yeah i will make gifs from this movie

Imagine being the only one who could make Jerome sincerely smile

Jerome: Y/N…are you watching another Disney movie?

Y/N: And you aren’t?

Jerome: No Y/N, I may be from a circus, but not even I’m that crazy to watch this.

Y/N(joking): Yeah I muse be crazy if I have you as a best friend.

Jerome: Oh be quiet.

Me after watching a substandard live action adaptation of a beloved manga

Okay. I have to talk about this.

This was the moment that I lost any and all remaining glimmer of respect for Natasha.

When I first saw this scene, I was baffled by the completely random route that she went here. Tony’s ‘ego’? What ego? What movie have you been living in Natasha? Tony’s supposed ego has not been a problem or deciding factor in this movie.

This comment is so off base that it just…frustrated me. This comment from a supposed master spy and someone who can read people and situations…yeah right. You can tell me that she’s supposed to be that way but when she reads a scenario so badly - then I’m no longer inclined to believe you.

Put this on top of Natasha’s horrible track record with making psychological profiles - mainly against Tony (Iron Man Yes, Tony Stark No) (Let go of your ego) and I’d actually be concerned about following this woman’s intuition since she has proven that she has no bloody clue what the hell she’s talking about.