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Royalty AU - Prince Kim of Lê Chiến Kingdom

Read the fic here (Kim is the main character so it was about time I drew him! :P)

(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix) (more classmates coming soon)

  • Harry: Ron, what I've been meaning to tell you all this time is...fuck, why is this so hard? Um, well I guess I should just say it. I'm gay
  • Ron:
  • Ron:
  • Ron: are you fucking kidding me?
  • Harry: I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. I totally understand. I promise I'd never-
  • Ron: All this time I've been worried about you stealing Hermione or Ginny when really I should've been worried about Fred or George? This makes things so much simpler. Hell yeah
  • Harry: Wait, you don't mind? I just thought since-
  • Ron: So, Fred or George?
  • Harry: Actually Bill is pretty damn fine

I always just assumed that Scorpius meant “scorpion” but I recently found out that it means “brooding swan” and I was absolutely mind-blown. I always knew that jkr chooses names precisely to suit a character but she truly brought him to life with that one. Seriously.

Scorpius IS brooding. He puts on this facade of being happy-go-lucky but he has a lot of resentment and anger built up that he seldom lets anyone, specially Albus, see. The only time he ever lets loose is in the library scene.

It literally says “Scorpius (exploding)” before he goes on his rant. He has all these pent up thoughts swirling in his mind and Albus has truly pushed him over the edge. This is part of the reason why I love their dynamic so much. Albus is the only one Scorpius is comfortable enough around that he can trust to show his true emotions.

Even when Astoria died, Scorpius withdrew and suffered in silence. Draco even said that he “couldn’t reach him”. His own dad. Albus, however, listened to him while he sorted through his hidden, raw emotions and did the right thing by sincerely apologizing straight away.

Of course, Scorpius is a swan too, because, well, his white-blond hair. And his graceful attitude. Sure, he may be a bit boisterous and clumsy in his movements, but he’s a graceful person. He accepts the things thrown his way with a certain level of grace and elegance. Since I found out what his name means, I now think that his patronus could be a swan. It would surprise everyone, but I think it suits him.

So yeah, basically jkr completely nailed the name game with Scorpius. I adore him and now his name makes that much more sense to me. It’s a testament to how hard jkr worked on this series, and I couldn’t be more in awe.

i’m fucking furious guys, up until last week I was the biggest Captain swan shipper, but ever since 6x14 i realized how wrong that was, I mean yeah I was having doubts about the regina/emma relationship since season two, BUT WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING  ? Drama and more Captain swan drama, yeah hook was a villain and now he wants to redeem himself BUT THATS NOT HOW TO DO IT, you either turn him good or let him be a villain, the guy keeps making major mistakes AND EMMA STILL FORGIVES HIM FOR EVERYTHING! I’m not anti-hook, i like the character, BUT when the hell are they gonna realize that its effin too much -_- , when are they gonna stop for a moment and give SWAN QUEEN a chance -_- these two have a better relationship that Supercat even, regina is the one who puts emma in the right path, and emma does the same for regina, THEY ARE MEANT TO BE ! when are they gonna stop the queer baiting ? !!!!

here’s a list of adult lost characters + their heights. because i feel the need to make lists all the time. and height (particularly height difference) interests me

from tallest to shortest:

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Hey SnapBack, did you hear what Ian Jones Quartey said about crit blogs? He says that as long as they aren't bullying people, they should keep going.

Yeah, I heard about it! I don’t disagree with him, but I don’t agree either.

Because – like I’ve been saying – this isn’t new. The fandom’s always been critical of SU stuff!

So crit blogs in and of themselves aren’t harmful. What IS harmful is the ones who attack others, and who joined the fandom just to be critical, and the ones who don’t tag their junk, and all that.

As much as I hate seeing crits reblog my posts and add character hate and SU hate in the tags, it’s only harmful to me personally and I can’t do anything about it.

What really bugs me is how vastly different crits are from old fans who were critical before this crit trend. They had issues but still loved the show. They still had a lot of good things to say about it. If you ask those older fans now, they’d still say it’s a great show with a lot of important values.

While a lot of the crit blogs I stumble upon are just … “I hate SU” or “I love SU but holy shit [insert complaints about how the writing is bad, the animation is bad, the Crewniverse is bad, everything is bad except for maybe like 2 things, etc.]”

To put it more simply, old fans had issues with the show too! But not enough to create ENTIRE SIDEBLOGS about them. (I understand it started to keep negativity off their main blogs, but the newer crits do it because they just have so much awful commentary about the show that they need a whole blog for it.)

So yeah! Could we go back to that nice, neutral flow of positive and negative energies in the fandom mingling in harmony, instead of it basically being posi blogs vs. crit blogs?

