yeah i still color coloring books

Batfamily Artistic Ability

Requested by: @captainsupernoodle

Note: Some of the mediums are like music or computer. Just helps give more varitey and fits their personality better.

Bruce: Playing piano and occasionally sketching. Its more during work meetings but he’s pretty good at it.

Alfred: calligraphy. His handwriting is its own art. Like the fancy first letter in old books, yeah he can do that.

Kate: This one is hard. I could see her being the more likely to enjoy other people’s art. She is all for the unknown artist who is up and coming. (If someone knows an artistic ability for her let me know.)

Dick: Stick figures and coloring books. The boy lacks in the art department, but hey he still tries. He also has the Batman coloring book.

Barbara: Photoshop and video editing. Her skills with the computer are awesome.

Jason: Writing. He just likes to write. It comes from all the reading. Also plays the gutiar but hasn’t picked it up in a long time.

Tim: Photography. Started when he would stalk Batman and Robin. Doesn’t get to do it as much now, but once in awhile does. Lots of photos of around the manor.

Stephanie: PAinting. Its nothing super amazing but just enjoys it. Especially with water colors. Its a stress relief for her along with coloring books.

Cass: Ballet hands down. Her dancing is just so beautiful.

Harper: I could see her being the type to make unique sculptors out of items laying around. Or anything with electricity, maybe making light shows.

Damian: Drawing, painting, charcoal. Really just give this kid a canvas. He has sketch books full of stuff.

Duke: He thinks his ability with Snapchat should he an art form. Really though he doesn’t do a whole lot in the arts category.

Luke: Don’t know why, but I always seen him as someone who can secretly sing well. Like his voice would just blow you away.


Summary: You and Calum have been best friends for as long as you can remember and flashing the light of your rooms has become a signal that you need each other. ((this is a long one guys but I’ve been inactive for like a year so see it as a big comeback lol))

You’re 5 years old and the light flashes twice. You’re already in bed, but not yet asleep, and the flashing lights pull you out of bed and towards the window like an invisible cord. On the opposite side of your window is another window, one belonging to your neighbor. The houses are close together, in your street, and you see the familiar boy standing in front of his window.

“Did you flash the light?” you ask.

“Yes,” Calum answers. “I need to tell you a secret, but you have to promise you won’t laugh.”

You and Calum have been living next to each other your whole lives, and he’s always been your friend. You don’t even remember how you met; you assume you were just babies, because your mom is such good friends with his mom. You just know he’s always been there, and he’s always been nice to you, even though he teases his sister all the time, and surely that grants him the one wish of you not laughing.


“I think there’s a monster in my room.” You notice his voice is shaky.

You frown. “Well, I can’t help you with that. Go tell your mommy and daddy. They can beat it up.” Because at 5 years old, you didn’t think there was any problem out there that couldn’t be fixed by parents.

“I already told them,” Calum says, sounding a bit annoyed with you. As if it’s your fault there’s a monster in his room. “They don’t believe me. They say I just need to go to sleep. But if I go to sleep, the monster could eat me!”

“Leave the lights on,” you offer him. “Monsters don’t like light.” You don’t know if that’s an actual fact, but you’re sure you saw it in a cartoon once.

“Mom would be mad if I left the light on.” Sure enough, Calum’s room, behind him, is dark. After flashing the light, he turned it back off.

You yawn. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it, then.” It’s late, and you just wanna go to bed. Calum never wants to go to bed; you know that, because he always throws a tantrum when his mom tells him it’s bed time. But you like sleeping, because it lets the dreams into your head.

“Come sleep with me.” You look up in surprise, but Calum looks completely serious. “You can come over Mali’s way.”

There’s a plank of wood between your roof and Calum’s. Mali-Koa, his sister, always uses it to sneak over to your house and talk to your sister, Natalie. They’re best friends, just like you and Calum. But you’ve never used the plank, cause you’d have to climb out of your window first, and that seems scary.

You sigh. But he is your best friend. And Natalie once told you that best friends do everything for each other, so you can’t really say no. Very carefully, you swing your leg out of the window.

“Don’t be scared,” says Calum, and you shoot him an angry look.

“You’re the one that’s scared of monsters!”

He doesn’t say anything after that, and just watches you as you slowly but steadily make your way out of your house and onto the plank. As soon as you reach his window, his tiny hands wrap around your arms and help you into his room.

You’re not scared of monsters. You know that if the monster really was dangerous, one of your cartoon hero’s would come to save you. But you’re still a little nervous, so you quickly jump onto the bed.

Everyone knows monsters that live under beds can’t come out from under them.

Calum joins you, a content look on your face. “You know,” he says, “I won’t forget this. You’re gonna be my best friend forever and ever.”

“Yeah,” you smile, “forever and ever.” And you close your eyes.


You’re 7 years old and the light flashes twice. Normally it’s Calum using the emergency call, but this time you have no other option. All you can do is hope he’ll answer.

He does; within seconds he appears in front of his window and opens it. It’s raining, tonight, big droplets of water crashing down onto your roofs.

“What’s wrong?” he says with a worried tone in his voice, when he sees you. You’ve been crying, and your eyes are red and your face is blotched and you can barely get the words out of your mouth.

