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Temporary Hiatus!

Alright, guys, the time is finally here (and I feel a lot less prepared for it than I expected!) It’s really ridiculous considering I’ll be back in a short matter of time, how much I need this, and how much less time I’m going to be wasting. But I’m really gonna miss you all! I love you guys very, very much, and I’m gonna miss talking to a lot of you.

There’s a small chance that I’ll be coming partially back with a new Skype in a week for those I want to keep chatting with. Also, if you have my phone number (you know who you are), feel free to text me! I can’t promise I’ll be super talkative over that either, but it’ll be available.

Anyways, from June 26th to July 17th, I’ll be MIA on social media, as I go off the grid to get my life back together and to break the latest addiction to the internet. My queue will be running, so expect to still see me on the dash. Pray that the Lord’s will for me be done during this time and that most of my goals are achieved! I also expect to be refreshed on all the new memes when I get back, ehehe.

Love you guys! <3


I don’t know what I’m doing-

Continuation of this I guess?

Oso and Kara pulling pranks on their brothers and giggling like children as they run away.

Oso and Kara sneaking food at gatherings and hiding under the table to eat it without getting caught.

Kara failing to hold his breath to stop himself from sniggering at the bad/dirty jokes Oso is muttering to him while Choro’s lecturing everyone.

Oso and Kara play wrestling in the background while everyone else is having a conversation.

Oso walking around in Kara’s short jorts and cowboy boots because “he was curious about what it felt like”.

Oso balancing Kara on his shoulders to reach high up goodies and stashes they share between them.

Oso getting tired of walking and Kara dragging him along by the wrists like a toddler that refuses to stand up.

Oso crawling all over Kara and demanding to be comforted because he lost at Pachinko.

Oso and Kara racing downstairs and fighting each other for their food shares every morning.

Oso and Kara standing out on the balcony at night to smoke and making countless pacts to promise to quit.

Kara borrowing Oso’s hoodie etc. when Ichi/’s cats tear up his clothes.

Oso and Kara always somehow ending up next to each other/lumped together when everyone moves around in their sleep.

Kara making Oso laugh so hard he starts crying.

Oso and Kara getting up to check the room for ghosts and monsters because Totty heard a noise.

Oso and Kara having random conversations at night in the futon to keep themselves awake because Totty got scared and wanted them to keep watch.

Kara showing Oso some clothes from his magazine and Oso giving his honest opinions + “does it come in red?”

Oso purposely trying to ignore Kara but erupting into laughter when he leans over and whispers Oso’s favourite rude joke in his cool guy voice.

Oso catches the big spiders, Kara the little ones.

Oso and Kara taking turns carrying each other home from Chibita’s.

Oso and Kara passionately discussing extremely unrealistic ideas for starting up a family business to earn money.

Oso and Kara always playing the DDR machine whenever they go to arcades.


NEXUS (New story title? *wink*)

He's trying...
  • Edward: Okay… I’ve analyzed the problems with the previous two nygma-plans. Relying on the injectors introduced too many complicating variables. Now we only have to rely on simple physics! We’ll wait until Batman gets right up under us, not suspecting a thing - because he’s so dumb - and then we’ll drop this rock right on his stupid head! It’s even more flawless! And at this height, nothing can fall on us!
  • Jonathan: What if he doesn’t stop where we want him to?

It’s almost the end of Alyanette April and I hadn’t done anything??? Anyway they’re married now

Aqua Form - Juvia Lockser - fanart. I thought I’d try giving the effect she’s using Water Body and make her fingers and edges of her hair watery (?). I tried. I really did. However. I’m really proud of the lighting work on this..I wanted it to be very detailed and yeah I don’t think I did too bad :3

And sorry I haven’t posted in art in a while, it’s just been very hectic with school T T

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source.

  • Silena: wait... Annabeth, you had a crush on me?
  • Annabeth: *blushing* um, well-
  • Percy: Didn't we all have a crush on Silena?
  • Clarisse: yeah
  • Beckendorf: definitely
  • Thalia: yep
  • Connor: Afraid so
  • Lou Ellen: well, you got me there
  • Percy: ...
  • Percy: See Annabeth? there's nothing to be ashamed about.

Its December and I felt like drawing snow!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I just had this weird/fluffy image of Dan wearing Phils clothes and cuddling his pillow and waiting for Phil to come home (≧◡≦)

Please don’t repost, it ruins my soul :#. (reblogs are appreciated x’3)

anonymous asked:

what are some rlly good fanfic ideas u love ??

I love any fic where Louis is loud and bratty and flamboyant and in your face, but then soft and coy and sweet and gentle and loving all at once.

And where Harry is a dork and sweet and paints his nails and loves pink and is a little shy, but is a fighter and pulls 500 pounds at the gym and puts people in their place and loves harder than they can.

I love fics that really show off how multidimensional Harry and Louis are. I love smut that shows a bottom off as dominant, and a top as submissive. I love fluff that is corny and genuine and I fucking love good writing. When I can tell the writer not only knows their craft well, but also knows who Harry and Louis are and can use their writing to show that off in a billion different au’s, I fall for that fic hard. I love fics that center around smut, I love fics that have no smut in them whatsoever. I love feeling butterflies when I read about Harry and Louis kissing for the first time, for the billionth time.

This got corny and sappy but yeah, I feel some type of way about certain things in this fandom and I just wish certain tropes would go away but i’ve spent years at this point talking about them. Underage (for obvious fucking reasons), daddy Louis (for lots of reasons, and if you know me you know why), overt feminization (unless it’s a legitimate gender exploration kind of thing) and anything that tries to put Harry or Louis in a box.

I don’t read nearly enough fic these days but that’s just my schedule, but you asked, so yeah, there that is.


—Tch, what a flirt!

Happy Birthday Sasubby! ♥
↳ Dedicated to Shirley; another cutie patootie who shares this special day. (◡‿◡✿)



the second pic may look awkward as hell but that’s bc that’s my Legit Smile, like how i smile when i laugh n stuff. it’s a good smile bc it shows that i’m rlly fucking happy right now!!!!!

an edit: this didn’t post earlier today for some silly reason so HERE IT IS NOW im still quite fuckin pleased 💜💜💜