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He Was Right

Request:  Reader is close to the glee club and has gone to school with them since freshman year) Sebastian left his phone at the Lima Bean and someone from the glee club found it. They look through it to see pics of reader and Seb like kissing each other, hugging and cute pics that you would have of your significant other. They ask him about it only to find him and reader talking about date plans and the glee Club finding out when he realizes that he left his phone at the Lima Bean. The entire glee club enters the room and tells them the gig’s up. They confess and the glee club accepts it. - @irony-is-my-life

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Notes: So I made a few changes. I hope you don’t mind. It’s late and not very well written. I’m sorry if it’s not your favorite. You can always request another one, though. My ask is always open. Also everyone’s a lil bit OOC.

Bells jingled and laughter poured into the local cafe called the Lima Bean. “And then Finn tripped over his books and slid down the hall!” Rachel was giggling through her retelling of an incident with an unsuspecting student and a distracted Finn walking the halls of McKinley. “Hey. I think it was a pretty graceful dive. I only tripped three other people.” Rachel, Finn, Blaine, Kurt, Santana and Artie were making a stop at the Lima Bean to get a little recharged before the weekend was over.

“Hey guys, I’ll catch up in a minute.” “Alright Finn. Don’t be long,” Rachel smiled.

Striding over to the bathroom, something caught his eye before he made it to the door. ‘Someone left their phone here. That’s rough.” Finn thought to himself. ‘I wonder who’s it is.’ Thinking he was doing the right thing, he started looking through the phone and opened up the photos app since it was the first thing he saw. Scrolling through the pics, the screen was filled with red, black and white. Finn cringed as the Warbler symbol flashed across the phone. About ready to just turn the phone in to the cashier, a familiar face caught his eye.. ‘(y/n)?’

“Hey guys!” Finn yelled as he approached his friends. “Oh there you are, Finn. We were wondering what took you.” Artie scrutinized his fellow singer. “You’ll never believe what I found.” Finn had everyone’s attention now.

“Well? What is it?” Santana. Always one to be straight to the point. “I found this phone sitting at a deserted table and so I tried to figure out who it might belong to. So I started looking through their photos-”

“Hold on, hold on,” Santana interrupted. “You tried to find someone’s identity by looking through their pictures?” “Where did you possibly find that knowledge?” Kurt questioned. “Never mind that. Look who’s in the pictures.”

Finn showed the group the picture of (y/n). “So it (y/n)’s phone? Big deal.” Santana stared at Finn as if he grew another head, completely confused.

“Yeah, no. It’s a Warbler’s phone. See?” He then showed them the Warbler symbol. “Let me see that,” Blaine took the phone and started swiping. “..holy crap. I think I might puke. Oh gosh!”

“Blaine! What is it?” Everyone hollered at their raven haired friend. Saying nothing, he held up the phone. Cue collective gasp.

*At Dalton Academy*

“Okay guys. Here’s the plan. We go in and confront that sniveling snake about what he thinks he’s doing with our (y/n). Then we use whatever means necessary to keep him away from our baby.” Santana sneered at the thought of Smythe. “Agreed.” All were in agreement then.

Storming up the stairs of the school, the group made their way to the Warbler’s practice room. Sneaking up to the door, the singers heard voices conversing inside. “Good. Okay. They’re in there. Let’s go.” Finn was ready to ‘talk’ to Sebastian. “Hold up a second,” Artie spoke. “I think.. there’s a girl’s voice..”

Everyone crowded the door, trying to hear. “-last time. Maybe we could hit up the ice cream parlor then head on over to the beach?” “Really? Seb, don’t you think that they’d see us?” “Come on, babe. I want to show you off. I really don’t care about your friends seeing us. In fact, it’d be a good thing. Maybe I can prove to them that it’s a good thing we’re together. I really love you and I’m sure they’ll be able to see that. Even if they don’t want to.” Sebastian had been trying to convince you to tell the New Directions for a while now. Everything he said was either shot down or flat out ignored. You really did care about Sebastian, but it’d be so hard for you if your friends, best friends, disapproved of your relationship.

“Sebastian. I know you really want to tell them.. it’s just,” you heaved a sigh loud enough for your eavesdropping friends to hear. “It’s just that if they didn’t approve of us, if they didn’t like us together, if they’d tried to break us apart.. it would kill me. I love you so much, but they might not love us together. They’re still my friends. My family. I just don’t think I’m ready.”

From the other side of the door, your friends were looking at each other like they were thoroughly disappointed with themselves, not you. “I can’t believe (y/n) feels like she can’t trust us with this. I feel so.. terrible,” Blaine was completely distraught that you felt that way.

“I know. We reacted so harshly when we found out, though. No wonder she felt like she couldn’t tell us. Ugh! I feel like a terrible friend,” Rachel was almost in tears now. “Hey, we all feel horrible. She’s our baby girl and we can’t have her feeling like we won’t support any decision she makes. Even if it is to date that..” Kurt stops as he sees his friends giving him wary looks. “..that great..singer..”

They all looked at each other in confirmation and pushed open the grand doors. Both heads inside snapped up to the intruders. “Guys? Wh-wh-what are you doing here?” Panic was evident in your eyes. Sebastian discreetly took your hand in his, the action not going unnoticed.

“We know, (y/n),” Artie spoke up. “Y-You do? Know what exactly?” “That you and this.. male are dating,” Santana cringed. “We found his phone at the Lima Bean and saw.. pictures,” Kurt visibly shuddered.

With a defeated sigh, you flopped onto the couch. “I’m so sorry, you guys. It’s just..”

“Yeah. We know, baby girl. I must admit we didn’t react well at first, but hearing what you just said.. we feel awful, sweetheart,” Kurt sympathized. “That was never my goal. I really do care a lot for Sebastian and if you all would try and keep me from being with him, it would tear me apart.”

Artie wheeled forward. “We know (n/n). We realize that now and we’re going to try and be supportive. Just as long as he gives us a reason not to.” He have a pointed look in Sebastian’s direction. “R-really? Oh my gosh! Thanks you guys! You won’t regret it, trust me.” “Yeah we better not,” Santana eyed Sebastian.

Sebastian took your hand. “I’m really thankful for this, you guys. (Y/n) means everything to me. So much so I’d give up singing to keep her. I’ll do my absolute best to keep her happy.”

You grinned up at him. You were short, okay? Besides, it doesn’t help he’s a freaking giant. “Keep her happy and we won’t make you quit singing,” Blaine stated. “But if you fail. You will suffer the consequences,” Santana added.

“I agree wholeheartedly. Besides, if I ever did anything to hurt my- our little (y/n), I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

The New Directions looked at each other and silently agreed. “Have fun kids,” Santana said. “Keep it classy,” Kurt added. After hugging all of them and Sebastian surprisingly shaking the guys’ hands and getting his phone back, they took their leave.

“Well. That went better than expected.” “See? I told you they’d be cool,”  Sebastian said with a smirk. “You really like being right, don’t you?” you asked. “I like being right about us.” With a wink and kiss, neither of you could stop beaming.

Yes - A Harry Styles One Shot

**Almost 6,400 words! Enjoy!! :) 

You placed the cap back on your red lipstick and put in your makeup bag. You gave yourself another look over in the mirror and took a deep breath. You had no clue as to what the night might bring, all you knew was that you were going to be seeing someone that you had seen in a really long time. 

Not that you didn’t want to see them, it was just that you were on tour and they were working on their own thing, so there wasn’t really time to see one another. 

And that was always the problem. Well, one of the problems. See, you had been in love with someone for years, but there was always shit getting in the way preventing the two of you from being together. 

It’s not like you hadn’t tried, it’s just that all those tries failed. Eventually, you two just decided to be friends because it just wasn’t meant to be anything more. 

Or so you thought. 


Harry paced backstage of Saturday Night Live. He had so many emotions going through his mind at that moment. He was both nervous and excited, and not just because of the show or his performance. But because he had invited you to come. 

When he reached out to you about coming to see him in New York, he was worried that you wouldn’t come. He was always worried that maybe, you were with someone else. 

Harry never moved on from you. His heart still ached for you. He wished things in the past were different, but he couldn’t go back and change them, but he could hope for a better future. 

By working on his solo material, Harry realized that if he really wanted something, he needed to go for it and make it happen. He couldn’t just sit around and wait for it to come because there was always a chance it wouldn’t. 

“How are you feeling about tonight?” Jeff asked while Harry was getting his hair done. 

“I’m alright,” he said from the makeup chair. “I’m just ready to get out there.” 

“Is Y/N coming?” He asked. 

Harry looked over at him when he said your name. “Yeah, she is. She has a show tomorrow night at MSG, so she’s in town and said she would come.” 

“Do you think anything is going to happen between the two of you or are you  strictly going to be friends?” Jeff smirked. 

Harry sighed. He had no clue. Looking back at all of your meetings in the past, things usually ended up in either your bed or his. It was hard not to, when you two who wanted to be together, hardly ever could. But tonight, was the first night in ages that you two had seen or even spoken really. And the last time was the two of you saying to just be friends. 

All Harry did know was that he couldn’t wait to see you and that maybe there was some hope that you two could find a way to be together. 


When your car arrived at the studio, you were shown to your seat and you noticed a familiar face. It was Nick, one of Harry’s best friends from London, plus you had been on Nick’s radio show plenty of times. 

“Oi, look at little miss Y/N,” he smirked walking over to you and giving you a hug. “How have you been? How’s tour going?” 

You laughed. “It’s going well, but I’m exhausted. I’ve been on this tour for over a year.” 

“Damn, it has been that long hasn’t it?” he asked. 

“Yeah, it has. I’m honestly ready to just take like a month long vacation,” you laughed. 

“Can I come with? I can just pre-record a shit ton of morning shows for my time slot,” he joked. 

“Sure, I could use some company,” you laughed. 

“I’m sure Harry would take you up on that offer,” he smirked. 

“Um… Maybe,” you coughed. 

“So, what’s going on with you two anyway?” He asked. 

“Nothing. We haven’t even seen each other since last year,” you said. “Since before I went on tour, actually.” 

“Well, he must want something to go on between you two, I mean why else would he invite you here. This is a huge night for him,” he said. 

“I know that, but…” you sighed. 

“He really likes you know, no scratch that,” he said. “He fucking loves you. He always has, he gutted him when you two decided to break it off permanently.” 

“That was over a year ago, Nick. I’m sure he’s moved on…” you sighed. 

“Y/N, I’m his best friend and trust me when I say, he hasn’t,” he whispered. “And I’m pretty sure there’s no moving on from the one you know deep inside your heart that you’re meant to be with.” 

You sighed leaning back in your seat. You couldn’t respond to Nick’s statement because the producers let out the signal that the show was about to start. 


The first major skit of the night was up next and they had set it up like a Family Feud episode. You weren’t sure how many skits, if any, that Harry was even in. The actors came out onto the stage and you squinted a little when you noticed one of the guys that walked out. 

“Is that-” you said pointing to the guy standing next to Jimmy Fallon. “Is that Harry?” 

“The one and only,” Nick joked. 

“Oh my god,” you laughed. “He almost doesn’t look like himself and actually looks like Mick Jagger,” 

“Yeah, I think he took the comparisons a little far,” he laughed. 

When the skit finally started, you were crying you were laughing so hard. It was a commercial break, so you took out your phone and decided to take some selfies with Nick. 

