yeah i'm doing these every day this week so what

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Do you exercise???

Yeah, I have an exercise routine, every four days I rest for one and usually I change this a little bit every week or so but this is what I'm​ doing now:

- Stretch
- Walk for half an hour (2.7 km, burns 99 calories)
- 100 squats
- 900 jumping jacks (burns 140 calories)
- 30 side plank dips (each side)
- Run up & down the stairs (30 floors - 61 calories)
- 10 min. bridge

The calories may vary, I wrote how much I burn according to my weight; 98 lbs.
Stay safe 💙


26/10/15 - 17/100

Made notes for biology and geography on my ipad. I used the app paper, I don’t know if it’s also for android. Today was not a very productive day. It was not completely my fault, there were a lot construction workers in our house and there was so much noise. Also I’m a bit terrified for my test week in about two days. I have spent so much time on studying, but it doesn’t feel like I really know everything, do you know what I mean?
Right now I can’t do anything about it, just study according my study schedule, so I will know after I got my grades, if it was successful or not. I just want to get better grades than last year, (when I failed almost every class).

How are you? 🤓💕🦄