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being an aroace sucks when you’re a kid because everyone talks about crushes at sleepovers and you’ve either gotta make some shit up about liking someone or the people around you are gonna pick someone for you


UM I’m scared

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I’m cryin @ the fact that baby Lou and rooney literally look like 6 month old infants. Oh yeah and I included a bonus “male” version of Lou at the bottom because…same

I’m gonna tag EVERYONE because I can’t think of anyone that hasn’t been tagged yet lmao (I know it’s a copout shh)

Who Should You Fight: Romantic Poets Edition

William Blake
Who Wins: Blake
Blake has hidden danger. Like undertow or those steel razor scooters capable of ruining a summer, he will not hesitate to wreck your shit. If you think he’s actually a sweet guy with that whole songs of innocence thing, think again! He has a special song of experience just for you and it’s coming for your ass. Also this old fucker outlived the entire younger half of the Big Six??? AVOID

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Who Wins: Uncertain
I can kinda see the appeal in fighting Coleridge but the dude is high like literally all the time. This makes his movesets and strength of will unpredictable on any given day. Go ahead and fight him but it’ll take some planning beforehand. Be prepared to face his full force if you interrupt his writing OR be prepared for him to make up some bullshit about you interrupting him afterwards if he loses.

Robert Southey
Who Wins: You
I mean sure, it’s a pretty guaranteed win and it’d be cool to say you beat the guy who wrote the three bears but. He’s a pretty nice guy?? And you want to fight him?? Does he deserve that? Your call man.

William Wordsworth
Who Wins: You (with proper precautions)
Yes for the love of god fight this man oh my god. Fight him. Please. If he cries about your hatred and lack of appreciation for poetry fight him more I will paY YOU. You will win! Easily!! (IMPORTANT NOTE: This outcome is only guaranteed if he is alone. If he is with Dorothy do not approach repeat DO NOT APPROACH)

Dorothy Wordsworth
Who Wifuck this I’m not finishing this you shouldn’t even be reading this the thought should not even be crossing your mind to fight Dorothy DO NOT APPROACH DOROTHY

Robert Burns
Who Wins: Me
I don’t care what anyone says the man is fragile and I will not stand for this. He wrote his most famous poem for a little field mouse and you may not touch him. Fight me.

George Gordon (Lord Byron)
Who Wins: Byron
Byron is 100% the equivalent of that kid in your class who took dodgeball way too seriously. AND he works out. This is a no-brainer–give him any reason to fight and he will fight you, defeat you, loudly tell his friends about your levels of hotness afterward, and then even later might ask you out for a drink. Byron will win. You’re probably going to fight him anyway. I don’t blame you.

Percy Shelley
Who Wins: You
EDITED: Originally there was a warning here about the ethics of fighting “mild-mannered Shelley” but I have since acquired the fucker’s receipts and I now give you full permission to fight Percy “sure babe write your scary story I’m gonna go have sex with a bunch of the people we’re staying with I love our open marriage” Shelley. You will win and Mary will probably watch.

John Keats
Who Wins: You (but ultimately Keats)
What the fuck. Wjha t e the f ukc this is too much for me. What are you gonna do, sneeze and knock him over?? Honestly fuck this, if you fight Keats anyone with even the slightest grasp of the cruel ironies of life will turn on you and then congrats on being hated by everyone forever. Bad idea. Goddamn. (ALSO HE’S BARELY FIVE FEET TALL LIKE I’M YELLING!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS)

Tw r*pe, abuse, drugs and alcohol, disassociation, discourse on Steven universe . . . . . . I’m so bitter. I sooooo fucking tired of my ex abuser ruining things for me. I fucking love Steven universe, but sometimes it’s hard to watch episodes like alone at sea and earthlings because Jasper’s pain is so real and it feels so similar to mine. When alone at sea first aired I ended up having a panic attack because of all the discourse on tumblr about jasper being the big bad despite the creators confirming that jasper was the victim in guide to the crystal gems in malachite’s bio. Some background is that I’m six foot, big in size, and me being assertive has a tendency of coming off aggressive because I have a loud voice. I was abused by a five foot two trans guy who manipulated and isolated me, used me then dropped me whenever I showed any slightly negative emotion. He continuously gaslit me, left me every time someone showed slight interest in him and then got angry when I broke up with him once and that in his mind made me an abuser. When he got drunk around me he became violent and would hit things near me, yell at me, yell in general. The mornings after he would say he didn’t know why he acted like that and that he only did that around me. He told me all the negative things people said about me and then would praise me and say HE didn’t believe them and how wonderful I was. I stopped trusting anyone but him. I continued to go back to him over and over even when he hung out with my shitty ex, I went back over and over until I spent a long period of time disassociated and was able to break up with him. A year later we hooked up and used and drank around me despite knowing I was struggling to stay sober, and would pressure me to fuck him despite knowing it was triggering because that’s how I was r*ped. He made me feel worthless, blaming how he treated me on other people telling him I was bad for him. And yet like jasper I went back over and over and over again, because despite everything, I loved him, and I couldn’t live without him. It hurt to be without him. I specifically remember telling him I’ve changed, I’ll be better, quieter, sweeter, I’ll be good. So when people say lapis is the victim despite everything in canon saying she was the abuser I feel sick to my stomach. Because a lot of people believed my abuser who knew both of us because I’m big and scary and he acts like a manic pixie dream boy. He literally identified with lapis and always said I’d be his jasper. So yeah lapis as a character makes me sick and that fucks me up so much. Because I want to love her like I love everyone else on that show. But I can’t. And I’m so bitter about it.

