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Guys I met Paul McGann!!

I went to Niagara Falls ComicCon specifically to meet him, even got his autograph! It’s the first celebrity autograph I’ve ever gotten haha and I was nervous and didn’t know what to say, ended up with something generic about liking his audio dramas. But he was really nice and kind, I can see why everyone says he’s so charming all the time! Sadly I didn’t know I was going until a few days ago and didn’t have time to get something fancy for him to sign so I had to take one of the poster things from the table, I love it anyway though.

Later I went to his q&a panel! I tried to take a video but it was really awful and shaky so I won’t put it up haha. But here’s a list of cool stuff he said!

  • His favourite Doctors are William Hartnell and Peter Capaldi
  • If he were to return to the show as any other character, he’d want to be the Master! (Please do this. Paul McGann as the Master is something the BBC must give us)
  • He told a funny story about himself and Sylvester McCoy! When they were filming the TV Movie in Vancouver, they apparently went out to look for something to eat and ended up in “a bad part” of town, where they ran into some scary-looking guys who gave them trouble and Sylvester McCoy tried to ward them off with a spoon (which apparently worked?) Idk if this is a well known story haha but I thought I’d share anyway
  • They’ve already recorded the first four Time War audios, and apparently they’ve got lots of Daleks in them (who knew), they’ll be released in August or September
  • Some lady gave him jelly babies and he ate them and she was really ecstatic about it lol
  • But yeah basically Paul McGann is super charming and awesome and BBC hire him to play the Master please

I’m so behind on KH art, but every time I pick up a pencil, OOC and ref-less SW dorks fall out of it.   ¯\(°A°)/¯


Get to know me meme | (1/5) female characters → Ginny Weasley

I couldn’t think what to get you, I didn’t know what would be useful. Nothing too big, because you wouldn’t be able to take it with you. So then I thought, I’d like you to have something to remember me by, you know, if you meet some veela when you’re off doing whatever your doing.

Get to Know Me!

I was tagged be the ever-lovely @thefellowshipofthedragonmark and decided to actually do one of these for once! goodness it’s been awhile since I felt up for one of these again haha WELL let’s get to it!

nicknames: Galinda, Egg, and G

gender: uhhhhh, honestly idk but I go by she/her pronouns

star sign: scorpio, and I’m perpetually confused how I am apparently a “mysterious, hard hearted, sex-driven seductress” when I am none of those things idk man

mbti type: I/ENFT/P … Yeah, it’s an odd one but I’m at like 50/50 on both of those ;)

height: 5′7″

time: 9:44 pm

birthday: November 12th!

fav bands: I don’t know if any of you could tell but it’s Glass Animals :), Pacific Air, Jonsi, Coldplay, Queen, The Bare Naked Ladies, and so, so many more those are just off the top of my head

fav solo artists: Flume, Eliot Moss, Owl City, Fyfe, Lorde, Austin Winteroy, Diststerpeace, John Powell, and again, so, so many more

song stuck in my head: ironically, pork soda by glass animals pineapples are in my heeeaad

Last movie I watched: Spiderman: Homecoming!!!! I went to see it for the second time today and I have no regrets and am so in love with it!!!!

Last show I watched: The Great British Baking Show

When I created my Blog: waaaaaay back in the day sometime in December of 2013 I think? I’ve been on this website a whole hecka lot longer than I ever thought I would be, but it’s actually been okay for me? Maybe it’s just the fact I avoid any and all discourse like the plague

What I post about: my newest hyperfixations haha

Last thing I googled: “17776″ hey btw @thelabrat190 thanks for posting about it and getting my emotionally attracted to space probes you’re a real homeslice

other blogs I have: @glasspinapples! it’s my art blog I’m actually starting to post on!

why I chose my url: I honestly don’t remember at this point but it had something to do with an oooooold oc and the band Human Radio (they’re really cool btw! y’all should give them a listen)

following: 434

followers: 257

fav colors: deep red, like wine, light blues and greens, and warm, dark browns

average hours of sleep: during the summer it seems to be around 9ish, but during the school years it’s about 6 1/2ish

lucky number: 2 and 4! I’ve always had them on my soccer jerseys and it feels weird if I’m not either of them (if I didn’t get them I usually would play midfield so I prayed for a 2 or 4 haha)

instruments: well, I play the ukulele and a bit of the guitar, but I’m also gonna say that my favorite instruments to listen to is soft piano and both stand-up and acoustic bass

what I’m wearing: okay okay okay, I’m gonna expose myself but I’m wearing a pineapple shirt, pineapple shorts, and pineapple socks …… I just really like the aesthetic okay??? haha

number of blankets I sleep under: as many as I can stand, I love feeling the weight

dream job: storyboard or character design artist

dream trip: I’ve always wanted to visit Norway, so it’d probably be a late summer/early fall trip of camping and riding the trains around the country and doing a bunch of drawing and visiting museums

fav food: literally anything that’s self-contained like burritos or potstickers  I love that stuff

