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Cheater? (Reggie x Reader)

Request: could you maybe do a reggie and reader imagine where they have been dating for years but he cheats on her and they break up he tries to win her back but she keeps shooting him down but she has a bad fight with her mom and she doesn’t know where else to go to so she goes to reggie’s and he comforts her and they talk and get back together

 You couldn’t get the image out of your head. The thought of Reggie kissing someone that wasn’t you made you sick to your stomach. It was a painful reminder why you didn’t go to party in the first place. Nothing good ever happens when teens have alcohol.  It what ended your relationship with him, you couldn’t trust him anymore.

“Babe I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing”  Reggie begged you and tears were forming in his eyes. He didn’t want all of the years that you guys been together to end over some stupid drunken mistake that he had made.

“Please stop Reggie, it’s too late we’re over” You said as tears were falling down your cheeks, you loved him but you couldn’t have him anymore. You felt like all of your air was getting pulled out of you as you try to breath through the tears.

“We can fix it Y/N, don’t give up on us, not yet” Reggie pleaded he was losing you, something that he never thought was possible and it was his own fault.

“You already did Reggie” You let out while your voice was cracking “You broke us”

You sat down at you lunch table, facing away from the football team so you didn’t have to look at Reggie. Betty looked at you as you sat down on side of her, you never sat there. But it came to her mind when she heard the football team laughing from behind her. Reggie, was why you were sitting there.

“You okay?” Betty asked as you finally settle down in your place. You phoned her the night you guys broke up so she knew what had happened.

“Peachy” You said as you took a bite of your sandwich, listening to Veronica and Kevin conversion.

“So Y/N” Veronica started to say as she turned her head to face you “What’s with Reggie and you?” You looked at her figuring Betty already told her but you guessed not.

“Nothing” Veronica leaned over the table and teased

“Come on now Y/N, you don’t just break up with someone like Reggie for no reason. So what is it? Did you start a new high school affair? You lost your breath at Veronica’s last few words. It was hitting to close to home for you. Pushing your tray forward, you quickly got up grabbing your things. Not wanting to let anyone see your tears fell, you ran away to go hide somewhere in the school.

“I told you not to say anything Veronica” Betty shouted just enough so them at the table could heard it.

“I didn’t think much of it, what happened.”

“Reggie cheated on her V” Betty told her as she rolled her eyes, leaving to go find you in the school. When you ran out you didn’t see Reggie watching you. He knew you were gone to cry about what he assumed to be him. He knew you better than anyone, one little look at you he could tell that you were broken. He was the one that caused it and now he wanted to be the one to fix it.

“Hey can we talk?” You heard a voice said as you put your books away. You looked up and came face to face with the last person you wanted to see, Reggie.

“There’s nothing to talk about” You told him as you shut your locker. You looked down the hallway looking for Betty, so you could leave. You didn’t think you could look at Reggie yet, it hasn’t been that long. Plus you were sacred that if you did, you would fall into his arms since you miss him so much.

“Us. That’s what we need to do, not just ignore each other” Reggie said as he ran his fingers through his hair. He was frustrated with himself mostly, knowing that he wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for himself.

“There isn’t an us anymore Reggie, get over it because I have” You left Reggie standing there as you saw Betty so you could go home. You knew he knew you were lying after all no one knew you better than Reggie did.

“THEY NEED TO BE BETTER” Your mother shouted as you guys and your father stood in the living room.

“Mom their fine, one B isn’t going to hurt” You said. Your parent or more like your mom have been yelling at you over the past hour for the B that you got biology. It wasn’t hard to bring it back up and you knew that but your mother wouldn’t listen.

“DON’T TALK BACK TO ME YOUNG LADY” Your mother said as she made her way closer to you. “You live under my house and as long as you do there will be no talking back. B’s aren’t for this family, if you want to be something in life honey you have to get A’s. Your pretty face can only take you so far in life. Men aren’t going to stick around once it disappears for a women who get’s B’s.”

“Honey I thin-” Your dad try to cut in but your mother kept talking not wanting to hear his opinions. It was normal thing for your family, your dad was just to sacred too stand up to your mother.

“You heard me, you will be nothing in life if you keep acting like this. Leave, go on I can’t bare to look at you anymore. You’re a sorry excuse for a daughter.” When you heard your mother’s words you ran out of the house. Tears were flowing but it was nothing new to you lately that’s all you ever seem to be at. You needed somewhere to stay for the night but most importantly you needed someone to talk to you. You never really told your friends about how strict your mother was, only Reggie knew. At this point you didn’t care what had happened to just wanted to see him

Standing on his front porch you knocked, hoping that he was going to be the one to open it. You didn’t want his parents to see you looking like a mess. They would wonder what happened and would start asking questions.

“Y/N” Reggie said as he opened the door taking in your appearance. Your hair was out a place and you had been crying. He could tell from your bloodshot eyes and your wet cheeks. Not saying anything he opened his arms letting you fall into him. You cried into his chest as he carried you up to his room. He knew it was something with your mom, you wouldn’t just come to fix what he broke. He held you for what felt like hours, comforting you making sure you were alright. Not asking questions since he knew you would talk when ready. It take didn’t much longer for your tears to stop falling. You finally lifted your head up from Reggie chest and looks into his brown eyes.

“It’s my mom” Reggie nodded he knew it was but he let you keep talking “I was having trouble with biology and ended up getting a B. Mom wasn’t happy when she saw the mark and started to yell at me. Saying things like I’m just a pretty face and will never make it in life.” You rolled you eyes at your mom stupidly. “It’s one mark that she can’t see pass, she told me to leave so I did so we could both cool off.” Knowing that was the best option, you and your mother were too much alike to be together when mad.

“Not that I mine having you here or anything but why me? I thought you hated me” Reggie let out nervously, not knowing if he wanted your true answer. You smiled

“I could never hate you Reggie, I love you but it’s just so hard” You said leaning on his side. “Love is hard and I didn’t really know how to react. You kiss her and I..I know you didn’t mean it I was there, you were so drunk. I think when it happened I was lost, I felt so many emotions. I hated you for a moment but I couldn’t stay mad when I saw the regret and guilt in you eyes even as drunk as you were. I love you Reggie that’s not going to change, I just needed time to think and get through it all”

“I love you too, I’m sorry again for the pain I caused. It really broke my heart knowing I was the one who did that.”

“I know so ummm would you try again with me?” Reggie looked at you shocked not expecting that from you.

“Yeah I would love too I promise nothing is going to happen again”

“The only thing is we’re going to start from beginning I got to gain your trust back.”

“Yes anything babe” Reggie had a grin across his face, he’s never felt happier to have a second chance before in his life. You smiled once again at him before you leaned back onto his bed.

“Lay with me for awhile?”

“Of course love” So there you two stayed cuddle into each other’s arms. Both of you guys were happy to be back with one another. You both drifted off from the comfortable silence in the room. It was the first full night sleep you guys had since the break up. You guys were finally back where you belonged. And you couldn’t wait to stay there forever.

Sherlock: (to a young murderer): You paid a hundred bucks to somebody else to do it for you. Someone by the name of Dakota Shierkoff?

Murderer’s father: (shocked) Oh my God.

Sherlock: Yeah, I think it’s a stupid name too.


“Ready Chuuya and… action!”