“Can I put you on me snap chat?” he asked. 

“Sure,” you laughed. “What filter should we use?” 

“The bunny one,” he said quickly. 

You laughed and took a few pictures with him. The show came back on and it was time for Harry to perform his song for the first time. You had heard the song plenty of times over the last week, not only on the radio, but you had it on your iTunes and you were streaming it. 

You really loved the song and you couldn’t wait to hear it, along with the rest of the world. 

When Harry started singing, you found yourself smiling. You were so proud of him and watching him do what he loved, and performing a song that meant a lot to him, was amazing. 

The rest of show was great and at the end when everyone came on stage for the goodnight and applause, you stood up next to Nick and you both started jumping around and cheering. 

Harry had looked over in the direction of the noise and laughed when he saw Nick and blushed a bit with a smile when he saw you standing there too. 


After the show, you and Nick went backstage. And while Nick was practically running with excitement to see his best friend, you were feeling really nervous. Your mouth was dry and your hands were a bit sweaty. 

Nick didn’t even bother knocking on the door, he just went straight on inside. He practically pulled you through the door and you laughed. 

“Mate, you did great!” Nick said. “Oh, and Y/N’s here,” he said pushing you in front of him. 

Harry had been in the middle of changing. He was in a different pair of trousers and his new shirt was in his hands. A lot had changed since you last seen him, and it was just a few new tattoos and a haircut. 

Harry looked over at you and smiled. “You came,” he said. 

“I did,” you nodded. “Nick’s right, you did amazing. I’m really proud of you.” 

“Thank you,” He said. “You uh… you look great,” 

“Thanks,” you smiled tucking a loose hair behind your ear. 

You weren’t sure what happened, but someone how all the people that were in the room when you arrived had slipped out leaving just you and Harry. 

“Do you have any plans tonight? Or morning, technically?” He laughed. 

You shrugged. “I was just going to go back to my hotel.” 

“Would you want to come to the after party with me?” He asked. 

“Um, sure. I’d like that,” you smiled. “I’ve been to a few share of SNL after-parties, they’re always memorable.” you joked. 

“Oh, so you don’t want to go for me?” He asked with a smirk. 

“Well, I mean, maybe a little,” you shrugged.

He laughed. “I’ve really missed you,” he said. 

“I’ve missed you too,” you said. 


When you got to the after-party, Harry had to make some rounds to meet with some people, so you decided to go to the bar and get a drink. 

You knew a few people at the party, so you were talking to them for most of the time. It was getting late and you weren’t sure where Harry had gone. You sighed deciding that it was better if you just went back to your hotel. You grabbed your bag and headed towards the door. 

You saw Nick hanging with Jeff and some other friends, so you went over to him. 

“Hey, um, I couldn’t find Harry, so if you could just tell him that I had to leave,” you said. 

“Are you sure?” Nick asked. 

“Yeah, I have a show later today,” you said. 

“Okay, it was great catching up with you tonight,” Nick smiled hugging you. 

You nodded and pulled away before heading out the door. You got into the car and they took you to your hotel. You got up to your room and quickly took off your heels. You sighed rubbing your feet when you sat on the bed. 

You were exhausted. All you wanted to do was just crawl into bed and sleep until the show tomorrow. You got undressed and climbed under the blankets. You were just about to fall asleep when you heard a knock on your door. You groaned and got up putting on your robe and walking to the door. You stood on your tip-toes to look through the peephole and you saw Harry standing there. 

You unlocked the door and opened it. “Hey, what are you-”

“Y/N! I’m so fucking sorry. I didn’t mean to just leave you like that. I had only planned to talk to a few people, but then when I went to go back over to you, I kept getting stopped. Then when I finally was able to get away, Nick told me you left,” he sighed. 

“Harry it’s okay. Tonight’s your night. I wanted to stay, but it was late, so I came back to my hotel,” you shrugged. “You don’t have to apologize for it.” 

“Yes I do,” he nodded. “I invited you and didn’t even spend time with you.” 

“You had more important people to talk to, it’s okay,” you said. 

“No one is more important than you,” he whispered looking into your eyes. 

You felt your cheeks turning red and you were thankful for the dimmed lighting in the hallway. 

“Look, inviting you tonight wasn’t just about SNL or me performing for the first time,” he said. “I wanted to talk to you, really talk to you.” 

“About what?” you asked. 

“Everything,” he whispered. “And now, I’ve gone and fucked everything up because it’s late and you’re tired. You have a show later today and then I leave tomorrow and you’re still on tour, there’s just no fucking time to do anything.” 

You could tell he was really upset with him and you knew that knowing he wanted to talk to you about something was going to keep you up, so you didn’t care how late it was anymore. 

“Hey,” you said taking his hand. “We can talk now. I don’t mind. I’ll be fine, we don’t have anything planned during the day, so I can catch up on my sleep, then.” 

“Are you sure?” he sighed. 

“Yes, now come in.” you said pulling him inside. 

You shut the door behind you two and then you followed him over to the bed and sat down. 

“So, what did you want to talk about,” you said playing with the tie on your robe. 

“I meant what I said earlier tonight, I’ve missed you,” he whispered. “And I know that we agreed to just move on and be friends, but that obviously didn’t happen. We’ve gone over a year without really talking and I hate it.” 

“I know, there were plenty of times I wanted to call you, but I didn’t,” you sighed. 

“I did the same thing,” he said. “And looking back now, I really wished that I had because maybe we wouldn’t have missed out on so much time together.” 

“As friends you mean?” you asked. 

“As friends… as something more,” he whispered. 

“We’ve been down that road before Harry,” you sighed. “We get together and everything’s fine for a few weeks maybe months, but then shit happens and we end it before it even really began. That’s why we agreed the last time would be the last time.” 

“I know…” he whispered. “But I haven’t been able to move on from you and I don’t want too. I love you, Y/N. I’m in love with you, I have been since I was 19, when we first got together. Things were crazy then and we were too young all those times, so we just ran away because we didn’t want to face it. But I want you and I’m ready to face whatever shit comes our way. I don’t want to look back twenty years from now and wonder what if you were the one who got away.” 

You bit your lip as you looked down. “Do you have any idea on how much I want to say yes because I haven’t moved on either and I’m in love with you too, but I don’t know if that’s the best thing for us.” 

“Why not?” he said. “We both love each other and want to be together, shouldn’t that be enough?” 

“It was never enough back then,” you pointed out. 

He sighed taking your hand in his. “But that’s the thing, this time will be different because of our past. We can learn from our mistakes,” he said. 

“But what if it doesn’t work out. I mean what if we’re different people, it has been a year since we’ve talked…and we’re still in the public eye,” you sighed. 

“But what if it does work out. What if we give this one more try and we’re together forever,” he whispered taking your face in his hands. “Isn’t our happiness and being together worth the risk?” 

You looked his eyes, something that you had dreamed about doing for so long. 

“Yes,” you nodded. “Being with you is worth every risk.” 

“So, does this mean…” he whispered. 

You nodded. “It means that we’re together again,” you smiled. 

Harry’s smiled so widely that his dimples were showing. “Can I kiss you?” 

“You better, I’ve only been waiting all night for you to do it,” you laughed. 

Harry laughed and pulled you onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around your waist and leaned in to kiss your lips. As soon as your lips touched, every memory from your past together, every previous touch, everything you’ve ever felt for him came rushing back. 

Even though you had just been exhausted an hour ago, you were wide awake now. It didn’t take long for the kiss to deepen and for you to wrap your legs around his waist. His hands had moved from their place on your hips, down to your bare legs. He pulled away from your lips and moved down to your neck. You tilted your head to the side. 

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” he whispered. 

“No,” you said. “It’s okay. It’s been long enough, I don’t want to wait anymore.” 

Harry pulled away from your neck and looked at you. “Are you sure?” he said. “I didn’t… I didn’t come here for that.” 

You put your hands on both sides of his face. “I’m sure. I love you. I’m in love with you. We’re back together and I want you. I want to feel you and be with you. Like you said earlier, I have to leave in a few days, and we don’t know when the next time we might be physically together. But I mean, if you don’t want to…” you said. 

“No, I do. Trust me,” he said. “I just, I don’t have a condom with me.” 

“It’s okay. I’m still on the pill and I haven’t slept with anyone… since well…you,” you admitted. 

“Me either,” he whispered. “I’ll admit there were times I thought about it and I had the chance, but It felt wrong, so I never did.” 

“Then we both could really use this…” you smirked. 

“Yes, we can,” he smirked pulling you back in for a kiss. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck and he brought you closer. The tie around your robe was becoming undone as the two of you continued to kiss and touch it other. 

“Let’s see what’s under here yeah? It’s been a while,” he smirked looking up at you as he untied it. He pushed the two sides of the robe apart and down your shoulders, revealing you wearing nothing a small pair of underwear. He cocked his eyebrow as he looked at you. 

You blushed. “I told you I was about to go to bed,” you defended. 

“Fuck, if I had known you weren’t wearing anything under that, except for these,” he smirked putting his finger in the band around your waist. 

You laughed. “What would you had done?” 

“I probably would have kissed you sooner,” he smirked. 

You laughed and unbuttoned his shirt. “It’s only fair,” you smirked pushing it down his shoulders. 

You leaned back in to kiss him as you ran your hands over his chest and shoulders. It didn’t take long before he flipped you over onto your back. You laughed pulling him back down for a kiss. 

“I wanna take this slow,” he whispered. “I just want to savor every fucking moment,” he said as he kissed down your neck and chest. 

He kissed down your stomach and kissed down your legs as he took off the remaining clothing that covered your body. He stood up at the end of the bed and undressed before joining you under the blanket. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. 

He smiled into the kiss as he ran his hands up and down your sides before moving them down your legs. You gasped as you felt his fingers working on you. 

You could see the smirk on his face and you rolled your eyes. You felt the wave of pleasure come over you as your breath quickened and you couldn’t keep yourself from being a bit vocal. 

Once you were down from your high, he looked down at you. “Ready?” he whispered. 

You nodded. He smiled and slowly pushed into to you. You both laid there for a bit without moving, just enjoying that moment. Soon, he started moving at the slowest place and you matched him beat for beat. 

He put his forehead on yours and you two looked into each other’s eyes as you moved together. “I love you,” he whispered. 

“And I love you,” you smiled. 

You didn’t know how long it had been when you both finally reached your edge. Harry rolled off of you before laying next to you. He wrapped his arms around you and you cuddled up with him. Both of you were trying to catch your breath and were covered in sweat. 

He kissed your head as he ran his hand up and down your back. 

“Will you come to my show?” you asked. “I can put you and your friends on the list.”

He smiled. “Of course, I’ll come.” 

“Good,” you smiled. 

“I’ve missed coming to your shows,” he admitted. 

“You still could have gone,” you said poking his nose. 

He laughed. “I know, but I was afraid it would have been too hard.” 

“I know what you mean. I was nervous about last night, seeing you for the first time in a while,” you whispered. 

“Thank you for coming, not only because we were able to talk, but because it meant a lot to me for you to be there,” he whispered. 

“You’re welcome,” you smiled. 

He kissed you quickly. “You should probably get some sleep,” 

“You’re gonna stay right?” you whispered. 

“I’m not going anywhere,” he smiled. 


