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Say Sober

Inspired by this song

It was a full week and a half after they met when they finally had a chance to put her plans into action.

“My place,” she told him as they packed up at the end of rehearsal. He was enjoying the process more than he expected so far. But it was also harder on his body than he ever imagined it would be and he was exhausted. “Tonight. Sound good?”

“Only if you enjoy spending time with me passed out on your couch.”

“You are more than welcome to pass out on my couch after a while.” She tied her hair up on top of her head before continuing on. “But first I have to get to know you. After all, there’s more to you than ‘survived a crash that should’ve killed me,’ right?”

“Honestly, that’s my biggest draw.”

She laughed at this. He learned pretty quick how fun it was to make her laugh. Sure, he was like that with everyone in his life, but it was different with her somehow. “Well, I’ll figure it out. There must be something in there.” She tapped her finger to his chest. “I’ll bring the beverages and you bring all your deepest, darkest secrets. You look scared,” she remarked.

He quickly rearranged his face into something more passive. “No. But if I fall asleep and you put my hand in warm water, I’ll quit and you can foxtrot on your own.”

She laughed again and he followed her out the door.

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Just fuck me up with a Klance exes meeting again after not speaking for years au pls

fic promptsfuck me up here

disclaimers: don’t own
prompt: see above, @slotheyes hope you like ;)
a/n: bc keith as a barista with that stupid little ponytail and lance wearing a star wars t-shirt was the first thing i saw, pls excuse my ridiculous music references, what i listen to as i write always goes into the finished product bc i’m a dweeb

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There are plenty of awkward moments in life, some more mortifying than others, some less. Falling up the stairs. Swimming into someone else’s lost Band-Aid at the public pool. Working at a late-night coffee shop on a slow, soggy Tuesday evening — hiss and grind of espresso machine, rattle and clink of dishes in the sink, soft hum of the building’s heater overlaying shop music as the last few regulars pack up, last few non-regulars drift out, a to-goer hurries with his umbrella poised to open — and turning around from washing some house mugs to find your high school ex staring at you from the other side of the Square tablet and register.

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colors pt. I || jinhwan
  • notes : the third of the halsey songs x ikon series thing is finally here! Please bear with me because I’m back in school and it’s exams season, but I will do the rest of the members & their scenarios soon! Thank you for being patient / reading!! ((:
  • genre: angst angst angst
  • warnings : no warnings with this one but it’s kinda sad if you really think about it js / plus it’s kinda long
  • read pt. II here!!

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You’re ripped at every edge, but you’re a masterpiece x

         The first time you had noticed him? Ah, what a good question that is. Would it be too cliché to say that the day you noticed him happened to be the very first day?

           Well, despite what anyone may think of such an answer, the truth is that you had been well aware of Jinhwan ever since the first day you stepped into that lecture hall. It was only the first day, but you were already feeling the new weight on your shoulders from the realization that you were in college now, and the one person you could depend on was yourself, and that’s it. That would be something you would come to realize time and time again throughout your whole experience.

           “Everyone, please take a sit as quickly as possible,” you heard the professor say from somewhere in the front. With a deep breath, you managed to steal a seat in the back; sitting in the front had never been so ideal to you since middle school.

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Safe in the Five AM Light

It was in times like these, Lydia thought as they drove away, that no time turned into months, and months turned to an indefinite number that stretched deadlines even farther away. 

High school is over, and summer is starting; so are Stiles and Lydia. 

AO3 | Rated T | 6.6k

Based on a prompt on stydia-fanfiction for fluffy, new-journey-together, awkward-at-first Stydia. (x)

Beta read by Rachel (@rongasm​), and actually I’m going to give full credit to her, because I realised that her headcanons influenced my writing so much, I felt like a thief. 

This is actually my first Stydia fanfiction ever, but I posted Carry Memories With You before because reasons. 

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Especially One of You

It was a little past 11 pm when she finally reached her hotel room. Even though she was tired as hell for being shooting almost the entire day, she managed to take a shower before passing out in bed.

Before entering the shower, she checked her voice mail just to make sure she wouldn’t miss any important messages. The inbox signaled three messages, one of which she instantly knew who was from. 

