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Childhood story #2

The wedding

“Fucking dishes,” Shisui closed the tap before taking the gloves off. He threw them on the counter causing it to get wet again.

“Can you put these in the cupboard?” Itachi held two mugs. The curly haired teenager ran his hand through his hair before looking rather annoyed.

“Do it yourself, ‘Tachi!” He snapped.

“Owh, Shisui, I want to but…My height in total is 145 cm. You think I can reach that far?” The eleven years old shoved the mugs back in Shisui’s hands and the older boy was left with no comeback.

“Fine, whatever.”

“So is the moodiness coming from your acne getting worse?” The voice of Itachi sounded teasing.

“It is acne…Wait you said that..I thought you meant pimples.” Shisui put the mugs back in their place.

“You know it is normal around your age-”

“I know that! You don’t have to lecture me.” Shisui sighed annoyed.

“You know what might help-”

“You shutting up about it. You aren’t a doctor. You are allowed to lecture me if you are wearing a white coat and a stethoscope around your neck, like my dermatologist.”

“At Least I know how to spell ‘stethoscope’.” Itachi grinned evilly the moment Shisui looked down at him.

“You were one of mom’s big mistakes.”

“After you.” This kid was on fire, and Shisui only got more frustrated with it.

“Owh…Now I feel bad.” Both Shisui and Itachi looked at Madara, holding a dirty glass, “No wait..I don’t!” With a satisfied look on his face, he put the glass down. “Good luck, suckers.”

“I take that back. He was her biggest mistake.” Shisui said pointing at Madara, who was walking away while sticking up his middle finger.

“Something we can agree on.” Itachi looked at Shisui and they both chuckled before grabbing the gloves.

“Niisan~ Are you ready for our wedding?” The voice seemed to come from behind the corner. Both Shisui and Itachi turned their heads and saw a small bit of Sasuke’s shoulder, who was hiding behind the wall.

“Otouto, I will be done in a minute-” He wanted to walk towards the six years old, but the boy heard the steps and suddenly covered his eyes, “No~Niisan, it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding!”

“Ah~ right! Give me half an hour.”

“Half an..Hour..” Sasuke repeated questionable.

“When you look at the clock and see the long line reach the number 12. Alright?”

“Yes!” The kid ran the other way and Itachi couldn’t help but to smile seeing his baby brother run to the garden.

“What is that about?” Shisui asked.

“Owh he wants to marry me. I read about it, it turns out that some kids go through this phase.”

“Why don’t you read a comic book, like every darn kid.”

“Are you jealous?” Itachi raised a cocky eyebrow. Shisui scoffed and turned back to the sink.

“At the very least I expected to be invited to the wedding of my own brothers.” He joked.

“Very well, half an hour by the oak tree in the park. Don’t be late for the ceremony, and as a gift, I would recommend some tomatoes from the fridge, also there is no free bar.”

“Why should I even be going?” Shisui shook his head.

“Can I borrow your white top? I sort of promised him to wear white.”


“Comen on! I promised!” Itachi argued.

“Won’t be the first  promise you break in his life.”

“Don’t be mean. I won’t ever do that. And I don’t need your top. I will ask mom.”

“Right, ask for her dress while you are on it.” Shisui rolled his eyes, though it didn’t bug Itachi one bit. As Itachi wore his white pants and his mother’s blouse he had some minor struggles braiding his hair as Sasuke had requested.

“Itachi, what are you doing?” Izuna cocked his head confused.

“Ah, could you help me braid my hair?” Without having to ask for a second time. Izuna was already on it. He sat on the couch while Itachi sat in front of him. “So, I am going to braid a lock on the right and then on the left. Then I will join them together in the back.” He said it like he was really good at it, though the end results were two crappy braids joined together with a hairpin.

“Dad?” Itachi saw his father read the paper, “Could you walk me down the aisle? I am getting married today..Sort of..”

“Are you an adult already? They are right…Time flies by.” Fugaku lowered the paper to look at his son, sitting on the ground. “You look just like your mother.”

“Dad, stop the lame jokes. They are not funny.” Itachi showed one teenage characteristic that stayed with him till the early twenties; he rolled his eyes dramatically.

“Sasuke wants to marry me,” Itachi stated, causing Fugaku to drop his paper on the ground.

“It is apparently a phase kids go through,” Shisui added.

