yeah i totally ship it

tfw you have so many current otps in your mind and you wanna draw all of them at the same time.

watching yuri!!! on ice
  • me : mm mhm MHHHHM wait what, you're telling me this is a sports anime?
  • me : lolwut m8 they are g-a-y
  • me : wait do straight people do that
  • me : wait do straight people do THAT
  • me : ohmygod this is super frickin gay
  • me : victor, please stop eye-fucking yuri and thank you
  • me : victor! stop touching him so much and get your hand off his chin RIGHT NOW
  • me : *chanting* kiss,kiss,kiss! just tip a bit over and kiss him!
  • me : my sweet summer children, you have now fueled my descent into hell
  • me :
  • me :
  • me : thank you for ruining my life i guess

“Storming woman.”

Has this been done yet? Quick challenge/draw meme, based on this lovely pose.

I haven’t posted one of these in a loooooong time. Ahhh, I’ve missed these two. I imagine Shallan will give him at least a little hell for suddenly becoming a Lighteyes, bless his heart. But I think it also won’t otherwise make any difference in her opinion of him, as it might a few other characters. Soooo looking forward to book 3!

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I've been seeing some stuff lately (not here on tumblr, but elsewhere) about ppl claiming Yona doesn't deserve to be with Hak... like that she hasn't done enough for him to earn his affections or to be in a relationship with him. Idk it made me mad so I was wondering what your thoughts are about it?

‘Kay. I got this ask a while ago and couldn’t quite decide how to form an answer, so please bear with me as I try to put my thoughts into words. 

The entire idea that Yona needs to prove herself in some way or another to be worthy of Hak’s affections, to me, is ridiculous. For one, people fall in love for many different reasons, and just because Yona was a bit of an airhead and not a badass when Hak liked her shouldn’t mean squat. If Hak liked Yona for such a long time he obviously saw something in her that he appreciated and wanted to pursue. That’s his choice, so people making out like Yona needs to be someone worthy of affection or something are likely disregarding that Hak fell for her because, to him, she was worthy of his affection. Now, I get that a simple response here is that, “oh but Yona didn’t like him back so it wasn’t good for him to like her, etc.”, but again I think this has no root as Yona wasn’t aware of Hak’s feelings. She never led him on or toyed with him, she simply liked someone else, Hak never let her know how he felt, and she therefore never viewed Hak as a love interest. Hak himself knew this and still chose to like her and not move on. That to me puts all these “not worthy” complaints on him. He could have moved on to someone “more worthy of his time” but he didn’t. That was his choice.

From a different light, and after Yona flees the castle and Hak starts to be more open with his feelings, I feel that perhaps some people who hold this thought don’t so much think that Yona doesn’t deserve Hak, but rather that because she didn’t return his feelings right from the get-go that there’s an imbalance and “Hak loves her more”, or “she hasn’t contributed as much to their relationship”, or [insert similar thing here]. In response to this I just… arg, I dunno, it just seems silly to think that Yona has something to make up for. Yona just… wasn’t too into Hak in that way at the start of the series and both have had to grow to reach the stage they are at now in their relationship. People are allowed to not like other people romantically, even if said person is super nice and would love them unconditionally. That’s called having a choice. And Yona is allowed to not like Hak’s sometimes iffy advances and tell him to stop. She is also allowed to start developing deeper feelings when the two begin to grow and mature together as they face different trials and support one another. 

I just… don’t see where the idea of “deserving someone” comes into this at all. Hak and Yona are just two people who have realised that they enjoy each other’s company and support in a deeper way than friendship and as such have started to grow closer romantically. Yes, Hak has dedicated his life to being her guard and has supported her for a long time even though one could argue he didn’t get out of it what he wanted (that is, Yona’s interest) but again, that was his choice. I’m not trying to defend that it was the right choice, but blaming Yona for his choice and then thinking she needs to make up for it just goes over my head. I really don’t get it. 

Unpopular opinion: I honestly never saw the “chemistry” or attraction between s.terek… Like at all….

