yeah i shouted that in my sister's ear when he appeared

— off limits | 01 (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings— smut, dirty talk, dom! Jin, just dirty, dirty sex that my heart can’t take
words— 11,158

:: summary— you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

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You Never Know

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Part 4

Part 1 2 3 

| Steve Harrington x Reader |


“Aaaa! I love you never know!…”

The night went quicker than you anticipated. You stayed up all night trying to understand every word, sentence, that was coming out of Mike’s mouth. On top of that, you were collecting every bit of information Eleven had on her ‘sister’. Steve had cleared off one of the walls in the basement so that you all could connect the dots. Eight's―rather her birth name, Kal―backstory, her newspaper articles, her gang of misfits even a list of some of her victims. Eleven claimed that Kal was out to those that worked in Hawkin’s Lab, the ones that hurt her and experimented on her.  El left her sister behind, in Chicago, not being able to kill for the same reason and came back to Hawkins, where she was needed.

You gently rubbed your eyes, snuggling more into the couch as bits of sunlight were peeking into the basement window. You didn’t mean to fall asleep in the Wheeler’s basement but after working past two in the morning, you were having a fight of your own with your eyes and you sadly lost that fight. What had woken you were the faint calls of Mrs. Wheeler, trying to find and wake Mike up from school. When you finally opened your eyes, you sat up on the sofa, looking around the room to see that everyone―minus Max―had stayed over. You felt something resting lightly on your waist, drawing you to come closer.

You glanced down and saw a hand there; the hand belonging to none other than Steve. He was still asleep; his hair was disheveled, his clothes slightly wrinkled as you appeared to be using him as your pillow and source of warmth.

You turned to look at the wall; the wall covered in string, paper clippings, and sticky notes. Never would you have thought that something so dangerous, so supernatural but so amazing would happen to the small town of Hawkins. Your gazed went up towards the ceiling to see the time, the moment you saw it: your heart dropped.

You shook Steve trying to wake him from his slumber, “Steve, we’re going to be late for school.” You whispered to him, shaking his chest with a little more aggression. You grew antsier with him as the noise of the clock was becoming more sharp, louder: hitting every nerve in your being. “Wake up, Steve!” You shouted. Steve’s eyes shot open. He had freaked out a little, taking him a while to comprehend what was happening. When he looked down at his chest, he noticed your hands but his eyes trailed up your arms, to your neck then your face to make sure they belonged to you. Knowing that they were yours, his grip on your waist got a little tighter.

“Hey,” He whispered, a small smile tugging at his lips.

“Morning,” You couldn’t help but smile back, your hands fisting a bit of his shirt but you shook your head. You snapped out of your fantasy. You leaped to your feet, grabbing ahold of your back. You went around the room, shaking every sleeping kid that was around, “Get up, you lazy asses!” You ordered. You smacked Lucas’ shoes off the table which caused him to stumble and waking him in an instant. You placed your hands on your hips, looking down at the five kids, “You need to get out, go home and get your butts to school!”

As they each gradually started to get a move on, you turned to look at the clock. Your heart racing. You were biting your nail, beginning to shake your head, “Oh, man.” You let out a small whine, “I’ll never make it to school on time if I go home and change.”

“Just wear my clothes,” Steve proposed. Your eyes widened. You turned to look at him as he was finishing tieing his shoes. He looked up at you, letting out that sweet laugh of his, running his hand through his hair to try and fix it, “What?” He couldn’t help but laugh more at your reaction you were giving him. You looked like a deer in headlights. He stood up, grabbing his bag and keys off the table.

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Stop That

Word count: 2,612

Warning: smut will be in the next part, angst

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Request/summary: @omgdeangirl – “Hey you should make a smut where the reader thinks Dean is in love with Jo but he’s actually in love with the reader and they end up fighting before getting together.

A/N: sorry it took so long but this is going to be a two parter with the smut in the second part because I got a bit carried away with writing the plot whoops. Also let me know if you want tagged in the second part.  Enjoy!

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The room was almost as dark as the night sky outside. It smelt like someone had emptied barrels of beer all over the floor; there were a few beer puddles to be fair but nothing disastrous. You sat at the table beside Cas, him as stone cold sober as always (apart from that one time that we don’t talk about). Sam and Bobby were in the living room, sharing stories over a few beers. The overall mood of the house was contentment, even happiness that the hunt was over after weeks of treacherous work.

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#6 for NurseyDex <3

6. “H-how long have you been standing there?”

When Will’s sister picks up on the 2nd ring, he doesn’t even bother to say hi.

“Fuck this.  Fuck the Haus, fuck dibs, fuck Ransom and Holster, fuck quarters, fuck hockey.  Fuck.  Everything,” Will fumes.

Alex is quiet for a moment.  “I’m sure you don’t mean that.”

“Yes I do,” Will retorts.  “Because of some grade-A crazy bullshit, I’m now sharing a room at the Haus with him.”

“I thought he was getting Lardo’s room and you were–”

“Getting the attic?  Yeah, that’s what we all thought, except my idiot captains gave the attic to Ollie and Wicks.”

“Okay, I mean that’s odd, but not–what did you say?  Grade-A crazy bullshit?” Alex replies.

“I haven’t even gotten to that yet,” Will says.  “So Lardo can’t decide because like, Nursey basically wrote her thesis or whatever.  I mean, who cares that all the shit I’ve done to keep the Haus standing was more important to the team, right?  So Bitty comes up and is like, ‘oh, let’s do a dibs flip.’  Like a coin flip.  So–”

“Okay, wait, so if there was a coin flip for it, how are you sharing?” Alex asks, clearly confused.

“Yeah, this was the bullshit.  It rolled and got stuck in between two floorboards!  Exactly on its side!” Will nearly shouts, feeling that same mixture of anger and despair he felt as he watched the whole thing unfold in front of his eyes.

“So it was a tie.  And now you have to share,” Alex says plainly.

“Yes.  Oh fuck me,” Will curses.  “How am I going to survive Alex?  How?  Sometimes I can barely stand to be around him, how am I supposed to share a room with him?”

“You could always just–not,” Alex says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world and Will is an idiot for not thinking of it himself.

“Ha! Right, like I’m going to give him the satisfaction.  He said I would move out by September at the latest.  And maybe I can’t stand being around him, but my pettiness is–uh–” 

Will falters as he spins around in his desk chair.  When he got back to his dorm room, he had propped the door open (he’s trying to be friendly and prove to his floor that he’s not a total weirdo).  And now, standing in that open doorway, is Nursey.

“Fuck my life,” Will mutters.

“Billy?” Alex responds questioningly.

“I have to go Alex, I’ll call you back later,” Will says, pulling the phone away from his ear and ending the call.  He takes a deep breath as he puts his phone face down on his desk.  “H-how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough, Poindexter,” Nursey shrugs.  “I just came by to bring you this book.  You left it at the Haus.”

“It’s what not what it sounds like, Nursey,” Will says, springing to his feet.

“It’s chill dude,” Nursey answers, his expression appearing unfazed.  But after two years as his partner on the ice (and often off it), Will can somewhat read him.

He can see his disappointment in the slight drop of his head, the way his eyebrows have gone up just a bit, and of course his eyes.  Will has learned that Nursey’s eyes always give something away, whether he’s able to understand what they’re saying or not.

“That’s bullshit,” Will counters.  “And I know that you know that I know that.”

“So what if it is?  What gives you the right to know?” Nursey retorts angrily.  “You clearly don’t give a fuck about me, so why should I tell you?”

“That’s not true and you know it!”

“Do I?  Do I know that?  Because not even two minutes ago, I stood in your doorway and listened to you tell your sister that you can barely stand to be around me.  That sounds like someone who doesn’t care to me,” Nursey replies sharply and they’ve argued before, but something in Nursey’s voice is different this time.

Because Nursey is used to people not caring about him.  He’s gone through his whole life surrounded by people like that.  And he thought Will did care about him because, despite all their difficulties, they’re pretty close friends (even if they still annoy the hell out of each other from time to time)–and he does–but it doesn’t look that way right now.  

Will gets that.  But what Will doesn’t understand is why this seems so devastating to him.  It’s not like no one cares about him–there’s Lardo, Bitty, Chowder, and a whole slew of others.  What’s different about him?

“It’s–listen, you heard one statement out of context–”

“You said it twice.”

“How many times I said it isn’t important–”

“Not to you maybe.”

“Fuck, Nursey, would you just listen to me for one minute!” Will shouts, and Nursey clamps his mouth shut, but continues to glares at him.  “I’ve been talking about you to Alex since day one.  Day one!  She knows a fuckton of things that you don’t!  So when I tell her that I can barely stand to be around you sometimes, she knows that it’s not because I hate you!  It never is and it never was.”

Nursey snorts derisively.  “’She knows things you don’t.’  Super convincing argument, Poindexter.  I’m supposed to just–take your word for it?  Oh, of course, because you said you don’t hate me, and just because you said it, it must be true.  Yeah, fuck you.”

“If I didn’t love you so much, I’d punch you in your fucking face right now,” Will quips.

Nursey’s brow furrows.  “What did you say?”

“That I want to punch you?”

“No, the other part.”

“If I didn’t lo–oh for fuck’s sake,” Will groans, throwing his head back, praying for death to take him quickly.  It’s become such a natural part of his emotions when he’s around Nursey that it’s no wonder it finally slipped out on accident.

“I’m going to guess that that’s what your sister knows that I don’t, right?” Nursey questions, and Will expected him to sound shocked or angry not–fucking bemused.

“Yep, and if you’re going to laugh at me, you better leave right fucking now, because not even that will stop me from punching you,” Will says, sitting on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands.

“I’m not going to laugh,” Nursey says.  “I wouldn’t do that to you.”

Will doesn’t know what to say to that, so he doesn’t say anything.

“I think–I think I understand what you were saying now,” Nursey says, and Will feels the bed dip gently as Nursey perches next to him.  “It would be hard to see me every day–be in close quarters when you feel the way you do.  You were scared that you would say something like you just did.”

Will nods.  “Doesn’t matter though, ‘cause I said it just now.”

“Now.  Later.  Either way, I wouldn’t have minded,” Nursey says quietly.  “I’m glad it’s out there now.”

There’s a strange, swooping feeling in Will’s stomach as he lowers his hands away from his face.  “Nursey–” is all he gets out before Nursey is pressing their lips together.

It takes Will a second, but he kisses back.

“You know I was excited to be sharing a room with you because I was hoping you would eventually figure out how I felt, right?” Nursey asks.


“Have I mentioned that you continue to surprise me?”

“No,” Will answers, his brain still struggling to string words together that aren’t he kissed me he kissed me he kissed me.

“Well you are,” Nursey says.  “I would’ve never guessed that you would feel that way–or that you would be the one to say it first.”

“S-same t-though,” Will stutters, the stutter in his voice matching the stuttering of his heart.

“So–do you think you can stand to share a room with me now?” Nursey asks, and if Will didn’t want to kiss him again, he would shove him off the bed.

Matchmaker Misha

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Y/N Collins, Briana Buckmaster

Pairing: Jensen x Reader (sorta), Misha x sister!reader, Misha x Briana (sorta)

Warnings: Cheeky Misha, flustered baby!Jensen (yep both are warnings!), mention of naked Y/N.

Word Count: 1300ish

A/N: This one fits into my College AU but like all the others it can 100% be read as a one shot.

It is also my entry for @percywinchester27 aka Ana’s PJO Quotes Challenge where my prompt was: “I tried to think of something to say. Excuse me? Hello? Marry me? Anything would have done.”

Thanks to sweet wonderful lovely (yep laying it on thick - second fic I made her beta in a day) @like-a-bag-of-potatoes for betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


“Hey Ackles!” The playful voice from the bleachers drew Jensen’s attention from baseball practice towards his voice for a brief moment. Jensen smiled and shook his head in amusement when he saw Misha waving and almost dropping the pile of papers he was carrying in the process. Jensen heard the snort from one of the players and his eyes instantly landed on the guy. He had been about to yell something at Misha, no doubt to make fun of him, but one look from the captain of the team and his gaze fell to the ground.

