
  • kim seokjin could cry at that moment, but also he’s like “wait, you’re still here? why are you still here?”
  • you recite him his dinner options and by the end he’s almost visibly drooling.
  • “that sound amazing, do i have to choose?”
  • “well, one of them was for me.”
  • “which one?”
  • “whichever you didn’t want.”
  • “can’t we just share all of it?”
  • and so you and your new boss end up sitting across from one another on his plush expensive carpet, and have a virtual take-out feast.
  • and you’re both exhausted so you know he’s killing it with the dad jokes and his windshield wiping laughter just makes everything ten times funnier. lbr you probably peed yourself a little.
  • it’s late when you finally leave, so he drives you home.
  • the drive is nice and quiet and before you know it you’ve fallen asleep.
  • also you don’t know this but he was parked outside your house for like ten minutes before he mustered up the courage to wake you, like “ok we’re here!!!! hahahaha,,ha,,,ha,,,,, ah”
  • weeks pass, and jin’s dad is constantly piling more responsibility on him, which means more branches, which means jin has to travel more, and he takes you with him because he’s useless without you.
  • and you two are just so comfortable around each other from the start ??
  • but more importantly you really enjoy one another’s company and are constantly drawn together.
  • so eventually, always eating room service together turns into always spending time in the same room, which turns into eventually only booking one room with separate beds.
  • because more money saved is more money to charity. 
  • right? 
  • right ????
  • and guess what. 
  • eventually the hotel fucks up, but everything is so hectic you don’t even notice until it’s too late and you come back from a conference at night to find you only have one bed.
  • whoopsie daisy~
  • honestly though you’re both so exhausted because you flew in early that morning, jin falls asleep with all his clothes on and you don’t even care and pass out beside him like two minutes later.
  • when you wake however, he has shrugged out of his blazer and you’re snuggled up to him, head tucked beneath his chin, cheek pressed against his chest. 
  • to save you the embarrassment he pretends he’s still asleep while you untangle yourself. but breakfast is still awkward as heck to say the least, and he lowkey won’t stop smiling to himself the entire time.
  • and every time you attend a charity event with him everyone assumes you’re dating because you’re always laughing together and they’re used to seeing him with assistant choi. 
  • and one time he mishears someone asking if you’re his date and he says yes so you run with it and link your arm through his and call him pet names and he goes sO red and stutters and it’s worth all the death glares he sends you the rest of the night.
  • after that he’s kinda tense and weird and you end up apologising for your behaviour because that was very unprofessional of you and you crossed a line and you really need this job please don’t fire me.
  • and as you arrive back at the hotel he’s like “yeah, it’s cool, whatever, i need a drink.”
  • and you’re like “idk about you but there’s a minibar in my room.”
  • and he just stares at you until you realise what you’ve said and when you die of embarrassment he’s like “now we’re even. goodnight.”
  • eventually, one fateful evening back at the office, jin completely buckles under the weight of it all and you find him with his head in his hands, papers all over the floor.
  • he confesses to you how it’s all too much and he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to keep everything together, especially as his responsibilities keep growing and without assistant choi around to help him out.
  • you spin his chair around to face you and sink down to his level, take his face in your hands and tell him firmly that he’s got this. it’s okay to doubt yourself and to crack under the pressure, but he’s got you and he’s got this and together you’re gonna kick this thing in the ass.
  • and he laughs and hold your hand, leans in a fraction but hesitates until you tell him he can also kiss you if he wants. 
  • and he does. 
  • he kisses you over and over and over until you have expensive carpet burns, wink wonk if you know what i mean.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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Because it’s all I’ve been able to talk and think about today…

Up. Down. A little twist to the side. Now a large ‘O’. And a small pinch.

If you were being honest, you had no idea what he was saying. Not because of his strong accent that you loved, or the fact that he spoke lowly and slowly, which would drive you absolutely insane if it were any other person. No, you had no idea what he was saying because his lips were moving and once more you were in a trance. 