“I know that!” Fugaku raised his voice, “Why you? I am his daddy..He is supposed to ask me to marry him.” The old man seemed to be hurt.

“Maybe he knows you will die fast anyway. You are already so old.” Shisui received a deadly glare from his father. “Besides, shouldn’t we worry about him not marrying mom, who is like the only female in this house?” The curly haired boy got ignored.

“It is probably nothing personal, dad,” Itachi said.

“Why am I not invited?” Izuna asked.

“You can come, it’s in the park,” Itachi said and got up from the ground.

“He is there alone?” Shisui’s eyes looked concerned for a moment.

“No, Obito is with him. I think he dragged Madara along.” Itachi grabbed the two candy rings. “You can be the ring man.” he handed the rings to Izuna. “Don’t eat them.”

“I will tag along. I can tease both of you forever with this.” Shisui smiled.

“Yeah seems life is teasing you with the acne,” Fugaku muttered as he got up.

“Dad!” Shisui shouted.


“Ah, there is your bride, Sasuke. Look!” Obito pointed at the grass seeing Itachi walk towards them.

“Aaaah~ aniki is so pretty!” Obito chuckled seeing how adorable Sasuke was as he looked in awe. “Ah, daddy is here too!” He clapped his hands from excitement.

“Am I the only one finding this weird?” Madara sighed, sitting on the grass next to some stuffed animals. “And why does a teddy bear get to be the best man? I am a human.” Madara glared at mr. Roary. “I sure hope his real wedding has an open bar.”

“Shush, it is starting.” Obito threw a branch at Madara.

“Dude..He wore his good shirt for this.” Shisui took a seat next to Madara.

“Even a tie…A ninja turtle tie, but a tie,” Madara added, “So they involved dad in this too?”

“He even got offended why Sasuke wants to marry Itachi and not him.”

“Why do I have such a weird family.” Madara exhaled exhausted.

“We both.”

“Shut up, if freak shows still existed you would be known as Acne-boy the personification of Acne. If you were a comic book character you would be Acne-nator and your super ability would be to gross people out.” Madara turned his head to the imaginary aisle, his hair touching Shisui’s face, causing the boy to sneeze. “Are you catching a cold? Are you alright? Do you want my jacket?” Madara asked, looking at Shisui from the corner of his eyes.

“You need to see a therapist,” Shisui muttered before looking at Obito standing in front of the oak tree, holding a sheet of paper while Itachi and Sasuke were holding hands.

“We gathered here…In front of this oak tree to-”

“Kidding me? You really studied the lines-”

“It is from the internet, now shush!” Obito pointed at Madara, indicated the other to ‘zip it’.  He continued reading the after the sheet of paper before lowering it, “So you two have your own vows?” He asked. Sasuke nodded eagerly before grabbing a sheet of paper from under mr. Roary.

“Come on! He can’t even read!” Shisui threw his head back, not believing the sight.

“Hey! Objections come later!” Sasuke pouted before turning his head back at Itachi. He cleared his throat and turned the sheet of paper around, showing the drawing to Itachi.  “Niisan, this is us! Over like..Uhm..ten years! When we are old.” Sasuke pointed at the two stick figured in the middle, “But we are still happy and we have fun. We always play games and eat dango and tomatoes. I drew these hearts because will still loved you very very much.” He looked up and smiled a teeth showing smile while his cheeks turned pink, “I also drew the moon and the sun because I will love you day in and out. And Maddy made me glue the balloon there because he said I needed it for our honeymoon.”

Shisui eyes widened looking at the glued on condom. He turned his head to Madara.

“He doesn’t know what it is anyway!” He muttered before getting the very same look from Fugaku.

“And I know, there will be times that..I am messy and I think you are nagging. Like, Sasuke take a bath or Sasuke get in your pajamas or Sasuke go to bed and clean after yourself. But I love you no matter what.” He smiled lowering the drawing and grabbed the candy ring to put around his brother’s finger. Itachi laughed and poked Sasuke’s forehead.

“No matter what you decide to do in life. I will love you forever.” He said before joining their foreheads together before putting the other candy ring around Sasuke’s finger.

“With the ‘imaginary’ power invested in me by the country of Konoha. I declare you…Married.” Obito ripped the sheet of paper in two, “You may kiss your spouse.”

“What is a spouse?” Sasuke asked and looked at Obito who pointed at Itachi. “Niisan!” He wrapped his arms around his older brother and pushed his lips on top of Itachi for a short mini-kiss. Itachi lifted his little brother up and Sasuke automatically pressed his cheek against his brothers while wrapping his legs around Itachi.

