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So once again only Even's feelings matter right? Him hiding stuff is perfectly fine because Even always get's special treatment huh? Yeah no. How Isak is feeling matters to and put it how ever you want but Even is not telling him everything and he keeps manipulating Isak. But nobody cares about that unless poor pathetic Even is feeling uncomfortable.

Okay, I knew I was bound to get one of these eventually, and I will handle it how I’ve been told I handle most situations. Personally.

As someone who has done something in their past, I completely understand what he is going through. I have done something I am so ashamed to admit, that the idea of doing so makes me feel ill. Have people asked me about it? Yes. Have my best friends asked me about it? Yes. Do my best friends love me? Yes. Do they deserve to know? Eventually. I’m not ready to tell them.

I’m not saying that because I take medication and because I go to therapy that my feelings are more important than anyone else’s. But to me, my feelings are really damn important. If I don’t want to share, then I damn well won’t share. And if they love me, and respect me, they will wait until I am ready to say something myself.

Now, getting to the possibility of the secret leaking without Evens control. If he feels that this will happen, I can see him speeding up his process. Just like if there were a rumor forming about the thing I have done, I would pick up the pace to tell them myself. Am I saying Even will do that? No. That’s what I would do. We are all different people. We are all flawed individuals.

And just because Isak and Even are dating, it doesn’t mean Isak is entitled to every bit of information from his past. Just like how we can assume Isak hasn’t told Even anything about his snake tendencies in season one.

Whatever happened to Even in Bakka must have been pretty freaking traumatic if even Sana is keeping it quiet for him. Sana sees that Even cares about Isak, and she knows he wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.

As far as manipulating goes. How is Even not saying something about his past manipulative? Have you seen anything from Even that wasn’t pure love in season four? This boy cares so much for Isak you wouldn’t believe. And telling someone you care about difficult things is SO HARD. So freaking hard.

I’m not saying that Even shouldn’t tell Isak, I think he should. Because Isak is going to find out, we can guess that. But it’s going to take Even some time to work up to it. These Bakka boys came out of NOWHERE. Even was living in his happy apartment with his beautiful boyfriend, and then he was bombarded with this. Give him his dang time.

Now, in the terms of the mental illness thing. My brain doesn’t work like everyone else’s. I have difficulties telling people anything. And I mean anything. To me, everything makes me uncomfortable. It took me four years to tell my mom that I have anxiety. And that is the least of my problems. I really don’t appreciate the demeaning tone in your voice. It makes me feel like shit, and frankly, I feel shitty enough on my own without this in my life.

Skam is my escape place. My happy place. Please don’t ruin it for me. And if you have any negative feelings, do what my therapist tells me to do and write them down. Just not in my inbox next time. Thanks.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

  • Ravenclaw: *shows up to dinner in pajamas*
  • Hufflepuff: Did you get dressed at all today?
  • Ravenclaw: No. It's Sunday, a day of rest.
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Hufflepuff: So you only just left you dormitory for food, huh?
  • Ravenclaw: Oh yeah. I'll be right back under my blanket after I finish this meal

You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.

