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OK So here is a sneak peak of the last thing I wrote (Technically the second to last thing I wrote because the last thing I wrote is smut lol) 

Anyways here is a sneak peak look at part 3 of Draw me like one of your French girls: 

Nathaniel coughed. Focusing back on his drawing. He tried to picture the look again but it had fled from his mind.

“You know,” he said cautiously, “I don’t think Marinette could pull off that expression as well as you do.”

And there it was again.

He rolled his eyes amusedly and went back to work, hoping she didn’t notice the soft smile that he couldn’t seem to wipe off his face.

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catfish - jared x soulmate!reader (part two)

quick recap,,, “Jared: They wanna meet you” and thats what u missed on catfish


my masterlist!  part one!

there will be a part three that basically just like a fluffy date lol

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word count: 2,268

warnings: so many perspective changes, i didn’t proof read it, swears (duh), mention of genetalia (jared says dick), um and i think thats it???



Y/N: uhhhh

Jared: I can pick you up from school on Monday?

Shit, school. If you saw him at school you wouldn’t be able to just walk past without tackling him in a hug… and then he’d find out.

Y/N: i don’t know if i’ll go to school that day, i think i’m coming down with something.

Jared obviously knew you were lying. So he lied back.

Jared: But we have that special assembly

Y/N: we do??

Jared: Yeah I forgot what it’s on but I heard it’s super important.

Y/N: shit then i guess i have to go

Y/N: what period is it?

Jared: End of the day

Perfect, you could just go last period and leave and not have to face Jared confrontation until… Tuesday.

Y/N: u know what?? just remembered i have plans?

Jared: Can’t you get out of them? I feel like I’m worth it ;)

Y/N: lol of course you are! but it’s family bowling night so,,,, no

Jared: Well it’ll happen eventually.

Jared was right, it would. A lot sooner than you wished, too. After quickly convincing your parents to skip all but last period, you texted Jared good night and then fell asleep full of anxiety of the day ahead.

Days have passed. The amount of times you have seen Jared pass you in the halls and you haven’t said anything is unbearable, for the both of you.

Jared would have to pretend like he didn’t know who you were and continue just walking, Evan’s talking mumbled by his thoughts. He didn’t even make eye contact with you and has only seen you in his peripheral vision.

And, fuck, his peripheral vision didn’t give him much to go off of but you looked fucking amazing. A million times better than just seeing you on Instagram from his phone. Seeing you out of the corner of his eyes for a split second every now and then almost killed him.

Jared: Wait I have no idea how to do APBio project

Y/N: ugh too long to type and explain

Jared: Then just FaceTime me lol

Y/N: uh…..

Y/N: my hair is messy

Y/N: and im in my pajamas

Y/N: so no

Jared: and I care because????

Y/N: i care!

Jared: Fine then call me

…Should you? I mean, there’s no harm. It’s just your voice. But what if you get major phone anxiety or he thinks your voice is ugly.

Y/N: i was about to go to bed :( sorry

Jared: Bullshit it’s like 10pm

Before you could respond with a snarky comment, your phone started buzzing and Jared’s ringtone (which may or not be ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’) started playing.


You answered it but immediately muted yourself.

“Uh… hello?” You said nothing. “Y/N, I know you’re there, it stopped ringing,” he chuckled a bit. You face flushed when he said your name. “Ok, whatever. Anyways, so this project. I kinda dozed off when Ms. Years was saying all the instructions so I thought I could ask someone else from the class but the only person I know was absent and so I tried to ask Ms. Years what to do and she just gave me, like, a vague and sarcastic response and I remember you talking about Ms. Years and you’re probably a good student so…”

As Jared rambling continued you started to feel more and more guilty. You clicked the home button and went back to texting.

Y/N: jared tbh i really don’t wanna explain i barely even get it myself i wouldn’t know how to explain

You heard his phone vibrate and he stopped talking and sighed, “Okay, we’re doing this. Well, y/n, I really don’t to fail this project. I can barely hold a C so I need to get a good grade on this.”

Y/N: i thought u were like,,, top of ur class??

He chuckled, “Yeah in all of them except fucking biology. That godforsaken class will be the death of me.” You laughed and your feelings sank when you realized he couldn’t hear you.

Y/N: bio is like the one class im good at

Jared chuckled and your heart fluttered, “Of course you are. But…” he dragged out the word and you frowned.