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Class Appreciation Week → Feb 5: Post whatever you want
  ↳ Eyes, made with acrylics

(thank you to everyone who liked or reblogged any of my posts, you made my week !! this was a great challenge and i hope we’ll have the opportunity to do things like this again. lots of love to everyone who took part!)

(special thanks to @onehopefuldreamer who said such lovely things in their tags, you’re a gift to the world ♥)

Appreciation, a Year Later

So, as of last month, I’ve been running this blog for more than a year! I don’t have any fancy graphics prepared, and I’m not gonna sit here and tag literally my every active follower and or senpai like I did with my follower forever. I will tag my lovely girlfriend @bladedillusions for inspirring me to make this blog, but that’s it!
I want to give everyone who follows me a genuine thank you. Thank you for giving me a community here, with so many wonderful people for such a fun series. I haven’t fallen so hard in love with a series and the people in it in a long time. Thank you for giving me a chance to explore new ideas and make new friends and talk to new people who I never would have gotten the chance to before! Thank you for being kind and welcoming and really making me feel at home with all of you. The Fate/ and larger type-moon community have genuinely felt like a place I belong for more than a year now, and I hope to keep it up for as many more as I can.
Stay awesome, y’all. Thanks for making me feel loved and at home, and I hope I can keep doing that for you guys too.

To Anons...

i-i mean i’m not scary am i? ;3; SUPER LATE but i did it! erm… since..ya’ll are anonymous, i cant really tag individuals…so../u\; letshopeyou’llatleastseethis.

i really should draw kuma more. uwu

…whoops. wrong one…he really stop kissing that stock image. like. that’s….that’s wrong. yeap. it has watermarks n everything.

so.. tsundere claus ( :3 _/ )

the hardest part was choosing who was gonna do the nose boop~

same ninten. same… (drawing the same poses would be kinda boring uwu)

ʕ/ ·ᴥ·ʔ/  *poof* dont be sorry my anon. there’s nothing to be sorry bout.

yeap. real spicy~

h-he’s not disappearing pft. the fading effect was…erm. a mistake. yeah. totally. hahah….

not everyone my anon. uwu i just like drawing nesscas first. COUGHS TOTALLY NOT OCD. 

ANNNNND FINISH. DONE. NO MORE….wait a minute…. 

…. have a snicker. 



“Ming loves Chris Hemsworth and was just basically running around the carpet trying to take pictures of him from behind him and it was very funny to watch her run around. She was fangirling out and me and Elizabeth [Henstridge] were just cracking up the entire time watching.” (Chloe Bennet)

Why tf did I join a shadowhunters FB group again lmao I forgot for five seconds that everyone on Facebook is garbage……I would block out names but it’s a public group so idc. Anyways it’s not fucjing mace it’s jaia, Jordan is an abuser who I hope never appears on the show or if he does is brutally murdered, and I could not give a flying fuck about clace or the books :)))))))))


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ᴡᴇ·ʀᴇ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ʟɪᴋᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀs 

- a (not too serious) spideypool mix -

01. panic! at the disco - casual affair 02. arctic monkeys - i wanna be yours  03. sticky fingers - caress your soul 04. the heavy - be mine 05. awolnation - jump on my shoulders 06. franz ferdinand - i’m your villain 07. the vaccines - i always knew 08. the kooks - do you wanna 09. the trouble with templeton - six months in a cast 10. neon trees - everybody talks 11. the last shadow puppets - calm like you

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Hi again! So I just got to the end of To Make It Right and oh my GOSH there's so much angst I don't know if my heart can handle it like it's all okay and everyone's fine and then oh yeah remember this underlying plan that's happening? Yeah. It's gonna make your heart hurt terribly. Have fun! I also read that you went through some personal shit earlier this month and I just wanna like give you a hug? Bc life is really shitty sometimes and it's hard and not fair but it's gonna be okay in the end

Hello! Dude, I love you. These messages about my fics are making me so happy. And that’s the awful fun thing about that fic, any time something good happens you’re like awwwwww how cu- godDAMIT, WHEN IS DEREK LEAVING? I’m really glad you’re enjoying it, thank you so much! <3 I’ve been having a really rough few months since my grandma passed away, so everything’s been, just, a lot. Like a death in the family plus graduating high school/going off to college plus moving are all such enormous changes, especially in a short time, so I’ve put writing on the back burner in a lot of ways. But I really appreciate all my wonderful readers and followers and friends sticking by my side, so thank you <3 This is a much smaller scale thing, but you actually caught me on a Really Bad Day, and I swear this message (and the other, which I’ll answer separately) was the only thing to make me smile all day. My phone shut off and refused to turn back on in the middle of the night out of nowhere–even hours at the apple store did nothing–and even though I had all my stuff backed up, iTunes refuses to show me any of it, so I lost everything. I managed to recover most of my pictures somewhere else but I’m missing hundreds of notes (on writing and other things from the last few years) and all my contacts and old texts and things, so today has been a lot. So just… Thanks. I needed something nice today <3

