yeah idk about this coloring

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in regards to your last post, apparently the ideal counter balance colors are blue and orange. there are entire papers written about why they look good together. it's why almost every hollywood movie or video game (action type stuff) is blue and orange. i like your red and blue more, but it's something to think about? idk

Yeah the thing is complementary colors just means they cancel each other out, and if you try to blend them you’d end up with gray or mud. Sometimes comp colors lead to great combinations, but more often they lead to really bizarre, bland or straight up obnoxious palettes. Following it strictly can be pretty tragic (if you put complementary purple and yellow near me I will start screaming) and work best if you think of it more as a guideline than a rule like below. I mean you said yourself that you liked the blue and red more…


I’ll truly wish for your happiness with a smile.

it’s not finished yet, but i think it already looks pretty nice (✿◠‿◠)