yeah i'm consumed

watching yuri!!! on ice
  • me : mm mhm MHHHHM wait what, you're telling me this is a sports anime?
  • me : lolwut m8 they are g-a-y
  • me : wait do straight people do that
  • me : wait do straight people do THAT
  • me : ohmygod this is super frickin gay
  • me : victor, please stop eye-fucking yuri and thank you
  • me : victor! stop touching him so much and get your hand off his chin RIGHT NOW
  • me : *chanting* kiss,kiss,kiss! just tip a bit over and kiss him!
  • me : my sweet summer children, you have now fueled my descent into hell
  • me :
  • me :
  • me : thank you for ruining my life i guess

still gotta figure out kuroo’s face what to heck buddy
I love my precious children


random gifs per ep series: Reunion - 6.05

gahh i like don’t need to be saying this but i feel like i gotta get it off my chest…i know it’s easy? to get frustrated with the update schedule of check please when there’s these long breaks and it can feel like ngozi doesn’t care or like…is just letting things slide but keep in mind??? she’s doing like so much work. 

like as of now each update consists of multiple episodes and each episode is normally 8-10 pages (with most of them being closer to 10) and like??? if you add up the february, april, and june updates…..that’s 11 episodes so like 110 pages?? so while, yeah, the majority of webcomics i read may be updating more regularly and multiple times a week, they’re also only producing one page each update. if ngozi updated check please that way she could also be easily updating multiple times a week (there’s only been 36 weeks so far this year!! so with 110 pages….u get it adjf). so while it might seem like the content is sparse, she’s doing a significant amount of work in a short amount of time.

and on top of all those pages/updates (which includes the actual drawing of the comic, but also the script writing, the paneling, the design of each pose and like “shot” etc. etc.), she’s also managing the twitter (which i know has been kinda dead lately but i’d personally like to think there’s narrative reasons behind that), restocking the store occasionally (which means printing books/huddles/making up tshirts), streaming on the patreon/updating the private blog, going to cons (which means producing merch!!!!! and taking time to travel), and drawing madison, and now planning a new kickstarter….like her plate is definitely full. 

i get why people are disappointed/frustrated cause yeah!! it can be annoying when u feel like you’re not getting what you were promised but idk it’s also a free comic on the internet so if you’re not enjoying it there’s nothing wrong with no longer following it….idk basically ngozi’s working hard and i like her content 

Private School

Hey guys, I’m soooo sorry that I haven’t posted in ages. I can only blame school and crippling writer’s block. This was a request – hope you like it!

It never ceased to amaze Percy that Annabeth’s school managed to conform to every existing stereotype about private schools that he’d ever heard. The kids that went there were rich and proud of it, cruising across campus in low convertibles with vanity plates and unnecessary spoilers. They all seemed to have the same haircut, and he had a hard time telling them apart when they were all dressed in the school’s fancy uniform.

Percy couldn’t help but feel slightly out of place as he drove up in his sputtering green jeep, his own hair sticking up in several different directions. As he sat in the parking lot waiting for her to emerge from the school with the rest of the kids, he attempted to brush it down a bit. But the strands popped right back up again, as mockingly as a jack-in-the-box.

Annabeth was better at that sort of thing; she’d lick her fingers before running them through the knots, attempting to be gentle but ultimately failing. Percy hadn’t seen her in weeks, and something a lot like homesickness was toying with his stomach, spurring his fingers to tap anxiously on his knees. He had just checked his phone for the umpteenth time and was about to shoot her a text when the front doors opened. Students poured out onto the front steps, pushing each other around and chattering about their plans for the winter break. After a few moments, Percy caught sight of Annabeth’s blonde head, bobbing through the sea of bowl cuts.

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