Y/N: i know, im just nervous

He sighed, “I guess I’ll ask someone else?”

Y/N: sorry :(

“Yeah, yeah.”

And with that, the call ended.

Almost a week passed and Jared wouldn’t barely talk to you. If he did it was one or two-word answers. So when he sent a paragraph it surprised you.

Jared: Ok so I wrote into Catfish I wanna get your opinion on my letter.

Jared: I’ll just copy and paste

Jared: “Yo Nev and Max,

It’s ya boy, Jared. So y/n is my soulmate, I haven’t really talked with them for long but, get this, I’ve never heard their voice and they’ve only sent me one picture! I know. And, even crazier, we go to the same school and are in the same grade! So when I looked for a y/n y/l/n in our yearbook, I did not see the face from the pictures but someone completely different! I know, it’s wild.

If you would help me, that’d be dank lol thanks.”

Jared: I feel like it’s funny and they’d prob pick it up because it’s not like any of their other stories!

Jared was obviously being sardonic and passive aggressive. In any normal situation, you would’ve responded with wit but all the things he said started to process in your head. You could almost hear the gears turning in your brain.

Jared: y/n, why did you lie?

Y/N: i’m so sorry, jared

Jared: …y/n, why did you lie?

Y/N: i was insecure and scared? i know i know thats not a good enough excuse but i never thought id get caught

Jared: You never thought one of these days one of us would just crack or cave at school?

Y/N: i almost did plenty of times tbh

Jared: The amount of effort it took for me to not just run up to you whenever I saw you were…. tremendous

Y/N: how long have you known?

Jared: Literally since the beginning lol

Y/N: gdi

Y/N: im so sorry

Jared: Can we, like, actually talk now or FaceTime or something, please?

Jared: It’s in the middle of the day so dont say you were about to sleep


Jared: Oh no what is there more?

Y/N: im aNXiouS

Jared: So fucking am I! Actually seeing your face and hearing you speak at the same time is literally all I’ve wanted since I had a panic attack on your thigh

That warmed your heart made your goofy smile stick onto your face. Something surged within you and you decided to make a bold move.

Less than a ring later, Jared’s forehead popped up onto your screen. “Holy shit, you initiated it,” he breathed. Your camera was facing the ceiling, “Where are you?”

“Contemplating whether or not to hang up and just cry instead.”

Jared gave a shaky breath but you saw the corners of his eyes scrunch up, meaning he was smiling. “Someone grab the camera my baby said their first words!”

You snorted, “Oh my god, Jared.”

“Fucking hell.”


“Just… so much happened in a split-second, I got a little dizzy.”

You stifled a laugh but your smile was still ridiculously wide, “What do you mean?”

“You laughed, no, you snorted, y/n, and damn it was adorable and made my heart, like, stop for a second. Then, oh boy, then you said my name and my heart stopped again and then I almost hung up the call to call an ambulance.”

“Why didn’t you?” you pressed on, teasing him.

“Prop up the camera so I can, like, look at you while you talk,” he told you, not answering the question.

With a shaky hand, you obeyed and the camera showed you, cross legged on your bed, and fiddling with your fingernails. “Now you do it.” You refused to make eye contact with the camera but out of the corner of your eyes, you saw Jared look at his screen in disbelief and immediately found something to lean his phone on. You really could only see his torso and up, but it was more than enough.

You looked up at him through your eyelashes, your nerves eating away at you.

“Shit, you’re stunning.”

The corners of your mouth perked up, “I would say the same but from what I’ve seen, you’re much more adorable in person.”

Jared smirked, “Damn right, I am. But holy shit, I just want to take a moment to appreciate your… charismatic smile.”

You snickered, throwing your head back a little, “Charismatic? That’s not usually a word I hear to describe someone’s smile.”

“Not just someone, you.”

“Jared, you’re such a sap.”

“It’s a charming quality, right?”

You and Jared stayed together, talking, for hours. You only realized it when the sun started rising through your window.

“Shit, we have school, Jared.”

“Wait, just… Stay right there.”

You did and you saw his phone flash. “…Did you just take a screenshot of me?”

“The sun made your skin glow. It was too enchanting to not take a screenshot.”

You giggled at him and saw the screen flash again. “Jared!” You scolded, “You’re lucky you’re my soulmate.”

“Sorry! Your laugh was captivating.”

“Did you just pause me?” you asked him, feigning offense.