Misha was a journalism major and quite frankly a quirky guy. That didn’t matter to Jensen though. He didn’t care that Misha wasn’t like everyone else. Actually he enjoyed that about him. Misha was funny, kind hearted and a goof. The two of them had quickly formed an unlikely friendship and there was no way in hell Jensen was going to allow his teammates to make fun of his best friend.

Just like always when Misha showed up at the stadium, Jensen finished his practice before jogging over to where his buddy was sitting with a pencil behind his ear and his nose buried in his notes, no doubt trying to make heads and tales of what he scribbled down during his last interview.

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Childhood Crush (Gil X Reader)

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Words: 2846
Requested: Yes!
Warnings: Fluff, Swearing

A: I need you stop biting your lip like that
B: You what?
A: Seriously, it’s like you’re purposely trying to sabotage my attempts to forget that I’m completely in love with you.
B: Hold on, rewind a little. Did you just say you loved me?
A:Shit! Fuck! Did I just say that out loud?

A/N: I tweaked the wording of the prompt a little so that it better fits Gil’s character - but yeah, it’s stil basically the same

“You give her that back you big bully!” You yelled, storming towards a pirate, pointing an accusing finger.
You may have only been small but you could sure as hell shout, and soon you were squaring up to the boy in front of you.
“Y/N! What a pleasure to see ye” Harry exclaimed, taking a wad of paper notes from his mouth and grinning at you.
You scowled.
“Stealing from children Harry, that’s a new low even for you. Give it her back” You said plainly, looking back at Dizzy who was cowering behind you. The pirate had charged in to the “Curl up and Dye”, demanding her days wages before knocking a tables worth of hair dyes and combs onto the floor. You were less than impressed.
“I’m sorry sweetheart, no can do,” the pirate continued, spinning on his heels and whistling as he went to leave the building.
You glanced to your right, where Dizzy was sweeping up Harry’s mess glumly, staring at the floor. He wasn’t going to get away with this.
“Still running around after Uma I guess. You always were like her slave” you called after him, hoping to bruise his ego enough for him to return.
It worked. He froze in the door frame, his eyes narrowed as he met your gaze.
“A little rich coming from ye isn’t it princess? Still following your sister around blindly?”.
You rolled your eyes. It always came back to Mal. You were the youngest daughter of Maleficent, meaning you were always compared to your purple haired big sister. Usually you didn’t mind, you and Mal were pretty similar after all, but the constant comparison was growing tiring.
“Leave Mal out of this” You warned, taking another step towards the pirate and plucking the money from his hands and throwing it towards Dizzy, who caught it with both hands.
“You’ll regret that little witch” Harry snarled, grabbing the back of your fore arm.
“I wouldn’t bet on it” You spat back, making the first mate chuckle manically.

Maybe he should have bet on it. Dizzy may have got her money back but now you were being dragged through the back alleyways of the Isle’s streets, with your hands tied behind your back. Harry was stronger than you had anticipated, so it didn’t take him long to have you pinned against a wall as he fastened rope around wrists. You were on your way to Ursula’s Fish and Chip Shop you could tell, the stench of decaying seafood detectable from miles away. You glanced at the pirate who was holding you hostage, sniggering to yourself. Although you looked pretty harmless you had been taught to fight from a young age, so even though Harry may have won, he didn’t escape your scrap unharmed. There was dark purple bruise staring to form under his eye, from where you had swung a punch at him. A sense of accomplishment washed over you knowing that the pirate wouldn’t be bothering Dizzy again for a while, as Harry grunted a little in pain. Served the cocky little shit right.

The doors to the fish and chip shop swung open, the combination of  the bustling atmosphere and questionable smells making your head ache slightly. You had never really eaten there before, the fierce rivalry between your sister and Uma herself, repelling you from ever entering. You didn’t think you missed out on much. The pirate, dragged you by the arm into the furthest corner in the restaurant, pushing you down onto a bar stool. You sighed impatiently.
“Harry! What happened to your face?”
You looked around to see a the son of Gaston, staring at Harry with a mixture of confusion and excitement. Harry caught you grinning smugly to yourself and scowled back at you before turning to his friend.
“Nothing to do with ye Gil” He grumbled, still glaring at you.
You raised your eyebrows with mock innocence in return.
“Hold on a second Harry…” Gil gasped as if he’d come to a staggering revelation. He looked at you, then at Harry, then back at you.
“Did you get beaten up by tiny little Y/N? Again?”
You spluttered with laughter at the word again. You and Harry were known not to see eye to eye.
When the pirate did nothing but scowl more, Gil erupted into huge fits of belly laughter, gaining glares from the customers around him. You were reminded immediately why you liked the boy.
“Gil shut ye mouth now”
“You did!” Gil exclaimed, clearly proud with himself “You got beaten up by Y/N! Wait till Uma hears! Uma come listen to this!”
He was still laughing until Harry stood up beside him, tapping him on the end of his nose with his hook. Gil gulped and quickly shut up.
“What the hell is going on out here?”
Uma appeared from out of the kitchen, an unamused expression painted on her face.
‘Uma!’ Gil shouted, excited “You missed it. Harry just got beaten up by-”
“Me” You said, speaking up for the first time, diverting everybody’s gaze towards you.
Uma lips flickered upwards in a smirk for a split second before returning to a poker face.
“Well well well well” she said making her way towards you, Harry following grinning behind her “Would you look what the cat dragged in?”
“Actually I was dragged in here by that mindless pig that you call a servant”
It was enough to agitate the first mate, causing him to lunge for you. Uma put her hand on his shoulder and he relented, simply waving his hook at you menacingly.
“Harry chill,” the daughter of Ursula sighed.
“I don’t see why you just won’t let me hook her,” Harry replied, reaching forwards and sweeping the hair out of your eyes with his hook.
When he pressed his face continually closer to yours, you decided enough was enough, taking it upon yourself to spit directly in his face. What? You valued your personal space.

Harry recoiled, but not before taking a swing at you with his hook, cutting your cheek which now ran with blood.
“You little bi-” the pirate snarled, before being pushed out of he way by Gil.
“Hey guys what are we looking a-” Gil took one look at your face and jumped back a little “God damn it guys, you hurt her!”
You were doing all you could not to cry, but the searing pain along your cheek bone was making it increasingly more difficult not to. You stopped yourself before a tear could slip, biting your lip instead. You were the daughter of Maleficent, you were not going to burst into tears about a little cut.
“Harry! To the back with me! Now!” Growled Uma, grabbing the pirate by the arm and dragging him away.
He had the audacity to blow a kiss to you as he sauntered away.
“Go choke on a catfish!” You yelled at him as he left your sight, attempting to wipe away a droplet of blood with the back of your sleeve, but failing. It was harder than it looked when your hands were tied behind your back.
“I’ll go get the first aid kit” said a chirpy voice from behind you “Wait there”
You shot around to see Gil wandering off into the back of the shop, leaving you sat on your stool alone. You could have run out of those doors quite easily, rallied up your friends and dragged them back down there to get revenge. But you didn’t. You sat and waited for Gil to return.

“Gil, I really appreciate this, but I’m not so sure I need three gauzes stuck to my face” you laughed.
You grinned as the boy wrapped the majority of your head, including your eyes and ears, in a thick white bandage on top of the seven plasters he had stuck over you wound. All of this for a cut that was two centimetres wide at the most.
“You think you might need four?” Gil asked confused.
“I think we might need to lose the bandage”
“Okay” he replied simply, unravelling it from your head. Once you could finally see and hear again you couldn’t help but smile at the boy who was grinning back at you.
“Thanks I guess-” You began but were interrupted.
“It’s fine. It’s not like I didn’t used to do it when we were little”. The comment caught you off guard. You weren’t expecting it. You were a clumsily kid, always the child to fall over and cut their knee. Gil was a kind kid, always the child to give you a plaster and his apple from his lunch box.
“Yeah, I’d forgotten about that”
There was a long, but not uncomfortable, silence.
“You’re funny you know” Gil started.
“Am I?” You asked slightly confused, only to be met with vigorous nodding from Gaston’s youngest son.
“Yeah! It’s funny when you embarrass Harry. He’ll be really mad you know, he hates when it when people do that to him. But it’s okay I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt you again”
“Thank you Gil but there’s really no need” you said quickly,  trying to get him to drop the topic as you saw Harry and Uma enter the main restaurant again. Something told you Harry would not be thrilled with Gil talking about him or helping the girl that was supposed to be their hostage. The poor boy was blissfully unaware and continued to ramble.
“It’s usually me who makes Harry mad. He doesn’t like you I think but that’s okay, I like you and he doesn’t like anybody except for Uma anyway” He was still talking as the two approached. You were trying desperately to warn him but he wouldn’t let you get a word in edge ways.
“Actually, I don’t think Uma likes you either,” Gil frowned before continuing “But that’s not your fault. She’s still mad about that time your sister put shrimp in her and everyb-”
Gil whipped his head around to Uma, shouting in his ear and giving him the dirtiest look.
“Come on mate. Outside. Now. You know where to go”.
Harry hoisted Gil upwards and walked behind him as he trudged out of Ursula’s Fish and Chip Shop, plonking himself down on the step by the entrance.
Something told you this wasn’t the first time this had happened. He tried to walk back inside but Harry pushed him back out, his hook held to his chest. That time he stayed put. Uma was still glaring at you.
“You’re going to stay here until Mal comes for you. Got it?”
It wasn’t so much of a question so much as it was an order.
“Are you really going to use me as bait so you can continue to argue with my sister? Doesn’t that sound a little petty?”
“Guess what, I just so happen to be a petty person” Uma snapped before, walking to lecture Gil outside.

The next time somebody spoke to you again it was Gil. As soon as Uma and Harry let him back in he inched his way towards you looking sheepish but deep in thought. He stopped in front of you and took a deep breath.
“Uma says to tell you that I’m not allowed to talk to you even though you’re really pretty and you make me laugh because you stand up to Harry and it’s funny when you make him look stupid” He grinned at himself, clearly proud that he had delivered the message he was told to. Something told you that the message had changed a little from when Uma had first told him, but you didn’t say anything.
You felt your cheeks slowly start to flush red as you blushed uncontrollably. He thought you were pretty. You cursed yourself in your mind. There was no way you were going to lose your cool simply because Gil complimented you. But you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling.
“I remember one time when we were seven…”
“Harry said that you couldn’t play with me because you were a girl so you dumped your whole carton of milk over his head and then stomped on his toe” Gil laughed.
“Yeah! You remember that?” You started to chew on your lip a little.
You had always been close with Gil as children, practically inseparable, but something happened when he met Uma and you started to hang out with your sisters friends. The two of you drifted apart.
“Of course I remember! We used to spend all our time together but you didn’t like Harry and Harry told me it was pointless me having a crush on you…” As soon as he said the words he bolted upright “Forget I said that last bit”
You chewed down on your lip further, practically drawing blood. Because it was all flooding back, your first childhood crush at the age of five years old was stood beaming a smile at you.
“It’s been forgotten”
There was an awkward silence between the two of you, neither knowing what to say. You were still biting your lip, the metallic taste lingering in your mouth confirming that it was, in fact,  bleeding.
“I need you stop biting your lip like that” Gil said eventually.
“You what?” You looked at the boy as if he was going crazy, but he refused to drag his eyes away from your lips. How long had he been staring at them.
“Seriously. If Uma and Harry knows I’ve been thinking about kissing you they’ll kill me. Plus, I’ve been trying to forget that I’m in love with you Y/N and you’re not helping”
You were completely and utterly stunned. There was a lot of new information dropped into that sentence. New information that changed a lot of things. A lot.
“Hold on, rewind a little. Did you just say you loved me?”
Gil’s eyes widened with alarm
“Oh no! Did I just say that out loud?” He jumped up from where he was sat beside me and began to pace up and down. “I just made things weird didn’t I, I messed things up again”
“Gil relax,” you said softly “I’ve missed you”
You were telling the truth. Although you were friends with the core-four like your sister you had missed Gil more than you wanted to admit. He may have been goofy and he may have a knack for saying the wrong things at the wrong time, but he had good intentions and you loved him for it. That and the fact that he wasn’t too bad on the eyes.
“You.. Missed me?” Questioned Gil looking slightly dazed.
“Yes you, you buffoon”
Gil broke out into the widest grin and let out a giddy giggle. You practically melted on your barstool.
“I’ve missed you too Y/N! Wait till I tell Um- Maybe that’s not the best idea”
“No, it’s probably not” you chuckled.
“Does this mean we can be friends again?”
Your heart sunk a little. You had always wanted to be more than friends with Gil. Always. Even at five years old. Former Y/N knew what she wanted. She got stuff done.
“Who am I kidding Y/N. I Kind of think I love you”
Gil took another step towards you and cut the ties on your hands, wrapping you in a hug. You hugged him back, breathing into the crook of his neck as he spun you around.
“I kind of think I love you too”.
He put you back down, setting you on top of a table.
“I know we just decided that we are going to be friends…” you raised your eyebrow at the the word but he continued anyway “…again but you should probably get out of here before Uma and Harry come back. I’ll meet you at the docks tonight”
You gave him a quick nod.
“They’ll kill you if they know you let me go”
“Then they’ll just not have to know will they” He grinned at you but you rolled your eyes. Gil was the worst person to keep a secret, he’d probably tell them himself by accident.
“Okay Gil,” you whispered “I’ll see you around”.
You leaned forwards and kissed his cheek causing his whole face to burn bright red.
“I’ll… Um… I.. guess… that um…. I’ll see you around… Um too”
And with that you walked out of the Fish and Chip shop, fully prepared to start a brand new chapter with the son of Gaston. You sent an imaginary thank you to Harry Hook. If he hadn’t have been such an asshole, you would have never re-discovered your childhood crush.