  • Jason: I will never pity you, Dickface. I am the perpetual family disappointment, I pity no one.
  • Dick: Oh come on, you think you're the family disappointment?
  • Jason: Well it sure as hell ain't you, golden boy!
  • Dick: We'll see about that. Bruce!
  • Bruce: Hm?
  • Dick: Who is the family disappointment?
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce: St--
  • Stephanie: NO!
  • Stephanie: Shut up shut up shut uuuupppp!
  • Stephanie: I cannot be the family disappointment because I am not a part of this family!
  • Stephanie: I don't even go here!
  • Tim: You're here all the time--
  • Stephanie: As your personal Kimmy Gibbler! Not a sister!
  • Stephanie: [to Bruce] I can't believe you. I CANNOT believe you! Say it, Bruce, swear to God, SAY IT and I will slap you again!
  • Jason: Again?
  • Stephanie: You know who is, Bruce? You. YOU ARE THE FAMILY DISAPPOINTMENT.
  • Stephanie: You haven't done half the crap you should and YEAH I'm pulling out receipts because I INVENTED fake dying and when I got back no one was nice to me SO YOU DON'T GET ANY FREEBIES!
  • Stephanie: I'm leaving! Tell Cass I'm not talking to any of you and I broke up with Tim--
  • Tim: How is this my fault?!
  • Stephanie: --and that I'll be at Gina's on 5th for smoothies because SOME of us keep our promises and don't just go 'hey I'm back from the dead get out of my cave even though I'm a loser who got lost in time like a loser' which, like, PATHETIC
  • Stephanie: [wads up leftover receipt from her purse and throws it at Bruce] BYE FAMILY DISAPPOINTMENT
  • Stephanie: [slams door]
  • Jason:
  • Dick:
  • Tim:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce: I was going to say 'Stop'...
  • Kara: So Mon-El and I are dating.
  • Alex: Oh uh congrats.
  • Maggie: *scratches head* Yeah.
  • Winn: Good for you?
  • Lena: *raises eyebrow* You and Monty, Kara really?
  • Mon-El: It's MON-EL.
  • Lena: Manguel.
  • Mon-El: Mon-El
  • Lena: Michelle.
  • Mon-El: *growls* I'll say it one more time MON-EL.
  • Lena: ...Oh would you look at the time I have to get back to my MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY which I am the CEO of. Do you have a multi billion dollar company Annabelle. No? I Didn't think so.
  • Alex: *chuckles* Burrrn.
  • Maggie: Damn little Luthor!!!
  • Winn: Whoa.
  • Mon-El: *mumbles* That one wasn't even close.
  • Kara: *crinkles eyebrows* I think I screwed up.
Promptis imagine for my chocobabies
  • Prompto and Noctis are laying beside one another in the tent. Ignis was sleeping behind Noctis, and Gladio was at their feet. The tent was filled with the sound of their breathing and Gladio's snores.
  • Noctis feels a bit of movement beside him in the middle of the night that shakes him from his sleep. He opens his eyes slightly and realizes it's Prompto. He's whimpering, and mumbling a bit in his sleep. He almost sounded like he was in distress. Noctis sat up, and put a hand on Prompto's shoulder.
  • Noctis: Pss... hey... Prompto... hey. Wake up.
  • Prompto jolts out of sleep in a bit of a panic. He was panting as if he had been running from something. He makes eye contact with Noctis.
  • Without a word, he leaps at Noctis, wrapping his arms around him tightly. He hit Noctis with such force, it knocked him on his back. Ignis moved a bit, readjusting himself. He didn't wake up miraculously.
  • Prompto: Noct... hah... hah... you're here...
  • Noctis: yeah, where else would I be?
  • Prompto nuzzled Noctis' chest.
  • Prompto: I... I had a nightmare... I was... I was running in darkness... and I couldn't find you... I couldn't find anyone. It was awful. It felt so real... thank you for saving me from that place. I couldn't get out.
  • Noctis furrowed his brows as he placed a hand on Prompto's back. He began to rub it to comfort him.
  • Noctis: It was just a nightmare. You're ok. That's the 3rd one this week. Something on your mind?
  • Prompto grew silent.
  • He took in a deep breath.
  • Prompto: .... Noct.... you... you wouldn't understand.
  • Noctis: What makes you think that I won't understand? Try me.
  • Prompto lifted his head from The prince's chest, and looked him in the eyes.
  • Prompto: I ... don't know where I would be... if it weren't for you, Iggy, and Gladio. I feel.... I feel like I would be ... drifting. Lost in darkness. You... you have no idea how much... you mean to me... Noct.
  • Noctis' eyes softened as he hears the blonde's words. He lifted his hand to meet Prompto's cheek.
  • Noctis: I think... I have a pretty good idea. I bet... it's as much as you mean to me.
  • He smiled
  • Noctis: Don't ever worry about being lost... or alone. As long as I'm breathing, I'll make sure that you never feel that way. Promise.
  • Prompto parted his lips a bit, feeling the warmth of Noctis' hand on his cheek. His heart was racing.
  • He couldn't believe his ears.
  • Prompto: you... you mean it?
  • Noctis chuckled softly
  • Noctis: Yeah. Now get some sleep.
  • Prompto smiled so hard that it hurt his cheeks. He couldn't contain himself. He leaned down, quickly, and pressed his lips to Noct's.
  • Noctis was shocked, his eyes wide
  • Their lips parted...
  • Noctis: Wh... what... why'd you...
  • His face was flushed
  • Prompto laid back down and fell back to sleep. Not a word.
  • Noctis laid there, staring at the roof of the tent. He could still feel the lingering feeling of Prompto's lips on his. His mind was buzzing.
  • He didn't sleep a wink that night.
Hamilton characters as things i have said at work
  • Alexander: haha its me, here, ready, wishing i was dead.
  • Alexander (alternate): please punch me into a coma, i haven't slept in two days.
  • Eliza: i may act nice but i am plotting there death...
  • Angelica: my feminist side makes me want to puke on you
  • Peggy: oh hi yeah i was scheduled today..
  • Burr: *looking at the clock* wait for it....just 20 more minutes
  • Jefferson: i'll have you know this apron makes me look fabulous *snaps sassly*
  • Madison: *coughs for five minutes straight* i just saw my was beautiful...none of you were there.
  • Lafayette: hon hon hon un baguette
  • Laurens: i am to small and innocent for this shit...
  • Washington: everytime i hear a ticket get pulled i have war flash backs....

