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So i have a doubt: is your wife really your wife like are y'all married or are y'all in a relationship or are y'all tumblr wives sorry I'm just Hella confused as to what to refer to you guys



i was tagged by @lifeofaphantrashcan to make a moodboard out of the first 9 songs that play on my playlist ! so here it is ✨✨

i tag @danulestu @dxntasies @lovelornlester @lovelylilaclester @starboydan but of course don’t feel pressured to do it ~~


I’m so behind on KH art, but every time I pick up a pencil, OOC and ref-less SW dorks fall out of it.   ¯\(°A°)/¯


Get to know me meme | (1/5) female characters → Ginny Weasley

I couldn’t think what to get you, I didn’t know what would be useful. Nothing too big, because you wouldn’t be able to take it with you. So then I thought, I’d like you to have something to remember me by, you know, if you meet some veela when you’re off doing whatever your doing.

April Fools (DnP Edition): part two

Word Count: 1 230

Genre: fluff I guess, domestic

Warnings: none


They’re tense. They’ve been avoiding each other for the past week. Their fear? April Fools in the Dan and Phil household.

A/N Read the last part here! (April Fools (DnP Edition))

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This isn't really relevant to anything I just wanted to say that u have the best tag naming ever like I remember the first time I was on your blog I saw a cute drawing of Kylo but when I scrolled down and it just said "kylo ren is a slut" I fucking choked because my guy I was not expecting that. I like how you tag tho, it's very uniquely you idk if that makes sense but anyway you're great haha

Hahaha, yeah I do get that my “x is a slut” tag can sometimes not make sense on the posts its on (and makes me feel so guilty when the character isn’t 100% consenting in the post in question - but it’s my general tag for “x character in a pairing/sexual situation” tag). 

TBH most of my tags are decided spur of the moment and make a lot of sense for my head but my head also lives on a weird realm of like 5 layers of in-joke meaning with some things. And my tags are a perfect example of that. (alternatively they are exactly what they say on the tin - like my Star Wars mpreg/omegaverse tags)

Glad I bring others entertainment with them though. 

I forgot to post this but my father got me this book for my birthday (even though I kept telling him I didn’t want anything)

I’m so grateful that he is so accepting of me learning witchcraft and doesn’t make a joke out of it.

He even wanted to get me a little book full of spells for Christmas but he couldn’t find it anymore in the store, he looked so disappointed when he came back to tell me that haha

But yeah anyway I’m really excited to start reading this 😊

Welcome to my FIRST ever Tumblr Awards!

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“Elevator, let’s go! Now! (…) This is better than the stairs.” “Yeah!”

Paul Walker in Brick Mansions’ trailer (x)

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Hey! I'm currently trying to find an art style that's best for me as I am unhappy with my art style now. While I want to try different styles and coloring techniques I'm afraid people will think I'm trying to copy someone else and all I want is to improve my artworks :'(

Hey anon! Alright, so I’m pretty sure everyone takes influence from other artists when developing their style. It’s impossible not to, it’s how the brain works. We consciously and unconsciously include things we like and exclude things we don’t like. I certainly take influence from other artists, but I think it all comes down to the way you take influence. It’s easy to look at a beautiful piece of art and think wistfully how you’d love to draw exactly like that. Well, that’s the thing, you don’t want to draw exactly like that, right? You want to develop your own style, right? (Unless you’re doing something professional like tweening/animation with a bunch of other people, then of course you have to draw exactly like everyone else, but I digress.)

This got really long so I’ll keep it under the cut :)

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I finally figured it out.

Ever since the Season’s Greeting things showed up I’ve been trying to remember why Jungkook looked familiar in a weird way (he was familiar because it’s Kookie but there was something he reminded me of) and I finally remembered.

I read a few books with similar plot lines a few years ago (I cannot remember the names of the books for the life of me) but essentially there was this demon guy and he was described as absolutely perfect, like flawless in a way that hurt your eyes and he got people to sell their souls by being insanely attractive (eventually he turned good because of a girl because I read cliche romance books bUT ANYWAY) and he wore dark suits and had intense/mischievous eyes and the way I pictured him in my head is basically what Jungkook looks like in his suit with his hair up and ugh idk

Basically: Jungkook is attractive. That is all.

But can’t you see it? I want an AU where Jungkook is a businessman and his currency is souls and he is a demon/he works with these shady demon guys and idk where it would go from there, but basically an underworld Bangtan mafia AU.

(Could you even imagine sitting down to have tea with his and he looks at you like this over his cup and O.O can someone write this for me?? I know if I try to write it, it will be too long and terrible)

Oh and the demon businessman is in a band… and he has the voice of an angel (haha which is ironic because he’s a demon. I’m sorry I had to.)

So yeah…if anyone feels like writing that then let me now because I’ll love you forever.