Everglow ~Jerome x Reader~

//Well here it is, how I went with what the request was. It ended up being longer than I anticipated, but I hope y’all like it.

Warnings: The beginning might be sad, but it has a fluffy+happy ending. Death, murder, mild swearing.

Need to know: This is insinuated, but not completely said in the story: Y/n was really close friends with Jerome, and a member of the Maniax. Also, it sort of starts right when Jerome is murdered?

Title: Everglow

Rating: Mid-Fluff. //

Oh they say people come, say people go
This particular diamond was extra special
And though you might be gone, and the world may not know
Still I see you, celestial

Y/n’s mouth drops open as an agony filled scream claws its way out of her throat, rising over everyone else’s. She pushes herself out from behind the curtain where Jerome had told her to stay and she crashes to the ground next to him. She places her hands on either side of his face as his eyes meet hers, a disturbing, gurgling laugh bubbling from the back of his throat. Blood pools out of his mouth, trickling down the side of his face. Jerome’s eyes glisten, wider than they had ever been. His mouth closes, and opens, his lips trying to form words that he can barely manage to make audible.

“Y…y/n.” She shakes her head quickly, tears filling her eyes. He had already wasted enough of his energy.

“Jerome, no.” When his gaze meets Theo’s, who stands above him, y/n’s heart breaks even more. In his eyes is pure pain and betrayal. His eyes become moist with unfallen tears as he coughs softly. Theo shakes his head.

I’m sorry Jerome,” he mouths.

“You…you said….” Jerome’s mouth closes as more blood falls out, and he swallows roughly, only to choke weakly on his blood. “…you said….I was going….to be a …s…t…ar…” It only takes a few seconds for his head to fall back, his mouth tilted up in a smile, his eyes open wide. His beautiful green-blue eyes glaze over as the life leaves his body, his last breath coming out in a soft, weak, wheezy laugh.

A single tear falls from y/n’s eyes as Barbara moves over quickly, pulling her up.

“You bastard!” Y/n shouts, pointing at Theo. “You sick bastard, you killed him!” Barbara drags her backwards as her gaze meets with Theo’s. “I’m going to kill you, I’m going to make you suffer, you piece of-” her shouts are silenced by the shouting of the crowd. Y/n’s gaze meets Bruce’s and she laughs. For the longest time as Barbara is pulling her out of the building, her loud, maniac laughter silences everyone. Everyone freezes as the unstable laughter echoes through the room.

Even after Barbara put’s y/n into the car that Tabitha had waiting, she still laughs. Yet her laughter is softer now, raspier. Tabitha glances in the rearview mirror to look at y/n.

“She okay?” She asks, glancing at Barbara. Barbara shakes her head.

“Theo killed Jerome…he killed him, Tabs.” Tabitha tilts her head, slamming her foot down on the gas.

Y/n’s laughter continues, but it slowly turns into sobs, which grow louder and louder. She covers her face with her hands, her whole body shaking as she cries.

“That…son of a…I’m going to kill him…he,” she hiccups, and inhales shakily. “He killed Jerome.”

Like a lion you ran, a goddess you rolled
Like an eagle you circled, in perfect purple
So how come things move on, how come cars don’t slow
When it feels like the end of my world
When I should but I can’t let you go?

Y/n shuts her eyes tightly while Barbara holds her gently, stroking her hair. She still shakes as she sobs, unable to control herself.

“He took him away,” she cries. “Theo betrayed him-he-he killed him, he killed Jerome.” Tabitha sits down next to her, not knowing what to do.

“You’re going to be okay,” she starts. “You’ll get over thi-” Before Tabitha can even finish her sentence, y/n’s head snaps over to her, her gaze meeting Tabitha’s quickly.

“How could you say that?” She shouts through her sobs. “You have no right to say that! You don’t know what it’s like! I’m not going to get over this! How am I supposed to? How am I just supposed to let him go!?” Both of them are stunned by y/n’s rage, and Barbara attempts to pull her back into a hug, glaring slightly at Tabitha. She gets off of the couch and turns to face them. “How can I just let him go!? I loved him, I loved him!” Tabitha and Barbara stare at her, their hearts breaking when they see the pain on her face.

“Did you just…” Barbara stops Tabitha before she can continue as Y/n’s expression morphs from pain to desperation and realization.

“I…I didn’t just say that!” She shouts helplessly, backing away from Barbara’s offer of a hug. “I didn’t love him-I didn’t say that…” Her voice trails off as she inhales deeply.

“Y/n, it’s okay if you-”

“I don’t! Okay? I don’t.” Y/n whispers, wrapping her arms around herself. “I didn’t and I don’t, and I won’t ever.” She covers her face and sighs, composing herself before letting her arms fall down to her side, plastering a wide smile over her pained expression.

“Y/n…” Barbara says, tilting her head in concern.

“I’m fine.” She says, turning around. “I’m just tired, I’m going to go to sleep.”

“Y/n, you can’t just ignore what you said-what happened.” Barbara says softly, causing y/n to freeze.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she says coldly.

“You said you loved him.” Tabitha says.

“No, I didn’t,” y/n’s words are not only trying to convince them, but herself too.

“Why are you denying it? We can talk to you y/n. We can help y-”

“Because! Because as long as I never cared about him I can’t miss him! As long as he wasn’t important to me, I won’t cry over him! I won’t feel like this anymore! I can’t feel like this! I won’t let myself, I won’t let myself be like this! So, pathetic and so weak!” Y/n shouts, her eyes filling to the brim with tears. She inhales deeply. “Now I’m going to go to sleep.” She whispers, turning around. “And in the morning, we won’t mention this.” Y/n moves into the bedroom quickly, slamming the door shut and locking it behind her.

But when I’m cold, cold
Oh when I’m cold, cold
There’s a light that you give me when I’m in shadow
There’s a feeling you give me, an Everglow
Like brothers in blood, sisters who ride
And we swore on that night we’d be friends til we die
But the changing of winds, and the way waters flow


She lays down on her bed, grabbing her phone and opening the photos. She scrolls up until she comes across the picture of Jerome she’d taken when he wasn’t paying attention. A cold, heavy weight settles down on her chest as she stares at the picture. It doesn’t take long for her vision to be distorted by the tears filling her eyes and she swipes them away absent mindedly, a small, sad smile appearing on her face. Her breathing slows as she stares at his face, his hair wild as he had just come back from the rooftop. It had been the day they made their mark on Gotham, the Maniax. It all seemed so unreal, so wrong that he was dead. Y/n almost couldn’t believe it. A part of her was convinced that Theo would walk through these doors anytime, Jerome in tow, no one dead. She was convinced he would hug her, tell her it was all a joke, tell her it was a trick. That it wasn’t real, that he was fine.

That he loved her.

Y/n pushes the thought out of her head as she begins to scroll through her photos.

A small pang shoots through her heart as she comes across a picture that they’d taken together, only hours before his death.

Life as short as the falling of snow
And now I’m gonna miss you I know
But when I’m cold, cold
In water rolled, salt
I know that you’re with me and the way you will show
And you’re with me wherever I go
And you give me this feeling this Everglow

(Time skip to Jerome’s resurrection)

When Barbara and Tabitha finished telling y/n about the Cult’s plan of bringing Jerome back to life, her reaction was duller than they had expected. She simply cocked an eyebrow, a weariness appearing in her eyes at the mention of his name. Barbara had hoped for the light to return to y/n’s eyes when they had told her this. She frowns at y/n.

“Aren’t you excited? Jerome’s going to be back.” Barbara says, giving y/n a huge smile. Y/n stares up at her and replies with a small shrug.

“You’d thought he would come back when Theo did. He didn’t. What makes you think it’s going to be different now? The cult is saying they’ll bring him back, but they can’t do shit. He’s not coming back, and I need to accept that.” Her voice is dull and scratchy, as if she had just recently been crying.

“Y/n, they are bringing him back. Trust me, I know it. They seemed very serious about this. Please, just trust me. Just have hope.”


Oh I
What I wouldn’t give for just a moment to hold
Yeah I live for this feeling this Everglow


“Barbara, turn on the news, hurry!” Tabitha shouts, running out from the next room. Barbara motions to the TV.

“See, that’s probably him rig-” Before she can finish her sentence, y/n turs the television on, a audible gasp escaping her lips when her gaze focuses on the screen.

Testing, testing…… I alive? Am I on air? Can you hear me- ah, screw it let’s do it. Hi. Some of you may know, I died. Oh, take it from me. Death. Is. Dull.” Y/n jumps up, her heart racing.

“J-Jerome, it’s-”

“But coming back….that is something. Leave it to dying to give you a whooole new perspective on life. And I would like to share that with you. Ah, hello officer, you look terrible? Hey you got, huh-ah. Tonight, Gotham, in the darkness, there are no rules. So, tonight Gotham, do what you want, kill who you wan- ah, augh. And when morning comes, you too shall be…reborn.” Jerome’s demented, hoarse laughter fills y/n’s ears as he lights a fuse, walking over to the man he has tied to a chair. “Oh, and uh….”

“Dwight,” the man supplies him with his name.

“I don’t forgive you for my face.” His laughter fills the room, still being able to be heard as he walks out of the room. A slight pain fills y/n’s heart when he’s gone, but his face is burned into her memory. Staples lined his face, as if it had been put back on, which she can only assume the man tied to the chair had something to do with.

Before Barbara, Tabitha, or Y/n can say anything, the lights turn out. Not just there’s; all the lights.

And once again, y/n is left in complete darkness.

So if you love someone, you should let them know
Oh the light that you left me will Everglow


It didn’t take long for them to figure out where Jerome was. It was the only place lite up; a large, twisted circus. Y/n had gone alone, and even as she entered the circus she didn’t regret it. She ran head first, passing all the maniacs, all the murders that surrounded her. Apparently, he had more of a following then they thought.