“This is a view rivaling even the most priceless painting.” Chuuya smirked as he stood on the stairs. “Eh, Dazai?” Chuuya shifted his foot, causing him to slip and fall down the fake stairs. “Oh shit.” He said before face planting.

“Pfffftttt.” Dazai began to laugh, before bursting into loud laughter. “There are tears coming out of my eyes ahaha!”

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Enchanted | 3 (Final)

“Everyday if you want. Being with you like this is magic in itself.”

↠smut oh my god, plus fluffy jimin at the end↞

word count: 5.5k lordt

↠series: 1 | 2 | ↞

(a/n: this is my first smut and oh my god im sorry this is horrible /runs away/)

You weren’t positive on what it was, but for the past week you spent more hours studying than anything else. Whether it was in the study room in the library or in the comfort in your own dorm, you were hitting the books more focused than ever. But when you dug deep inside, you had a feeling as to what turned you into a study bug.

Park Jimin.

It was a known fact to most people that he excelled tremendously in his classes. He was already smart, but being on the basketball team helped discipline him to keep his grades high at all times. The two of you shared texts over the week, but it was casual talk about how both of your days were going, questions about psychology notes, and some flirting here and there. Jimin was a great guy and texting him lately helped you get to know him better than dirty words or breathless pants in between kisses.

Friday nights on campus were filled with nothing but partying and students freely roaming around. Instead of being apart of that crowd, you were sitting on the floor of your make shift living room completing your biology study guide and philosophy online post. Your roommate was going to be out for the weekend since her boyfriend flew in the previous night. This meant you could sing in the shower as loud as you want or walk around naked if you wanted to.

Your phone lit up beside you with Sana’s contact name on display.

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Hello Everyone! Today we will learn a new word!


Shocking right? Yeah I thought that too. But because of some recent events I need to remind you that this word exists.

We know you all are curious creatutes but… Bothering Ratana’s Girlfriend to ask her about Ratana…?


You are also asking some VERY private stuff in msgs to Ratana…

People… I know she’s yours favourite mangaka but she isn’t writing some stuff in public - because she HAS THE RIGHT to that. She isn’t posting photo of her face - because she HAS THE RIGHT to that.

So PLEASE stop asking her and people close to her (especially Girlfriend) about things that shouldn’t be your business.

Underworld (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: You’re a crime boss and Jason takes over Gotham’s underworld.

Warnings: non, I guess. It’s kinda bad and sucks tho

You notice right away you are not alone. And considering the fact whoever sneaked into the warehouse was able to sneak into the warehouse makes you shutter.
Deep down you already know who it is.
And you wish desperately you are mistaken.
You try to act natural. The men working for you haven’t notice, being unaware of their environment like children.
The Red Hood took over Gotham’s underworld by storm, but with his skills it’s not surprising.
You’re not a bad person… you just work in a bad business.
A business where it’s easy to make enemies.

“So, look at that,” a dark voice calls. You raise your hand, stopping your people from shooting blinding in the dark corner of the ceiling. “Aren’t you a little too beautiful to run such a business?”

“Thanks for that slightly sexist statement, Robin,” you click your tongue and cross your arms.
The Red Hood.
He was Robin before Joker killed him.
Research is your superpower.
You don’t bother to care how he came back to life.

He jumps from the ceiling, landing right in front of you. You grin. He is tall, has thighs you really want to sit on and arms that could crush a skull. A red bat is embellishing his chest. “I suppose you already heard how things are working now.”

“I did indeed.” You nod. Half of Gotham’s drug bosses are dead thanks to Red Hoodie. You aren’t gonna pick a fight with him.

“Good.” He points his gun at you before putting it away. “Hey, no one had to die that’s pretty great.”

“Amazing.” You roll your eyes and walk him outside. The red helmet is a pretty smart move. No one sees the emotions that his face could give away and in a fight emotions can be easily used.
It’s also good for safety reasons, you suppose.

“Cheer up, (Y/N). It’s not much of a change for you anyway. You don’t sell to kids, you treat your girls right.” He did his homework, too.

“Yeah, I have morals… shocking.” You open the door for him, letting him step out. It is a grim night. It has been raining previously and instead of washing away the dirt of Gotham it makes it even worse.
He nods towards you and you return the gesture.
The door clicks shut again. Better a Bat ruling Gotham’s underworld than someone like Joker right?


“You were assigned to keep them safe!” You yell and bring your hand down on the table harshly. The man sitting in front of you jumps. He isn’t daring to look at you let alone move a single muscle. “Two girls are dead, because you were doing whatever, I don’t care!”

“I’m sorry, boss.” He pleads below a whisper. Is he, though? You’re not in this position because you tolerate mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance, well, under normal circumstances. You pull your gun out and shot him right between the eyes. You take a deep breath and close your eyes for some seconds. “Julian,” you say, looking at your right hand. He nods, knowing the drill.
Throwing your jacket on you walk to the car.
Your throat tightens. It was never your favourite task to check the girls apartments to find out where their relatives live so you can break the sad news to them, but it is all you can do. They deserve it after all.
You park your car and get inside the apartment Judy and Jasmine were living in. Everything is nicely decorated. A lot of pillows and blanket make it cozy.

“What are you doing here?”

You point your gun at a red helmet. You heart races and your eyes are wide. He only managed to sneak up on you because your mind is somewhere else. “What are you doing here?!”

“I asked first.” He snaps like a child.

You put the gun away again and start looking through their stuff. “Two of my girls died yesterday. I’m looking for numbers of relatives, anything.”

“So, that’s why you shot that dude.” He concluded.

You stop and turn to him. His body seems as hard as wall. Is he working out a lot or does all this come from vigilanting? Is his face matching the body, though? What if he has no teeth, or worse, rotten ones. “Are you stalking me, Hoodie?”

“Checking if you follow the terms.” He corrects you.

You scoff and find their phones. They might as well are your best clue, but you keep looking anyway.

“I don’t get it,” Red Hood says. “How did you become a fucking crime leader? I see why you are now, but why in the first place?”

“I tell you if you take the helmet off,” you smirk and arch an eyebrow, challenging. It’s worth a try right? You were just really curious.

He chuckles. His gloved hands raise to his head and the scarlet helmet clicks open. You bite your lip as your eyes meet his rich blue ones. His hair is so dark it almost appears bluish and you’re sure he killed foes with that jawline and cheekbones before.

“We should fight and have angry sex,” you suggest honestly. “But, well. You know, Hoodie. I realized Batman is achieving squat. You can not wipe crime from the streets of Gotham, all you can do is control it.
I’ve lost people, that was the trigger if you want so.
I cannot stop prostitution, but I can try to keep them save and treat them right. I can’t stop gun trafficking, but I can control more or less who gets them.”

“Wise words.” His voice is clearer now. It’s making your skin shiver.

“That’s exactly what you’re doing, too. You wear a bat on your chest it’s pretty obvious in your case.”

“I’m not like Batman.” You notice you hit a nerve. Maybe being Robin was not the best thing that could happen after all. Well, he died as Robin. It surely wasn’t for him.

“You’re stronger.” You say and you mean it. Is it hard to not kill? You think it’s harder to kill and live with it.

Hoodie scoffs.

“Oh, and just ask for a date and don’t stalk me.” You wink before looking through the night stand that once belonged to Judy.

“I don’t do dates.”

“Well, angry sex then?”

Who’s Your Daddy?

