yeah idk what the point of this was even

Just because Nikki Reed is acting all cool with it does not mean what Ian Somerhalder did was ok. Yeah, I’m sure they both talked about it together after he revealed he threw out the birth control pills and came to an understanding yada yada yada that’s not the point. The point isn’t whether Nikki consented in the end to be impregnated or not, which from what I can tell she did. It’s the blatant presumptuousness (even Nikki called it presumptuous) with which a man decided to take his partner’s fertility and reproductive choice into his own hands and thought the best way to communicate that he had decided that now was the best time to have kids was by throwing away her freakin birth control without her permission.

Keep in mind, Ian was the one who wanted to have kids, being older than her and wanting to have kids sooner, and Nikki was on the fence about it until after he did that and until after she had a like 6 minute freak out when she found out her pills were gone. 

This whole story is extremely gross and not cute. It’s misogyny. 

les amis leafing through an old high school yearbook
  • enjolras, pointing to one kid in a picture: i wonder what happened to this guy, didn't he have like a modeling contract at 16?
  • joly: oh yeah montparnasse, he and ep were like besties in 8th grade
  • bossuet: hey that guy was my dealer
  • enjolras: you smoked weed in high school?
  • bossuet: hell no we exchanged yu-gi-oh cards

You know, when you feel unwanted or when you think your friends don’t even think of you as a friend-


—  That’s it.
  • Isaac: What the hell is that?!
  • Derek confused, looking down at his bags: I went to the farmer’s market....
  • Erica, smirking: I don’t think we can all eat that.
  • Derek: ...
  • Boyd: You weren’t supposed to bring back the farmer.
  • Stiles, looking at his plaid shirt, pointing at the pack while walking away: I’m putting you all up for adoption!

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Why do people hate Hazel so much? I know she recently said the n-word and that's bad of course but she apologized. I understand that people dislike her I'm just wondering if there's more reasons beyond that.

yep plenty. first of all with the n-word incident uh .. that she said it in the first place so casually was enough cause for people to think she’s scummy but then she spent at least an hour on twitter that evening trying to defend herself saying it was autocorrect on her phone and that originally she’d used asterisks when writing that tweet, but then when people pointed out that the n word isnt something saved into apple’s dictionaries so that it couldnt autocorrect to that word she was basically like ‘yeah idk what happened ???’ and everyone was like omg hazel stop making excuses for yourself just apologize? and then finally after dragging it out so long, she deleted every tweet and finally just said sorry and claimed she dm’ed nathan to apologize right after it happened (but seemed not to care bout anyone else following her who may have been hurt by it). so a lot of people were really hurt by her instinct to just defend and protect her own ass instead of owning up to her mistake in the first place. and idk, that incident is indicative of her attitude in general which is the reason a lot of people dont like her overall, independent of the n word thing (though honestly why does there have to be more reason? people are allowed to be hurt and dislike someone because theyre privileged or ignorant enough to casually use a racial slur and then get defensive about it and then never indicate that theyre actually working on educating themselves or trying to become a better person.) but her general attitude is to be incredibly defensive and childish about literally everything. she and jack howard get into fights with people (usually underage people/teenagers??? while she’s fucking 30+ years old??? and therefore probs ought to exhibit a tad more maturity even if people in her mentions arent always on top form) on twitter so regularly about dumb ass shit … they believe theyre like the paragons of progressivism and film-making, they love railing on mainstream moviegoers, mainstream youtube fans, ‘fangirls’ in general, over-sensitive liberals, etc. i believe they are both intelligent and talented and they could be so good at what they do (i used to love watching hazel’s time of the month vlogs for example) but they get so, so ridiculously defensive if people disagree with their opinions, they can be incredibly snobbish about the fact that young people seem not to care about their ~serious filmmaking~ they and their posse have even lowkey dragged people like dan and phil several times (esp around the boncas) for their content and for their fans. theyre just .. unpleasant. thats about it (i wrote a post specifically talking about her twitter antics after phil told ppl in a younow that he got lunch with her back in march, if u want to read that for more specific thoughts.) 