“Hey. I’ve been trying to reach you all day. Guess you’re still shooting. I… I, um, I just wanted to say how much I miss you. You know how much I dread doing this, it’s just so not my scene. You make things easier when you’re there with me. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re gonna say…’but David, you won’t be alone, the guys are gonna be there with you…’”. She laughed at that. His attempt at impersonating her was hilarious. She continued listening to it, her heart warm and a little tight. She missed him. “…well, newsflash, I don’t need the guys, I need my girl. It’s not the fucking same, ya know? Who am I gonna share my jacket with? Or gum? Or do improvs? I swear to God, babe, this is the last time I let you convince me to do this shit without you next to me, you got it? You know I can’t say no to you at any given day, but especially when we’re in bed and you’re doing that thing with your hand that drives me crazy and I can’t think coherently or deny you anything. You’re an evil, evil creature, G-Woman.” She heard him chuckle and it made her insides flutter. “Shit, okay, I’m rambling. I, uh, I have to go now. Just wanted you to know how much I miss you. I, um, I hope you miss me as much as I miss you. So, uh, talk to you later, then? Love you, babe.”

She smiled.

If only he knew.

If only he knew how much she fucking missed him. He clearly had no idea and she could sense a bit of insecurity behind his words. She had to constantly remind him how important he was in her life these days, especially when hours and miles were against them. 

If only he knew. 

If only he knew how it sucked to be so far away from him, not seeing him in almost a month now, after practically living together for three. They had tested the waters. And passed the test with flying colors. One more the reason it was so hard to listen to him other than feel him. On her and in her.

If only he knew.

She checked the clock on the nightstand and a quick math told her it was almost time for the guys’ panel on the Comic Con. She pulled her tablet from inside her purse and tried to get a hold of a live streaming. While waiting for it to turn on and connect, she listened to the other messages.

“Hey Gill, I’m out for the night. I ran all the errands and picked up your dry cleaning. It’s all in the closet. Piper said the boys are good, aside from fighting over a missing Lego piece, you know, the one David got them in Vancouver?Oh, speaking of, he tried to reach you earlier. You, um, you should definitely try to give him a call ASAP, he sounded a little… I don’t know, off. I dare to say a little sad, perhaps? I don’t know, just… just call him when you can, okay? By the way, the panel will be live streaming at XFiles News website, in case you manage to get back in time. Well, that’s it. See you tomorrow. Bye.”

Her PA. She didn’t know what she would do without Katie in her life. Her words worried her a little, tho. He sounded sad? Jesus. What else would it take to make him see how invested she was in him? In them? Damn David for being so thick. But fuck it. If reassurance was what he needed, reassurance was what he’d get.

Blessing the wonders of technology, she was soon greeted by the live streaming on the screen. And there he was. In all its hot and sexy glory. Damn, he looked good. But Katie was right. There was something not quite right about him. She could read him like a book. The jokes were there, together with his usual charm and sarcasm. Nothing unusual for the ordinary, outside eyes. He did put on a good front. But she could tell. He was fidgety, she could see that much. Changing positions, drinking water all the time. All those telltale signs she knew by heart. He was right. It was different when it was just them. They were usually both at ease and could handle anything thrown their way.

Without missing a beat, she grabbed her phone, logged in to her Twitter account and wrote what her heart told her to. For once she managed to keep her usual trolling out of it. She loved to yank his chains, but she needed it to be different this time. This time the message had to get across and he needed to understand it for what it was. A sincere, heartfelt declaration. Of some sort, at least.

And she was sincere. She was lying in bed. She did miss them all. The guys in her mind. But her guy in her heart.

@ill-show-you-later well, there you have it. What can I do really? They just keep giving us the adorable material for this. We simply can’t fight this feeling anymore *insert guitar solo here* lol!

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Can you do a continuation if Sousuke working in America, but he returns to surprise Haru?! I wonder what Haru reaction would be! Maybe he would jump into Sousuke arms and never let go for another hour, and sousuke never complained because he enjoys it too. Oh and I love your stories, they give me life! Never stop writing them. Your my favorite souharu fanfiction writer of all time!

Take this fluff because we all know I can’t let anything stay angsty.

Continuation of this fic

Haru knows Makoto and Rin are worried about him.  He can read in their faces, no matter how much they think they’re being subtle.  It’s clear in their actions too, how they’re practically doting on him every chance they can get.  Rin has made a point of stopping by several times a week if he can, loud and obnoxious as ever, ready to challenge Haru to an impromptu race.  Makoto has gotten back in the habit of barging into his apartment every morning to drag him from the bathtub.

It’s rather bothersome, Haru thinks.  His friends have no need to waste so much time on him, when he’s perfectly capable of living independently.  He’s not a child, after all.

And yet, although he’d never admit it, a small part of him appreciates it.

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