/ Part 1 / / Part 2 / / Part 3 / / Part 4 / / Part 5 / / Part 6 / / Part 7 / / Part 8 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: I need more of Who’s Your Daddy.  part 9 !!,   Who’s your daddy p.9 pls,  I’m so excited for the next part 😊, when is part 9 coming?,  Can you do another who’s your daddy

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Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

Ever since he got that note from the creators, he hasn’t left his room. Not even answering the questions being thrown at him, left and right, all curious as to what it could have been, but Gally refused to answer. 

How could he? He had just found out that he had a sister, and now the creators wanted him to choose between her or those who were all the family he really knew. He needed to be alone. 

As for Y/n, she continued walking, still not having any particular destination. She thought she was conflicted before, but this was all just becoming too much. Waking up with no memory, pregnant with no clue of the father, blamed for something she has no control over, and now she has a brother…

Not seeming to grasp onto her surroundings, Minho almost had a heart attack when he opened the door and nearly smacked right into her forehead. 

“Shuck, Y/n, watch where you’re going.” Raising her head, Minho physically cringed at the sight of tears streaming down her face. “Jeez, I didn’t mean for it to come out so harsh. Are you alright?” 

“It’s not you, it’s…it’s these stupid hormones. They’re all over the place, which I’m guessing is a side effect to being pregnant.” She replies, wiping her face dry with her hand. 

“Good, because I need to have a word with you, shank. What in the hell were you doing near the maze? Do you have any idea-” 

“Look, I don’t need a lecture from you too-”

“Don’t interrupt me, you’re getting one whether you like it or not. Look I know all this shit doesn’t make any sense, and you’re frustrated and scared. But, you can’t just go running around and butting heads with those who are on your side. Give Newt a break, he gave you a warning and you didn’t follow it, of course he was going to be pissed.” 

“I didn’t even go inside!”

“But, would you? If Thomas and I haven’t cut our route short, would you have wandered inside?” Y/n merely huffed while kicking dirt beneath her shoe. “Exactly, shuck-face. You could be carrying mine, his or Thomas’s baby, and the maze is a horrible place for mother and child.” 

“Alright. I get it. I won’t go in the maze…” Y/n looked over at the map room entrance, tilting her head to the side in curiosity. “What’s in there?” 

“It’s nunya. Don’t worry about, only runners are allowed in the map room.” 

Map room…now that’s something that rang a bell. A small bell, ringing in the very back of her mind, but it was there. Something about that room sent something ablaze in her memory pocket. She just didn’t know what at the moment. Before she could press farther, the sound of her stomach growling aggressively sent both of their eyes to double in size, and for Y/n to hunch over in pain. 

“W-What’s the matter with you, huh? Say something!” Minho panicked, letting her grasp onto his arm tightly, helping her stand properly. “Are you sick? When was the last time you ate? Come on, answer me!” 

“A few h-hours ago…but I t-threw it up..!” She groaned, rubbing the lower half of her stomach, where she felt the baby curling up uncomfortably. “I-I need food, and quickly…oh God this is one hell of a cramp.” 

Not needing further instruction, Minho rushed her toward the dinning hall as fast as a runner could maneuver with a pregnant woman on his arm. He was just glad he ran into her, there’s no telling who would have gotten to her or who would have just let her lay there…he got chills just thinking about it. 

She felt special to him in someway, he knew that she did the minute he saw her. He just hoped it wasn’t in the way that he feared…

Once Minho had escorted Y/n to the kitchen area, he was relieved to find that it was empty. Well, except for the man himself who makes all the magic happen. 

“Fry! Frypan!” He exclaimed, not before setting her at a table to rest, after that agonizingly slow power walk they just did. “Get your ass out here, and bring some food - and some water!” 

“What the hell is your - oh. It’s her. [Sigh] You know I’m gonna get my head chewed off if I so much as think to give her anything before dinner.” 

“She’s in pain, she hasn’t eaten in hours-” 

“That’s not my problem. I’m sorry, man, but I can’t give any special treatment.” 

Y/n breathes heavily as she held her stomach, the cramp not going away anytime soon, unless she was fed. Something from earlier seemed to resurface her brain, as she looked over at Frypan. “You’re friends…with Gally right?” 

Scrunching his eyebrows together, he nods. “Yeah, so?” 

“You’d be doing his sister a huge favor if you’d not let my baby die of starvation. I won’t tell anyone, and if they find out then I will take the blame. Please…” That shocked the two boys to where their jaws practically hit the floor, but Y/n didn’t falter. She meant what she said. 

“What…what are you talking-” 

“Please! You can ask questions later, but for right now I need your help!” 

Without anymore persuasion, Fry nearly tripped to rush back into the kitchen and throw something together. That was a slap to the face for sure; Minho hadn’t moved from his spot as he stared at Y/n in shock. 

“H-How…how can you be so sure that Gally is-”

“It was actually him that threw the idea at me. His exact words were ‘Because I wouldn’t fuck my sister,’ when I accused him of it being his child. He ran off after that once the box sounded, and that’s when I ran into you. I guess I’ve come to accept the thought, since so far that’s the only thing that seems clear in my head. At least it makes the elimination much easier for me.” 

“Well…shuck. That’s…I don’t know whether to feel relieved, scared or both. Maybe a little shocked, too. Yeah, I guess that is a stepping stone closer to finding out the truth. Good job, I guess.” 

Frypan had made it back with two sandwiches and a cup of water. Setting it down in front of Y/n, he was quick to grab a seat right in front of her, slamming his fist on the table. “Alright, you got your food and water, now hold your end of the bargain What do you mean by ‘doing his sister a favor’? Wasn’t he an option of getting you pregnant?” 

“Well, it’s a little fuzzy. I didn’t really believe it when he said it, but it was the way he looked at me after he did. He looked frightened and…somewhat ashamed of something. Then, I saw a flash of guilt. I don’t know, like I said, it’s a little fuzzy. All I do know is that he’s definitely isn’t the father of my baby.”

“Thank God.” “Dammit.” 

Minho and Fry both said under their breath, looking at each other once they did at the same time. Y/n, too, stared in confusion at the two different responses. Crossing his arms while leaning forward, Minho glared at the cook. 

“What did you just say?” 

“Uh…nothing. Don’t worry about it, I-I was just-”

“Did you just say ‘dammit’, meaning you are disappointed?”


“Yes you did, shuck-face, there’s no point in lying when we both know you did! What are you hiding?” He pointed, watching sweat starting to form on his forehead, and not just because of the heat. Sighing heavily after doting his eyes left and right, he confesses. 

“Fine. Yesterday, after our meeting, a few of us made a small, harmless little…bet on who the father might be. Mine and a group of others’ bets were on Gally…” 

“What were the wagers?” Y/n spoke with her mouth full of the ham sandwich. 

“[Sigh] Giving up portions of meals. Meaning whoever bets on the actual father gets the losers’ portions of food for at least a week. Looks like it’s not gonna be me.”

After Y/n swallowed her food, she bursts out into a fit of laughter. Something about the situation was funny to her, and the look of pure disappoint on Fry’s face because of it was just purely hysterical. Another shock overcame the two boys as they stared at her as she continued to laugh. Soon after a few seconds have past, Minho started to laugh along with her, it being too ridiculous and contagious not to, Frypan following not too far behind once he realized the silliness of the whole thing. 