to be clear: i dont rly care about her being in the upcoming dapg video. i’ll obvi still watch it bc i love dnp and tomska is chill, and tbf hazel is funny/entertaining enough in vids that i dont mind watching her for that contained period of time. but i also totally understand if people are annoyed by her in general and want to express it on their blogs or wherever. she’s done enough things to annoy people that it is completely unsurprising to me if ppl are frustrated by her

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but the trailer portrays her as sneaky, as if even's nosebleed was her fault because the beginning of the chain reactions was her, intentionally making noora trip and knowing what would happen next (because that smirk?? it's the "sana knows everything" kinda smirk). Idk, what do you think??


That’s the entire point of the trailer. That you think she’s the reason as to why Even’s nose bled. Because, see, here everything goes back to her, doesn’t it?

All the events that happen in between get somewhat dismissed. Even’s nose bleeds = Sana’s fault, which yeah, she is part of the reason why, but everyone else also plays a part in it happening too. 

In the bigger context, isn’t that exactly what’s going on in the world right now? We scapegoat so unconsciously, like a reflex, because we don’t wanna take the blame, so we find someone else to blame, not realising that we in some part, are all to blame. 

And that’s the point, to show her as sneaky, because that’s the first thing you’ll think, won’t you? Sneaky Sana caused that = a misunderstanding, because do we know her full motivations? No, therefore, creating a misunderstanding.

So I’ve been talking to @evenandsana​ about all the glorious POC interracial couples that Skam could give us, and…this happened? 

One day at home, Isak’s like “it’s really tiring being the only gay around here” as he’s lounging on their couch, and Sana snorts loudly as she demolishes Jonas with her third headshot. Eva cheers, and Even kisses Sana’s cheek in celebration. Isak rubs Jonas’s shoulder consolingly. Jonas says, “where did you learn your video gaming skills from??” and Elias jumps over the couch with some chips, plops next to Eskild and kisses his cheek loudly and says “she learned from the master.” and Eskild smiles fondly, while Yousef yells from across the room , “yeah the master of LOSING” and mahdi snorts and rubs Jonas’ curls and says “that’s another thing you have in common” while Mikael is confirming to Yousef that Elias was indeed properly burned. and Eskild finally realizes what Isak’s said and says “excuse me, you’ve been gay for 5 minutes you don’t get to claim the Only Gay title” and Isak’s like “well, if you ever came over, you could have it but alas i have to pick up the slack!” and Yousef’s like “idk my dude i’m pretty gay” and Isak says, “yeah but i’m a Real Gay. a Full Gay.” and Even shoves him and says “that’s a toxic idea, bisexuals aren’t 50% gay” and Sana points at Eva and says “trust me my thoughts are all types of gay.” and Elias groans and so does mahdi. and Yousef says “no but i’m like… gay.” and then pauses and says “i’ve never really said that out loud before. i’m really gay.” and Mikael is beaming at him, and so is Mutta, from sitting next to his best bud (possibly queerplatonic partner) Adam and Isak sits up and says “WOO GAY SOLIDARITY!” and Eskild says “LOOK WHO’S THE NEW BABY GAY!” and Isak says “boys are so great” and Yousef feels free enough to say it, so he says “I LOVE BOYS” and Eskild raises a glass and says “I LOVE BOYS” and isak, Even, jonas, mikael and mahdi, elias and adam follow suit. Eva snorts and raises her glass and says “TO GIRLS!” and Sana raises her champagne flute of apple juice (it’s CLASSY, eva. you put ice in your wine!) and says “GIRLS!” and Vilde does the same, and everyone laughs and cheers. and Mutta raises his glass and says “TO LOVING MY FRIENDS! and sometimes adam” and everyone coos, as Sana obliterates mahdi as well.


