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I was looking through my doodles and found a cute one I decided to finish.

*hey, chin up, kid.


‘Cuz, sometimes, a little smile can go a long way.

Also got hugged by one of my classmates for no reason (was as long as fifteen Mississippis tops). Though I was an awkward cookie that I always am, it’s nice. Just sayin’ that if you know that there’s something wrong going on your friend’s life, one hug can speak a thousand words.

Tolkien Finale Projects (be like--)
  • Student 1: I'm going to present over feminism and the role of women in Tolkien's literature :)
  • Student 2: I want to discuss how Tolkien's personal experiences in war were shadowed through his written works
  • Student 3: I'm going to do an in depth study how hobbits influence in the Third Age confess the decline of elves and the rise of man
  • Student 4: I'll be expressing the importance of art and the role poetry, song and verse throughout the legendarium
  • Student 5: I am going to debate concepts of the fading as well as how Tolkien was inspired by folklore and mythos throughout our primary world
  • Me: Yeah I'll be talking about Morgoth and Sauron and explain why they're both kinda assholes

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Hi, I was hoping you could help me on a school project I'm working on. I wanted to talk about complex characters in the Dragon Age series. I wanted your opinion on Loghain. Like yeah, he's trying to kill you for most of the game. But he's doing it out of his love for Ferelden and Maric. And its obvious he knows Alistair was Maric's son, he and Cailan look like brothers. Yet he pushes for Anora to be queen. She's his daughter but she doesn't have Theirin blood. He wants the best for Ferelden but

he allows the country to be taken over by darkspawn proclaiming them not a threat or a Blight. I just wanted to know your opinions on him, if he’s a villain or a good man doing bad things. I hope I wasn’t a bother to you and would really appreciate it if you could answer. Thank you!

So, firstly, here’s the background you need to understand to fully understand Loghain’s viewpoint re: Orlais and the blight (I am aware that some of it you already know. 

  1. Orlais has used the cover of a blight to take over nations before.
  2. Duncan, while he was born in Ferelden to either a Fereldan father and a Rivaini mother or a Tevene father and a Rivaini mother, was raised in Orlais, and almost certainly considered himself Orlesian.
  3. Duncan was one of the Wardens who were unintentionally involved in the near kidnapping of King Maric about twenty years before.
  4. Alistair’s mother, Fiona, was also involved in this. 
  5. As far as Loghain knows, Alistair could easily be in contact with his mother, an Orlesian elf.
  6. Flemeth, when she met with Loghain and Maric in TST, told Maric a blight would sweep Ferelden, but that Maric would not live to see it. Admitting that it is a blight means admitting that Maric is dead. (It turns out in the comics that Flemeth is a liar, but Loghain likely has a decent amount of guilt about something else she said during that conversation, so he may still hold this to be true.) 

So, to Loghain, Duncan is already an untrustworthy Orlesian, who’s attempting to use the cover of a blight, of which this can’t be because if it is that means Maric is dead, to usurp this nation and put Alistair, potentially spurred on by his Orlesian elf mother, Fiona, on the throne as a puppet king. 

The fact is, none of the Wardens seem particularly trustworthy either. Tabris killed a Fereldan noble who, as far as Loghain knows, was a decent man. Brosca, Amell, Aeducan, or Mahariel aren’t Ferelden citizens (Brosca and Aeducan are from Orzammar, Mahariel is Dalish, and Amell is from Kirkwall.) Cousland’s parents now have a cordial relationship with Orlais, having received a gift from a nobleman who mistook Bryce for the king. Surana, having the least fleshed out background is the one exception, but she’s an elven Circle mage, and Fiona is almost certainly head of the libertarian fraternity at this point, so making the link that they’re somehow tied to this conspiracy is frightfully easy. 

The signal fire came late, this is canon, from Alistair. Loghain had a choice at this point, risk his men and save the king, breaking a promise he made to Maric (Maric made him promise during the war that if it ever came down to saving him or their men, to save their men, and while Cailan is not Maric, the message behind his words still stands), or keep his promise, and keep his men safe to fight another day. He chose that option. 

Now, after the battle, he was sure the signal fire was late on purpose, a plot by the Wardens, as he had no way of knowing that the tower of Ishal was flooded by darkspawn. Of course he thought Ali and the Warden were responsible for the death of the king.

He took over as regent for Anora to allow her to grieve, as he’d done for Maric when Maric was in his deep depression at the death of Queen Rowan.

There is no indication that the king and queen of Fereldan are anything but coregents, so of course Loghain would fight to keep Anora on her throne. No Theirin blood or not, it’s still /her/ throne, and any attempt to put Alistair on it would be a usurpation, Maric’s son or not. It’d also mean Anora’s death, as, if Anora was kept alive, she could either rally troops behind her and try to retake her throne, or, less likely, she could end up being in the early stages of pregnancy, and give birth to a Theirin heir who could do the same thing later on, more easily because of their heritage. 

The only thing Loghain does that isn’t understandable, that’s inexcusable, and is a betrayal of Maric’s values and Ferelden, is selling elves into slavery. 

Hope this helps.

My workspace

This is where the magic happens guys! My little studio located in my bedroom! I hope to rent out an actual studio office in the future but..the rent in NYC is very pricey so this will have to do until I can increase my income and find a better job! 

We’ll start with my precious desktop, Noah. (Yeah, I name my computers. I love them that much.) If I'm not tired by the end of my workday, I’ll work on blog related things here, new starry products or new portfolio projects. (Which I am currently working on.) I also have, a solar system orb, a constellation globe, pens, my USB headphone stand, mh30 headphones from master and dynamic and my Intuos pen and touch tablet from wacom. 