“Shut up, you shanks, a man can dream.” He finally responds, only causing Y/n to laugh harder. “It’s not like I knew he was your brother in the first place.”

“Either way, if you hadn’t have told us and in the end we found out, just imagine the look on everyone’s faces. Classic.” Y/n was finally able to catch her breath, taking a much needed gulp of her water. As everything seemed to calm down after that, Y/n practically launched forward at the feeling of a thump against her lower stomach. 

“Whoa, what’s wrong now?” Minho sat up in alarm, along with Frypan. It wasn’t until she started to chuckle that the two of them started to relax again. 

“What’s so funny now?” 

Looking up, they could see the sparkle in Y/n’s eyes as she lifted her shirt up just a little bit to expose her swollen belly. “It kicked.” 

Now having both of their attention on the area, they waited patiently for it to do as said. Fry nearly laid on the table trying to get a good view, while Minho didn’t dare to blink in case he missed it. Y/n gently started to tap around in areas where the baby would usually kick, a soft grin still upon her face. Finally after a few more taps, the baby’s little hand print made a showing for the two males to witness. 

“No shucking way…” Minho breathed in awe, wanting to reach out and touch it, only for his hand to be smacked away. “Ouch. What was that for, shank?” 

“Not before the father, you don’t.” Y/n sassed, catching him off guard while Frypan giggled at him being struck. Covering her mouth after saying that, Minho tilted his head to the side with the same look of as from before. 

“What are you - are you saying it’s not me?” 

For some reason, Minho felt a little hurt at the sudden accusation, but then relieved. He knew he wasn’t stupid enough to knock this girl up…but that didn’t mean the thought of him being a father didn’t cross his mind and bring a smile to his face. “Are you sure?” 

Nodding her head slowly, she removed her hand. “I’m glad I’m getting some memory back, I just hate that they come out in outbursts like that.”

“You and Gally are definitely related, then.” Fry concluded, taking her now empty plate and cup, returning to the kitchen. 

Now leaving the two of them alone, for now until dinner time, they just stared at each other in silence. 

“What does that make me then? My name was on the paper, what could I have done to help cause this?” He asked, rubbing his forehead. Just when things were starting to make sense, they get fucked up all over again. Y/n shrugs. 

“Well, so far, you’re giving me a comfortable vibe. Like, I can just chill with you and laugh and just be myself. Not in a romantic kind of way. More friendly. So, obviously, we must be friends or something.” 

“In that case, when that sucker pops out, I call being the favorite uncle. Or at least the godfather.” He demanded with a cocked eyebrow, chuckling softly. Y/n nods after doing the same, while patting him on the back.

The sound of the doors to the dining hall opening, filled the room. Boys pilling in from a long day of hard work, ready to finally eat, only to come to a halt at the sight of who was sitting at the first table. The atmosphere slowly changed, as Y/n now became uneasy, quickly pulling her shirt back down. Eyes were all around her now, her heart beating at a million miles per hour, the baby’s kicking not helping. Neither were the events of earlier, as blush started to creep onto her face. 

One boy scoffs in annoyance as he continues to make his way, as well as others. Y/n tried to tell herself that everyone was just cranky that they didn’t get breakfast…but who’s to blame for that? Minho saw the distress seeping into her face as the boys all stared at her, gently nudging her with his elbow to get her to face back front. Getting the hint, she does. 

Y/n exhales as her eyes focused on the wooded table in front of her, more people piling in by the second as well as her anxiety. Minho placed a hand on her knee, a friendly gesture to let her know that he wasn’t going anywhere. 

“If I last long enough.” 

RFA+V+Saeran Reacts to MC’s Strange Music Tastes

AKA Mc has complete and utter shit taste in music and they must suffer along with her (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆ (This is so silly I’m so sorry)


- While you were cleaning, you had decided to put on your favorite musical (sans Zen) and wash the dishes.

- I mean, there wasn’t a lot, but it gave you an excuse for being so slow with them

- Of course, as cheesy as the musical was, you found yourself singing along the best you could, despite the language barriers

- And of course, while you were attempting to belt out both lines to the duet, Zen decided to come home

- At first he was extremely confused. Was that English? Did you know English? Why didn’t you ever mention that! That was so impressive!

- But once he notices you have no idea he’s there, and you’re singing your heart out, he slowly steps up behind you, peering at the….weird musical on your laptop.

- “Babe, if you wanted to sing a duet, you could have told me.”

- You jumped, having water and suds splash back at you, as Zen chuckled and apologizes.

- “Ah, sorry babe, I didn’t mean to scare you. What are you watching though?”

- With a very red (and soapy face) you explain your love of this musical’s soundtrack, even though it’s… Not on the great side.

- But the moment you admit its a favorite of yours, he’s talking about a movie night and that the two of you could probably watch it tonight.

- (God, Zen, Please no)

- Honestly, when the two of you did manage to watch it, he didn’t tease you too much for loving the songs due to how embarrassed you were

- I mean…He’s definitely sung worse.


- After a long and annoying workday, he often found it comforting to see you and Elizabeth 3rd bonding.

- But coming home to a speaker system blaring god awful noise, and Elizabeth 3rd in your arms as you rocked your hips in time with the music, was not exactly what he found comforting.

- After taking a moment to find the stereo remote and quickly turning it down, he took a deep breath before speaking.

- “Mc. What are you doing to Elizabeth 3rd.” His voice was so monotone you couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

- “I, uh, was just dancing with her to some music. She’s okay, see?”

- You turned to face him, showing how lazily Elizabeth 3rd was curled in your arms.

- It didn’t stop him from slowly taking her out of your grasp and holding her close.

- “That was music?”

- “Uhm….Yes…Electro kinda swing music.” Embarrassed already, you turned to go cut the stereo off completely, trying to avoid his gaze.

- Of course that didn’t stop his questions

- He went on and on. What was Electric Swing? Why did it sound like his phone was dropping a call with someone in an old records store? What was the weird slang?

- After spending around an hour showing him examples, why you were listening to it, explaining to him how he could use urban dictionary for most slang questions, he finally let the subject drop for a bit.

- “Do a lot of people listen to this type of music?”

- “Not really, I just have shit taste in music, honestly.”

- Catching on that you feel a bit embarrassed, he decided to clear his throat.

- “Well, I rather….Like it.” (He did not) “It’s….unique.”

- “Jumin, you don’t have to lie-”

- “No, no, teach me how to dance in tune with this. You were dancing with Elizabeth 3rd, and I will admit I was a bit jealous.”

- This dork. But… At least he was willing to at least pretend he liked it, and not tease you.


- So, Seven was busy working. Usually when he was in so deep into his work, you could literally say or do anything and he wouldn’t notice. And hey, you had listened to music before when he was like this. Why not listen to the one song that had been stuck in your head all day?

- You loaded up your playlist, took another look at him as you started up your music. When he didn’t react whatsoever, you popped up your internet browser and started to goof around offline, enjoying your music.

- You zoned out pretty quickly, not paying attention as it switched to a very perverse song, and Seven finally perking up from his own computer screen.”

- “….Mc, what are you listening to?”

- “Hm?” You refocused on the lyrics, recognizing one of your japanese songs playing. You cringed a bit, not realising the language change to hide from Seven, but, oh well. “It’s just a silly song.”

- “….A silly song about prostitutes?”

- You felt the color drain from your face. “You know what it was saying?”