It was fascinating to look at, his mouth. How you could even put your headphones on and block out the sound and still see his accent. His lips were… Something else entirely. 

It’s a bit embarrassing, you had to admit. If he were to direct the word straight to you, you would need him to repeat himself over and over before properly being able to answer him. You were glad he was speaking to the group of people gathered in your living room, and not just to you. In fact, you didn’t know how you had managed to become and stay friends with him when all you could do was get hypnotised by his lips every time he talked. 

The way he said his ‘Buh-’ sounds. The fact that he never pronounced the ‘tt’s in ‘better’. The pout he pulled when he got stuck in his ‘uhmmm’s. The little bites when he was paying attention to someone else speak. No wonder they are such a vibrant shade of pink. They were soft, you knew that. The cheeky British charm he carried seemed to come with a proper kiss to your cheek when he greeted you, and nothing like the semi awkward cheek-touching-cheek-hello ‘you americans’ - as Harry put it - would do.

There goes another pinch at them. You remind yourself to nod and look around the room to try and hide your pointed looks, but you weren’t being as sly as you thought you were. Not knowing whatever was your friends kept babbling on about, your eyes soon found their way back to the thing they love to look at the most.

“You’re doing that again” the words knocked you out of the trance you were in. Your friend had leaned over and whispered to you as discreetly as possible, which you were thankful for, as she pushed an empty bowl of chips to your chest. Right, time to act like the host you were. She got up and followed you to the kitchen continuing the hushed conversation.
“Doing what?” you ask legitimately confused.
“Staring at Harry’s face” Ah, so it was that obvious. Whoops. You made a mental note to stop that and try to join the conversation when you eventually went back to the living room, in hopes to avoid the absentminded stare. 
“I’m not looking at his face” you started but decided to cut yourself. The only thing worse than your friend thinking you stared at Harry’s face cause you liked him, was for her to know that you didn’t stare at his face, but just at his lips cause they piqued your interest in ways you couldn’t comprehend yourself. Pouring whatever was left of the chips into the bowl, you quickly returned to the relaxing get together in your living room. At least your best friend knew to stay quiet in front of the others, and wouldn’t bombard you with more thoughts in the matter while the rest of the gang was around. 

Joining the chat was easy, staying in it was a different feat. The lads varied from topic to topic, dominating the direction the small reunion took, mostly with jokes and football talk. It wasn’t your fault the topic was so boring to you that you had to busy yourself with studying Harry’s lips from across the room once again. It wasn’t your fault he was the only British guy in the group which made his accent interesting and amusing, specially when he called soccer football or footie, and defended his position whenever the other guys would transition to american football
“Noo. ‘Mean ‘soccer’. Real football tha’ is. Played wif’ actual balls and feet, innit?” it was something no one in the group would let him live down. Same with the word trousers which made you giggle, and the way he introduced himself something more like “ ‘M ‘arry.” instead of  “I’m Harry”.

In all honesty, it made you even more captivated by his lips. And today specially, for some unknown reason, you were very very fixated on them. More than usual. And you swore that one day you would grow used to them with him being your close friend and all, but that day didn’t seem to be today. So you just resigned to stare silently and hope no one noticed.

Having little get togethers at home meant you had to do the cleaning after, but luckily your best friend had stuck around, and so had Harry with whom you fell into a nice ‘you rinse, I dry’ system while your best friend attended a seemingly very important phone call out in your backyard. Your attention was fully set into drying and stacking plates and utensils. Harry’s attention was halfway set on washing, halfway set on trying to stop a telling smirk from forming on his face

You didn’t know but Harry knew. 

He had known for a while now. At first he noticed only slightly that you weren’t fully there when he spoke to the whole group. He noticed how you would sometimes fidget and ask him to repeat somethings when he spoke to you alone, pinning it on his accent and the way he annoyingly slurred words. And slowly he found himself glancing at you only to see you were already looking in his direction. He never mentioned anything, slowly coming to the conclusion that for some reason you were looking at his lips.