(Here’s the source to Ian’s tweet.)


Big Hero 6 parallels

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"like the mcu hasn’t done enough to make me believe for a second that in a tony vs bucky situation steve would be even remotely emotionally conflicted" Honestly this is why the film fell flat with emotion for me. There were parts I enjoyed but I've never been super sold on the SB relationship and I mean, I didn't want anyone to die, but I didn't feel that any of it was difficult for Steve. Which, I want to believe it was, but he walked away pretty light and breezy imo.

yeah,,,like steve was definitely not having a super chill time, and evans’ acting in those moments where steve was quiet and in pain and trying not to fall apart was SO GOOD HOLY SHIT A+ JOB but like. at no point before the final scene with tony and bucky did i genuinely believe that steve was actually remotely emotionally affected by like,,,the concept of the accords or lagos or being at odds with tony and having the team split up or having 117 countries be afraid of him? and in the end steve’s,,,,pretty much fine. i mean i’m sure it sucked that bucky had to go back into cryo, but re: non bucky-related things, i didn’t really buy that steve CARED what happened? and even when he seemed like he maybe cared, the entire time i was like “it’s probably just because bucky is involved” like. even in siberia, his automatic thought process seeing tony watch his parents being murdered was “oh man i hope he doesn’t go after bucky” like he was visibly guilty and upset but  i don’t think steve would change a single thing re: how he went about dealing with any situation in this film. i’m not even 100% sure he would go back and tell tony about his parents sooner? like the majority of the events of this movie probably won’t matter that much to steve in the long run? most of the team is still with him? the accords will probably be pushed aside for infinity war apocalypse purposes? he still thinks he was right? this movie gave me a migraine

  • tmr books: minho tells thomas that he loves him, thomas constantly comments on how muscular minho's arms are in unnecessary detail eg. 'he could almost see the blood pumping through them' and 'minho's powerful arms folded and tensed, veins bulging all over the place', thomas's heart 'aches for minho', a sentence like 'thomas met minho's gaze' almost every other line, minho hates teresa and brenda for no reason other than that they spend time with thomas eg 'and for some reason minho gave brenda dirty looks the entire time' (jealous.mp3), minho grabs thomas by the shirt and pushes him against a wall; he also climbs on top of him and holds him down when thomas is hijacked and refuses to get up even though thomas has a knife ('minho had pinned thomas’s arms to the ground. he hovered over him, heaving to catch his breath. 'im not getting up until they let your mind go') which makes thomas want to smile, it also says that thomas's midsection arches upwards and his body bucked and minho presses down - that's called grinding folks, they risk their lives for each other countless times, minho tackles to the ground and 'punches the living crap' out of the guy who shot thomas, dashner said in an interview that minho and thomas have the closest bond,thomas's heart skipped a beat when he saw minho, minho runs backwards in the lightning storm to help thomas up when he falls, risking his own life in the process, also thomas screams when minho is hit in the lightning storm to help minho even though he ignored every other glader who fell; minho then 'wrapped one of his arms around thomas's neck' and they moved together, 'thomas rammed into minho [...] thomas quickly spun to grab his friend, wrapped his arms around his chest and squeezed against his struggles to escape, minho pulls thomas into a bear hug when they're reunited, when thomas thought he might die he typed goodbye messages to brenda and minho and nobody else, when jorge offered a deal in which he'd help the gladers but would have to kill minho in exchange thomas refuses even though this might endanger everyone else, looking at minho and thinking how he is his 'true best friend' makes thomas have to 'hold back the tears', minho never once questions thomas's judgement even when every single other character questions him and he follows him into anything, 'no way, me and you', 'i'm with thomas. i'm with thomas one hundred percent', just going to repeat this one - minho told thomas that he loves him. like that's an actual thing that happened. they constantly joke around with each other it's srsly flirting, 'if there was a person other than teresa on the planet he (thomas) could truly call a friend, it was minho', minho calls thomas 'baby' and on one occasion it gives thomas butterflies, when minho reunited with thomas he said 'i've been shucked and gone to heaven' aw, minho says he bet thomas cried every night missing him and thomas says 'yeah', minho curls up and goes to sleep at thomas's feet, minho puts all of his faith in thomas from the very beginning eg by making him keeper of the runners while every other glader doubts him which also means minho is going against the people he's known for years in favour of thomas, he also gives up his own leadership role to make thomas keeper of the runners and also tells thomas 'okay greenie, you da boss', when group b take thomas away (after minho trying to fight back) minho yells after him that they'll find him, 'thomas heard a distant voice, screaming the same words over and over, something about him. about protecting him as he ran. it was minho' hashtag protective boyfriend minho, 'thomas made his decision; he liked minho', thomas says he felt disgusted when brenda tries to kiss him and thinks 'maybe it was the drug. maybe it was teresa. maybe it was -' at which point minho starts talking, thomas says to minho 'i won't keep anything from you. and she knows it, too.', minho says 'if you die i will NOT be happy' to thomas, thomas 'hadn't realized how important it was that minho still believed in him - it went halfway to giving him the courage he needed', minho has surgery to remove the wicked device from his brain while thomas is asleep and when thomas wakes up, minho is sitting in the chair beside his bed. this means minho woke up after his surgery and got up and moved to the chair beside thomas's bed, 'thomas could only worry abut minho', 'your eyes dont lie' minho can literally tell whether thomas is lying by looking into his eyes; thomas also does this bc he says he can tell by the 'hard glint' in minho's eyes that he'd been through an awful time, minho gives thomas nicknames and they always have playful banter, 'the two of them then looked at each other for a long moment, catching their breath, somehow reliving those few seconds all the things they’d gone through', 'even though he couldn’t see minho, he knew his friend lay only a few feet above him. and it wasn’t just the snoring. when someone is close by, you just know it', when jorge was kicking minho, thomas's hands clenched into fists and he hated jorge and wanted to 'beat him like he'd beaten gally'; he'd beaten gally for killing chuck, so the fact he wanted to beat jorge as badly as he'd beaten gally for just kicking minho shows how much it angered and hurt him, possibly hurting him as much as it hurt him when chuck was killed, 'minho smiled, a very welcome sight' aka thomas likes his smile; he also 'couldn't believe how good it felt to see minhos smirky grin again', they playfully punch each other on the arm, 'minho studied thomas' is said at least three times in the first book alone aka checking thomas out, thomas says minho has beautiful hands, thomas often refers to all of the gladers just as 'minho and the others', newt says to thomas 'then you're minho's' and thomas replies 'sounds beautiful', thomas and minho share a bunk bed, when thomas says he'll go somewhere with brenda minho shakes his head and says 'no way, me and you', thomas says he couldn't handle losing minho, 'remember that i love you'
  • fandom:
  • fandom:
  • fandom:
  • fandom: they're just friends
This is the fourth time I've been cheated on, and I'm tired of it happening but I'm also tired of hearing a few other things:

