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re: isak/even scenes being fanservice. i don't agree, but i understand why people might feel that way. i think it's because of the fandom's reaction to the isak/even scenes (like how there are 5000 gifs of every evak scene, often more than the sana's parts, etc). so that makes it seem like evak is more of a prominent focus than they really are. if you look at their actual screen time, i think it's a totally reasonable amount, and i'm glad that we get to see them being happy!!!

Yeah, I think the reason why many dislike the ‘fanservice’ sticker here is because it’s harmful? Here we have a couple who both struggled a lot and who are finally happy, in a healthy relationship and to call that fanservice? That erases the beauty and the incredible representation that is this couple. And yes, a lot of people started watching SKAM for them, that’s not a secret so not surprisingly, many get excited for the little scenes that they get (and no, Evak is not taking up screentime, contrary to what some yell). This discourse that arises saying ‘ahh why y'all reblogging so much Evak?’ is a bit ridiculous to me because it sounds like policing what people should or shouldn’t like. You can adore both Evak and Sana, you know? And that’s what most people that I see here, happen to do.

Top 10 moments when ACOMAF shattered my heart in the best way possible

Okay, now that I’ve spent my whole week just living and breathing about ACOMAF… re-reading ACOMAF… and just thinking about it obsessively and telling ALL my friends about it… I feel like now it is a good time to post this. I’m going to post my top 10 moments in ACOMAF where MY HEART BROKE. And I hope you guys can agree–because this fandom is one soul, and we ride and die together.  

10. When Feyre comforts Rhysand after waking him up from his nightmare.

Like first of all, OW. It just breaks my heart over and over to think about what Amarantha did to Rhys, and what scars it left behind. 

But… what broke my heart more was this:

“But–but how many nights had I wanted someone to do the same for me?” 


Because some stupid High Lord of the Spring Court just pretended to be asleep whenever she vomited her guts out, and pretended everything was all fine and dandy. You claim to love her, and yet, you let this happen. tamlin u shit bag

9. Lucien and Feyre reunion after Feyre goes to the Night Court. 

You gave up on me.” 

Look, guys, I know Lucien is not a bad person. Deep down, he is a good, troubled person who has a lot of his own scars, and I know that he does consider Feyre to be his friend and he does care about her. But he also chooses to yield to Tamlin at the end of everything. He does fight for her, but he doesn’t fight enough against Tamlin. Now, this could be because Tamlin does instill a lot of fear in Lucien–which, if it’s true, it is not a healthy friendship, even if Tam is Lucien’s High Lord. But it makes me wonder, you know. Where is our fiery Lucien, who once spat at Tamlin’s feet? I really do hope that Elain will help him change for the better. Or that he comes to this realization from himself. Man, I love Lucien, but he’s going to have to do a lot more to redeem himself. 

Because, see, even Rhys thinks that Lucien would’ve stepped in.

And this breaks Feyre’s heart, that her friend wouldn’t do this for her. And she would’ve fought for Lucien until the end, no doubt about. 


8. The scars that remain with Rhys because of Amarantha. 

The next scene that broke my heart happens during the sexytimes between Feyre and Rhys.

Okay, just re-reading this scene is making me really emotional. So I don’t know if I’m going to be coherent enough to say this. But like, guys. I think this scene is important–and heartbreaking at the same time–because it’s a moment where Rhysand’s scars are acknowledged. Again, it is so rare in YA fiction to see a male character who has been sexually abused, and Sarah explores the scars that remain within Rhysand. And it’s also important because he’s also able to overcome these scars, and find happiness even after the darkest of times.

7. How Rhysand is treated in Velaris vs. Under the Mountain

Okay, so I like how 8 and 7 relate to each other. 

What struck me about this scene was: “no one whispered about him or spat on him or stroked him as they had Under the Mountain”

What really breaks my heart here is that it’s not just Amarantha that violated Rhys. Others did it too, because Amarantha did it, because Rhys was Amarantha’s whore, and therefore, her property. 

And this makes me really sick to my stomach. And it breaks my heart. fuck

6. Feyre realizing how sad she is at the Spring Court before her wedding. 


my poor baby Feyre 

I spent a good portion of time during the beginning of the novel wanting to wrap her in a warm blanket, hug her, and tell her it’s okay. 

And Tamlin, CAPTAIN OBLIVIOUS, is able to laugh freely. I’m gonna fight him

Even Rhys in Chapter 11 goes: “Months and months, and you’re still a ghost. Does no one there ask what the hell is happening? Does your High Lord simply not care?” (Shall we count this as like an honourable mention moment for when my heart broke into a million pieces… again) 

ha ha ha ha let me DIE my heart can’t take this 

5. Rhysand asks Feyre about her birthday. 

This isn’t a sad scene, but it still moved me and broke my heart because you can obviously tell how much Rhys loves Feyre.





But also, like. Rhys seems genuinely sad that Feyre did not celebrate her birthday. Do I foresee belated birthday gift/party in ACOTAR 3? Because yes I will sell my soul for this 

4. Feyre walking away from Rhysand after learning about the mating bond

Okay, no, I totally understand why Feyre is angry enough that she wants some time alone away from Rhysand once she learns from the Suriel that they’re mates. I’ve seen people hating on her for it… but c’mon. Really? You don’t think you’d be angry? Angry enough to walk away? I mean I’d want my own space to think too

But yeah it still broke my heart because Rhysand just calls after her… injured and weakened… ahaha…..ha…. why…

Now we’re rolling into the final 3… and honestly, these broke my heart the most and made me cry. I still want to weep when I think about them. 

3. Rhysand noticing Feyre’s weight loss 

He cares so much about her. *UGLY WAILING* *falls to the floor*

And he makes sure she eats properly. And wants to have breakfast with her. 


cue ugly sobbing, with the snot and everything 

rhysand calling tam out on his shitty behaviour

2. Cassian and Feyre training 

This is still one of my favourite scenes, and I … just. The whole scene leading up to it is an emotional roller coaster–Cassian saying that he’s there for Feyre if she wants to talk about leaving the Spring Court, the whole “I’m fine” thing, and how Feyre just realizes she did everything for Tamlin… and he just…. left her to suffer alone.

He’s ready to take the blow. 




Rhys is precious, Cassian is precious….. the whole Night Court squad is precious. I just love them so muchhhhhhh. 

And now. .  . okay. 

The final scene had me in full blown tears. 

1. Amren x Feyre 








D E A D 


This post also made me very emotional again. Thanks for reading. And if you know want to discuss ACOMAF with me, and the scenes that broke your heart (because there are like 10 million more)… feel free to shoot me a message. 

I’m gonna go read ACOMAF some more and cry by e 

Okay so @chirpingisflirting said she’s been having a real poopy bday, so I thought I’d take a crack at a nurseydex hc (which became this lame ficlet chimera) for her! Here goes nothing! Literally!

I’d imagine that, early in Nursey and Dex’s relationship (say, four months in?), school starts hittin’ Dex hard; boy’s got assignments up the wazoo, some emergency fees come up and he takes a small job a few days a week at the school bookstore/convenience store, his life’s just a mess. Nursey’s trying to keep his cool and be understanding, but it’s driving him nuts. He hasn’t seen Dex outside of practice in like, a month and a half, and he keeps trying to text him and make the best out of a crappy situation, but Dex tends to fall asleep or get bogged down by a new assignment and just forgets to text back and or it’s been almost a day and it’d feel really awkward to answer now and… yeah. It’s really fucking with Nursey.

He’s been taking it slow with Dex (whom I headcanon as only recently really coming into his sexuality?) since the start, but it feels like he’s the only one who gives a crap sometimes. Nursey reminds himself that’s obviously not true, though, and that Dex is just obscenely busy and just… lays on the supportive texts, or brings extra snacks for Dex after practice/before class. Still, this can only go on for so long.

And it’s driving Dex crazy too, because he’s reading all the texts, and he can see how upset Nursey is every time he splits up with the rest of the team after breakfast to head off to class, and it weighs on his mind when he’s knee-deep in some cs problem. It’s his first real relationship (with a dude?), and he’s crazy for Nursey, but he feels like he’s only giving 30% when Nursey’s constantly giving 100% (which ISN’T TRUE; boy’s running himself ragged, here!).

So he works double time for like a week to give him enough slack to slack off for an evening. It’s Tuesday, and he texts Nursey around lunch to get dressed in something comfy and wait outside the Haus for him after dinner. Nursey’s totally confused and is so… idk? Anxious? What could Dex want to talk about? Can Nursey even take this anymore? Is this fair to him? He almost doesn’t reply or want to show up, but he’s a sucker for Dex, so he puts on a cute li'l sweater over a collared shirt and waits out front.