And for some reason he liked that. 

After the last plate Harry leaned over the counter peeking through the small window in your kitchen at your friend pacing and chatting away on her phone.
“Wha’ do yeh reckon ‘s so important?” he puckered his lips in her direction, as if he was pointing to her without his hands, and you were gone. His bottom lip jutted out only a tad more than his upper lip. You hadn’t noticed that before.

Harry looked at you from the corner of his eye, only to catch you once again. Ok this was beyond his control. Today had been the day. You weren’t doing a nice job at being sly about it and he wondered if maybe you meant for him to notice. He doubted it, knowing you he was sure that you would be completely terrified about him knowing you look at his lips because… Because what? He didn’t know why you did that. He licked his lips self consciously, just to get whatever it is you could be staring at off his lips, if that was even the reason you stared. But you pressed on for a second longer before turning to look out the window as well.
“Yeh know…” Harry started, turning around and resting on the counter smugly. Arms crossed over his chest as he pouted, bit and licked his lips over and over, like a person who’s thinking hard about what to say next. Your attention was on him, his eyes this time. You knew better than to just straight up glare at his lips when it was only you and him. “Yeh do tha’ an awful lot”
“What?” your eyebrow raised in confusion.
“Look at m’lips” the smirk that accompanies the sentence is not lost to you, and you find yourself getting warm cheeks and taking a small step back at the mention.  


What?” this time your what was more of an incredulous, surprised ‘what.’ As if you couldn’t believe what he was saying, or better yet that he noticed. Harry only nodded slightly, turning to face you.
“I do notice…” he bites back “s’okay… though I’d love t’know why”
“There’s no why because I don’t look at your lips all the time” In Harry’s head it was futile for you to try and defend the point. He knew you did and that was final. You didn’t know why you did it – deep down maybe there was the thought of wanting to properly kiss him but you always shook it off, – so you can’t really give him an explanation. In the midst of your thoughts he had somehow gotten closer.
“I mean, if yeh want to kiss me” there’s suddenly no space between his chest and yours, and at this distance all you can do is stare at his lips, because who wouldn’t “all yeh hafta’ do is say the word”
“H-harry, get off y-your high horse” you’re able to spew out with a whispery thread of a voice. The chuckle that leaves his pinker than life, softer than a cloud lips throws you off. This is the cockiest you’ve seen Harry act, and right now you can’t decide if you’re okay with it or want him to back off. 
“C’mon now”
“Harry…” his hands, which also fascinate you - he can’t keep them still, and seems to always have more rings than it would be socially acceptable if it wasn’t cause his boyish charm just seems to go perfectly with 7 rings and helps him get away with mostly everything- come to thumb at your lower lip. 

His eyes were fixated on them since the moment he got this close, but there was no way you could realise that because your eyes were already trained on his cupid’s bow and light stubbly shadow of a moustache. He also liked how plump they were and if you didn’t greet him with the cheek-touching-cheek bullshit, he would know just how soft they were too, except now he could tell because he was touching them. This close, you can definitely see a freckle on his lips and quite frankly you didn’t know his mouth could get anymore hypnotising… But here we are. And his lips move but you do catch the sounds as he opens and closes his mouth in the most endearing of ways.
“S’okay. I stare at yours an awful lot too…”

I do NOT know what this was. It certainly turned out longer than I expected (I didn’t even expect to write anything) and took another direction than I imagined (it was just supposed to be you thinking about his lips, none of his perspective type of thing. But here we are) So… Yeah… Here’s something. IDk. It’s not a blurb and it’s not a fic either. Just a group of words.

part 2 here:)

kay, bye.
Iv. xo.

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 6/?)

PART 1    PART 2     PART 3     PART 4       PART 5

I arrived at school and spotted Jess, Sheri and Zach standing outside.

“Hi, guys”, I came up to them.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s up girl? Did you do that English homework?”, Jess asked.

