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@incorrectprinxietyquotes can you please call off your followers? I’ve gotten like 50 hate messages that I keep deleting because I can’t deal with that stuff.

I apologized for the accidental unauthorized use of your gif, I reblogged my post from you say I was sorry and that it was an accident.

I got the Virgil gifs from Google and I’m on MOBILE it doesn’t tell me who originally posted it. As far as Google is concerned half the time it’s either a product or from pinterest!

If I took down the post, it’s still going to float around with your gif on it. I can’t fix that, because tumblr is dumb.

Look, I’m sorry this has happened and if I could fix it properly I would. but like I DON’T EVEN FOLLOW YOU so… it’s not like I purposely went on to your blog, and stole your gif.

So please just call off the hounds because being told to kill myself isn’t helping how I already feel.

Thank you for your time

Regarding McHanzo;

The most common complaint is:

“It doesn’t make any sense.”

1. Winston. Talking Gorilla.

2. Widowmaker’s purple skin.

3. Tracer’s time-warping powers.

4. Spirit dragons.

5. Creating physical objects out of hard light.

6. Reaper’s (previous) ability to collect soul orbs

Oh, but wait?? Hanzo and Jesse actually /DO/ have things in common???

First and foremost is Genji. It’s clear Jesse and Genji at least share some sort of friendship. And, would likely, understand to some degree what Genji has been through regarding Hanzo (whether he knew all the specifics or not)

And Genji clearly still cares about his brother, who still seeks redemption.

But it’s more than that. Jesse and Hanzo DO have actual voice lines together. Like, several now. They may be mostly about drinking, but there was also the one where Jesse asks Hanzo about Hanamura.

Continuing, both Hanzo and Jesse come from tumultuous pasts. Likely having done a lot of things they did not want to do. Both were controlled, in a way. Hanzo was brought up in a culture (and even more specifically his clan) where the words and wishes of his elders must be followed.

Jesse got caught up in Deadlock, which was very likely a kill or be killed kind of environment. It’s safe to say Jesse did not enter the gang as high ranking, and likely had to prove himself doing really shitty things.

Even so, they have both lost people they care about. They both seek redemption in their own ways. They are both complex characters with very different viewpoints/experiences, but they’ve seen enough of the world to realize there’s st least something still worth fighting for.

Both of them shared a period of (arguably) isolation, Hanzo’s being around 10 years, and Jesse off on his own playing vigilante/gun for hire.

So yeah. They are different characters. They may not be your jam. They might even be your Notp.

But for most fans they are two men trying to figure out how to live a better life and their personalities have an interesting dynamic.

((So stop asking mchanzo blogs the “Ew, you really like McHanzo?” questions, and for gods’ sakes LET PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS))

Some spend their entire lives
watching others enjoy theirs.

Some go through every day
missing all the things they’ve never had.

Some think the way to happiness
is pointing at it and asking:
‘Where’s mine?’
—  a question only they can answer | m.a.w

mariniacipher  asked:

Hi, I hope I'm not annoying you, I just wanted to ask from what point in time on you can take T, if you have supportive parents and all that. And also, do you have to have been on puberty blockers for an explicit anount of time when you're still relatively young? I'm sorry if I annoyed you, and by the way, the new spiderman hasn't even cone out where I live yet and I already headcannon Peter as trans because of yiur wonderful blog and yeah, I love your trans peter and supportive tony posts :)

Well, first of all, the exact timeline is different depending on the doctor and trans person in question. Location, individual biology, and medical leniency all play a role in when a trans person can start their “physical transition”. For simplicity’s sake, I’m only going to discuss my understanding of the process in the US. 

