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Using The Word "Sinning" Isn't Wrong

I feel like I need to clear something up. I see all these posts like “stop using sinning and saying u need Jesus when talking about gay ships. It’s homophobic” blah blah blah
I know not every shipper sees it the way I do, but I feel many others might, so let me try to explain right quick. We don’t use the word “sinning” to describe these otps because they’re GAY, we use it because the situation that we have put that particular otp in is incredibly sexual and sometimes disgusting. It has 0 to do with the sexuality or gender of the ship. Good lord, I once read a fic of my gay otp where one of them put a banana in the others ass while having sex (years ago, I was reading a lot of weird shit). Calling something sinning or saying “I need Jesus” when referring to a ship has fuck all about them being gay. It’s the incredibly graphic sexual situation we put them in that is the “sinning” part. If I read the stories I do now with straight ships, I’d still comedically call it sinning because of how vivid and graphic the sex is in these fics. If I were to watch a straight couple where one of them paddled the other one on the ass then proceeded to tie them to a bed post and fuck the day lights out of them while they were gagged, I would still end that with “Holy shit, I need Jesus.” Why the fuck do you think pictures or fics about two dudes cuddling is not tagged sinning??
We ship these ships because we love and believe in them. What, do you think we ship them, but then secretly we’re like “yeah these two are a beautiful couple, BUT THEY’RE SUCH SIN OMG THIS IS GROSS AND DISGUSTING I CANT BELIVE THIS.” I can guarantee, that is not the case. The “sinning” term is just our way of trying to convey that what we are reading is intensely graphic, so please stop making it seem like this term has anything to do with sexuality when IT DOESN’T. AT ALL.

bat emoji review

a serious boy, he’s out sniffing for buggies. a hard worker and overall alright 

theyre coming right for you! looks scary but actually wants to give you a hug. please let them hug you or they will be the one needing a hug

artsy kiddo!! very creative, will help you with anything you need, be careful tho because he’s a little sneaky

now you may not know but this isnt actually a bat! instead this is a little chocolate treat! a gift for you from all the bats

a very small and sweet bat!! she wants to be your friend very badly! she’s a little clumsy but her heart is very big!!!! i love her

seems cold and scary but is actually just shy! they stare at you from across the room not because they hate you but because they think ur too cool!


look at this mischievous dude!!!! what a fun guy!!!! will make you laugh when ur feeling down he just wants to have fun all day

oh my gosh…. look at them…. very soft…. fashionable…. an idol….. too good

Overall these bats are all: 10/10

Ok since the whole tumblr is obsessed with Yuri!!! on Ice

I decided to give some advices especially to the artists who draw russian characters to make it less cringy for myself. I’m sure somebody might have already done something like this but I still want to bring up some points.

- to all shippers out there: russians wear wedding rings on the RIGHT HAND, not on the left;

- we also don’t have a tradition of the engagement rings;

- please, please, PLEASE don’t try to write/use russian phrases unless you actually know the language or can ask someone who knows it. Non-speakers won’t get them, latin transliteration is ugly as fuck, not to mention that the translator will 99.9% get it wrong somewhere. Use english, really;

- the same goes to writing in russian: please don’t do it unless you know how to. Redrawing russian printed letters looks weird at best. Russian cursive is a bitch but at least it’s a beautiful bitch;

- russians don’t celebrate Christmas on the December 25th. Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January and it’s not as global as western Christmas. It’s more of a religious tradition. But New Year celebration in Russia is HUGE. So if you want to draw a winter thematic art, new year theme would suit better;

- (also we don’t have Halloween);

- according to the rules of transliteration it’s ‘Viktor’. Not ‘Victor’;

- when drawing scenes of russian character with people they’re close to, use their short name forms. Especially with lovers. (So yeah use ‘Vitya’ and ‘Yura’ it’s really nice);

- there are more forms of russian names: some are tender, some are playful, some are cute, some even are weird. If you want to know a specific form just ask someone who’s native. But common short forms work almost always;

- there’s a difference between ‘nickname’ and 'short form of a name’. Russian names are very inclusive - all short forms of our name are also used as our name. Not in the official documents obviously but everywhere else. Like friends would never call each other by their full form names unless it’s a joke or 'their thing’;

- but things are different when it comes to a social hierarchy: for example a mentor can (and in most cases will) call their student by common short form of their name but student has to call their mentor by their full form and also add their 'otchestvo’ (father’s name, not the same as a second name), unless there is little or no age difference between them;