So I started listening to The Penumbra Podcast and honestly it’s SO GOOD I LOVE IT!!!!
But anyway, I wanted to draw Juno. Honestly, I imagine him being somewhat Latino, idk why. So yeah I did both versions - what I imagine (not exactly quite what I imagine but I’ll figure it out - anyway, you get the point), and the canon version
I might even change my mind one if these days, but for now, probably a somewhat Latino Juno is more a less what I imagine.

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That flag is actually pretty offensive to AIDS victims considering that the flag from the 80s had a black stripe to represent victims of the AIDS crisis. This is basically erasing that history and is being done just as the flag's creator has passed on.

The original flag created by Gilbert Baker who passed away in March didn’t include the black stripe, so bringing him up isn’t really relevant…

There have been several variations of the pride flag, including the victory over AIDS flag that you mentioned

and the Philadelphia flag,

which added a black and brown stripe to the already existing current pride flag.

Yes both the victory over AIDS flag and the Philadelphia flag have a black stripe, but it’s a huge reach to say that the Philadelphia flag is “erasing AIDS history.”  Both of these flags are meant to bring attention to people in the LGBT community who are further marginalized, and just because a black stripe was at one point used to symbolize AIDS, doesn’t mean it can’t take on a different meaning in a new context.

There are also a ton of variations of the pride flag that include kinksters, straight allies, polyamorous people, and others who might not necessarily be LGBT, so you better be even more upset with those flags.

But yeah if you really can’t see why the Philadelphia flag is important to LGBT POC then idk what to tell you lmao

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Hey.. i was wondering what you thought about congress passing a bill where hunters can kill hibernating animals.. Idk i can't really think it cause me too much pain but even when things are bad you still talk about them so i thought to ask

yeah I made a post abt that but it’s fucked up like what’s the point of killing innocent animals???? do they want these animals to go endangered or some shit????….. there’s literally no point, i’m pretty sure congress is just bored and they pull a bunch of shitty laws from raffles,, bc idk how someone would think something like that is okay 

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As someone who ships Shance I was v upset bc I saw this whole post of people basically saying Shiro was abusive to Lance in the show and that he purposefully puts Lance down by not giving him the "special attention" Lance needs and idk it's like they were tearing down Shiro to lift up Lance and I love them both so much and it's just... not true??? but yeah, anyway, point is. your Shance makes me super happy and thank you for your positivity 💕💕

they made a post about fucking what now with the what how. 

what the actual fuck.

I meaaaaaaaaaaaaan, okay, alright, okay, alright, …..alright okay. Each to their own, we all have our interpretations……..BUT COME ON. 

Shiro’s ?????Not?????Abusive????I’m????Perplexed?????


I just finished my apple slice and now im even more so in distress wtf. 

Okay, okay, okay, alright, okay. Anon, let’s focus on the fluff bc we DESERVE fluff after that post. 

Please imagine the following:

  • Lance resting his chin on Shiro’s shoulder as the older teen is scrolling down the tablet in his hands. Lance knows he has been at it for hours so he does the next best thin: he starts poking Shiro’s cheek with a finger. It goes for about five minutes, before Shiro’s mouth twtiches and Lance cheers in victory when Shiro fully turns around and tackles Lance in the couch, tickling the brunet’s sides with no mercy and both of them grinning wildly as Lance’s laughter echoes around. 
  • Lance after a long hard almost hopeless mission, hiding on his bed and then Shiro comes in, wraps an blanket around his shoulders and pulls him closer, keeping him warm, safe and reminding him that they are both together on this. Thye both cry and they both support each other, and they both whisper reassurances and praise.
  • Lance and Shiro sparing and it may look like Shiro is winning, but then Lance pulls out a trick under his sleeve, (not literally, he’s in a tank top, heeey yooo Shiro, his eyes are up there), and suddendly Shiro’s on the floor, with a sweaty panting Lance above him sitting on his stomach with a smug grin before he swoops down and covers Shiro’s face with kisses.(( “What is this?” “Your punishment for losing.” “I’m never buying you a dictionary so you can stay with that definition. Pls and thx.” ))

I’m so lame, lmao, I’m sorry??? I just needed fluffy shance. 

