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Oh my gosh I love this blog! I would repost all of the post but I feel like that would be to much lol. All I could imagine while reading these quotes is how funny they would look as mini comics strips. I want to create some now!

Thanks a whole bunch!

If anyone’s interested in making fanart / comics based on my incorrect quotes, then go ahead!

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yo its the mod of sparto-i and is it cool if i link to your post about the ableist shit in the SE manga ending? im making a post about some generally really uncomfortable things in the soul eater manga and i thought that would be a good point to make. i'll give you credit, of course!

OH i forgot to mention: if that post in mention is really old im sorry for digging it up and stuff (i was going through your soul eater tag which, again, sorry if thats weird aaah)????? but yeah anywho hope your day is a Good One and if im stepping out of line im mega Sorry dude!! good blog btw

go right ahead! you can reblog as much of my old se meta as you want; that stuff might be getting kind of dusty at this point but i do still stand by most of what’s in there, and that which i don’t isn’t so totally off base that i’d be opposed to anyone unearthing it from its metaphorical tomb 

also if you’re talking about uncomfortable things in the soul eater manga, you should definitely mention that soul eater not (not considered canon by a lot of people, to be fair, but the worldbuilding details it provides are imo a different matter than its plot/characters) states that dwma practices population control on the remaining werewolves, which is. hm. okay. 

…actually dwma is just a corrupt fucking mess in general; even setting aside the grand scheme stuff like them carrying out a what’s essentially a genocide campaign against witches (and using a witch’s own creations in order to do so; ask me sometime about how weapons and witches are natural symbiotes who were and continue to be pitted against each other by dwma) and them contributing to if not encouraging the treatment of weapons as second class citizens/to some extent less human, there’s still a lot of individual cases just in the manga of their policy towards a person being questionable at best

things i’d point out specifically:

  • black☆star being raised with a learned hatred of his clan by the very people who killed them is worth a second thought at the least, especially when noting that he chooses to present himself as a star clan member despite saying that they were nothing but monsters and he’s glad they’re dead (he may have been taught to hate his family but he subconsciously still wants to maintain a connection) 
  • justin law, an 17 year old who had devoutly served dwma and lord death for most of his life, was executed the moment he ceased to function as their tool without anyone even suggesting that an attempt be made to save him from madness — to rub salt in the wound, he was executed by a death scythe with a healing wavelength who already once rescued someone from madness, but of course marie’s ability woudn’t be wasted on justin! who the fuck cares about saving a kid whose problems stemmed primarily from the neglect of the organization that’s now decided to kill him?  (i am bitter
  • giriko’s vendetta against dwma is completely justified. i think there’s a post about this in my meta tag already, but also the blanks on this one kinda fill themselves in so i don’t feel the need to say more on that point outside of ‘get urself a man who waits 800 years for u to wake up so he could help u bring down the people who turned your creations/children against ur own kind and would hunt u to death with a smile’

oh hey look at that i completely forgot that the slightest mention of soul eater makes me write out like eight paragraphs minimum in a frenzied sweat


aaa I won’t be able to draw for a pretty long time, so here’s a cute pixel Gortys! 

next week I’ll be going to London with school, and after that… ICELAND. I’m so hyped, you have no idea… so yeah, not a lot of digital work for a while! I’ll make a lot of pictures and doodles tho

You Were Made In My Image Comic

Before I start on anything else, I wanted to go ahead and finish the comic I left on hold, which gives a peak towards my lil angel gal’s past.

aye, poor lass, lol.

so yeah, her mom’s pissed.

And she’s this mad crazy necromancer.

What a nice family

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