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name aesthetics – S P E C K (exploring the woods, going into off limit areas, weird thrift shop adventures, flickering lights, glow in the dark stars, blowing dandelions, mystery books and conspiracy theories)

“We are stars wrapped in skin, The light you are seeking has always been within.” –Rumi

  • White Author: *subtly implies racism in their sci-fi but all the main characters are still white*
  • Writer of Color: *writes a sci-fi story of explicit racism in society with a main character of color*
  • White People: Oh...yeah I HEARD about it but...I didn't REALLY read it? and besides, OF COURSE the white people were the racist villains, the writer is clearly racist against white people. But have you heard about this book by a middle aged white lady? SO revolutionary.
ML Requests: Toddler Adrienette

Requested by: @blurrymindblurryeyes

Sorry it took me so long to get to this! I hope it is everything you were hoping for- Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

Adrien’s mother was throwing a large gala for her husband to celebrate the successful launch of his new fall line. She of course wanted only the best food at the party and what better place to purchase quality sweets other than the Dupain-Cheng Bakery. With her son in tow Mama Agreste walked into the homey little bakery. Thankfully the bakery had not been very busy that morning. Mama Agreste approached Sabine a bright smile on her face. Adrien’s eyes however were glued to the small girl next to Sabine. The small girl wore a pink apron and little black pigtails. She held onto a little notebook and a red crayon and walked around her mother making little check marks on her notebook as if checking on the bakery supply. Little Adrien’s smile brightened. While the women chatted Adrien slipped his hand away from his mothers and pressed his face up against the glass making faces at the girl he could see behind the counter through it.

When Marinette saw the boy she smiled wide and pressed her face up against the glass too. He stuck his tongue out and she puffed out her already chubby cheeks. Adrien pulled his cheeks open with his fingers and Marinette pressed her nose up on the glass squishing it upward.

“Adrien dear, stop that you’re going to fog up the glass,” Mama Agreste scolded. Marinette continued to make silly faces in the glass while Adrien hung his head sadly. Sabine looked down at the sweet boy and smiled, a thought occurring. Sabine crouched down to speak to her small daughter.

“Marinette dear why don’t you take our little customer’s order while I go in the back and show his mother the cakes,” Sabine suggested. Marinette nodded a wide grin on her face. Sabine led Mama Agreste into the back to discuss what she wanted for her husbands gala.

Marinette ran out from behind the counter and giggled at the boy. He grinned. Marinette set a professional expression on her face and held up her notebook and crayon.

“What do you like?” She smiled brightly the boy looked all around the bakery with wonder in his eyes.

“Cookies?” He asked unsure. The girls eyes lit up. Cookies were her favorite too.

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yahtomingan  asked:

6 12 16 17 18 !

  • 6: Any tattoos do you want?

i used to want a bear on my arm, now i’m not sure anymore *shrugs* it’s something i think of in terms of “yeah sure why not?” but it’s not in my top priority list atm 

  • 12: Favorite song?


  • 16: Favorite Quote?

more from the poetry book bc i still don’t have one. do people really have ONE fav things out of hundreds? who are they? 

A truth that’s told with bad intent 
Beats all the Lies you can invent. 

  • 17: Favorite singer?

atm probably Rag’n’Bone Man, his songs are such a source of inspiration for my writing 

  • 18: Favorite color?

the color of ur cheeks when u blush baby 


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Name: Nevaeh

Nickname: Nev

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 4'10

Orientation: Pansexual

Favorite Fruit:  Apple

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Book Series: I don’t really read series,, the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz I guess??

Favorite Flower: Marigolds!!

Favorite Scent: Rain

Favorite Color: I like all colors, I really like blue right now so maybe that??

Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa: Tea

Cat or Dog person: Dog!! Cats are still pretty chill though

Average sleep hours: Like 5-6?? idk

Favorite Fictional Characters: Pretty much everyone in bmc, Jared Kleinmen (deh), William Shakespeare (Something Rotten), Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead), Whizzer (Falsettos)

Number of Blankets you sleep with?: 1

Dream Trip: New York

Blog Created: Like 2 weeks ago??  Sometime late June

Number of Followers: 85

I went to tag some of my mutual but then I got nervous so,,, no

The Random Fact Book of Annabeth Chase: Owls


“Okay what is it with Athena and owls?” I asked looking over to Annabeth from where I was spread out on her bunk.

Annabeth, who was at her desk, looked up and gave me a weird look, “I’m sorry, what?”

“Why are owls her sacred animal? What about the owl makes it so wise?” I asked propping myself up on my elbows to look at her.

“Are you seriously asking me this?”

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slumber party

for shenko appreciation week day 3 - we are family

gratuitous baby shepard-alenko fluff. with an adopted krogan brother in a onesie.

Hannah Shepard-Alenko peered over at her companion’s coloring page. She frowned and shook her head. “No, that’s not what mama looks like.”

She was beginning to enjoy these little sleepover parties with her sort of adoptive brother… who just so happened to be a fully grown Krogan. The way her parents had explained it was that mama had opened up Grunt’s tank and helped him grow up, but he wasn’t her baby quite in the same way she was. But she was beginning to figure that out.

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As my Twitter sadly knows, I got a tablet recently and have been doodling lots of doodles trying to get the hang of it… this is my first kind of almost sort of finished doodle!! I don’t really know how to color with this program, so I just kinda filled it in with the pen tool like a coloring book? Yeah I dunno what I’m doing at all. I tried though.

This is meant to be Nagisa from the High Speed! books, since I am still emotionally wrung out after reading HS!2 and watching broken young Nagisa in S2E5…ehhhhhh

Happy Birthday little penguin!!!