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Fiending {Pt. 4}

OK! This is part 4 to the Euphoria series, the links to the first three parts are here:

I really enjoyed writing this section to the series, the focus is primarily on Kai and Bonnie and the goal I had with this one was for everyone to already be on, like, 100 at the beginning of the section and everything just gets more and more out of control as the story progresses so basically the theme is chaos and it returns to the idea of a consuming, toxic relationship and what that looks like, what that means, what the consequences and rewards are. There’s also a return to smut in which I involved a request to see Bonnie drive Kai crazy so I hope you guys enjoy. So please comment and reblog (if you want) because I enjoy reading what my Bonkamily has to say about what I write! And hopefully you find it to be as lit as I thought it was when I was writing it, LOL.

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You steal me away
With your eyes and with your mouth
And just take me back to a room in your house
And stare at me with the lights off
To feel something [x4]

— Daughter, Touch

The fire was the only source of light in the entire house — an orange glow that threw the living room into an ominous haze; shadows of the flames danced across Kai’s face as he sat on the couch completely immobile save for his hands, which were gripping the sofa so tightly that his knuckles whitened, that his nails were scratched with scraps of the material.

    It kills you doesn’t it? That I’m the one she wanted first.

    Damon’s words had stayed with Kai ever since they were uttered three days ago, burrowing into his mind and taking hold of him, taunting him, so that they deprived him of any sleep, so that he thought of nothing else but what they meant, what they could mean, what they implied, what they threatened. It had always been something that sickened him with jealousy — the unspoken tension between Bonnie and Damon, the not-so-quiet lechery in his eyes when he gazed at her, the vague curiosity in Bonnie’s expressions when she noticed it. Kai had driven himself crazy going over and over and over different scenarios of the two of them together, his body devastated with uncontrollable fury at the sight of Damon simply touching Bonnie, the urge to maim and destroy and utterly break Damon apart an overpowering burning in his gut. But that was before. That was when all Kai had was his cruel imagination. That was before words were said with malicious smugness, words that told him Bonnie had wanted Damon and that given the chance, would sleep with him, have sex with him, fuck him. A tremor passed over Kai’s face and abruptly, he stood up, grabbing the coffee table as he did, throwing it with such forceful rage it splintered into pieces against the wall.

    The volatility those words incited in Kai was new to even him; a murderous jealousy so intense that he didn’t even feel like a person, a desperate rage that consumed his every movement, his every breath, his every thought that he felt like his body would break apart with the pain of it. Those words, that conversation, memories of seeing the two of them together, recollections of arguments he and Bonnie had over Damon, images of the two of them entwined, it all reverberated in Kai’s head, echoing in his ears, crowding his mind so that he saw everything and heard everything with every cell in his body, his entire being overwhelmed with the torture of it.  

It kills you doesn’t it?

I knew Bonnie would show. She always comes back, all thirteen times.

That I’m the one she wanted first.

I guess that’s how you two show your love.

“Stop it,” said Kai out loud, putting his hands to his head, grabbing his hair.

Only because we’ve never had sex.

Sex. With Damon. Bonnie. With Damon.

You and me aren’t the same thing as —

What, you and him? I hate that there’s a you and him at all!

That’s too damn bad, Kai!

“Get out of my head!” He started to pace, his movements quick and wild, his eyes screwed shut, his face contorted in anguish.  

Maybe that’s what she thinks about when you’re inside her.

Writhing. Sighing. Moaning. Bonnie’s thighs. Damon’s lips. Damon’s hands. Bonnie’s breasts. Bonnie’s tongue. Damon’s chest. Bonnie’s face. Pleasure. Damon’s back. Writhing. Sheets. Headboard. Pinned wrists.


The fire erupted, the flames licking the carpet, and Kai destroyed everything in sight, fragmenting vases, upending tables, smashing mirrors, the television, throwing down cabinets, tearing apart chandeliers; he did nothing to stop the fire from searing across the floor, he couldn’t — the visions, the echoes in his head urged him to break and shatter and hurl until the living room was torn absolutely apart. A strangled yell in his throat, Kai upended the sofa, causing it to crash onto the carpet with a thud so that it was devoured by the fire, and he watched it burn, panting heavily, his body trembling with the devastation inflicted by those words.

