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God the new season of OUAT is absolutely attrocious. i gave it two episodes. I don't give two fucks about any of the newbies. The new Cinderella is one of the worst actresses I've ever seen. For an epic romance, Cinderella and Henry have no chemistry whatsoever. Yeah I left the show with Emma, my Killian, and the CS baby that I hope will eb brought up. Maybe I'll come back for the finale if the characters we love are back. The reboot is such a flop.

I haven’t watched a second of it. The plot twist in 7.02 made it even easier for me to bail because that’s not the Killian I know and love. If people want to follow this Killian’s story, they’re more than welcome. I’m not.

If the ratings from the first two eps are any indicator, the show is hemorrhaging viewers, even if the demo remains steady. It can’t sustain that and remain viable. So for the people who ARE invested right now, I hope they get a satisfactory story. But I’m not optimistic. 


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 12

 ep 1 | ep 2 | ep 3 | ep 4 | ep 5 | ep 6 | ep 7 | ep 8 | ep 9 | ep 10 | ep 11 | ep 12

the negative Amazon reviews on American gods are hilarious

“If i could give this series a zero i would. One, it was too slow. I mean extremely slow. Two, you get lost in the whole thing, and not in a good way. And third, out of all the movies, tv shows, everything in my life, i have never been grossed out by a sex scene.“

“If you want a too quirky show that rolls around in liberal ideology. This is for you. If you are not a supporter of uber-liberal tripe, then skip this. Within the first couple of episodes, you get a thinly veiled black-lives rant, and multiple drawn out (way past any need to tell a story) gay/lesbian scenes that are simply gratuitous. Sad commentary on what passes for story telling.”

“One star with an explanation. The show is wonderful; visually stunning with the likes of Ian McShane leading an all star cast. Then? Then they went and did it; gay crap for the sake of, what? Appeasing the so called gay community? The scene was senseless. It added nothing to the story. All it was was a gay writer and/or director throwing in a disgusting scene for kids to see. Yeah, you can say no kids should be watching this show but, really? Of course they’ll be watching along with everyone else. So, there you have it. A shining show with a permanent black mark against it just to push forward political ideology in what is supposed to be entertainment. Parents, keep your young ones from watching. Who knows what further abnormal trash the creators have approved?”

“well…I was interested…until ep 2 begins with a self-indulgent, white-hating, racist diatribe…cancelling starz access…”

Thank you @neil-gaiman and Bryan Fuller for pushing your gay liberal agenda on us. 

so like my fav thing about matt murdock is that he got beat tf up by some bad guys and barely escaped with his life and hes just walking through dark streets bleedin out and passes a dumpster and thinks ah yes this is where i belong rn and he just climbs into the trash with his open wounds and waits out the bad situation hes in like bless his lil vigilante heart i mean we’ve all felt like climbing into the trash to avoid facing the consequences of our actions but this man actually did it

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How can there be su spoilers if it's filler

you guys realize Steven is half human and half Gem, so not every episode is going to be a Gem plot filled thing? That would be exhausting. Like we are on season 4 and it still feels like people are missing the fundamental nature of the show. Also what are your qualifications for what makes filler? Like, Mr Greg wasn’t relevant to the main plotline, but I sure as hell wouldn’t call it filler?

I used to watch SU just for the Gem-centric episodes, but over time learned to appreciate the human-centric eps as well. The inclusion of episodes that center around Beach city citizens is woven into the fabric of the show. The whole point and the thing that makes it different is that it shows ALL of Steven–the Steven who is thrust into this huge intergalactic conflict he doesn’t fully understand, yeah, but also the Steven who is just a kid growing up. That’s the point. That’s why he’s half human. If you want 100% action and major reveals all the time, there’s plenty of shows that are like that that you may enjoy, but Steven Universe might not be for you.

The absolute cutest exchange ever recorded in podcast history
  • Merle: Hey, what'd you guys do?!
  • Magnus: I fought a bear!
  • Merle: Big one?
  • Magnus: Yeahhh
  • Merle: Ahha, cool. What'd you do, pointy hat?
  • Taako: I saw my boyfriend.
  • Merle: Aw, yer kiddin'!
  • Taako: Yeah, it was dope.
  • Merle: I like that guy
  • Taako: He's a good dude-
  • Magnus: What'd you do Merle?
  • Merle: Laid down in the road-
  • Magnus: Rally that's it?
  • Merle: -watched a big worm. Oh! I got my magic powers back!
  • Taako: ... burying the lead...
  • Magnus: Ah! Nice!
  • Merle: Yeah, Pan showed up.
  • Griffin: I met God! No big deal!

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Once Upon a Time’ Bosses Reveal New Musical Episode Secrets and If Colin O'Donoghue Will Sing!

Better start warming up those vocal cords, Oncers!

Production of the highly anticipated musical episode of Once Upon a Time is well underway and executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis are spilling exclusive new details to ET about what fans can expect when our favorite characters step into the spotlight.

Read on for inside scoop on how this episode will be a “huge part” of Once Upon a Time’s mythology, the many romantic “surprises” in store for fans, and if Colin O'Donoghue will be singing!