Its like your brain splits in two, one side is fighting against the depression waves, the other gives into them and completely shuts down. The side against them is always like really this shit again but then the other side is slowly shutting off. As it shuts down you feel less emotion until BAM it gets to one point where it totally shuts down and the other side almost can’t watch. You break down, most the time not knowing why. Sometimes it only takes 2 minutes for the other side to come back and you’re not crying anymore. You’re still not feeling alot if emotion but its happened so many times before you know it’ll come back soon.

idk what this is but yeah


I have a lot of feelings about the latest chapter of “Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach” and this sums up most of them

Bonus ending!

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  • Ji Dwi: would you shoot me in the leg for 10 million dollars bro
  • Sun Woo: i'll shoot you bro and when your leg gets better we can buy a big ass house bro
  • Ji Dwi: then i'll shoot you too bro and we'll have 20 million
  • Sun Woo: you're a genius bro
  • Ji Dwi: bro
  • Blake: *At a restaurant with her girlfriend Yang and reading the menu.* Huh?
  • Yang: *Stares at her*
  • Blake: ... *Goes back to reading the menu.*...? *Glances back up at Yang.*
  • Yang: *Still staring with her tongue slightly pocking out.*
  • Blake: Uh, Yang? You okay?
  • Yang: *Sticks out her tongue a bit more.*
  • Blake: Yang, what are... What are you doing?
  • Yang: *Sticks her tongue out a bit farther out.*
  • Blake: Yang. Yang, I don't under... I don't understand what you are doing?
  • Yang: *Tongue sticks out even more.*
  • Blake: What is this!? What does this mean!?
  • Yang: *Now Yang's tongue is completely out*
  • Blake: Oh my god Yang! What are you doing!? YA- *suddenly from behind her a few tables away.*
  • Ruby: S-sorry.
  • Yang: Yes. *Yang whisper with a small fist pump.*
  • Blake: Wha? *Blake looks back to see Weiss and Ruby and realizes Yang was sticking her tongue at Ruby the whole time.* God damn it Yang.
  • Yang: Hehe, Sorry Blakey. Tell you what. I'll making it up to you later tonight.
  • Blake: Oh yeah? Ho- *Blake questioned but stop as Yang stuck out her tongue again between two of her fingers of the hand that she rested her head on and began to wiggle it around.* ... *A blushing Blake suddenly grabbed a passed waiter with a grip like a vice.* How sound proof are your bathrooms?
  • Waiter: Uh? Wha-Owowowow!
  • Blake: How soundproof are your bathrooms?
  • Waiter: T-totally M-M-ma'am.
  • Blake: Thank you. *Lets go of the waiter and stands while grabbing Yang.* Yang Come along.
  • Yang: Gladly but not as much as you'll be coming along. *Yang smirked with a wink making Blake groan as that head towards the bathroom.* Love you too.
when they tip nicely
  • Cashier: I should've never taken this shift. Working this late is fucking me up.
  • Cook: You get used to it.
  • Cashier: Do y'all even get customers this late, or is it early? I can't even tell at this point.
  • Cook: Sometimes.
  • Cashier: What kind of person even eats fast food at this time of night?
  • Cook: Mostly travelers, junkies, and such.
  • Cashier: Makes sense.
  • Disheveled dude: *presses face against the restaurant window*
  • Cashier: Eugh!
  • Cook: What's the matter?
  • Cashier: There's some gross dude outside. Oh no, he's coming in.
  • Disheveled dude: *runs into the restaurant carrying a suitcase*
  • Cashier: Hello, can I help you?
  • Disheveled dude: Yeah, yeah, let me get a burger. Large drink. Yeah, that's it.
  • Cashier: This is a Mexican restaurant, sir. We don't have burgers.
  • Disheveled dude: Just get me anything with a lot of meat.
  • Cashier: We need a triple stuffed burrito!
  • Cook: Got ya!
  • Cashier: Okay, that'll be $7.99.
  • Disheveled dude: *slams a wad of cash on the counter*
  • Cashier: This is like... thousands of dollars!
  • Disheveled dude: Keep the change.
  • Cashier: I, uhm... are you sure?
  • Disheveled dude: I just want my food. Make it fast, please. Thank you.
  • Cashier: *stuffing cash into their pockets* Got ya, dude. Hey, make it quick! This guy wants his burrito!
  • *the cook quickly finishes the burrito*