We had English together, and having class with Jessica had good and bad sites. Good – I was in class with my friend. Bad – she have never done her homework.

“Yes, I did”, I rolled my eyes and took my notebook out of my bag.

Unfotunately, along with the book my home keys fell out to the ground.

“Shit”, I mumbled and bent down to grab them, I was wearing loose shirt, so when I reached down more of my chest was visible than when I was standing.

“Wait, wait, wait”, Jess titled my shirt showing a lot of my boob to the world.

“What the hell, Jess?”, I asked shocked. Zach quickly turned his head away, which was nice.

“Is that a hickey?”, she pointed at my breast.

“…Nooo?”, I patted her hand, she stopped  holding my shirt and I could finally fix it so that everyone around couldn’t see my boob.

“Then what is that?”, she asked crossing her arms on her chest.

“I… I… Ummm… Burned myself with a straightener…”, I tried to come up with any excuse. “Yeah, right, I was playing with a straightener and burned myself. On a boob”, I shrugged like nothing.

“You burned your boob with a straighneter?”, she totally wasn’t buying it.

“Can you just stop saying boob?”, Zach asked.

“Well, yeah, I was home alone and tried to learn how to curl my hair with a straightener, I was holding it like this”, I started showing them some moves that was supposed to show playing with straightener, “and then I got notification on my phone and I wanted to check it, because I’m stupid, cause who normal would check their phone while holding straightener, right?”, I started giggling nervously. “So yeah, I took my phone, then straightener went like this and yeah, I burned my boob. Sorry, Zach, I burned myself”, I nodded my head as if I tried to convince myself it was true.

Jessica stared at me for a longer moment and when she finally open her mouth to say something Justin and Montgomery came up.

“Hey, y’all”, Foley wrapped his arm arund Jess. “What’s up?”

Fucking bastard, I thought when I quickly looked at Monty. Sheri was biting her lip trying not to laugh.

“Y/N, you’re lying”, Jessica laughed. “You have a fucking hickey!”

“Shut up!”, I nervously looked around just to see few people turned their head in our direction and few jocks sent me cocky smiles, so obviously they had heard her. “It’s not a hickey”’, I said quietly.

“She has a hickey?”, Justin asked, again too loud. “I don’t believe it until I see it”

“You’re her boyfriend, I’m not gonna show you my boob”.

“I’m nobody’s boyfriend”, Monty spoke.

“Fuck off, Montgomery”, I rolled my eyes. “Nobody’s gonna watch a hickey”.

“Ha! So you have it!”, Justin pointed at me.

“I don’t have any… You know what, whatever, here, copy your homework”, I gave Jess my notebook. “I’m going to the class, see you later losers and I don’t want to hear about hickey that doesn’t exist again”, I waved at them and went inside.

Instead of going to class and went to the toilet, locked myself in one of the stalls and tilted my shirt.

“Fuck…”, I mumbled.

Hickey obviously was there, but I was dressing up in such a hurry in the morning that I didn’t even saw it. I took my phone and texted Monty.

Y/N: I hope you’re fucking proud of yourself.

I left the stall and my phone buzzed.

Montgomery: I don’t consider your breast as a visible place. It’s your and your blouse’s fault.

Y/N: You’re ridiculous and I’ll kill you the first second I met you.

The first second came quickly, because I bumped on him when I left toilet.

“Hello, hickey girl”.

“Don’t even start”, I stopped him with my hand and quickly walked passed him and went to the class.

Second period was Math, but luckily when Monty got to the class I was talking to Alex, de la Cruz had to take the seat and because his seat was at the opposite end of the room I was sure he wouldn’t try to talk to me for another hour.

On lunch break I was waiting in line in cafeteria when I felt someone staring over my shoulder I turned my head and saw one of the jocks trying to look under my shirt.

“Seriously?”, I asked. “Seriously?”

I took my tray and walked away to the table where already sat Sheri, Jeff and Zach.