- this is more like a subjective opinion from me but being called by a full name by a close person (family/friend/lover) is somewhat mentally tiring for a russian. I mean it’s not like short form is an optional nickname that is used in specific situations by specific people. It’s a name that russian person hears for the most time. Being called by an 'official’ form all the time is quite exhausting. But maybe it’s just me;

- also this is totally off-topic but Yuri freaking out because there is another Yuuri with a name that is similar to his is so ridiculous. I mean russian names are common. Just while my school times I’ve met about 6 girls whose name was also 'Tatyana’. We didn’t shout at each other in the toilet.

Ok I think that’s it for now. Though I might have forgot something. Hm.
Somebody will probably disagree with me or will think that’s not important but I don’t care. It was worth a try.

Yeah, of course all of the above aren’t obligations but if you actually took them into consideration it would be really nice.

P.S. I also wrote one more piece of info.

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Hey I was hoping you could maybe update the touch starved tag? I've accidentally read all of them lol and instead of doing work I thought I'll come here😂 but yeah that'd be mega cool, thanks xx

mega cool

Tell Me What You Need by LordOfThePies88 (1/1 | 1,728 | G)

Stiles struggles with depression and, to his surprise, Derek’s the one that takes notice. One night is particularly bad and Stiles contacts Derek just so he can have someone there.

Sacrifice - But is it Really? by SaphiraTARDIS11 (2/? | 6,970 | NR)

Everyone had left Derek.  

Scott wasn’t pack anymore, hadn’t been since the kanima and his betrayal. Jackson had left for London, pack bonds severing as soon as a new pack had been found. Erica and Boyd had left too, went to the San Francisco pack, barely even saying goodbye. Isaac had drifted away slowly, merging himself with Scott until one day Derek had awoke to the pain and emptiness of a solitary alpha.  

And So I’ll Let The Water Take Me by angel_scum (1/? | 1,849 | NC17)

The Argents have had a strong hold on the city of Beacon Hills for as long as anyone can remember. They’re ruthless, dangerous and willing to use any means necessary to get what they deem is theirs. They work from the shadows, feeding off the rotten underbelly of corruption and greed that Beacon Hills has become.
Enter Agent Hale. Derek has been trying to topple the Argent crime regime ever since they killed his family in cold blood. He’s always one step behind them, always just within reach of revenge. Annoyed by Derek’s continual intervention but not threatened, the Argents send the ace up their sleeves to get rid of the Hale family once and for all.
Only… that ace might just be the king of hearts, instead.

Without You by fearfrost1211 (1/1 | 4,822 | R)

Half a choked laugh boils up out of him. He had sex with Derek Hale.


With Derek.

He’s never going to be able to shower in the locker room again.

On werewolves, SATs and stress eating by roundelet (1/1 |  2,176 | PG13)

Stiles has never been skinny. He was a chubby kid. He was a preteen who hadn’t lost his baby fat. Even when he shot up four inches in ninth grade, the pudge over his stomach stayed put.

And, apparently, he’s also a stress eater. By the beginning of his senior year, Stiles has only one pair of pants he can still button. But it’s not that big a deal. It’s not like he has a line up of romantic partners trying to take his shirt off or anything.

Hey there!

This is a new blog, hell yeah! I made this tonight after concern about recent hate and negativity I’ve seen being spread in all types of tags and making its way to people’s inboxes in the fandom SO I decided to counteract that that with a positivity blog! 

What will this blog function as?

  • Essentially you can send in a url and a kind message about them or whatever positive message you want to give them!

How will they be posted?

  • I will be posting them as separate posts on nicely typed images because all the lovely people deserve nice things <333

Anything we should know?

  • Be patient with the posts as they will each be individually typed out, formatted, and posted.

Who the fuck are you?

Anything else?

  • Love and respect others and don’t put hate and mean stuff in tags. It can really ruin a persons day!
  • Be positive and spread kindness!!
  • Help spread the word about this blog!!




Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me, and belongs to the person who created it. The only thing I own is the plot.

