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“So, uh, I’ve decided to become a mum.”

Harry spat out his tea, spilling it both on himself and Sophia who was sitting across from him.

“I beg your pardon?” he asked and offered her the napkin he had used to clean himself off.

Not nearly as disgusted as she should have been by being covered in tea and Harry’s spit, she took it from him and explained further. “Next week I have an appointment for in vitro fertilisation and I would like you to come with me.”

She dabbed at her face and shirt with Harry’s used napkin and sat there, looking at him as if she’d just asked him to go for a run, as if this was not a big deal. Knowing her, it didn’t surprise him as much as it should have, probably. His friend had a tendency to do crazy things every now and then but she seemed oddly calm and there was a soft smile playing on her face. He got a feeling that she’d thought about this for a while and although this was on a whole other level of crazy, he started nodding his head.

He looked at her, waiting for his response and emanating a calmness that he only ever saw when she was tattooing. He bit his lip and for a split second, he thought she must have gone mental and maybe he should have asked more questions but instead, he found himself saying,

“Yeah sure. If you want me there I’ll go with you.”

Porcelain Skin - coming soon to tumblr and 1dff

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You are dead fucking wrong with that last anon post. I do not hate on Richonne but I'm not that crazy about it. And I am a black woman. I find Danai to be fucking gorgeous. But I don't care for Richonne that much... Did enjoy your blog until you labeled all anti Richonne's that way...

Firstly, are you fucking serious, mate? (Sorry, that’s the language we’re using, yeah?) I have Richonne as the first thing listed in my blog description; they are in my avi; I literally write fic and meta about them all the time. Like, why are you on my blog, which states I am an avid fan of Richonne if you don’t like Richonne that much? I call bullplop.

You’re obviously not here for the Indigenous issues I also post about (and judging by the number of followers I have and the lack of notes on my posts regarding Indigenous issues, I say most people either don’t care or are here for Richonne exclusively). So, if you don’t enjoy my blog for either of these things, you’re here trolling.

Secondly, I didn’t label anybody anything. That ‘anon post’ you’re referring to now was not my answer. It was from another person who had to answer an Ask about antis and their 'opinions’, which was brought to said Richonne shipper. See my point? You don’t like Richonne? Cool. But why the fuck do you antis have to come to the blogs of people who do enjoy seeing them and talking about them with your 'opinions’? Honestly, no one around here cares, and that’s me saying it nicely. So please do yourself a favour and find something you actually enjoy to occupy yourself with. I cannot stress this enough. Stop going out of your way to let it be known that you don’t like a pairing on a TV show. There are a bunch of ships I don’t like, but you’d never know because I  don’t go above and beyond to talk about them.

And lastly, if you genuinely dislike Richonne, but not for those surprisingly common and gross reasons, then I am sure that post wasn’t about you. If you are not one of those people that use those excuses or engage in that obtuse and transparent rhetoric, then that post was simply not about you. Keep scrolling and move along. The problem is that anti-Richonners just always have to point out that they are anti, and have come up with weak excuses to mask other things, like racism and misogynoir; if that doesn’t apply to you, then the post wasn’t about you. Simples. I have to go now; you should too.

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Fic prompt for Ben platt x reader. You get stood up by your boyfriend and after a while people are starting to give you pity looks. Your about to leave when a boy you've never met sits down explaining loudly" sorry I'm so late babe traffic is crazy" and quietly adds I'm Ben just go with it yeah? Whoever stood you up is a dick" so you do go with it cuz he's being sweet, trying to help you and also really cute. As you're leaving from the best in planned date he asks you out for real this time? Thx

shows up 40 years late with this fic 

Ship: Ben Platt x Reader

You figured that in such a vast city that you’d find someone, anyone to date, but you were luckless. Bars were drunk dead ends, and dating apps were dick pics and weak conversations. Finally though you found someone, a guy from Brooklyn Heights. Your first date went great, he was nice, had a dog, made you laugh.

He was too good to be true…..and yeah he was. You were only dating for a few weeks before you realized what an asshole he was. He was rude, loved to ignore you, and was always angry about something. Still, you can’t believe he made a dinner date with you, only to stand you up and break up with you over text. Coward.

Gathering your stuff you toss a few bills on the table as an apology for wasting the waitresses time. You’re ready to go home and pass out on your sofa, and give a big fuck you to dating world when a guy takes a seat across from you.

“Hey, sorry babe! New York city traffic am I right?” He says loudly, and you can see the waitress grin.