  • Natural puberty occurs in five (5) stages. The first stage of natal female puberty occurs between the ages of 8 and 11. In the first stage of puberty, ovaries enlarge and estrogen production increases, but no external signs are visible. The second stage of puberty (age 9-14, depending on the child) is when external changes begin to appear- starting with breast buds and pubic hair growth. 
  • Most doctors require that the child in question be at the second stage of puberty before they prescribe blockers so they can make sure there is even a puberty to be blocked. The age at which blockers are prescribed differs from child to child, but most children (given that they have been identifying as trans for years prior to puberty) are prescribed blockers between the ages of 10-13
  • Trans boys who have been on blockers for several years can usually start T around age 13-15. Trans boys who don’t go on blockers, or who come out to their parents later, usually have to wait until they are 15-17 to start T.
  • If the trans kid in question doesn’t have parental support, they can’t go on blockers or start HRT until they’re emancipated and/or 18 years old. (I didn’t have parental support so I couldn’t begin the process of acquiring a T prescription until I turned 18.)
  • My personal headcanon for Peter is that he came out as trans at 10, got on blockers at 11, and started T a few months prior to his 15th birthday.

Sorry for the long medical dump, but yeah! I’m glad you’re enjoying trans peter, and I hope this post was helpful!

anonymous asked:

Hello, love your blog. I'm going to Scotland and was wondering if you could translate some slang before I go? Thank you

Cool! Scottish slang is VERY different depending on where you are, I live in the highlands so…I’ll try to cover as much as possible.

  • Aye - Yes/yeah/i agree
  • Ye wee prick - you rude idiot
  • What are ye playin’ at - Can you not
  • Piss off - I don’t know, sorry
  • I don’ey know - Do i look like Einstein to you or something?
  • Ya want a cuppa - bitch you’re getting tea whether you like it or not
  • It’s pretty nice today eh? - The rain demons have given us a break 
  • Ya wanker - dumbass
  • My mates - The people i tolerate 
  • Ye wanna go to the pub - I want to get drunk and fight you
  • Wanna sesh? - Wanna go get drunk in the woods 
  • Inbreed (Commonly said to me JOKINGLY from my dad) - You are not a pure Scot.
  • Any occult like chanting i.e. (My team for example) - Another team is nearby
  • What ye on mate? - You better be high because thats stupid 
  • Lad - you are a friend (Very rare if you are called a lad by a Scot, it is the equivalent to being blessed by the pope)
  • It’s all gone tits up - Shit went down
  • Your a bonnie lass - I wish to bed you
  • Decent banter - It was a good night
  • Bantz - It was great
  • Go suck one - I hate you
  • ye love me - I’m sorry
  • Sorry mate - I really ducked up   
  • FREEDOM! - Somebody from another British country is nearby

Mun can’t think of any more, ask me if you need anymore and have fun!


anonymous asked:

((Sooooo, in a couple asks to other peeps regaurding anime, they've said 'What's that?' or something similar 'cause it isn't in the gloomverse universe? *confuzzlement* I'm assuming that's because it'd be extremely taxing to the electricity magicians just to make a show, where people could go out and watch magicians live instead. Jus' a little confused on this bit, but everything else I've seen of the blog has been amazing and in character as far as I can tell.))

((Heyo! Seems like someone’s been paying attention! ;)

Yeah I uh… When I first started up this blog, I was very, very concerned about breaking character. Like HIGHLY. I still am. But after RPing in the GVRP Discord, I was told that my HC personality for Harold is one of the better Harold interpretations– Which is hilarious, because I’ve been projecting myself onto that RP like no fucking tomorrow, lmao.

Back at the start of the blog, those asks about anime, the asks about Voltron, were all literally because, in-comic, there’s no televisions or anything like that. Just radios and such. It’s hard to watch an anime when you don’t have a TV or computer proper. So trying to stick with canon, I went with a “wtf is an anime”.

NOW THOUGH! I’m a bit more comfortable with my own headcanons and such, Since joining that Discord server, I’ve started RPing more openly with them and people have been very receptive towards it!!! Which is great! Something I didn’t expect from this!

If I had to pass off that inconsistency as anything, it’d probably be something along the lines of a “Harold was denying it existing because he was very shy about it, and probably picked on by Wallis for liking it.” type of HC. But that’s all just me, and the wording of the past asks is inconsistent with it anyways! I’d go through and delete the asks for consistency’s sake* but, ONE! that seems in poor spirit, TWO! That involves loading my archive, which would probably crash my internet horribly, and THREE! I’m really lazy so like, no thanks. I’ll deal with my mistakes like a real man. lmao.