We actually started [planning] this around September,” Kitsis explained to ET over the phone last Friday. “There are these two composers that we met, Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, who are big fans of the show, and ABC put us together with them because a musical is the one thing and the one request that fans have been asking for for six seasons.”

“It’s something we’re very excited about and we’ve been working on for a long time,” Horowitz concurred. “What we’ve also worked really hard to do is make this musical a part of the show, so it’s not just like a one-off episode or it’s not just like a stand-alone [special].”

You hear that, Oncers? The musical episode is not going to be some kind of a dream sequence or an alternate reality. It’s going to be a “real Once Upon a Time episode” and a key part in progressing the storyline of the series forward.

“It actually is a huge part of the mythology of the show and there are some big things that happen in the episode,” Hororwitz revealed. “Frankly, it’s been one of the challenges of doing the musical because we never wanted to do something where it was just like a to-the-side, one-off thing, and then get back to the main story. We want to see it part of the main story, which meant we had to really plan out this season with some great detail.”

Kitsis added, “And what’s fun about it is it’s the penultimate episode [of season six,] so the musical actually kicks us off into the finale.”

The musical, which begins shooting later this week in Vancouver, Canada, will feature seven songs including a solo from Jennifer Morrison’s Emma. But here’s the big question we wanted to know: Will O'Donoghue’s Killian also be lending his singing voice to the set list?

“Colin will be singing,” Horowitz confirmed.

(Deep breaths, y'all.)

There were no details provided as to what exactly O'Donoghue will be singing, but when asked if a duet between Emma and Killian is something the fans can expect to see in the musical, the EPs were coy with their responses. “We want to keep some surprises for the fans,” Horowitz shared.

“Yeah, but I would say this,” Kitsis continued. “If you were watching a Once musical, we approached it like a fan. What would the fans want to see and who would they want to see sing?”

“Well, you know you never know,” he teased when we pointed out that many fans would love to see a Captain Swan song in the mix. “It’s a show about hope, Leanne, and if you have enough of it, it might happen!”

As for Emma and Killian’s future, fans will be pleased to know that this second half of season six will “absolutely” feature many more romantic moments between The Savior and her swashbuckling leading man.

“What I can tease is that this second half will, probably, have the most romantic moment between those two in the six seasons of the show,” Kitsis dished.

(Remember to breathe!)

Many fans almost lost their minds when an engagement ring was featured in Once’s midseason trailer, so we’re curious to know if Killian might be finally be popping the question to Emma?

“At the end of the fall run of episodes, we teased that there was a ring,” Horowitz established. To which Kitsis added, “So somebody’s going to get it.”

“But to be fair, Henry did just take Violet to the dance, so we don’t know,” Kitsis quipped with a laugh.

New episodes of Once Upon a Time return this Sunday, March 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

How are you feeling, Oncers? Are you excited that Colin O'Donoghue will be singing in the musical episode? Do you think a Captain Swan proposal is in our near future? Share your thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!

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I started watching SU, and Im on ep 9-10, but there doesn't seem to be much of a plot. does this change?

does it B)

but yeah the actual plot starts on ep 25, until then it’s mostly “fun” episodes and character-centered episodes!

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I just don't feel quite so strongly about the ep as most seem to? I mean, it wasn't a good ep and yeah it was shitty to kill Eileen on top of just being bad writing. But it seems that each season has "that episode." I choose to look at the season as a whole. I'm vastly enjoying the season overall and i'm just not having a hard time shrugging this off as a bad ep by bad writers. I too wish they wouldn't keep doing this, but if i was that tired or focused on the bad i'd quit watching.

(cont) That probably came across worse than i meant for it too:P I just mean that that’s my personal attitude and coping mechanism. If i know realistically nothing’s going to make me stop watching the show, I have to process things different and have a certain outlook. Does that make sense? Again, sorry if I sounded rude!

Hey there! And no, that doesn’t sound rude at all. I mean, that’s the attitude I typically take as well…

And I would absolutely NOT have objected to literally anything else in that episode. I would be standing up for every other bit of it… IF THEY HAD NOT KILLED THE BADASS DEAF HUNTER IN THE FREAKING COLD OPEN.

I’d been willing to overlook the grossness of 12.02 and 12.08 (same writers!) with Sam’s sexualized torture and the skeevy noncon of Lucifer impregnating Kelly like that. I’d rolled my eyes at the time travel fuckery in 12.13 (same writers!) and I thought 12.17 was a mostly solid episode aside from Kelly being a two-dimensional character (not the actresses fault, the idiotic writing).

I’d found things to defend in all of those episodes, because the subtextual through-line of the entire season stuck… 

But honestly? Eileen’s death served one narrative purpose: Tearing down two seasons worth of subtextual through-line.

Like, completely negated the entire point of all of it.

It didn’t serve to tell us that Ketch was a Very Bad Man. WE ALREADY KNEW THAT.

It didn’t serve to tell us that the BMoL were terrible people. WE ALREADY KNEW THAT.

There was A LOT of similarity to 10.21, in that it required characters to be idiotic in order for the surface layer plot to work. AND THAT IS SHITTY WRITING ALL AROUND. And I usually find at least ONE thing to defend, because I do try to stay positive, too. I’m sorta notorious for it.