“Uhhh-it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” You reply, a big, fake smile on your face.

Normally you wouldn’t entertain some random dude who decided to sit at your table, but your pride is wounded. It’s not like your night could get any worse.

“Who the hell are you?” You whisper, the smile still on your face.

“I’m Ben. You were getting a lot of pity looks, thought I’d step in.”

“I don’t need you to-” You start.

“I’ll buyyyy.”


Surprisingly he’s not as weird as you’d expect him to be. You’re still on edge after how your last boyfriend went but, you can’t help but melt every time he smiles at you. It goes well, and he stays true and pays for your dinner.

"Listen-I know this was weird but do you want to go on an actual date-maybe sometime?” He asks you as stand outside the restaurant together.  

“That’d be great.”


“Whoa! The city’s so pretty from up here.” You say, leaning over the guard wall of your apartment building’s roof.

Ben finally catches up to you, stumbling out of the stairwell. “It’s a really-huff- long climb-huff

“Awwww, Come here you big baby,” You turn around, opening your arms. “Wait no you’re all sweaty-EW’!” You scream as he pulls you into a gross hug.

“Don’t you just love me?” 

“You’re the worst. Now shut up and watch the sunset.” You mutter, placing a kiss on his cheek. “You know, I shoulda left that restaurant that day.”


So, you know that feeling when you start writing a fic and you’re really excited about it and you think “This is going to be awesome! I love this!” But, then, suddenly, the fic wanders off into crazy land and you’re like “What the heck is this? Who wrote this? This makes absolutely no sense at all. I hate this.”

Yeah, I’m there right now. So much for my quick and easy fic I was going to have up by tomorrow. Ugh……

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I know who the kitty anon is whahahah!!!!! Anyways I have a crazy theory. What if Kit's mum is an angel? Okay but consider it. Like it could be though kit coyld also be the son of the unseelie king daughter but he doesn't look faerish (yeah I made up a word and what) Also I read these fic that was really good abt dru and idk what I'm doing with my life... I'm hungry love ya'

go eat something!

a dru fic you say?! i am deprived of dru content, please link me to it

i ADORE that theory of kit being part angel that would be… wOW. shadowhunters would worship him. 
and about kit not looking like a faerie, maybe magic was used to alter his features, idk it’s just a loose theory all together. i dont kit having just shadowhunter blood, i want him to have downworlder blood. give me this cassie! 

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Maybe do one where he does a video on a video that one of his fangirls made but then falls in love with her idk.

Okay so I tried something a lil bit different w this one; as if you’re looking back on Cal making the video about you and now you’re in a relationship w him… But it’s not really my best - I couldn’t get it right!! Sorry :( X

‘I wish I had never made that video,’ you said through a mouthful of sandwich, cringing as you thought of how awful it was.
‘You don’t mean that,’ Calvin said from behind you and you nodded your head furiously, ‘Yes, I do!’ You insisted, ‘It made me a meme, and that shit still follows me around to this day.’

Cal reached around you and clicked on the screen of the iPad that you had balanced on your lap. You were on the sofa, nestled into his side, watching YouTube.
He clicked on the search bar and typed in his own name and the title of a video.
The results came up and he clicked on the first one, grinning as he did so.
'Fuck off, Cal,’ you whined as your own face came on screen within two minutes of the video starting. 'I can’t believe you remember what the video’s even called,’ you said, teasing him, 'I knew you were secretly obsessed with me.’
'It was never a secret, babe,’ he mumbled as he pointed to the screen, telling you to pay attention.

In this particular video, Cal was reacting to a video a 'fangirl’ made for him.
'P-p-p-p- play that shit,’ he introduced and the footage cut to a video in which a bunch of girls were performing some satirical ritual with lots of screaming and pledges of allegiance to 'leaf-dad’.
Cal commentated over it, as usual, and after that a very fidgety and nervous girl sat down in front of the camera and began talking about how much Cal’s videos have helped her and cheered her up when she needed it.

You looked at yourself in the video and cringed so hard you thought you were literally going to disappear into yourself.

'I fucking hate myself,’ you muttered, and Calvin began to giggle.
'What? You look cute!’ He teased, pinching your cheek.
'I swear to god…’ You muttered, though you could hardly suppress the smile that was trying to make itself known.
'I’ll never understand how you found that attractive,’ you said and he laughed, cuddling you closer.
'Shut up,’ he said, 'I literally couldn’t stop thinking about you for days after I made this.’
You turned to face him with a beaming smile and kissed his nose.
'You’re too fucking cute Cal, I swear.’
'It’s true; as much as I tried to get you out of my head you just wouldn’t fuck off out of my brain. So I decided to slide into yo’ dms,’ he said, laughing at himself.