He snickered, “I wanted to see how photogenic you look in these screenshots. Just gimme a sec.”

“‘Kay but you owe me a Redbull!”

“Deal. What time is it?” he asked.

“Six. Why?”

“Maybe we should both take a quick catnap and I’ll pick you up,” he offered.

“And end our fifteen-hour call? Never!” you laughed, doodling on your arm.

“Y/N… stop drawing dicks on my wrist.”

Jared ended up opting out of picking you up because he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you for an entire car ride. So as you were waiting for Jared in the cafeteria, you bit your nails and looked around the room again as if he’d magically appear.

Jared, however, saw you. You had your back to him and Jared couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He swallowed his fears and slowly walked up to you, a Redbull in hand.

Before he could reach you, some girl he sort of recognized walked up to you and started talking to you. He couldn’t hear the whole conversation, it’s was like quiet mumbling, but he could tell you were on edge and not really paying attention to her.

Suddenly, Jared and the girl made eye contact. You only then realized it was Alana. She waved at you, “Hey, Jared! How’s your morning been?”

Both you and Jared froze.

Jared took a deep breath and cleared his throat, unaware of the blush forming on his cheekbones. “Well, I owe y/n here a Redbull and I wanted one too but the store only had one, so I guess we’ll have to share it.”

You slowly turned towards him. “Jared,” you breathed. “…JARED!” you now screamed, sprinting the short distance between you and clutched onto him, tears rolling down your face.

Jared staggered back a bit but took your embrace and wrapped his arms around you. “Holy shit, this is real. You’re real,” he said quietly in disbelief.

It felt like hours you two were just there, with each other. Finally.

Alana snapped a picture just before you and Jared slowly pulled away from one another. He held his hands on your waist and you held his biceps. The both of you just stared at each other, smiling, and taking in every feature. “The janitor’s closet next to the math wing is, like, never used.”


“If you lovebirds need a secret place,” she winked and walked away. Jared’s face flushed and you could only muster up a nervous laugh.

After lunch, you didn’t have any classes with Jared. So by the end of the day, you were craving him.

You leaned against his car, waiting for him. Once you saw him exit the building, you called out to him, “Jared, hey!”

He looked instantly relieved to see you and jogged to your position. “Need a ride?” You nodded and held his hand in yours. He squeezed it then let go, “Get in.”

The car ride home was silent, but not uncomfortable. Just being in his presence gave you joy. When you reached a stoplight, you grabbed his right hand and pulled it towards you. You held it on top of your thigh.

“It’s gonna be hard to drive with one hand,” he chuckled.

You rubbed the back of his hand with your thumb, “I think you can manage.”

He got to your house not too long after and when you let go of his hand, both of you felt empty. You sighed, “So…”


You gathered as much courage as you could in a split second and leaned over the console, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Before Jared knew what was happening, you were out the door, walking to your house, and waving at him.

Jared raised a hand to where your lips met his skin and his felt his hot cheek. He probably was the same shade as a stop sign, but he didn’t care.

With grin basically tattooed onto his face and a twinkle in his eye, he drove himself home, feeling like the king of the world.

hey i’m Josh, i’m 17, from the UK and I’m a boy™.

I love really obscure music (hippo campus anyone??), reading, creative writing, drawing even though I’m god awful at it, and other fun stuff. In fact, here’s a handy list:

  • I live in a barn older than America’s been independent
  • I play the piano badly
  • I write plays! One was directed at a real life playhouse! That’s like my biggest/only achievement
  • I like indie music and jazz 
  • I’m gay but my parents don’t know (awks)
  • I have the softest cat known to man
  • I have like all the anxiety ever
  • I drink coffee primarily because I think it’s cool and I’m not ashamed
  • Autumn is the best season ever don’t fight me on this one
  • I discovered Hippo Campus like two weeks ago and they’re my new favourite thing
  • I go on Spotify and randomly search for obscure music for fun because I’m that guy
  • I collect vinyl records and want to buy a typewriter because yeah, I’m that guy
  • I once wrote 30,000 words of a novel only to realise I was basically ripping off three different authors and yeah I’m ashamed
  • I have a shitty music review blog follow me please I need validation
  • Apparently I only know one pose in all my pictures, I apologise

I’d love to meet some new people, chat about anything really. I have a slight obsession with Canada and want to move there for no apparent reason so if you’re Canadian that’s a bonus, but if not I won’t hold it against you. I also only speak English unfortunately. I’m not bothered by gender/race/sexuality whatever, and maybe it would help to be around my age but I don’t particularly mind. I really like creative people, and would love to chat or help people out on any creative projects they’re working on.

message me on my tumblr @j-s-parker if you want to chat. Thanks!