  • Disheveled dude: *aggressively devours his food, sometimes nervously looking over his shoulder*
  • Cashier: He's like one of those professional eaters. That's impressive.
  • Cook: It's disgusting. That burrito has like 1500 calories.
  • Cashier: I'll call anyone who hands me three months worth of checks for a single burrito impressive.
  • Cook: Yeah, about that... could I get some of that cash.
  • Cashier: I mean, a bit. He told me to keep the change.
  • Cook: Technically it's the restaurants money, so you shouldn't be taking any of it.
  • Cashier: Yeah.
  • Cook: Plus, I cooked the burrito.
  • Cashier: Alright, how about $500?
  • Cook: Only $500? Come on, man. You've got at least $10,000 there. Let's split it.
  • Disheveled dude: *hops the counter*
  • Cashier: *backs away*
  • Cook: Whoa, dude, you can't be back here.
  • Disheveled dude: I need to leave through the back. You guys, closing soon?
  • Cook: I don't know what you're on, dude, but the back is for employee's only.
  • Disheveled dude: *opens suitcase and tosses wads of cash at the cashier and cook* Extra tip gives me VIP status.
  • Cook: Uhm... sure thing.
  • Disheveled dude: Anyway, I don't know if you guys are closing soon, but it's in your best interest for both of you to leave. I've probably given you enough money to relax for a year so it doesn't matter if you get fired. Just listen to me. Fucking leave and definitely do not look back. *runs out the back door*
  • Cashier: This is so much fucking money. Was that guy a drug dealer?
  • Cook: Probably, now that I think about it, yeah.
  • Cashier: Holy fuck! Is it safe for use to have this money.
  • Cook: I don't don't know.
  • Cashier: I could buy my own house with this, holy fuck! *stuff money down shirt* I don't know about you, but I'm out of here.
  • Cook: What!? You know we really can't leave with all this money, right?
  • Cashier: We can, and I am.
  • Cook: This could be drug money, or money from a bank heist. If we're caught with this stuff we could go to prison, or be killed.
  • Cashier: You didn't seem worried about it when you were hounding me for money just a few minutes ago.
  • Cook: That was then, and this is now. Nobody just gives money out like that unless there's something seriously wrong. It's dangerous for us to keep it.
  • Cashier: My life is going nowhere fast, man. I've got nothing to lose.
  • Cook: Well, I've got family at home. I'm calling the police.
  • Cashier: You do you, man. I'm out of here. *runs off*
  • Cook: *dials the 911, but gets a busy signal* What?
  • Cashier: *yells*
  • Cook: What's wrong!? *runs to the cashier*
  • Cashier: *sitting on the ground, money dropped everywhere* Look. Outside, there's nothing. Like, literally nothing. It's just an empty void.
  • Cook: I... it has to be some sort of trick of the light. I'm going out there.
  • Cashier: You shouldn't.
  • Cook: I bet it's nothing. I'll show you. I'll be right back. *disappears entirely into the void*
  • Cashier: Hey! Hey! Are you out there!?
  • *a pale hand appears out of the darkness and gently beckons for the cashier*
  • Cashier: *slams door shut* NOPE!
  • Cashier: *runs to the front counter*
  • Cashier: *is greeted by an all encompassing wall of blackness*
  • Wall: *encroaches on the cashier*
  • Cashier: *attempts to run away, but gray arms emerge from the darkness and wrap themselves around them*
  • Cook: *decapitated head rolls out of the wall of darkness, its eyes spinning in opposite directions* Told you that was bad money, dude.
  • Cashier: *screams as they're pulled into the darkness*
  • *elsewhere*
  • Driver: *parked on the side of the road smoking*
  • Disheveled guy: *taps on car window*
  • Driver: *slightly rolls down the window* Can I fucking help you?
  • Disheveled guy: I need a ride.
  • Driver: Let me think about that. Hmm, FUCK NO!
  • Disheveled guy: *points gun at driver* Then I'll drive myself. Get out.
  • Driver: *obeys orders* Alright, don't shoot.
  • Disheveled guy: *tosses wad of cash at driver* That should cover the cost of a new car. I suggest you catch a bus and get out of here as soon as possible. *speeds off*
  • Driver: *looks at the fraction of a fortune that was just tossed at him* This is way too much money for a bus.
can I get some good vibes, pls?