I keep foam stickers in my backpack to give to people who I think need or deserve one and they’re very colorful and I have an assortment of not only aliens but also dinosaurs and like as silly as it sounds I genuinely want to mail one of those stickers to Dan like I dunno if it would help but he could have a little purple dinosaur or a little green alien to stick on his fridge or whatever and I think that’s always a nice thing

Dan if you’re reading this go buy some foam dinosaur/alien stickers and put them on ur fridge like it’s definitely not gonna solve any of your problems but it’ll look super silly and you’ll feel like a seven year old and it’ll be great I promise trust me on this one I’m a scientist

Uhuuuu I got tagged to answer moar questions by my one and only, @chiruchill <3

1. Who’s your favourite Mario Kart character?

…. I… I… Ok like everyone is gonna come after my life for this and that’s understandable, but I enjoy playing as Peach ok, fine fine hang me that’s cool ;__;

2. What’s your favourite Pokémon?

I have two faves I can’t choose!!! Ponyta was my favorite growing up, now I adore Vulpix <3 they’re so cute

3. Do you have a bad habit?

Coming on tumblr lmao, uh other than that I think I don’t do much that’s directly harmful to me or wastes time… Oh no wait, I tend to grumble too much when I’m asked to do things. Like, I will do the thing, I fully intend to anyway, so why do I bother complaining? That must be the French in me lmao

4. What’s your favourite language (you don’t have to be able to speak it)?

Japanese ^^ Which is why I chose to study it at uni. Though there are so many languages I’ve yet to hear out there *___* And I really love English too tbh? I’ll revert to it to speak about how I feel personally, a lot. 

5. Why is it always 11 questions? 10 makes more sense?


6. Do you prefer writing in notebooks or on the computer?

I get so much more down on notebooks, both when taking notes in class, or when throwing down ideas for a fic. BUT!!! Papers get everywhere, then you gotta store em somewhere, also it hurts the environment, so, I’m really trying to move to 100% laptop.

7. What sci fi book would you recommend to people? (if you’re not into sci fi, any book)

Ok so my two closest guy friends have been talking my ears off about Asimov’s series… uh.. it’s called “Fondations” in French, it’s probs the same in English? But yeah before them, my grandad, dad and brother have mentioned it too, and it does sound amaze tbh. So. I’d recommend that blindly. 

8. What country would you want to live in if you could?

*wherever you will go plays softly in the distance* Girl, I wanna come to Norway just cause you’re there :’) But also I really loved Japan, I wanna go back for a few years… Canada sounds very live-able too if that makes sense… Tbh just get me OUT OF HERE, and somewhere with good internet connection, and I’m probably good.

9. Who would you like to live with, out of anyone in the wooooorld?(dead or living I don’t caaaaaaaaaaare)

You :p I don’t even need to THINK about this, I can’t imagine anyone making me happier than you did, I miss living with you every freaking day, my past few weeks have been so much better since I know I’ll have you around for a few days soon, and oh my god I’m supposed to be out having fun right now and instead I’m gonna start crying over this AGAIN right where are the drinks

10. Do you prefer using a mouse or a mousepad?

I’m probs gonna be the only one to answer MOUSEPAD all the way. I never bothered buying a mouse, and now at the office my hands instinctively go for the keyboard instead of my mouse and life is a constant s t r u g g l e

11. Wtf kinda question was that ^ ? haha. OK, real last question: MARIO or ZELDA? (the games not the peeps)

GDI THAT’S A HARD ONE, well i think I enjoy playing Mario better, but top notch fun for me is watching you or my brother play Zelda :p

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This is my first GIF.. I only know to adjust the time from JPG to JPG.. ^w^; 

So, I never actually did a decent follow forever because I am hella scared of forgetting someone and I’ll feel really bad if that happens (what’s probably gonna happen if thats u I’m so sorry i love you lots) but I felt the need to do one this time because I need to thank you all so much. I take tumblr seriously (sometimes too seriously) because this is a place where i feel like i can be myself. Also, I post so many different stuff because I was always about posting whatever I love atm and there is avenged sevenfold and 3.2 seconds later there is 5 seconds of summer so I wanna thank you all so much for staying with me and talking to me and making my experience on tumblr so great. I won 10k+ followers in six months and this is SO amazing. Thank you all so so much. I love you all a lot. These are some blogs I appreciate and sometimes I talk and they’re all lovely people and great bloggers. Thank u again guys ilysm, favs are bolded (also no alphabetical or particular order bc i’m very lazy)

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