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Teen Tiger

Victor: You’re grounded and no TV.
Yuri: The TV’s broken.
Victor: Fine, then no computer!
Yuri: I need the computer for school.
Victor: *looking around before his eyes land on Otabek* Then no, uh, no Otabek!
Otabek: No Otabek!?!
Victor: No Otabek.

someone: oh my god were you CRYING???

me, not even 4 minutes after a full on breakdown: 


When I’m next to you I’m home…


Too tired to do a totally new piece, but @betweenheroesandvillains was talking to me about a dance AU so I  some tried to clean up a pile of old sketches I had floating around for…absolutely no reason whatsoever

angel-ani  asked:

Re: learning math, it seems a lot like art, when I tell people that they should do art they all go "oh I'm terrible at it!!" Yeah you are NOW but that's what the class is for we will teach you, talent is fake, it's all a lie, take the class and if your teacher isn't a pile of shit, they'll help you out. That being said, I can't calculate my way out of a paper bag, but math stuff like the Josephus problem and the Fibonacci sequence absolutely fascinate me. Math was cool but school ruined it lmao


urgh i’m so annoyed like, did sigmund freud even read oedipus before dumping his flaming bag of dogshit theory upon the world where unfortunately it remains to this day??? oedipus didn’t know the woman he married was his mother. he didn’t sleep with her because she was his mother. and when he found out he wasn’t like “oh well i guess i have a mommy kink now” he was so distraught he literally stabbed his eyes out. fuck freud is what i’m saying


Every single ship/pairing/otp/brotp/friendship etc in Seventeen💎

6&11: Wonwoo & Seungkwan

Bonus (+ Love&Letter Repackage dedicatory):

Archers let your arrows fly
through the dark and stormy sky.
Watch the far-off army standing tall
beneath our onslaught crumble and fall.

Turn swords to toothpicks.
Turn men to mice.
With that my army will win the fight.

We have a passion for peace and so we fight.
You wage war simply because you think you are right.
Our charioteers are all aligned,
the swords and spears are all primed.

Turn swords to toothpicks.
Turn men to mice.
With that my army will win the fight.

With Sirens and Amazons our ranks are filled.
Women and girls the strongest willed.
We battle lovingly for each other
or all who claim to be our sister or brother.

We are our protectors. 
Voices raised as shields.
With that my army will win the fight.

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