Hope that clears something up for you though! Sorry for rambling so much on it >w>;; ))

((*I think I got all of them? but they’ve been re-tagged as “#NOT BLOG CANON” just because some of the answers were legitimately hilarious and I’d cry if I deleted them lmao))

❤️❤️Blog Positivity❤️❤️

Hey, hey you, hooo hay!

Yeah, it’s me, Cara. Your resident amateur trashbag, extremely-(embarrassingly)-amateur fanfic writer. Here, Live, just for you.

I’m talking from personal experience here. We’ve had a rough few weeks, yeah? Or just me. I don’t know. I feel like there’s a sort of constant cloud hanging overhead (this is coming from someone who likes to write angst, so come on!). Here we go, I’m getting personal again. I’ve had anon hate, and I know I’m not the only one. Are we that caught up in the emotional whirlwind that are ships that we go out of our way to anonymously send people – who are just as passionate about their own likes/ships/fandoms as even the anon haters (I know you anons are passionate about your ships/fandoms/hate because otherwise you wouldn’t go out of your way to do it, so I understand you guys in a weird, weird way) – hate for liking what they like? Is that what we’ve come down to?

I dunno, I just feel like there’s so many good, beautiful, kind, loving, fun people out there and then we have this black mark leeching its way into all of our fandom positivity. Rubbing our vibe up the wrong way. You know what? I don’t care who you ship. I honestly Do. Not. Care. There are ships I don’t ship, fandoms I’m not a part of but there’s no ship or fandom that I hate so much that I would sit here and think about sending hate. To people. I can’t even imagine sending hate to people. I want to send good energy to people, not hate. If it affected me that much, I would simply not follow. That’s how I roll. That’s how I’ve been rolling on this site for years. I wouldn’t care if you shipped Ron with Professor McGonagall (a joke – but if that’s a thing, well , you do you honey.) You’re nice? Cool. You’re funny? Great! I love funny people. You like to listen? Well boy, I got some stuff I need to unload! You want to unload? Girl, I’m here to listen – I was listening before you even said a word.

Let me jump in on your vibe, let me give you some positive energy and good loving. Let me read your fics, reblog your art, support your opinions – ‘cause I have hella lame fics and random opinions but I have this space to share them on, right? I got photos of my favourite things to reblog, I have fluffy headcannons and angsty imagines and black and white photography because; hashtag: aesthetic - that I need to clog my blog with but that’s what we’re here for, yeah? I need a place to leave my personal, boring thoughts because here it goes unnoticed but in my real life, people will think I’m troubled. But let me tell you, if you’re posting personal, boring thoughts on your blog and I’m following, I won’t let it go unnoticed, I notice you. I notice all of you.

What I’m getting at is; I’m not here for the hate. I’m especially not here for the hate of ships and fandoms. I’m here for fun, light and love. And that’s what I’m about. And maybe, if we’re not here for the same reasons, or, for some reason you’re not down with fun, light and love, then you’re following the wrong person.

And wow, this is a roundabout way to go about blog positivity and I apologise that you had to read all this.

Goodbye. Love ya. Miss you boo. Big kiss, little kiss, little hug, little hug, big hug, big kiss.


