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HIP HOP UNIT Unreleased Track
SEVENTEEN Hip Hop Unit (Diamond Edge D-2)
HIP HOP UNIT Unreleased Track

NOT THE FULL SONG  / please don’t re-upload


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)



female rulers + the four elements - for @ladyflorence1215

turhan hatice sultan and isabella of portugal // elizabeth i and nurbanu sultan // wu zetian and hurrem sultan // victoria i and anne of austria

‘Well, Wart,’ said Merlyn, ‘here we are – or were – again. How nice you look in your crown. I was not allowed to tell you before, or since, but your father was, or will be, King Uther Pendragon, and it was I myself, disguised as a beggar, who first carried you to Sir Ector’s castle, in your golden swaddling bands. I know all about your birth and parentage and who gave you your real name. I know the sorrows before you, and the joys, and how there will never again be anybody who dares to call you by the friendly name of Wart. In future it will be your glorious doom to take up the burden and to enjoy the nobility of your proper title: so now I shall crave the privilege of being the very first of your subjects to address you with it – as my dear liege lord, King Arthur.’

‘Will you stay with me for a long time?’ asked the Wart, not understanding much of this.

‘Yes, Wart,’ said Merlyn. ‘Or rather, as I should say (or is it have said?), Yes, King Arthur.’

—  T.H. White, The Once and Future King

ushiten; a quiet moment between the two of them.


Wakatoshi looks up from his magazine in time to see Tendou bouncing through the door and throw himself onto Wakatoshi’s bed. He lowers the magazine some more, swivelling slightly in his chair to face his friend.

“Hello, Tendou,” he says. “Are you alright?”

Tendou rolls over until his face isn’t squished against Wakatoshi’s mattress anymore. Eyes half-lidded, he peeks up at Wakatoshi. “Are you reading the advertisements or actually reading the manga this time, Wakatoshi?”

He glances back down. “The manga,” he replies. “I finished the advertisements first, though.”

Tendou laughs. “You never disappoint, my friend.”

“I’m glad you think so.” Wakatoshi places the magazine on his desk, then considers his friend, who is still sprawled over his bed like a rag doll. He’s not even humming one of those pop songs the radio refuses to stop playing these days. Wakatoshi isn’t very used to seeing Tendou like this.

“Did something happen? Did Semi give up on tutoring you again?”

“Eh, who needs his help anyway,” drawls Tendou. He falls quiet. Silence isn’t unfamiliar between them, when it’s just the two of them. Wakatoshi waits for Tendou to collect his thoughts. “Hey, Wakatoshi-kun. Come here.”


Tendou waves at him until Wakatoshi leaves the chair and perches gingerly on the edge of the bed, next to Tendou’s knees. He’s only just sat down when Tendou suddenly grabs his arm, and then Wakatoshi is blinking up at his ceiling, a warm weight pressed against him.

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Favorite Song From Each Beatle: [2/4]

↳ Paul McCartney: Blackbird

Album: The White Album – released November 22nd, 1968

“While John was busy experimenting with sounds, Paul started and finished the recording of ‘Blackbird’, a lovely new composition which featured his own lead vocal, double-tracked in places via an overdub, accompanied by his acoustic guitar and a metronome gently ticking away in the background. It was a straightforward recording – no reductions necessary – and was perfected by the 32nd run through, just 11 of which were complete.

There was one other addition to the four-track tape: chirruping blackbirds, courtesy of “Volume Seven: Birds of Feather”, from the Abbey Road taped sound effects collection, the doors of the trusty green cabinet already being open during this evening for raidings by John Lennon. “I taped that on one of the first portable EMI tape-recorders, in my back garden in Ickenham, about 1965,” recalls Stuart Eltham.

“There are two recordings, one of the bird singing, the other making an alarm sound when I startled it.” Six mono remixes of the song were made before the session in studio two ended, the sixth being ‘best’.”

- The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions: The Official Story of the Abbey Road Years 1962-1970. Mark Lewisohn

“Define Ethereal : Yoon Jeonghan”  ✧*。/ 2 /

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anonymous asked:

Honestly if you are warning us about the Squip being shit, then people don t really have a good reason to be anrgy?

yeah i get u nonny

honestly if anyone hates me over this and doesn’t explain their reasoning then i’ll probably end up ignoring it

because honestly? if someone wants to say “hey i have a problem with this fic, and here’s why” then honestly, go for it! i’d rather read a bunch of reasoning behind shit than just deal with people going “fuck u for portraying the SQUIP this way”

(when i’m literally using canon characterization: the SQUIP degrading jeremy and shocking him for his habits (i.e. slouching, putting his hands in his pockets), the whole fucking “i know what’s best so shut up and listen to me” sort of shit that kinda hits close to home and so forth)


i’ve literally put in my warnings “hey the SQUIP is abusive” because they are??

idk man, i was asked to write a squipped!reader the way the SQUIP is in the show, so that’s what im doing. if people get offended, i’ll take it down and we’ll all go on our own ways

It looks like I might not be that active on this blog this summer because I’ve got a full-time internship.

Which… I am not really enjoying that much. There’s not enough time in the day to write and draw and get a decent amount of sleep. I didn’t even get to a full week out of school to just fuckin’ chill.

Sorry. Just complaining here.