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Is there a bag of mix gummy fazbears? Because I think all the Bear Animatronics are all true gummy bears in the world! :D


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i really kinda wanna tag you guys in things i made (edits, moodboards, aesthetics, poems etc) but i never know exactly who to tag? like idk who would be interested, so reblog this please if youre okay with it so i can always tag you in my things :)

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  • Seven: Hey bro?
  • Yoosung: Yeah, bro?
  • Seven: Bro, I want to show you the whole world.
  • Yoosung: Okay, bro,
  • Seven: *holds up mirror*
  • Yoosung: But bro, that's just me.
  • Seven: You're my whole world bro...
  • Yoosung: *tears in his eyes* Bro...
Jamming (Peter Quill)

Prompt from @yetmoreprompts: You danced me through the grocery store. :)

To listen to while reading: ‘It Ain’t No Fun to Me’ by Graham Central Station and ‘Thank You’ by Sly and the Family Stone.

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    Yellow peppers. Orange peppers. Red peppers. Green were out of the question for being a little too bitter, but the red ones were mostly bruised, the orange ones didn’t seem too fresh, and the yellow ones were a slightly strange color. You sighed. The one day you managed to work up the resolve to cook something for yourself instead of stopping at one of your usual restaurants for a late-night snack, the grocery store wasn’t cooperating.

    Well, at least the music was good. For a deserted and slightly dingy market, the music coming through the tinny overhead speakers had a surprisingly good groove, slap bass paired with organ and tight vocals bringing a small smile to your lips, your foot automatically beginning to tap as you sorted through vegetables in search of a high-enough-quality pepper.

    “Leaving you-hoo-hoo, it really ain’t no fun to me…” A chorus joined the solo singer and you found yourself humming along even though you hardly knew the melody, your tapping foot gaining momentum as you started to lose focus on the task at hand. Your shoulders joined your feet in grooving from side to side to the song and that was when you heard footsteps and froze, cheeks heating.

    “What?” a voice asked and you turned to see a tall man in a dark red leather jacket standing there, a surprisingly un-mocking smile on his lips. “It’s a good song.”

    You chuckled awkwardly, tossing a pepper from one hand to the other. “Yeah.”

    He stepped forward, extending a hand. “I saw you jamming,” he said, in a surprisingly serious tone considering his words. “Would you like to dance?”

    “Well, can I at least have your name first?” you asked, setting the vegetable in your hand back on the display.

    “Quill,” he said. “Peter Quill. Or Star-Lord. Either one’s fine. And you?”

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Link/Link Show or Old hair vs.New hair.


Rin Hoshizora [ x ]

These came out kind of weird but oh well..

Blue Exorcist Themed Questions!
  • Rin: Do you have any life-goals that you would work hard for?
  • Yukio: Are you a self-critical person?
  • Shiemi: Do you make friends easily?
  • Bon: Do you/did you work hard in school?
  • Renzou: Do you think people know who you really are?
  • Konekomaru: Are you a cat or dog person?
  • Izumo: Do you find it hard to depend on people?
  • Takara: Are you a quiet person?
  • Godaiin: Do you have any fears?
  • Paku: Are you a friendly person?
  • Shura: Do you look up to anybody?
  • Kinzou: What kind of music do you like?
  • Juuzou: Do you have any pet peeves?
  • Toudou: Is there anything you would physically change about yourself?
  • Amaimon: Do you have any obsessions?
  • Neuhaus: What kind of people do you hate?
  • Arthur: Do you have any talents/skills?
  • Lewin Light: Are you a neat or dirty person?
  • Shiro: Is there anybody you would die for?
  • Mephisto: Are you a secretive person?
  • Lucifer: Do you have any dreams?
70 horrible questions

@mildlineurs​ thx for the tag nicole :p

01: do you have a good relationship with your parents?
um i mean i guess but my mom is the epitome of Tiger Mom™

02: who did you last say “i love you” to?
ummmm no one? idk i don’t really say i love u unless i’m fangirling (i nvr say ily to my parents cause in some chinese cultures it means ur not close to them)

03: do you regret anything?
hell yeah way too many things (but its ok my life is fine rn)

04: are you insecure?
yup but mostly about my looks and my future

05: what is your relationship status?
like nicole im too busy shipping (chanbaek kaisoo hunhan) and fangirling

06: how do you want to die?
probably in my sleep. but most importnatly i want to die remembered, in which the absence of my life doesn’t just pass with a blink of an eye. either i must have influenced people in some way, or achieve some sort of fame.

07: what did you last eat?

pineapples lol

08: played any sports?
idk why this question is phased in past tense but i do a form of military-style dance (aka drill) and it counts as a varsity sport lmao

09: do you bite your nails?
hmmm like a few times a yr?

10: when was your last physical fight?
w my brother probably last month

11: do you like someone?
besides fangirling (both over celebs and over attractive ppl n good debaters), nope! but i like my friends??

12: have you ever stayed up 48 hours?
lol nope i’d die

13: do you hate anyone at the moment?
hm not hate but definitely dislike

14: do you miss someone?
yah i’ve been gone from home for 17 days now ;-;

15: have any pets?
my fish died a while ago

16: how exactly are you feeling at the moment?
tired, a temporary feeling of serenity, a tinge of ambitiousness

17: ever made out in the bathroom?