That’s my current project I am working on. New Cosmic Stickies sets! They should be out by Sunday! 

These are where I place some of my crafts here. It’s mainly embossing powders, plastic pouches for future products I am planning on ordering to sell, sketchbooks, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, ink, and of course the distracting ps4 and Nintendo games/ systems. 

Below the crafts shelf is the inspiration shelf. I have a ton of art inspiration I use for work and for cosmic funnies!

Here is my cutting station! My lovely Cricut explore air! This is where I work on creating stickers and other lovely starry projects for you all! :) 

And on my bed, is my laptop, N and my partner, fluff the bunny. After work, I would hang out at the coffee shop and work on cosmic funnies there. (Which is most of the week.)

And that’s all for my mini tour of my workspace! I hope you all enjoyed it! 

Have a great evening and see you on Sunday!

This has been hanging out on my computer for who knows how long so I thought I’d post it. I’ve been thinking about streaming while I paint. I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching?


That moment when you don’t sleep, get bored of working on your final projects and end up doodling at 3 AM in the morning… I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore… But yeah,  Adrien learns Marinette likes… Adrien? what?

Oh god… I need to sleep. 

Someone take me away from the computer.

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I just want to say I think you're amazing and yeah that's it

You’re so nice!! I’m totally not amazing though, and I keep taking forever to finish my projects…I should probably change the name of my tumblr to “Unreliable Scans.”  But…I actually did some scanlating these past two days! I finally have free time again.  I actually finished 30 pages (but that’s between two different projects).  Here are two pages from the Harada oneshot I’m working on: 

yay uncensoring! 

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So did Rachel have a class with Dylan or no??? You've said Eric had 0 classes with Rachel, but you seem to have contradicted yourself. You said Dylan had 0 classes with Rachel but you also said they shared a film class for one semester. Then also Rachel's mom said that Rachel confronted them in a class they shared which is BS.. So can you just confirm this sorry I'm confused :) Also didn't they both turn in a video project for the same class?

Yeah, it is a bit confusing.  It wasn’t my intent to sound contradictory if that’s how it came across..  As far we know, Dylan and Rachel only shared Theater production class together. Dylan worked behind the scenes doing the sound tech for school plays and Rachel was into the acting/stage stuff. It doesn’t appear as though Eric and Rachel had classes together.   Rachel’s mom seems to think that Rachel had a video production class with the boys and confronted them over the type of violent content they were producing for videos.  The records don’t seem to indicate that Rachel was directly in either boys’ video classes. Perhaps Rachel was in another period video class and knew what types of content the boys were making in their own period classes and said something in passing to them such as asking them why they always made violent clips. But, of course, that would be just speculation to say as such just to try and make it fit Rachel’s mom’s scenario.  Eric had third period video production class and Dylan had that same class his fourth period.  But Dylan dropped his third period Philosophy class in his senior year so he would often come into Eric’s video class and the two would brainstorm on video production ideas with others.  

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(Project anon) I'm done with all of my finals! I'm graduating high school now, thank you Reiji! All of that hard work was worth it ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ) (more or less)

Reiji: These are pleasant news.

Reiji: Since you really worked hard, I’d like to invite you over to have some tea. Will you-


Reiji: It’s not poisoned.

[MTK: Yeah, and I have blue eyes.]



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I am shipping JCL & Jodie so hard omfg that sex scene I wonder if they will get more projects together after TWP or if they are dating IRL I'm honestly just watching the show bc I just want to see them together lol

you are taking a dangerous path anon! believe me, i know.
but yeah, it’s fun and their amazing chemistry is not helping. i doubt they will work together again (unless there is a season 2… we will see!)

and for you anon, here Jacob & Jodie in their own little bubble during the Premiere ❤

tempo of ivory pauses

summary: the piano from the other side of the wall becomes a part of phil’s night and he’s adjusted to it even though he doesn’t know why. 

excerpt: Dan smiles at him, glances exchanged from the corner of eyes, and he nods and says, “Thanks,” and in the daytime Dan is less piano and more black band t-shirts and friendly eyes but Phil can’t separate the two, can’t dissect neighbourly Dan who smiles at him from the pianist who’s taken over Phil’s three in the morning, who’s now a part of Phil’s day just as much as eating breakfast is.

note: clearly based on this prompt and don’t ask me why because tbh i don’t know




Hours are sounds, the same way they’re colours and they’re habits and they’re instincts, embedded under humans’ skin never to be removed. They’re in the way five in the morning is birds chirping and the mellow orange of the sky and the sound of sleeping, that isn’t the same as silence because it isn’t death, isn’t the absence of life, but rather the calm that takes over before the day is set to begin. They’re in the way seven is the sound of alarm-clocks and students yawning and fighting off sleep, midday is the colour of bright yellow and pinks and lazy alertness, the afternoon is laughter and tea and the bone-deep relief of returning home, and the evening is dark blue and slow movements and shuffling around, drawing the day to an end.

Only the small hours of the night, they’re not the same – because one and two and three in the morning, they’re all black, calm, silent. They aren’t sounds and aren’t colours and aren’t habits, because the world is asleep at night – and those who aren’t, they don’t make sounds and their oxygen is the colour of nothing, because they’re too busy twisting from side to side and wishing for sleep to come, or too busy making themselves as transparent as they can, wishing to be swallowed into the walls.

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I think I’ll be posting sketches of Klance or other Voltron related stuff from my sketchbook today

I get really bored in second block and the teacher lets us use our phones so yeah.

Plus he won’t be here today so that pretty much means I’ll be shitposting irl for about an hour and a half.