I sent in my application (about a week ago) to a job at one of the libraries in Tulsa. it’s full-time, includes benefits, and pays a salary that would let me afford a NICE apartment. not just like, nice-for-our-broken-millenial-dreams


this bitch has a pool, a yoga studio, a fitness room with exercise equipment, a tv lounge / mini library / open kitchen space

every apartment has a 17 x 9 balcony I could put planters in for flowers

all stainless steel appliances AND pets are allowed

I would only be 1 mile (~5 min by car) away from the library, right next to the riverside with jogging paths, and tulsa is a very liberal city in a very red state!

so yeah, this could be life-changing and a huge improvement for me and I’d really appreciate prayer, well-wishes, just any sort of positive thought you could send out for me

The Flame Alchemist - fanart. I recently finished reading the FMA manga and I’m obsessed again with this freaking story.

I’ve been trying to draw Mustang for probably more than a month now and I finally made it. I’ve scrapped like 10 paintings of him so far jfc. Apparently the secret was to lay off the complicated lighting and just relax and draw. Anyway, not much else is needed to be said here. I like how this turned out and drawing the ignition glove was super fun^^ (i didn’t get to draw the lizard though :( ). Anyway, feels good to be back *single sparkle*

Made by jiyu-koya. Please, do not repost, do not remove source.