Dex pulls up ten minutes late (definitely unlike him), and Nursey and him drive off silently.

They pull up to this hill hidden between these real posh houses that overlook Samwell and the surrounding town, minutes pass, and Dex pulls a scrap of paper and a single, haggard looking rose from behind his seat, but he still won’t talk. He just stares down at the things in his hands, and Nursey’s somewhere between concerned and pissed.

“I stopped by the flower shop before they closed and picked this up for you,” Dex starts, hands on the rose he’s now jerking in Nursey’s direction, “but I realized I don’t even know if you like roses, and this is completely fucking cliché, and it got all fucked up because I kept fiddling with it, and- Jesus, Nurse. I’m sorry.”

Nursey just looks up and locks eyes with Dex for the first time all night. Concern is winning out over anger now. He takes the rose, and his eyebrows wrinkle in an almost sad way.

“Shit, Nur- Derek! Derek. Are you okay? I’m so, so–”

“I love it.” Nursey places his hand over Dex’s. Dex just blushes and goes silent again, his eyes returning to the scrap that’s getting closer to becoming, well, scraps.

“I know I’ve been really shitty about, well, us, recently.” Dex is breathing deeper now. “But I know how hard this is for you, and I think about you all the time, and I thought I could balance everything, but I-” Dex shrugs. “I guess I can’t,” he chuckles.

“And I guess I know how much you like poetry and stuff, and- just- I brought you here to tell you…” He stretches out the paper in his now shaking hands, and sucks in a sharp breath. Th- this. Just read this.“ He passes the scrap over to Nursey:

‘You’re in a car with a beautiful boy, and he won’t tell you that he loves you, but he loves you. And you feel like you’ve done something terrible, like robbed a liquor store, or swallowed pills, or shoveled yourself a grave in the dirt, and you’re tired. You’re in a car with a beautiful boy, and you’re trying not to tell him that you love him, and you’re trying to choke down the feeling, and you’re trembling, but he reaches over and he touches you, like a prayer for which no words exist, and you feel your heart taking root in your body, like you’ve discovered something you didn’t even have a name for.’

"Yo, you know plagiarism is probably the least effective way to my heart, right?” Nursey chirps.

“I know that, idiot,” Dex starts. “I- I’m not saying I wrote it. I just-”

“I know, man.” Nursey’s hand tightens around Dex’s.

And then Nursey’s kissing him, and Dex could almost cry for all that he feels he doesn’t deserve it after this past month. They break apart soon, though, and Dex takes the moment to hold Nursey out at arm’s length.

“I'msosorryDerekyoudeservebetterthanthisI'lltryharderforyou,” Dex breathes out.

“Hey, chill. I’m not blind, you know? You’re doin’ everything you can, Will. Just… just let me help you too, y'know? If you’re too busy to leave your damn room, let me come to you. It’ll kill me, but I can catch up on my readings and… not distract you.” He waits a beat for Dex to answer, and when he doesn’t, he continues, “Or I can meet you in between classes and walk you to your next one, or we can call each other… I just miss you.”

Dex’s eyes start darting here and there, like he’s looking for something in Nursey’s, and he finally answers: “Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that.” He’s sniffling now. “Let me do better.”

And with that, Dex leans in to kiss the smile sprouting on Nursey’s lips.

(And then vehicular cuddles. A lot of them. To the point where Nursey has to drive them back because Dex is half-asleep.)

Common Language

Paring: Youngjae X reader
Genre: Fluff
Word count: 1,320
Summary: When Got7 come into the restaurant you work at it turns your world upside down, especially hearing some confessions in Korean. When will you tell them you know?


Hey all here’s some fluff with the sunshiny boy Youngjae! As someone who worked in food I wish something like this would happen lol. Hope you enjoy!
~Mod Phoenix


Another day, another boring shift at the restaurant. You were a waitress at a small restaurant and it was never exciting, easily seen in the empty dining room now. You knew that there was a Got7 concert going on the next day, you envied those able to go to their world tour. Due to the concert you thought it might be a busy shift, but you were mistaken. You sighed as you played with the strings on your apron. After what felt like an hour, which was really only ten minutes, the bells hanging from the door rang happily to announce customers.

When you looked up you were stunned to see none other than Got7. You quickly shook your head to try and clear it and said, “Hello, table for seven?” You automatically grabbed menus as the eldest responded, “Yes please!”

“Right this way,” you said with a smile and lead the way to a large party table. You set out the menus and let the boys get seated,“ I’ll be back to get your drink orders!”

You weren’t going to let them know you were an ahgase, rather you wanted to treat them like other customers. Jackson looked up at you and joked, “It seems like your the only one here!”

You laughed, “Well basically, there’s just me, the two cooks, and a manager.” The others started to speak in Korean, which they had no idea you also knew Korean. You had been studying it since high school and continued with taking classes in college. You almost felt odd listening in as you made your way back to the hostess stand where you could see all the boys interacting.

They talk started normal enough, just asking what some of the items on the menu were. But then you heard Youngjae’s voice stand out, “She’s really cute!”

This was followed with Jaebum asking, “Then why don’t you try talking to her?”

“I can’t speak English!” He exclaimed loudly.

Your breath was caught in your throat, he thought you were cute! You let out a long breath before heading over with your small notebook and pen in hand. You smiled, trying to look like you hadn’t understood the small exchange, “Can I get your drinks?”

You quickly jotted down their orders and smiled, “I’ll get those out right away!”

Before you walked away you heard Youngjae ask in Korean, “Wait what’s her name, what’s her name?”

“Ummm…” Jackson thought, “I didn’t see her name tag…” Mark responded that he hadn’t either and BamBam hadn’t payed attention.

As you went and fixed their drinks you couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of this situation. You balanced a tray full of drinks and handed them out. Once everyone had their order you asked, “Are you guys ready to order or do you need a few minutes?”

“Uhhh…” Jackson responded looking at the others repeating the question in Korean. “I think we need a few more minutes.” He was obviously looking for your name tag, which you had tagged to the pocket of your white apron. You couldn’t help but laugh and question, “Are you looking for something?”

“Oh! Sorry, I was looking for your name tag.” He responded, slightly embarrassed.

You pulled the pocket up and tapped the tag pinned there, “I guess it is out of sight.”

“Ahh, Y/N!” He grinned and said, “Thanks for waiting on us.”

“No problem, it is my job after all!” You replied happily as you went back to the stand.

“Her name is Y/N,” Jackson stated in Korean, turning to Youngjae.

The sunshiny boy grinned, “Y/N… A cute name to match a cute face!”

Yugyeom groaned, causing BamBam to imitate being sick. Jinyoung smacked the table to get their attention, “We need to have our orders ready, so figure out what you’re getting, then you can talk as much as you want.”

They quickly became quiet to look at the menu, only asking what things were. As you glanced up you caught Youngjae staring at you and when you locked eyes he quickly looked down. You could feel the heat rising in your face as he groaned, “She caught me looking at her!”

BamBam couldn’t help but laugh, “Smooth dude, smooth.” This caught him a quick slap on the arm. He then went on a tangent about how cute he found you, especially your smile.

You came back over and asked about ordering and Jackson ordered as well as BamBam. Mark listed off off his, JB’s, Jinyoung’s, and Yugyeom’s orders. You looked at Youngjae with a grin, “And for you?”

“Wait, what’s happening? Mark, I told you what I wanted!” Youngjae asked in confusion.

Mark simply smirked, “You can talk to her now, tell her your order.”

His eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head and it took everything you had to look confused at them speaking Korean. “Umm.. I want.. Uhh… Personal pepperoni pizza?” He stammered with an obvious accent, which made him even more adorable.

You nodded with a grin, “Got it, I’ll go put these in and hopefully they’ll be up soon!”

“What was that for?“Youngjae immediately demanded.

“It got you to talk to her didn’t it?”

“Well yeah, but you didn’t have to put me on the spot! It doesn’t help she’s cute let alone I can’t speak English!” He put his face in his hand, “I wish I could talk to her!” He sighed as he leaned back, “If only she knew Korean…”

You chuckled to yourself, ‘Oh man if only you knew, this is too much fun! I’ll let him know when they’re about to pay.’ You nodded as you made your decision, making your way to the food window to wait for their orders.

You brought back their food and so they were back to loud conversations. Youngjae later started talking to the others, “Guys, how do I talk to her? Should I ask her out? If I do though there’ll still be the language barrier… She’s just so cute,” He sighed wistfully. “I just want to know her…”

“If you ask her out, I could go as a translator,” Jackson offered, nudging the younger boy playfully.