“So, I have been promised ice-cream.” Madara ran his hand through his hair and looked at Obito.

“This is a beautiful moment and all you can think of is the bargain that made you come here.”


“Hella, what does that mean, niisan? I mean…Waif..No….Husband?.. I mean spouse!”

“Look at you learning fast, little genius!” Obito patted Sasuke’s head.

“This is a beautiful moment. Let’s celebrate with some ice cream.” Fugaku said as he stood up.

“Yes! yess!” Izuna jumped up and down, “but now that Itachi and Sasuke got married.” Izuna looked at the two before looking back at Fugaku, “Can I marry Madara-nii?”

Fugaku lowered his head before exhaling deeply.

“Children…More like back stabbers…”He muttered.


*11 years later*

“Niisan,” Sasuke looked at his brother stepping inside the car. He was busy on his phone as his other hand was wrapped around the seatbelt.

“No, you can’t skip therapy. No discussions.” Itachi didn’t even look up.

“Can I have your hand?” Sasuke asked.

“Why?” Itachi asked he frowned while looking at the display.

“Come on, I won’t bite.”

“I don’t know about that.” Itachi put his phone down.

“Come on, worse case scenario, you will lose an arm.” Sasuke rolled his eyes.

“I don’t know about you, but losing an arm is a pretty big deal for me.” Itachi sighed and gave in to Sasuke’s ‘pleading’. He turned his head to look at the window before feeling something wrapped around his index finger.

“You may look now.” Sasuke’s voice sounded slightly excited. Itachi didn’t react to it. “Niisan..”

“You said ‘may’-”

“MUST!” Sasuke threw his hands in the air, “you are impossible!” Itachi smirked as he then turned his head around. His heart skipped a beat as he looked at the candy ring around his finger. He looked closer, making sure his eyes weren’t tricking him.

“I walked past a candy shop and they were playing that 50 cent song so..I went to check it out and turns out they are making the exact brand again. I couldn’t help myself to get you your cherry flavored one…Since I ate yours back then.” Sasuke scratched his cheek before looking at his niisan.

“Nii…San..D-don’t cry! I didn’t mean to offend you or anything-” Sasuke gasped as Itachi suddenly jumped on him, his head hit the window, but it wasn’t too hard. “Aniki!”

“I still love you so, so, so much~ Otouto!!” He exclaimed, his chest pressed tightly against Sasuke’s. The younger Uchiha chuckled, letting his hand stroke Itachi’s back.

“Y’know as two old farts…I must admit…You are still pretty…Now get off me before people get the wrong idea-” He stopped mid-sentence, causing Itachi to turn his head around and see Naruto drag Sakura from her arm away from the car.

“Too late anyway.” Sasuke sighed as Itachi smiled and wrapped his arms around his little brother again.

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Full name: Carmillie “Millie” Rose Evans

Gender: urrgh, why do people care? fine, I’m a girl, whatever

Zodiac sign: scorpio… yeah I’m evil, I’m the worst, now leave me alone

Crush (and why): Nathaniel. I mean, he’s- How can you not- He’s good, you know? He’s a good person. He’s gentle and he cares and he’s jut boyfriend material. He never expects the worst of me, if there’s some shit going on he doesn’t turn to me asking if I’m involved. Everybody else seems to think that I’m just a punk kid that loves trouble, when I’m with Nate it’s like- I can breathe, you know? I can just be with him. And talk about cats all day.

Favorite Color: I don’t know, red? I’m color blind. I feel like if I could see red it would be my favorite color.

Favorite band/singer: Led Zeppelin

Favorite Food: I love sweet stuff, anything sweet I dig it

Last movie watched: I don’t know, some marvel superhero Nate kept talking about

Describes yourself in five words: Done. Tired of bullshit. I’m missing two words? Fuck it.

First Kiss: so this boy from school was bulling me because he “liked me”. I cornered the boy and told him to just kiss me. He did and then I punched him. Because I “liked” him too. He left me alone after that. So yeah, wasn’t romantic at all, but yeah. Later I found a guy that actually liked me. *smirks* I just didn’t like him back *laughs*

Make a Wish just for yourself: please make easter be over I can’t stand walking around with this stupid ballerina dress anymore, it was a bet and I lost but I’m- I’m like Sirius Black when he came back from Azkaban, I did my waiting… 

Today’s clothes:

Encumbered// Mark Tuan

Originally posted by igotsxven

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You’re stressed out about school and Mark comes to cheer you up.