Also, sorry it’s short;;;; I’m writing this while I’m sick and tired and I feel like I’m dying, so I’m just gonna try and get this over with so I can take a nap or just sleep in general =^=

Also, really really sorry. It ended up shorter than I expected. Gosh I’m tired. Anyways, Imm gonna call it done, I don’t know what else to add to it. I’ll probably write something longer in the future

Dipper - Majors in creative writing - 17
Mabel - Majors in mixed media art - 17

Mason - Majors in psychology - 21
Belle - Majors in fashion designer - 21

Tyrone - Majors in sport science - 19
May - Majors in human physiology - 19

(None of the Mabel’s are in it)

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Can you beliave that Isak and Even didn't get out of bed before half past 12 and were just lying next to each other too cosy to get up and just breath lazily and Even got on his elbows and all at once started kissing Isak's face with like hundert of kissies and Isak held his neck and laugh bc "Even what are you doing?Stop it." And Even kissed corner of his lips and looked in his eyes"You stop being so cute then I might stop" And Isak rolled his eyes bc Even you are such a sap and reached tokiss


even always showers isak with compliments bc he loves him so much and isak pretends to hate it but you know him, he’s melting inside

like just this morning they were awake, but like you said they obviously didn’t want to get up (they have been unpacking boxes for 4 days okay, give them a break) so they’re just laying in bed, on their sides, facing each other. they’re talking about their first impressions of each other because isak loves to hear about even noticing first (which is still. unbelievable to him) and even loves how it makes isak blush, so he asks “what did you think when you first saw me?”

“i don’t know. probably that you were hot or something” isak smiles and it feels so good to be able to compliment even so openly, because he deserves it and isak may be bad at many things but he will be good at making even happy if it’s the last thing he does. also he is hot, so. “what about you? what was your first thought when you saw me?”

even pretends to think about it for a while, scratching his chin and everything, just to see isak roll his eyes and giggle at him. finally, he looks back at isak “i thought you were the most beautiful person that i had ever seen”

and isak (through a very impressive blush) huffs and makes an annoyed noise “do you have to be such a sap all the time?” he tries to keep up the annoyed front but even’s smile is brighter than the sun and it is so fucking contagious

“you love it!” even starts peppering kisses all over isak’s face, on his neck and that tickles okay, that’s the only reason isak is giggling like an idiot right now

“i don’t, i hate it” that statement holds absolutely no weight when paired with the goofy lovey smile isak is sure he has on his face right now, but he honestly could not care less

to be fair, the look of even’s face is at least as ridiculous, but, isak has no doubt, a million times more beautiful. he doesn’t have a lot of time to admire it before even is leaning down and kissing his lips. it’s short and sweet and soft and god, isak is so fucking in love

when they part even whispers “i love you” really quietly, isak is still in awe of how soft even always is with him and he feels like such a doofus because he really cannot help the huge smile that’s taking over his face right now (if he tried, that is, which he isn’t), he can’t manage more than a whispered “i love you” back

he doesn’t really mind being a doofus for even, he thinks. in fact, he’s pretty sure there is no part of him he wouldn’t show even.

people can say whatever they want about larries but in the end of the day it wont change how much they deeply adore louis and harry and you can see it from even the simplest things like the tags they put when they reblog from us and i creep and read them like yeah ive seen some cute ones for louis and harry separately (ive been running this blog for almost 3 years now ive read them all lol) but for some reason reading the tags people post for louis and harry are so damn cute and so so so pure i just i literally want to hug every single one of you lol its always in this like adoring almost motherly tone when i read the tags like very proud like, “yes these two grown men are my babies, they are in love hello yes look at them ima reblog them for you guys can see my beautiful babies” anyways this is really random but idk i was reading some tags and i just i love you guys, im so glad louis and harry have such a amazing, loving, support system nomatter what people may say or think or whatever may be going on around them currently it will never change the fact that you guys love them so damn much and all you want is for them to be happy and feel loved and since you cant tell them you have these blogs, tags, etc. showing everyone else how much you love them and thats beautiful.

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I have to say Julie picked the worst time for evak to hold hands tbh like she knew evak fans wanted that and knew most of the fandom would have a meltdown but?? this clip was suppose to be heartbreaking? It was heartbreaking but all I see is happy tweets because evak finally held hands? I'm not saying i didn't like evak holding hands because hey I love these boys and I'm so happy for them but it's just too much?? horrible timing. she should of just made evak stand with the boys or something.