What was the point of having mon el be the person in the pod? It hasn’t furthered the story line..yeah he was made karas love interest but the story line is dry af. Nothing big happened other than now we have a sexist white male lead (idk if he is actually a lead character but it sure seems like it since he’s is in every scene for no reason) What is even the big goal for this season? Last season it was kara proving that she can be a hero/ kara getting with James. But what is the point to this season…were it the drama. I feel like every episode has no big outcome. There is no big plot its just like every episode we get to see the white fuckboy be a ass and then make kara contemplate her feelings for him. Sanvers gets like 2 seconds of screen time. James i don’t know him. Winn hes still as cute as ever. John he’s there but you barely notice. I just want a season 2 with season 1 feels. Also bring cat back!!

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A little thing that I really liked from Talks that I haven't seen come up a lot--Taliesin pointing out explicitly that Percy needs therapy but that he lives in a time/setting that doesn't really have that aside from spiritual counselling that he won't go to, so then what do you do? Idk, explicit discussion of mental health treatment in a fantasy world so rarely happens, I was really happy that it did.

Yeah! It’s great to have a cast that openly acknowledge their character’s mental health issues–Taliesin and Percy’s anger issues, Liam and Vax’s depression, Marisha and Keyleth’s anxiety–as well as the importance of getting help, even in a setting where that might be, like they said, clerical in nature. And I know Taliesin’s a vocal advocate for seeking help, with therapy or medication or both. Glad to see that showing up in consideration of their characters too :)

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So, after playing the hole episode, can you tell us your general opinion of the ep? I need spoilers and opinion and everything

i really enjoyed playing this episode in general ! there were funny moments (welp funny to me lol) and some sad ones too and also now i can’t look at myself in a mirror because of how indulgent i was with Ez

the game really leaves you the choice of being kind or not to your crush. do you want to talk to him ? to let him touch you ? to touch him in return ? or do you not care at all ? plus Gardy can think different things depending on how the player is feeling about a certain situation, like in ep 15 where you could choose if you were still angry at the El Guard or not.

in ep 15 we got closer to Allie (and Karenn to a lesser extent) and I didn’t really see her this ep since she didn’t come to Balenvia but her and her sister were very cute !

but in this ep we learn more about Ewe… and I swear to god I couldn’t stop laughing when she finally revealed what her relationship with Ez was

(the word isn’t always sexual… but… in this case… it totally is. Wild.)

I liked exploring the cave with Ez… yeah I’m weak. I still don’t know how I feel about his new attitude but i like @incorrecteldarya‘s explanation

I didn’t really see Nev and Val in this ep but it’s 100% my fault lol I just chose to talk to Ez everytime I was able to. And I never saw Leiftan. Not even his sprite (or at least i dont remember seeing it).

idk what Ashkore is up to but at this point, his appearances are almost comical lmao what the fuck was he doing in the cave. leave me alone.

I liked learning more about the Oracle too ! I’m so happy she appeared in this ep and that Gardienne’s origins and link to the Oracle were brought back up T_T she straight up asked Miiko that “maybe I’m a dragon” lmao

i can think of a few negative points there and there but really, i had a lot of fun playing this episode and that’s what matters to me c:

also Chrome still doesn’t know about the potion

Our First and Last (Ch. 6)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | 

Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi
  • Words: 2,885
  • Description: “I just don’t understand why he or she seems to be aging backwards”

You were walking out of your fourth session with Dr. Kim, overall feeling the same as always, but one thing had really sparked your interest this time around.

This had been one of the most eventful sessions you’ve ever had, and it had nothing to do with the session itself. For one, Dr. Park had randomly burst into the room and you found out Dr. Kim likes to call him “Jiminie”. Two, it was the first time you ever saw Dr. Park, the guy who supposedly runs the clinic with Dr. Kim, and three, he happened to mention a new patient that sounded awfully like the famous researcher Hoseok showed you the other day.

