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Yeah but "haha um apparently you were playing matchmaker for me and your friend but I'm actually in love with you, sorry..." headcanon?

Jason shifted nervously as Percy and Annabeth continued their sparring match, completely unsure if he should leave or stay and attempt to continue what was supposed to be his date with Percy. He pushed his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose just as the waitress came by with refills, her smile bringing a light blush to Jason’s cheeks.

“Tag along on your friends’ date?” she whispered, trying not to disrupt the rhythm that Percy and Annabeth had built. 

Jason glanced at Percy and Annabeth, then back at the waitress. “Actually this was supposed to be my date but uh… I suspect I may have been a pawn.” 

The waitress laughed and Jason felt his heart flutter in his chest. 

“True love always finds a way, doesn’t it?” 

Jason smiled wide as he tried to process all the beautiful colors reflected in her eyes. “Yeah… I guess it does.” 

  • Cruella: What happened?
  • Ursula: We went through a portal to another realm.
  • Cruella: Well, send us back.
  • Ursula: Yeah...
  • Cruella: What?
  • Ursula: I feel like the evil thing to do would be to trap us here with a helpless baby.
  • Cruella: Are you kidding me?
  • Ursula: I'm a villain! I don't do heroic rescues.

favorite astaire/rogers dances they all laughed // shall we dance (1937)

One of Astaire and Rogers’ most underappreciated duets, “They All Laughed” is an impromptu dance for the characters they are playing. Earlier on, as a prank, Astaire tricks her into thinking that he is actually Russian, given that he does Russian ballet. Rogers is a tap-dancer, and when they are forced to dance together, she is unsure about how they will go about it. She incredulously asks, “what am I supposed to do?”, and he responds in a Russian accent, “twist”. Astaire actually messes with her - he is fully capable of tapping with her, but torments her by dancing Russian ballet instead. Then, he launches straight out into a tap number, much to Rogers’ surprise. He smiles as they start to dance in harmony, and the two dance slowly at first. But it starts to pick up and as the dance progresses, Rogers is visibly enjoying herself. At the dance’s close, Astaire lifts her onto a piano, then helps her down and spins her around and seats her, before pulling her towards him and spinning back to the piano. He lifts her again and jumps up on it, too. They stare at each other, grinning, as they forget that they were performing. The applause of the audience brings them out of their trance, and they smile and bow.