Author’s Note: This is such a cute scenario, i hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara

Your index cards laid on the table in front of you, some with the definitions up, some with the words up. You couldn’t decide which way made it easier for you to study, so you decided that doing both at the same time would be a happy medium.

You couldn’t focus on your work, though. You had been studying for hours and hours on end, because you had absolutely nothing to do besides doing that. Your mid year exams were just around the corner, and for some reason, you couldn’t get any of these definitions to stick.

“I swear, I knew these yesterday,” you mumbled to yourself, picking up one index card and sighing heavily as you read the word on the back.

“unencumbered “,  you sighed, squeezing your eyes shut as you attempted to scroll through your memory through all of the definitions you had memorized the days beforehand. You let out a heavy sigh, laying on your back as you gave up even attempting to remember the word after one or two minutes. You flipped the card over, reading the definition on the back.

“Free from worries or cares, unburdened from responsibilities,” you read aloud a couple of times to see if you could get it in your head, before placing the card back faced down on the coffee table, “I wish I was free from responsibilities.”

You sat up slowly, looking at the cards you had, when you saw your phone screen light up in the corner of your eye. You reached over and grabbed your phone, feeling the special vibration in your hand that your boyfriend had set up for himself. You smiled softly, sliding your phone screen and pressing your phone to your ear.

“Hi, Markie,” you mumbled, pulling your knees to your chest, “What’s up?’

“Jagiya!” Mark cheered into your ear, making you smile a bit more, “I just got out of work. I miss you. What are you up to?”

“Just studying,” you murmured softly, flipping all of the cars over so they were on the side of the definitions, “But having no luck.”

“Stressed?” He asked softly, his voice become more gentle as he spoke.

“A little bit,” you admitted to him, laying back down on your back and looking up towards the ceiling, “My tests are soon, and all i’ve been doing is studying.”

“You’re at your apartment, right?” You heard the ruffling of a coat on the other line after he finished speaking, along with the sounds of Bambam and Yugyeom laughing, probably over some prank that they pulled, “Don’t move, i’m on my way. I need a little stress reliever too.”

You smiled softly, closing your eyes as you listened to his voice, “Yay. See you in a few, then?”

“I’ll be over as quick as possible.”

A half hour had passed and you had become anxious; you had put all of your study materials away and had straightened up your apartment as best as you could despite the amount of text books you had to keep out. You heard a knock on the door, feeling your heart jump as a smile stayed glued to your face. “Come in.”

“Jagiiii,” Mark hummed as he entered, plastic bags hanging from his arms as his warm smile filled your heart, “I missed you so much.”

He walked over to you, putting the bags on the coffee table and bringing you into his warm embrace. He kissed your forehead gently, making you sigh in relief as you wrapped your arms around his waist. “I missed you, too.”

“It’s been awhile since it’s just been us, hasn’t it?” He asked, pulling you back softly to wipe hair from your face, “The boys always tag along.”

“And make a ruckus, yeah,” you chuckled.

“Well, it’s only us tonight,” Mark smiled, taking you into his arms and plopping down on the couch, making you giggle softly, “So there’s no worry for that.” Mark looked over at the plastic bags he had put down, “Oh, I forgot. I bought us some snacks.”

He picked up the bag and turned it upside down, your favorite assortment of candies and chocolates falling out.

“Mark, you’re the best,” you giggled, grabbing a candy bar and unwrapping it quickly while his hands roamed through your hair.

“I know,” he chuckled, leaning up to press a kiss to your nose, “No one knows you or can take care of you better than I can, don’t you know that?”

“Okay, don’t get cocky now,” you mumbled, nibbling on the candy bar as you rested your head on his chest. “Want to watch a movie?”

“Or we can nap,” Mark mumbled, rubbing your back as he pressed a gentle kiss to your shoulder, “Napping sounds like a good idea. How long have you been up for?”

“A long, long time,” you sighed, pulling him tighter into you as you closed your eyes, “I haven’t been able to sleep.”

“Studying too hard,” Mark scolded softly, “I know you need to study, but don’t overwork yourself. If you overwork, you’ll forget everything you studied and you’ll end up stressing yourself out even more.”