Its like i wrote this, i agree. The timing……… first its the 21:21 a day before the hiatus ended, then evak holding hands in slo mo for like 5 seconds. All these things would totally be chill with me if it didnt happen at these moments??? Evak could have been holding hands and standing with the boy squad even, that could have made it lowkey. That insta pic - altho i understand why- didnt have to be posted on the 21st of may lol, 21:21 can be on any day and everyone would still go wild about it (not to mention it looks like it was a spontaneous decision by mari to post that)

all these evak moments would have made me beyond ecstatic, if only they weren’t part of moments where we were supposed to be focused on sana’s pain. If only they didnt make 95% of this fandom completely forget about sana. It wasnt even that these evak moments were ‘big’ bc they’re not. They’re not even taking up much screen time. But still, a 5 second scene of them holding hands vs the rest of the clip of sana in pain was enough to ignore sana bc 'evaKk!!!1111!!’ So yeah - screentime wise they’re not big at all, but this fandom? This fandom makes their 5 seconds suddenly add up to 6 mins bc what else was in the clip? Idk, sure not sana suffering.

And i dont want anyone to tell me im exaggerating bc im not. I’ve looked on people’s blogs and tags, ive seen how the only one mentioned is isak and even, ive been disappointed bc they were people who were so supportive during the posts3 hiatus. But once evak comes on screen its all unsurprisingly forgotten, some cant even mention sana ONCE on their blog, only having her on their blog when its abt isak lmao im sick of it.

Hi yes hello! So I haven’t followed the yogs in a little over a year now. I’ve stopped watching them and dipped out of the fandom when all that crazy stuff happened last year. I never gave a proper goodbye, just some stuff in the tags of a post I think. That being said, this is my time to give a proper goodbye. I was apart of the fandom, and I did draw fan art and while I was not popular by any means, I still enjoyed being there. I found quite a few artists in the fandom as well who have since moved on as well, and I enjoy seeing their other work very much. So why am I saying all this? Why have I made fanart for a fandom I’m no longer apart of? Because some people I followed were talking about Blackrock Chronicles, because Rythian, Zoey, and now Ravs have come forward with closing remarks and theories they had planned for the show. I was there from the end of the first season so I was probably like 14 and in 10th grade. I absolutely adored the cringy acting (sorry guys but it is), the playful banter, and come on, brooding mage, happy-go-lucky mushroom princess, and a dinosaur? What’s not to love! It ended abruptly do to scheduling and while I was sad at the time, I knew it was hard for them to get together to keep pumping out episodes every week. It was such  a lovely series and I grew very attached to the characters and I think they are one of the reasons I kept progressing in my art because I’d always draw them whether or not I posted it or not. The point being, I’m glad Rythian and crew have come forward finally with backgrounds of the characters and that we now have closure. That is why I made one final piece of fanart. I’m also using this post as a way to say goodbye to the yogs for good since i never did that initially last year. In the past year I myself have gone through changes of my own, which include this new blog (hence why there is no yog art). I enjoyed my stay in the fandom, but now I bid thee farewell. 

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your tags about clary is on point. i thought i was the only one who's getting tired of her seeking for help and then completely ignoring what they say. tired of them writing her as wanting to prove herself and then completely proving the point that she's not yet ready. (funny how they killed jocelyn off bec they want her to grow but that's still not happening)

yeah like in season 1 i was (mostly) fine with it (aside from the “we’re all downworlders” bullshit) because she was so new and scared for her mother, and everything was happening so fast. and actually, in 1x13 you could see some development when she sat down with simon and told him that even though the deal with camille was important to wake her mother, she wanted simon’s explicit approval to go ahead because of what camille had done to him. i really liked that scene; i thought it showed a bit of growth because for once, she wasn’t putting her own needs ahead of someone else’s.

but in s2, it’s like she hasn’t…learned anything? and the biggest problem in season 2 isn’t even her behavior but that no one is calling her out on it. luke didn’t call her out on not trusting him re: cleophas even though he’s literally helped raise her and has never once shown himself to be dishonest or incompetent. in fact, she was even framed as being “smart” bc she recognized that cleophas called her clarissa like – no, you were still dumb as hell. no one’s said a word about her (and jace) leaving dot and gretel behind. magnus still doesn’t know that dot was alive the last time clary saw her. 

when iris returns in 1x09, i’m guessing they won’t let magnus say anything about how clary didn’t fucking listen to him despite how he tried to warn her, and that whatever’s happening to her is, you know, her fault. or if he does say something, it’ll be passed over and she won’t ever learn or apologize.

i don’t really have an issue with flawed characters – i love all my messy children who fuck up – but it’s a huge problem when they aren’t being called out on it or framed as if they’re in the wrong. the other characters are clearly being written around her selfishness as if she isn’t behaving that way and it shows.