Jerome!” She shouts his name as she runs, her tears obscuring her vision. “Jerome!” Y/n’s voice cracks as she chokes, trying to hold back her sobs. She doesn’t get far before something trips her, causing her to fall face first into the dirt. She tries to get up, but someone pins her down. “Let me go! Let me go you bastard!” She shouts, struggling to move forward, only making it a few inches before she’s forced onto her back, a blade touching her neck and just barely breaking skin. A warm drop of blood trickles down her neck, and she closes her eyes, flashes of Jerome’s death playing through her mind. “Please-” Whatever y/n was going to say is cut off by her attackers screams, and a loud thud. Her eyes open instantly, and she sees Jerome pinning the man down, staring at him with wide eyes, a dagger stuck in the man’s stomach.

“Look at me,” Jerome croaks, yanking the blade out only to shove it back in. “I want to see you die,” He hisses. “I want to see your eyes, you realizing what a mistake you made.” He leans in close, his gaze slipping over to you as his smile widens cruelly. “She’s mine, and no one hurts what’s mine.” With that, the man dies. Or maybe he was already dead. Y/n wasn’t paying attention to him, her gaze was laser-focused on Jerome. He stands up, brushing himself off with one hand and then pretending to smooth his hair down as he walks over to y/n, pulling her up to her feet and placing one of his gloved hands on her face. His eyes stare into hers as a look of wonder crosses his face. “I remember you, y/n. You were the first thing I remembered…” He leans in closer, placing his other hand firmly on her back and pulling her too him. “I remember not being able to say everything I wanted- I remember not trying…I’m never going to do that again,” he murmurs, his lips now only inches from hers. “I love you y/n. I’m never going to leave you again, and you’re not going to be leaving me anytime soon…right?”

“I-I won’t. I can’t believe you’re alive, Jerome-” His permanent smile widens.

“Shh, y/n. Not now. Right now, I just… I just want to,” his voice stops abruptly as he kisses y/n roughly, his eyes closing instantly. Jerome breaks the kiss quickly though, causing y/n to sigh softly. “I just wanna be with you.” He finishes. A blissful look crosses his face as he tilts his head. “And now, after a year…after a year of nothing but darkness and loneliness, I have you back.”

Falling, Falling, Falling

Pairing: Klance

Word Count: 3,943

Tags: Altean Lance, Galra Keith, Miscommunication

Notes: I’d just like to give a big shout-out to @cryptidkeiths for editing this for me and another big thanks to @hunksheadbands for keeping me sane while I stressed over writing my first fic. i love you guys. 

Summary: Prince Lance has built walls to keep everyone out his entire life, and then, a curious new friend crash lands on Altea and begins to pull Lance from behind the wall.

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Huang Justin Mafia AU
  • you were the younger sibling of zhu zheng ting, though you were not involved in 101 business yourself
  • in your last year of high school, you lived in zheng ting’s apartment, since the rest of your family, except for the uncle that the two of you had initially been staying with, were back in china
  • zheng ting did his best to keep you out of 101 business, but sometimes, you had brief brushes with them
  • one time, on the weekend, you were getting ready to go out with your friends when you noticed that zheng ting’s inhaler for his asthma was lying in the dish where your keys were as well
  • he almost never forgot his inhaler, but he needed it, due to how bad his asthma attacks got sometimes
  • you knew where he worked, so you headed over to the 101 building quickly before going to the movies
  • upon entering the building, someone asked you who you were, and you explained that you were delivering zheng ting’s inhaler, making sure to use his street name
  • the person explained where the room where he worked was, and you hurried to it, knocking on the door before entering
  • there was only one person inside, who was maybe about your age
  • “can i help you?” he asked, his voice slightly accented
  • “y-yeah, i just wanted to drop off my brother’s inhaler,” you explained, holding said inhaler out
  • the guy took it, giving you a smile, “you’re zheng ting’s sister, right?”
  • you looked up at the guy in surprise, “how do you know me?”
  • he introduced himself as minghao, explaining that he was chinese as well and that him and zheng ting had spoken briefly about you
  • “well, if you could just pass it along to him, that’d be great,” you said, smiling in return
  • “yeah, no problem,” minghao replied, giving you a wink
  • boi excuse u
  • that night, you were eating dinner with zheng ting when he brought it up
  • “so you talked to justin today?” 
  • you looked up from your noodles “who’s justin?”
  • “the guy who you gave the inhaler to,” zheng ting said, as though you were stupid
  • “um, no, i gave it to minghao,” you retorted, crossing your arms
  • zheng ting looked mildly surprised, “he introduced himself as minghao?”
  • “yes,” you replied, looking at zheng ting suspiciously
  • “it’s nothing, he just normally doesn’t use his chinese name,” zheng ting shook it off, “but (y/n), if i were you, i’d steer clear of justin. he flirts a lot, but he dumps girls like a person changes clothes.”
  • you nodded, thinking back to the wink that justin–minghao?– had given you
  • “i’ll keep that in mind.”
  • occasionally, you have to go to the 101 building, either because you need to give something to zheng ting or he needs to give something to you
  • and every single time, justin says something flirty or gives you another wink and you feel so attacked by him 
  • one time, when you were stopping buy to drop off his lunch, you could have sworn zheng ting glared fiercely at justin as he greeted you
  • and then you discovered that justin was still in high school like you?
  • he didn’t go to the same school, but he was on his school’s basketball team, and you spotted him at a game
  • you were there to support one of your own friends, but when justin had seen you, he waved and greeted you
  • you hadn’t realized that the two of you were close enough to be greeting each other at basketball games, but you obliged and waved back
  • “hey, who’s the guy?” your friend nudged you, wiggling her eyebrows
  • you rolled your eyes, shoving her back, “it’s no one.”
  • as you were leaving the gym that night to head home, you heard someone shout your name
  • justin jogged up to you, still slightly sweaty, but changed into street clothes, a gym bag slung over his shoulder
  • “(y/n), i should walk you home,” he said with a small smile, “your brother’s gonna be working late, and i know you guys don’t live in the best neighborhood.”
  • you looked over at justin suspiciously
  • “and zheng ting knows about this?”
  • justin grinned, “ey, he won’t mind if i save you from being mugged!”
  • “right,” you nodded as you started walking, “that’s why you’re doing this, to save me from being mugged.”
  • despite zheng ting’s warning, justin did seem really nice
  • and his strange, tough-guy appearance– probably due to his involvement in the 101– gave way to a much more playful, childish persona
  • “hey, i have a question,” you mentioned, glancing over at him, “how did you cover your tattoo? you know, during the game?”
  • “ah,” he nodded, “i used to use concealer, but it would wear off, so now I put a bit of athletic tape over it.”
  • you talked some more, impressed that he was able to juggle 101, regular school and being in the starting lineup for the basketball team
  • when you got to your house, justin stopped you momentarily
  • “(y/n), you should give me your phone number,” justin said, looking almost embarrassed
  • “why, so you can walk me home whenever zheng ting’s gonna be home late?” you asked, teasing,”here.”
  • you watched as justin punched his number into your phone, ears pink
  • and so, the two of you began talking via text, telling each other how your days went, talking about life and such
  • when you told zheng ting that you’d given justin your number, he frowned, but tried to play it off
  • “fine, whatever, don’t say i didn’t warn you when he breaks your heart.”
  • the next day, you get a series of texts from justin
  • “yah, what did you tell your brother;; he scolded me for an hour straight to stay away from his sister;;; CALL YOUR GUARD DOG OFF IT’S BEEN AN HOUR AND A HALF;; I HAVE WORK”
  • you find yourself falling for justin, a sinking feeling in your stomach when you recalled zheng ting’s warning
  • but, the heart wants what it wants, and apparently, it wanted to beat out of your chest at 2am. when justin texted you funny cat vines
  • through his words, you somehow got the impression that he liked you, but you weren’t sure
  • one time, justin asked you to stop by his high school so that he could walk you home, as your brother would be staying at the 101 building a few hours late for some stuff
  • you entered the campus timidly, asking someone where you might find huang justin
  • the guy smirked a bit as he gave you a once-over, directing you towards the gym
  • you waited outside of the gym on a bench for a bit, texting him to let you know you were there
  • you spotted him walking out of the gym doors, and were about to call his name when you saw a girl walking behind him
  • you watched in half horror, half resignation as he said something to the girl, pulling her into a hug
  • not wanting to watch the scene any longer, you walked away, ignoring all the texts from justin asking where you were
  • you changed into your pyjamas, fully ready to climb in bed and sob when the doorbell rang
  • “(y/n), it’s justin, are you okay? are you home? what happened?”
  • you groaned, pulling out your phone
  • “i’m fine, go home,” you texted in response
  • “okay, well, if i can do anything, let me know,” justin shouted in response
  • you collapsed onto the couch, rolling yourself in a blanket and curling up, clutching one of the sofa cushions as tears rolled down your cheeks
  • it was the first time you’d ever experienced heartbreak, and of course, mr. heartbreaker himself would be the cause
  • you knew that you had no right to be mad at justin– you guys weren’t dating
  • but you couldn’t help but think about all those times that he’d hinted that he might like at you
  • just thinking about it set you off into another wave of tears
  • you were drifting in and out of sleep, eyes puffy from your tears when zheng ting got home
  • “oh my god, (y/n),” he rushed over, kneeling down next to you and stroking your hair, “what happened?”
  • you looked up at your brother sleepily, “you were right.”
  • zheng ting sighed, lifting you up and carrying you to your bed
  • he got in as well, gently stroking your hair like your mom always did
  • “do you want me to talk to him?” your brother asked cautiously
  • while he might be protective of you, he also respected your decisions
  • you shook your head, just wanting to leave this all behind you
  • “you’ll get through this, (y/n),” zheng ting said quietly, patting your head
  • after the initial shock of the whole thing wore off, life returned to something akin to normal
  • you still felt pain about the whole thing, but you did your best to turn the anger you felt towards justin into resolve to become a better person
  • one night, you had to stay a bit late at school to study for a test coming up
  • normally, if you had to stay late, zheng ting would pick you up from school, and if not him, then justin
  • “i’ll be fine,” you told yourself firmly, “it’s just walking home, not through hell.”
  • lmao u thought
  • you were walking down a side-street to get to your apartment when you heard a loud crash
  • turning, you saw a tall guy, heavily tattooed, staring back at you
  • “look at that, it’s jung jung’s sister,” someone else said, making you turn around
  • your heart sped up as you realized you were surrounded by three guys, one of whom had a pocket knife out
  • “if you come with us quietly, nothing will happen to you.”
  • “i suggest you put the knife down,” an incredibly familiar voice snapped
  • you looked to see justin, brandishing a gun
  • a wave of emotions washed over you, the most prominent one being relief
  • “w-we weren’t going to do anything,” the guy with the knife said, setting it down and sliding it towards justin
  • “right,” justin snapped, kicking the knife behind him, “(y/n), get behind me,” he said in chinese, and you hurried to follow, before pausing
  • “you speak chinese?”
  • “not now, (y/n),” justin muttered, smiling slightly
  • “right, sorry”
  • justin leveled the gun, staring at the three guys, who now stood in a cluster, “i’ll let you off this once, but don’t come to 101 turf and threaten one of us ever again.”
  • the three guys ran off, each scolding each other
  • “(y/n), are you okay?” justin turned to you, clicking the safety of his gun on and tucking it away
  • you nodded, sighing shakily, “thank you.”
  • “why were you walking home by yourself?” he asked with a frown as the two of you started heading to your apartment, “i though i told you to just ask me, I really don’t mind.”
  • you shrugged– clearly, zheng ting had respected your wishes and not talked to justin, who was clueless
  • “i just felt a bit weird asking you,” you replied with a shrug
  • “what?” justin frowned, “why?”
  • “You know,” you gestured, “cause of your girlfriend?”
  • “what girlfriend?”
  • “the one you were talking to, that day after school.”
  • justin gaped at you, “you mean areum?”
  • you glared at him, “justin, how would I know her name?”
  • “right, right,” justin sighed, “(y/n), areum confessed to me, but I turned her down, since I like someone else.”
  • “well, it’s still weird if you like someone else,” you pointed out
  • “no, idiot, not if that person’s you,” justin said teasingly, bumping his shoulder against yours
  • you stopped walking, giving justin a frown of your own, “justin, joking about feelings like that isn’t funny.”
  • justin faced you, “i wasn’t joking, (y/n), I like you.”
  • you stared up at him, unsure of how to feel
  • “(y/n)?” justin’s ears turned red like they always did when he was embarrassed, and he shifted the weight of his legs, “could you maybe say something? i kinda just confessed?”
  • “yah, huang minghao,” you snapped, hitting his chest, “i wasted tears on you. tears. I NEVER cry over boys.”
  • justin smiled, wrapping you up in a hug, “i promise i’ll never make you cry again, (y/n).”
  • you sighed, looking up at him, “don’t make promises you can’t keep.”
  • “i’ll keep you in my heart forever,” justin said, giving you his signature wink
  • you rolled your eyes, pulling away from him, “ah, I’m in love with the wrong person,” you said dramatically as he brought his arm around your shoulders
  • as the two of you started walking towards your apartment again, you felt him kiss your cheek quickly
  • “yah, huang minghao, who said you could kiss me?”
  • justin’s ears were bright red as he looked the other way in embarrassment
  • smiling, you leaned up, kissing his cheek as well
  • wow young love, how cute