You shook your head with a smile, butterflies erupting in your stomach as you remembered how you felt when he had dm’d you.
You felt his fingers under your chin and he turned your head to face him so he could kiss your lips.
'I was so fucking nervous it was unbelievable,’ he continued, his eyes not quite focusing as he remembered the moment.
'No way,’ you said, not believing him.
'No, seriously. I was shitting myself,’ he said, his eyes meeting yours.
'Aw, babe,’ you cooed, giggling.
'Shut up,’ he said, rolling his eyes as he grabbed your hips and shifted you so that you were straddling him.
You sat on his lap, facing him, and reached your hand up, running your fingers through his soft hair. His eyes never left yours as his fingers traced patterns on your thighs.
You sighed. This was perfect. He was perfect.
'Maybe being a meme is worth it,’ you muttered, more to yourself than to him.
He raised an eyebrow, 'Maybe?!’

Sorry again, idk I’m just not crazy about this one, I couldn’t get it right…. I’ll post another (hopefully better) fic tonight lol so yeah.
Thanks for the request!! Luv u X

WonTaek fanfic reclist (updated in June 8, 2014, will be updated once a month)

Based on my personal appetite, but i think those stories below are really good, and should be read (I still hope we’ll have more wontaek’s fanfics in the future because omg they’re so precious ;;).


-I’m cute too…: Leo obviously wasn’t happy with Ravi’s ‘Cutie Ranking’.

I think it’s a cute drabble, although it’s kinda short ;;

-Curious: Taekwoon is Wonshik’s tutor and Wonshik just can’t stop thinking about things involving him since he found out he was gay.

A supa adorable twoshotttttttttttttt /sobs/ highly recommended \o/

-Take like a duck: Leo just needed to go to the rapper for help in talking like the famous Disney character.

Another highly recommended ;; trust me, you’ll get a toothache by this ;;

-The need for words: This is the tale of a completely normal romance, a romance where the lack of words on one side doesn’t define just how strong someone feels, or doesn’t.


-Insecure: Whatever the exterior maybe, Jung Taekwoon will be who he’s truthfully.

A beautifully-written story, mentions of cosmestic surgery, so skip it if you’re not comfortable with this type.

-Sleepy: Wonshik had been planning this night for a long time, and long time meaning around two to three weeks.Fluffy Leo and protective Ravi, who loves spoiling his baby ;;

-Cudding somewhere: Wonshik doesn’t seem to mind too much, though. Even if his hair is soaked and the gel he’d put in it earlier is trailing down his neck which is insanely annoying, he decides things are okay.

Cuddling in rainy day, such a fluffy and romantic scene right? ;;


-Android Leo with his VIXX members: Leo of VIXX is secretly a robot/android/Artitifical Intelligent or whatever.

Well, I’m not sure about this one tbh… you know, it’s not a focus on wontaek, it’s ot6 and… smut everywhere lol BUT, I love Wontaek’s relationship so so much in this story, it’s the most beautiful pairing in that fic tbh, i’m not biased ;;

-Am I not cute: Because Leo just wants Ravi to find him cute.

Do I have to say something about tsundere Leo? ;@;

-Sexy bitch: Taekwoon’s got an itch and Wonshik seems to be the only one who will scratch it.

cat!leo, horny!leo, slutty!leo, I’m so done with my life.

-Sweet on my lips: Wonshik comes back home and finds Taekwoon crying.

comforting seksu, hmmp, it’s like the title, really sweet ;;

-Parastiches: At the end of the day, Hakyeon crippled them both and the only thing they could do was pitifully cling to each other and both be co-dependent freaks.

sad, but beautiful, i don’t even know why I love this so much ;;

-Crazy: After a harsh breakup with Ken, Ravi decides to help Leo.

… yeah, it’s kinda… totally crazy lol, i think some things are kinda ooc but… orz nvm, it’s still a great thing about wontaek to read \o/

-Lights, Camera, Action: Wonshik and Taekwon are actors of adult movies, and they’re going to have sex.


-High rise: Taekwoon thinks the city looks even prettier when he’s in the highest apartment of his block and he’s got his cheek pressed against clear glass and the most handsome man whispering dirty things into his ear.

I think you’ve already had the image -q- a hawt and kinky seksu ;;