“What did he want from you?”, Jeff asked.

“To check if there is a hickey on my breast”, I said basically throwing food at the table.

“Is there any?”

“No!”, I lied and lying to Jeff felt terrible, but I couldn’t just say ‘yes there is, Monty did it during our casual sex’.

Speaking of the devil, he showed up shortly after me with Justin and Jessica.

“Hey, thanks for homework, I changed it so it wouldn’t look too obvious”, she put my notebook next to me.

I nodded my head without saying a word.

“Oh, Y/N, come on”, she jerked my arm. “Don’t be mad”.

“How can I not be mad when you basically shouted out that I have a hickey on a boob and three minutes ago this jerk”, I pointed at the guy who was standing behind me in the line, “tried to see if it’s really there”.

I spotted Monty’s jaw clenched, I kicked him under the table, so he would calm down.

“Just tell me who did the damn hickey and if it’s really not a hickey, say it again and this time I’ll believe you and never talk about this again, I promise”.

She bit her lips waiting for me to response.

“It’s not a hickey”, I said quietly.  

“Okay”, she smiled.

After lunch I left cafeteria with Monty as we were going for chemistry, but I didn’t even say a word.

“Hey, say something”, he said. I didn’t answered. “Oh, come on, you’re not that pissed.”

“Yes, I am”.

“It’s not even my fault”, he rolled his eyes.

“So are you saying you’re not the one who did the fucking hickey?”, I asked quietly but harshly.

“Well, obviously it was me, but everyone found out because of fucking Jessica”, he defended himself.

“I’m lying to my friends because of you. You’re lying to your friends, you feel good with that?”.

“Jeez, it’s not like somebody gets hurt or anything because of that. Don’t treat it like lying, consider it as… not saying the whole truth”, he said.

“Okay, listen”, I took a deep breath. “I got mad and it stressed me a bit, so I might be a bitch today. Just give me a day, tomorrow I’ll be normal, I don’t stay mad for too long”.

“You know, I can make it up to you”, Monty smirked at me.

“You’ll do whole chemistry project by yourself?”, I smiled with hope even though I knew he wasn’t talking about that.

“Nooo, I mean something more… physical”.

“No, no, no, not anytime soon”, I shaked my head.

“Why, I didn’t pushed anyone today!”, he protested.

“You did other things. Now you have to get punished”, I said. “And I don’t mean any weird foreplay or whatever you’re imagining in your head right now”, I added quickly seeing smirk on his face. “And nothing’s gonna happen for like another five days, I can tell you”, I say quietly. I looked at him, Monty clearly didn’t have any idea what am I talking about. “It’s these days”, I put an accent on a word, so he would finally understand.

“Ohh… Right…”, he nodded his head being a little uncomfortable. “But your mouths aren’t bleeding, right?”

“You’re a dick”, I said a little bit too loud while we were walking into class.

“Ms Y/L/N, language please”, teacher reprimanded me.

“Sorry, “ I mumbled when I was taking my seat while Monty was cracking up trying not to laugh.

This one is a little bit shorter, because… idk why, it is what it is, there isn’t even a lot of Monty in it lol

sneak peak: next part - protective (!) Monty

@sighsophiia - you asked me to tag, so here ya go x
I was supposed to publish it tomorrow, but I’m drunk and eating sandwich so yeah
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I… may have jumped the gun when @achryathesecond mentioned an atlantis au in a post… but I had two perfectly good background studies laying around from the last time I did an atlantis au. So… I reused them.


I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to do for the au… so both….

Co Workers (Part Fifteen)

A/N: Okay so this part didn’t end up being as tragic as I originally planned, so, sorry for the warning yesterday lol <3

Pairings:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Warnings: Implied smut, language

Word Count: 2.3k

Catch up here! Co Workers MASTERLIST

(Not my gif)

You tried to take a deep breath as you hit the call button next to Andrew’s name. It rang once before he picked up.


