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What The Hell (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Ok this wasn’t a request, I just watched Gossip Girl and the scene where Dan and Serena get stuck in an elevator really inspired me so yeah. If you want a part 2, just tell me :)

Warnings: Swearing, possible rejection (?)

Word Count: 968

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“Hey could you hold the door please!” You heard someone shout just when the elevator’s doors were nearly closed. You quickly put your arm between the door and it automatically opened again.  You rolled your eyes, seeing the person who wanted you to hold the door was Peter Parker. His reaction wasn’t different from yours. He silently sighed and got into the elevator. The doors were closed once again. You and Peter had always been in a fight. Whether it was about being the first in biology class or who was the more attractive one. Although you hated to admit, you were deeply in love with him. In fact, you were trying too hard not to kiss him out of nowhere. You were in a competition with him only because to get his attention.

Despite the elevator music playing in the background, it was dead silent. After a few seconds Peter started humming a song, just to avoid the awkwardness, which made the situation worse. You gritted your teeth impatiently, waiting for him to stop. After a few more seconds, he was still humming that stupid song so you told him, with a visibly annoyed voice,: “Can you stop?” Peter turned around to face you, he was actually surprised: “Look, I know you ‘hate’ me but you don’t have to be a dick the whole time, you know that, right?” He smirked. You sighed and murmured “This is the longest elevator trip I have ever had. How hard could it be to get to the sixth-“

Before you could finish your sentence, you felt the ground shaking and the elevator’s lights went out, except the blue one for emergency situations. Peter closed his eyes and mumbled: “Shit.” You yelled: “What the hell?!” at the same time, shocked and scared by the situation. “I think the electricity went out, don’t worry, I will call the service” He pulled his phone out and dialed a number. A few moments later, Peter told the situation and kept saying “Okay, fine.”

You looked up at him with a questioning gaze. He put his phone back to his pockets and started humming that stupid song again. “So?!” you asked impatiently. He didn’t understand at first then he said: “Oh! They said service will be here in twenty minutes,” he explained. You threw your hands up and yelled: “Oh my god. I’m the luckiest person on earth. Stuck in the elevator with Peter Parker. For fricking twenty damn minutes!” He rolled his eyes: “Don’t worry, I’ll enjoy this twenty minutes as much as you enjoy it.”

Although you were the one who attacked at first, every time Peter made a mark about you like this, your heart was broken. You knew your method of getting his attention was the worst but there were no options left for you, it was too late. You sighed at your thoughts and sat on the ground, leaning your back to the wall. “Seriously, how did we even start fighting in the first place?” you asked, knowing the answer already, you started it. However, it was the only way to have a conversation with him. He turned around, his eyes wide open: “Are you serious? You attacked me first. In fact, every damn time you start the fight. I never wanted to be in a competition with you. Why would I want such thing? I’m just trying to live my life here and suddenly you come out of nowhere and ruin everything!” He came closer to you and you were now standing up, inches between you two. His face was red out of anger and he was panting, barely breathing. Now, you were really hurt. You thought he found these arguments and competitions with you entertaining at least but now he was basically yelling at you about how you ruined his life. As much as you just wanted to kiss him right there, you didn’t want to be humiliated so you fought back: “Oh really? Who do you think you are Parker? How dare you play the innocent one, while you weren’t a less of me! I’m pretty sure you damaged my life as much as I did to yours!” Your face was red now too and you tried really hard not to sound shakily. Although you have succeeded, the second you finished your sentence, tears were all over your face. Now, Peter was staring down at you with sorry eyes, while you were desperately trying to wipe the tears off. He tried to grab your arm and whispered: “I’m sorr-“

“Don’t fucking touch me,” you hissed and pushed his hand off. He was actually shocked about your reaction since he was basically going to declare peace between you two, now he was as pissed as you were. “I don’t understand a thing you do or say anymore Y/N! Stop confusing me with all your shit and just get away from my life as far as possible!” He shook his head then he turned around and checked his watch. “You are so oblivious,” you mumbled, still crying softly. You crossed your arms and he turned around to face you. “What are you talking about?”  You didn’t answer him regretting the thing you said You couldn’t just confess your love right there, it was not easy but Peter hadn’t had a single clue about it. He was staring down at you impatiently. Then he rolled his eyes and came really close to you, your noses were nearly touching: “Just stop it okay? I don’t want to deal-“ You kissed him. It was not just a peck on the lips, you really kissed him, passionately. His eyes were wide open, whereas yours were shut. Before you could understand what you were doing, he broke the kiss and yelled: “What the hell?!”

I’m Sorry

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings:  Cross-Comic, Swearing, Mentions of death

Key:  As always, (Y/N) is your name.

(Crap I forgot who requested this… sOrRy…)

Author’s Note:  FORGIVE ME MARVEL FOR I HAVE CROSSED COMICS.  Anyway yeah by the time I got to this I realized I forgot who requested this and I can’t find it anywhere so yeah sorry about that.  

I’m Sorry

  You looked back one last time at the horizon.  You watched as the sun went down and he told you about great things that would lie ahead of you if you just went with him.  You had so much to stay for, but… but he told you of another life of fighting for another cause.  You had never heard good things about him, but then again, you hadn’t heard anything bad.  You didn’t even know he existed until he confronted you.  He looked terrifying, but maybe you could go help him.  The Avengers could make it, they had enough people, and based the way this man was talking you could go help him against this batman guy who apparently was causing him trouble.  You were always the rookie, and sometimes didn’t go to mission since you would probably be more trouble than help.  Then again, you had Pietro.  You needed him and he needed you.  Yeah, you should probably stay with th-

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  • Me : I'm gonna watch civil war, bye
  • Mum : But you told me you've seen it yesterday
  • Me : yeah but I gotta go once for steve, once for bucky, once for tony ...
  • Mum : ok nevermind
  • Me : ... once for sam, once for T'challa, once for natasha ...
  • Mum : leave
  • Me : ... once for Wanda, and once for Clint.
“No matter how bad things get, I’ll always be here for you.”

Request: “Wanda Maximoff #17″ 

A/N: Once again sorry it took so long for me to post this imagine but I hope you like it! Also in the future I promise to be responding to requests much sooner.

Warnings: Some Civil War spoilers and slight angst.

Pairings: Wanda Maximoff x Reader

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“Hey.” You said as you leaned on the doorframe. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah.” Wanda said with her eyes focused on the TV screen.

She was watching the news.  They were replaying clips of the explosion of the building in Wakanda.  

You and Wanda had a special connection since the first time you met.  You are basically the main reason that the Avengers accepted her.  You managed to convince the others that she deserved a second chance.  She was always so grateful for that and both of you had become close ever since.

You grabbed the control and turned the TV off as you sat next to her. “You have got to stop watching that.”

“It’s all my fault. I could’ve done something but I-”

You grabbed her hand and looked at her. “You have got to stop blaming yourself like that. It’s only going to make things worse.”

She shook her head as she wiped the tears off her face. “You don’t understand.  Innocent people are dead. People lost their loved ones because of me.”

“You were just trying to save Steve.  You didn’t mean to kill those people.  You were just trying to do your best to save people.”

“Sometimes your best isn’t enough.  So many people see me as a public threat now.”

“What does it matter how other people see you as.  What matters is how you see yourself and if it helps I don’t see as a threat.  You’re a hero.”


You interrupted her. “Yes people died but imagine how many more would’ve died if you and the other Avengers hadn’t been there.”

She placed a light kiss on your lips and leaned her forehead against yours. “Thank you.”

“Just remember no matter how bad things get, I’ll always be here for you.”