“Wouldn’t that be awkward though?” He countered.

“I guess…”

All of the guys wracked their brains on how Youngjae could ask you out with the language barrier. They were very concentrated, debating ways until they had finished eating. You had to hide your face from time to time due to unstoppable laughter, this really was too fun. They didn’t know you were a fan of theirs or that you knew Korean, you couldn’t wait to see the surprise on their face as you printed the check and made your way over.

You smiled and stated in perfect Korean, “Here’s your check, not sure who to give it to so I’ll set it here. Did you guys enjoy your meals?”

“YOU CAN SPEAK KOREAN?” They all yelled in astonishment. “Wait, so you could.. understand us this entire time?” Yugyeom asked, specifically looking towards Youngjae, who looked absolutely stunned.

“Yeah, Yugyeom, every word! I’ve been learning Korean for probably five years?”

“Wait you know us too?” JB questioned, obviously shocked.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been an ahgase since you guys debuted!” You chirped.

Youngjae finally spoke up, “So you heard everything I said… about you?”

You smiled, “Yeah, you’re very flattering!”

“Well since it’s out there, even though I feel totally embarrassed, Y/N, do you maybe want to grab coffee tomorrow morning?” Youngjae asked, rubbing his neck nervously as he looked up at you with shining eyes.

“I’d love to!” You exclaimed happily. You took out your notebook and scribbled down your number, handing it to him. “Here’s my number, call or text me so we can plan.” He took it happily and nodded, who knew you’re boring day would end like this?

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Hiii, I couldn't help myself but give you a prompt. I know you're busy now and you can take all the time you want to write it, but I'd really love to read it from you because you make up amazing one shots from prompts. So here is mine: Mutta (because he's the one that hasn't the chance to talk very often, imo) has a crush on Sana and after what happened on Friday she's like very vulnerable and he tries to be there for her.-

-But I also want Yousef to be there because I’m a Yousana trash hahahah. I know it’s very vague, but I trust in your ability of creating fantastic ffs. Have a nice day and thanks 💕💕 “

Heeey! Thank you so so much for coming to me with your idea. 

I’ve done my best with this and I really really hope you like it. It was hard ‘cause I’m yousana trash like you haha but I think that even yousana shipper like us could like this…and yes, I added Yousef hahah I just can’t help myself. Also I didn’t plan on making it this long, sorry!

I really really hope you like it and that I don’t disappoint you!!

here it goes:


She was so absent-minded in her thoughts that she didn’t noticed the boy that was coming out of her home until she almost  ran into him.

“Hi, Sana” Mutasim said with a big smile

“Oh, hi”

There was an awkward silence between them. Sana had known Mutasim for a long time now but they had never really talked much. He had always been very shy and it wasn’t like she was the most extroverted person either.

“I was giving Elias back some CDs he had lent me” Mutta said pointing at the door behind him

“I see” Sana said

She was going through the worst week of her life. She was out of the bus, she couldn’t even look at Noora’s face nor Isak’s, she was worried about her brother’s late behavior and don’t even get her started with Yousef. So she really didn’t want to talk to anyone. Well, in fact she did want, she wanted someone to notice that she wasn’t okay, she want someone to actually ask her how she was doing. But small talk? Sana definitely didn’t have time for that.

“Well, I’ll see you around” she said walking past him towards the door

“Hey, Sana” he called


He looked like he was considering whether to say what was in his mind of not.

“Well?” she asked a little exasperated.

“Are you okay?” he finally blurted out

She frowned at the question, that was totally unexpected.

“I don’t mean to pry but I don’t know you seem a little off lately…like…darker…”he explained combing his hair with his fingers self-consciously

She widened her eyes in shock.

“I’m sorry, that was totally inappropriate. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable I was just worried” he said way too quickly “I’m sorry, I totally overstepped”

“No, it’s okay. It’s just…” she looked at the floor embarrassed “You’re the first one to notice”

“I pay attention to you” he said

She looked up instantly taken aback by his comment. She noticed how he blushed when he saw her staring at him and started to bite his lip nervously. He cleared his throat and then continued talking.

“I know you and I don’t talk much but if you ever want to talk about whatever is bugging you, I’m here. Or even if you don’t want to talk about it and just want to take your mind off that. I’m here”

“Thank you” she said genuinely smiling.

He smiled back and nodded.

“Well, I should get going. I’ll see you around Sana”

He turned around to leave. Sana looked at him as he started to walk, then she looked at her house door and then back at him.

“Mutta” she called walking to him

“Yes?” he said facing her

“Are you…are you busy right now?” she asked

He raised his eyebrows surprised by her question

“I’ve been meaning to go to this new halal kebab place for a while now but I’ve never had the chance…maybe you want to go with me…now?” she said biting her lip. “I really don’t want to be at home right now”

Of course, like I said, I’m here”


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Sana asked him as they sat on a table at the halal kebab place.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my whole life” Mutta said solemnly.

“You’re going to regret it” she warned him

“I won’t. Life is about taking risks”

“That thing is going to mess up with your stomach, you picked all the spicy sauces”

“I’m a tough guy, I can deal with it”

“Okay, go ahead” she said trying to contain her laugh

Mutta slowly brought the kebab to his mouth and took a bite. He looked at Sana all cocky ‘cause the truth was that it was not spicy at all. Or maybe a little bit. Okay, maybe more than just a little. Alright, it was spicy. Very spicy. He needed water. Now.

He started to fan his mouth making Sana laugh. He took his glass of water and drank it straight.

“Want more?” she said offering hers

He nodded and took her glass of water and drank it. All that time Sana couldn’t stop laughing. It had been awhile since she had even smiled let along laugh. She covered her stomach with her hands, it was starting to ache from all that laugh.

Mutta took a moment to look at Sana. He loved seeing her laugh. He had been paying attention to her this whole week and he had noticed how sad she was. Seeing her happy now and knowing that it was because some stupidity he was doing made him feel so good.

“Okay, I think you should order something else” Sana said

“Are you kidding? I’m eating this thing” he said.

He was willing to deal with some spicy meal if it meant that he would get to see Sana laughing again.

“Do you like suffering?” Sana asked

“Apparently I do” he said shrugging and taking another bite of the kebab.

He felt his tongue burning and started to make some strange movements with his hands making Sana laugh once more.


“You doing okay over there?” she asked as they arrived to her house

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Like I said I’m a tough guy” he said even though his stomach was killing him


“Okay, maybe I’m not perfectly fine but hey, I made you laugh, totally worth it”

“Yeah, you did” she said smiling widely at him “Thank you, for everything”

“Anytime” he said “If you ever want to do this again, you know where to find me. Although I may lose the spicy next time”

“Fair enough” she laughed “And yeah, that’d be nice”

“Great” he smiled “Goodnight Sana”

“Goodnight Mutta”



She heard them as soon as she entered her house after school the next day. As always, her brother and his friends were in the living room. Didn’t these boys have a house? She took a deep breath and started her way to her bedroom knowing that she had to walk past the opened door of the living room.

“Hey, Sana! Aren’t you going to say hello?” Elias called her from inside when he saw her

She mentally cursed her brother for having such a good sight. She entered the room trying not to look at a certain boy who liked kids and carrots.

“Hi” she said

All the boys greeted her. She was looking at her brother but could feel two pair of eyes focused on her, one was Yousef’s who she wasn’t going to look at, the other one was Mutta’s. She smiled to herself remembering the previous day and decided to have a little fun.

“How are you doing, tough guy?” she asked the boy trying not to laugh “How’s your stomach?”

As soon as the words left her mouth there wasn’t just another pair of eyes on her, but everyone in that room was starting at Sana.

“I’m doing fine. I told you, totally worth it” Mutta said smiling “I could do that any day”

“Oh, really? Want to try again?” Sana said raising her eyebrow

“Uh…maybe not for awhile…so it doesn’t lose the appeal, you know” he said

“Sure, that’s the reason” she laughed

“Am I missing something here?” Elias intervened.

Oh, I ran into Mutta yesterday after he was leaving the house”

“Okay?”Elias said urging her to continue

“We went to try the new halal kebab place and…”

“Alone?” a voice interrupted her

She turned to face Yousef and her smile faded. He was squinting at her, his lips forming a line.