“I know,” you whined softly, body sliding off on top of his and into the space between him and the back of the couch. He turned to face you, the tips of your noses both touching as you let a small smile fall onto your lips, “I just, I need to study.”

“Not when i’m here,” Mark mumbled, wrapping his arms around you tightly while pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead, “Just take a break with me, okay? And you can go back to studying later.”

Mark began to rub patterns onto your back gently with the tip of his finger, leaning in once and awhile to press soft kisses to your lips, your nose, and your cheeks; wherever he thought you needed a kiss. You smiled softly as you felt your eyes clothes, your head lulling into the space of his neck as you crawled closer to him, needing his warmth to surround you as you sighed. You felt yourself falling asleep, and for once since you started to study, you didn’t mind; you felt safe in his arms, and your eyelids felt too heavy to try and open them.

‘I’ll study later,’ you thought to yourself, as you drifted off into a deep sleep.

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • my wallet
  • portable phone charger
  • hair ties
  • earbuds
  • and idk what else, sometimes there’s candy in there

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • a mess
  • a Mountain Lodge Yankee Candle with a picture of Chris Evans tearing a log in half with his bare hands taped to it
  • one of those 2-picture frames with pictures of korra and royai in it
  • 2 fans because the AC is crap in my room
  • so much stashed-away food

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • become rich
  • own multiple cats
  • get good grades
  • be able to cook well
  • travel around the world

5 things that make me feel happy:

  • my cats
  • eating ice cream
  • being able to sleep in
  • the feeling of not being in school and ignoring all of my other responsibilities 
  • having time to go places with my friends

5 things I’m currently into:

  • fma
  • the lunar chronicles
  • six of crows
  • wonder woman
  • avatar

5 things on my to-do list:

  • finish up a scholarship application before I go to Europe
  • get better at using a grill
  • hug my cats
  • finish watching Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • get back into regularly writing fanfics

And I tag anyone who wants to do this because it’s 1am and I need to go to sleep because I’m driving over an hour tomorrow morning

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To the dating tag: I'm Icelandic nonbinary guy, I go by they/them. I love coffee and candy, also love music and especially love photographing natural things. One of my favourite hobbies is volcano surfing (you go down volcano with a surfing board). I'm 5'8, my hair is white and I have big blue eyes which remind of an owl (everybody says so) and broken nose because I have fallen many times over haha. I'm pretty sporty person and yeah, pretty introverted at first but then I get talkative.

wow! i too love coffee, candy, music, and nature photography. also? volcano surfing sounds dangerous as heck? wowow. we can go on hikes together!!

no more please!

You Don’t Do What I Do

A/N: I know this isn’t what I’m supposed to be working on at all but this just hit me when I saw this post. I hope you guys like it. Alright, I’m going to work on what I’m supposed to now.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, No Beta so all mistakes are mine, Ii think that’s it

Word Count: 1032

Preppy boy Bucky kept eyeing you from across the yard. It had been like this ever since you walked in with your sister. Why he was staring you down you’d never know. You just wanted to go home and be with puppies but no, you just had to come to this stupid wine tasting party with your sister.

“There’ll be cute guys ” She tried.

“Yea, but not my type,” you sighed.

She rolled her eyes, "You Don’t have a type”

“When it comes to sex I don’t, but I wouldn’t want those whiney asses near me anyway, so, no, I’m not going.” Yet here you were. You’d been here for the past two hours and the only “exciting” thing that’s happened is that Bucky won’t stop staring at you.

Fuck this shit. You were going home. You had taken all you could handle. From the small talk about if they would drink red or white wine depending on the season to the ugly, stuck up, fake laughs they did - you were done. You rolled your eyes, set your drink down, and headed back inside and straight for the door.

“Hey!” A deep voice called. Not thinking it was for you, you kept walking. “Hey wait up.” Okay that was definitely for you. You turned around to see none other than James Buchanan Barnes standing right in front of you.

“What,” You sighed.

“Well someone is not in a good mood today,” he joked. When he was met with nothing but your bored stare he cleared his throat. “I was wondering if-”

“No” You cut him off.

“You didn’t even let me finish,” he practically whined.

"Don’t need to.”

“Oh yeah?”


“So what was I going to say then.” Hr crossed his arms over his chest like he had just won a bet between his friends. This cocky little shithead, you thought.

