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“—I mean, can you believe it?” Ryuu says, a swallow of noodles too early. “Seven years ago, I was a mess because I didn’t think Chikara could ever like me back, and now we’re going to celebrate our first wedding anniversary in two weeks!”

“Oh, it’s that time already? Congratulations!” Hisashi says. “Doing anything special for the Paper anniversary?”

“Hell yeah! Well. Definitely hell yeah, but I have no idea what I’m gonna do yet…” Ryuunosuke taps his fingers against his chin, taps his creative juices and bids them get to work.

But his fingers freeze as his head snaps towards Hisashi. “Wait. Paper anniversary?”

preview of my soon-to-be piece for the @ennotanazine!!

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Hi I didn't want to sound annoying so I'm doing this anonymously but I requested a sim a think a good bit ago now and wondered if you're still making her? Her name was Cara Nebula Sorry if this is annoying

Yeah Yeah I have your request mate! I’m sorry I dont answer them I just keep them in my inbox until they’re done so I don’t forget. But at the moment I’m taking a small break with sim request because im feeling uninspired so for a while I’m gonna work on my wips and hopefully I’ll release some request in between cc post..I hope this doesnt sound confusing or anything??

TLDR: I have your request it’ll be posted soon ^_^

First time (Niall Horan) (smut)

Y/N/N= your nickname :)

I toyed with the sleeve of my hoodie as I continued thoughtfully staring into space. It was a casual Saturday, me and Niall hanging out at his house, just enjoying spending quality time together. However, I had been engrossed in some persistent thoughts for the entire day, thoughts regarding whether or not it was time for me and Niall to take the next step in our relationship. When I, after much soul searching, came to the conclusion that this was something I was ready for, I discarded myself of my hoodie and trotted upstairs to where Niall evidently just had finished his phone call. 

“Hi Y/N/N” Niall chirped playfully as I entered the room. “I wanna talk to you about something” I blurted, my eyes instantly widening at how extremely non smooth that was. “Okay” Niall chuckled, gesturing for me to come sit down on the bed. “What´s up princess”? he questioned, his soothing deep blue eyes piercing into mine, trying to read my current emotion.

“Well, I was just thinking” I started, inhaling sharply, “and, about what we were talking about yesterday, I uh, I´m ready” I finally let out, immediately withdrawing my gaze from Niall´s and casting it down on my lap. “Oh, well I uh, I´m glad to hear that” Niall said in a soft voice, me noticing he was wearing a small smirk when I gathered enough courage to look back up at him. “Oh you mean we should, do it now”? Niall asked, raising his eyebrows in question, before scooting a couple centimeters closer to me. “Kind of” I said with an innocent smile, really not wanting to wait a minute longer.

“Ah, come here you” Niall cooed, flashing me a smile, my heart warming at how much he was genuinely beaming. I scooted closer so our legs were touching, before biting down on my bottom lip slightly, and leaning in for a kiss. Niall placed his soft hand on my cheek as I tangled mine in his blond locks, our lips instantly starting to move in warm, soft, perfect sync.

Niall parted his lips slightly, encouraging me to slip my tongue into his warm mouth. I gabbed a firmer hold of his hair as the kiss turned into a, to say the least, passionate make out session. Niall gently pushed me back down on the bed so he was hovering over me, his hands on either side of my face as we resumed kissing, the sensations starting to send warm tingles straight to my core. 

I gathered another level of courage and carefully slipped my hands under Niall´s baseball t-shirt, slowly inching it up as he then pulled it over his head and smiled down at me. I grabbed his face, resuming our heated kissing as I started impatiently moving under him. Niall took the hint, and gestured for me to sit up so he could remove my shirt. Once it was off, Niall´s eyes instantly landed on my exposed chest, the valleys of my breasts pressed together in my tight bra. “Gosh babe, you´re gorgeous” he breathed out, bringing his hands to cup my boobs, whilst leaning down press a string of wet kisses over my entire chest.

Niall then reached for the clasp, effortlessly slipping the bra off my body and tossing it to the side. Even though Niall had seen me naked before, I had to admit, the shaky breath I let out was mainly caused by the sudden rush of nerves I was feeling. Niall noticed my discomfort, shooting me a warm glance as he let his hand softly graze over my bare shoulder; “you don´t need to be nervous honey, I´m gonna make you feel good I promise, we´ll take it slow” he assured. I nodded with slight hesitation, trying to reminded myself of how ready I had felt a minute ago.