“Andrew-” you were sobbing in between words- “I-I Misha, he-”

“-Y/N? What’s going on?”

You tried to talk but all you could get out was sobs.

“Please stop crying, shit.” he paused for a moment, “I’ll be there tomorrow, okay?”

You mumbled out a breathless okay. Before hanging up. You didn’t know what was right or wrong right now. You finally were able to peel yourself off of the floor and make your way to your couch, where you cried yourself to sleep.

You woke up the next morning to someone pounding on your door. You got up off the couch and made your way over and opened it. You were greeted by Andrew. He must have flown in from LA last night. You tucked away all of your heartache as your arms flew up and around this neck. Trying to forget everything that’s happened since December.

“Well hello to you too.” he said,

“Hi, I’m sorry-” you kissed his cheek- “but hi.”

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anonymous asked:

when i met them a couple yrs ago jimin was already very skinny. it kind of worries me to think how he must appear now, and it honestly kind of makes me sad too that i believe it when he says hes not dieting and stuff but later on admits to it, i totally understand not making us worry but :( idk I'm just always hoping he's eating happily. (anyway feel free to ignore if ur done talking about it)

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Rajigaze Dec 16

Reita: Okay, shall we go to Christmas mail?

Uruha: Okay~

Reita: Ah! It says, “I want Uruha to read it!”

Uruha: Huh!?

Reita: Can you do it? I know you’re bad at this stuff.

Uruha: But it’s so long…

Reita: It ok  

Uruha: …It’s this one right

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah…what nice BGM for this

(*It’s Last Christmas)

Uruha: “Radio name, I love sweets. Reita-san, Uruha-san, good evening. Since the theme is Christmas, there’s something I want to ask you. Of course you ca…can’t have Christmas without cake”

Reita: Yes (laughing at Uru’s slip-up)

Uruha: “So, what is your go-to cake for Christmas? Is it the standard whipped cream cake that looks like fresh white snow? Maybe chocolate cake that goes perfect with red wine? Or is it the special Christmas cake, buuche dee N..oel …?? Kugurofu …the fairy tale-like….hekusen house…!?”

(Reita laughing cause Uru can’t pronounce shit)

Uruha: “By the way, for me, it would have to be buche de noel if I’m making it, or if I’m buying it it would be either buche de noel or chocolate cake. Also, Christmas Eve and Christmas day fall on a weekend this year. Everyone will be …kyakyaufufu –” THIS IS TOO HARD TO READ THERE’S TOO MUCH KATAKANA (giggles)

(*That last bit was supposed to be the sound of people partyin and havin a good ol time)

(Reita dying laughing)

Uruha: “Everyone will be having a happy time. But I’ll be spending it quietly at home alone. I hope everyone has a happy Christmas!”

(long pause)

Uruha: …Yeah

Reita: I have no idea what you were saying

Uruha: Yeah same

Reita: Like what’s ‘kugurofu’… (*trying 2 say kouglof)

Uruha: What’s buche de noel…

Reita: Idk….

Uruha: 'Hekusen’…they said it’s a special Christmas cake, so maybe we’re the only ones who don’t know what it is.

Reita: Yeah probably

(both laugh)

Reita: I don’t know what any of them are.

Uruha: But like red wine with chocolate cake sounds good.

Reita: Of course u would

Uruha: Ye

Reita: Well like obviously I know what chocolate cake is but 'kugurofu’ and like 'buche de noel’…

Uruha: And also 'hekusen house’…it’s a house?

(Reita bursts out laughing but like it is a house it’s a gingerbread house fuck off Reita)

Uruha: Eatin some kugurofu at the hekusen house

(Reita dying)

Uruha: Yeh u kno? Yesterday I went to the hekusen house and had me some kugurofu

Reita: Ur crazy man…

Uruha: (giggling) And then the buche de Noel came out and man…I lost it…

Reita: Really!! Oh cause you drank too much wine?