You put on a charming smile and ran your hands through your hair, “Hey so I was wondering if you’d like I could take you out Friday night on my yacht, to my town house, to my cabin, to my country club, to this club I know,” you mocked him and every other boy who had walked up to you. Bucky stood speechless, gaping at you with a slightly parted mouth.


“Right on the nose” he breathed

You smirked smugly “So, like I said before: No.” You turned on your heels pushing the oak wood, double doors open to the front of the Vineyard. You were walking towards your car until a hand wrapped around your wrist.

“What!” You asked annoyed, whipping around to face him again.

“We can do what you want to do,” he spoke softly, not looking you in the eye.

"What?” Out of all the Preps that had asked you out today not one of them asked you what you wanted to do. It was their way or the highway. You chose the highway. So Bucky’s comment completely through you for a loop.

“For the date I was going to ask you on,” he explained. “We can do whatever you want.”

“Pfft, whatever,” you scoffed.

“No, I’m serious. Whatever you want.” He never took his hand of your wrist in fear you’d start to walk away from him again.“

"You and I are two completely different people from two different worlds. You don’t do what I do.”

"I’m willing to try.” He grinned sheepishly, finally looking you in the eyes.

“So you’re saying you’d do listen to me and do whatever I wanted just to go out on a date with me?” You inquired with a furrowed brow.



“I-I, um, I like you…and you’re beautiful.”

“We’ve never even spoken before. You don’t even know my name,” you challenged.

“Well, you haven’t told me yet.”

“That’s because you haven’t asked me…yet,” you smirked. He returned your smirk with a small one of his own. He let go of your wrist and held his hand out in front of him.


“Y/N.” He waited until you slowly grabbed his hand for what you thought was going to be a handshake, but instead he brought your hand to his lips placing a soft kiss on the back of it.

“That’s a beautiful name,” he stated coolly.

“Such a charmer,” you said sarcastically.

“Yeah, if I’m not the “preps” will find out,” he mocked whispered, making you giggle. You actually giggled. What kind of shit was that? Your hard exterior was breaking and the blue-eyed man could tell he you were warming up to him. You took your hand back from him, straightened up, clearing your throat.

“Take off your jacket,” you demanded.

“O-okay.” He looked at you cautiously as he slid his jacket off of his arms, holding it in his hand.

“Now throw it.”

What?!” Bucky’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull at your words. What the hell was wrong with you?

“If you’re really serious about going on a date with me, where you do whatever I say, you’d show me. Now do it.” You demanded yet again. You knew he wouldn’t so it. His materials meant more to him than some date with a random girl

“B-but this jacket cost-”

“Knew it. Bye Bucky,” You singsonged as started making your way to your car.

“No, wait! I’ll do it!” You turned around with your arms crossed over your chest, an expectant look on your face. Bucky sighed, looking at the overpriced material one last time. He hesitated before finally throwing it behind him right in the dirt. You smiled triumphantly.

“Sunday. 8am. Meet me by Bubba’s Candy Shop.”


“Yeah. Don’t get too excited, Preppy, the date could always be awful.”

“I doubt that.” He smirked

You rolled your eyes, “Whatever you say.“ You turned away and gave him a two fingered wave. "See ya.”

“Is there anything specific I should wear…or do,” he called after you.

“Don’t be a Prep,” you responded, smiling to yourself. This was going to be so much fun.

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Ok then here goes~

  • Nickname: Rus
  • Star sign: im proud Taurus (4/28)
  • Height: I honestly don’t remember, but im pretty sure I’m taller than the norm
  • Time right now: 8:47 PM as I was typing this
  • Favorite musical artist: I have a buncha faves for their cool music but the one I really fall in love as an artist (or band) besides their music is Pentatonix
  • Song stuck in your head: I’m actually listening to one right now! (as I was typing this)
  • Last movie watched: I’m not sure it it’s exactly this one, but it’s a local animated movie called: “Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalia”
  • Last TV show watched: We no longer have a TV channel so I don’t remember ;^^
  • What are you wearing right now: Yellow t-shirt, old PE jogging pants and thick tight-ish grey sweater
  • When did you create your blog: 7 months ago/April 2016 w/ past experience
  • What kind of stuff do you post: Eh, just a buncha reblogs, mostly fandom fanart (currently pentatonix, also undertale, osomatsu-san and others) and some others like relatable text posts, inspired stuff, etc. For original posts, usually granted fanart reposts and some stuff irl
  • Do you have any other blogs: yeah, i have a shitty art blog, an ask blog, and a collab blog
  • Do you get asks regularly: Nah
  • Why did I choose my url: idk I just really like those two words
  • Hogwarts House: accurately Hufflepuff?
  • Gender: Female
  • Pokemon Team: before tumblr experience, it used to be Mystic, but now I want Instinct too haha
  • Favorite color: Light green and vibrant candy colors
  • Average hours of sleep: 5-8
  • Dream job: sleep, but that would mean I’m a heartless bish xD