 "I’m sorry" - I know you are, but maybe you should have thought of that before you cheated. I don’t care how sorry you are, it loses its meaning after you’ve heard it too many times.

“I was being stupid” or “I was drunk” - yeah, I know you were. Being drunk is not an excuse. Just being stupid or “just making a mistake” are not excuses. You knew what you were saying.

“You’re amazing” - you bet your sweet ass I am, but that doesn’t get you off the hook. If you knew I was so amazing this whole time, why did you cheat?

“I want to earn your trust back” - so did every other guy who cheated on me before you. And guess how many of them earned my trust back? None.

“I love you” - yeah, that’s great. I love you too, but the difference between my love for you and your love for me is that I would never cheat on me. Maybe my love for you is stronger.

I’m just tired and sad and angry and a total mess right now.

Dyslexic Lance headcanons

by the way, did i mention i headcanon Lance as being dyslexic as heck? because i do. here we go

(these may or may not be based off my own experiences tbh)

more under the cut

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Interesting! A real reprogramming? Because I've felt like this is more about choice now, so while I do think we're probably going to get something similar to a crypt scene, I hadn't considered that it would be in the same way as it would have been in the past, where they were supernaturally (ha) influenced? But idk! I've definitely been thinking about your suggestion of a break-up of sorts happening since the past few episodes and Dean's escalating worry.

Yeah, I mean, the thing with speculation is any one flip of the script or slight change in canon can throw it off, but the break up thing, and the separation thing I think seems to be making the most sense right now.

As for the reprogramming, it depends how they want to take it. They could have Cas ‘killed’, captured, reprogrammed or anything, including potentially a conscious choice (but if there is it will clearly have to be based on lies or Dean pushing Cas away due to his own feelings) which basically leads to them being separated at this point…

Dabb loves subversion and mirrors, the whole of season 12 has been a mirror of past seasons, most specifically season 6 and I have really strong feelings about 6x20 seeping into 12x19.

Originally posted by castielamigos

And we all know how season 6 ended and the start of season 7 started - separation, pining and pain.

So personally, unless something changes in the canon script that I wasn’t expecting this is where I see this leading. Because as we keep saying it has been written and built up so much this season that is just TOO obvious that they are in love with each other at this point, that Cas wants to be with and loves them both, but is in love with Dean. That Dean is struggling with his feelings towards Cas but now knows them for what they are and just misses him terribly, even quite openly worrying about him and Sam trying to support him. It’s time for a flip and some drama.