“Well, it’s none of your business but yes, alone” she said bitterly and then she turned again to her brother “anyway, this tough guy here decided to try the spiciest thing in the menu. You should’ve seen his face, it was hilarious” she laughed remembering it

“Sounds kind of stupid” Yousef argued

Once again she turned to face him

“Well I think is nice and cute that he did that to make me laugh ‘cause he realized that I wasn’t okay. At least he cares.” She spat

Everyone in the room stayed silent. Yousef looked taken aback by her comment, he was about to say something when she interrupted him.

“I’m just going to go. Have fun boys” she said leaving


She was bouncing the ball furiously in the courtyard behind her house. She was so angry. Who did Yousef think he was? Who gave him the right to act like that? He kissed her best friend and now he acted like he was…No, he wasn’t. He’s just a dick.

“You’re going to make a hole in the floor if you keep bouncing the ball that hard”

She turned around and saw Mutta standing a few meters from her smiling.

“I’m trying to blow off some steam” she said

“Yeah, I can see that”

He approached her so he could stand in front of her

“Elias let you come here alone?” she asked.

She knew her brother could be very protective sometimes.

“He wanted to come himself but we convinced him to give you some time”

“So why are you here, then?”

“I told them I was going to the bathroom” he said shrugging “I wanted to know if you’re okay”

“I’m fine” she lied

“Can I ask you something?”

“You’re going to do it anyway, aren’t you?” she said smiling

“What’s going on with Yousef and you?” he asked “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to but…that conversation over there…”

“Honestly? I don’t know what’s going on with me and Yousef anymore” she said shaking her head.

She never thought about talking about this stuff with anyone but she felt really comfortable with Mutta, like she could open herself.

“It’s just…I liked him”

“Past tense?” he asked

“No…”she said looking at the floor

“Hey, you don’t have to feel ashamed”

“I know…but…” she looked at him and took a deep breath before starting her story “I like him and for a moment I thought he might like me back but then I saw him kissing my best friend”


Yeah, and I know he didn’t owe me anything ‘cause we weren’t together but it still hurt you know?” she sighed “And the fact that he’s acting now like he’s…like he’s…”

“Jealous?” he finished

She covered her hands with her face and sat on one of the swings.

“He can’t be jealous, ‘cause that would mean that he has some kind of feelings towards me and I know he doesn’t” she said

Mutta sat on the other swing by her side.

“I hate saying this, believe me, I do but I’ve seen the way he looks at you Sana. He likes you”

“Then why did he kiss my best friend?” she asked looking at him

“That’s a question you’ll have to ask him” he said

“I’m not ready to face him yet” she admitted “I’m too scared to hear the explanation”

“It’s okay, no one is going to pressure you. You can take all the time you need”

She closed her eyes and nodded

“And you know I’m always here if you need to talk”

“Thank you Mutta, honestly” she said smiling

“I thought you were going to the bathroom.” They heard someone, Yousef, saying “Got lost?”

He was standing in front of them with an upset look on his face

“I was checking on Sana, seeing if she’s okay” Mutta said standing up

“Yeah, you seem to be doing a lot of that lately” Yousef spat

“Well, someone has to” Mutta said back

“The boys are wondering where you are” he said squinting at him “maybe you should come inside”

“Aren’t you?” Mutta asked

“You go ahead, I want to talk to Sana first” Yousef said

“I don’t feel like talking to you right now, Yousef” Sana said getting on her feet

“Sana, please…”

“Not now, any other time, okay?” she said walking past him only turning around to give Mutta one last smile as a way to say thank you.

Yousef followed her with his gaze, cursing himself for acting so stupidly around her.

“Don’t give up on her” Mutta said once she left

“What?” Yousef asked confused

“You screwed up big time and I’m sure as hell you don’t deserve her. But it’s you who she wants so…just don’t give up on her. All she needs is time and a good explanation”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because I want to see her happy and you, my friend, are the one that has the ability to do so.” He said patting his back as he walked past him “Just don’t screw up again or you’ll have to deal with me”

Yousef nodded even though Mutta couldn’t see him ‘cause he was already leaving. He knew Mutta was right, Yousef didn’t deserve her, but also he wasn’t willing to give up on her, not yet.


Well this is it!! 

I hope you’ve liked it and that yousana shippers don’t hate me for this haha I tried to keep both Mutta and Yousef as good guys although I loved writing jealous!yousef. I have to say that for a moment, while writing this I even started to like Mutta+Sana as an item haha I just want my girl to be happy

Thank you so so so much for reading and I really hope you’ve liked it!!!


captainjeclid  asked:

1/2 Vasquez hc: she's been happily partnered this whole time and when Alex starts at the DEO she goes home and is like, 'good news there's another lesbian at work.' then she tries talking to Alex about gay stuff and realizes HOLY SHIT she's so un-self aware that she doesn't know she's gay. when Kara shows up she's like, 'don't know if this one's gay or not gonna find out' and as time goes on she watches Maggie change Alex's life and then Kara's like 'I looked in Lena' eyes she's innocent' and

2/2 Vasquez is in the background texting her partner like ‘good news Little Danvers is bi you called it babe’             

I am totally here for Vasquez back story!! especially happily in love Vasquez!! can you imagine all of the crazy stories she came home with in season 1? all of the times Alex was just so GAY and didn’t even realize! you know when she got back from all of those shit dates with Maxwell Lord she went and bitched to Vasquez and Vasquez was just like “Oh my god how does she still not realize?!” and when Alex finally DOES realize she comes gushing to Vasquez and of course Susan is just “oh yeah, I knew. I’m glad you finally came to terms with it! Hey our softball league needs a new short stop - do you happen to play?”

And that’s the story of how Alex gets an instant gay support system in Vasquez and how she works on getting through the whole ‘Maggie doesn’t like me like that’.

And then of course she introduces Kara to her new friends and they all hit it off, but Kara has to leave for something and Mrs Vasquez is just like ‘she’s totally bi and doesn’t know it yet.’ And everyone else is kinda like maybe?? I dunno.

BUT then one day Lena is at said gathering of lesbians (for obvious reasons) and Kara shows up and everyone is like ‘ohhhh I totally see it, definitely bi!’ and they encourage Lena to go for it and that’s how little baby gay CEO gets the courage to go after everyone’s favorite bi superhero!

tl;dr - Vasquez and her partner have excellent gaydar and they are top notch matchmakers. also they play on a softball team because can you imagine Alex Danvers in a baseball hat and playing short stop while Maggie cheers her on from the bleachers? Because I can and it’s adorable!

dating madelaine petsch | (would include)

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a/n: im well aware that mads is straight & in a relationship but this is a request and im a people pleaser.


- sass -so much- sass

- texting alot

- always taking silly photos together and of each other

- but turning into photographers when needed

- being really close with lili because they’re best friends

- facetimes

- clingy, oh so clingy

- long distance when she’s in vancouver

- helping her self tape

- goodluck kisses before a audition

- celebrating season two pick up with wine and pizza

- having to order vegan pizza because your girlfriend is insane

- mads taking -dragging- you to veggie grill

- “mads c'mon not veggie grill AGAIN”

- trying to turn you vegan

- styling each other, aswell as hair and makeup

- being extremely envious of her long luscious locks

- “you’re my favourite red head”

- always being her date on the red carpet

- helping madelaine go public about being openly gay

- karaoke

- both of you dancing around your shared apartment in nothing but your underwear

- kisses

- cuddles 24/7

- loud -off key- singing in the car

- girls nights in because mads hates going out

- “you’re such a grandma”

- movie nights

- adventures to the super market

- beach days

- madelaine checking you out in your itty bitty bikini top

- inside jokes

- mads talking about you in interviews

- posting embarrassing photos of each other on your instagram stories

- laughing 24/7

- tickle fights

- jealous mads

- binge watching riverdale with madelaine when it comes out on netflix

- trying to convince her your theory about who killed jason was correct

- “i totally knew it was clifford by the way”

- eye rolls

- “yeah sure babe”

- back massages

- body massages

- being proud to call you her girlfriend

- mushy love

- insanely proud of your girl when you watch the riverdale finale

- hand holding

- neck kissing -sweet- neck kisses

- buying cheap lipstick so when you kiss each other it leaves marks

- protective over each other

- walking in a gay pride parade

- playing around his her hair

- face makes and manicures

- long warm baths together

- matching pj’s

- buying each other lingerie

- strip teases

- watching madelaine and camila’s rehearsal for their dance scene

- sharing clothes

- always posted photos on you on her insta

- long hugs

- sweet kisses

- spontaneously driving to the beach to watch the sunset

- visiting home with her and meets her family -vis versa-

- buying flowers

- wearing her perfume when she was away because you miss her so much

- unconditional, unwavering, unapologetic love.