Back Home

Misha Collins x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Resting your head against Misha’s shoulder, you watched as  each turn brought you closer to home. While the convention had been a blast, with so many exciting things happening, you couldn’t wait to be back home, and see the kids that were quickly becoming an important part of your life.

Glancing down at the ring on your finger, you couldn’t help the huge smile that grew on your face. Misha must have felt it, for he reached down and intertwined his fingers in yours.

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I've only just started following you a few days ago and I've gone through your art tag so many times. Yet, I'm still confused what the story is ?? Can you let me know at all or is that the point ??

Im sorry for the confusion!! yeah it’s sorta hard if you werent here from the beginning especially because i answer a lot of things from asks. But the way I’m revealing stuff is segmented and out of order and usually in the form of flashbacks so you sorta just piece them together in face value for rn. BUT OK a really stiff summary of the story is (and I will put this in a description sometime later):

Jin was an agent working for BigHit, a secret organization that protects and saves Mutants. He was assigned a mission to go undercover and free a group of mutants in a govt facility that was severely experimenting on them. One of the prisoners was Namjoon who he fell inlove with shortly after meeting. Jin’s mission started to head south and he quickly needed to get Namjoon out. So he escaped with him while letting the others burn in the fire. Jin had to flee from BigHit because not only did he not save any of them, but a couple of the agents also died (thus blacklisting him from the agency.)

From then on, Namjin built a new life and formed their own safe haven for Mutants called Bangtan. Before that dream could be fully lived out though, Jin wanted their first mission to be finding his long lost brother, Taehyung, who was separated from him when they were kids. They can’t do it with just them, so they started recruiting others. This is the time when Namjoon reconnects with his old best friend, Yoongi (who was the cause of his imprisonment.) Yoongi is a well-known mercenary with a lot of connections so he helped by recruiting the rest of the members to find Tae. Annnnd this is how far it’s gone rn!

The future will entail a lot of just personal events between them, showing how they eventually form their family as the seven of them. But also it’ll dive in deeper to government conspiracies and shady dealings with secret organizations, so it’ll have some action as well!

So far, I’ve just done flashbacks for all of them, which are all stand alone stories. You just gotta know that was their past and a lot of them will resurface later :-) But yeah, the actual plot hasn’t completely started yet! I just finished all their bios so I can finally do it ahhhh

Lmk if anything’s still confusing!

It always makes me nervous when the Cow Chop guys talk about the LGBT+ community (specifically transgender people in this case) or things like that.
I know they don’t mean any harm (for the most part) when they talk about it, and you can tell they don’t want people to be offended. But I’ve always gotten weird vibes when they talk about it, which makes me feel weird as a non-binary kind of person. Instead of talking it over in a normal way, the energy is always nervous as all hell and can sometimes get defensive.
Plus they used slurs, even though they probably didn’t know they were slurs (still a bad thing though).
But, the plus side is that you could tell they are open to talk about things like that, they are just awkward and afraid of saying the wrong thing. Borderline aggressive maybe, but that could be because they’re afraid of being judged by their friends about what they say (I say this specifically in Aleks’ case).
James saying he wouldn’t be against being with a trans person was great and it made me hella happy!
So yeah. I just really hope this energy they give out about these things isn’t centered around transphobia and more around the fact that they know they’re not all-knowing on the subject, thus making them nervous. Sorry for the talk, I just felt a certain way after the beginning of the podcast.


I’m curious to listen to what the wide world of OP’s have to offer. For fairness (and because I’m feeling like gushing), here’s some of mine! These songs have actually helped me out during rougher times in my life by giving me the spring in the step I need, so here’s to you, ya weeb songs!

departure! - Hunter x Hunter OP 1-6

This song is used for every OP with changed visuals each time, and it looks great for all of them! I specifically chose 3 because I love the Phantom Troupe. Anyway, I love this OP because the song always puts a spring in my step (a common theme among these), and helps me feel energized and confident when I need!