- “You really think out of all the languages I’ve learned, japanese wouldn’t be on that list?” He smirked as you groaned and covered your face. “So, uh, were you in the mood? Were you wanting to try those things she was saying? Like makin-”

- “Don’tyoufuckingdare.”

- He busted out laughing, getting out of his computer chair to walk over and ruffle your hair. 

- “But I mean, seriously, are you in the mood because…”

- “…Okay, fine.”


- Okay, so Yoosung probably has the same amount of shit taste of music as you do. At least, that’s what you tell yourself as you finally bring over some of your games to play at his house.

- You told him you loved shooters, scary games, or just basically anything with a good story plot.

- But…You hadn’t told him about your love for a certain music game yet.

- Once you two were all settled in his room with gaming drinks and snacks, you let out a deep breath.

- “Yoosung….Please don’t judge me for this.”

- ???

- You turned on the game, a certain popular computer idol filling the screen in such a cute pose. You expected him to laugh at you, to wiggle around uncomfortably trying to figure out if you were a ‘real’ gamer or not.

- But he just let out a little chuckle.

- “Mc, why would I judge you for that? A lot of my friends play some of her games. They like her music, too! I guess that goes without saying…”

- You looked at him in shock. “What!?”

- “Yeah, I kinda wanted to play it too. Will you show me?”

- Oh my god, you loved this man.


- When you two closed the cafe down at night, you would start a playlist the two for you set up filled with your favorite chore songs and start cleaning. It helped speed things up, and helped the two of you have a few cute moments.

- She would hum along with some of Zen’s songs, or other songs from musicals. If you starting signing along, she would slowly join you, both of you giggling afterwards.

- It wasn’t often a song of yours popped up, mainly due to the fact you wanted to try and hear her sing as much as possible, but tonight one of your favorites popped on and you didn’t have the heart to skip it.

- So soon, as the slow music started playing, you steadily stopped sweeping, swaying side to side with the broom in your hand.

- Jaehee tried to hide her laugh as she watched, failing a bit. “Mc, what are you doing?”

- “I love this song soo much, it’s so relaxing.”

- She listened to the lyrics, some strange japanese tinted broken english, and was lucky she was able to understand it. Lingering affects of working with such a huge business, even though she hadn’t had to use english in a while.

- But you put your broom aside and held your arms out to her.

- “I know it’s silly, but dance with me, please? I’ve always wanted to dance with someone to this song.”

- Aaaaa, you were making her face so red.

- She walked over, letting you wrap your arms around her and sway to the music. Slowly she did the same, resting her head on yours and letting her shoulders drop a bit.

- Even though it was a strange song…. It was nice being able to do this with you, especially if it made you happy.


- Usually when he came home, he was used to you being somewhere in the living room, since it was connected to the front door. 

- I mean it’s not like he absolutely needed your help, but it was always sweet walking up and hearing you hop off the couch to hug him and subtly try to guide him where he needed to go

- Instead, he was greeted by some solemn sounding music coming from the bedroom. After a bit of of navigating, he made it in, the music nearly blasting.

- As the crescendo lowered, he spoke up a bit.

- “Mc?”

- “I’m laying on the bed.”

- He nodded, finding a spot where the bed didn’t dip too much and sat down, happy he managed to sit beside you but a safe distance.

- He listened to the music pick up again, a male voice sounding low and grief stricken. Due to being overseas and picking up some english, he recognized some words, but not all.

- “Mc, what is this?”

- “It’s like…A novel, but an album? Each song tells a continuous story, but it’s so… I don’t know. Sad, but good?”

- “Are you feeling okay?”

- “…A bit. I don’t know.”

-  He took off his glasses, placing them in his shirt pocket and carefully laying down. Once his hand found yours, he managed to pull you to him, encouraging you to snuggle up.

- “Do you want me to listen to this with you?”

- “…Yeah.”

- He didn’t understand the lyrics fully, or why you were wanting to listen to something sad, but he just kissed your forehead and let you zone out to the music.

- Later on, when he found out that album helped you become more creative, he was wanting you to explain and translate a bit of it for him on the off chance it would inspire him as well.


- You were a bit ashamed of your music tastes around him, especially since he wasn’t afraid to tell you if something you liked was ridiculous or not (to him, at least), but he managed to find out anyway.

- You were just picking up a bit since the two of you still lived with Seven and the house was horrible, and you were humming along with your music blasting from your headphones. Since it was loud, and you were more focused on cleaning in time with the music, you didn’t notice Saeran had been trying to talk to you.

- Until he yanked out your earbud.

- You yelped, even though it didn’t hurt too much, and turned to scold at him, but he spoke before you could.

- “How many times do I have to tell you to let him clean up his own mess? He won’t learn otherwise,” He paused for a moment, hearing the music coming from the earbud in his hand. “What kind of emo shit is this?”

- You frowned, yanking the earbud back away from him. “Don’t try to act like you don’t listen to this kind of music!”

- “I did when I was younger, and now I’m an adult, Mc. Something you’re apparently not.”

- Ooooho! That jerk. You cut off your mp3, bringing out your phone instead.

- “Don’t try to hide it!”

- “I’m not hiding anything, Mc.”

- Your fingers typed away on your phone, searching for a song you knew he couldn’t argue against.

- “…What are you doing?”

- You smiled as you found good audio of the song, pressing play and turning the volume up. He looked confused, until a certain G note rang out, and he instantly looked furious.

- “Don’t you play that shit, cut it off. “

- “Nope~!”

- “Mc, I swear to fucking god-”

- The vocals started, and you sang along with them, causing him to start stomping out of the room. But, you followed him anyway, making him yell at you more.

- “I will ruin your phone if you keep this up!”

- “Apologize, then I’ll cut it off!”

- The only thing stopping your argument was Seven coming home, and him even laughing at your music choices.

- You just couldn’t win with either of them.

Lord of Thorns (Chapter Fifteen)

I’m sorry.
For… all of this. For every word.


I’m so sorry.

“Wade!” Peter was shouting as he ran up the steps to the castle. “Wade! I’m home!”

He’s returned. Master, he has returned.

Wade didn’t move, staring blankly at the wall, his hood and cloak wrapped tightly around himself.

Master, the boy has returned.

He still didn’t move, knowing it couldn’t be true. He had heard the words in his head every day for a week now, and it was driving him mad. Apparently his delusion had progressed to actually physically hearing the words, and that was just….

His head dropped back against the wall with a thud, and he flinched when the thorns on his head throbbed on impact.

Well that was… new. He didn’t usually hallucinate Peter’s voice, but who knew what else this madness would bring to–

“Oh! Here you are! Why didn’t you answer me?”

Wade flinched, certainly not expecting to be touched, and he pulled away with a little cry when Peter dropped to his knees beside him.

“Hey. Hey, it’s me.” Peter said quietly. “Just me, Wade.”

“Peter?” Wade asked, licking his dry lips, his voice hoarse. “Is it really you? You came back?”

“Of course I did.” Peter reached for him, grasping his arm hard. “Did you think I– you thought I wouldn’t come back? No, no I was always going to come back. Always gonna come home. I told you I would. Just took a little longer than I thought. Are you gonna hold me, or what? Why are you wearing your hood?” He was rambling, so relieved to be back home he didn’t think anything of Wade’s silence and reached to pull the hood off.

Don’t, Pete, you don’t want to see me.” Wade stood to his feet, backing away several steps.