Letters from Lance Chapter 1

Hey guys, here’s another Klance fan fic. This one is going to be a mini series about Lance writing letters to you about his high school days and feelings for Keith. 

Summary: Lance McClain was told to write letters about his problems after he reunites with his ex, Keith Kogane, during a high school basketball game. The reunion sparks an old flame that Lance desperately wants to put out.

Dear you,

To those of you reading this, hi, my name is Lance McClain. I’m a sixteen year old guy who tweets about his Starbucks runs and takes selfies that use the hashtags natural and no filter. Give me a break. Like I said, I’m sixteen. 

I’m writing to you because Shiro, the counselor at my school who acts like everyone’s dad, said I needed to get some things off my chest. So here goes nothing.

At my school everyone keeps score on how many girls and guys they slept with or basically cheated on throughout the school year. Well me, yeah, just keep this between us, but I’ve never slept with anyone. Girl or guy. It’s embarrassing when you’ve got about twenty guys in the gym locker room tossing around names of who slept with who, while I’m standing there between them trying to keep score of how many exams I failed. Yeah, true story.

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Prompt Set#2 for 8000 Followers!

1.)  “Dude, a moving car ran into me last night and it didn’t hurt.”

2.)“This feels almost natural.  I wonder what would happen if I got knocked out though.“

“No, don’t even think about it.”

3.)“Everyone needs to calm down.  Just calm down now.”

4.) The men all stopped and stared at me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little freaked out.

5.) I closed my eyes and thought to myself, Everyone be calm. Just be calm.

6.)  She backed when I asked, and I felt movement at my stomach. The bullet she had previously shot me with worked itself out as we watched.

8.) These were my friends; I had to be honest with them.

9.) “I wish you would stop playing with your third eye like that. It’s really disturbing. ”

“Don’t worry you get used to it.”

10.) “You’re cute when you’re lying.”

11.) “Don’t tell her. She already thinks I’m crazy.”

“Uh, everyone except for me thinks you’re crazy.”

12.) “I guess it’s too late for me to ask you for your number.”

13.) “That’s it?  That’s what you are so freaked out about?”

14.)“Stop joking about this for a minute. My sister would kill us if she found out what we’ve just done. Put it back and let’s go home.”

15.) The day was brighter than I’d like, my slit eyes worked better in the shadows of alleys at night.

16.) Thank god. I don’t know how much longer I can last out here. If you hadn’t come along…”

17.) “I had hoped you’d believe me when I said that I had nothing to do with this.”

18.) “Where are you going?”

“I need to take him someplace without oxygen.”

19.) “Promise you’ll come back?”

“You know the rule. No promises. ”

20.) “She was the biggest mistake of my life.”

21.) “I’m in charge.”

22.) “I just…need some air.”

23.) “Im not going yo blow up his head, though it is a tempting offer.”

24.) “You seem to think you have a chance. That some one will save you. That maybe I’ll change my mind.”

25.) “We all get what’s owed to us in the end. So no, I’m not afraid. Just disappointed. ”

26.)This is more like magic than science.

That was the first thing, I said, when I was new too.

27.) “That is exactly what Satan wants you to try,” she reminded him.

28.) “ Perhaps we should be more careful of what we say. this is, after all, his domain.“

29.) “It is always better to hope than to have no hope at all.”

“ So you had been listening to dad’s lessons.”

30.)  “Are you sure you don’t desire me?”

I haven’t been sure of anything for a long time.

31.) “ I have to admit, I didn’t think you’d have the guts to really do it.”

32.) I thought I would never get used to this. Looks like I did.

33.) “I didn’t even do anything yet.”

34.) “Man, God must really hate you.”

“I am God!”

35.) “Oh, don’t mind her. She’s just mad that she sucks at Mario Kart.”

36.) “Shush. Did you just hear that?”

“Yeah, it’s called an echo dumbass.”

37.)“He’s a lot older than you think.”

38.) “I still can’t wrap my head around the part where you-”

39.) “Finally. Some alone time.”

“Technically you’re not alone.”

“Holy Fuck!”

40.) “When the smartest person in the galaxy says that he can’t understand you, I think should feel a bit concerned.”

41.) “I just wanted a family…something to call my own.”

“Yeah, well. I told you so.”

42.)  “A penny for your thoughts?”

“We both know you don’t have a penny.”

43.) “Wanna have sex?”

“With you? No thanks.”

44.) “I don’t have a favorite. Actually you’d be doing me a favor if you just space’d them all.”

“She’s totally joking!”

45.) “Stop! Just stop talking! All of you shut up!”

46.) “Good luck.”

“Thats all you have to say?”

47.) “You sold me out.”

48.) “Shitshitshit!”

“That doesn’t sound too good.

Thats because it isn’t. I dropped ___”

49.)  "I don’t see how your thoughts could be worse than the rest of ___”

50.) "Odd that such a thing should exist here.”

“And where is here exactly?”

“Good question. ”

He’s Got Friends In Dark Places

ALLLRIGHTY. Here is the plan. Going to get Sora and Riku as far as they individually can go in The World That Never Was, but then stop and try to get some of the best Spirits that I can. I really want the Rex and the Aura Lion going in to the final bosses, at least. But that means I might have to go scouring and item-hunting for dream pieces. We’ll see how far I can get here!

  • I feel like I should have better Spirits now, but ehh will make do
  • …Damn how is the reality shift going to work here and now
  • AHH okay that’s how that works
  • I gotta say I think I like this version of TWTNW better than the KH2 version
  • I like the battle music more anyway
  • …Okay wait how TF do you shoot off this laser-shooting thing again
  • Isn’t there a good challenge thing in this area where you can get some parts for the real good Dream Eaters??
  • ARRGH I got this far and then I died?!!
  • Okay never mind, I don’t know if Riku is ready for this yet. I’m gonna go item-hunting where I can to make some really good Spirits
  • Okay screw it I’m not finding the ingredients I want so I’m making stuff from scratch
  • I made a Cera Terror! Her name is TERRUMBLE
  • Oooh and a Beatalike! That thing is new!
  • Of course his name is Daisukenojo
  • Awesome so now Riku has two giant Dream Eaters that are gonna push him off all the ledges
  • Even though I don’t have my rexes or lions yet
  • Haha Riku literally arriving back at The World That Never Was like this
  • OKAY UH we’ll tackle the death wall later. Get back to Sora’s turn in weirdo land over here.
  • DOODLEY DOODLEY DOODLEY we’re back with Sora’s weird flashbacks
  • I feel like there were a bunch of treasure chests up on the skyscrapers that I’m forgetting here?? IDK
  • Sora: Who are you?!
  • Roxas: I’m you but more depressed. By the way here’s the entirety of my depressing life. Byyyeee!
  • I don’t blame Sora for being upset here I mean jeeez and hell
  • I do not like the breathing architecture
  • HO geez almost didn’t get through that triple dino challenge
  • OH thank goodness finally a save point
  • Only this might be boss battle time anyway
  • Hello sad Wayfinder family I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of you soon enough!
  • Hey flashback to when Aqua showed up on DI!
  • Xigbar: I’m here to explain the plot of Inception!
  • This thing of them regrowing hearts totally threw me for a loop the first time
  • I was like WOW I SPENT A LOT OF TIME ARGUING OTHERWISE ON KHFFR ahhh fandom memories
  • Thank you Sora for calling Xemnas out on being a huge liar tho
  • I am always fascinated by this scene because Xigbar is just SO CONVINCED that this is going to totally break Sora and he’s just like WHO CARES I’M NOT THE HERO, I’m FRIENDS WITH THEM SO HA
  • Xigbar you little chickenshit
  • OH DANG the boss battle is friggin now
  • OKAY I failed hard the first couple of tries but finally got him down with Chaos Snake
  • Also the friggin Recuscant’s Sigil thing blew my mind
  • Xehanort: I KNOW ALL OF THE FUTURE…except for the future that’s happening after this part
  • But yeah when I first got to this point I was like WHAAAAA
  • Ven: Here man you can borrow my armor I know I owe you back rent for the heart hotel anyway
  • AND BACK TO RIKU…Hey I’m still capable of going back to Sora’s last save point right?? Or is it just Riku from here on out? I can’t remember
  • Will Riku be able to survive the DEATH WALL this time??
  • Getting bitten by twice by skelerexes will certainly do you in
  • FINALLY got past those friggin Rexes
  • And yes the death wall is worth it to get DARK SPLICER
  • …Oh I just realized that Riku’s drop menu is gone, so. Don’t gotta worry about that none then!
  • Just surF UP THE WALL RIKU
  • Man I think this is my last point before Riku’s first series of boss battles
  • Mmmm OKAY let’s go on! We’ll probably need to go back and get all the good stuff later
  • Sora got dream bubble’d
  • Sora: Gee Riku, how come your mom lets you have FIVE final boss battles?!
  • WOW I died a lot but uh. Got the Anti Black Coat Guy at least
  • Apparently I really do not remember how to fight any of these bosses
  • Xehanort all like “well now I get to fancifully exposit at YOU”
  • Now we’ll see if I can manage to get through these next two battles…
  • Give him Spirit candies give him pets play water balloon with him it’s all good I love every Riku Dream Eater joke
  • Aaand Riku mentions Terra from long ago!
  • …Okay yanno what? I’m dying too frequently in these here.
  • Gonna come back and face the bosses when I’ve got some real good abilities like Second Chance, Once More, and everything else I’m used to having
  • SO that might take awhile. When I’m ready, I’ll tackle Riku’s bosses again!
It’s Been a While (1/2)

Summary: You knew Lance in high school but never really hung out. After a small reunion you know you’re in trouble.. (I still suck at summaries..)