He wouldn’t be able to rest until he knew for sure, until he heard Bonnie’s words and didn’t keep reliving the horror of Damon’s. He’d stayed away from Bonnie for the three days since the fight with Damon, spending those 72 hours, those 4320 minutes, those 259200 seconds fiending for her blood, frantic for her touch, wrecked with memories of her voice breathy and amorous and calling his name; his body hard and frustrated from being away from her for so long. But he had to do it. The chaos within him was too unpredictable for him to be near her, the urge to overwhelm her, devour her, kill her so she was his completely made his blood scream.  

And he couldn’t do it.

But he couldn’t do this either.

“How did you get in here?”

    Bonnie was standing in the doorway to her childhood home, the key still in the lock. Elena was sitting on the couch in the living room, her head turned to the foyer like she’d been patiently waiting for Bonnie for hours. Bonnie hadn’t been at the dorm in three days, driving to campus only for class and coming back to Mystic Falls to sleep. She wasn’t ready to be around Caroline and especially Elena; not after the intervention, not after what Damon had almost confessed.  

“You still keep the spare key in the ceramic frog on the lawn,” said Elena.

“Right.” Bonnie closed the door then walked into the living room. She tossed her keys on a side table and then leaned against the wall, folding her arms. “So what are you doing here?”

“You haven’t spoken to Jeremy since he’s come back,” said Elena. “You’ve been dodging his calls, if he comes to campus you ignore him, if he comes here he tells me you pretend like you’re not home —”

“I know what I’ve been doing, Elena. I’m the one doing it.”

“Well why are you?” Elena stood up, shaking her hair from her face. “He loves you, Bonnie.”

“You said since he’s got back so does that mean he’s back? For good?”

“I don’t know,” said Elena, walking toward Bonnie so that they were only a few feet away from each other. “We haven’t spoken about it.”

“Imagine my surprise.”

“How long are you going to keep punishing him?”

Bonnie closed her eyes. “Elena…”

“You don’t know what you being dead did to him, you don’t know how hard it was for him.”

Her eyes snapped open. “How hard it was for him? Imagine how hard it was for me!”

“He barely survived it, Bonnie.”

“Neither did I!” Bonnie shook her head and sighed, defeated. She moved away from the wall, walking toward the armchair “This isn’t about punishing him, OK?”

“No,” said Elena. “It’s about Kai.”

Bonnie turned sharply toward Elena but said nothing as Elena stared at her, her expression indignant on her brother’s behalf. “Make me understand,” she said.

“You never could.”

Elena shrugged her shoulders. “Try anyway.”

“And why should I? I don’t owe you an explanation for the things that I do. And I don’t remember you ever giving me an explanation about you choosing Damon.”

“Damon has good in him, Bonnie. You’ve seen it, you see it otherwise you wouldn’t be friends with him. Kai is irredeemable.”

“You know,” said Bonnie. “Some people would say the same thing about Damon.”

“Again with the defending him. Are you in love with him? Are you in love with Kai?”

Bonnie rolled her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair, her hands shaking with frustration. “This isn’t about love.”

“Then what is it about? Tell me. Is it the impulsiveness, the danger —”

“Stop trying to put why you fell for Damon onto what it is I have with Kai.”

“I’m just trying to understand this!” said Elena. “The Bonnie I know —”

“Is dead.” Bonnie’s voice was so severe, it made Elena flinch. “That’s what you don’t get. The Bonnie you know doesn’t exist anymore. I’m not the same person I was before I went to the prison world.”

“And isn’t that Kai’s fault? He stabbed you and stalked you and terrorized you. Damon came back wanting to murder him. I thought you hated him for what he did to you!”

“I do!” Bonnie screamed, throwing her hands up in the air. “I do hate him, OK? That’s what this is about. Hating him so much I can’t breathe, hating that I want him so much that it’s taken over my mind. It’s driving me crazy. And I mean that. Honestly. But you could never understand it!”

“And why couldn’t I?”

Bonnie sat down on the armchair, burying her face in her hands, rubbing her temples with her fingers.

