yeah i'm gonna go now sorry for everything

Operation supercorp pt9
  • Kara: sorry about the whole booth thing earlier
  • Lena: don't apologize it's not like it's a bad thing to kiss you
  • Kara: I guess
  • Lena: it's not like I would mind doing it again
  • Kara: neither would I
  • Winn: *comes walking through the door* HEY GUYS
  • Lena: *glares at Winn*
  • Winn: I brought pizza and movies
  • Kara: yes pizza
  • Lena: no more romcoms
  • Winn: not my call it's Maggie's week
  • Kara and Lena: good that means an action movie
  • Maggie: yup now let's sit bitches
  • Alex: let's just watch the movies
  • James: *waiting for everything to go to shit*
  • Maggie: *puts on action move where two best friends fall in love*
  • Lena: nope nope I'm sorry Kara but I'm gonna go
  • Kara: ima come with you
  • Maggie: *under her breath* yeah I bet you will

Anyway sorry if you don’t wanna see any more of my original writing, my podcast, my other various projects…. you can probably just go ahead and unfollow me now because guess what this is what I’m gonna be DOING man like it’s only gonna be more and more original content

I mean I’ll still always be fandom stuff too and whatever, and fanfic too, buuuuuut yeah just saying