Lance Tucker X Reader

Word Count: 2158

Warnings: Bad language. some sexual content. 

A/N: Okay, this is going to be split into two parts. The next part will be both smutty and angsty. Everybody who is tagged either liked my post about the fic or sent me feedback on it. If you wanna be tagged or untagged in part 2 please let me know :) (And I’m really bad with titles too..)

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

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Almost got caught (Part 2)

I was deep into my thought that i didn’t notice my members entering the practice room on bye one until i felt someone tapped my shoulder. I jumped at the sudden gesture by none other than jimin hyung. Why is it got to be him. I can feel myself blushing when i remembered what happen earlier on especially with jimin hyung infront of me.

“Kook, why are you so out of it? You seemed troubled by something. Are you okay?”

I melted at how caring jimin is. This is one of the reasons i fell for him. He is just too kind and always looked after me ever since we met. I was an awkward teenager last time but jimin hyung didn’t hesitate to approach me at all even though i would always push him away. I was always flustered and felt my body heating up whenever jimin hyung touched me or said something sweet to me. Now i know why i was like that. I have always felt something for him all along. Now that i have come to terms with my feelings, i felt happy but sad at the same time. Happy that i fell in love with such an amazing guy but sad that it will always be one-sided love. There is no way jimin hyung would like me the same way i like him.

“Nothing hyung. I was just thinking about the dance steps we are learning. Trying to run it through my brain”

I, as always made up an excuse. That was smooth of me to be honest. I am proud that i am able to lie easily but it hurts everytime that i have to deny. I put up my best smile to assure jimin hyung that i am fine. Jimin would always sense something is wrong even though you would tell him you are fine. That is what makes jimin so special. He just know.

Jimin slightly tilt his head to the side as if he was trying to read my mind. Can i input something here? Okay.. jimin looked so cute right now while tilting his head. OMG. He really got to stop being so adorable. I want to reached out to his cheeks and pinch it so hard but of course, i have to control myself. I know he is not doing it on purpose. He is just cute naturally. He would always says that he cannot do aegyo but actually his existence itself proved his statement wrong. He get really really cute without him noticing. I would always found myself smilling.

“You sure kook? If you have anything, don’t hesitate to share with me. We are friends afterall”

Ouch. I just got friendzoned. I can hear my heart breaking into pieces at that statement. It hurts so much but what can i do? This is all we are. We are just friends. We can’t be more than that. If i make the first move, everything will go down the drain.

“I’m fine hyung. Thank you” i tried my best to not sound rude or different. I guess i succeeded.

“If you say so..lets start practicing.” I nod abit before standing up. Jimin went off first to talk to taehyung. With his back facing me, i looked longingly at him. I smiled sadly at how stupid i am. Falling in love with someone i cannot have. Plus.. i bet jimin hyung would be disgusted if he knew that i liked him. That thought made me more sadder. I bet jimin like some cute girls and those shorter than him. I am no girl and neither am i shorter than him. I can feel my tears threathening to fall down my cheeks. I quickly turned around facing the wall. I looked down on the floor while closing my eyes shut desperately trying to stop my tears. Another thing i am good at.

I felt someone hold my right shoulder. I looked to my right to see jin hyung looking at me with concern. I bet he saw my pathetic face. I gave him a small smile to assure him that i will be fine. He squeezed my shoulder lightly as a way to comfort me. I feel so grateful to have jin hyung around me. Without him, i would be so lost and broken.

“Thanks hyung. Needed that. I will be fine so don’t worry”. I spoke softly to avoid jimin from hearing us.

“Stay strong jungkook. We will talk later okay? Lets focus on practice first”

I nodded at him in acknowledgement. We quickly went to join the others as they are all already starting. Again, i made eye contact with jimin hyung but i can see that he did not look really happy. I wonder what happened?..

After hours and hours of practice for our upcoming concert, we are finally done. The clock hit exactly 2am in the morning as soon as we are done. I grabbed my water bottle and sat down on the floor with my back against the wall. That was refreshing. Dancing took away some of my worries. I am glad we have practice. We are going home soon after resting. I can bath and sleep. The thought of sleeping makes me excited. I can’t wait to reach home and rest. Since we finished our promotion, we don’t have anything from tomorrow onwards.

Finally we reached our dorm. I sat down on the sofa to have a quick rest before bathing. The other members went to shower first. I guess i have to be the last one to shower . It was quite weird actually.. jimin hyung did not talk to me at all. Ever since we made eye contact in the practice room, he did not talk to me at all after that. As if he was trying to avoid me. Not that i am complaining. It is better if we keep this distance since it can help me move one(hopefully) but it still hurts? Or maybe..shit maybe he knows about my feelings for him and he feels disgusted?! Is that why he avoided me? The thought of it makes my head spin and i can’t imagine what will happen to me if jimin hyung hate me. What do i do? Should i ask what is wrong? I was fidgeting with my fingers nervously.

“JK…hello?Earth to JK?(In engrish)”

My train of thoughts came to a stop. I turned my head to see jin hyung looking at me worriedly again.

“Oh hyung. Did everyone finish bathing already?”

“Yes. Except yoongi. He is still in the bathroom right now. He just went in. Come on, lets talk in my room”

Oh yeahh. The talk.. i forget about it.. i followed jin from behind to his and yoongi’s shared room.

As soon as we are inside the room, jin hyung locked the door to make sure no one comes in.

“How about yoongi hyung?”

“He will take quite long and he will knock so don’t worry.”

I sat on yoongi’s bed while jin on his bed. It was quite for the first few seconds. I was looking down on the floor. It was as if jin hyung was thinking on what to ask me.

“Are you okay?”

I looked up to look at jin hyung. He looked really worried. I guess i cannot lie about it. I smiled sadly.

“I want to say i am but honestly.. i am not okay at all..”

I waited for jin hyung to ask me something but i guess he wants me to continue speaking.

“I-i feel so stupid. I know that this won’t work out at all but i am still hoping. Hoping for something. It hurts like hell. I try to always be normal around him but its getting harder and harder each day. I..i am scared that one day, i might explode and what we have now will just vanish just like that. The thought of jimin hyung hating me makes me want to puke. I-i hate it. I love him but i wished i never did..i wished i never feel this way about him. Its tearing me apart. Everyday i try to act normal around him and i am glad that it worked out.. i am glad it did but its hard hyung. Its hard. Its painful but i never regretted loving him but i wished i didn’t in the first place. What can i do hyung? What should i do? H-help me..”

I poured everything that was pooling inside my mind and before i knew it, my tears was streaming down my face continuously without stopping. I bit my lips trying to prevent myself from sobbing too hard. This is embarassing to be honest.. i rarely cries in front of people especially my members. I wiped my tears with the back of my hand but more tears keep streaming down my face. I am at the stage where i am pratically sobbing right now. I can feel jin hyung sitting beside me. He put his arms around my shoulder while rubbing the sides of my shoulder gently as if he was trying to comfort me. I continue crying letting everything out. Jin hyung just sat there listening to my cries. At times he would squeeze me shoulder to ensure me that he is there for me.

After few minutes of me sobbing, i finally came to a stop. This is embarassing to be honest but i felt better i guess?

“Thanks hyung.. for listening to my pathetic love story haha” i tried to lift up the mood by making a joke but jin hyung still stayed quiet.


He finally let go of my shoulders. I looked up from the floor after hearing jin hyung calling me.