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Keith:</b> I got called a Gaylord on the recess area of the school long before I knew what it meant.<p/><b>Lance:</b> Really? You were already inducted into the lord of the gays?<p/><b>Keith:</b> Yeah and I was like: Dude I'm totally not worthy of a lord ship. I'm a gaydmiral at best.<p/></p><p/></p>

Sterek AU: Stiles finally witnesses the moment Derek shifts back from his full wolf form.

Stiles: Did you just say something or was that your *motions to Derek’s crotch* 

Derek: Does it really make a difference?

Stiles: …….

Stiles: N-no. Good point. Reeeally good point. Awesome, actually.

Derek: Stiles.

Stiles: Yup?

Derek: Shut up and get over here already.

Stiles: Can do, Big Bad. Can. Do.

Anyone else feel like the creators of Voltron actually expected sheith to be the popular ship, not Klance?

I mean, Keaton naming the ship is so suspicious lol. ~Oh yeah I totally noticed people starting to ship these two particular characters already here’s a ship name that was totally not something preplanned among the staff or anything~

Keith and Shiro have so many tender moments so they probably expected it to be the main ship in the series. They’re even drawn somewhat romantically I would argue - things like Keith touching Shiro’s face, the way Keith looks vulnerable on the floor in BoM and we get a shot of their hands clasping together. All very tender (and I’m sure BoM scenes were made before the series premiered).

Then of course you have #he’s looking at keith and Neil Kaplan’s tweets.

I bet the creators didn’t expect people to make a huge deal out of their age difference. Klance basically stole Sheith’s throne as the main Voltron ship lol.

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What do you think of Dipcifica?

I LOOOVE Dipcifica! 8′’DD

I mean, they’re so cute and everything! I just barely draw them because I can never get their chin’s right and my Dippers always look so off and weird XDDD

Also, this is my first time drawing Pacifica, so I apologize if there’s any mistakes XD I also realized I drew Dipper’s nose very oddly X’’”D

But yeah, I think this ship is TOTALLY cool and I should really draw them more! 8′D It’s not like your average ship and it’s just soooo cute! <3 

(I’m trying to answer the ‘easier’ ones now and doing the harder ones on the weekend because I never have much time right now ^^; I’m trying to get through all of them though!!!)

Thoughts and Theories of the Overwatch's Ship, Meihem

I’ve recently became a Meihem Shipper due to the amazing fan art and fiction. And I’m glad. 👍 However, it took me quite a few handful of artworks to get me to fall for it cuz when I played the game first and then joined the fandom, I didn’t get it. A environmentalist and a crazy demolitionist? But the points people made were great! I’ve also seen blogs of people saying “leave shippers alone” and “Don’t hate on this ship” and personally have not found a hater of the ship. Yet. Maybe I’m not deep enough in it to find the hate. But I don’t doubt it exist. So here’s my observation on why I think Meihem is legit and other theories:

1. In-game Interactions
From the game, its obvious that Mei calls Junkrat a bully and said as one of the interactions, “I hate bullies like you” with Jamison replying “that’s cold.” Yeah. I totally get why haters or trolls would say “that’s not a ship; that’s abuse!”

But there is no abuse. Junkrat may have said “I get cold just lookin at cha” first to Mei, but to me, that’s someone teasing. Not bullying. From experience in real life, someone teasing you like that is like awkward flirting in middle school. And for someone to say “Mei hates him,” just means to me that she doesn’t understand him. From the fact she calls him a bully, probably means she knows he blows stuff up. Which means there’s knowledge or HISTORY of why Mei knows this. Like why?

Plus Bullying would be like “Ya think you’re gonna save the world with a little ice?” and Mei saying “Leave me alone” or “It’s better than destroying it.” or something like that. But I don’t see abuse; I hear: a man awkwardly flirting with a shy girl (“Brr! I get cold just lookin at cha” … “Then look somewhere else then.”) and Mei disliking/misunderstanding Junkrat (“You’re a Bully! How do you look at yourself in the mirror?” … “That’s cooold.”). But what I’m really fascinated by these interactions is:


Outta all the characters that could say something, like Widowmaker to Tracer and Soldier: 76 to Reaper, (which makes sense cuz they have a canon comic of WHY they do), why these two? And it fascinates me. Like, I hope they explain why or how these two even say something to each other.