Later that morning, when the sun was up, you woke up to Harry, not in the bed. You pouted confused looking around. His clothes were still there, so he hadn’t left. You then heard the shower turn on. You smirked to yourself and after waiting a little bit, you walked into the bathroom and joined him in the shower. 

“Did I wake you?” he said putting his hands on yours when you wrapped them around his waist. 

“No,” you said. “I woke up on my own and saw you weren’t in bed, then I heard the shower.” 

“I forgot I was supposed to have breakfast with my friends,” he said. “We were gonna do some shopping and stuff.” 

“Ahh,” you said. 

“I would love for you to come, but I know you have your show tonight,” he said turning around to face you. 

“Yeah, I’m probably going to take a bit of nap after I eat something,” you said. 

He smiled. “But I’ll see you at the show tonight.” 

“I know, I know, but I don’t want you to go,” you pouted looking up at him. 

“Trust me, if I was a shit friend, I would just blow them off, but we had these plans made for a while,” he sighed. 

“It’s okay. I understand,” you smiled. 

“And we still have a little bit of time left before I have to head back to my hotel and change,” he smiled wrapping his arms around you. 

You both quickly took a shower before getting out. Harry got dressed in his clothes from the previous night and sat on the bed with you. You put your head on his shoulder and wrap your arm around his. 

“When are we gonna see each other again after this?” you sighed. “We just got each other back and we only have hours left before we’re apart again.” 

“Hey, let’s not think about that right now,” he said putting his forehead against yours. “We can figure all that out after the show.” 

You nodded.

“I better get going,” he said. 

“Okay,” you said. 

He smiled and leaned in to kiss you. You smiled into the kiss before you pulled away. 

“I’ll see you tonight,” he smiled. “I love you.” 

“I love you too,” you said. “Oh, and text me or something on how many that want to come.” 

“Will do,” he said. “Bye baby.” 

“Bye,” you smiled. 

Harry grabbed his jacket and walked out of the room. You sighed as you laid back on the bed. You couldn’t believe that in a span of less than 24 hours, you and Harry were back together and you were already so happy. You just hoped it stayed that way for at least a while.


When Harry got back to the hotel, he had about 10 minutes to change and meet everyone down in the lobby. He knew they would be asking questions about last night, and he just hoped he could keep his emotions in check to not be obvious about what happened. 

Harry was going to wear a buttoned down shirt, but he realized there were a few new additions to his chest from the previous night’s events. He smirked to himself as he remembered it, but then quickly turned his thoughts to something else before he had a huge problem, you weren’t here to take care of. 

He then decided on just a regular t-shirt and grabbed some boots to put on. He got his keys and phone before heading out of the hotel room to meet everyone. 

Most everyone was already down in the lobby by the time Harry arrived. 

“About time you decided to show up,” Nick said. 

“I’m right on time,” Harry defended. 

“Yeah, but you’re always ready to go before everyone else, yet you’re the last one to arrive,” Jeff smirked. “Late night with a little someone?”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Don’t we have some breakfast to eat?” He said walking into the restaurant of the hotel. 

“Didn’t eat enough last night?” he smirked. 

“Watch your mouth,” Harry said. 

“It was just a joke,” he laughed. 

“I don’t need you talking or joking about Y/N and I’s sex life,” he said. 

“Oh my god, so you did!” Nick smirked. “I knew that you two couldn’t resist each other. Does this mean you two are back together?” 

Harry groaned. “What’s with all the questions?” 

“Okay, you can’t hook up with your ex, who you’ve  been like obsessed with for years, and just go silent!” Nick said. 

“Yes, I can,” Harry smirked grabbing a menu and opening it, almost has if he was trying to block out the questions. 


While you were eating your breakfast, you took out your journal and started writing down some words. By the time you had finished your food, you had an entire song written down. 

You knew that what you were about to do would be risky, but for right now taking risks meant you could be happy and living your life. 

You called up your band and told them to get to the venue a few hours earlier than the show because you had a song you wanted to work on for that night. 

Once you got all of that situated, you set the alarm on your phone and then went to sleep. 


“So, I know we were supposed to go out tonight, but uh Y/N invited us to her show,” he coughed. 

“Ooh,” Nick smirked. “I take it we’re going?” 

“Well, I’m going, and then I guess whoever else wants to go,” he said. 

“I’m going! I love me some Y/N,” Nick smirked. 

Harry laughed. “Sometimes I think you like her more than me.” 

“Well, she is prettier,” he joked. 

“That’s true,” Harry laughed. 

“So, you’re really going for it again, huh?” Nick said. 

“Yeah, I love her and she’s the one I want to spend my life with, so why not?” Harry smiled. 

“I’ve never heard you talk about someone like that before,” Glenne said. 

“That’s because I’ve never had a reason to talk about someone else,” he shrugged. “I met Y/N when I was 19 and really liked her and for some reason, she liked me back. We started dating a few months after we met and things we great for a while, but I was touring, she was touring, the media had a fucking field day with our relationship and it just got too much. So, we ended it a week before our one year anniversary and then a few months after that, we ran into each other again and tried it again, but shit just went downhill again. We were always fighting and having to defend our relationship. My Mum and sister kept asking me if what was going around in the media was true and I just let their doubt get in the way,” he sighed. 

“Did that not like her?” She asked. 

“No, it wasn’t that exactly, I think they were just worried about me getting hurt,” he said. 

“That makes sense,” she nodded. “How do you think they’re going to feel about the two of you getting back together?”

He shrugged,” I don’t know, but I know they want me to be happy and Y/N makes me happy,” he smiled. 

“Well, we’re happy for you and can’t wait to meet her tonight,” Glenne smiled. 


Harry and his group of friends arrived at the venue. They all were able to go in a back way and while everyone went to find their seats, Harry went to look for you backstage. 

You were getting changed into your on stage outfit when Harry knocked on the door. You walked over and opened the door, smiling when you saw him. He instantly wrapped his arms around you and picked you up in a hug. 

You giggled. “How was your day?” You asked. 

“It was great, but I missed you,” he pouted. 

“I missed you too,” you smiled. 

He smiled leaning down to kiss you. After a bit, he pulled away, “You’re so beautiful,” he said. 

“I know,” you joked. 

He laughed putting you on the ground and he walks over to sit down on the couch. 

“So, where is everyone else?” you asked. 

“They went to their seats,” he said. “I wanted to come see you before the show.”

“I’m glad that you did,” you smiled. 

“Y/N, ten-minute warning,” one of your crew members said poking their head into the room. 

“Okay,” you nodded. 

“Hey, Harry,” she smirked. “Welcome back,” 

“Thanks, Jess,” he laughed. “Well, I better get to my seat, so I don’t miss any of the show.”

You nodded. “After the show, you and everyone can come back here.” 

“Sounds good,” he said wrapping his arms around you. “You’re gonna smash it out there,” he smiled. 

“Thanks,” you smiled puckering your lips. 

He laughed leaning down to kiss you again before pulling away and heading out the door. 


The entire show so far had gone amazing. The crowd was loud and energetic and you could see Harry with a bright smirk on his face as he watched you. You were a bit nervous because the song that you had just written this morning was up next. 

You put your microphone on the stand and grabbed yourself some water to drink. 

“Okay, how are you all doing tonight?” you smiled. “Are you having fun?” 

The crowd screams and jumps up and down. 

“So, uh, this next song is a brand new song. It’s not on any album or anything. In fact, it’s so brand new, I literally just wrote it this morning,” you said. “Now, you’re all probably thinking, why are you about to do that? Don’t you need time to work it out and rehearse it and what not?” 

“Well, yeah, usually,” you laughed. “But I started thinking about how music, doesn’t always have to be perfect and it never truly is. Nothing is perfect. And that’s sort of what the song is about, it’s about how something might not be perfect or fine all the time, but you shouldn’t let it keep you from experiencing it. My band and I rehearsed this song all day, so hopefully it won’t be horrible,” you laughed. 

The crowd goes silent a bit, but a few voices make it through cheering you on. The music starts and you stand up to the microphone. 

“Face me. Take me. Save me, don’t try to change me. Face you. Take you. Save you, I won’t try to change you,” you started off. 

“Yes, Yes,” you sang softly. 

“Here’s my body that I’m giving to us. Here are my arms that’ll hold us up. Here’s my life dedicated to love. I’ll try to give you everything you deserve and I can’t promise that’s gonna be fine. Here I am if you’re ready to try, here’s my tears when you tell me those words, here’s my life, for better or worse, for better or… yes, yes.” You sang at the end of the song. 

The crowd went insane and you had the biggest smile on your face. You looked over at Harry and you could see him smiling as big as you. He knew that song was written about him and about your relationship. 


Once the show was over, Harry and his group of friends, went backstage. When you got off stage, you went a changed out of your sweaty clothes and put on something more comfortable and dry. You sprayed some dry shampoo in your hair and touched up your makeup before heading to meet everyone. 

They were all talking to one another and Nick saw you first. “There she is!” he joked. “The lady of the night!” he said running over and giving you a hug. 

You laughed hugging him back and Harry turned around. “Oi, hands off my girlfriend,” he said. 

“Shh, don’t tell him about our love affair,” he joked. 

“He’s only jealous because you’re not hugging him,” you giggled. 

“Hey! I’m right here you know,” he said. “I can hear both of you.” 

“We weren’t exactly trying to keep it from you,” you laughed. 

Harry rolled his eyes with a smile and wrapped his arms around you. “You were fucking amazing,” he whispered. “Bloody brilliant.” 

“Thank you,” you smiled. 

“And that song… wow. It was everything.” he smiled. 

“I’m glad that you liked it,” you smiled. 

“I loved it,” he said. “Ready to meet everyone?” 

You nodded. Harry took your hand and gave it squeeze before walking over to the group. He introduced you to everyone and they seemed to really like you because they invited you out with them. 

“Actually, Y/N and I already have plans,” Harry said. “We have some things we need to talk about before she leaves in the morning.” 

“Oh, you have to leave tomorrow?” Jeff asked. 

“Yeah, I have a show in DC tomorrow night,” you said. 

“Well, have fun you two,” he said. 

“Yeah, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Nick smirked before leaving with the rest of the group. 

“So, do you want to grab some food?” he asked. 

“Yes, I’m starving, but we can just grab something quick and go back to the hotel,” you said. 

He nodded and wrapped his arm around your shoulder as you walked out to your car. After stopping to get some Chinese food, you both go up to your hotel room. 

You were leaning up against Harry as you two ate. “Tomorrow morning’s gonna come too soon.” you sighed. 

“I know,” he whispered kissing your head. “But we’ll see each other soon. I have to fly back to London to rehearse and film a tv spot, but after that, I’ll be free for a bit so I could fly out to meet you on tour,” he smiled. 

“Really?” you asked. 

“Yes,” he nodded. “I don’t really have any promo to do until it gets closer to the release date of my album, so I’ll have a few weeks free. I mean I’ll probably have to fit in some rehearsal time with my band, but your tour is over in a month or so right?” 

You nodded.” Yeah, my final show is at the end of May.” 

He smiled. “And then once you’re done with tour and I’m finished with a shit of promo, we can take a nice little getaway together,” he whispered. 

“That’d be wonderful,” you smiled. “I need a getaway.” 

He smiled. “I bet you do.” 

“Know what else I need?” you smirked turning around to face him.

“What’s that?” He asked watching you move toward him. 

“You,” you whispered before leaning into kiss him. 