you know that when you go to your like six-year-old cousin’s birthday party and there’s that one like, five year old who keeps trying to hit on you? i feel like that’s justin tbH

also, i was watching this radio show w/ some members of nct as hosts and yuehua boys were guests and a couple things stood out to me:

first, i think it’s bc their voice pitch is similar and their accents are similar, but justin REALLY sounds like minghao/the8 from svt, which is funny bc they’re both minghaos

second, jung jung seems to not talk very much bc he’s not confident in korean, which pains my heart bc he’s amazing and deserves all the screentime my bby it’s ok if ur korean is a bit flawed, the feeling is still there <3

also, the sprouts said that one of their potential company evaluation songs was eoeo by uniq and i screamed (if anyone has seen the eoeo dance, you know what i mean). yuehua sprouts are smol pls protect their innocence don’t make them grind on the floor @ yuehua 

uncommon alliances [draco malfoy]

request:  “ wowowow ive only read one of things youve written (idk if youve written more but still) and i already love your writing, since you taking requests, can you do something with the reader being rons twin sister and draco is interested™ in her and pansy is like wingwoman as fuck, but not to draco, to the reader, like theyre lowkey friends, you can take it where ever after those things tho.. thank you ❤️” - @reading-vs-reality

word count: ~1800

a/n: awww, thanks!! sorry this was sitting in my inbox for so long! i got a lil carried away with the “reader is ron’s twin” part and wrote tons (like 5000 words worth) of domestic relationship building between reader, ron, hermione, harry and ginny / the background between pansy and reader’s friendship. it might be posted later if i feel like it, but for now, this is what you got! thanks for reading and sorry if this isn’t what you wanted!

summary: sitting around a table in hogsmeade is the best place to find out secrets. also, reverse psychology ALWAYS works on a slytherin.

part zero

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Jealous Shawn-Request by anon Hey everyone! it’s been a long time coming,but i was so blocked these past few weeks.This is my second time writing in second person,so bear with me.Hope you all enjoy!

“Quit staring it’s creepy” You blushed adding the finishing touches to your makeup.Shawn leaning against the door frame watching you admiration,eyeing your every move as you applied your ruby red lipstick.

“It’s romantic” He defended leaving his place,embracing you in his arms.Your breathing coming to a halt as he placed his chin on your bare shoulder,his cool breath sending shivers down your back. 

“We should just cancel this whole thing and have a party of our own.” He suggests kissing your neck,then softly nipped at,making a tingly feeling erupt between your legs.You swallowed the dry lump forming in your throat,Shawn picking up on the signals your body were sending him.He smirked making his way up your neck,burying his face into your long curls.

“Shawn” You whined gripping onto the bathroom counter top.

“Hmm” He responded continuing to graze his lips down your neck.You turn around facing him,his eyes full of lust as caressed your body with his hands.But you weren’t giving in,two can play this game.Turning him over,you press your bodies against the cold counter,grazing your lips against his teasingly.He smirks attempting pull you in closer,while you back away slowly.His forehead creasing in confusion,as he thought he was winning.

“Nice try,But not tonight Mendes”  You smile devilishly exiting the master bathroom,leaving him dumbfounded.

“Tease” He calls out from behind you.

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Help Me Get The Girl Part 4 (Grayson Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,458

Warnings: Language. Talk about sex.

A/N: So this took me like 500 years to write and post.  I truly apologize about the delays in writing this.  I have been super busy this past week.  This part is a big turning point in the series ;) Hope you enjoy it!

Your POV:

As badly as I wanted to avoid Grayson like the plague, I couldn’t be that person.  I couldn’t be the person that ran away and hid in the shadows, waiting for the sun to find me.  After we finished swimming, we hiked back to his place where we relaxed for a bit before I finally made my way home.

               The whole drive home my mind was foggy, my thoughts slamming into each other making it nearly impossible for me to sort out what I was feeling.  Now, here I was walking next to Grace in the hall, not paying attention to a single thing she was saying because I was still confused by what had happened.

               “Have you even been listening to me?” Grace’s voice brought be back to reality just in time to avoid an incoming jock who also wasn’t paying attention to where he was going.  Our shoulders still managed to collide, causing me to instinctively rub the aching area.

               “Yeah,” I absent mindedly responded.  My eyes caught sight of Ethan who was walking our way, his eyes locked on mine and his small smile building into a beam.  “Are we still on for tonight?” I asked Grace, my eyes still on Ethan.

               She let out a deep sigh, “Yeah, but please be mentally present when you come over.  You’re being hella weird right now.”

               “Mhm…” I hummed, walking away without another word.

               “Okay, I’ll see you in the lunch room in a little bit. I can tell that I’m not needed for whatever is about to happen.” She said sarcastically.

               She continued to walk past me as I came to a pause, waiting for Ethan to reach me.  I expected him to say something, but he didn’t.  His hand came up, pushing a hair out of my face and behind my ear. His eyes were pleading, begging for my help but I wasn’t sure why.  He cleared his throat, his head nodding back in a way to signal for me to look. Slightly leaning to the side, I scanned through the hall.  My eyes finally landed on the issue.

               Corrin Pearson.

               Corrin had always had a crush on Ethan.  In her eyes, he was unattainable to everyone but her. Most guys would pounce all over her if given the chance, but neither Ethan nor Grayson gave her a second glance. I had to give her credit though—she had dedication and she hadn’t given up.  I remember her crushing on him before he and I had even become friends.

               “I’m going to kiss you,” Ethan explained.  “You’re going to kiss me back.  She is going to get mad, but I know it’s nothing you can’t handle.” And with that he cupped my face with his hands and gently placed his lips on mine.  My eyes shot open, he hadn’t given me enough time to process what he had said, but I was smart enough to respond, my hands moving to rest on his sides.

               Ethan pulled away after a few seconds, pecking me one more time, his hands taking their time to slide off my cheeks and to his side.  Behind him, Corrin was frozen solid, her jaw dropped to the floor.  Her eyes narrowed in on mine, her fists clenching.  Neither of us would break eye contact, it was the stare down of the year.  I wasn’t about to lose.

               “DOLAN!  Y/L/N! Please just give us all a break for one day.  One day is all I ask.” Mr. Stephens complained, his head falling back against his classroom door.  Both Ethan and I laughed in unison.  The amount of times we got in trouble with Mr. Stephens a week was indescribable.  Mr. Stephens rolled his eyes, returning to his classroom.  This caused Ethan and I to laugh even harder, him bending over, arms wrapped around his stomach.  

               “Yeah, because making out in the hall is so funny.” A voice growled next to us.  Our laughter came to an abrupt halt as soon as Grayson spoke.  “Why would you guys even think that’s funny.  Some of us would rather not watch softcore porn in the hall.” His tone was deep and angry.  This was not the Grayson I was used to seeing each day.

               “Woah man, we didn’t make out!” Ethan put his hands up in defense.  “Crazy Corrin was trying to get me to go on a date with her, like usual, and I just wanted to put an end to it!  Why are you so mad?” He retorted.

               Grayson rolled his eyes, “I’m not mad.  I just think that it’s a bit unnecessary to do that in the hall.  We’re in school, c’mon.”

               “Okay, but Y/n and I do shit like that all the time. I don’t see why you’re mad now.” Ethan continued the argument.  Sometimes I wish he would just give it up and move on.  But, he was always one to have the last word whether you liked it or not. Everything was a challenge to Ethan.

               “So, you’re going to tell me that you kiss in public regularly?  Bullshit.” Grayson raised his voice.

               “Holy crap you two!  Cool it!  Especially you, Grayson!  What’s your deal?” I finally snapped.  It wasn’t like us as a group to argue.  Gray and E may argue behind the scenes, but they never really did it in front of me. And, usually when they argue, it’s Ethan doing most of the talking and Grayson brushing off everything he says.

               “Whatever.” Grayson murmured.  “Let’s just go to lunch.” Ethan and I exchanged glances before following behind him.  We kept our distance the whole way.  Honestly, we kept our distance the rest of the day because his attitude never let up.

               Let me just say this… boys when they’re mad is worse than I have ever been while on my period.


               Right when Grace and I entered her bedroom, I dropped my bag on the floor and launched my body onto her bed.  I crawled under her covers, folded the pillow under my head, and allowed myself to relax even though I didn’t need to.  Ethan gave Theo a ride home and I had no homework. My worries were no more and I just wanted to lounge around.

               “Get out of my bed!” Grace demanded.  I faked a snore, ignoring her.  “Honestly, you do this each time you come over.” I could hear her shuffling closer to me.  She shoved my shoulder repeatedly, but was not successful.  My snoring only grew louder.  “Get up!” she shouted.

               My body rolled off the bed, landing on the ground with a loud thud.  A groan escaped my lips but was over powered by the sound of Grace’s laughter.  I soon joined her, pushing myself up from the ground and into a crisscross position next to her bed.  

               “So, how have you been?” Grace asked, sitting on the floor with me.

               I smiled, unsure of why she was asking this question.  “What do you mean?  We see each other almost every day.” I let out a small chuckle.

               She shrugged, “We see each other at school, Y/n. We haven’t hung out outside of school in a couple weeks.  You always seem to be with Grayson!”

               She was right.  I had focused all my time on helping Grayson earn her attention that I had put our friendship on the back burner.  Grace and I had been inseparable for years and it wasn’t normal for us to spend this much time apart.  Guilt washed over my face when I noticed the unavoidable pain in her eyes.  We were really all each other had.  

               Grace and I were each other’s only friend growing up. People made fun of Grace because her family couldn’t afford new clothes, she wore oversized glasses, and her older sister was notorious for causing trouble around town.  I was the only one who wouldn’t desert her.  I was the only one to stay by her side.  Little did people know, Grace’s father would work his way up in a small business that would eventually boom and he would become a top CEO after taking the business over.

               Once all of that happened, Grace’s appearance totally changed, her sister’s anger had subsided, and their family had become stabilized.  Grace had always been beautiful, that beauty was just hidden beneath all her pain. But now she exuded confidence and each day she was radiant.  The boys ogled over her and the girls wanted to be her.  But the best thing about Grace was that she didn’t care about all of that.  She was focused on family, academics, and friends.  And lately, I hadn’t been a good friend.

               “I’m sorry, Grace.  Gray and I have just been working on something together.  I sort of let it consume my time and that wasn’t fair to you.  I promise it wasn’t intentional.” I explained.

               “It’s okay!  It’s okay!  I was just afraid that we were drifting apart and I don’t want that, Y/n.” she smiled, taking my hands in hers.  “Just don’t leave me behind like that ever again!  I mean I love Ethan and everything, but man can that boy talk. Also, he always wants to do the WEIRDEST things.  You and Gray left us in the dust!”