“I missed you.” Peter protested, hurt. “Just want you to hold me, Wade, please? Why won’t you just–”

Don’t.” Wade’s voice was harsher now, but Peter ignored him.

“What’s the matter? Let me see–” Peter reached up for the hood again and Wade captured both his wrists in one big hand.

“Pete.” He said quietly. “It’s worse now. Everything is worse now and I don’t want you to see me like this.”

“I don’t care.” Peter said firmly. “I don’t care about that. You know I don’t. It’s been almost two weeks, I just want to see you.”

Wade hesitated for a long moment, then slowly reached up and pulled his hood off, and Peter covered his mouth with his hand. “Oh.”  

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Alternative - Dick Grayson x Reader

Originally posted by lematworks

Requested by andy-quick -  one where the reader falls into YJ world, and then all the boys’ future selves appeared at the same time. They’re all from different alternatives, and they all help they ’re younger parts in order to make their reality possible with Ending with you? And could the reader end up going after Robin’s (Dick) route?

Happy Belated Birthday andy-quick!!

It happened so fast, you were safely at home one moment only to find yourself tripping and falling, landing hard onto a cool metal floor. Confused, you glanced around only to find yourself in a very familiar looking cave with several familiarly costumed people staring at you in shock.

Everything after that was a whirlwind, involving interrogation and confusion. Things progressed even worse when you recognized the heroes, and accidentally called Batman by his real name. 

Nevertheless, once everything had been settled and the League finally decided you were not a threat, you were forced to live with the Team at the cave until they could find you a way home. 

At first you simply stayed in your assigned room, too freaked out by everything to leave, but soon you found yourself joining the team on their group activities and training. You weren’t allowed on missions since you knew too much and you were not properly trained.

The team accepted you for the most part after they got over the fact you knew an uncomfortable amount about them.  

Of course as time passed, the boys on the team found themselves slowly falling in love with you. Maybe it was because you already knew so much about them that they never had to explain their actions and you were so easy to confide in. Or it was because you were so different than anyone else they had ever met before.

At first, the boys simply continued on as normal, assuming you would choose one of them eventually. However, when it became clear that you hadn’t noticed their attraction for you, and the competition between them, they held a private meeting to discuss the matter. That meeting would decide your future, even if you never knew of it. 

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Back to school with NCT 127 😂

anonymous asked:

can you please do some mikael/adam headcanons? and the boys' reaction and stuff? just all the angst and fluff😩

anon :  Can you write something about Mikadam? They can be a couple or just really close friends :)

  • mikael and adam are that couple that no one really knows how they could together but someday they just decided they were more than friends
  • nobody could really tell the difference betweem them being best bros and being boyfriends because they are naturally affectionate to each other
  • the boys were really shocked but at the same time they always knew ????so they were like how ???? but yeah we knew ???
  • they casually tell the rest of the squad when they are chilling at the bakkoush household 
  • elias tells sana and she like ???? yeah i knew ??? and elias is like yeah i knew too but i’m still shocked i was expecting them to tell me in like a few years ?????
  • they have their own handshake which is completely original no matter how many times the boys say they stole it from a movie or tv show
  • they are so chill ??? like they never have drama or at least they don’t involve the balloon squad
    • they boys probably would cry if they had to choose sides
  • mikael makes so many cute videos for adam
  • adam makes him spotify playlists
  • the reason adam fell for mikael was because he complimented his rapping skills and the boy was gone
    • adam can’t refuse him either like mikael could ask him anything and he would do it
  • mikael was lowkey jealous of good adam and elias got along
    • but he would rather die than admit that
  • the only person who is allowed to third wheel on their dates is mutta because they love him so much
  • they call each other idiot, stupid bro bruh babe in the same conversation
  • mikael loves adam’s eyes so much he can write poetry about it you know
  • adam loves mikael’s smile because it just lights up his whole world
  • adam loves mikael’s arabic accent/dialect because egyptian always sounded so funny and posh like
  • the would probably win the title most chill and lowkey couple
I am not good for you. (Part 3)

Type: mini-serie.

Pairing: Jace Herondale/Wayland/Lightwood X Reader.

A/N: there is Clary too but this is a Jace x Reader, sorry for who ship Clace. I ship Clace also 💕but this imagine is based on a dream i made a few nights ago. And also i’m sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language and i wanted to share this with someone.