2. Lunar New Years Special
Why??? Why does Junkrat have “Gong Xi Fa Cai” as a voice line? Why does he have a similar theme to Mei? Did Blizzard do this for the fans or cuz Junkrat likes explosives and fireworks and that’s what Lunar New Years uses for celebration? Here’s what I think and would LIKE to think:

Considering Junkrat likes blowing stuff up makes sense, but according to Michael Chu, he taught himself Mandarin. Cool. But WHY?? Cuz he likes to teach himself different things or to get in the celebration? Or… To impress Mei??? In the comics and game, they never show him interact with people unless it for personal gain or for Roadhog’s sake (read the comic “Legit” and if you have, you know what I mean. If not, Junkrat gets offended that a cop calls Roadhog “a pig.”) So… Question is WHY??? Why would he want to learn this phrase unless he was doing it for a plotted crime in the future or… Did it cuz he has a crush on Mei??? Idk.

3. “Opposites Attract”
Here we have a woman trying to save the world with climate change in the palm of her hand and a man destroying everything in the palm of his hand let alone saw his home destroyed. One’s clean and neat (you can tell by her animation that she brushes her coat off) and one’s filthy (just look at the soot the man’s wearing; he has a skin that’s called “TOASTED” for Overwatch sake). But even though people say “opposites don’t always attract”, SOMETIMES they do. Mei may not see Junkrat as her ideal man, but he’s smart enough to make his own inventions, he’s goofy and makes his own pun jokes, and probably is really a loving man under his insanity. If I was Mei, I could see a broken man. And want Character Development. I think that’s why a lot of people like myself like Meihem cuz they can see potential. Potential doesn’t mean to change the man, but to better himself as a man.

If you’re a fellow Meihem shipper, 💖 this! 04/07/17: Adding more thoughts cuz I can and just thought of them.

4. This Australian likes Oriental Stuff? It’s confirmed by Jeff Kaplan that Junkrat has Milk Tea with Boba in his canteen. Boba Tea is … an ASIAN drink. Why??? I mean, I’m sure a lot of people like Boba Tea (I do too myself, with preference to Extra Boba), but it feels a little too coincidental that they chose this drink compared to, hell, it could have been just water or vodka. Idk.


Just so you know, I don’t only ship Kevin and Edd all the here goes

Kevin x Edd (my main ship,so I started shipping this ship because of C2ndy2c1d fan comic. I remember there’s a yaoi fan group at Facebook that posted her comic. So I’m kind of intrigued why there’s a cartoon comic in a yaoi group and started reading it and I liked it (hell yeah). I know there’s not much interaction between Kevin and Edd in the cartoon but the idea of a Jock and a Nerd as a ship is a good chemistry in my opinion. It makes me ship this ship more for the reasons Kevin is much nicer to Edd compare to the other Eds,how sometimes Edd helps Kevin to have his revenge on Ed and there short interactions :’( , the fan arts of them and of course the fanfictions. please keep this ship strong)

Eddy x Edd (I know some of EEnE fans consider Eddy x Edd should be more like much a better ship that Kevin x Edd (that’s fine with me,I’ve read some arguments around the internet XD) because of their closeness,how they fight sometimes like husband and wife…and they even kissed like several times !. yeah,there’s a lot of reason why you should ship them..sometimes I think they’ll make an adorable’s just…this ship is doesn’t suit to my liking just yet. But yeah,I still totally support this ship

Nazz x Marie (who came up with ship anyway XD there’s no interaction between this two at all (correct me if I’m wrong). Did they put them together because their lovers left them behind ? what ever the reason is I still consider this as a crack pairing. They’re both pretty good together,considering the most attractive characters at the show.

Edd x Sarah (my childhood ship XD…Sarah’s little crush on Double is just so adorable and how she’s nicer to him more as well,sometimes. That time Edd gave a flower to her and also the Diary episode,that’s how I started shipping this two.

Eddy x Sarah (imagining a war-love between this two,mostly war XD)

Ed x May (the only Ed I ship with a Kanker)

Ed x Rolf (I love Chickens Rolf !…Yes, Ed of the Chicken shepherd)

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