The Rock City Boy - Fairy Tail OP 8

Fairy Tail was the first anime I watched all the way through and I saw it with my girlfriend, and this song was our favorite out of all of Fairy Tail’s great openings (Fiesta, Yumeiro Graffiti, and Masayume Chasing was a VERY close second). Like the show it’s based on, it has it’s flaws, but I still absolutely love it’s high-tempo energy all the same. It’s mostly that opening riff and the melody that hits in the chorus. So nice!

Great Days - Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OP 7(and 8?)

Anyone who’s been following me knew this was coming since I havent been able to shut up about this song or the anime it’s from. Honestly, all of the OP’s from JJBA are fantastic (specifically looking at Bloody Stream and End of Za Warudo The World), but this one is by far my favorite with an energetic and memorable opening to a “beezer” chorus! I put the full version of the song for the video because the song actually contains a small hint to the villain’s abilities.

Papermoon - Soul Eater OP 2

I just think this is a neat song, and they made a pretty slick OP to go with it so hey how bout that!!

So those are four of my favorites!! And that’s just from shows I’ve seen! I know I haven’t seen a lot of anime yet, but I’m more than happy to hear what awesome openings you all enjoy, so post your favorites! I’d love to see them!!

hey guys~ so for a while i been seeing this post going around

and i just wanna say that it is FAKE. the person on the left is more than likely actually yukhei (don’t quote me doe i wasn’t there with them), and the other two pics are not of a ‘kim dongyeon’. it is actually an actor named Shin Jiwun and he’s not under SM or affiliated with them



I don’t know who started that rumor but yeah it’s fake. I don’t know if there is a Kim Dongyeon who is going to be an SMROOKIE but for sure that person who everyone is claiming is Dongyeon is not true so please don’t spread those posts about this Dongyeon person since you would be spreading false information~
(also feel free to follow jiwun, give him credit where it’s due lol)

Suspicious Minds.

Hello babybaby! I want to make a cute request with Daryl ! I was wondering one which Y/N find some cd’s on a old store and when she come back and her take a shower and get comfy … she put some good (old-dancy) music .. like Suspicious Mind by Elvis for example and she and D start to dance and is so cute and fluffy .. and then someone (Maggie for example) pass through our house and she can see us thru the window and take a pic with a Polaroid and .. yeah I just would love that haha 💘

I hope you like it! 💕

You walked through the aisles of the old store you had found. Rick wanted you to find something interesting unlike all those times in the past when you were only focused on finding food and water. This time was different, so you were looking for something interesting in other places.

This was an old record store; the shelves were dusty and most of the cd’s were still there, no one had taken them because they weren’t very useful these days. You started reading the tags on the packages of the cd’s, wondering what kind of music would be more ‘interesting’, but you figured it would be better to take a bunch of them and let the others decide themselves.

You tucked at least six of them into your backpack and got out of there.


You got back home after hours of scavenging. You opened the door of your house and found all the lights off, so you knew that Daryl hadn’t gotten home yet.

You threw your stuff to the kitchen table and noticed that you had accidentally taken one of the food bags with you and left your backpack at the pantry, you also noticed that one of the cd’s had gotten mixed up with the food. But it was late and you were tired, so you left the bag on the table and decided that you would take it to the pantry in the morning, after a lovely night of deserved rest.

You looked down at the cd and grabbed it. You stared at it as you tried to remember when was the last time you had actually listened to music. It had been a long time, that’s all you knew. So you took it upstairs with you.

As you started the shower and waited for the water to get warm, you put the cd on a player in your room. The music was nice and the rhythm was smooth. You went to the bathroom and left the door ajar, so you could hear the music playing.

The water fell on your body and you threw your head back so it would rinse all the dirt from your face and hair. Almost unconsciously, you started moving to the beat of the music, and humming as you ran the little pink bar of soap down your body. The shower itself was relaxing, the closest you could get to a spa day lately, and the music on top of that was soothing. But after over half an hour of being under that warm waterfall, you knew it was time to get out, so you reluctantly turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around your body.

When you went out, you found Daryl laying on the bed. He had his feet up and his head on a pillow, he was chewing on some cold hard thing that he probably found in the fridge.

“How was your shower?”, he asked with his eyes on you. You sighed, wishing you had stayed in there.

“Great”, you answered and opened a drawer. He laughed lowly as the song that had been playing started fading to silence, and Daryl watched you as you put some comfortable clothes on.