“And why couldn’t I, Bonnie?”

“Because I don’t hate him for what he did to me in the nineties, I hate that he’s the only one who can make me feel after what he put me through in the nineties,” snapped Bonnie, looking up at Elena. “Most of the time, I feel like a freaking ghost, Elena. Like I’m back on the Other Side watching you all live your lives and I’m just stuck, in neutral. Except when I’m with him. I only ever feel like I’m alive, like actually alive, like I’m actually a part of this world, when I’m around him because when I see him I want to kill him, I want to make him suffer for what he did to me, I’m overcome with how much I despise him, consumed with emotion that I can’t ignore, but when he touches me …” Bonne bit her lip and shook her head. “Even when he touched me then, I don’t know if it’s chemistry, I don’t know if it’s magic but I know that it’s strong, it’s physical, it’s real and it brings something out in me, in my magic and I want him horribly. I want him because our sex isn’t just sex it’s …” Bonnie started gesticulating, at a loss for words. “It’s … damn him, it’s euphoric.  In the worst possible way. It feels like a fucking sin against nature, Elena, but what’s worse is that the impulse to do it comes so naturally, and that makes me hate him more! I hate him. And that’s what this entire thing is about.”

Elena stared at Bonnie in disbelief. “Bonnie…” Her mouth was agape, moving but saying no words. “That’s …” She rubbed her forehead. “You need to stop seeing him.”

Bonnie yelled in frustration so that the bulbs in the lamp splintered. Elena jumped back. “Calm down, what’s wrong with you?”

“Don’t you think I would stop seeing him if I could? God, Elena. When you talk about how Damon consumes you, you just mean that you love him a lot. Kai is in me, chewing at my insides, he’s his own damn emotion, he’s fucking inescapable, he’s … he’s …” Bonnie stood up quickly. “He’s here.”

Elena furrowed her eyebrows and looked around to the door. “What do you mean he’s here?”
    “I mean what I said, he’s here. Or almost here.”

“How do you know?”

“I always know.”

Bonnie turned around to head back toward the foyer but in a swish of speed Elena was in front of her, blocking her path. “Where are you going?!”

“You need to leave. You can’t be here now.”


“He will kill you. I’m not joking.”

“So you’re just going to go to him?”

“I’m not going to him, he’s here. He won’t leave until he sees me.”

“She’s right,” said a voice. Bonnie and Elena turned their heads toward the front door. “Invite me inside, Bonnie.”

Bonnie started to move but Elena held her in place, grasping her shoulders. “Bonnie, don’t.”

“I don’t want to use magic on you, Elena, but I will.”

“For Kai?”

“For you to get out of my way. Now move.” Bonnie grabbed Elena’s wrist and pried it off her shoulder, moving her so it was like a gust of wind blew her back. She walked into the foyer and opened the front door. Kai was standing on the porch, jaw clenched, manic determination in his eye; it was a look Bonnie knew well, the look he had when her absence became physically intolerable for him.

“Invite me in,” he said.

“No. It’s not a good time.”

Kai squeezed his eyes shut. “Invite. Me. In.”

“No! You don’t get to just show up unannounced, Kai, I have a life, I have—”

“Bonnie, if you don’t invite me in, I will burn down this house and force you out. I need to talk to you now.”

“She said to go away,” said Elena, walking up behind Bonnie.

Kai clenched his hand into a fist. “This is none of your business.”

“This is absolutely my business. Bonnie’s my best friend.”

“When it’s convenient.”

“You know nothing about me, about our friendship.”

Kai turned to Bonnie. “I may not be able to come in because I’m a vampire but I’m still also a witch. I will kill her, Bonnie. I will liquefy her lungs.”

“Stop being petty,” said Bonnie.

“Does it look like I’m being petty?”  

Bonnie sighed and put her hand to her forehead. “Elena, I told you before, you can’t be here.”

“I’m not afraid of him.”

“This isn’t about that. I’m telling you to go.”

Elena looked at her incredulously. “Why?”

“Because Kai is right. This isn’t any of your business.”

“But you told him to leave and—”

“And I’ll deal with it. But now it’s time for you to go.”