Alright, so I’m back home. Totally drained after all the excitement (hello, introvert!), so don’t expect any coherent summary of what happened yesterday. Above you can see my “spoils” of the day, but the best parts were of course the interactions.

There was SO MUCH Sherdario and Jalec love, it was unreal! Between the two of us @rebelqueenss and I covered all things Matt & Dom that happened Saturday.

The most important things to take away: Don’t let anyone tell you that Matt and Dom wouldn’t take bullets for each other! Seeing them together and hearing one talk about the other is a gift I will always be grateful for. They’re so comfortable with each other, and they genuinely love and respect one another so much - it made me so happy to witness.

Also, Dom is an unabashed Jalec shipper, while Matt knows exactly what’s going on in fandom and operates under the principle of “Do whatever makes you happy!” (Those were his exact words to me personally after I told him that I ship Jalec, so yeah, he’s not disgusted by anything, because he’s a fucking grown-up.)

If you have any questions about anything that happened yesterday, hit me up, I’ll try to answer as best I can!

Because you can’t really read it: Dom wrote #Jalec onto the picture, and he enjoyed it very much. *g* And Matt was smiling so widely for the photo, because he started laughing when I’d told them that it made my day when Dom was announced. Either he remembered me as the Jalec shipper from the autograph session or he just liked the fact that I was giving Dom some love. Both options are alright with me.

And yes, there’s a reason I defaced the picture with a smiley face, but that’s between Matt and me. ;) 

You’re Perfect for Each Other, So Kiss Already (Halloween Special!)

Title: You’re Perfect for Each Other, So Kiss Already: Halloween Special

Author: thathyperloudfangirlchick

Summary: Spencer looks so good dressed as the Tenth Doctor, it pisses you off. It doesn’t help that kids keep asking the two of you to take pictures together.

Rating: K+

Main Characters: Spencer Reid, Reader, every other member of the BAU is mentioned

Word Count: 1563

Notes: I’m actually so sorry that I’ve been neglecting my CM fanfiction??? I recently become obsessed with BTS, a Kpop boy band, and have become preoccupied with writing fanfiction for that fandom. I would really like to thank that extremely sweet anon who complimented me and asked for a Halloween Spencer fic. I wrote this for them and their kind words.

Note from Ch2: Yeah, when I type O/C, I mean Y/N from BMWIYH; I dunno, I think it’s cute, and in my head, I love the idea of these two OC’s being really close to the BAU ladies, because it’s a great idea. Also, it just means that Y/N and Spencer are so perfect, my character from an entirely different story came to ship it.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2; Halloween Special (All chapters can be found via the “perfect so kiss” tag.)

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"Love myself" - Justin Bieber