The next morning came early when your alarm went off. You sighed cuddling up to him. He yawned kissing your head and rubbing your back. 

“What time do you have to leave?” He asked. 

“7 am, so we have about an hour left,” you sighed sadly. 

“Let’s order some breakfast and then jump in the shower while we wait,” he said. 

You nodded sitting up in the bed, holding the bed sheet over your bare chest and grabbing the phone. After you placed the order, you both went into the bathroom for a quick shower. 

When you were done, you dried off and changed into some yoga pants and hoodie. You packed everything in your suitcases and sat down to eat breakfast when the food arrived. 

After you ate, Harry wrapped his arms around you. Tears were threatening to fall and it didn’t take long before they did. Harry sighed. “Baby, don’t cry,” he whispered. 

“I’m trying not to, but we’ve already been apart for so long and this wasn’t enough time,” you sniffled. “I know we’re going to see each other in a week, but still. I feel like I just got you back and now we’re going to be apart again.” 

“We’ll talk every day. We’ll facetime. This week will go by before you know it and I’ll be on tour with you and we’ll have every day together,” he whispered. 

“Promise?” you whispered. 

“I promise baby,” he smiled putting his forehead on yours. 

Unfortunately, it was time for you to leave. Harry grabbed your suitcases and loaded them onto the cart. He tipped the bellhop to take them down to your car. 

Your car was parked at the back of the hotel, which meant that you and Harry could privately say your goodbyes before getting into the car. When you got down to the car, Harry wrapped his arms around you, squeezing you tightly against in him a huge hug. 

“You better call me as soon as you get a chance,” he said. 

“I will,” you smiled. “And you better call me when you get back to London.” 

“Don’t worry, I will,” he smiled. 

You two embrace for a little bit longer and he leaned down to kiss you. You eventually pull away. “I love you,” you whispered. 

“I love you too baby,” he smiled. 

You get into the car and head to the airport. 

You were still scared about getting back together with Harry, but you would rather be terrified of what could happen, then miserable because you would always wonder what if. You just hoped that this time, things would be different, better and you would finally get your happily ever after that you both deserved. 

**** The song referred to is Yes by Demi Lovato! :) 

Hope you enjoyed this One Shot! :) 

Sound Asleep |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  Y/N and jack are sleeping on the couch and then the buttercream walk in and see them cuddling and then one of them wakes up and the buttercream tease them.

Word Count - 1,254

Warnings - N/A

“What are we watching?” you mumbled tiredly, your head resting against Jack’s arm as you both curled up on the sofa.

His arm was currently wrapped around your waist, holding you as close to him as possible as he was laid on his side, you on your back. You gazed up at him, his eyes fixed on the TV and a smile spread across your face as you watched him attempting to concentrate. Apparently it was a cooking show, something Jack wasn’t very good at.

“I actually have no idea,” he chuckled, glancing over at the TV before turning his attention back to you, as he started to twirl the ends of your hair in his fingers.

As much as you loved it when he did this, it was making you more tired and you wanted to stay awake because you hardly got to see Jack anymore, since you were both always working.

“Y/N, babe, go to sleep. I know you’re about to pass out on me,” Jack chuckled, planting a soft kiss onto your cheek.

You shook your head in protest but there wasn’t really any point, you knew Jack was right and you knew you would be asleep against his arm in a matter of minutes.

Though you knew Jack very well, he’d be asleep shortly as well.

“Come on, we can do something tonight. I haven’t got anything to do tomorrow so just stay the night.” Jack mumbled, turning the volume on the TV down ever so slightly before placing the remote on the sofa again. This was something Jack always did. He always had to have a TV or his music on to fall asleep.

You let out a sigh as you turned over, hiding your face in his chest.

“Can’t, got a presentation for work tomorrow.” You told him. You had told him 3 days previously, but you knew how forgetful he was so it was best to remind him.

Jack sighed, but chose not to say anything else on the subject, as his eyes started drooping.

You smiled as you watched him nuzzle against you again and giggled quietly.

“What are you laughing at me for?” he asked, even his voice sounding slightly tired.

“Nothing, just… Watching you,” you shrugged, placing your hand on the back of his neck.

Jack looked up at you, a confused expression on his face.

“You’re laughing because I’m tired?” he chuckled, gently poking your stomach.

“No, not because you’re tired. I’m just watching you, acting natural, not doing anything and it makes me smile,” you said, starting to play with his hair.

Jack had the same problem as you, your hair being played with while you were tired.

Dangerous move. He’d be asleep in seconds.

Jack yawned before he tightened his grip around you.

“Sleep now,” he murmured, and with his head resting on the arm of the sofa, he peacefully dropped off into a deep sleep.

Jack slept through anything and everything, practically dead to the world.

Reaching over to your right, you picked your phone up off the coffee table that was in the centre of the living room and quickly snapped a picture of him, looking as cute as ever.

After putting your phone back in the previous place, you rested your head in the crook of his head, and still playing with his hair, you also fell into a deep sleep.


After an hour or so, you woke up to the sound of giggles, and a door clicking shut.

Even though your eyes were still closed, you knew who the giggles belonged to.

“Yeah, alright Conor.” You mumbled, sitting up slightly as you opened your eyes, blinking a few times to readjust your eyes to the light that shone into the apartment through the window.

Once opening your eyes, you were greeted with 6 grins shining back at you.

Belonging to Joe, Oli, Caspar, Josh, Mikey and of course, Conor.

“We didn’t interrupt anything did we?” Joe smirked, leaning against the worktop in the kitchen.

“Did it look like we were doing much?” you chuckled, glancing down at Jack who was still sound asleep.

“You two look adorable, like two sleeping puppies,” Caspar commented, clapping his hands together like an excited child.

Now, Caspar wasn’t exactly the quietest of people. Well, none of them were quiet when they were together, but Caspar was unusually loud and the sound of him banging his hands together was enough to finally wake Jack up.

“Mhm,” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his fist before looking at his friends confused. “Can I help you?”

“No mate, just admiring the happy couple.” Conor chuckled, shaking his head.

“You make it sound like we’re married.” You shook your head, standing up from the sofa and you smiled as Jack held your hand tight in his grasp.

“Not just yet Conor, give him time.” Joe shouted from the kitchen, still within earshot to hear the conversation.

Jack glared at his older brother as a sign for him to keep his mouth shut.

“I didn’t say anything mate, just saying how sickeningly cute you both are.” Conor smiled. Even though he was teasing you both, you knew he meant it because he has told you countless times that he was happy his little brother had finally found someone who made him happy.

“So I took a picture and basically put it on all my social media.” Caspar butted in, a cheesy smile on his face.

“What?” you looked at him, hoping that this was one of his weird pranks that you didn’t understand.

“Yeah, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat,” he smiled, showing his phone to you.

Okay, you had to admit the photo was actually really cute but that didn’t mean you wanted it online. Your hair was a mess, you were wearing Jack’s hoodie and you just looked awful, in you opinion.

Jumping up to grab his phone, Caspar laughed as he held it above his head.

“Caspar! Please delete it.” You begged, still trying to reach for his phone as he threw it over to Josh, who was also laughing as he stood in the corner with Mikey and Oli and all three of them were in hysterics.

You groaned in annoyance as you finally gave up reaching for Caspar’s phone, glancing over at Jack who was grinning down at his phone.

“I don’t know what you’re so annoyed at Y/N, I think it’s cute.” Jack mumbled sleepily, obviously still struggling to wake himself up.“

“I look bloody awful in it, he didn’t give me the chance to photoshop it.” You chuckled.

You weren’t actually annoyed at the boys, you had been with Jack long enough to know what his friends were like, and it was just like having 6 protective older brothers.

Unless they were the ones causing the grief, then they weren’t protective in the slightest.

Jack, shaking his head, stood up and took both of your hands in his, placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I think you look as beautiful as always,” he smiled as your cheeks flushed the colour of scarlet.

“Hey, I can still hear you two in here and I’m trying to eat.” Joe shouted from the kitchen as both you, and Jack, rolled your eyes in response.

“Don’t worry, wait until one of them gets a girlfriend and we’ll get them back,” Jack winked and your lips turned into a smirk as you knew he was right.

He would get them back, he always does.


*request —> komihannie said: So can I request for Yuta scenario? :) y/n n Yuta are an arrange marriage couple, but lately Yuta actually falling for her n he got jealous whe seeing her with her boy bestfri, then they fight n he confessed to her >< Thz u n I luv ur blog so much ❤

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

author’s note: 1,362 words. I was initially expecting more angst but this ended up having more softness to it. 

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Leon Draisaitl #2.4


This is probably the last part of this story, hope you liked this 4-piece of cutesy Leon. Feel free to leave requests guys!! And this marks as my longest imagine to date, sorry? Idk honestly I’m not it’s cute so :))))

Word Count: 2,923

Biggest game of Leon’s career - thus far - and what was he doing beforehand? Trying very hard to braid a chunk of your hair, and failing horribly. The two of you were laying on your couch as the afternoon passed by and the first playoff game for Leon got closer. Well, you were laying down, he was sitting and had your head on his thigh. 

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An Accidental Break-in

A/N: Sorry this is short, I had it written for a while but just had to write a beginning to it. I also had no idea how to continue it so it ends in a weird spot. I hope you enjoy it, sorry for not posting a lot.

J growled at his phone, worried for his henchman. A robbery went wrong and he and Frost got separated.

Just go to the safe house. Frost sent him the address. It wasn’t far away, and he kept to dark alleys to get there. It was just what looked like a run down apartment complex. He went to the room number Frost texted him but the door was locked, which made him decide to climb through the window. The Joker was exhausted, he rarely slept anyways and this night didn’t do anything but give him a temporary rush and cost him money. He went straight to the bed, not even turning on the lights. He found that he slept better than most nights but he just cast that thought away, figuring it was the exhaustion.


Y/N woke up warm, which was surprising since she was so cheap that she doesn’t turn her heat on. Rolling over, her eyes snapped open when she hit something hard. There was a man, extremely pale with green hair and a myriad of tattoos.

“Holy…” She mouthed as she fell off the side of her bed. She got up, unsure whether to run or kill him while she could. What if he is a ghost? Y/N blinked that thought away. Shut the hell up, brain. Giving him a slight poke, she then jumped away. Should I wake him up? Her phone was on the other side of the bed, right next to him. Since her room was so small she decided to climb over him. She placed her knee beside his hip, bringing the other one down on the other side. Grabbing her phone, her eyes didn’t leave his face and she figured she would take a picture.  She positioned the camera above his face and her finger hit the button just as his eyes snapped open. He was met with the sight of the flash and Y/N stared back at him, eyes wide. Neither of them moved, just staring at each other. A grin broke out on his face and she snapped another picture just as his hand wrapped around his throat. She gave a yelp as he flipped her over, now straddling her.

“Now, now. Let’s try that again, shall we?” His other hand went up to the one clutching the phone and he took it from her. He growled in annoyance before glaring at her.

“What’s your password?” Y/N’s chest was heaving as she struggled to remember it, her nerves getting the best of her.

“Uh,um… PB&Jlover123… with the and symbol instead of the ‘and’. Y’know like an 8-” He glared at her until she mumbled a, ‘sorry’, He typed agonizingly slow, and then he raised an eyebrow.

“Look what we have here.” He turned the phone towards her, showing a picture she had of her when she was little.

