yeah i'm sure most of you know by now


WOWOWOW It’s been a while since I drew all these kiddos, huh?

Feels good to draw them again haha

Anyway, yeah, I wanted to draw all the kids reacting to various movie genres

so I did lol

Hope you like~

Also Happy Belated Birthday Undertale~

anonymous asked:

Hi know your doing a little thing right now but I wanted to address an anon about Jin's Graduation. It was most definitely up to the company that they attended the awards instead of Jin's graduation. Like no matter how much you think Kpop idols have any type of leeway, they don't the majority of the time. To be honest BTS probably would have loved to go to Jin's graduation but, their company prioritized attending the gaon chart awards instead.

yeah i agree, it was definitely the company’s choice, the boys have nothing to do with it (nd i’m sure they would’ve loved to go and support him, like you said)

but i didn’t really understand that message as an attack on the members or anything, the ‘should’ in there merely suggesting that that would be the right thing to do? which i agree with, honestly, but like you said - it’s up to bighit when it comes to these decisions

idk…… it might’ve been meant like that tho? i didn’t understand it as a criticism of the members but i might be wrong

  • PSAT: which major do you want to declare?
  • me: hm i don't know... i've wanted to study music for awhile so there's that?? probably not though
  • PSAT: oh btw musicians are smarter than everyone else