“Elena, just—”

“I’m not about to leave you with —”

“ELENA GO,” Bonnie started yelling. “GO NOW. LEAVE. Or I will spell you out!”

Elena furrowed her eyebrows, her face frozen in surprise. “You’re right,” she said finally. “I don’t know who you are anymore.” She walked out onto the porch, knocking past Kai as she went back into her car.

Bonnie watched her back out the driveway and speed down the road before turning to Kai. “Get in,” she said.

Kai stepped over the threshold into the house and Bonnie glared at him, making a throaty noise of disgust and then she stormed down the hallway to the kitchen.

“Don’t walk away from me!”

“I’m getting a drink. I can get a fucking drink!” She wrenched open the cabinet above the stove and pulled out a bottle of bourbon, pouring a healthy measure into a glass, guzzling and sighing, clearing her throat.

Kai joined her in the kitchen. “I need to talk to you.”

Bonnie took another gulp. “Well I’m not in the damn mood to listen to you.”

“Too bad. I don’t care.”

Bonnie moved the glass away from her mouth and laughed harshly. “What else is new?”    

Kai shook his head. “Don’t blame me for Elena being a hypocrite and judging you.”

“No, I blame you for outing us with that trick with the phone,” said Bonnie. “I blame you for refusing to let me go. I blame you for destroying everything about my life in the first place!”

“Destroying everything about your life.”


“Because you were so happy in it? Being everyone’s saviour and no one’s priority.”

“I’m sure as hell not happy now being your fool!”

“You’re my fool? You’re my fool?” Kai started to laugh hysterically. “That’s amazing, that’s, that’s rich.”

Bonnie slammed her glass down on the counter. “I just kicked out one of my oldest and best friends for what? For you? For the man who terrorized me in a prison world built specifically for him because he’s a literal sociopath who tried to kill his entire family? HOW AM I NOT A FOOL FOR THAT?”

“I haven’t slept in three days, Bonnie. Three days, seventy-two fucking hours because there is literally one thing on my mind that I can’t stop thinking about, that has —” Kai stopped talking, watching as Bonnie picked up the bottle and started pouring more liquor into her glass. “What are you drinking?”

“Bourbon, what does it look like?”

The image of Damon sipping bourbon from the crystal in the Salvatore Mansion flashed in Kai’s mind and he grabbed the bottle out of Bonnie’s hand and threw it so that it smashed against the cabinet. Bonnie looked at Kai for a brief moment, her eyes wide with shock, disbelief and anger, and then she hurtled her own glass at him, cutting open his forehead, eliciting a cry of pain.


“What the hell is wrong with you?” she screamed. “What makes you think you can come into my house and start throwing shit around?”

Kai closed his eyes, his breathing so heavy that his entire torso seemed to be heaving up and down. Bonnie reached behind her to the knife block and flung a butcher knife in his direction so that he had to duck.


“I HATE IT.” Kai’s words were louder than yells, they were almost primal roars that were so thunderous the entire kitchen vibrated. “I hate that you drink what he drinks!”

“What he…? Oh my God.” Bonnie shook her hands in frustrated incredulity. “This is about Damon? You actually came to my house and blew everything up because you needed me to stroke your ego? Are you fucking kidding me?”

Kai growled with furious impatience and picked up a dish rack, hurtling it to the floor. “This is bigger than ego! This is blood, this is sanity, this is—”

“Oh enough! I don’t care what it is, man the hell up!”

Kai moved from across the room to directly in front of Bonnie so abruptly that she backed up against the kitchen counter. “Don’t tell me to man up! I will find Damon, bring him here and rip him to shreds right in front of you and then you’ll see what kind of fucking man I am!”

The slap was almost immediate, the force of Bonnie’s magic behind it so that Kai’s lip spliced open on his teeth, the quick sound almost like a bullet in the air, causing the pieces of glass and broken dishes to shudder and clink on the counter and floor. Bonnie shoved Kai away so that he staggered backward and started walking down the hall back to the living room but he grabbed her by the wrist and turned her roughly around toward him, pushing her against the wall.