“Oh, god why is that in there-” J chuckled as he continued to flip through her photos.

“These are some interesting photos.” He said with a smile. Her face turned red, knowing she always screenshotted the fanfictions she wanted to read later. Please don’t be any smut, please don’t be any smut…

“You into this stuff?”

“Uhh, not very?” If she wasn’t too afraid to move she would have facepalmed. “I-I like your tattoos.” OK think, Y/N, what were the things to do if you got kidnapped? She thought back to the article she read on WikiHow. Sympathize with them? Care about what they have to say? Create a bond?

“I respect your opinion.” He gave her a weird look, before continuing to scroll through the photos. Way to go, why don’t you just tell him he has a nice ass while you’re at it?

“I work out too, y’know. We have that in common. The working out part, like I lift weights, and I enjoy going to the bank, which you do to right? See, we have that in common.” Lies, lies, lies, lies…

“Ah, here we are. Oh, I look good in this one.” He found the pictures she took and deleted them.

“Y-yeah I think so too. We have another thing in common, thinking you look good.” She grunted after that sentence, desperately wanting to stitch her mouth up. His eyes moved from the phone to her and he smiled, getting close to her face and laughing his weird laugh. He leaned back and exhaled, rolling his eyes toward the ceiling before looking back down at her.

“So, what are you doing in my house?” He questioned as his hand crept up to tug on a lock of her hair.

“Um, excuse me? This is my house-” The man lost all trace of amusement on his face and she could tell he was thinking about what she told him.

“What’s the address?” She told him the address of the hotel and watched his eyes roll shut in annoyance, mumbling a, “God dammit Frost.” So his name was Frost? He seems like the person to talk to himself.

“Listen, Frost, it’s no problem. It was just a misunderstanding, trust me, I get lost a lot too.” Which is another thing we have in common. She noticed the guy’s eyes widen when she called him ‘Frost’ and he looked amused as hell.

“How long have you lived here?”

“Um, a week? Three, maybe. Thought Gotham would have something to offer, but I can’t seem to find a job.”

“Something tells me you’ll find one.” He leans down in her face, smiling. She can’t help to notice that he has beautiful eyes, but there was something about them that scared her.

“So, uh, that’s what this was, right? You just getting lost? I mean, we didn’t do anything, right?” His eyes locked with hers and he purred.

“Oh I hope we did.” He leaned in close growling, making her eyes widen and her head pushing back against the pillows. He laughed at her discomfort and got off. “C’mon then, girlfriend. Make me some breakfast.”

Hey, Hot Stuff {Zen x MC}

           Hey you guys, yes! I am back! After about… what has it been, two weeks after basically ghosting you all I am here. I’m sorry that I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve just been really busy… and depressed… but now I’m slightly less of both of those things. I promise that I will be better at writing more. I would like to thank my amazing friend @yuri-on-a-messenger for allowing me to use her username as the Tumblr user you were messaging in this fic. She writes amazing stuff, so go check her blog out. I love her so much and you should love her too, tbh. She’s awesome.

Anyways, 고고씽~!


           Sitting in Jaehee’s café next to Zen after practice for his latest musical never really seemed like a bad idea before. Even when you got there it didn’t seem like too bad of an idea. That was until one of your best friends sent you a message through Tumblr. That’s how you had met, and though you had never met in person, you considered yourselves to be incredibly close. That being said, honestly, it was not the time for what the conversation had led up to. Zen was talking to Jaehee for the time being, so you figured that you might as well just answer.

           yuri-on-a-messenger: Hey, (MC). What are you doing?

           (MC): Nothing much. I met a friend at a café after he finished practice.

           Seconds later, she responded.

           yuri-on-a-messenger: Ooooh. Is this friend who I think he is?

           You rolled your eyes at her blatant teasing. Regardless, you complied in answering her

           (MC): Maaaaaaybe…

           yuri-on-a-messenger: “He’s just so nice and caring. I think he’s just, like, the best guy ever. And his acting! Don’t even get me started on his acting! The way he gets into character is just amazing!”

           (MC): Shut up! I don’t talk like that.

           yuri-on-a-messenger: Dude

           yuri-on-a-messenger: I have the receipts

           yuri-on-a-messenger: Don’t even try me because I will send them

           (MC): Okay, okay. I’ll admit that I do like him. But, again, like I’ve said, he’s a celebrity. I’m just his friend and moral supporter. I don’t rea-

           In the middle of typing your message, you got interrupted by a certain someone sitting next to you in the booth. “So, who are you texting? What are you talking about?” He asked jokingly.

           Bringing your phone to your chest, you glance up timidly, “Nothing. No one. Why?” You stuttered.

           He got a slightly annoyed look on his face, “Well don’t explode. It was just a question.” He responded with a bit of attitude.

           Maybe it was because you had never held back who you had been texting, or about what, from him. But you didn’t really pay mind to that when it came to the fact that you had been talking about him. “It was, um, just a friend. I was talking to a friend. Yeah.” You managed to let out.

           “A friend, huh?” He interrogated.

           “Mmhmm.” You replied, nodding hastily.

           “Okay.” Was all he said, but he didn’t buy a word that came out of your mouth. You saw him passive-aggressively sipping his drink, and with that, you automatically changed the subject.


           A friend? What kind of “friend”? He thought, racking his brain for any ideas. This had never happened before. When did (MC) start hiding her conversations from him, the actor thought. His eyes widened at his next thought. What if it was a guy that she had met? Is that why she didn’t want to tell him?

           Zen felt metaphorical smoke leave his ears. He couldn’t even fathom why he felt so blatantly possessive of her. He couldn’t help it. They were such good friends that he had to protect her. That was the reason why right?


           Sighing, you threw yourself onto the bed in your apartment. You were no longer living in at Rika’s anymore so you could throw yourself anywhere in the house without worry. You fiddled with your phone, attempting to message your friend again. It had been a few weeks since you had last seen Zen. Lately, he hadn’t really been talking to you, in the messenger, or in a private thread. He hadn’t even invited you out or sent a text to see if you were even doing okay. Besides hiding your messages to your friend, about him, from him, what had you done wrong? Why was he acting this way towards you? You had a right to your privacy, right? At least that’s what you thought.

           (MC): Yo, yo. What’s up?

           It took the college student time to respond, but within minutes, you heard your phone chime

           yuri-on-a-messenger: Please never say that again.

           (MC): What? I just asked ‘what’s up?’

           yuri-on-a-messenger: You’re not going to make me repeat it, are you?

           (MC): Ha-ha, no.

           You responded as you heard a knock on the door. Setting your phone on the coffee table by the door, you answered it.

           Lo and behold, a certain white-haired actor stood in front of you. “Oh, hey, Zen. You’re here?” You blurted out as if it were a question.

           He cleared his throat, awkwardly. It was unlike him. Usually, he was so suave and collected. “Uh, yeah. Sorry for intruding.”

           “Oh… It’s no problem. Come in.” You responded, leading him to the couch.

           “So, what have you been up to?” He started off, awkwardly.

           “Nothing much. I took a cool picture of my latte this morning, but that’s pretty much it.” You responded, picking your phone up off the table and handing it to him.

           You two were so close that, of course, he knew your password. You took your phone briefly to pull it up and then gave it back to him. He looked at the picture and smiled. Maybe you had gone a tad overboard with it, adding whipped cream and cinnamon atop the hot beverage. “Looks like you knew what you were doing” He commented.

           You giggled, “Not really. I just try really hard” You let out as a message notification sounded from your phone. Zen looked down at it impulsively, as did you.

           yuri-on-a-messenger: So, what’s up, hot stuff? Sorry I…

The preview read. These kinds of teasing nicknames were commonplace in your friendship. Of course, Zen didn’t know that, nor did he know who this was. Of course, it was only natural that he would jump to conclusions.

           You saw rage bubble behind his normally kind, yet intense eyes. He promptly gave passed the device back to you. “You might want to answer that,” he mumbled.

           “I…” you started, “Okay. I guess so.” You said, responding to the conversation. You let her know that it was okay that she was busy, and that you were busy at the moment, too. As soon as you finished, you turned your attention back to the man sitting next to you. He was leaning towards you when you turned away, only to find him leaning against the other armrest, mindlessly scrolling through his SNS feed. “Zen? Are you alright” There was concern lacing your words.

           He, though, clearly tried to play this off as if he was just fine. “Peachy. Why do you ask?” He deadpanned.

           “You’re such a liar. You say you’re fine, yet you make no effort to appear that way.” Maybe you were trying to provoke him. You knew that he would let his true feelings out if you pushed hard enough.

           “I’m not lying, though.” He responded. “I am fine.”

           “Then, if you’re so ‘fine’, why won’t you even look at me when you talk to me?” You pushed.

           “Because I can’t stand the idea of you possibly being in a relationship with someone that isn’t me. There, I said it! Are you happy now? Will you stop pushing me and asking so many questions? Will you stop trying to provoke me?” He rambled, raising his voice. Instinctively, you backed up a little from where you were sitting. Realising what he had just said, he looked down. You could tell he didn’t intend to let all of those feelings and emotions out.

           Sighing, you got down on the floor, and kneeled down in front of him, taking his hands. “Zen…” You paused, resting your fingers under his chin as you guided his eyes to meet yours. Reluctantly, he complied. “Why would you ever even begin to think that I would be in a relationship with anyone right now?”

           “Well, for starters, ‘what’s up, hot stuff?’” He answered, making air quotes.

           “Nothing much, you?” You joked, attempting to lighten the mood.

           “No, I meant-

           “I know what you meant. You want to see a picture of who I was talking to?” He nodded slowly. “Okay… Just give me a second.” You swiftly pulled up the messages and showed him the profile picture of the account. It showed a glasses-clad girl with blonde hair.

           “Who’s this?” He asked, obviously confused.

           “This,” you said, shaking your phone, “is one of my closest internet friends. I met her through mutual interests, and we talk all the time. We’re so close that we just use random nicknames like ‘hot stuff’, just to mess with each other.”

           “Is this who you were talking to that day at Jaehee’s?” He went on to ask. You nodded, a smile donning your face. “Then… Why did you hide the messages?”

           “Well… She was kinda teasing me about you. I had told her that I was with you and she started to say all these things that I had told her in the past.”


           “How I said that you were a great actor… And how you shone up on stage… And how you were really attractive.”

           “And?” He teased. He could probably tell that you were holding something back.

           “And how I have a huge crush on you.”

           “Do you, now?”

           You laughed, “Yes… I guess you could say that you got what you wanted.”

           His smile changed to an expression of confusion. “What do you mean?”

           “I’m not in a relationship with anyone.”

           “Well,” he paused, “maybe we’ll just have to change that.” He replied, pulling you up to him and kissing you softly on your cheek, “What do you say?”

           Smiling, you nodded, and he took that as an opportunity to tenderly press his lips to yours.

Reddit Prompt: Write a horror story where the protagonist doesn’t give a fuck.

They dragged me into a back room illuminated solely by candlelight. They gagged me, stripped me, and then tied me to a wooden table in the center of a chanting congregation. They whipped me a few times, and then this small decrepit old lady with Tweety Bird locks started writing things on my back.

I didn’t mind the gagging, the stripping, or being tied down all that much—it wasn’t all that different from what my boyfriend, Mike, and I did on especially frisky nights—but I kind of minded the writing. I don’t like being written on; especially when I don’t know what it says.