               My smile stretched from ear to ear, “I promise I won’t leave you in the dust ever again.” We locked pinkies, “And yeah E is an oddball, but that’s what makes him so lovable!”

               “Do you like him?” Grace wiggled her eyebrows as she unclasped our pinkies.  “I heard about your make-out session in the hall!  Why didn’t you tell me?” she gave me a look of disappointment mixed with mischief.

               I stuck my tongue out, “No.  No, no, no.  Ethan is my best friend!” Grace raised her eyebrows, “He’s my second-best friend,” I corrected, “He kissed me to get Corrin off his ass.  She’s like a leech; she just won’t let go.”

               “Sure…” she drug out her words, indicating that there was more to the situation.

               “I’m not lying!  Me and Ethan dating is a no go.” I clarified, waving me hands in the air. “A no go!” I reiterated.  

               “Okay, okay!  But, pull a stunt like that again and I really won’t believe you.” She warned, standing up.  I mimicked her actions, following her to her closet.  “Help me choose something to wear to my daddy’s business dinner tomorrow night.”

               I started to sift through her clothes hanging in her oversized walk-in closet.  I swear she has enough clothes to wear a different outfit each day for a year without repeating one.  I never complained though because she let me borrow whatever I wanted from her whether it was new or one of her favorite pieces.

               The talk of our friendship and how weird Ethan is had distracted me from something I had promised to do.  I had promised Grayson that I would talk to Grace about him. I was reluctant to because I had just talked to Grace about focusing more on our friendship, and here I was getting ready to bring up Grayson.  Whether I wanted to do it or not, I had to keep up my end of the deal.  This all better work out in the end.

               “What do you think about Grayson.” I blurted out, trying my best to act casual about it.

“Grayson?  What do you mean what do I think about him?” she said as she continued to pull dresses from the rack.  She held out a pink fitted dress with a lace pattern on it.  I shook my head no and she immediately returned it to its place.

“Well, you two always seem to be hitting it off.  Are you interested in him at all?” I pulled that out of my ass. Grayson was trying to make it so that they would ‘hit it off’ but he had yet to achieve that goal.

She snickered, “I’ve never really thought of Gray that way.  Are you sure you aren’t just asking me because I asked if you like Ethan?” she challenged me.

“No!  I really think you two would be good together!” I defended.  I wasn’t sure that I really believed what I had said. Did I really want them to be together?

She stopped what she was doing and gave me her full attention, “Grayson and I, huh?” she tapped her chin, “I don’t know.  Guess it never really came across my mind.  He is super sweet and really cute, but I feel like we are too good of friends to ever really be anything else.”

“Don’t knock it till you try it.” I sang.

“Just like you knocked Ethan?”

My eyes widened to the size of tennis balls, heat rising to the surface of my cheeks.  “I never should have told you about that.” I shook my head.

She roared with laughter, “Okay, but all jokes aside.  Do you really think Gray and I would be good together?” she genuinely seemed interested.  I wanted to scream ‘NO’ but I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t. To me, my friend’s feelings come before mine and if I were to say anything like that, I would potentially hurt Grace’s feelings and would truly hurt Grayson’s.

“Yeah.” I said using a light tone.

She smiled a childish grin, “Maybe…”


“So, what did she say?” Grayson’s eager voice asked through the phone.  He had been texting me all evening waiting for me to respond about my conversation with Grace.  

“I’m not answering you until you apologize for your ridiculous outburst earlier today.” I told him, packing up my backpack for the next day as my phone rested between my jaw and shoulder.

He sighed through the line, “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry that you and Ethan chose to make-out in the hall like idiots.”

“WE DIDN’T MAKE-OUT!” I shouted nearly dropping my phone.

“You did!  It was disturbing!”

“Whatever.” I grunted.  “Either way you had no right to be mad about it.”

He let out a sarcastic chuckle, “Ethan just needs keep his distance from… never mind. How about we just talk about it tomorrow, yeah?” he cut our conversation short.  Well this went from 0 to 100 real quick.  I didn’t know asking for an apology would upset him this much.

“Sure…” I responded quietly.

“Okay.” He was almost in a whisper now.  “See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.” I matched his tone.  He hung up, leaving me confused yet again.

I sat on my bed, my phone still in my hand, eyebrows furrowed in thought.  I wanted to call him back and ask him what’s wrong.  But I didn’t. Instead, I called Ethan, and cried… not knowing what I was crying about.

And he listened to me.  He always listens.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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The last one + solangelo


Prompt: “What a good mortal. I’m glad I decided to keep you.”

The thing with Nico di Angelo is that he tended to landed himself in situations that almost nobody could ever get into. Maybe it was because people saw him, a scrawny teenager with his headphones blasting Fall Out Boy, completely oblivious to the round around him. Maybe it was because he was a magnet, drawing trouble from the depths of the shadows where it lurked, repelling all things good like two south poles facing each other away.

So, really, when he heard a strange noise, like the fluttering of wings, and turned to find a bag thrown over his head, he wasn’t surprised. A sickly sweet smell filled his nostrils and before he could even shout, his brain clouded over with a foggy haze and the world swam into an inky blackness, thicker than sleep.

The twisted part about all of it that Nico actually felt peaceful for once. Sure maybe there was pain in his future and sure his sister would have a heart attack, but that didn’t seem to matter as warm fuzzy thoughts drifted through his head with a bright yellow glow. Some of them where memories of birthdays and happier times. Some flashed images of first crushes, and some were things he didn’t even recognize. Bright green pastures, blond curls, blue eyes. Something otherworldly, but at the same time, felt like home. With a gasp Nico woke up.

In a cage

Although technically speaking it was a really nice cage, if Nico was being honest with himself. It was weaved out of branches and vines, some looking like they were still growing before his eyes, playing on fast forward. There were bright flowers dotting the leaves, a variety of different colours. Beneath him was a bush which appeared to be a bed, and was surprisingly soft. Under his head was a pillow–no it was a chunk of moss, as well as the covers around him, but neither felt like so. Everything about it was off.

Nico turned as he heard something cackling and breaking, and he realized that it was the branches, shrinking to reveal a doorway. As they moved they seemed to get younger, until they were too young to exist anymore. They finally parted to reveal a boy who was…. all words and no words mixed into one.

He had blond curls piled on top of his head with a crown made of interlocking branches resting on top of them, a clear jewel resting in the center, seeming to flash rainbows whenever the light caught it a certain way. His ears were, oddly, pointed into tips at the dop, disappearing into his mane of hair. He was tall and willowy, everything about his graceful. He had on a plain tunic, the same breathtaking blue as his eyes, which almost seemed to glow in an eerie sort of way. And behind him there was a glimmer of something almost like…. wings.

Yeah that’s what they were. Wings. Almost transparent due to their translucent blue colour, but they were definitely there. Oh god what did Nico get himself into?

“Hullo mortal,” the boy said, his voice like the soft whistles of the wind lulling you into a peaceful slumber. Everything about it was wrong. Nico backed away.

“W-who are you? W-where am I?” The boy laughs, like his confusion is funny.

“I am Will, one of the fae.”

“The w-what?” Something about the name tickled at the corners of Nico’s consciousness, just out of reach. Something he read or learned at school…..

“The Fair Folk. Or Faeries, as some of your kind like to call us.”

“Fairies? Like Tinker Bell?” Will shakes his head sadly, smiling a little to himself.

“No. Far from that.”


“Do not speak, mortal. The queen wishes to see you.”

“T-the queen? What about my f-family?”

“All in due time.” For some reason, his calmness angered Nico.

“Take me back,” he growls.

“I’m not at liberty to–”

“Take. Me. Back,” Nico says again, this time close enough to Will that he can feel his hot breath on his face. Will, however, remains calm.

“I am sorry, mortal. I don’t have the power to do that.” Nico growls, punching the wall beside him. There’s a satisfying crunch as it breaks, but only to grow back again, this time stronger. Nico turns back to Will, his frustration rolling off of him in waves that Will could practically feel. It sent shivers down his spine.

“Take me back,” he says again as Will already starts to shake his head. Then, he whispers softly, “Please. They’re all I have.”

Something in Will changes then, something small. His heart seems to feel lighter than air, and he wants nothing more than to comfort the poor mortal, bringing him peace once again.

“It’s the only way….” Nico punches him. Hard. It almost knocks him off balance, but he catches himself, right as guards rush into the cell, grabbing him by his arms. He fights against them, but in the end the fae are too strong. They drag him out as he glares back at Will, ready to face whatever the queen would condemn him too. And Will stood staring after him, a hand held up to his broken nose.

A few days, or months later, Nico lost track of time, Nico was sitting in the throne room, the queen with her long curly red hair in front of him, on his knees. On the sides of the room where officials; ambassadors, princes, and princesses alike. Among them was Will, chewing his lip nervously. Nico proved to be… difficult these past few weeks, refusing their kindness and getting a few good punches at a few of the guards. He wouldn’t eat any of their food, making him weak and his skin start to hang off of his already bony frame. He almost never talked, making his voice hoarse in the few rare times he did, and now he was waiting to see what the queen would do to him. Either she’d heal his broken mind…. or give him a fate worse than they could possibly imagine.

Under normal circumstances, Will wouldn’t have minded any of it. Most of the people brought to the fae were trespassing on their territory or some other dreadful thing, but this was the first boy to pass through their control that Will actually got to know, and that’s what made his heart flutter with nervousness.

Because Will was the one who kept watch over him as he slept.

And Will was the one who heard him cry.

At first, he didn’t understand what the noise was, the groans and sniffling echoing through the cell. He never heard a sound quite like it. his curiosity getting the best of him, he went into the cell, not prepared for what he was about to see. It definitely wasn’t Nico staring up at him, his eyes filled with sadness, anger, and annoyance. It wasn’t tears streaming down his face as he wiped them on the sleeves of his shirt, attempting to stare Will in the eye intimidatingly, but failing dramatically. That night, Will left without a word.

It was three days before Will heard it again. This time it seemed more muffled as the poor boy tried to hide it, but Will still heard. He came in again, opening his mouth to say something, but Nico just shook his head.

“Don’t you even start,” Nico whispered. Will left again.

The third time it happened, Nico was shaking by the time Will came in. His tears wouldn’t stop no matter how hard he tried and he was so lost in his own grief that he didn’t even bother to wipe the tears away, or tell Will to leave. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do, so he sat beside Nico silently, twiddling his thumbs, thinking of what to say as Nico whimpered. He decided to try and embrace him, but Nico soon pulled away, seeming horrified.

“Don’t,” he growled.

They continued the same dance almost every other night, Will trying his best to help, but Nico keeping his distance. But one night Will didn’t show up. He forgets the exact reason why, but Nico was almost disappointed when he realized it wasn’t Will standing outside his cell, and even though he wouldn’t admit it to himself, a small part of him missed him.

The next night, Will came into the cell, prompted by nothing other than the fact that he wanted to be there. Nico looked up, his mouth an “O” of surprise, and he stood up as Will stepped closer to him, an apology already on his lips.

“I’m sorry I had to–” But Will is cut off as Nico, for the first time ever, embraces him in a hug, tears starting to prickle his eyes as he buries his face in Will’s chest.

“Please don’t leave me again,” he whispers, softly. Hesitantly.

Will stayed with him for every night on.

“We are here to decide the fate of this boy before us,” the queen says. Nico growls.

“As you all know, there are two options for him, one filled with peace and prosperity, the other filled with a fare worse than death.” Will taps his fingers nervously on the side of his pants, everything about his posture tense and stiff.

“What do you propose, Nico di Angelo?” Nico snarls.

“Take me back to my family. Now.”

“But do you still have a family to go back to?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Have you ever considered that maybe, your family doesn’t exist anymore?” the queen says, a thoughtful smile on her lips. Dread twists inside him as he chokes out, “W-what?”

“Haven’t you been told? Time is different here in the Land of Fae. It could seem like only weeks have passed here, but in the real world it’s been centuries.”