Uruha: Ah yes because I also had some rich chocolate cake that paired nicely with red wine…

Reita: (laughing) You’re an idiot.

Uruha: Ye that was my Christmas.

Reita: Dude I just pulled up a picture of hekusen house and it’s really a house!!!!

Uruha: What!?

Reita: So I guess you break the house and then eat it?

Uruha: …Ohh, is it a house-shaped cake?

Reita: Ahh I see, so it’s like you’re demolishing the house as you eat it…

Uruha: Well…yeh I guess… [some other joke about kouglof idk]

Reita: So anyway back to the question…

Uruha: Which one do we like?

Reita: (laughs) UM I DON’T KNOW??

Uruha (in very sweet voice): I like chocolate cake.

Reita: Yeah I gotta go with kugurofu. I probably eat it once every three days.

(Awkward pause and giggling)

Reita: Ohhh so this is kugurofu (*looking at a pic now)

Uruha: Ohhhh oh oh

Reita: I’ve seen it before, I’ve never eaten it before tho (laughs) …what was the other thing again?

Uruha: Buche de noel

Reita: Buche de noel…Oh I think everyone knows of this one…especially girls know this one.

Uruha: Yeah cause girls eat it

Reita: But I don’t think guys – ohhh okay, it’s that one that looks like a log!

Uruha: Ahhhh!

Reita: Yeah!

Uruha: I didn’t know it had a name!

Reita: Yeah! Okay, so next time I go to the store I’m gonna be like 'yes could I please have this buche de noel’

Uruha: Yeah…buche de – oh 'bush’??

Reita: Huh?

Uruha: Like in the woods???

Reita: Huh? Does 'bush’ mean woods?

Uruha: I don’t know??

Reita: Oh like 'forest’???

Uruha: Oh really??

Reita: Man idk (laughs) I’m gonna shut up now

Uruha: But ur guess is probably more far off than mine

Reita: Yes it’s GEGEGE

(*He’s reusing his stupid joke from the previous mail don’t even worry about it)

Uruha: Well anyway…

Reita: Yeah..

Uruha: They said they’re spending Christmas alone….damn even though they know so much about cake they’re alone…

(Reita dies laughing)

Uruha: Yeh

Reita: But they still wish we will have a happy Christmas! I mean, some people who are lonely would wish everyone else is lonely too. I’m glad they’re not that kind of person.

(buzzer goes off)

Uruha: What a great mail

Reita: What a great mail

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Hey the tiny chair was Misha's idea for a joke then they made him sit in a reg chair later in the panel just so you know.

yeah because a chair not being there for him was his idea?

being the butt of everyone’s jokes was his idea too ? yeah cause it’s so funny for everyone to be taken seriously but you

it’s so funny to be made fun of in the biggest convention of the year instead of ? adressing his character, what he went through, gishwhes idk anything else ? nope everyone laughing at you is everyone’s dream

omg i have never seen a fandom so desperate to defend anyone but their supposed fave, we have bibros here who hate cas and have the time of their life, because all the jokes sound too much like them, and cas “fans” ….defending ??? yeah everyone but misha/cas 

watch and learn, recap of the whole panel

just so you know, i wasn’t talking about just this incident BUT THE OVERALL TREATMENT OVER 9 YEARS 

so while my mind is still on overdrive, trying to apply for as many jobs as possible and find a way to keep money coming in so i can go on this trip and honestly afford to feed myself and move back up to cleveland since i can’t find affordable living arrangements here, my body is exploding with signs of stress. i won’t go into detail, but i’m in a lot of pain, and i’m trying to stave off crying because monday i won’t have a job. i heard back from two places here that i applied to, and they were no’s. i’m trying not to freak out. the best case scenario is finding a part-time job or two at this point, and idk how i’m going to make ends meet. basically i’m writing this all out and sharing it with 50,000 people because most of my friend group is pretty apathetic about my situation, or so it seems when i’ve tried to reach out, so i’m sort of freaking out about that too. i’m trying to stay cool and focused, but all of a sudden the rug was pulled out from under my feet and now i’m supposed to somehow have it all together enough to get another job in two days and pay rent and pay for moving, and food, and all my bills. idk what i’m going to do. i feel sick to my stomach. 

so yeah, thanks for reading this and letting me vent.i need someone and i feel like i have no one.

