yeah idk what got into me

  • So my brother decided to watch Teen Wolf Season 5 because "he didn't have anything else to watch."
  • Me:Oh, you’re watching TW?
  • Him:Yeah. Had nothing else to watch.
  • Me:How is it?
  • Him:I think their budget got cut.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. IDK what made him say that. xD

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it’s filled w a bunch of racism and ableism too like everyone I knew who was super open and idk Vocal abt being kin (including myself) have basically stopped even calling ourselves kin bc we just don’t want to be associated w the community anymore

Yeah yeah thats what happened with me tbh.. I still might say I’m otter therian if it comes up but I literally stray away from the term kin if I can nowadays because the community got so ? bad?? in so many ways??

Like I have 0 issue with those who are otherkin obviously but the community as a whole felt so toxic tbh I just don’t want to be associated with it anymore. Like I said in that post a moment ago I was a huge member of the community for awhile but me and everyone I know from that time seem reluctant to even use the label nowadays.

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I just followed you but I wanted to talk about this on anon because it's so near and dear to me lol it's about Zerrie *rolls eyes* Now I love Zayn. He's my fav person ever but I DO NOT like perrie. Like at all. I saw this interview (and a post on here) where she basically calls Zayn a freak (or weirdo or something rude) because he just kind of shuts down and separates himself from others when he's angry. Like what do you want him to do? Yell at you and slap you around? Idk. She just annoys me.

I mean…to be honest, anon, I don’t like Perrie either.  I know exactly the interview you’re talking about.

Yeah, hardly the way to publicly discuss someone you’re supposed to be engaged to :/

However, personally I think Zerrie is 100% fake.  It began as a Syco  publicity stunt and turned into bearding once Zayn and Liam got together.  So obviously Perrie’s not going to be able to talk about Zayn the way someone actually in love with him would do it. 

I was actually just talking to livingwherethesidewalkends about this earlier.  The beards don’t bother me in general, like yes, it’s your job, do your thing.  But Perrie has been increasingly problematic with cultural appropriation, and her latest stunt was (in my opinion) the worst yet.  

She is NOT a part of Zayn’s culture and she is not getting married to him, so to paint bridal henna on her arms with Zayn’s initials is extremely cringeworthy (and quite disrespectful in the opinion of some members of the desi 1D fandom that I’ve spoken to).

Unfortunately, 1DHQ does not seem to care much about things like that. They’re seemingly satisfied with the press it will get, good or bad.  In my opinion, the sooner Zerrie ends, the better.  There is a lot more i could say about why I don’t like Perrie, but honestly I don’t feel like getting into that right now.  Let’s just say #freeZayn2k15

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hey denise!!!!! I have a question, how do you feel about young artists? Like 13-14 year olds..

hi!!! and heLL YEAH YOUNG ARTISTS ARE AMAZING!!! BUT i think its rly important for them to realize that theyre …young?? sounds kinda obvious but like…. if u realize that youre still young and you still have so much time to improve and find your own style and  try different things out it can take a lot of pressure from u! since i know (from experience too) that young artists often tend to compare themselves to other artists with a lot more experience they think stuff like “wow my drawings are never gonna look like that” and well no, its true that theyre never gonna look like that but chances are high that theyre gonna look even better when u have the same amount of experience as the artist u looked up to. i mean!! i think its just important for artists (no matter the age) to realize that u dont need to “get better as soon as possible”, u just have to practice and be patient with urself

also theres this rly great post somewhere (lost the link sry) that helped me too actually. its like…. if u think u cant improve anymore or u look at ur art and see tons of mistakes and just hate all of it, its actually not a bad thing! cause the fact that you see all these mistakes (that u havent noticed before btw) shows that u actually get better! u just dont know how to change these mistakes (yet!!). but yeah i kinda believe that u cant get worse at art, cause even when u feel like ur drawings look worse than before its just cause youre not content with ur old stuff anymore and maybe want to try something new so!!! go for it. dont be afraid to try different styles and dont be afraid to draw stuff ur gonna end up hating cause that also just means ur improving!!

man i just turned off the lights and got really freaked out for a second there damn when did i get so scared of the dark

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“why would you say erik is a monster” idk maybe because he tried to commit genocide???? like he’s one of my favorite characters but like??? he’s literally a violent radical?????

Yeah, I mean, XMFC was bad enough, but there is really no other word for what he did at the end of X2 but “monstrous.” 