“No–” Nico cries. The queen giggles a cruel laugh that causes Will to cringe.

“Yes mortal. You’re mother and sister are dead.” Nico crumples to the ground, his head in his hand as he chants the word “no” over and over, his body trembling. Will wanted nothing more to take him into his arms and tell him it would be alright.

“So my family’s gone,” Nico spats, his face seeming paler than before. The queen tilts her head, weighing her options.


“Almost? Almost? What is that supposed to mean?”

“Your father didn’t tell you, did he?”

“Tell me what?”

“Who he really is.”

“He’s my father.”



“No,” she says again. “He’s one of us.”

“N-no you’re l-lying.”

“Oh Nico, Nico, Nico. Haven’t you ever been taught that we fae can’t lie?”

“I-I don’t believe you.”

“Then how come your father, after two centuries, is alive and well, not aged a day with another daughter of his own?”


“Yes Nico. This is how we found you in the first place.” Nico was shaking again, but this time it was with anger.


“You don’t have to. That doesn’t change your fate.”

“My f-fate?”

“It has already been decided, Nico di Angelo. Send him into Exile with the other disgraces.” Will’s heart fell and his vision swam. There was nothing worse than Exile. Will has only been down there once, and the half-borns shrieks still haunted him to this day.

Stepping forward, his gaze narrowed on the trembling boy with dark locks, Will shouted, “No.”

Everyone turned to him.

“Will Solace. Well isn’t this a surprise.”

“Your Majesty I think that Nico could prove…. useful to us.”

“And how may I ask?” Will frantically tries to come up with an excuse, but his mind seems to come up empty. But maybe….

“What if he has magic? Powerful magic. It could help us with our enemies in the near future,” Will says, trying to seem cool and collected. Nico flashes him a look that says, “what have you got me into?” The queen wrestles with this idea for a second.

“I see your point, Solace. Very well. If the boy proves that he can wield magic, we will make an exception. Nico glares at Will, his hands shaking nervously.

“Share your gifts with us, if you wish to survive, Di Angelo.” Nico nods his head, not sure if he’ll be able to pull it off. He’s never done magic before, and there’s no way that he’ll be able to now. Will nods his head at him and Nico tries what he could only guess is how you perform magic. He closes his eyes, concentrating on finding something within him to spark a flame or something in his palm. There is gasp from those present in the room, and Nico opens his eyes to see, sure enough, a small fire.

“So the boy does have potential,” the queen whispers.

“Very well. Will, please escort this young man back to his cell.” Will nods his head, breathing out a sigh of relief as he takes Nico’s arm.

When they’re out of earshot, Nico stops, turning to Will.

“How did you know that would work?” Nico says.

“It didn’t,” Will says.

“What? B-but–”

“It didn’t work, because I lied to them.”

“But… I thought faeries couldn’t lie?”

“If they’re pure blood.”

“What?” Will laughs, finding the whole situation funny.

“Nico, someday, with practice, you will be able to do that. But it takes mentoring and practice, like I have.”

“I still don’t understand…. faeries can’t lie.”

“What if I’m not faerie?” Nico gasps, putting his hands up to his mouth, shaking his head.

“B-but you look like them you have to be–”

“Looks can be deceiving,” Will says, starting to shimmer a little. Then, when the light stops, standing in front of Nico is a normal boy, just like him, still breathtakingly beautiful, but with the quirks of humans. Little traces of acne are spread around his face and freckles dot his skin in constellations. His ears look normal and he no longer has wings, but his eyes still seem bright, this time lit with something else. Nico finds himself gasping.


“Different, huh?” Will says, a big grin stretching across his face. If the glamour dropping away was supposed to make him uglier, it wasn’t working. Somehow, it mar him more beautiful than ever with the small quirks.

“I-I don’t know what to say.”

“Are you ready to go?” Will asks.


“To your new sister.”


“Don’t you think it’s time we see the mortal world?”

They stood out on the freezing street, a small little house in front of them, the world so much different from when they left it. “You ready?”

“No,” Nico admits. Will smiles.

“It’s going to be fine. Say hi to your dad.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll figure something out. Now go.” Nico stares at Will for a second, his mouth open to form words, but he just shakes his head. Then, after a daring moment, he stands up on the tips of his toes and presses a kiss to Will’s cheek, making both of their hearts leap.

“I’ll never forget you.”

“Nor will I.” They stand there for a moment longer, then Nico walks up to the door, knocking. A girl, probably a year or two younger than him answers it.

“Is your father home?” Nico asks shyly to the girl. She eyes him skeptically but nods her head, leaving to go get him.

When Nico’s dad shows up at the door, his eyes are brimming with tears as he hugs Nico tight, murmuring how much he missed him and questioning what happened to him. The girl who answered the door looks confused as she stands off to the side, but her and Nico are soon introduced to each other, and soon smiles are plastered on their faces. Will smiles sadly, knowing that this is where Nico belongs, and turns to walk away.

“Hey Will! Do you want to stay for dinner?” Nico calls. Will turns around, almost feeling like he was floating as a wide grin spread across his face, nodding. Nico walked down to him and took his hand leading him inside. Will leans into him and whispers, “What a good mortal. I’m glad I decided to keep you.“ Nico just shakes his head, happier than he’s been in a long time despite everything.

faerie prompts

How You Met

Preference #1


Your older sister, Ayla, had been complaining that she doesn’t spend much time with you. You were 16 years old, who was taking junior and senior classes to graduate 2 years early. To say you were smart is an understatement. You never were the type of girl who went to parties, drinks, smokes, sneaks out- never. If anything you were scared of that life. Finally, when you finished your classes and had successfully graduated early, you went and stayed with your sister in L.A.

“Y/N!” You heard your name being shouted and a waving hand just barely above everyone’s heads. You had just landed in LAX and was looking for your sister. Just like your sister, you were short. You beat your sister in height by an inch and a half. Which you bragged about a lot.

“Ayla!” You shrieked and ran towards her. She met you halfway, pulling each other into a tight embrace. You saw her at your graduation but since you were busy greeting and taking pictures with many and many other family members, you didn’t get to spend much time with her.

“Guys remember how I said Ayla’s younger sister, Y/N, is coming into town. Well, last time we saw her, Ayla left her in my apartment with Kong. And we’ve never compared them to each other. But look! Y/N is taller than Ayla! ” Logan exclaimed, talking to the Logangsters.

“Logan, good to see you again!” You shrieked jumping into his arms, wrapping your short arms and legs around him.

“Koala! It’s good to see you again! Hows the graduated life! Guys This girl is so smart- you have no idea! She’s 16 and she just graduated from high school like a month ago!” Logan yelled into his camera, making a scene. A tall guy, yelling into a camera with a short girl hanging onto his body like a koala, odd picture to see.

When you three made it to Logan’s purple charger you called dibs on shotgun. Seeing as you are taller.

You were busy taking in the big city to realize that Logan was talking up a band and that you were all going over to their place. When you arrived you were distracted by the huge house and amazing view. You didn’t even realize Logan and group of 5 guys talking and laughing until Ayla handed you Logans puppy, Kong.

“I gotta use the bathroom real quick, do not let the boys take Kong.” She warned you.

“Hey, Y/N! Come here. I want to introduce you to someone.” Logan said from a patio couch.

“Yeah?” You asked sitting next to him petting the puppy in your arms.

“Y/N this is Zach, Zach this is Y/N. You are both 16 and single.” Logan said running off to the four other guys.

“Heh, hi,” Zach said shyly. His cheeks turning a slight shade of red.

“Hi.” You said finally looking him in the eyes. Your eyes locked and legitimately lost your breath.

“Can I get your number before you leave?” He asked after a moment of just looking at each other.

“Yeah, of course.” You smiled at him, which he returned.


You were at a skate park in L.A. That your best friend and boyfriend dragged you to. You were dating the quarterback of the football team from your school. He was very cocky and jockey. But before that, he was a sweet nerd who put you first. The only reason you were you still together was that you didn’t want to throw five years of your relationship away. You loved him but you weren’t in love with him. You cared deeply for him but you can’t see the same future with him anymore. He loves you but to his friends, you’re his ‘ball and chain’. He wants a future with you but only if you’re okay with an open relationship. He cheats on you at least three times a month. But his friends cover it up for him. And you never suspected a thing.

“Y/N since you’re here you should learn to skate.” Your best friend said. She was into skating as much as your boyfriend. You were glad they got along but you didn’t know just how great they got along.

“I’m gonna fall on my face. And you know it.” You said laughing, but still getting up off the ground. You weren’t the type to wear heels to school. You were a jeans, converse and nice top kind of gal.

You stood up on the board already feeling like your falling. You steadied yourself as you mimicked your best friends actions. After hours and hours of going short distances, you finally started to get the hang of it. You had Y/B/F go ahead as you went your pace. You were just cruising around all the obstacles when you had a board to board collision with another skater. You fell on your ass and he did too.

“Oh sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was skating.” You said laughing at yourself. Looking over to who you crashed with. He had the best top ramen looking hair ever.

“Oh no, it’s okay. I wasn’t either.” He said laughing.

Oh my goodness, his laugh sounds like angels singing in my ears. You thought.

“You skate?” The noodle headed boy asked you.

“Uh, no not really. I’m just started to learn.” You laughed at yourself.

“I’m Jack.” He said holding out his hand for you to shake. You firmly shook his hand but didn’t let go. You two were still sitting on the ground with your boards between you two, at your feet.

“Here let me help you up.” He said getting up and pulling you with him.

“Thanks.” You were mesmerized by his hair, eyes, smile- his appearance in general.

He waited, standing there with his skate board at his feet and his hand in your hand, waiting for you to introduce yourself. But he didn’t mind holding your hand. He smiled patiently.

“Uh sorry. I’m Y/N.” you introduced yourself after coming back into reality.

“Y/N suits you.” He said smiling at your confused expression

“What do you mean by that?”

“Pretty name for a pretty girl.” He simply said not letting go, which you didn’t mind.


You were best friends with Logan and Jake Paul but when shit started to go south with Jake and Alissa, you Usian bolt and run. You moved out of the Team 10 house and moved in with Logan because you were on Alissa’s side on this. Jake didn’t like that you left the house but, you were only there because he asked you to move in as his best friend. But over the months of Team 10 developing he turned into some fake, click bait, hater. You didn’t like who he turned into, you wanted the guy he used to be. Then shit started happening on twitter, he said that he kicked you out and Alissa left and that you were both talking shit on twitter and Instagram. You didn’t have a YouTube channel. You never really bothered with one because you were afraid you were gonna turn into some arrogant ass-butt.

You moved in with Logan and Mark around the time Jake came out with the It’s Everyday Bro song. In the song, he called out you, Alissa and so many other people. You were pissed when the song came out. You had the idea of making The Fall of Jake Paul. Logan wanted to do that song too but he wanted his boys, Why Don’t We, in the diss track because Jake dissed them somewhere, you didn’t really pay attention to the band because of the recent 411.

You were sitting on a love sac, in the middle of a fight over text with Jake. He was pleading to not make the song he thinks you’re making.

“Stupid ass-butt.” You muttered, tossing your phone to another loves farther away. You close your eyes, you were so frustrated with everything that Jake started. You were too focused on your breathing to notice the WDW boys and Logan enter the apartment. When you opened your eyes you were surrounded with 5 very attractive guys and Logan with his vlog camera.

“Making every teenage girl’s dreams come true.” You said looking at all of the guys, they were all smiling down at you. “God, you’re even more attractive when you smile.”

They all laughed at your comment and sat down around you.

“Y/N these are the boys. Corbyn, Jack, Jonah, Zach, and Daniel” Logan introduced you to the boys, pointing at each individual. You were so caught up with names and faces that you were so confused.

“Boys, this is my roommate and my old neighbor back in Ohio, Y/N Y/L/N!” He said, pointing towards you. The camera recording everything. A string of heys was said to you.

Then lastly, the boy with the long neck and tooth gap said “Hi” he smiled at you, showing off his tooth gap.