“I know its hard. I can totally see that you really love him. I am sorry that you had to feel this pain. I really wished i can take away some of your pain but it doesn’t work that way does it? You always stay strong for us but i am glad you opened up to me. You can always come to me for anything. Don’t ever hesitate. Don’t lose hope jk. Don’t ever give up. It was never a mistake. I am sure jimin won’t ever hate you. If you have to let it out, just go for it. If he ever hates you, i will knock some sense into him but i can never even imagine jimin hating you. He really treasures you alot. So, don’t worry too much.. You can count on your handsome jin hyung!”

I let out a tiny laugh at his last few sentence. As expected of our handsome jin hyung. I felt abit better.

“Thanks hyung. I felt abit better. Thank you for listening.” I gave him my most sincere smile to show him that i really appreciate everything he did for me.

“I am glad you did jk.” I was about to say something when someone knocked on the door. Must be yoongi hyung. I stood up from the bed with jin hyung trailing behind me.

I unlocked the door to see yoongi’s grumpy face as always. I chuckled at his face.

“Why did you lock the door? I wanted to sleep as soon as possible”

Yoongi being yoongi again.

“Sorry yoongi hyung. I was talking with jin hyung about something. Sorry to take your time.”

I made yoongi hyung stand outside his own room just to talk about my stupid crush which made me feel really bad. Yoongi hyung looked at me. I saw his eyes softens immediately.

“Its okay kook. I was being a jerk. I think i know what happen. Stay strong okay? We are here for you.”

“Yeapp! We are here for you kookie so don’t hesitate” jin hyung lightly squeezed my shoulder.

I guess yoongi hyung saw my puffy eyes. I guess they really knew about me being in love with jimin hyung. I am so glad they are not disgusted.

“Thanks yoongi hyung and jin hyung. I will go now. Goodnight”

I feel abit better now. I guess i will take a bath now.

After bathing, i went to the kitchen to grab some milk to drink. I jumped on the spot when i saw jimin hyung sitting down on the couch in the dark.

“Woah hyung! You scared me. What are you doing in the dark?”

“Jungkook? Why are you still not sleeping?”

“Hyung, thats what i should be asking you though? I am going to grab some milk to drink then i will go to sleep.”

I wonder what is jimin hyung doing up so late.. i went to the kitchen to do what i need to do when i hear footsteps approaching behind me.

“I was just thinking..”

Thinking? About what?

“Hmmm. You want to share? I can be your listening ear”

While waiting for jimin hyung to answer, I took out a carton of milk from the fridge and poured some into my cup.

“Its.. its nothing”

I turn around with the cup in my hand. I lean against the kitchen table to look at jimin hyung. Wow damn. I didn’t get to look at him properly in the dark just now but now that i can see him clearly, he looked so damn cute in that oversized tshirt. His face is more cuter without make up. His natural blush makes him looked so soft. After taking a sip of my milk i raised my eyebrow in confusion.

“That don’t look nothing to me”

Jimin seems flustered that i didn’t take the bait. Is he okay? Is he worried about something? Is he insecure about something? I became more and more worried.


I heard him sighed in defeat. My curiousity grew bigger and bigger.

“You?” I tried to get him to continue

“I.. i had a nightmare.. thats all..i can’t sleep..”

I sighed in relief. I thought it was something serious or what..

“What was the dream about?”

I saw him fidgeting.

“I..i forgot..”

Why is he so nervous though?..

“You okay? You should try to sleep. Since we did alot of dancing today.”

I saw him nod lightly. I quickly finished up my last sip of milk before placing the cup in the sink.

I walked out of the kitchen expecting jimin hyung to follow along but he just stood there. Its as if he wanted to say something.

“Hyung? You okay?”

I saw him nod again. He is so weird today.. now he is so quiet.

“Um.. jungkook. Is it okay if. Um.. if i sleep with you?”

I choked on my saliva as soon as i heard that.


“I-i can’t sleep. I wonder if i can sleep with you for tonight?”

I can feel my heart beating so fast. Calm down jungkook! Its just a friendly request. Why are you so flustered about?! Jimin hyung had a nightmare and that is why he needed someone to be with him. I was trying to calm myself down. I saw jimin looking at me waiting for my answer.

“Kook? You know. Um its oka-”


Hi looked down sadly. Oh shit.

“I mean yes hyung. You can. I thought you are going to change your mind. That is why i said no. Sorry hyung. Hahaha. Come on lets go.”

For some reason, i held out my hands towards him. He looked at my hands for awhile. I am gonna feel stupid if he didn’t take it. He held out his hand and place them in mine with a small smile on his face. I i held them gently. I smiled at the way his small hands fit in mine.

“Thanks kook” i lead him towards my room hand in hand with jimin hyung trailing behind me. I smiled softly. This feels nice. My heart feels so warm right now. It feels so fluffy.

“Anything for you hyung.”

I gave his hand a light squeeze before opening the door to my room. After we are both inside, i closed the door. Since i have the room to myself, i won’t have to worry about waking up anyone.

“Go and lie down first hyung. I am going to charge my phone for a while and off the light.”

I let go of his hand failing to see a small pout on his face. After quickly doing everything i need, i went back to the bed. Jimin hyung is already laying down. I lay down beside him. Even though having him so near like this makes me go crazy, i have to endure it for his sake.

“Goodnight hyung.”

I was about to close my eyes when i feel a small tug at the sleeve of my shirt. I opened my eyes to see jimin hyung still not sleeping yet.

“Is something wrong hyung?”

He seems to think for a while before answering me.

“Can.. can we cuddle?”

My heart skipped a beat at his request. How can i ever say no to him. I smiled softly at how cute jimin hyung is.

“Of course hyung. Come here”

I turned myself to face jimin. I lay out my right hand for jimin to put his head on. I tapped my arms as a signal. He lifted his head from the pillow and place his head on my arms. His fluffy hair is so soft against my skin. I smiled at the feeling. I know that my heart is beating quite loudly right now but who cares. I placed my left hand on jimin’s small waist to pull him nearer to me. I can feel him breathing on my neck. It sends shivers down my spine but its a good feeling to have him in my arms. He fits just perfectly. All my worries gone. With jimin here, i feel at peace.

With my left hand, i embraced jimin hyung tightly leaving no space between us. I placed my chin on top of his head. I used my right hand to stroke jimin’s hair gently. I can feel both of jimin’s hands on my chest. I bet he can feel my heart beating fast. I can also smell the shampoo he used. He have this vanilla smell that i love. I took a deep breath. I really really love him so much. I would give him the world. If i ever reborn in my next life, i want to fall in love with jimin all and over again. I closed me eyes feeling satisfied. If i can’t have him, i have to treasure this moment.

“Thanks kook”

“No problem hyung. Now go to sleep. Goodnight”

“Goodnight kook”

My eyes flew open when i feel jimin hyung giving my neck a peck. I gulped. Is it my imagination? No its not. It really happened.. omg. I wanted to ask jimin but i can already hear soft snores coming from him. He’s asleep already. I guess he was too sleepy that he did that unconsiously. It meant nothing anyways.. and again i felt so shitty. Come on jeon jungkook! Stop sulking. He is here in your arms right now! Treasure it! Don’t be a pussy!

I let my negative thoughts out of my mind. I bring him much closer than before. I can feel him nuzzling at my neck./p>

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If you're still doing Skimmons prompts could you do a high school AU where Skye and Jemma are -and have been for a while- dating and they start to have sex at Skye's foster home (no smut needed just to let the audience know they are) and May, Skye's current foster mother walks in and Just walks back out. Skye freaks out and Jemma has to console her. (Turns out May has a girlfriend of her own)

on AO3 

“I think I’m going to run away.”

Jemma rolls her eyes. “Skye, don’t be so dramatic.”

“No, I’m serious.” She’s got an odd look about her: mouth slightly agape, eyes far away, the left one twitching just a bit. “It’s the only course of action.”

“So, May caught us having sex. It’s not that bad.”

“Jemma.” Skye’s gaze finds Jemma. She slaps a hand on the bed to emphasize. “Jemma. Do you even hear what just came out of your mouth?”

“This happens all the time, Skye.” Jemma’s nose scrunches. “Probably.”

“To who?” Skye flops dramatically back on the bed, covering her face.

Jemma is sat on Skye’s desk chair, now fully clothed. They felt putting a little distance between them was for the best, considering what had just happened. “To ’whom’,” Jemma corrects absentmindedly.

“Oh my god,” Skye groans. “Look, I’m just- I have to run away, okay? I can’t face her after this.”

