yeah i'll probably delete this later but whatever

If Jack and Finn ever switched bodies.
  • Jack (in Finn's body): So, I'm in you and you're in me right?
  • Finn (in Jack's body): Yeah.
  • Jack: So... I get to do whatever I want in your body?
  • Finn: Pretty much.
  • Jack: *mischievously smiles*
  • Finn: Jack?
  • Jack: I'll be right back.
  • Jack: *goes in the bathroom*
  • Finn: What are you doing? Get out!
  • Jack: Hold on a sec! *Puts hair in a pinnapple ponytail* *takes a selfie*
  • Finn: Jack! Open the-
  • Jack: *comes out the bathroom*
  • Finn:
  • Jack:
  • Finn:
  • Jack:
  • Finn: How could you?