But consider:


  • Toni let herself in in 11.23 AND SHOT SAM AND BANISHED CAS
  • Ketch showed up there in 12.14
  • Mick let himself in in 12.17

And even after Mick told them IN ACTUAL WORDS That every MoL safehouse around the world used the same key, and there were theoretically hundreds of them floating around out there… WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T THEY CHANGE THE LOCKS?!




Like… Why didn’t they take her to some skeevy motel or something? What was the point of bringing her to the bunker?

Then one of the things Ketch did during their quick jaunt to trap Toni was to disable ALL the electric, water, and ventilation systems AND CHANGED THE FUCKING LOCKS.

Good job guys.

Obviously they weren’t expecting Mary to have been brainwashed and that kinda caught them wrong-footed in that respect, but SHEESH.

And Crowley… I mean, good for him jumping into the rat, but WHY THE FUCK DID HE EVER THINK HE COULD KEEP LUCIFER ON A LEASH IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE?

AND WHY WOULD ANY OF US EVEN CARE?! I was happier when I thought Amara killed Luci back in 11.22. I’ve tolerated his presence in the narrative this season because there did seem to be a point to it, up through 12.07… but really. I just do not care about Lucifer.

Crowley working with the BMoL smacked of the deal he’d attempted to make with Dick Roman back in s7. I figure he’s the source of a lot of the BMoL’s actually GOOD intel, because in every other respect their intel has absolutely sucked.

Toni scored a hit on Mary with her description of John’s parenting of Sam and Dean tonight, and I assume that came from Crowley. He’s probably been slipping them tidbits from the Supernatural books here and there…

I’m having a hard time believing he’d have slipped the info about the Colt at Ramiel’s house to them, because he KNEW it would blow back directly on HIM if anyone bothered any of the princes of Hell… Seems like a risky move to send the BMoL after him and stir up that nest of hornets.

But at least Sam and Dean know the truth now, that the BMoL are wiping out hunters. That they killed Eileen, and all the rest.


Really, all Sam and Dean needed to hear were two things, and that would’ve been enough to convey the same level of upset:

  1. That Ketch killed Magda, as well as the soldiers in 12.09
  2. That Mary’s mission at Ramiel’s wasn’t just to hunt the demon, but TO STEAL THE COLT

That’s it. Just TELLING them both these two things (and honestly Sam already knew point 2, but it would’ve infuriated Dean) would’ve inspired the right level of outrage in each of them.

They showed us Mary brainwash-edly killing Random White Hunter Dude and FINE OKAY, but really Ketch and his hellhound could’ve picked ANY “hunter” to kill in the cold open and it would’ve served the same purpose.

The fact that it was a disabled female character pretty much universally beloved by the fandom who was a successful hunter and a friend to Sam (SERIOUSLY?! SAM MAKES ONE (1) DAMN FRIEND AND YOU HAVE TO KILL HER?!) even leaving out the wild rash of Saileen shipping and excitement that Sam might have something with her in canon someday, it’s just sickening to me.

Anyway, I’ve got a headache and I think I’m losing coherency. I think I’ve run through all my steam. 

if you’re ever having a bad day, just think about when bangtan proved just how much they love each other in BV2 EP 6 like when the 94z praised and encouraged one another with heart felt words and showed off just how close they really are for the world to see, or when JJJ made each other die laughing with their dorky embarrassing ways in public and wore their ukulele key chains as gaudy earrings (good lord) as a sign of their true broship, or when taegi nearly cried bc their one bowl of shared naengmyeon was apparently that life changing and yoongi totally gave in to tae’s ways resulting in such an adorable, only slightly awkward loveydovey bro date. 

yeah, just think about all that instead. 

the only one he listens to
  • Grog: It's better live bait than dead, right?
  • Scanlan, clearly perturbed by the idea: *sucks air in through his teeth in a "Yikes" manner*
  • Grog: At least when you fish.
  • Scanlan, shaking his head vehemently: Nope. Nope.
  • Grog: Pretty sure that's true.
  • Scanlan, quieter but still resolute: Nope.
  • Vex: Do you wanna be bait, Grog?
  • Grog, enthusiastically: Yeah.
  • Vex: *makes a distressed noise*
  • Keyleth, a little concerned: Does this sound fun to you or lik-
  • Grog: I do-
  • Vex, panicking: There's exploding things around here! Are you sure you want to be in this area?
  • Grog, after a long pause to think: Yeah!
  • Pike, who has been watching intently this whole time: *stares at Grog in "are you fucking kidding me"*
  • Travis: *barely stifles a laugh at Ashley's expression*
  • Pike, sternly: NO. You. Don't.
  • Grog, recoiling, in unison with Pike: No... I don't.

When he said that day do u guys watch bonvoyage I immediately know what is he talking about like out of all the ep he just choose to post when they we’re flirting af? Then he said I will post something but not now I was have a strong feeling that it is related to them how? He said it’s far away will guess who don’t like to take a selca so much like others? Oh yeah aka JK xD