I should be happy, today is the day i will meet my future husbund. For what i have seen and heard he is the perfect Shadowhunters, just as it should be: strong and confident, with a natural talent for fighting and obviously loyal and in love with the Clave…well, let’s just say that i do not wonder why everyone and Maryse adore him. He is not good as much as Jace, he is important just because his family are prestigious like the Lightwood.
After i told Alec and Izzy about my arranged marriage they called Magnus and they explained to him the situation. I can swear that i had never seen him so angry. He was so close to going to strangle Maryse and even without the use of his magic, i would add. Since he and Alec got together, we became very good friends and i am really glad. Fortuanatelly after a cocktail or two and the attempts of Alec to calm him down, he calms. I hope i can have what they have, they seems so happy and in love with each other that they are capable of illuminating the entire room just by staying close. I am happy for Alec, he more than anyone deserves love.
Now we are all in the center room with the other Shadowhunters. Maryse has called a meeting and i want to disappear, literally, i asked Magnus to open a portal but he hugged me and told me to keep walking whit my chin up. I can see Jace and Clary at the other side of the room, Jace is looking around the room in search of something, as soon as he sees us he nods toward Clary and they start coming to us.
“Do you guys know the reason beind this?” he asks crossing his arms.
“Maybe.” i whisper and Jace frown, he was about to reply when Maryse cut him off.
“Thank everyone for coming here, i have an important annuncemement. But before, Y/N can you join me?” she asks me, i head towards her while Jace and Clary look at me perplexed. She keeps talking when i reach her. “Today James Blackwine will be here at the Institute. I am proud to announce the union in marriage of two families, the Blackwine and the Lightwood-Y/L/N. He is coming here because we have the honour to organize his wedding with our Y/N.” as soon as she finishes talking the whole room bursts in applause and congratulations. I can not do anything but blush and then look at the ground. After a few minutes Maryse ends the meeting and everyone walks away to do their work. Izzy, Alec and Magnus are watching with soft and sympathetic eyes. Clary is looking at me with her mouth wide open and eyes out, i do not dare to look at Jace.
“Are you going to marry? I did not know…” she comments shocked.
“Yeah, me too. I am happy that i wasn’t the only one who wasn’t told.” Jace being harshly. I look at him for a second only to find his eyes already in mine. His eyes. Damn, i missed him, he is more beautiful than i remembered if it is possible. He is here in front of me but he looks at me shocked and disgusted, i look away. I feel guilty, frightened and embarassed under his eyes.
“Why do not you tell me?” he caters only to me, i can feel his eyes burning against me. “A marriage? Where all this come from? Are you crazy or what? Look at me.” he adds grabbing my arm and i gasp squeezing my eyes.
Alec pushes away Jace and stands between us. “That’s enough, Jace! Stay calm, look you’re hurting her and let her breathe.”
“No, i do not have enough Alec! I want to know what’s going on and what’s all this about the wedding! Why nobody told me?”
“Jace…” Izzy tries to speak.
“I’m not talking to you Isabelle. I want to talk alone with Y/N, you go away” ordes Jace. I raise my eyes on him again and he is livid, is face is red and his jaw tightened so much that his lips are trembling a little.
The others look worried at me and i nod “It is ok, go.” i say watching them one by one. “I will be fine.” i add and after a second Jace drags me down the hall to his room since no one did the gesture to go away. He opens the door and pushes me inside, he comes in and close the door. He turns to me and takes a deep breath trying to calm down and i can feel by body tense, i cross my arms on my chest trying to hide that i am shaking. I was so sicure about my choice, i am convinced that it is right but then he comes and breaks every certainty that i had.
“Why?” he aks with a hoarse voice, when a few minutes ago he was about to explode at any moment, now he seems hurt and empty. His voice are strong as always but is tremling a little. That’s what hurts me the most, i prefer to see the strong and sure of himself Jace, rather than the vulnerable Jace in front of me now. I am in love with everything about him but this hurts me, i have never seen this side of Jace and the fact that i am the cause make me feel heartbroken, but i can not give up.
“It seems obvious, there is nothing to explain” i declare finding a bit of strenght and control.
“You have to explain a lot of things instead. First of all why did you avoided me for the whole week? Did i do somthing wrong? And by the Angel why you will marry that guy? Since when? You do not even know him and certainly you do not love him! I do not recognize you anymore!” he says and i can fell that he is heating up, word after word, frustated from my answer.
“I do not have to explain anything to you. You do not care about me, there is no reason why i should explain my choices to you. You only care about yourself and Clary, for you everything revolves around her now! I no longer exist, Alec and Izzy do not exist anymore for you. I am going to marry James Blackwine, it is the right choice. I do not love him now, it is true, but i could do one day. And among all the people you can not talk about feeling to me, where the story that feelings are nothing?” i say irritated pressing my lips together avoiding to say more.
“Do not you dare!” pointing his finger at me. “I care about you, a lot, more than i expected and more than anyone else. I thought about you every day, but you were and you are acting like a child! I spend my time with Clary because for her it is all new and i want to help her, that’s all. What you did is unacceptable! You really want to marry a stranger? You are supposed to kiss him, to love and make love with him, to make babies with him! It is not a game! You went out of your mind, i thought you were smarter than this.” he yells taken by anger, now his hands are narrow on his hips, his breath are slow and fast and his eyes are locked on mine. His words make me explode.
“See! I can not do this anymore, i am tired Jace. I am tired of arguing with you. We are only hurting each other since Clary arrived and i am very tired of pretending that everything is fine! We are not the same as before and i miss the old Jace and Y/N. I am tired of losing people i care and if i keep you away from me i can not give you the power to hurt me. I just want to forget everything and move on, if this is the only way i will do it. I can not deal with the fact that if i will not do it i will help destroy a family, the family that welcomed and loved me.” my voice broke and i realize i am crying so i wipe the tears. During my speech Jace remained unmoved but i can see that he has tears in his eyes too. We are both exhausted, emotionally and physically. I close my eyes massaging my temple because i feel my head spinning, i take a deep long breath and i open my eyes.
“I do not want to fight with you. It if means that we must stop talking for me it is fine. You will be happy with Clary and i will find my happiness with James.” i add.
“I’d rather argue with you that to be with other girls or Clary. You’ve never understood it, right?” he shake his head laughing softly. “You are not the only one that lost his own family, maybe i am the one who understands you the most. We are similar more than you think and maybe this is one of the reasons because you are so important to me. You are right…for me emotions are nothing, they can control us and they have the power to hurt us” he sighs he runs is hands through his hair “Love destroys us. You destroys me every day and i will let you if you want. Do not marry him.” he says with queit voice looking at me deeply. He breaks away from the door where he was leaning from the beginning and he comes slowly towards me but i stop him raising my arms between us.
“Don’t.” i bite my lips fighting the urge to cry or laugh in despair, i do not know. I am unable to move, i remain in silence searching for the right words to say. Just the Angel know how long have i waited for him to say these words, i can not believe it. He is here, in front of me and he just said he has feelings for me. I should burst with happiness but i feel terrible. What i have done?
We are interrupt by the knock on the door.
“Y/N you are in there? James Blackwine has arrived, come to meet him. We will wait for you in my office.” i hear Maryse from the order side of the door.
“Ok.” i say and she walked away.
I look at Jace and he shaking his head at me. “No.”
“I waited years to hear this from you, but now i can not turn back Jace. I always had feelings to you, but you never noticed. It is too late and that’s fine, i am not good to you. You are you, hansome and perfect.” waving my hands toward him. “And i am…a mess.” i smile sadly dropping my arms. I start to go to the door when he takes my arm and makes me turn until we are face to face.
“You do not know want you do to me every day, you are the reason i wake up every morning and that gives me the strength to give my best. You are more than good enough. I should have told you sonner, we could have avoided all this…Are you really sure about this?” he try to look in my eyes but i am having truble to look at him.
“Yes.” i lie, i escape from his grasp and quickly get out of his room before he can grab me again. I run to my room where i try to calm down and give me a settled before meeting my future. I wash my face, fix my hair, i put a fake smile on and i get out of my room.

➡The next part will be the last I think.
Recovery (Starcoweek3 day 4)

Marco watched Star sit next to his unconscious body in the hospital bed. The heart monitor beeped steadily. It was the only thing providing her with some comfort, knowing that he was still alive. She took his hand in hers and brought it to her cheek.

He tried to place a hand on her shoulders but it only passed through. No, he wasn’t dead. Just a ghost. His spirit was separated from his body. How did he end up in this situation? Ludo. The little bird monster blasted him with an unknown spell, knocking Marco’s soul out of his body. Needless to say, when Star ran to check up on him, she wasn’t too happy. She dipped down and blew up the entire underground fortress. Ludo probably escaped somewhere, but it’s doubtful he’ll show up any time soon.

And now here he is, trying to figure out how to get back into his body. Honestly, he was starting to lose a bit of hope. He already spent a week looking at the spellbook, hoping he could get himself back into his body, but nothing seemed to help.

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Come Back Down, Part 13

Title: Come Back Down Part 13

Rated: PG-13 for cussing, etc

Summary: Jensen and Y/N get an unwelcome, unexpected visitor.

A/N: Thanks for being patient with me. I finally saved enough to purchase a really cheap lap top and will hopefully be able to write and post a lot more efficiently for here on out. Thanks for reading my stuff! (Also, kind reminder that my views are not necessarily reflected here, but I needed a villain. Don’t roast me please.)

Tagging: @perpetualabsurdity, @maileann, @daydreamingintheimpala, @gecko9596, @gemini75eeyore, @jotink78, @dancingalone21, @winchesterprincessbride, @sandlee44, @exploratiionist, @arryn-nyxx, @littledarlinhavefaithinme, @tiffanycaruso, @boredoutofmymindstuff, @feelmyroarrrr, @raeganr99, @ruprecht0420, @anokhi07, @letsgetyourdeanon, @sis-tafics, @jensen-gal, @theoneandonlysaucymo, @27bmm, @callmesatansprincess, @hbenth, @atc74, @wheresthekillswitch

Master List  (if you need to catch up)

The face that confronted me from Y/N’s front door was definitely not one I’d been expecting. “Danneel?” Just saying her name made rocks grind around my insides. Judging by just her expression, this was not going to be good.

