yeah i'm trash

I’m obligated to imagine through some kind of  magic science, Harry accidentally turns young again. 

He’s just as much a gentleman as he was older, except he’s cockier, youthful, and there’s nothing there to hold him back. Eggsy ain’t gonna know what’s coming after him. Suddenly there’s this scary, handsomely determined young man politely removing his pants.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: the man from uncle absolutely ruined me and i will not stop on my quest to get as many people to see it as possible because what if there’s no sequel? what if i never know what happens in istanbul or why gaby is learning russian? also please can this movie be released on blu-ray soon because i cannot look at the same gifs over and over i need all the content i need this movie all over my face and body and i need it to make its budget back so there can be a fucking sequel.


I don’t know what kinda mission would require Jay in a dress but w/e. Who else would wear a dress ,of course not Nya. My headcanon is that she hates wearing dresses.


because i’m utter rubbish.

post Charlotte episode 6 interview with Maeda Jun translation

translated from chinese translation but uh better than nothing I suppose


Q: 6 episodes are already out. And staff already said that ‘this will go into the main topic from episode 6 onwards’, so fans are all looking forward to this episode. Then for the audience who had not watched episode 6 yet, can you tell them what is worth noting in episode 6?

A:  More like ‘from episode 6 onwards, the plot finally starts to move’. Of course, the staff should not be saying things like ‘from XX episode is the real thing’. This would be forcing audience to say: ‘although earlier story has not much meaning, but you must still watch.’ This is rather difficult, so I am reflecting.

Q: Because the development of episode 6 is shocking, so I believe many people can’t wait to see the plot of next episode. Please tell the audience what to look out for in next episode.

A: The protagonist, Otosaka Yuu’s development. Although from the first episode he had slowly developed, but from now on, it will be more obvious. Other than this, more people will die. I’m worried people will complain ‘why the same thing as always’, but please tolerate it for now.

Q: In another staff interview, someone said that the helper, Kumagami is a central character. Then what will he do from now on?

A: Kumagami is the only XX character in this series. He is not XX. From episode 2 onwards, he had the role of telling the student council about the location of power users as a ‘helper’. If his fringe was parted and it’s revealed he’s actually handsome, this is when he shows his true ability. Sometimes he will be XX’s helper, sometimes he will act as XX’s friend.

*XX shows classified information that is still spoiler and unknown.

Q: With the plot so far, Tomori and Takajou seemed to have deceived Yuu in their actions. Does this mean that Yuu has secrets that even he does not know about?

A: Of course. What Takajou wanted to say in episode 5 was: This is because you have the ability to travel into XXX. Tomori and Takajou knew about Yuu’s secret with Kumagami’s ability. Therefore, only Yuu does not know about this

(t/n: it’s pretty obvious it’s time travel since many other hints point to time travel and makes sense to time travel to save Ayumi. and I’m speculating the mysterious sibling is Yuu from the future)

Q: We also saw the second key visual. Can you tell us about it? (that one with the ruins)

A: The second key visual has a meaning like this: the original gave an impression of ‘this is the story of the teenage years of power users’. But with this one, it has the feeling of destroying that image.

Q: Now fans are intensely speculating about Yuu’s ability and future developments, everyone has made a lot of analysis. What do you think?

A: Seeing everyone analyse intensely, I am of course very happy. But those who understand me will know: the plot has not been completely shown yet. How to say this, like it’s only half a pail now and it’s always splashing. I have plans to make people shout ‘Ah!’, please look forward to it!

Q: There are many plans on the web for Charlotte and there’s a lot of intense promotion. Seeing the reactions from the audience live, I believe you have a lot of feelings about it. Tell us about it.

A: I think that the internet can make more people notice works and affect the success of the work, so I am really glad. If it’s not as popular, then it would not meet my standards. So every day I’m looking forward to more popularity!!

A: Then give your fans who are looking forward to future plot a few words.

A: I still have not finished watching 13 episodes, so I still cannot say ‘this is a good work!’ ‘I’m so touched!’ But to meet this target, many seiyuu and staff are all working so far. Therefore I believe I will say these lofty words some day. If everyone can hold on to the last episode, then I will be more honoured than anything!