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Oh my gosh I love this blog! I would repost all of the post but I feel like that would be to much lol. All I could imagine while reading these quotes is how funny they would look as mini comics strips. I want to create some now!

Thanks a whole bunch!

If anyone’s interested in making fanart / comics based on my incorrect quotes, then go ahead!


aaa I won’t be able to draw for a pretty long time, so here’s a cute pixel Gortys! 

next week I’ll be going to London with school, and after that… ICELAND. I’m so hyped, you have no idea… so yeah, not a lot of digital work for a while! I’ll make a lot of pictures and doodles tho

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All he needed was a bit of wind magic to catch the other off guard, so he couldn’t just go ahead and destroy the place. Yunan has been travelling the past month, so he didn’t see Judal at all. And how familiar it felt to come back to that destructive nature of his…

   “Let’s try not to destroy everything, shall we, Ju? And here I thought we could have some peaches after dinner. I suppose that will have to wait until tomorrow then?” A warm smile crossed his features before he approached the younger and rested a hand on his shoulder. “I have to admit I did miss your voice.” Although it was too loud for the old magi’s sharp hearing senses. “What happened?”

so i know it’s natural that with mbti getting more popular it would also get more criticism but i’m kinda disappointed because instead of a fun interesting reads it’s just like well yeah. all of the top tests and sites are absolute rubbish, because they try to simplify it down to things like you’re a feeler and you’re a thinker. but mbti is more than the four letters, people don’t work that way. mbti is really all about the functions. for example, are you an introverted feeler or and extroverted feeler, and what does that even mean and how does it manifest itself. actually everyone just go ahead and watch this guy’s videos yeah. :u