I think sometimes (for me too) it can be hard when you really sympathize with and love a character to see people talk harshly about them (though I never meant to be harsh). I understand Erik’s actions, and that makes him a compelling, interesting character to me, but I don’t agree with Erik’s actions, and I don’t have to agree with him to adore him. For the record, I don’t 100% agree with Charles either, and I still love him.

(As for violent radicals, I don’t think they’re necessarily monsters either. History has often depended on violent radicals to bring about change, and sometimes it’s been very good change. It’s not the most palatable part of activism, but it does have its time and place.)

  • Puck:So, I just saw what you got for me. Let me tell you one thing...
  • Puck:I'm never taking that shirt off ever again!!! (yeah, I'm already wearing it) I loved it. Thanks, babe.
  • Puck:And also, thanks for the picture of our little girl, I can't still figure out those images but still, she looks perfect. Best. Father's. Day. Ever.

i mean yeah Ruby Rose’s character on oitnb was kind of useless plot-wise,

like who is she?   where did she come from? why is she there? why is she leaving? why does she like piper???

but like… a nb character… a nb actor… that’s still pretty exciting?

i feel like saying ruby rose got famous cause she’s mildly pretty and white is kind of ignoring the fact that she’s nb??? like obviously she has privileges for being white so its easier for her to be liked (because of white supremacy, not bc white people are more likeable) and also easier for her to get a part than a poc

 but still it’s pretty exciting?

reincarnation/immortal au

Okay, so I’ve had an idea for a #bagginshield au for quite some time now, and yes, I know it’s been done before, but I’m not certain it’s been done in the way that I plan it to, idk. The idea sprang forth once I read that quote and ohmygod it really hit home for me and soon things got waaay out of hand and well, here we are. Still, if I ever do get around to it, I don’t think I’d mind it being like the other au’s out there; What’ll matter is that this is my version of it and I think I’ll find great pleasure in writing it. And that’s what writing is about, yeah? Enjoying something. Okay, so without further ado:

“I have been falling from the rim of a great, high place, somewhere back in time, for many more years than I have lived in this life. And through all of those years, I have been falling toward you.”

-Robert James Walter, The Bridges of Madison County (1992)

Thorin Oakenshield, son of Durin awakes in the halls of his fathers, soul at peace and body laid to rest. He has made amends with his burglar, although there were many things left unspoken… No matter, he and his Company have achieved their Quest, and Erebor is reclaimed. His death was not in vain, and many a song will be sung of the deeds done. Now, Thorin Durin awaits the peace and relaxation that comes with his departure from the world of the living. The Maker, however, has plans for him yet, as matters of the heart have still not been fully resolved for the King beneath the Mountain.

Or, in other words, one more bagginshield au where Thorin is given the chance to live once, twice, three times, and more for reasons only the Maker knows. He’s utterly clueless as he strides on, not really believing that no, it isn’t over quite yet. Years, lives, pass on for him in the blink of an eye and each one is steadily becoming worse and worse as he realizes how truly and utterly alone he is and unable to get rid of this nagging feeling that something, someone is missing… But no, of course the possibility of ever winding up with him is… impossible. That’s not to say that Thorin hasn’t collided with Bilbo in his past lives accidentally, no, they’ve always been orbiting around each other, like the moon and a comet shooting past, never to cross paths. He has accepted this, has had to accept it, really.

 Still, it is always when Thorin lays eyes on him, his burglar, that he remembers that life, that one precious moment, all the others becoming a blur, obsolete. Be it by brushing his shoulder against his whilst walking down the street, or seeing him in a window as he strolls by, hearing that familiar laughter in a corner somewhere, or by spying the messy, golden curls of his head before they are out of sight again… All these minuscule encounters Thorin remembers, and for the first time in a very long time (years, maybe, he’s lost count) , he’s felt alive again, a sense of purpose crashing into him in waves. 

Despite his feelings, he cannot face him, cannot go after him, not with how things ended last they spoke…

 But then again, who’s to say that maybe Thorin Oakenshield, son of Durin the Deathless, was purposefully placed once, twice, three times, and more on this Earth to chase after Bilbo Baggins?