“Let go of me! It’s bourbon, Kai. Get over it!”
    “It’s not just bourbon! It’s not just pancakes! And you know it!” Kai was stricken with the same images: Bonnie’s thighs. Damon’s lips. Damon’s hands. Bonnie’s breasts. Bonnie’s tongue. Damon’s chest. Bonnie’s face. Contorted in pleasure. Damon’s back. Writhing. Sheets. Headboard. Pinned wrists. He felt it everywhere, in the way a bitterness flushed his throat, in the way his gut soured, in the way rage frenzied his blood, compelling him to punch a hole in the wall next to Bonnie’s head. “Was he right? Did you want him first? Did you want him?”

Bonnie glowered at him.

“Goddammit, Bonnie! Did you want him?”

“And what if I did?” she shouted into his face. “What if every time he glared at me, a small part of me wondered what it’d feel like to have him stare at me naked?”

Kai clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth, his eyes slitted with anger.

“What if every time me and him argued I was a little curious about what his mouth on me would  feel like?”  

A grumble sounded in Kai’s chest and he banged his fist against the wall.

“What if all of that were true, what the hell are you going to do about it, Kai? Are you going to kill me? Because you can’t stand me wanting —”

Kai seized Bonnie by either side of her her head and thrust her toward him, kissing her with enraged conviction, his mouth opening hers with a possessive determination that bruised her lips and triggered a hungry moan deep in her throat; he pressed his entire body against hers, flattening her against the wall, overwhelming her, laying claim to her, squeezing her waist, his fingers rubbing the dips of her body, as his lips grazed her neck, kissing her with wide, leisure circles, the tip of his tongue skating along her skin, tasting it, savouring it so that he groaned, his teeth nipping at her, causing trills of pain and shocks of excitement to erupt along Bonnie’s spine and ache her groin; she arched her back and gasped.  

“Like this? Did you imagine him kissing you like this?”

Bonnie clasped the back of his head and pushed him deeper into her, raising her head, stretching out her neck.   

“He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t know your body like this,” said Kai breathlessly. “You couldn’t fiend for him like this, you’re mine.”

Bonnie groaned in lustful frustration.“No, I’m not.”

Kai rocked himself into her so that Bonnie made a guttural sound of pleasure. “Yes you are.”

The arousal that throbbed between Bonnie’s thighs spawned an indignant fury deep in her belly; it angered her — that Kai could shatter what remnants of her old life she had left into so many pieces that it was all almost completely unrecognizable and that he felt arrogant enough to claim her as his, like she didn’t have a choice. And she didn’t.

She released his head from her hands and pushed him away so that she could move from the wall; she felt his presence at her back, a shadow following her. She stopped walking in the living room, Kai stayed a few feet behind her in the hallway; and she turned around to look at him, her eyes appraising and evaluative.

“Yours. Yours.” She said the word over and over again, as if she were getting used to the feel of it in on her tongue. “What does being ‘yours’ mean? That if another man fucks me, if he even touches me—”


Bonnie regarded him maliciously. “What about me?” She started unbuttoning her shirt and she felt it — the way something in Kai stilled, the way his attention on her intensified into such fixed focus that she felt his stare all over her body and her skin flushed from the heat of it. “Can I touch myself?” The shirt dropped to the floor and Bonnie unhooked the front-clasp to her bra, freeing her breasts; Kai’s eyes were clouding to a scarlet and Bonnie saw the veins on his face momentarily darken. She ran her fingers lightly across the beads of sweat along her collarbone and she and Kai sighed in unison; her hands found her way to her breasts and she massaged them, kneading them, biting her lip as her nipples hardened beneath her own touch.  

“Can I do this?” said Bonnie, panting.

Kai walked determinedly toward her but when he tried to step over the threshold from the hallway to the living room, he couldn’t. He was blocked, like he hit a barrier. He hit his fist against the air and felt his knuckles collide with something solid. He clenched his teeth. “Bonnie…”

She walked up to the threshold so that she and Kai were only inches away from each other, close enough that if Kai reached out his hand he’d be able to touch her. He couldn’t help it and tried to extend his hand again and only came in contact with that same solid barrier. “Bonnie!”