It had now been 4 months since Justin cheated on me, and 4 months since I ended our relationship.
I missed Justin like crazy, but he cheated on me, and I have nothing good to say about cheaters, since this is the second time someone had cheated on me…
Ever since Justin and I broke up it had went both up and down for me.
I had started writing music again, because I had so much to say.
Currently I was working on a song called “Love myself”, it was a song I had written for Justin, I had been working on it for months, I wanted to finish it, but whenever I decided I finished it, something came to me, which caused me to write something new or edit something.
I was currently sitting on the couch in the studio, it was mid night, but I wasn’t tired. The scenario of Justin in bed with someone else kept playing on my mind, and it was killing me…
I grabbed my hair and pulled it away from my face.
“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME JUSTIN? I LOVED YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, AND STILL YOU DECIDES TO CHEAT ON ME” that was the last thing I said to Justin… I even remember how hurt Justin looked, but he had nothing to be hurt about, he was the cheater, I was the victim…
“When I get chills at night, I feel it deep inside without you, yeah. Know how to satisfy, keeping that tempo right without you, yeah” I quietly sang to myself. I was alone in the studio, and at times it was actually kinda scary, because I barely had any lights turned on, because I felt better in the dark…
“Y/N, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, IT WAS JUST A MISTAKE” Justin’s words wandered my mind over and over again…
“Pictures in my mind on replay, I’m gonna touch the pain away, I know how to scream my own name, scream my name” I wrote on the paper.
I threw the notebook on the floor, then I grabbed my jacket and bag and left the studio. I locked the door behind me, and just as I was about to get inside my car, someone yelled my name.
I looked up, but quickly looked down again as I saw Justin, I tried to get inside my car, but Justin grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the car again.
The last time Justin saw me I had long, blonde hair, now my hair was short and brown, I needed change in my life…
“Whoa, you’ve changed” he said as he admired me? Why did he look at me like that?
“Will you please let go off me?” I asked him as I glared at him, Justin looked down and let go off my arm. I got inside my car, and just as I was about to close the door, Justin stopped me.
I groaned and rolled my eyes.
“What do you want, Justin?” I asked him, Justin gulped and looked at me with those hazel colored eyes that I fell so deeply in love, heck the eyes that I still fall in love with every day!
“I want you back” he mumbled, “I did something terrible, and I regret it so much! I lost the love of my life, just because I was selfish and couldn’t wait for her to get home to me again, even though she had been waiting months for me to come home” he explained. He was right… I was out talking to different record labels, which meant that I had to be away from home 2 freaking weeks! I was used to being home alone for months and months, and Justin couldn’t even control himself for 2 freaking weeks!
“I don’t need you Justin, I only need myself” I told him, then I turned on the engine and closed the door. I drove off, but I did something I shouldn’t have done, I looked in the rearview mirror only to see Justin on his knees as he grabbed his hair in frustration, I could even see the wet spots on his cheeks from fallen tears.
I shivered and suddenly a big sob left my mouth. NO I did not want to cry over him, he was nothing to me, or was he? The next morning I decided to go to the studio again. I showered and got dressed in a pair of boyfriend jeans, and a black crop top. I wrapped a red, black and white flannel around my waist and took on my favorite leatherjacket, then I put on my white converse.
I did a quick makeup, and I just added some volume to my curls from yesterday.
I grabbed a few rings and my bag, then I left home.
My manager had told me there would be breakfast at the studio, so I just left.
After 20 minutes I arrived, I was feeling so groggy today, ever since I got home last night I wasn’t able to do anything else but cry. I missed Justin so much, I missed his touch, and missed his jokes, I missed everything about him, but I wouldn’t give in, he hurt me, and honestly he didn’t deserve a second chance.
“Good morning Y/N, are you ready to record your new single?” Addie, my manager asked as I got inside, I had had some trouble getting past the paparazzi, but I did, and now I just wanted to get this over with.
“Yeah” I sighed, Addie furrowed her eyebrows as she handed me a latté.
“What happened?” she asked me, I raised an eyebrow and looked at her.
“Justin found me last night, and he told me he wanted me back” I told her, then I took a sip of my latté. I went into the recording boot and said hello to my sweet, sweet producer.
“Morning James” I smiled, James smiled and waved at me, then he pressed a few buttons, and the melody of my song started playing.
*Justin’s POV*
I wasn’t giving up that easily. I wanted Y/N back, back in my arms, where she belonged, and she knew it.
Ever since last night, where I accidently ran into her at the studio, I had used the whole night on figuring out how to get her back, and I think I found the perfect way to get her back in my arms.
I drove to the studio I knew Y/N would be at by now. I had talked to her manager Addie, and Addie told me Y/N had been acting very different lately, so she wanted to help me get her back, which I owe her for.
I quietly walked into Y/N’s studio, only to be met by her beautiful voice, she must just had started singing.
“When I get chills at night, I feel it deep inside without you, yeah. Know how to satisfy, keeping that tempo right without you, yeah. Pictures in my mind on replay, I’m gonna touch the pain away, I know how to scream my own name, scream my name” her beautiful voice sang, but I couldn’t help but feel guilty. The song was definitely about me…
I placed the bouquet of roses on the couch, then I went over to Addie and said hello. Addie smiled and shook my head, then she turned back to look at Y/N.
Y/N had her eyes closed, so she hadn’t seen me yet, which made this a lot easier. I went into the boot and stood behind her as I admired her. James gave me thumbs up telling me to start singing, so I did. Even though the song was old, I still knew it was Y/N’s favorite, and she loved how I only cared for her, whenever I sang it for her.
*Your POV*
As I was singing the music suddenly stopped, and “One less lonely girl” started playing, and suddenly I could hear Justin’s voice, and it wasn’t from the song. I quickly turned around and saw Justin standing there, he was pouring his heart out as he sang, and by the look in his eyes, I knew he was only singing to me.
I gulped and took of my earphones so that I was only able to hear his beautiful voice.
“How many “I told you’s” and “start over’s” and shoulders have you cried on before? How many promises? Be honest, girl. How many tears you let hit the floor” he sang, I covered my mouth and let out big and loud sobs. Justin walked over to me and grabbed my hands as he continued to sing. He pulled me close and hugged me tight.
How could I live without him? He was my world, my one and only!
“I can fix up your broken heart, I can give you a brand new start, I can make you believe, I just wanna set one girl free to fall, she’s free to fall, with me” he continued, I something wet on my shoulder, so I pulled away and saw tears streaming down Justin’s cheeks.
Justin picked me up and carried me out of the room as he finished singing. He placed me on the ground right beside the couch, then he grabbed a bouquet of red roses and handed them to me. I awed and pulled him close, then I did something I had missed for months – I kissed him. Justin groaned quietly and immediately started kissing me back. He pulled me closer and placed his hands on my hips.
Our kiss was filled with love, tears and possibly also a brand new start.
“Baby, I love you so much, and I know, what I did was wrong, and I will hate myself for it every day! I just know that I can’t live without you, these past 4 months has literally been hell to me. My heart is empty without you” Justin explained, he was about to continue, but I quickly kissed his lips.
“Shut up” I told him, then I deepened the kiss. That was my way of telling him that I forgave him, and he knew that .
Even though Justin and I were together again, it still didn’t stop me from releasing my song “Love myself” and luckily Justin supported me through every little bump on the road. And even though the song was about him, he still thought it was amazing, and he did everything to tell people about it.
He was the best boyfriend in the world, and even though he had been a jerk, he still was my one and only, and I would always love him.
Tell me what you think 💫