As you slid a loose grey shirt on, the next song started playing. It was a classic song, the beat was catchy at first and then the unmistakable voice of Elvis started to come out from the speakers.

Daryl got up from the bed and stood in front of you, he took your hand and pulled you close.

“What are you doing?”, you asked with a strange look between laughs.  

“Dancing”, he said and you arched an eyebrow. “Or trying to.”

You laughed again, but you let him guide you through the song. Daryl started laughing too, he dropped his head to the crook of your neck and inhaled deeply, then you felt his breath tickling your skin as he exhaled. His lips grazed your neck softly and you smiled as you closed your eyes and just listened to the song.

His hands were on your hips, holding you softly but possessively, leading you as the song keep playing. His lips were still on your neck and you felt him mouthing every word in the song, tickling your skin. You giggled and shook him off, when he lifted his face, you took your hands off his shoulders and placed them on either side of his face.

“I love you too much, baby”, Elvis and you said in one voice. Daryl smiled and lowered his face again, his lips crashed against yours but he took them off almost instantly so you could keep dancing.


Maggie had been organising the things you had brought that day, she noticed that you had left your backpack at the pantry, so she was bringing it back to you.

She was walking down the street when she noticed that the light in your room was on and that the drapes were open. She looked up and saw you two dancing, she was smiling but she suddenly found herself feeling a little sad.

Seeing you dancing and holding each other reminded her of Glenn. She closed her eyes for a moment, then she blinked several times to brush the tears away with her lashes.

She opened your backpack and found a polaroid camera there. She looked at the window through the lens and pressed the button. When the picture came out and the little white square turned into the image of Daryl and you, Maggie exhale sharply. She remembered Glenn had taken one of those of her sleeping, but she didn’t have it anymore.

But, even if thinking of those things made her sad, she found a little bit of joy in seeing that you two were together.


The next morning, you woke up to the soft sound of music. You hadn’t turned the cd player off before going to bed. You grunted as you smacked Daryl’s back to wake him up.

“Turn that off”, you told him without even opening your eyes. He grunted as well and rubbed his eyes before getting on his feet.

“It’s time to go, anyway”, he said with a sleepy voice and turned the music off.

“Okay”, you mumbled on kicked the covers off.

You changed your clothes and washed your face, you tied your hair and ran downstairs to have some breakfast before going on with everyday’s routine.

“Did you leave something on the door?”, Daryl asked you as he took a bite of an apple. You frowned at what he said.

“No, why?”

“There’s something on the door”, he said.

You wondered what it was, it’s not like you were getting mail nowadays, so it was strange to you.

You walked towards the door and found two little pieces of paper. You picked them up; one of them was a note, it read:

I left your backpack at the doorway,


And the other one was a polaroid picture. You watched it intently. It was a dark picture with just a little square of light in which you were dancing with Daryl. Somehow, it made you think of the dark world that you were living in, but you could always find a little bit of light in Daryl.

“What is it?”, Daryl asked from the kitchen.

You smiled as you looked down at it and giggled.

“It’s us.”

bring-us-back-light  asked:

I just want to say that i'd seen these kinds of posts and wanted to check mroe of them out. I wasn't sure what tag to search though, so when I found your blog I was super happy. You are now my favorite blog on this site and I just want to thank you so much for compiling all these posts together in one spot. I just spent the last week reading through your entire blog, it's amazing.

I’m happy to help! I’ve had luck with the tag space australia, occasionally with humans are space orcs, and also humans are weird (though that isn’t limited to sci-fi). I’ve heard that humans fuck yeah or hfy are also tags to check out, but I personally haven’t had the time to dive into those yet. (Humans are space oddities, which I tag all the non-Friday posts, is not very common elsewhere, it was mostly my commentary at the beginning and I stuck with it.)

I’ve also found that sometimes the OP, especially of a popular post, will have a tag for variations of their original post they reblog. Checking out the people who originate or contribute to a post are great ways of finding more (as are looking at the reblogged-with-additions part of the notes on a post, though many posts are ginormous and you won’t see everything.

To be honest, a large portion of my posts have been found with a combination of the above and sheer dumb luck. For example, @arcticfoxbear reblogged a bunch of things from their original post (thank yoouuuu) and also stuff from @authorbettyadams, whose writing I had never come across on Tumblr before and whose writing I also now love deeply.

TL;DR: tags are great and people are great! Happy reading!