“What about this?” she said, unbuttoning her jeans. Slowly, she inched out of them and Kai’s eyes followed the smooth motion of the material slipping off the roundness of her hips and down the curves of her legs, his chest rising and falling, his eyes turning steadily redder. She brushed her hand against the lace of her underwear and moaned — Kai hardened instantaneously, his gums itching with the urge for his fangs to descend.

“Take it down. The spell. Take it down.”  

His voice was demanding but the edge of desperation to his tone was unmistakable and Bonnie grinned as she wrapped her mouth around her index finger and sucked, trailing her fingertip down her stomach to the waistband of her underwear; she looked up at Kai from beneath her eyelashes and saw his lips part, his eyes turn raw and she slipped into herself, her mouth hanging open as she pressed her hand against the invisible wall. Kai banged against the wall, his blood screaming within him, setting his skin ablaze with a lustful desire so severe it obliterated everything from his mind but the hunger for Bonnie against him, atop him, enclosing him — it was a violent craving that rendered him senseless so that all he could do was smash against the barrier, a harsh growl in his throat, hardening to the point of painful throbbing.


Bonnie’s gaze remained on Kai as she stepped out of her underwear — he fell to his knees; she continued to rub herself, throwing her head back, panting and sighing, grinning and whimpering as her hips swayed to her own movements. “Oh god,” she whispered, her voice choked.

Kai made a noise; the same roar he made in the kitchen but full of a dangerous need that compelled him to try and tear open a hole in the unseen obstruction. He knew he could break the spell himself if he could just concentrate on siphoning magic from his vampirism but he couldn’t concentrate; he couldn’t do anything but want her with such horrible ardor that he was wild with thirst, irrational with arousal and wrecked with frustration.


Bonnie only smirked in response and let out a long, drawn-out moan, gazing at Kai through hooded eyes, her hand clawing at the barrier and then Kai groaned too — he was suddenly overwhelmed with a hedonistic pleasure that aggravated his carnal frustration to the point of utter madness, and he knew. Bonnie had linked him to her so that he could feel what she felt — so he could feel her pleasuring herself. She massaged herself and Kai felt simultaneously gratified and bereft, enjoying experiencing Bonnie’s pleasure the way she felt it, the way she made herself feel it but starved of the pleasure she gave him, of the pleasure he could make her feel.

“No! No! This is too much! Stop, please stop!”

Bonnie’s motions got quicker and quicker and Kai could feel her building, making him clench his hair in fists, tearing out strands.

“Yes.” Her whisper inflamed Kai, exacerbating his own pulsation; she was on the brink, pushing herself against the barrier, she was going to — she was about to —


The force of Kai’s yell had more than volume, more than desperation, it had magic, the will to break, destroy, to overcome and the barrier had dissolved. Kai grabbed Bonnie by the waist, yanking her toward him and tried to bring her down to him but she pried his hands off of her and brought his head to the apex of her thighs so that his mouth was brought to her ache, his tongue flicking at her sensitivity and she took a sharp intake of breath. She felt Kai grin against her and his hands began to snake up her legs; she slapped them away.

“I didn’t say you could touch me.”

He growled, stymied and increased the pressure of his tongue in retaliation so that Bonnie gasped so forcibly, it tore her throat. Kai chuckled.

“Bastard,”she mewled.

Kai moaned at hearing the huskiness in Bonnie’s throat, in the huskiness he compelled and instinctively, he lifted his hands again, reaching up to touch, to feel her bare bare stomach, to palm and explore her breasts but then remembering her disapproval, he put them back to his sides, digging his nails into his jeans with the want to touch her. Bonnie ran her fingers through his hair, grasping his head, pulling him closer to her, deeper into her and he grunted with pleasure. Without decreasing the laps and flicks of his tongue, Kai reached for the waistband of his jeans but the moment he made to do anything else, Bonnie raked her nails along the back of his neck so that he whimpered.

“I didn’t …” Bonnie closed her eyes. “Shit,” she breathed. “I didn’t say you could touch yourself either.”

Kai growled. He couldn’t take this much longer; every atom in his body was calling for her, howling for her touch, for her skin, for her blood, for her pleasure and his magic was pure chaos within him, his urges descending to a level of hunger he’d never before suffered in his tenure as a vampire; his wanting was excruciating, crossing over to homicidal. He twirled his tongue and Bonnie almost sighed.