If they were going to write on me, they could have at least done it where I could see. It was pretty inconsiderate if you asked me.

When they were done, they led me—or rather pushed me—along another dark corridor that really started to make me question their ability to pay the light bill. Soon, they shoved me into another dark room and focusing on not tripping became more important than the state of their finances.

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Imagine: you have a crush on Jessica but don't think she'd ever like you back

As I walked into class, I sat in my usual seat which coincidentally left Jessica Davis in my direct line of vision. What? It was totally a coincidence. Not like I deliberately sit there so I can look at her and hate myself for being to scared to actually talk to her.

“Okay class.” The teacher began. “We’ll be working on paired projects for the next few weeks.”

The whole class started looking around the room making eye contact with the person they wanted to pair up with. I immediately cast my eyes downwards, too shy to ask anyone to be my partner.

A few moments later, and I felt a presence standing over me. I looked up and saw Jess, standing in front of me. Looking at me. Holy shit. I could feel butterflies in my stomach.

“Hey, Y/N.” She greeted, smiling sweetly. “Did you wanna be partners for the project?”

“Uh…um…y-yeah.” I stammered, mentally banging my head on the desk. I smiled weakly back at her.

“Cool!” Her smile widened and then she passed me a piece of paper. “It’s my address. So you can come over to work on the project.”

“T-thanks. Um… Did you want my number?” I mumbled nervously.

“Oh, yeah, good idea.” She laughed, making the butterflies start again.

She took her phone out and handed it to me. I input my number and gave it back.

“Is it cool if I take a picture for your contact photo?” She asked, seeming kind of nervous.

My eyes widened in terror. But I agreed and smiled rather awkwardly for a photo.

She looked at the picture and laughed. “You look so cute, Y/N!”

I blushed and smiled at her, unable to calm down after what she had said. She gave me a wave and returned to her seat. But the butterflies didn’t leave.

anonymous asked:

15. “You look super cute right now.” With Caitlin Snow :)

15. “You look super cute right now.”

You walked into Star labs bright and early, refreshed and ready to tackle the day. You and Caitlin had had a long day yesterday, trying to figure out an equation that was stumping the whole team. 

You made your way to the main room only to find Caitlin fast asleep on the table surrounded by computer monitors. You couldn’t help the smile that crossed your face. 

She looked so cute when she was asleep. You set down the coffee you’d brought her on the table beside her and brought your phone out. 

You crouched down to her level and snapped a quick picture. 


Shit, you’d forgotten to take off the flash on your phone. Caitlin jerked awake and your thumb accidentally hit the button to take another picture. 


Caitlin was stunned. She closed her eyes and covered her face with her hands. “What the hell?” She wondered under her breath. 

“I’m so sorry Cait,” you said and put down your phone. 

You went to her and pulled her hands down from her face. “Are you okay?”

Caitlin slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times to get her eyes to adjust. “Yeah, I think I’m okay.”

“I’m sorry, again.” You said and handed her the coffee you’d brought her. “Here, I passed by jitters and thought you’d need one.”

Caitlin took it. “Thanks, I was up all night.”

You looked around the room. “I can tell.”

Caitlin took a sip of her coffee then she turned to you. “So what the heck was that flash?”

You smiled sheepishly. “It was the flash on my phone. I was taking a picture of you and I forgot to turn it off.”

Caitlin furrowed her brows. “You took a picture of me? Asleep?”

You nodded. “You look really cute when you sleep.”

Caitlin blushed. She looked away for a second and cleared her throat. “Can I uhm see it?”

You grabbed your phone and showed her the picture. Sadly the phone only got the picture of Caitlin being shocked by the flash. A small laugh escaped your lips. Caitlin gave you a dirty look. “I do not look cute.”

You stopped laughing and looked at the picture. You smiled. “I don’t know, I think you still look adorable. It’s pretty hard to make you look bad Caitlin.”

Caitlin blushed once again and turned away from you. “You’re such a flirt (y/n). We should get back to work anyways.”

You smirked as you watched Caitlin nervously go about her work. You’d have to make the photo your wallpaper later. 

CLYDE: Hey, hey Craig.

CLYDE: Everybody loves Stripe.

CRAIG: Good. Stripe needs all the support she can get if she’s going to be the next new cover model of the Victoria’s Secret magazine.

CLYDE: I’m rooting for her.

CLYDE: Dude, Craig’s on his phone, like, all the time.

CLYDE: And he’s always taking pictures, so duh. He’s got all sorts of pictures of us on his phone.

CLYDE: Here, lemme show you some of my favorites…

CLYDE: This one is pretty great. We were all posing for what may have been the greatest group selfie ever created, but then I had to sneeze. Craig took the picture anyways.

CLYDE: There’s another pic where I didn’t sneeze and it looks great, but honestly this is the only version you need to see.

CRAIG: I like this version better anyways.

CLYDE: Oh yeah and then there’s this picture.

CLYDE: Hot damn.

CLYDE: Wow Craig, I didn’t think you kept this one on your phone. Do you like my ass? Is that what this is suggesting?

CRAIG: No, wait. Show them the next picture.

CRAIG: Haha, you were posing right on Stan’s locker and Stan looked so visibly disgusted by what you were doing. It was great.

CLYDE: Yeah okay, but my butt is still on point even when I was caught in the act. You’ve gotta admit.

CLYDE: I think this one is probably my favorite. Well, recent favorite.

CLYDE: Craig, remember this?

CRAIG: Yeah. I was gonna delete that, but I finally got Tweek to stop moving mid-picture. I couldn’t retake it afterwards so I just had to deal, I guess.

CLYDE: It’s a good thing you didn’t. It’s a masterpiece and you know it.

CLYDE: Oh wow, I completely forgot about this.

CLYDE: I didn’t even know you took a picture at all.

CRAIG: Of course I did. I wanted to take a picture before you got your face beat in.

CLYDE: I appreciate that you wanted to capture my pre-fight beauty.

CRAIG: Yeah cause your post-fight beauty wasn’t a pretty sight.

CLYDE: Hey, I did a pretty good job!

CRAIG: At getting your ass handed to you on a silver plate, yeah.


CRAIG: Make noises all you want, you still lost the fight.

CLYDE: Shut up.

CRAIG: Hey wait, I wanna show them a couple of my favorite pictures.

CLYDE: It’s not the one where I fell asleep in class and you all drew dicks on my face, is it?

CRAIG: No, no, this one’s better.

CRAIG: This was simultaneously the best and worst day of my life.

CLYDE: Oh no! Don’t show them that!

CRAIG: Too late dude I’m gonna post this for you.

CLYDE: Why did you even take a picture of this?

CRAIG: Because it was really, really funny.

CLYDE: At least explain what’s going on so I don’t look stupid.

CRAIG: Heheheh. Okay.

CRAIG: Basically, I let Clyde hold Stripe for a few, a few weeks back.

CRAIG: And Clyde, being the clumsy gorilla that he is, dropped Stripe. Can you believe that? He actually did that.

CLYDE: It was an accident!

CRAIG: So was our friendship.

CLYDE: Wow! That hurts, man.

CRAIG: I know, I’m sorry.

CRAIG: But yeah he drops Stripe, and so I told him I was going to kill him.

CLYDE: Casually, as best bros, of course.

CRAIG: Yeah. And then I made him dig his own grave, and I even made him his own gravestone. Here look–

CLYDE: Couldn’t you have made it wittier or, I don’t know, cooler or something?

CRAIG: I thought it was good.

CRAIG: I spent at least five minutes trying to tape the paper to the stick, so you know I was committed.

CRAIG: Here is Clyde, in his grave, ready to be buried for his sins.

CLYDE: I had to go home covered in dirt and my dad got mad at me.

CLYDE: Then I had to go back out and help cover the hole because Craig’s dad got mad at me too. I hated that day.

CRAIG: It was pretty awesome.

CLYDE: Okay that’s enough pictures I think. I don’t want to uncover any more horrible pictures of me.

CRAIG: You mean all the ones that show how lame you are?

CLYDE: Yes, exactly.

anonymous asked:

Hi ! 💜 Can you do an imagine where intimates pictures of Y/N and Shawn are leaked please ? Thaaaaanks PS : I love your blog so so much 💜💜

Yes yes I can certainly do that for you!!! Thank you so much for your kind words! I love the use of the purple hearts💜💜 They are my fave💜💜

Your name: submit What is this?

You’ve heard of celebrity’s getting their iCloud’s hacked into and pictures getting leaked to the public.  You weren’t very techy so you had no idea how someone could hack into something that was essentially invisible.  

And then you got a call from Shawn.  It was a call you never expected from him.  And you had to ask him three times to make sure you heard him correct.

“Your iCloud was hacked?”

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Sam’s Baby - Sammy Wilk Imagine

Request:  Hi so I asked you this before and I dunno if you ever got it or not, but can I have a Sammy imagine where he comes home from tour and meets your child together for the first time?

A/N: I changed it a bit, I hope you don’t mind

‘But he’s coming home first and then going to the hospital, right?’ My sister Nicole asked. 

‘ He’s going to the hospital straight from the airport.’ I said pulling my sleeves down and crossing my arms. 

‘Seriously? And what about you? He hasn’t seen you in six months.’ She said. ‘I thought he said that he can’t wait to see you.’ 

‘Nicole, she’s giving birth to his child. Of course that his priority is to see his kid as soon as possible.’  

‘But still..’ 

Nicole and I were talking about Sammy, who is soon becoming a dad, and his ex Stephanie, who is the mother of Sam’s child, and about me, his girlfriend. Yeah, it’s pretty fucked up, but here’s the story.. 

Sammy and I have been best friends ever since we were little kids. All of my best memories from my childhood happened with Sam. We’ve always been so close and cared and loved each other to death and that will forever stay like that. It’s impossible to break that bond between us. You could never see Sam without me or me without Sam. When we started the high school, a lot of them thought that we were together because of our acting when we’re around each other. Even our parents asked us if we were together which we found ridicuolus. We could never see ourselves being together, being in a relationship. But that’s what we thought then. When we graduated high school, I decided to go to college. Sam didn’t want to go to college, but he also didn’t want to let me go, he didn’t want for us to separate cause we both knew that distance would have ruined everything. Since he didn’t want to attend college, but also didn’t want to be away from me, he decided to move with me all the way from Omaha to Los Angeles. At first, it sounded crazy and it seemed impossible, but since his parents are pretty wealthy, Sam begged them to buy a small apartment in L.A. for the two of us. They were against it at first because they didn’t want Sam to leave, they didn’t want him to move to a whole another state so Sam told them if they don’t let him that he’ll run away there anyway and no one will be able to stop him nor get him back to Omaha without me. It didn’t take a long time for them to say ‘yes’ to Sam and let him move with me so our parents shared costs and bought us an apartment. We were the happiest people on earth when we moved to L.A. It was like dream come true - two best friends living together all by themselves far away from home. Everything was perfect.
One night, it was a friday night, we were going out in a club with a few of my new girl friends that I met on college and I still hang out with them actually. We were having so much fun and that was the night when Sam met a girl that he fell in love with. He met Stephanie. The girls that I hang out with told me that she was no good, but if I told that to Sam he would have thought that I was jealous which I really was. Soon they started dating and he was spending more and more time with her and I was getting more and more jealous. It was then when I realized that I love him, but not in just a friendly way, it was much more than that. Suddenly, I started wishing that I was Stephanie; I wanted to have his arms wrapped around me, I wanted him to kiss me, to tell me how much he loves, to hold hands with me and all those things. I thought that I was going crazy, but all I did was fall in love with my best friend and honestly that terrified me. 
Then, a few months later, we were going out again and all of us got quite drunk, but Sam..oh, God, Sam was hammered as well as Stephanie. They disappeared from the party and two weeks later, Stephanie called Sammy crying telling him that she’s pregnant. I think that I was even more shocked than he was. It’s like my world fell apart because the moment he told me that she’s pregnant, I saw them getting married and living together and that broke me. 
But then, just a week later, Sam found out that Stephanie cheated on him, more than just once or twice, right at the beginning of their relationship which lasted 5 months. Sam was heartbroken. Even though she was pregnant with his child, he couldn’t stay with her. He hurt him so bad and he just couldn’t forgive her, but he promised that he’ll take care and that he will always be there for their baby. 
After about 4 months, it was an ordinary Saturday night and Sam and I were watching a movie together. I have and always will hate horror movies, but that night Sam managed to convice me to watch one with him.