  • Robert: Do you think if I got myself locked up, they would let us share a cell?
  • Aaron: Like that's ever gonna happen. All the stuff you do, you just get away with it.
  • Robert: Yeah, must have been born lucky.
  • Aaron: Or jammy. But seriously though, you will be careful, won't you? No one to watch your back while I'm in here. (buzzer)
  • Robert: Feels like I've only been here five minutes.
  • Aaron: Tell me about it. You'll come back soon, yeah?
  • Robert: Like you have to ask. (reaches under the table, touches his knee) Seriously, seeing you, it means everything.
  • Aaron: I know. Same here. I'd better be going, yeah?
  • Robert: You'll be okay?
  • Aaron: I'll be fine. Stop worrying. I'll see ya. (gets up, runs into Jase) Ooh!
  • Jason: Sorry about that, mate. You good?
  • Aaron: Yeah, you?
  • Jason: Never been better. It's turning into a really interesting day.
Ok but Victor would be a total bridezilla and you can't convince me otherwise
  • Yuri: OK. OK. JEEZ I'M GOING
  • Victor: Oh thank you Yurio you're a doll
  • Yuri: (goes to the shop and brings back white stationary)
  • Victor: Yurio... wh-what is this.
  • Yuri: it's the stupid paper you just asked me to pick up
  • Victor: First of all. Stationary. Not paper. SECOND. THIS STATIONARY. IS WHITE.
  • Yuri: yeah i know that's what you ask-
  • Victor: I ASKED FOR IVORY. I-V-O-R-Y.
  • Yuri: same difference isn't it?
  • Yuri: JESUS. OK. IVORY. I'll just go back and switch it out it's whatev-
  • Yuuri: (comes running in from the other room) OOOOK VICTOR!! HONEY IT'S ALRIGHT IT'S ALRIGHT
  • Yuuri: (rocking Victor in his arms) it's all ok it's fine the wedding is OK
  • Victor: (sniffling) y-you promise???
  • Yuuri: I promise love now shhhh.
  • Yuri: (eyes and mouth wide open in disbelief and confusion)
  • Yuuri: (whispering to Yuri) i'm so sorry you had to see him like this Yurio,, it's just he gets so worked up about the wedd-
  • Yuri: I'll show myself out.
  • Wednesday: He told me he loved me. Who does that? Don't you see? He's trying to get me to trust him so he can let me down.
  • Pugsley: Crazy idea: you could just say "I love you" back.
  • Wednesday: Yeah, but then if it doesn't work out, I'll have to kill him, go to jail, break out, and kill you for giving me that advice.
  • Pugsley: I love how our friendship is based predominately on threats.

“Listen to me,” she said, staring intently into my eyes, as I stared back at her as mine were now filling with tears.

“So what he opened your ‘i miss you’ text that you sent drunk at 3 in the morning and he didn’t respond? So what he stopped giving you that shy smile that he always used to send your way when you walked by each other in the hallways? So what his fingers are now intertwined with the hand of a girl that isn’t you? He is the one with a problem.”

“He clearly fails to see how utterly iridescent and beautiful and magnificent you are. Honestly, I feel bad for him. He’s pretty damn stupid if he can’t recognize the pure light that is bursting from your soul.”

“And I’m not going to lie to you, you’re going to meet plenty of other stupid assholes in your lifetime- they’ll break your heart in more ways than one. The one thing you’ll need to remember though- always, always remember- tattoo it on your forehead if you have to, is this: his opinion does not define you. His inability to see and appreciate the fucking miracle of God that you are is not your fault. So stop putting the blame on you, and most importantly, stop letting the opinion of a boy who won’t matter in 6 months time effect how you see yourself. You are worth so much more than losing yourself over a boy who doesn’t care.”

“What matters is that you put your heart out on the line. Yeah, it was torn to pieces this time. But I absolutely promise you that one day, you’ll give your heart to somebody, and they won’t drop it. Instead, they’ll give theirs right back to you. And something so indescribably wonderful and magical will come out of it that this boy won’t even be a sliver of a thought in your mind. I promise.”