I hate crying around people so much, but I’ll never regret doing it yesterday.

As soon as I rounded the corner, my lip started to quiver. I went to Joe first, and he has the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen. I gave him a high five because of his back surgery, I didn’t want to hurt him.

I went to Pete next, and gave him his bag of green tea kit kats and he got so happy and said “I’ve been seriously lacking in these.” And I gave him a hug.

Then I went to Patrick and he’s gave me the warmest, tightest hugs I’ve ever gotten in my life. He looked so happy and he just glowed and he was so sweet.

And then, I was still crying, I went and I hugged Andy and it was the most gentle hug, he felt so small and I was so scared I was gonna break him.

I turned back to Pete and I just let it all out.

“I don’t know if you remember, but last year we met you outside of Houston, and it was amazing and thank you for it. I want to show you, last year you signed Gray and when you wrote your name, you wrote the word Survive and I got it tattooed and-” I lifted my shirt to show him and he smiled and said “that’s so cool”

And I’ll never forget this, talking to him about it, the slow realization in his eyes and he looked at me and said “yeah, I specifically remember that.”

And I lost it. I started crying again, and I remember I hugged him and wouldn’t let go, even for the picture, I held on for dear life.

I was going to leave and I looked at Andy and said “I’m so sorry but can I have one more hug please? You’re my favorite” and he smiled a little and said yeah and I got one more hug and I walked away and I fell against Jordyn and I couldn’t stop crying.

I’m so happy. I won’t forget this. Ever.

anonymous asked:

Hi there, I love your writing so so much and the new update was phenomenal but I was wondering if you could suggest some well written clexa fics for me to read? Thanks xx

Anon you have come to the RIGHT place! Okay here we go, this is a previous list I’ve had, but since then I have discovered some more amazing fics so they’re on here as well now :)

Firstly, shameless self promo, I have a clexa fic called break your plans that you should check out. Okay now fic rec:



I’ll probably make this a thing and continue to update this list as I go on. But this is it for now! Go forth, anon. Read all the clexa.

Novacane - Calum Hood One Shot

A/N: Basically I’m horny and I was looking at pictures of Cal with a snapback on so this happened. It’s the first time I post my writing on the internet so pls be nice???? Um this kinda sucks bc i just wrote this and like I only re-read it once and it’s 3 AM. But like yeah feel free to tell me what you thought of this ok thanks bye

Warnings: Language, sexual content

Word Count: 420 (too lazy to actually count)

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