‘Oh my God..’ I said hiding my face in Sammy’s chest. ‘I don’t like this, Sam..’ 

‘Babe, that’s not real.’ He chuckled rubbing my back with his one hand and his other holding on my legs which were in his lap. I just sighed and continued watching, but then some creepy thing jumped out on the screen and I screamed so loudly and Sam started to laugh at me. 

‘You know what? Fuck you, I’m done with this shit.’ I said. I was so annoyed with him so I just got up from the couch and headed into my room.

‘Y/n, wait!’ He said following me. ‘I’m sorry for laughing at you.’ He said, but I just ignored him. ‘C’mon, baby girl.’ He said turning me to him by my elbow making me bump into his chest.  

‘Let me-!‘ 

 'Y/n, that’s not real, okay?’ He said taking my face between his hands. 

‘Stop making fun of me. You’re not funny.’ 

'I’m sorry, okay? I promise I won’t do it anymore. Okay?’ He said leaning his forehead against mine. 'Do you forgive me?’ He asked quietly. I looked up in his eyes glancing at his lips. He slowly closed the space between our faces and gently kissed me. He started walking making me walk backwards all the way until my feet bumped into the bed. He gently pushed me on the bed and then laid on me. 


‘I’ll stop if you don’t want-’ He said through the kiss. 

‘No, no please don’t stop..’ 

And basically that’s how we ended up together. The next day we confessed our feelings to each other even though he never ‘officially’ asked me to be his girlfriend, but I don’t mind because I know that he loves me and that’s the only thing that’s important to me. 

It was around 11 p.m. when the doorbell rang. I quickened my pace toward the door knowing that that was probably Sam. 

‘Sam, oh my God..’ I tightly wrapped my arms around his neck and he around my body burying his head in the crook of my neck. 

‘Hey, baby’ He said lifting me up a few inches from the floor and then putting me back down. ‘I missed you so much’ He said cupping my face and kissing my lips. 

‘I missed you too’ I smiled. ‘So..did you go to the hospital? Did you see the baby?’ I asked. 

‘Yeah, I did. I came just a few minutes after she gave birth actually.’ He said smiling and looking at the floor. 

‘Sam? Is everything okay?’ I asked noticing that he wasn’t in the best mood. 

‘Yeah, yeah it is.’ He said. ‘I held him in my arms and he’s so tiny and so cute and oh my God, I can’t believe that that’s my baby. It sucks that I won’t be able to hold him every single day and be with him and just watch him grow up.’ He said and it seemed like he wanted to get back together with Stephanie and it scared the shit out of me. 

'Do you want be with them? I mean like do you want to live the family life with he-them?’ I asked looking at the floor with my arms crossed on my chest.

'I do want to be with the baby, but I don’t want to be with her. I don’t want anything with her, y/n. You’re the only woman in my life and you’ll always be, I promise you that.’ He said holding my chin up with his forefinger and I quickly wrapped my arms around him and he kissed my head. 

'I love you.' 

'I love you.’

2 months later 

Today Sam was bringing Noah to our home and I was so excited to see him. I’ve seen him maybe just 2 or 3 time since he was born so I’m happy that he’s coming today. 

I heard the front door shut and I knew that that was Sammy with Noah so I left whatever I was doing and quickly went to them.

‘Look’s who is here!’ Sammy said smiling and putting Noah on the floor who was in his infant car seat. 

‘Hey, baby’ I kissed him and then turned my attention to Noah ‘Hey, little guy. I missed you.’ I said smiling and kneeling down. 

‘Take him out of the car seat’ Sammy said. I took him in my arms and then the three of us went into the living room. 

‘He definitely wins the award for being the cutest baby ever’ I said. 

‘Yeah’ Sa chuckled. ‘He got it from his dad.’ Sam joked making me giggle. ‘You look good with kids’ 

‘Oh, do I?’ 

‘Yeah’ He said holding his hands on his hips and biting his lip.

My phone, which was in our bedroom, started ringing so I put Noah in Sammy’s arms and went to answer the phone. 

After having a short talk with my mom over the phone I headed back into the living room. Sam was holding Noah in his arms while walking slowly around the room and quietly talking something to him. I stood at the entrance of the living room and just watched them for a few minutes. Sammy’s smile when he is with Noah is priceless. I could see in his eyes, which literally shine when he holds him, how much he loves him. He already is and will be the best father to him. 
All that made me want even more to have kids with him, to have a family with him that I always wanted to have.

I took my phone and opened camera taking a few pictures of the two of them.

‘Are you taking pictures of us?’ Sam chuckled. 

‘Yeah’ I smiled. 

‘Hold on.’ He said. ‘Now’

‘This one is great’ I said as I sat down on the couch looking at the picture. Noah was asleep so Sammy put him on the other side of the couch and covered him with a blanket and then sat next to me. 

‘Let me see’ He said taking my phone in his hands. ‘He’s such a blessing.’ 

‘You make adorable kids.’  

‘I know, right?’ He chuckled. ‘Imagine just what our kids will look like. Cuteness overload.’ 

Our kids.

Our kids?’ I asked smiling. ‘Y-you want kids with me?’ 

‘Of course, babe’ He said making me sit on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips against his lips.

‘I can’t explain you how happy I am to hear this’ 

‘How could I not want to have a family with the woman I love the most in the world, with the woman who I have been in love with my entire life? Baby girl, I want everything with you. I love you and I don’t want you to ever doubt that.’ 

‘I never have and never will doubt your love because I know that you do, I can feel it and see it.’ I said. ‘I love you too, inexplicably much.’

Sundaes with Jensen

Title: Sundaes with Jensen

Pairings: Jensen and Reader, Jared

Word Count: 1270

Warnings: fluff and a little naughty flirting

A/N: You are trying to get in and out of the grocery store as fast as possible without doing too much hungry shopping when you run into the boys. Hope you guys like it! As always feedback is welcome and appreciated! Tags at the bottom :) Love you all! <3

Originally posted by pleasegivemecake

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anonymous asked:

roommates au :D

8. Roommates AU

“You’re home early,” Castle says, looking up from his laptop when his roommate walks in. “Which I guess means your date sucked.”

Kate tosses her keys on the table by the door and kicks off her heels before slinking over to join him on the couch.

“That bad, huh?” he asks.

“He pulled out his phone and showed me an image of what our children would look like. Apparently he took my picture while I was ordering my food.”

Castle laughs so hard he nearly starts crying.

“It’s not funny!” she complains, shoving him.

“Yeah, yeah it is,” he says gasping for breath. “It’s really funny.”

She huffs, sliding down on the couch and taking out her earrings.

“No, it’s not. Castle, every date I’ve been on lately has ended in complete disaster. What happened to all of the decent guys in the world?”

He closes his laptop and slides it on to the coffee table. “I’m a decent guy.”

She tosses him a look. “Right, yeah.”

“I am,” Castle says, holding his hands up in self defense. “Honest.”

“I’ve known you for four years. I know exactly what kind of guy you are.”

“And what kind of guy is that?”

Kate shrugs, leaning forward to put her earrings on the table. “I don’t know, you’re you. You’re more than decent. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t be living with you.”

“More than decent,” he repeats. “Is that the kind of guy you’re looking to date?”

She sighs, crossing her arms over her chest and stretching her legs out to use the coffee table as a foot rest.

“I wish I had someone who would be there for me and I could be there forhim, and we could just dive into it together.”

“Dive into what?”

Kate laughs, as if she realizes how ridiculous that sounds. “Everything. The relationship, each other…”

“Maybe a guy like that is closer than you think.”

She rolls her head on the back of the couch looking over at him. “I’ve heard it doesn’t end well for roommates who start dating.”

“Who says it has to end at all?”

He leans in closer to her so his lips are inches away from hers. He hesitates, waiting for her to see if she actually wants this. But she’s the one who actually chooses to close the distance between them.  Maybe what she’s been looking for has really been right here all along.


This post is for myrrde because I wanted to show her the adoptable’s new mom… Just let me ramble a bit about my art struggles, ‘kay?^^

So. This is Minakshi “Mina” Jones and she’s a witch ._.

The first picture (I took all of them with my phone, I am sorry) is the very first idea I had for her. Dark skin, beak-nose, full lips, high forehead, a freaking mane of dark hair with two bleached strands because she’s cool *coffs*

The second one I drew today and used dark green instead of black because my pen died ._.

The third is from today, too. Kibbitzer has really awesome poses and I have no idea what a human looks like so…. yeah. The cat was horror but also fun to draw! Those spoon-ears, mate… XD
As you can see, I dislike hair in general and gave up halfway trough.

And last but NOT least: the adopted monster cat itself! (seriously, I LOVE it!)
It’s name is Vermin and it most likely came into the physical world during the Witching Hour (like many lesser demons like to do, as they do not require an individual magic circle -  thus the name; London is swarmed by small demons)
I like to think that the “eye” hovering over it’s face is actually a teeny-tiny portal to the Demon Realm and thus is Mina able to conjure quite strong magic with Vermin’s help…

Sooooo….. what do you think? Is this acceptable?^^

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what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone


what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone

what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone

“TGIF” by Katy Perry 

“Last Friday night
Yeah we danced on tabletops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot!
Last Friday night
Yeah we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevardLast Friday night
We went streaking in the park
Skinny dipping in the dark
Then had a menage a trois
Last Friday night
Yeah I think we broke the law
Always say we’re gonna stop-op.”

my muse’s last text to your muse

[ text → Sum-Sum ] Sum-Sum where are you?! There is a lot of vodka and I can’t drink it aaaaaall by myself! Sum-Sum hurry up!

BOY WITH HORMONE [Kim Taehyung x Reader ] (ft.Jimin) Pt.8

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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearing

Part 8/?

Gif credits

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Part of the Package

I haven’t posted in forever and I’m not gonna try to come up with excuses honestly I just keep forgetting about this blog.

But in other news, Dodie saw the fic I wrote about her? She liked it reblogged it and askED FOR ME TO CONTINUE IT? I literally screamed when I saw that she saw it. But I won’t be writing more to it because I kinda tend to end things cliffhangery with no intentions of continuing them or how to really so wow clap clap good job me

Sticking with YouTubers, enjoy this Dan thing. Summary is basically fans hitting on him right in front of you and him sticking up for you 

Ignore how weird the beginning is I haven’t wrote anything in months and I suck t beginnings anyways ok sorry

My relationship with Dan had been open to the internet for a few months now. We had been together for almost three years, and I’d gotten used to the way we had to maneuver around fans. 