Niall stood up from the bed, starting to undo his jeans, me watching, feeling the anticipatory pleasure build again, as the thoughts of what was about to happen flooded my brain. I bit my lip as Niall returned to his position of hovering over me, before leaning down, and wrapping his lips around one of my nipples, swirling his tongue over it as I arched my back. I let out a small moan as he wrapped two of his fingers around the other one, rolling it, making me let out a small moan. “Niall, please” I moaned with a squirm, now absolutely desperate for him to touch me in my most private area. 

“Patience princess” he teasingly chuckled, reaching his hand down to toy with the button of my jeans, then unzipping them, and finally sliding them down my legs, leaving me in nothing but my lace thong as I lied panting in front of him. Niall tangled his hand in my now messy hair as he kissed me again, letting his other hand trail down my body, stopping at the rim of my panties. I let out a small groan as Niall finally inched his hand under the thin fabric, running his fingers up my folds, feeling my arousal. “Oh babe, you´re excited” he chuckled, before finally applying some pressure to my throbbing clit. “You have that effect on me” I retorted, fighting to stay focused on anything else than the feeling of Niall´s fingers on my most sensitive body part.

After another few seconds, when Niall could sense I was getting worked up, he hooked his fingers under the elastic of my panties, slowly sliding them down my legs. I sat up slightly, intending to touch Niall in some way, thinking it was my turn to do something. “Babe don´t, it´s all about you tonight” he let out, stopping me from resting my hand on his, by now prominent boner. After reattaching our lips, Niall, to my slight surprise, started trailing his lips down my body, leaving small love bites as he went.

“Im not gonna make you come, just work you up a bit more, yeah”? Niall cooed, his lips ghosting over my glistening wet heat. “Okay, go ahead” I moaned out, hissing as Niall attached his lips to my clit, sucking in a way that made my stomach churn. “Aah, fuck” I moaned, tangling my fingers in Niall´s hair, as he slipped his tongue into my entrance. I felt my stomach tightening in a clenching way as Niall returned to his sucking actions on my clit, making me utter a loud moan. “I-I´m close” I breathed, making Niall withdraw his mouth from my core.

Niall looked up at me with a lustfilled smirk, before removing himself from the bed and darting to the other side of the room, opening a drawer and pulling out a packet of condoms. “You still sure about this”? Niall asked as he walked over to where I was propped up on my elbows in the middle of the bed. “I´m so sure” I breathed out, giving Niall a look that was bound to be convincing. Niall rapidly removed himself of his boxer briefs, slipping on the condom, before lining himself up at my entrance. 

“Let me know if it hurts, alright baby”? Niall let out once he was completely inside me. I nodded, wrapping my arms around his neck as he started to move. Niall rolled his hips into mine with soft, even movements, thrusting in different ways each time, trying to work out where I was most sensitive. I let out a loud moan when I felt his shaft brush over my g-spot, digging my nails into Niall´s back, making him flash a satisfied smile. “I take it you´re okay”? Niall chuckled, grabbing my hand and interlacing our fingers.

It did hurt a little, but I was too engrossed in the pleasurable feelings to mind. I felt another set of butterflies erupting in my stomach as Niall wrapped his fingers around my nipple again, making me lean closer into him. “I´m not gonna last much longer baby, you´re so tight” Niall suddenly grunted, digging his fingers into my sides. Seeing him so turned spurred my approaching orgasm further, my walls clenching and thighs quivering. 

“I´m gonna come” I stated as the pleasure in my lower abdomen started burning to the point where I felt like I was going to explode any minute. “Let it go baby, I´m right behind you, I´ve got you” Niall encouraged, reaching his hand down to my clit in the process. It only took a few strokes to send me completely over the edge, my walls clenching violently, chest heaving and entire body shaking. I felt Niall´s thrusts get sloppy, me not managing to force my eyes open, as much as I wanted to see his face as he released into the condom.

“Wow,  that was amazing, you were amazing” Niall let out as he rolled off of me, bringing me closer to him. “I love you so much Niall” I breathed, tilting my head slightly to look at him. “Awe, I love you so much too” Niall mused, rubbing his hand up and down my arm, making my heart flutter as I squeezed closer to him. “I can´t wait to do that again” I informed with a chuckle, pressing a big kiss to Niall´s chest, feeling like I was about to burst out of pure happiness.