You quietly close the door to Dr. Kim’s office as you leave, feeling the curiosity and hoard of thoughts and questions making their way into your head.

MD-PhD neurosurgeon named Dr. Jeon…. Could it be?

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Okay so even though someone (whose names isn't spaniel towel) may act more like a slytherin, that doesn't mean they aren't gryffindor. The entire point of gryffindor is that you choose to value courage over those other things. The main trio is the perfect example because hermione could be ravenclaw but she chose gryffindor and Harry could be slytherin but he chose gryffindor based on what they valued more. Idk if dan still thinks the same way now but yeah that annoys me when people ignore choice

cool dan is a slytherin

REQUEST: Play Book (J.Blossom) Part One

REQUEST: Hi! Can you do a Jason Blossom imagine please? Can you make a pretty sad one? Where the reader and him have a fight when there dating, making her storm out and he asks Cheryl to help him fix your relationship? with fluff in the end. For a female reader please? thank you 💕

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 969

A/N a Riverdale life where Jason didn’t die.

There is going to be a part two of this, because I really liked this request! So I’ve split it in two mainly because I felt like it was going to be too long for just one part and I really wanted to explore more of Cheryl and Jason’s relationship as twins because I feel like we don’t get that sort of pov very often (and Cheryl is my wife). So this is Part One, and I will have Part Two up in a few hours when I’ve proof read it and whatever else. Side note, sry if this is super emo I was listening to way too much Green Day.

N/N = Nickname

Play Book

Ever since you could remember your family had been close with the Blossom’s. Growing up you practically lived in their oversized mansion, and to date, sixteen years later you still knew all the ins and outs of the place. Both Clifford and Penelope loved you as if you were their second daughter and that’s why almost as soon as you started dating Jason, nearly three months ago they gave you a key into their home. At first you objected, telling them that you would never need access to the house when you weren’t with Jason, but they insisted that you were to take the key and you eventually did. Now two months later you found yourself thankful that you did take the key per their request, because you found yourself storming through the eerie property at the break of dawn. With a frantic red headed twin running to keep up with your pace.

“Y/N. Stop!” Cheryl shouted at you. Your long strides were making it hard for her to catch up so she had settled on running after you, but being a cheerleader you didn’t think it would be any problem for her. Your footsteps were heavy on the ground, and if you were in any other situation you would have made a Hulk joke, but this wasn’t the time. “There has to be something else behind it!” The girl exclaimed. “JJ, wouldn’t do anything to hurt you!” You scoffed at her accusation.

“Cheryl! You saw it with your own eyes!” You abruptly turn to face the girl, eyes widened and hands shaking. “His name, beside my name, in that stupid play book!” You paused. “What else Is there to possibly concluded from that, Huh? He’s using me Cheryl! He isn’t who I thought he was!” You shouted and through your hands into the air. “He isn’t who you thought he was.” Cheryl was speechless, it seemed as if this was the first time she was unable to snap anything back at your retort. If you were being honest, it broke your heart, because that was only more proof in which proved that Jason was guilty. You voice quieted before saying, “Cheryl. I know that since Jason and I started dating, we haven’t exactly been the closest of friends but this, this is just the one thing I need you to be on my side for.” You watched the girl with tears in your eyes. Before the twin could reply, the loud bang from the sliding door sounded from behind you, causing you turn and face the culprit responsible for causing such a ruckus.

The pale sleepy face of the boy you could be falling in love with was staring back at you. He wore, a thin white singlet, dark blue pyjama pants and had bare feet. You would have smiled on any other occasion, as he rubbed his eyes with his balled-up fist. But, right at this moment you were surprised that he didn’t see the fumes steaming from your ears.

“Y/N?” He questioned “Cheryl? What’s going?” A scoff escaped your mouth and before you could speak he spoke up again. “What are you doing up so late baby?” You let out a loud laugh at this one.

“I can’t believe you right now!” You exclaimed. “You’re still trying to cover it up! I can’t believe you Jason!” You saw Jason squint his eyes in confusion.