At this point nothing but a separation is going to stop these two from finally addressing it and SPN loves pain, pining and drama and lbr, they can’t just talk it out and become lovey-dovey hunter husbands at this point, it doesn’t fit the overall story.

Aside from this we have all the subtext leading us to see Cas as a Jesus type sacrificial character and the fallen Angel, Dean as Humanity, both as the embodiment of Free Will (and what shouts free will louder than A. telling God you’re not following his plan because the man you love taught you not to and  B. breaking your programming because of the love of said man...). 

So it’s a possibility, but as I say, the important factor for me is the separation (whether it just lasts 2 episodes or they reconcile and are forcibly separated at season end is another matter, one which I have strong opinions on too, I’m leaning towards the latter). 

For me the emotional toll it takes on them both is more important than the actual way in which it occurs and the way they break that separation should be pretty dramatic.

To the Girl Who Healed His Heartache After I Called Him Out

I had to wash my sheets three times to get the smell of you
out of them. I tried to drown you, but you kept popping out
of the water like a fishing line. I hung your bones along my bed
to remind myself that you are dead, but when he whispers he loves you
into your hair when you are sleeping, your bones clang
against my bedpost. You wake up knowing he loves you
and I wake up with the taste of death in my mouth.

I lied when I told you he never loved me. I lied when
I told you if he loves you, he will give you what you deserve.
You told me that must be painful for me to say, but it is less painful
than admitting I don’t want someone I circled the Earth for.
The truth is, he is a firework. You could spend your whole life
trying to catch his light, but he is running too fast from the darkness.
He will shoot in the air at the sound of my name and you
will be the one who witnesses him coloring the skyline.
You will think his flaws are beautiful.

You want so badly to believe my opinion matters
and I want so badly to believe you will break his heart.
And yeah, we are probably both wrong,
but we are both empty and we are both full of life.
I don’t hate you, I don’t hate him, and I don’t hate myself anymore.
That doesn’t make it okay. That doesn’t mean I deserved this,
but I do deserve the boy who compliments my confidence instead of
viewing it as his weakness. And you deserve him. And that’s okay.
I am not his warning label anymore. I only hope he deserves you too.

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I need mooooore Montparnasse working at Lush *-*-*-*

Gosh, I’m always here for Mont-”worst person to work in customer service”-Parnasse working in customer service:

  • Everyone’s like super friendly and helpful and ‘have a wonderful day!!’ and … then there’s Montparnasse
  • At one point someone genuinely asked if he was like a mannequin presenting the work uniforms because he didn’t move for like half an hour
  • Still somehow… knows so much??
  • Like sometimes he materializes next to someone who’s about to pick something  like, “You don’t want to take that one” and if the kind-of-shark-like smile + very-confusing-glare doesn’t make them put it back he sighs but and launches into explanations about skin types and moisturizing, etc. until they do what he says
  • Secretly loves sparkly bath bombs
  • Has about twenty sparkly bath bombs at home
  • Which means he kind of not totally hates his job because he gets stuff for free with like minimum effort
  • Does kind of hate his job because of enthusiastic, happy co-workers (at this point I would like everyone to consider lush employee!Courfeyrac flirting with confused customer!Combeferre: “So, what kind of soap do you want?” “I guess… something that smells nice? And makes you feel clean?” “You sure you don’t want to try something dirty?” “What?” “Yeah… I mean, we got mud masks.”)
  • Always smells really really good
  • Has the softest hands
  • One time Gavroche took a picture of him when he was sleeping with a face mask and like cucumbers over his eyes
  • It ended up plastered all over the shop and stayed for like three weeks because their boss liked the ‘employee initiative’

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hey! have you joined the bendy and the ink machine fandom yet?????

o h 

yeah about that-

I mean it’d be cool to join it and all!! It’s a great game but

I’m still obsessed with undertale, and it’s still going strong =w=

and uh, a few AUS and stuff are nice, like rouges

I dunno, theres only one chapter out-

*peeks out from behind curtains*

hey guys, dev here!
so i’ve changed my status in our bio to “semi-hiatus” which means i’m going to try to be more active! i’ve spent sometime working on my mental illness, and i think i’m ready to make baby steps back towards a near constant update… but yeah, i’ve been working on some edits, so expect some shortly :)

I really don’t like seeing these posts of Sirius being mean to Peter. He was literally the one to suggest Peter as the Potter’s secret keeper. Peter was a Marauder whether we like it or not. Stop making him seem like anything less than that.