No, that was it. He had reached his breaking point. Kai withdrew from Bonnie, relishing the expression of lustful indignation on her face before he grabbed her behind the knees and tilted her, flinging her over his shoulder as he stood up, clapping his palm against her behind, making her moan and growl at the same time, her foot kicking up. He walked a few paces to the couch and slammed her down on it, grabbing one of her ankles and pulling her forward so that she slid down onto the sofa cushions, lying on her back.


“Shut up.”

He grabbed her other ankle and shifted his position so that each foot was on either shoulder. Kai’s eyes pierced into Bonnie’s, his expression punitive and aroused; hers anticipatory and resentful. Hastily he unbuckled his belt, undoing his fly, too willing and ready to bother ridding himself of his shirt or even pulling his jeans down completely; this was going to be quick, she’d deprived him of herself for too long for him to be able to take his time with her. He jerked Bonnie even closer to him and then plunged into her, thrusting with a vigor that made her yelp; the pleasure harsh and impatient, blinding her with sensation, causing her to grip at the couch with each of Kai’s slams. Kai felt himself come undone with each of his strokes, with seeing how his movements made Bonnie convulse with want for more, quaking with the sheer power of the kind of gratification he could give her; she was biting her lip with the stubborn refusal to do more than groan and Kai could see the skin start to tear from the effort. He would have her cries; he’d hold on long enough to elicit them. He yearned to hear them, he needed to hear them, after what she’d put him through, he deserved to hear them.

Kai moved between Bonnie’s thighs, moving her feet from his shoulders, wrapping her legs around his waist, bending over so that his hand clutched the back of the couch, pushing himself even deeper into her so that she mewled as he swore. He felt himself start to shudder but willed himself to keep control as he gyrated his hips, rotating and plunging, Bonnie’s nails clawing at the back of his shirt; the couch started to move backward from the force, scratching against the floor. Kai tugged on her earlobe with his teeth as he pummelled into her, biting her neck and then heard it. Bonnie started to scream and Kai looked up at her, vindictive triumph on his face, clasping his hand around her throat to keep her head in place, eyes on him as he moved faster and faster and Bonnie bucked her hips, her muscles clenching around him, quivering and writhing so that he moaned loudly and continuously. There was something base about the way he lost himself in her and his movements became more and more erratic and uncontrolled, Bonnie’s screams cracking the walls and urging Kai forward, the couch was starting to break apart. Kai thrust his lips against Bonnie’s, their teeth clashing and she bit down on his bottom lip as they both shattered into orgasm, the back of the couch breaking off completely so that they fell backward.


Kai rolled off her onto his side; both of their ragged breathing in unison. “I hate you,” he said between pants. “I hate you for doing that to me.”

“Well, now you know,” said Bonnie, trying to steady herself.

“Know what?”

“I’m not yours, you’re mine.”

“Fuck, Bonnie. I already knew that,” said Kai.

“Yeah. But now you won’t forget.


So yeah, my hair is mostly blue now! But not only blue, there are also some elements of red and purple in it. 😁 Turned out a bit darker than I expected, but it will fade a bit in the weeks to come so I am not too concerned about that. Spent about 4 hours bleaching and dying yesterday, working with 3 colours, so there was a lot that could have gone wrong. I’m more than satisfied, but it will take some time getting used to seeing this new person in the mirror. 😁😁

Over to the clothing, seeing @thevelveteendork rock my vests and stuff this morning, I know I had to follow up on that, so this is my take on being formal, gothish today. Enjoy! ❤️❤️😘

For those of you who already know, and for those who have read my posts/hearing about it for a good year now, my 18th month hiatus for my mission trip starts Wednesday March 16th lasting to September 16th 2017 Looking forward to this trip for years but knowing how much I’m going to miss everyone really makes this bittersweet TuT


 It won’t be ALL bad and the blog won’t be left unattended AND even have some updates! Details about it and my feelings toward everything about it after the cut. And also yes I will be trying to update what I can before then

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Rest In Peace - James Marsters