—  Excerpt from a book i’ll never write #20
Why doesnt SOMEONE do something aobut ALL THESE FUCKING BOTS ON social MEDIA ???????????????
  • Co-Worker: *internally* The new guy is so cool. Well, I guess he's not the new guy anymore because he has been working here for months now, but he's still great. I look up to him so much. He's funny, and outgoing. He even gave me a cute nickname. He never recognizes my affection for him, but I think today is the day. Today is the day he'll realize how cool and cute I am.
  • Co-Worker: H-Hi!
  • New Guy: Hey, braids.
  • Co-Worker: Do you like music?
  • New Guy: Yeah, I mean everyone likes music. Kinda weird if you don't. You're friends with that rep, right?
  • Co-Worker: Huh?
  • New Guy: You know, the mopey one. Dark hair. Does she like me?
  • Co-Worker: Everyone likes you. I like you.
  • New Guy: Yeah, but that rep. That rep doesn't talk to me.
  • Co-Worker: I'm sure she likes you. You're so cool and kind and... uh, Britney Spears followed me on twitter!
  • New Guy: Whoa, what!? Britney Spears!? You're fucking joking!
  • Co-Worker: I'm serious. I guess, I'm really cool now. Hahahahahahahaha.
  • New Guy: Lemme see.
  • Co-Worker: Huh?
  • New Guy: Lemme see your phone. I wanna see Britney following you. Can you like DM her?
  • Co-Worker: You're not allowed to take your phone out at work.
  • New Guy: Come on, no one cares.
  • Co-Worker: Uh, here you go, I guess. *hands new guy her phone*
  • New Guy: *checks twitter* ...This is a bot.
  • Co-Worker: Huh?
  • New Guy: It's not the real Britney Spears, this is very obviously a bot.
  • Co-Worker: No, it's totally her. How can you even tell?
  • New Guy: First off, she only has two followers. One of which is you and the other is another Britney Spears bot. Secondly, her twitter name is Brittany Spear. Third, all of her posts are about discount fishing rods.
  • Co-Worker: Oh... I guess I didn't notice.
  • New Guy: You're fucking with me aren't you?
  • Co-Worker: *sweats* Sure, yeah.
  • New Guy: *laughs* I love you, braids. You're funny as shit.
  • Co-Worker: You love me!?
  • New Guy: Yeah, as a minor work acquaintance. Hey, if you talk to that rep later on, tell her to hit me up some time.
  • Co-Worker: Sure... yeah.
  • *later*
  • Co-Worker: *checking phone* It can't be a bot. It's definitely not a bot. Why would a Britney Spears bot follow me. I'm not even interested in fishing. It has to be the real Britney. *DMs the bot* Hey, hello Britney.
  • Brittany Spear: hi what're up :)
  • Co-Worker: Britney, I knew you were real!
  • Brittany Spear: lol hey ! :) :P
  • Co-Worker: Britney, you have to prove to this guy at my job that you're real. He's so cute and I love him so much and I want him to notice me.
  • Brittany Spear: wow hey did you kno that u can decrease you're morrtgrage rate by up to 20% check it out at
  • Co-Worker: Britney, this is serious.
  • Brittany Spear: Hi :)
  • Co-Worker: Britney PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Brittany Spear: do U want boys to like U 🤔
  • Co-Worker: Yes, Britney! Show me the way!
  • Brittany Spear: is verry easy just follow this link and find your way$single/trinity/
  • Co-Worker: *clicks link*
  • Co-Worker: *pupils dilate*
  • *later*
  • New Guy: *working halfheartedly*
  • Co-Worker: *stumbles into new guy's cubicle* Greeting.
  • New Guy: Hey, braids.
  • Co-Worker: Does your like fishing?
  • New Guy: Nah. Never been much of an outdoorsman unless it involves extreme sports.
  • Co-Worker: Cooooooool. Go to www DOT amazone DOT co DOT de FORWARDSLASH promo FORWARDSLASH yourdiscountnow FORWARDSLASH for 90% discount code on premium fishing rods.
  • New Guy: You alright, braids? You sound kinda complete weird, and your eyes are a little completely black.
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  • New Guy: Uh... yeah. *leads co-worker out of his cubicle* I'm kinda completely busy at the moment. So I'll talk to you later braids. You should probably get back to work too.
  • Co-Worker: Been rejected? I can help you. Popular girls are on hand to chat 24/7 with advice at www DOT ez DASH chat DOT co DOT nz FORWARDSLASH promo FORWARDSLASH res575929682
  • *later*
  • Brittany Spear: *tweets* Why is it so dark? Why am I so numb?