Korean Food photoset #1! aka What I’ve been eating for the past 6 months

  • Soonduboo Jjigae, my newest addiction. Soonduboo is like tofu, and jjigae is thick Korean soup that’s cooked in the same bowl, and presented at the table still bubbling hot. There are many different kinds of Jjigae, seafood jjigae being my personal fave!
  • Generic noodles, made quaint by the fact that this was eaten at the train station, overlooking train tracks
  • Shabu Shabu, technically Japanese, but popular here. Thinly sliced beef, boiled and eaten - on this occasion - in spring rolls. Once the beef is eaten, noodles are then added to the leftover beef-flavoured broth, and then your next course is delicious noodle soup! And then rice is added to the bottom of the pot, cooked in the remainder of that broth, and for third course you get a very savoury rice, similar to risotto! Make sure to go there hungry
  • Mandu soup. Mandu are Korean dumplings, and this is cooked - like many Korean dishes - right at the table in a communal pot, which you take from for your own bowl.
  • Banchan aka “side dishes”. A traditional Korean meal comes with about 80 million side dishes, which everyone takes from. Very useful for filling up if it turns out you don’t like your main course!
  • Kimbap, which has been my uber-convenient, uber-cheap, uber-tasty go-to of a meal. Basically a sushi roll stuffed with veggies, and whatever your favourite filler is, like kimchi, beef, plain rice, cheese, squid….I like the tuna kimpab best!
  • Albap. Anything with the word “bap” in it is a rice dish. This one is the standard rice/vegetable mix, served in a hot stone bowl, but topped with fish eggs. Delish! (and at this restaurant the waiter instructed me to pour the accompanying miso-tasting soup dish over the whole mixture)
  • Dakgalbi. Stir-frying marinated chicken at the table and covering it with cheese. ‘Nuff said.
  • Tbh I have no idea what this one was called but it was some kind of bap dish with cubes of raw salmon, and was excellent
  • Korean BBQ, in the flesh. Grilling different varieties of beef and pork belly right at the table, accompanied by a ton of vegetable side-dishes, soups, and oh yeah, beer. 

I won’t lie, at times I really miss western comfort foods, and sometimes Korean food can be what (don’t get me started on corn, blueberries, and potato on pizza). But at the end of the day, whatever struggles there are living in a country, the food here is generally not one of them!

anonymous asked:

I saw another comment call you a SWERF. Now I'm not a sex worker, but I've never seen anything on your blog that is exclusionary to sex workers. It seems that anyone who is against the sex industry is labelled a SWERF and it's really irritating.

Yeah :/ it’s really frustrating. As someone who has lived a very privileged life, I know that I have no right to judge or exclude people who need to go into this type of work. I have never had to consider that option. 

The thing is, I do listen to sex workers. I just happen to listen to the ones who don’t support the status quo, and who say things that other people don’t want to hear. For every one person who thinks that prostitution/stripping/porn is empowering, there are just as many (probably more) who have been abused, brutalized, coerced, raped, and even killed doing that type of work. To me, those people should be the people who should be prioritized.

What’s so irritating is also the fact that the people who claim to listen to sex workers are just as quick to derail the conversation on anyone who speaks out in a way that goes against their view. Some liberal feminists are literally opposing bills helping victims of sex trafficking because they “spread the wrong idea” or “spread misconceptions” about sex work. So….who is the one who refuses to listen? Who are the ones who don’t care about safety, or want to help?

If we are talking about the same person who called me a “SWERF”, she also said that I supported laws that would take criminalize sex workers, take children away, take rights away, etc. That is ridiculous. Prostituted women and all other types of workers are not criminals. I would never support such policies…but whatevs.

So, you are definitely right. It’s just another way of trying to paint me as a puritanical or frigid. I’m really not. I just listen to the sex workers who want to leave, who are being abused, and who are not being helped because their concerns are being steamrolled by privileged liberal feminists who want to feel empowered.  

Anyway…thanks for reaching out! I am glad that I am at least somewhat conveying the point that I am not here to judge :)

We shall separate the filth from the fucking spam

Can you help a nigga out? This fandom is getting crappier ‘cause of spams. If you didn’t have the effort to search to report/flag shit, here it is a little guide:

Put the fucking cursor (the thing you use to click on stuff) on the avatar or name of the spam blog, that shit will appear. Click on “Flag this blog”.

This will pop up. Click on “This is spam”, and the “Flag & Block”

THAT’S ALL! Even works as a Chin Chin sacrifice. Go do it!


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WOOWWW keep calm yeah there is nothing wrong with you !!! maybe this cn help you out…

And try to find support on this blog or other blogs you are not alone.. I post a lot info about homosexuality so maybe that also can help you out, but girl dont worry it will be okay yeah I promise you are who you are and you are a great human being.