I know it said 20 but I’ll only tag @soullessskelebone, @elklee, and @aggressivechickendance. You don’t have to do this if you’re not interested. :)

DeanCas Christmas MiniBang.

Day 17- Candy Canes

Art by @moved-the-coin  ❤️


Of Feathers and Candy Canes

“It itches!”

Castiel Novak ran down the stairs nearly tripping on his pajama pants leg, he stops at the base of the stairs and searches for someone. He walks into the living room to see Chuck, his father on the couch, a bulk of papers spread out on the coffee table and a pen in his hand.



Chuck pushes himself up in the chair as Castiel walks around to him. Castiel lifts up his left arm and rolls up the sleeve that had been covering it. He had received his soul mark, a delicate black feather with accents of a blue much like his own eyes and a shade of emerald-like green.

“It itches a lot.”

He reaches for his left wrist, desperate to scratch the freshly made mark.

“Wait one second.”

Chuck gets up and sits Cas down in his place, he goes out of the room. Cas looks at the mark, wondering if this means he’ll find them soon. His dad comes back with a small first aid kit.

He turns Cas toward him as he grabs a small tube from the kit, opening it and squeezing out a small amount of its contents.

“I’m putting anti-itch cream on it, okay? You mustn’t scratch it. This mark is important, this mark will help you find the person you belong with.”

Castiel nodded as his father told him once more about soulmates.

“The person you belong with is called a soulmate, I think I’ve told you about this before haven’t I?”

Castiel nodded as he heard footsteps behind them, probably Gabriel waking up from the noise.

“Soulmates are those people that your life wouldn’t be complete without, they are the people who make you feel loved, important, and bring out the best in you. That being said there are so many kind of soulmates, you know that right?”

Gabriel walked into the room and sat next to Cas, looking up at their dad.

“There are those that can be called romantic and those that aren’t.”

Cas looks at his wrist.

“What does this one help me find?”

Chuck picks up Cas and sits him down on his lap, taking his left arm in his hand.

“This one, helps you find the one person who will be closer to you than anyone else, whether it’s romantic or not is up to you, but it will lead you to the most profound of bonds that you will ever experience.”

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N: N would complain about being too old, but then change his mind once he realizes there’s kids involved. He’ll like seeing cute kids in funny clothes getting candy that may or may not give them cavities. He’d end up having a great time. “Yeah, sure. I’ll tag along. Do I get candy too?”

Leo: Leo would be adamant about not going until you inform him that kids are involved. He’d be over at your house so fast it would make your head spin. Your little cousins would end up liking him more than you. “Little kids: Can you marry him?! He’s really nice.”

Ken: Ken would love to accompany you trick-or-treating regardless if kids are involved. There’s candy and the chance for him to be something that he can never be on a daily basis. “What are you going to go as? I was thinking…”

Ravi: Ravi would be iffy about going, but he’d tell you yes because he wouldn’t be able to tell you no. He’d end up having fun with the children until they starting beating him with their candy bags. “OW! I just wanted a piece of candy!”

HongBin: HongBin would have second guesses about trick-or-treating, but he’d end up going to just to hang out with you. He wouldn’t care too much for candy, but he’d find a way to have fun with you and the children. “Are you going to actually let them eat all of that?”

Hyuk: Hyuk would go trick-or-treating with you and the little ones because he’s a big ass kid. He’d might not wear a costume, but he’d bring his candy bag. Hyuk would also be the eyes and ears of Halloween telling you which houses have the best candy. “Wait! Old man in that house is a lawyer, and he gives out mini legal pads and pens. Old lady next to him is a dentist who gives out toothbrushes, and old man next to her is a doctor who gives out pediatric pamphlets. You want that house over there. He works at Wal-Mart so he got a bulk of candy for hella cheap.”

Thanks for asking tora-the-tiger2012 and Anonymous! Happy Halloween!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^