“We’re not children, Skye. We’re 17, almost adults. Seventeen year olds sometimes have sex. May knows this. I really don’t think this is going to be Earth-shattering to her, just awkward. And it’s not like we don’t love each other.”

“Yeah, but she doesn’t even know you’re my girlfriend. Shit, she doesn’t even know I like girls.”

“Well … I think she knows now.”

Skye sits up abruptly, face ashen. “What if she’s not okay with it?”

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Daddy Daze - The Belly (Bucky)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky thinks you are milking this whole pregnancy thing. 

Warnings: None

A/n: This is a Steve/Bucky series.  If you have any parent!Steve or parent!Bucky head cannons or imagines please send them to me! Tags are open. 

Originally posted by flashback-to-the-90s

“Doll I think you are milking this whole pregnancy thing.”  Bucky said cocking an eyebrow at you.   You look at him from you spot on the couch where you were lounging, your round belly on display.

“You do realize I’m carrying YOUR child inside MY body right?” You glare at him reaching your arms out in front of you trying your hardest to get your body off the couch.   

Bucky let out a laugh and grabbed you by the hands pulling you up from the couch.   You huff as you rub your bump still glaring at Bucky.   You move as quickly as your larger than normal body will allow you over to the front door.

You hold on to the wall as you try to maneuver your flats onto your feet without looking. You were so happy you were having this baby, but man was it hard to see over your belly.  Bucky stood behind you with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face.

You let out a dramatic sigh and kicked your shoes, “Will you please come help me get my shoes on?”

“Where ya gonna go doll.”  Bucky questioned you with his smirk firmly in place.  He moved to stand in front of you but made no move to help you.

“I want to go for a walk away from YOUR mocking.  I am so tired Buck!  My back hurts, my legs hurt, I can’t even put on my stupid shoes!” You kick your shoes once more as if it was their fault you couldn’t bend down.

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It's All In The Game

Prompt: Adam Cole notices you wearing a Bullet Club shirt in the crowd at a ROH show. -  @lclb12 She literally got me into Adam and she deserves all the love cause she’s awesome! Hope you like this girl!

I had this on my list of requests and after reading @sammiielli fic today, I can’t get Adam out of my head so here it is….lol

@blondekel77 @wweismyguiltypleasure



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Smth from my own experience and it might be silly but hear me out: "banging on their neighbour's door yelling: 'you're working out in your apartment almost every night and i can't concentrate/sleep. can you fucking find a gym alrea--... well hello there, it seems like it's paying off. never mind.'" percabeth au

dedicated to son-of-rome cause I know he likes this ship 

  • Jason could no longer deal 
  • he was in the middle of finals and the non stop noises coming from the apartment above him were too much 
  • every night from 9:30 to 11pm for three weeks there was non stop jumping and running around and things hitting the floor– it was anarchy 
  • Jason’s physics final was tomorrow and he could not afford to be distracted at all but he decided to wait to see if maybe tonight was the night the noise didn’t come 
  • but it did 
  • he tried to study through it but it was 10 and he had retained approximately 0% of what he had been reading for the past half hour 
  • next thing he knew he was practically flying up the stairs and before he could think better of it he was banging on the door 
  • after a couple minutes of knocking the door opened and behind it stood a beautiful man 
  • he was 6′3″, shirtless, sweaty, and had beautiful brown skin 
  • Jason’s mouth went dry 
  • “Hi! Can I help you?” 
  • “Uh.. yeah… I… uh…” Jason shook his head to clear it, “I live downstairs and I think you’re working out and the noise makes it really hard to study and I have a final tomorrow and you really should just get a gym membership or go running or something” he blurted out 
  • “Oh shit, I’m sorry man. I didn’t even think about if I was bothering you. I just got into boxing so I’ve been jump roping and doing weights at home when I can since being on call at the hospital makes it hard to get to a gym.” 
  • “You’re a doctor?” 
  • “I’m doing my residency, yeah.” 
  • “Sorry for barging up here like that, I just really need to do well on this final and I’m kind nervous about it.” 
  • “No problem, man. I totally get it. I’ll give it a rest for the remainder of the week okay? And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do great on that final.” 
  • “Thanks, I appreciate that. I’m Jason by the way, nice to meet you.” Jason reached out to shake the stranger’s hand 
  • “Nice to meet you Jason, I’m Brick.” 

anonymous asked:

could you please make headcanons of a fight between murasakibara and his s/o? like they're just heated up and you see how murasakibara gets "bored" by basket? maybe he can say that to the female s/o, like "you're a bore too" or something. thank you!! can it have a happy ending? i love the man too much for my own good.

  • There’s only two things that can make Murasakibara angry: One, losing in basketball, and two, an empty fridge. Today, both of those things happened.
  • It didn’t help that you were also in a terrible mood and were incredibly hungry
    • “__-chin, I’m hungry, there’s no food.” 
    • “Me too. Why don’t we go to the Korean chicken restaurant by the station?” 
    • “There again? Ugh, sometimes __-chin’s such a bore. Let’s go somewhere else, __-chin” 
  • Ticked off, you began listing all his shortcomings as a boyfriend
    • Picking up a sock, you bellowed: “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR SOCKS SMELL?!” 
    • “Well, I carry all your bags all the time, __-chin” 
  • You walked out and went to your favorite restaurant on your own, leaving Murasakibara annoyed and confused
  • Order everything you want in the menu, you deserve it after he called you boring, which is totally untrue
    • Alone, you began to think of all the times he’s criticized you as a girlfriend
      • “Hehe, __-chin is so short, so cute”
      • “Let me help you with those bags, you look tired”
      • Ok, maybe not
    • Ultimately, you remember all the happy memories he’s given you throughout your relationship
    • “I was pretty harsh on him, wasn’t I?” you text your best friend, asking for confirmation
    • “Yeah dude, you prolly were just hungry or someth”
    • You already miss him
    • So, so much
  • You came back home late at night on purpose hoping he was finally asleep as your anger finally subsided
  • However, he was still wide awake, waiting for you in the living room which was littered by at least 15 shopping bags.
  • As you creeped up to his sleepy form on the couch, you asked “Atsushi, what is all this?”
  • “I went grocery shopping… and bought all of __-chin’s favorites” 
  • How can you possibly stay angry at him after this?
  • Needless to say, you both shared the sweetest mind night snack ever afterwards (❁´◡`❁)

short Wolfstar fic for @symone-dreamer‘s birthday! happy birthday!

“James,” Lily said in a tired voice. “Walk me to my dorm?” She asked, raising from her seat and extending her hand to him after covering a yawn. James started to stand.

“Oh, come on, Evans.” Sirius scoffed. “Your dorm is just up those stairs. Peter already left us to get some well-needed beauty rest, and Prongs and I are waiting for Moony to get back. Walk yourself.” He said, looking up at them from his spot near the empty common room’s large window.

James shot Sirius a look behind Lily’s back.

Sirius returned a questioning look to him.

“Maybe,” James said in a hinting voice. “You can stay up and wait for Moony.” He said, adding a fake tired stretch. “I’m thinking about calling it a night…”

“Oh!” Finally catching on, Sirius played along. “Yeah! No, totally.” He said, casually shrugging and running a hand through his long dark hair. “See you tomorrow then!” He added, winking and holding two thumbs up at James when Lily turned her back to leave. James tried hard to push away a large grin, silencing a laugh, and nodded in response, following Lily up the stairs and disappearing.

Sirius sighed, leaning back into his spot on the large windowsill, and shook his head, laughing. After reading a few more chapters of his favorite book, he heard the portrait of the Fat Lady swing open.

“Three tries, that took, opening this damn portrait.” Remus said, painfully climbing into the Gryffindor common room. “I keep forgetting that it’s been changed since Christmas.”

Sirius hurried over to help steady Remus, who was limping towards the couch. He let out a laugh. “You of all people should remember the password changing to ‘Lycanthropy.’

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meliourn  asked:

stop yelling at me +jimon

inspired by @bilbothorin​‘s text post 💕💕💕


“It’s not fair. It’s not fair.”

Jace keeps repeating the three words over and over again, while rubbing his face against the carpet of his brother’s bedroom floor.

Izzy throws a pillow at him.

“Hey!” Jace shouts, raising his head to glare at her. “What’s that for?”

“I was going to pet your hair but you’re so far away,” she says as means of apology, from the other side of the very small room where she’s lounging on their brother’s bed.

“You’re horrible,” Jace says. His voice is whinier and more childish than ever.

He lays his face back onto the carpet and sighs dramatically.

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