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Hello, maybe this is a very weird thing to ask Im so sorry to bother you. But you know that song Stefan did with Hreimur Ö. Heimisson ? I've looked EVERYWHERE online and tried to figure it out myself but it's impossible at this point. I was wondering if you could translate it or even just give us like the gist of what the song is saying? The voice work is extremely colorful so I'm curious. You are probably a very busy person so no rush at all I've just seen you translate b4 n figured I'd ask!

Ahh of course! Okay so the song is from a movie, you can see the clip from it here but Stefán is supposed to be the guy who’s cleaning

but yeah i’ll translate it under a read more! also uh p nsfw language in the last part and p violent too so uh yeah

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Quickie thing I drew for @starrycove because IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY (hey, my thoughts were on time, only my present was late lololol). 

It’s supposed to be her dance au but like… idk… what do dancers wear after practice?????? //sweats//

Anyway yeah that moment when two people run into each other but then when you lock eyes it’s like… whoah. 

I recorded this, too, so I’ll post a speedsketch vid… eventually… //sweats more//


There’s something just…bothering me about the fact that Yixing is getting a lot of support & cheering for this Lucky One/Monster era. Because I mean, that’s great obviously, but at the same time, where was all this support a month ago? A year ago? 2 years ago at this point. Fans have been calling him a traitor, asking him when he’s leaving the group, telling him to leave the group, for a long time now. So while it’s great that everyone “trusts” him now and can support him, like, where were these “fans” when he was getting all that negativity? When people made banners for Exo’luxion telling him he was useless? It’s so…just iffy that a lot of people support him performing with Exo and singing his one line (in both the Korean and Chinese versions…), but they can’t support him when he’s been promoting tirelessly in China and mentioning Exo at every opportunity. Why can he just be trusted now because he’s with Exo, but the fact that he stated over and over and over again to the point that he composed an entire song about it, that he’s not leaving Exo, wasn’t enough? And I think what’s really bothering me is that, do you think he doesn’t notice all of this? I get that in the fandom he’s portrayed as a lost lamb who’s always off in his own world but that’s not Yixing. If you actually listen to him speak or read his words, he’s eloquent and so, incredibly perceptive about his life and what goes on around him (he published an autobiography…hello) If we can see this sudden “change of heart” in OT8 Exo fans, then he sure can too. It’s very likely he can see the lack of support he got from Exo fans while promoting and working hard in China for a year with no breaks, the place he was always supposed to, what he debuted in Exo-M for, compared with how well-received he is now with Exo’s comeback. And idk, yeah it’s wonderful that he’s getting cheered on, but that doesn’t erase 2 years of not getting cheered on, and it doesn’t promise that he won’t get dropped by “fans” once he starts promoting in China by himself again.

what if they met because iwa was too distracted trying to catch a bug that landed on oikawa’s head and accidentally…yeah, idk i’ll just go to sleep.

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STAR SIGN: Capricorn
HEIGHT: 162cm! 
FAVE MUSIC ARTIST: Y-YEAH!!! idk there are so many wtf u cant ask me dis I love ALL MUSIC. ALL OF IT. At least 98% of all music.

WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: May 2016 (tho I revamped a couple of months ago??)
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: because my son is the simplest of the wolves ok.

HOGWARTS HOUSE: ravenclaw or hufflepuff tbh
POKEMON TEAM: im supposed to kno isnt it? WELL I DONT XDDD
LUCKY NUMBERS: I have no idea. I think 5?
FOLLOWERS: Enough to make me wonder if yall r ok or if yall got lost or sth.