“What are you talking about N/N?”

“I know, Jason.” You stepped closer to the boy. “I was with Betty and Veronica tonight, and you know what we were doing?” You pursued your lips and raised your eyebrows. “We were in Chuck’s locker, Jason.” You watched his blue eyes scan your face, looking for an answer. He glanced back a Cheryl, whose facial expression had stayed neutral. “I found the play book, I saw everything.” Jason’s eyes widened, as you mentioned the book. He couldn’t believe you had actually found the stupid book which he knew he hadn’t touched in almost six months. “After everything we went through, after a decade long friendship you would give that up, for 8 points? Eight fucking points?”

“You’re kidding me right, Y/N?” He scoffed and scanned your eyes which glinted with tears, from the moonlight. “You believe that book? You believe I would give this up, for that? Some stupid book? I love you, you fucking idiot.”

“Oh? I’m the Idiot? You’re the one who stuck me in that book in the first place!” You exclaimed. “Is that what this relationship was too you? Huh? Eight points? God, I thought I was worth more than fucking that.”

“Y/N, I never wrote that in there! It must have been Chuck or-or Reggie, you got to believe me! I would never do that to you!” He frantically ran his hands through his hair.

“I don’t know who to believe Jason. But it’s not going to be you. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you. Even when we were younger, you’d always be sneaking around and doing things behind my back. But this? This was by far the worst.” You cleared your throat and brushed a tear from your cheek. “I wanted to believe that this meant more to you. But I guess I was wrong, considering all you care about is eight points and a fuck.” Now this is what sent the boy off, he let out a scoff and his jaw dropped in disbelief. Jason was truly angry at this point and you knew there was no looking back now.

“Yeah, that’s all it was Y/N. I wanted Eight points. And a fuck. It’s such a pity, because you’re such a prude, I couldn’t get either.” Your mouth had dropped open by the end of his accusation and a gasp was heard from Cheryl, whom you had forgotten was even still there.

“Fuck you, Jason Blossom. Never talk to me again.”

Part Two

A/N okay, hey! What do you guys think? I wanted to end this dramatically which might have failed? but idk, I’m happy with it. Like I said at the start, Part Two will be posted very soon. Very sorry to the Anon that requested I will finish it don’t worry!

I will be posting a master list soon, just because I like being organised lmao if you were interested in that, you can find the Master List under the Navigation tab on my blog but yes,

If you want to be tagged in Riverdale imagines, lemme know!

Requests Are Open! // Masterlist

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i can’t be the only one who weirdly likes watching people’s kpop collections, right? idk i just like seeing how they organize their photocards/albums, the little bias-centered things they’ve bought, what groups they collect and at this point i don’t even get jealous anymore i just feel very proud like “yeah! go do your thing! get whatever your bias groups release!!”

The first time our conversation got “sexual” (he even apologized, what a cutie)

Me: “I rewatched twilight for the 6th time yesterday, and I’m starting to feel really pathetic.”

Noel: “ohhh, that’s bad. Come on, you can do better than that! Have you seen the acting skills that are pretty much non existent?”

Me: “I know right?! But idk, I can’t stop rewatching it……also Jacobs really hot. Like. Really hot.”

Noel: “So you’re Team Jacob then, huh? I see.”

Me: “Anything wrong with that?”

Noel: “Well, I’ve always considered myself a vampire *points at his teeth*, so yeah, I’m a little offended.”

Me: *grins* “Don’t be, you’re way more attractive than Jacob, so if I’d have to choose between you and him, I’d definitely pick you.”

Noel: “what a coincidence, you’d make a darn good Bella Swan.”

Me: “So you’re saying that we’d make a good couple?”

Noel: “Uhhhh, no????? We’d make a good vampire couple, but that’s not gonna happen..”

Me: “why not? You could try and suck my blood out.” *laughs*

Noel: “so you’re the kinky type of person then?”

Me:oh my god