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I’ve seen a lot of posts about how people complained about too many malec teasers and now they’re complaining about not enough and while I do agree that people probably shouldn’t be getting angry over a few teasers (though I’ve only seen a couple people angry about it)…like….people were angry because they were releasing entire malec scenes (the only malec scenes in the entire episode)…nobody was mad about the trailers like…it’s not really accurate to compare the two situations


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OK I know that those Being Productive While Neurodivergent posts almost always varies person to person, but I’m just gonna tell you the one thing that I do that nearly always puts me in a more pro active mood:

Put clean underwear on.

That’s it. Just that already gets me going.

-It’s small and simple enough that it doesn’t take too much energy, but going thru those motions of picking the undies up and putting them on is like your body being like “holy crap they’re doing something” which could then lead to, “well if they can do that they could do other things too”

-it’s its own small accomplishment

-there’s a security in knowing that well the rest of my life is a bit shit but at least my uglies are secure. It’s like cottony armor for ur biddies

Honestly it might seem silly but it’s lead to a lot of little things done which builds up to more things done.

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Escalus fam in any configuration + “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”

There was a large part of him that just wanted to pretend he hadn’t noticed the phone ringing when he saw the name on the screen, but Mercutio knew his uncle would know and chew him out when they next saw each other, and he really didn’t have energy for that. He didn’t really have energy for a phone call either though; all he wanted was to get on the damn flight—delayed eight hours as it was—get home, get in bed, and finally sleep. For once, just for once, he didn’t want any people to talk to him.

“What?” he asked as greeting, rubbing his face and not even caring if uncle E took his exhaustion as disrespect.

“I don’t recall anything about ‘what’ being a common greeting,” his uncle said, but he sounded more amused than annoyed. “Are you still at the airport?”

Mercutio sighed and nodded, even though his uncle wouldn’t see it. “Yeah. Plane’s supposed to be ready in half an hour.”

“I see. That is good news. That would put you in the airport back home in five hours and forty-five minutes then?”

“I guess,” Mercutio said. Hearing the numbers out loud just made him even more tired and made the thought of his bed feel much further away.

“How long have you been waiting now? Eight, nine hours?” The displeasure was evident in his uncle’s voice and Mercutio could so easily imagine the frown he’d be wearing. “I’ll be sure to make a call to the company on Monday.”

“Seriously?” Mercutio groaned, but the effort of protesting was too much. “Fine, do whatever.”

There was a small pause, then uncle E started speaking in an almost airy tone, which was strange enough for Mercutio to sit upright and frown. “I know you were thinking of taking the bus home, but discard that thought. I’ll pick you up at the airport instead.”

“You kidding me? It’s gonna be, I don’t know, super late! Or really early!” Mercutio said, more energy in his voice than he’d had for the last three hours.

“Should be around four fifteen,” his uncle said easily.

“Right, exactly! Come on, there’s no reason for you to drive out and get me, not when I can take care of it myself.”

“I know you can, but this isn’t about that. This way you can come home much earlier than if you were taking the bus, so think of that. And no matter your protests I have made up my mind. I’ll be there when your plane arrives.”

Mercutio sighed and covered his face with his hand, but beneath the hand he was smiling. “Fine. If you want to waste your morning this way, then who am I to argue against it.”

“Good, I will see you at the airport then.”

The satisfaction in his uncle’s voice was mystifying, so Mercutio just shook his head with a grin and a quick agreement. It was strange, he thought as he ended the call, he wasn’t feeling as exhausted any longer.

@thatsthat24 So I’ve been meaning to make this drawing for a while and I’ve also been meaning to test out a new art program for a while and I’m happy with both of them!

2032. “lets playing” is a major in several reputable universities across the country. markiplier is the head of the lets playing department at Yale. a student walks into his office. “sir,” she says, “a boy in my intro to battletoads class was making antisemitic comments towards me.” 

“and you’re telling on him?” he questions in his way too charismatic voice. 

“um,” she says, “yes?” 

“well” he says. he positions a camera light onto his face and presses record on his very expensive camera. “i really just think you’re showing a lack of respect by trying to bring down this man who did nothing but–”

meanwhile, in an apartment in SoHo, the beat letsplayer movement is in full swing. cassandra, a cigarette dangling from her lips, sighs. “my mom still thinks i’m insane for leaving NYU”

“she’s insane,” says donovan, “the letsplayer major there is total corporate bullfuckery. they only care about the numbers, man, and defending each other’s near impossible to escape racist jokes (why is that so prevalent wtf), not doing new and interesting things with video games.”

“whatever,” she says, “once my series where i play fallout new vegas while suspended 30 feet in the air on a trapeze drops, then i’ll break it into the mainstream. then she’ll see.”

they make love, both secretly pretending the other is nick robinson