18: are you scared of spiders?
if its not on me and if its not dark, then nah

19: would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
if its not permanently, then why not? as long as i don’t change anything im good

20: where was the last place you snogged someone?
in ‘murica we don’t use the term “snog”

21: what are your plans for this weekend?
its already the weekend so stay up till 3am to prep for db8, then db8ing about deleuze & guattari and implementing a model of the la borde clinic through the poesis of db8 and education experimentation, cosmic artisans who erect a nomadic version of student subjectivity to eventually evisceration microfascism. confused? yeah me too

22: do you want to have kids? how many?
um once i get over my fear of childbirth, then 1-2 kids

23: do you have piercings? how many?
yeah my ears so 2 i guess

24: what is/are/were your best subject(s)?
hm chemistry and ap world history

25: do you miss anyone from your past?

26: what are you craving right now?
milk tea (without the bubbles)

27: have you ever broken someone’s heart?
idk maybe? 

28: have you ever been cheated on?
no but people do cheat off of my tests

29: have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
no and this q is also very hetero-normative

30: what’s irritating you right now?
post modernism 

31: does somebody love you?

32: what is your favourite colour?
cyan, and pastel blue and pink!

33: do you have trust issues?
im an open book

34: who/what was your last dream about?
lol it was about one of my graduated seniors and shes scary irl but we became friends in my dream

35: who was the last person you cried in front of?
LOL this is embarrassing but my friend when i found out that we didn’t get put in top lab

36: do you give out second chances too easily?
not rly

37: is it easier to forgive or forget?
they’re not mutually exclusive

38: is this year the best year of your life?
it’s definitely a revolutionary year, but i think the best year was kindergarten

39: how old were you when you had your first kiss?
my mom kissed me straight outta the womb

40: have you ever walked outside completely naked?
technically inside is the outside of nature so yup

51: favourite food?
BEIJING FRIED DUCK and ice cream

52: do you believe everything happens for a reason?
um no some ppl r just dumb

53: what is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
scroll thru tumblr

54: is cheating ever okay?
hmmmmmm if i said no i would be a hypocrite (sometimes i cheat on my bias and once per year maybe i’ll peak at a test)

55: are you mean?
i prefer the term savage or aggressive

56: how many people have you fist fought?
one (my brother)

57: do you believe in true love?

58: favourite weather?
either snow (when theres no power outage) or sun!

59: do you like the snow?
cross apply the answer above

60: do you wanna get married?

61: is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
they’d have to be a lover or a really good (gay) friend

62: what makes you happy?
exo, winning, good food, free time, a good book

63: would you change your name?
nope i love my name

64: would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?
idk last person i kissed was a poster so

65: your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
that already happened and i feel bad for him

66: do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?
the person above

67: who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
someone in my db8 lab

68: who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
my best friend

69: do you believe in soulmates?
yes but they’re like once in a century

70: is there anyone you would die for?
not ONE person in particular…

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I'm a horrendous speaker, I am SO sorry
It's the BTS questions thing btw

I was tagged by @tanktoptiger and @jihyped to do this tag, thank you lovelies, your voices are so adorable!!! I stuttered like 84131984516 times omg, sorry, I can’t talk. And omg someone needs to count how many time I apologize in this little audio clip too. But yeah, thank you for the tag, and thank you for listening! ♥

  1. name + username
  2. who’s your bias and why? any bias wreckers?
  3. when did you become a fan?
  4. favorite album?
  5. favorite song?
  6. favorite vocalist?
  7. favorite rapper?
  8. favorite era?
  9. favorite bangtan bomb?
  10. rookie king vs. ahl vs. bon voyage
  11. have you ever seen them in person? any special memories?
  12. tag your friends!

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only fools fall for you


Screenshot redraws. With some alternate color palettes.

I really love the lighting in a lot of scenes in this game. Also, yeah, sorry for -All the Bedman- I find him really relaxing to draw. If I redraw any screenshots from later scenes I’ll be putting them under a read more. Just in case.

I really wanted to see what 8% was going to be…

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Do you still like Saphael? Because I've seen a lot of hate in the tag and many people calling it toxic and unhealthy, so what's your opinion?

I mean yeah I do still ship them but I dont see how that affects anyone lol theyd be a nice couple since I feel like they have great chemistry but also like this is all fiction none of it is real lol lets just tone this whole intense vibe down a little

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He drags his hands along the arms of the chair, traces the weave of the upholstery with the frayed ridge of a fingernail.

so yeah that’s like twenty something words and the most boring sentence possible lmao. im gonna tag @sweater-soo mm @jeynedondarrion and anyone else who wants to do it. icr anyone anymore idk anyone. @imagineagreatadventure you should too!!!


I was tagged to do this by @katsvra thank you so much your pics we’re lovely (also Canada represent). i went with just my phone photos because there’s too many otherwise. the dbz fusion one is ft. @miyukikazuya. also the tea party thing is a history pub quiz joke not a political statement. so yeah, my art, me, rainy/windy cliffs of death in ireland, delicious soba, the legend of zelda, um idk, the cursed dawn after staying up all night, tea/history geek, my hometown - pretty “me” overall

not tagging rn im sorry, im doing like 10 things rn, alice you can since you’re tagged anyway

im gonna start like? posting more just youtube, mainly dodie, and animals and as soon as i have computer access i’ll probably delete a lot of posts (i have so many. too many) and redesign my whole blog i guess so yeah