We’re in love: new shoes from Bourgeois Boheme

I know it’s not boot season but OMG these are so dope. These  boots are a preview from Bourgeois Boheme’s Fall/Winter collection:

Blurring the boundaries between masculine and feminine, the Transcending collection comprises of contemporary styles that are ethically produced and free from the use of animal derived materials. It is artisan-made, leather-free footwear made to last for men and women.

They are so mod and beautiful! I think I’m into these too:

They are kind of cray but idk, they are kind of awesome too. Wing-tip sneakers? Yeah, kind of awesome. 

And I love these:

They make me want to buy a suit!

All the shoes seem to be under 200 GBP, which means a bit over $200 to us…effing pounds. But I got a pair of Bourgeois Bohemes a few years ago and they are in great shape. Plus, they visit the factories personally and meet the craftspeople so remember that is what you are paying for too. Animal-free and eco-friendly to boot? Be still my heart. 

I don’t know when these will be available to buy but they have nice styles on their site now if you can’t wait. 

Really though, why do all the best vegan shoes come from Britain??

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I never shipped any one to any degree my entire life (I never saw the point) until Marrish, i got all gooey inside and covered my face in my hands at their interactions. I hope that's what everyone's OTP makes them feel, cause their the only ship I've ever jumped on. Ever.

SAME tbh. I have NEVER shipped anything as much as I shipped marrish. I didn’t really get into fandoms and other shows until I got into teen wolf but even as I watched the first three seasons, I didn’t really ship anyone with anyone?? Like yeah scallison was cute and all but then marrish happened and IDK what happened to me. I remember seeing them interact in muted and I just…I don’t even know…all I knew was that I just needed more of their interactions and more of THEM and then I came on tumblr and realized I wasn’t the only one and that made me so happy.

Seeing their interactions in s4, reading fics about them, seeing edits made of them made me so happy bc I knew people felt the same way about them like I did and they got that warm gooey feeling inside them too. :))) So yes, I never knew what having an OTP was like, but now that I do, I never want to get off this ship. <3

Yo~ Kim Namjoon, the God of Destruction is me.

I’ll try my best to not break anything of yours so don’t be afraid to talk to me~ I’m Bangtan’s illest leader after all! You’ll fall for my expressive dancing skills right away, it’ll be something you’ll never be able to forget. My lyrics will enchant you so come and listen to what I got~

P.S. Taehyung will you stop it with the organic farmer clothes! And Hoseok… you’ll never be swagger than Suga Hyung.


girlboymusic replied to your photoset “Got stood up, and like…yr loss.”

What a douche, and also you look STUNNING, I am really digging this no-eye-makeup vibe.

HONESTLY. WHATEVER. Spite-scheduled another date with a doctor that is mesmerized by me for Wednesday. I’m going in.

Yeah, I used to be actually super terrified of “no-eye-makeup” looks, I used to do full looks all summer, DIDN’T EVEN CARE THAT IT WAS MELTING OFF MY FACE, TOUCH UP, TOUCH UP AND GO!, but lately my face is doing this weird thing where I have this sorta really…idk, healthy glowing look? I’ve even stopped using concealer. I think I’m entering a complete new stage of being and consciousness.


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I want to get a tattoo but my dad says I can't because it will ruin my job prospects and when I'm old it will look ugly. I can't tell if he's right or if it's just because he's white and pretty middle class. Thoughts?

I think it sounds like some bullshit but I don’t know who you are or what you want done. 

I have a tattoo which I got when I was 19. I don’t regret it because I got it on my back and I never have to look at it, and it’s pretty easy to choose clothes to cover it up for work. Sometimes I forget it exists until people ask me about it and I’m like “oh yeah I did that when I was a teenager for some reason, idk”. 

I probably wouldn’t get it again if I had the choice today but really, we’re all going to die who gives a shit if you put a drawing on your body or not. When I’m 40 I’m sure I’ll laugh about it. 

Here is my advice: wait a year and see if you still want it then. Get it somewhere you can cover it up. Don’t get something to do with a fandom or a meme because you may become one of those people with a Sherlock tattoo who has to pay to get that covered up.

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hottest sex?

bruh it’s all hot but the other night we were in the room with 1 of his brothers and he was preoccupied on his phone so we were silently kissing and such, but it got too heavy and we got all worked up! He leaned over and whispered “wanna play a game?” I said yeah and he said “let’s see how quiet you can be” and fingered the hell out of me. Idk that was fucking hot and an amazing orgasm! That what you wanted to hear?