Nationality: American, although California seems to be leaning towards independence in everything but law

I’m gonna tag: @zubneogeist @raviolipearlhasfoundtheformioli @thelabrat190 (haha gotcha twice in one post!) @thehufflepuffshuffle and @reynaruina


name: bakugou , katsuki !!
nickname / alias: kacchan 
zodiac sign: taurus
gender: male
favorite color: blood red brah
average hours of sleep: 8 hours at night no naps >:c
last thing you googled: super cool skateboard tricks how to
height: 5′7


name: fox
nickname / alias: mew
zodiac sign: virgo libra cusp cos i’m so special
gender: haha yeah
favorite color: aquamarine or v light green
average hours of sleep: idk like 4 if i’m lucky
last thing you googled: hinata from volleyball anime hhaagt
height: 5′5

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“Elevator, let’s go! Now! (…) This is better than the stairs.” “Yeah!”

Paul Walker in Brick Mansions’ trailer (x)

I forgot to post this but my father got me this book for my birthday (even though I kept telling him I didn’t want anything)

I’m so grateful that he is so accepting of me learning witchcraft and doesn’t make a joke out of it.

He even wanted to get me a little book full of spells for Christmas but he couldn’t find it anymore in the store, he looked so disappointed when he came back to tell me that haha

But yeah anyway I’m really excited to start reading this 😊

Welcome to my FIRST ever Tumblr Awards!

  • You must be following: this colin lover
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  • Likes don’t count but you can like it for reference
  • Must reach 30 notes or else i’ll become so embarrassed that i may never show my face again
  • One winner and one runner up per category
  • Ends August 17th 
  • The Colin Morgan Award- Best URL 
  • The Bradley James Award- Best Theme 
  • The Brolin Award- Best Icon 
  • The Pair of Weirdos Award- Best Posts
  • The Sorcerer Award- Best Merlin Blog
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  • The Two Sides of The Same Coin Award- Best Overall 
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  • (Winners) a place on my blog and writing prompts of your choice dedicated to you 

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm currently trying to find an art style that's best for me as I am unhappy with my art style now. While I want to try different styles and coloring techniques I'm afraid people will think I'm trying to copy someone else and all I want is to improve my artworks :'(

Hey anon! Alright, so I’m pretty sure everyone takes influence from other artists when developing their style. It’s impossible not to, it’s how the brain works. We consciously and unconsciously include things we like and exclude things we don’t like. I certainly take influence from other artists, but I think it all comes down to the way you take influence. It’s easy to look at a beautiful piece of art and think wistfully how you’d love to draw exactly like that. Well, that’s the thing, you don’t want to draw exactly like that, right? You want to develop your own style, right? (Unless you’re doing something professional like tweening/animation with a bunch of other people, then of course you have to draw exactly like everyone else, but I digress.)

This got really long so I’ll keep it under the cut :)

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I finally figured it out.

Ever since the Season’s Greeting things showed up I’ve been trying to remember why Jungkook looked familiar in a weird way (he was familiar because it’s Kookie but there was something he reminded me of) and I finally remembered.

I read a few books with similar plot lines a few years ago (I cannot remember the names of the books for the life of me) but essentially there was this demon guy and he was described as absolutely perfect, like flawless in a way that hurt your eyes and he got people to sell their souls by being insanely attractive (eventually he turned good because of a girl because I read cliche romance books bUT ANYWAY) and he wore dark suits and had intense/mischievous eyes and the way I pictured him in my head is basically what Jungkook looks like in his suit with his hair up and ugh idk

Basically: Jungkook is attractive. That is all.

But can’t you see it? I want an AU where Jungkook is a businessman and his currency is souls and he is a demon/he works with these shady demon guys and idk where it would go from there, but basically an underworld Bangtan mafia AU.

(Could you even imagine sitting down to have tea with his and he looks at you like this over his cup and O.O can someone write this for me?? I know if I try to write it, it will be too long and terrible)

Oh and the demon businessman is in a band… and he has the voice of an angel (haha which is ironic because he’s a demon. I’m sorry I had to.)

So yeah…if anyone feels like writing that then let me now because I’ll love you forever.