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anonymous asked:

Hello~ can I request a batboy be friend will a narcotic boy? Thanks!! And good luck ouo)b I like what u write -46kuma

Hi! This was probably not what you actually requested but I don’t really quite know how to write a person who is narcotic so instead, this came to be. Things are also kinda vague here and there so hope you don’t mind. Quite sorry if you are unsatisfied with this! Thank you for sending in your request!

“Don’t say a thing.” Tim lifts his finger to stop Jason from saying anything.

Jason chuckles. “I wasn’t going to anything much really.” He glances over at the place where they had just left and sees you staring blankly in their direction so Jason raises his hand to wave at you. You returned it with a small wave before disappearing behind the doors.

Tim rolls his eyes. “Of course, you weren’t.”

Jason feigns innocent. “Timbers, I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Tim abruptly stops walking before turning to look at his older brother. “Okay, spit it out.” He crosses his arms – since they are ahead of scheduled, Tim knows they have some time to spare.

Jason leaps at the chance. “How in the world did you meet that friend of yours, Timbers? What the hell have you been doing under our noses? Does the big B know and damn,” Jason stops and shakes his head. “I feel like Grayson now with all of these twenty questions.”

Tim tries to remember when he had met you – it had been some time ago, maybe when he was nine or ten, he doesn’t really quite remember. He knows you are older than him though – maybe about Jason’s age if he had to guess. “Believe it or not, he saved me from a few bullies back when I was younger and I kinda hero-worshipped him for a bit.” Tim shrugs his shoulders as if the thing he had just said was no big deal.

“Y/N’s isn’t your typical druggie, alright? He doesn’t really smoke opium or the likes. He smokes some vaguely medicinal herb but that’s not the point. I haven’t been doing anything under your noses at all.” All he had done was making sure every week you didn’t take too much of whatever vague medicinal herb that you smoke. That’s the least he could do for you really.

“So does Bruce know about him – Y/N?” Jason questions.

Tim nods his head. “He met Y/N a couple of times. Who do you think supplies some of strongest medicines whenever Alfred runs out?” He asks rhetorically and Jason’s jaw drops.


Tim nods. “Yeah, it shocked me too when I found out.”

Jason starts to walk again. “Was that what you took from him?” He hadn’t even bother going inside earlier. He had been surprised to see Tim’s friend when they arrived at the house to even bother making sure his brother’s alright. Not that he had any doubt about Tim being able to take care of himself. It just surprised him.

“Yeah, we needed some more and with the upcoming fight, we really need all the help we can get. Besides Y/N makes the best product.”

Fellony part 3

i actually like how this one turned out

The day of the wedding came fast enough, you tried the dresses a thousand times so hyorin could be 110% sure the dresses were good enough, you didn’t mind though, you loved wearing dresses plus all of them were really beautiful, lucky for you she chose your favorite one.

It was long, tight on the chest and lose on the legs, it was sleeveless and a beautiful lilac color that complimented your skin, for the special day you tied your long hair in a messy but stylish bun showing of the skin of your back, you really felt beautiful, you were actually really excited for the wedding plus hyorin told you that youngbae made some new single and hot friends that would be attending the event.

You weren’t going to stay single for so long.

You smiled as soon as you saw hyorin in her dress “oh my god unnie, you look really beautiful, youngbae won’t be able to take his eyes away from you” she smiled as she smooth out the white long skirt of the dress “do you really think so?” she asked with the brightest smile ever, you nodded eagerly, you were about to say something when someone knocked on the door of the hotel room, you frowned as you went to open it.

You saw seungri on the other side, he was wearing a black suit with white dress tie, he looked really good, it has been a while since you last saw him, he looked at you and widened his eyes “y/n what…what are you doing here?” he asked surprised you frowned “well I am the brides maid, nice to see you too seungri” you smiled and bowed, he was still shocked “uhm yeah nice to see you too, I need to talk with hyorin noona for a moment” you looked back and then bacl at seungri “he is not backing up is he?” seungri looked at you confused for a moment and then shook his head “no, no I even think youngbae is afraid she will back up it has something to do with one of the guests” he said nervously and you nodded , you made your way to the hallway so seungri could enter the room and as soon as he was inside he closed the door.

You sat in the bed and turne don the tv so you could distract yourself, from the corner of your eye you saw seungri whispering something to hyorin who as soon as she heard what he had to say a look of horror was placed in her face, she then looked at you and back to seungri, who just looked down as if he was ashamed of what he just told her “thank you seungri you can go back now” seungri nodded and before he was out of the door he gave you a pitiful look, you frowned and look at hyorin who was now seated next to you.

“y/n I don’t know how to tell you this…” she whispered afraid of her own words, you shook your head and giggled “what is it hyorin? You are scaring me” she sighted and bit her lip “well um I didn’t know any of this as you just saw seungri came to tell me it was a surprise for youngbae and none of them knew nothing about it only his sister knew, I am really sorry y/n, but jiyong came back and is here for the wedding” she finished as she watched you carefully afraid of your reaction.

You felt your heart fall to your feet, if you thought that you were over him you were wrong and out of all the people who knew about your break up hyorin was the only one who knew how it was done, ever since she learnt of that she has held a grudge on jiyong, lucky for everyone in their inner circle jiyong left for the military service a month after it, so hyorin could actually avoid any awkwardness between her and his fiancé best friend.

But now there was no turning back, you don’t know how long you have been staring at the now black television, you could still feel hyorin looking at you waiting for your reaction, and after a whole minute she just sighted “you can leave if you want to…” you shook your head and looked at her “I’m not leaving you I don’t care if he is here I’m fine” you lied, she knew you were lying she knew you like the back of her hand, the only person that knew you this well was jiyong, but that was before he broke your heart into millions of pieces.

“you know I could ask him to leave…” “no, you can’t do that to youngbae, really unnie I will be fine” she frowned “are you sure?” you sighted, there was no point in lying “no, but it’s ok I am here for you, not for him, I’ll be ok” she pouted and nodded “if you ever want to leave do it, don’t worry about me” you nodded.

You were shaking, you were actually shaking, you could control your body or your mind it was as if you were drugged, you had to be honest, as soon as you heard the news you wanted to jump out of the window, but you had to be strong, you had to pretend that you weren’t affected by him as if you were over him as if he hadn’t ripped your heart out and left you to bleed in that hotel room in paris.

You had to pretend everything was fine.

As you made your way to the church you could feel hyorin’s eyes on you the entire ride, and it wasn’t helping you at all.

Did he know you were there? Did someone tell him? How did he reacted?

All those questions were swimming in your troubled mind, he didn’t care, you were sure of that, he never cared about you so why should you?

You sighted as you got out of the limousine, you helped the bride with her dress and made your way inside the church, you had to be in front of the doors so you would make your way in before the bride, you stood there in line with the other brides maid, you were so lost in thoughts you didn’t hear the sqeals of the girls when they saw him, you were so lost in thoughts you didn’t see the guys walking your way but suddenly you were shaken out of your thoughts when someone bumped into you and you fell to your knees, you were ready to apologize when you saw him, out of all the people you could have bumped into, it had to be him.

He was perfect as always, his hair was in his natural black color, he looked more muscular and a lot healthier than last time you saw him, he was beautiful just like you remembered, his skin was glowing and his eyes looked really bright, you were so shocked you didn’t see the other guys grabbing his arms to pull him back, you saw him trying to say something but seungri garbbed his arm and literally dragged him inside the church.