It had gotten better since we’d gone public, but even then it was always hard. Anytime we were outside, people came up to him, asking for a selfie or a follow. It’s not that I didn’t want him to talk to them or wished the fans didn’t come up to him, the connection between him and his fans is amazing and I’m glad they have that. It just all got to be a bit much sometimes. 

We were sitting in a cute little bakery in London as Dan talked about an idea he had for a new video. He was ridiculously excited, like a kid telling his parents what he wants for Christmas. Three girls that couldn’t be older than 15 came up to us. The one in the middle was the most calm of the bunch, the other two squealing slightly as she talked.

“Hi, Dan, we’re huge fans. Do you think we could have a picture?” she asked excitedly.

“Yeah, of course,” he said with a smile, standing up. 

One of the girls stuck her arm out to me, phone in hand.

“Would you mind taking the picture? Thanks,” she said, turning to Dan before I could answer. 

I took her phone, slightly annoyed, and watched Dan stand between the girls. I took a few pictures before handing her phone back to her. She looked at them, checking for double chins or blinked eyes, as Dan awkwardly stood there. He never knew what to say when meeting fans. I decided to sit back down and started sipping at my coffee again. 

“So, Dan, would you ever date a fan?” the one who talked the first time had the nerve to ask.

I almost choked.

“Well, I’m actually dating someone right now, and I love her more than anything else, so I wouldn’t count on it.” he replied, gesturing over to me. I gave the girls an annoyed smile.

“But when you break up, you would, right?” the one who had remained quiet chimed in.

“Oh, shut up Ellie, you’re too young for him anyway.” one of them replied.

“Woooah,” Dan attempted to stop this from going further, “if you didn’t hear me earlier, I’m very much in love. We wont be breaking up any time soon. But, you are right, it’s highly illegal for me to date any of you.”

The girls’ mood shifted to being very uncomfortable, and eventually they left in a jumble of scoffs and half hearted attempts to continue to sound excited.

“You ok?” Dan asked me when they left, sitting back down.

“Yeah, I’ve pretty much gotten used to it.” I replied with a shrug.

“I’m sorry you have to deal with stuff like that. If it bothers you I can-”

“Dan, I’m not worried about it. I knew this would happen. If I didn’t want girls fawning over my boyfriend I wouldn’t have fallen in love with a famous British nerd. Really, it kinda boosts my self esteem, that you choose me when you have plenty of girls that love you.”

“I know you don’t mind it, but you should. I feel like a shit boyfriend for making you deal with it.”

“I’m not saying I don’t mind it, it definitely sucks, but it’s part of the package. Besides, it’s pretty great hearing you tell other girls that you love me more than anything else.”

“I’ll have to keep that in mind,” he replied, chuckling.

“You’re sure it’s ok? Because, you know, if it’s not, we could always go home and I can show you how much you mean to me,” he said, licking his lips.

“Oh my God Dan stop trying to be sexy,” I said, trying not to burst into laughter as he cheesily winked.

Misunderstanding - Sam Wilkinson

[A/N: So I was bored as hell and I decided to do this imagine. Hope you like it, you can send your requests or talk to me through messages or the mailbox, I swear I’m nice to talk to.]


“Nate’s gonna kill us” Sam mumbled. I giggled and placed my legs in his lap, he started to caress them. “We hadn’t done nothing but drink, he’s been away for almost a week and everything in this house is a mess. All the bottles are on the floor and-“

I laughed. “You worry too much, Sam.”

“Well, you’re going to help me to tidy this up, aren’t you?” I nodded and his smile grew. Even though we were good friends, I kind of had a crush on him. And we hooked up three days ago when we were so drunk, but he wouldn’t remember. And it was killing me. Every time I felt his hands on me, my body ached craving his touch.

Nate and Sam lived together, and they were like really close friends of mine. Nate had left a week ago to record a video out of town, and Sam asked me to stay with him. In these days we didn’t even go out, and no one came. We were by ourselves, thing that made me wonder if he liked me even if it was just a bit. The Jacks had asked us to go out with them, but Sam would always reject the offer and told me to stay with him.

When we finished, I started to make lunch while Sam was half dead on the couch. “Come here and cuddle me” he demanded. “Why would I?” I asked, Sam smirked. “Because you love to cuddle me, come on.” I took the pizzas and I left them on Sam’s lap. “Thanks, God. I was starving, baby girl” he said, making my hear flutter. I could feel the memories from the other night on my skin. “It’s for us both, I didn’t make it just for you.”

“Of course” he giggled. He knew me so well. “Is my baby girl hungry?” He asked, before giving me a slice of pizza.

My phone rang, and I picked up without looking at the screen. “What?”

“Hey beautiful, wanna come over?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a few, right?” I could picture Gilinsky smiling. “I can’t wait, I’ve set up all the stuff for us so we can play. Johnson is coming over as well in a bit.”

“I’ll be there soon, G” I said smiling. “Love you” I giggled. “Love you too, G.”

“Are you leaving?” Sam asked me, frowning his eyes. “Yeah, after finishing this pizza. Mhm.”

“So… You and Gilinsky, huh?” He said. “What?”

He looked down at his pizza. “I don’t know, you guys are always together and you’re leaving me for him.” I giggled, it made me happy the fact he got jealous for this. “Jealous much?”

“Hell, no. Just curious.”

“Well, whatever. If we are something or not I guess it’s not your business, I would only tell you if you were jealous but you’re not so-“ I smirked, Sam looked frustrated but I could only care less. “Why don’t we watch Netflix?”

“I would love to, but Jack’s waiting for me.”

He just nodded and I left after finishing the pizza, kissing his check felt weird but I thought leaving was the right thing to do. I drove to Jack’s house and I met him waiting for me at the doorstep. I hugged him. “Are you alone?”

“Yes, Jack’s not here yet” Gilinsky said. “I need to tell you something.”

“Oh, damn- No! What happened?” he giggled, I was sure he already knew. He was like the brother I never had. “I hooked up with Sam while we were drunk but he doesn’t remember and well… I think the crush I had for him might have grown up a bit.”

“Well, what do you want me to say? I’m not surprised. How was the sex?”

“Damn, it was great, really great but I feel like shit now” I said a bit sad. We went to his bedroom to lie on his bed. We heard noise downstairs. “I guess Jack hasn’t come alone- Wait,that’s Sam?!”

Jack laughed so damn loud. “This is not funny” I covered myself in his sheets. I felt a lot of pressure, and I could feel tears about to roll down my face. “Yeah, and I think Nate’s here as well.”

After Jack said that, Nate entered the room and jumped onto us. “DAMN NATHAN” I screamed. “Oh, hell, you could scream like that for me later if you want. You already have my number” he giggled. “I’ve missed you, ma” he hugged me. Then Sam entered the room. “What were you doing?” He asked. “Why don’t you come downstairs?”

“Hum, we were mhm… talking until Nate entered the room” Jack said frowning his eyebrows. “Oh! Sorry, we’ll let you get back to what you were doing” Nate exclaimed and he wiggled his eyebrows, “c’mon Sam” Nate grabbed Sam’s arm and made him leave.

Jack laughed then. “Whatever, I think your boyfriend got jealous” he teased me. “Shut the fuck up and watch the film” I said, pressing the button ‘play’. We went downstairs, finding Nate chilling rolling a blunt. “I brought a couple of bottles” Johnson chuckled, I smirked hugging him. “And I brought good weed” Nate smirked at me. “That’s why I love you guys” I told them smiling.

Sam’s sister came, and we started to dance to the music while Jack was getting the drinks done. “Lil mama, do you want to share a blunt with me?” Nate asked me. “Hell yes” I answered, “no, she’ll share it with me” Sam said wrapping his arms around my waist and handing me his blunt and a lighter.

I started to smoke when Sam seated me in his lap, “we need to talk” he murmured before I gave him the blunt. “What?” I asked. “Well, about the other night” everyone was drinking and smoking and dancing, Sam and I were by ourselves sitting on the couch. My heart ached when he mentioned that, did he remember? “Hum… I know you… I know you don’t remember, but we had sex and-“ he stated, I looked at him. “I do remember, you’re the one who didn’t.”

“What? I do, I did baby girl. You were the one who didn’t.”

“No, when I woke up you weren’t in bed because you went downstairs to throw up or to take aspirins to your headache, you didn’t even-“ Sam laughed then. “I woke up to make breakfast to you, I was about to go to my bedroom to wake you up with a really cool breakfast when you appeared and said that you felt like shit and didn’t remember a thing.”

“I said that because I felt embarrassed thinking you didn’t remember a thing. I have always liked you and- Shit, I wasn’t supposed to say that and-“ Sam chuckled and his embrace felt tight, he was smoking. “If we go upstairs to talk, they won’t notice it now” he said. “Yeah… First we should stole some bottles, I’m going to get the coke.”

“Fine, I’ll get the vodka. Meet you upstairs?” He asked and I nodded, smiling. I was about to get up but he stopped me. “Give me a kiss first” he demanded, I giggled and I pecked his lips but his arms were so tight around me that I couldn’t get up, quickly the peck I gave him turned into a make out session. “Sam…”

“Yeah, sorry. Go and get the coke. Well, what if we forget about drinking? Alright, forget it, go and get the coke” he pecked my lips and let me go so I could go and get the things while I was giggling, I felt so hype and good. I wasn’t in my own state of mind, even though I was high I could feel vibes Sam was giving me. It was all so chill.

I got the coke and when I met Sam, I took the blunt. “You said you were sharing it with me” I pouted. “Sorry, baby girl, you just make me so horny I forgot about it” I giggled and smoked while Sam started to kiss my neck, giving me chills. “I must say blonde looks good on you”, he smiled at my words. “You know what would look good on you? My dick” he said and started to kiss me down my neck and then he kissed my lips. “Leave the blunt there” he said, I honestly didn’t know where we were, maybe in the guest room. “I want to kiss you all the time, baby.”

We started making out once again, his hands running through all my body. “You’re beautiful” he told me. “You’re handsome as hell” I giggled while I took his shirt off. “Marry me” he said then. I laughed while he placed his lips on my neck. “Damn, I’m horny again. You make my dick hard!”

“I get the second thing, but did you just- You’re high as fuck, Samuel” I said. “Yeah, I’m high, so are you. But I’ll marry you soon. One day.”

“We’re not even dating, Samuel” I giggled. “Yeah, I know. Now we’re… friends, friends who like each other a lot. Friends who will have lots of sex, friends who won’t be able to keep hands to themselves from each other, and tomorrow I’ll take you out on a date. We’ll have sex without being high or drunk, and it will be the best thing that has ever happened to our lives, because it will be the start of something new. And after that- Well, no. Even though I haven’t asked you to be my girlfriend, you’re mine. Right? And I’m yours. All yours. Now, babe, please do something I swear my dick is so hard” he pouted, my heart fluttered for his words. He really knew how to make me happy. “I bet you’re wet” he said, I giggled and moaned when his hand touched my panties. “We’re at Gilinsky’s and your sister is downstairs” I told him.

“Yeah, well, I give a fuck and so should you” he said before kissing me and I smiled, knowing I already loved him.