“Hi,” you said, smiling like a school girl at the attractive guy that caught your eye.

“Yes, she’s single,” Logan said right as the rest of the WDW boys said “Yes, he’s single”

“You already know Daniel and Y/N are gonna get together,” Logan whispered to his Vlog camera, catching your attention as well as Daniels.

“What?” You both asked in unison, still smiling.


You’re two best friends had recently been obsessed with some new boy band. You didn’t share the same music taste as them, usually. But this time this band was pretty good. You didn’t bother looking them up and doing the whole nine yards of fangirling over a new band.

“Y/N! You will never guess what my dad just surprised me with!?” Y/B/F screamed running into your house. She basically lived there, considering her father was a lawyer and spent more time on a plane than anywhere else.

“A car?” You guessed from your spot at the dining table. You were doing your homework eating some left over pizza from the night before. Your parents were on an anniversary trip for the rest of the week. Taking your infant baby brother. And leaving you home alone for at least week. You weren’t complaining. You loved being alone. No curfew, you don’t have to ask to have friends over, to go out, it’s every teenager’s dream.

“No!” She said jumping up and down.

“Just tell me.” You were growing annoyed. Considering she didn’t let you sleep the night before because she was going on and on about her future husband, Jack Avery.

“WHY DONT WE CONCERT TICKETS!” She exclaimed, still jumping.

“Wait, what?! Why? For when? How many tickets?!” You asked smiling. You liked their music. But didn’t know who they were.

“Yeah. He missed my birthday last month, he had that one stalker/ murder case in New York For this weekend. Three tickets with VIP passes.” She answered your questions.

“Awesome! Who else is going? Our infamous gay best friend?!” You asked, sarcastically.

The weekend finally came around and you were ready. You had to ask your parents for this event because well, you weren’t going to be back when they returned. You were the one that drove from Hollywood to San Francisco. The entire way there your best friends played WDW. But you weren’t annoyed. You eventually joined them and belted out the notes and words in the car.

Finally, you guys got to the venue just in time for the meet and greet. You didn’t really know them so you weren’t that excited for the meet and greet. But your friends were.

“Daniel is legit my favorite. He’s the one with a tooth gap. It’s so fucking adorable.” Your gay best friend said trying to look over the many and many of girls in line. After nearly an hour you were next. The limit was two people at a time. Which you were fine with going alone.

“Next!” The guard said. Your friends going up to each of them and hugging them. Taking pictures. You were busy looking around. Taking in your surroundings when the guard spoke again. You walked up to the boys excited and humble.

“Hey” a guy with noodle hair greeted me first. Seeing as he was first in line.

“You’re Jack, right?” You said remembering the little trivia game your friends had you play.

“Yeah! Let me guess you’re the friend that likes the music but doesn’t know the band?” He asked you. You nodded.

“Okay. well, I’m Jack. This is Zach. Then it’s Jonah, Daniel, and last but not least Corbyn. ” he introduced you to the group trying to match names to faces. The last one was distracted by saying bye to your friends. When he turns to the group he saw you with a confused face. Looking at the boys and your lips slightly moving, trying to make a connection of name to a face.

“Oh, you’re the one friend that doesn’t know the band but like the music!” The blonde haired guy said smiling like a doofus.


“That’s my name. What’s yours?” He asked offering his hand for you to shake.

“Y/N,” you said taking his hand in yours. He pulls you into a tight embrace. Your trip on the way and fall into him.

“Awe, she fell for him!” Zach said making everyone laugh, even you. You pulled away from Corbyn, his cheeks and yours a light shade of pink. You took individual photos and then a group photo.

“Okay. Thanks, guys! Good luck out there!” You said walking towards the exit. You felt a tug of your wrist, turning around to face Corbyn.

“Text me after or before the show. I don’t care.” He said handing you a phone case that had their logo with a piece of paper in it with his number. And name.

“It’s Corbyn if you forgot. ”

“I didn’t forget. With a face like that, how can I?” You asked smirking and winking at Corbyn before turning and walking away.

Throughout the entire show, he looked for you and just stared at you. Singing and dancing around, he’d look for your face and he’d smile brighter. He even got so distracted he forgot his lines. Making you laugh, as well as his band mates.


You sitting in a Starbucks drinking your third cup of iced coffee, laptop opened in front of you and books upon books around you. You were interning for Atlantic Records. And it was fun but the paperwork was stressful. And if you even missed one day. The pile triples in size. You were stressed but you loved doing what you were doing. At the moment you listening to a new bands ep. You had to give your honest opinion on the songs and the band in general.

You’ve gone through at least a months worth of paperwork and you were beginning to feel a headache. You went up to the counter and ordered a water instead of coffee.

Hours later you finally decided it was time to leave. As you packed your stuff up you saw a group of three guys walk in. You realized that the three were guys who walked in was Daniel Seavey, Zach Herron, and Jack Avery. Three out of five members of a new band, Why Don’t We. You walked up to them ready to speak but forgot what you were gonna say.

“You guys are members of Why Don’t We, correct?” You asked, just wanting to make 100% sure.

“Yeah. How did you know? We aren’t officially official yet.” Jack Avery said.

“I’m interning at Atlantic Records. Your song Taking You is my favorite. I actually was the one that basically vouched for you guys to be signed to Atlantic Records.” You sounded so formal and business like but on the inside, you were hardcore fangirling.

“What? No way! You like us that much? You’ve never met us before?” Zach said, astonished that one of the main reasons the band is because of the girl standing in front of them.

“Yeah. I know. All I needed to do was listen to your guys’ tape to know you’re gonna dent the world. I could not be any more happy and proud of you guys.” You praised them. They each hugged you.

“Hey, why don’t you come over and we can have a great celebration dinner? Our parents just got us a house and they are making a dinner to celebrate getting signed.” Daniel said, you thought about it and why the hell not.

“Yeah sure. I want to meet the rest of you!” You said. Excited for the dinner.

“Great! Why don’t I pick you around 5? Dinner is at 7. That’s a good amount of time to get to know us, right?” Daniel suggested. You nodded with a toothy grin.

Later that night you received a text from your supervisor inviting you to the dinner because you had been their #1 supporter since day one. You let him know that the boys themselves invited you to go. And he thought it was a great idea. You were dressed casual but formal. You wore leggings, with a nice blouse and booted heels. Light make up with beach wave hair. A knock at the door signifies that Daniel had arrived. You grabbed your phone and purse and opened the door.

“Daniel! Hey!” He hugged you.

“Y/N, hey! Ready?” He asked, smiling showing his tooth gap.

“Yeah let me just get my keys and lock up.” You grabbed your keys and locked the door to your apartment.

As you walked to Daniels car downstairs he and you talked about their families and everyone who was there. You got to know each other as well. Not a second of the ride over was silent or awkward. When you arrived at the WDW boys’ house you were amazed at the view they had. It was beautiful. You followed Daniel into the house as he gave a small house tour going towards where everyone else was, outside. Where the view only got better.

“Hey, parentals! This is the intern that is basically one of the reasons we were signed to Atlantic Records.” Daniel introduced you to the boys’ parents.

“Y/N,” you said shaking each and everyone’s hands.

As the night went on you became more comfortable around them. Except you still have yet to meet Corbyn and Jonah.

You walked up to Corbyn who was getting a refill on his drink.

“Hi, Corbyn, right?” You asked, getting his attention.

“Yeah, that’s me! You must be Y/N! I have heard so much about you. It’s great to meet you too.” He said with a big grin on his face.

“Right back at Ya! I wanted to introduce myself but looks like the three boys already did that for me,” you said laughing.

“It’s okay. Let’s formally introduce us. My names Corbyn!” He said laughing.

“Names Y/N, pleasure meeting you.” You said extending your hand. He pushes your hand to the side and goes in for a hug instead.

“The pleasure is all mine.” You hugged him back.

“Have you met Jonah yet?” He asked pulling apart.

“Haven’t had time. I’ve been passed around like a baton or something. Getting thanked and hugged when you guys did the hard work. I simply listened to your music and fell in love with it.” You said laughing at the end.

“Awe. Thanks. Just so you know, we really are so grateful for the things you’ve done and said about our music. It means a lot.” He said guiding you to Jonah. He tapped a tall guys shoulder, he paused his conversation with Jack and turned to Corbyn.

“Jonah have you met Y/N? She’s that one intern that vouched for us.” Corbyn said, laughing at the end. You looked up to Jonah, eyes locking. It took a while for him to respond.

“No, I haven’t had the chance. Y/N, it’s a great pleasure.” He said extending his hand awkwardly. You giggled at his actions.

“You’re the shy one.” You guessed, mainly because he is the only one that hasn’t hugged you.

“Yeah, I guess I am the shy one.” He scratched the back of his neck, getting nervous.

“It’s okay. It’s cute.” You said taking a chance seeing as the rest of the guys had left for you two to talk.

“You’re cute.” He said putting both of his hands in his front pockets, shifting his weight back and forth on the balls of his feet.

You chuckled. “Smooth.” You said laughing at his reaction.

“Thanks, I really tried not to sound awkward or shy.” He said laughing at himself, taking a step closer to you. You looked up to him again getting lost in his eyes, and him getting lost in yours.


I Will Protect You -Liam Dunbar Imagine

Originally posted by teenwolf-toinfinity

Request: Can you write an imagine were Liam and you are best friends but he secretly likes you. And you know about Liam being a werewolf. Him and the pack find out your next to be taken from the dread doctors to become a chimaera. They do there best to protect you but it’s not enough. You get taken and turned. And Liam and the pack help you with this new ability. And help you not lash out on people. And you become part of Scott’s pack even though you kinda were

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x female reader

Word Count: 1,636

Warnings: Talking about death, fighting, kidnapping

A/N: Thanks for requesting :) Feedback is always appreciated.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” she smiled brightly, kissing his cheek before turning around with her backpack slung over her shoulder. Liam smiled as she hurried down the hallway and out of the school, feeling happy that she didn’t see him blush. Y/N and him had been bestfriends for as long as he could remember, and he had had a crush on her for just as long. He had never done anything about it though, he was too scared of somehow ruining the thing they shared. She was his sun, the light that always led him through the darkness. Y/N was the kind of person that everyone adored, and why wouldn’t they? It was impossible not to like her. She was the definition of sweet, always there for her friends and the one that gave advice when needed. 

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Prove Them Wrong- Part 2

Part One

Fed up of being cooped in the bunker- not allowed to Hunt. You take action.

Midnight. It was midnight. Normally, Dean was still up at this time. Sometimes you with him, both talking about nonsense or sat in comfortable silence. But this night he went to bed as early as Sam. You realised they would be upset with you for being in a mood, but dammit you had every right to be.
You sighed and decided it was time to take action.

You took your emergency backpack out from under your bed. You’d had one packed a few years now full of necessities and hunting material. ‘This is incase anything ever happens’ You remember telling yourself
You slung it over your shoulders and waited. 

You waited to make sure no one was in fact awake and you waited to try and talk yourself out of it. But, the more you tried the more you wanted to go. You weren’t running away and you weren’t doing anything stupid. It was a simple salt and burn and hell, you were prepared. 

At 12:30am you moved out of your room and into the main section of the Bunker. You paused in the middle of the war room to check for movement but nothing happened. After making sure, you climbed the steps. Every footstep increased the tension as you became closer and closer to leaving. It wasn’t the leaving part that was worrying you, but your brothers reaction. Not to mention Mary.

When you reached the door it took every bit of willpower in your body not to turn around. If you did then you might never go on this hunt. Your hand clasped around the handle and you slowly creaked it open. “Be back soon, bud.” You whispered, patting the bunker’s walls before exiting the building and closing the door behind you.

You were out. 

Now to grab the car and go.

Of course you weren’t going to take Baby, Dean would never forgive you. So instead you took the other car that was out there. It was a 1962 Mercury Monterey, Dean’s favourite in the garage. You took the keys out of your pocket which you’d stolen from Dean earlier. Well, they were in his bedside table but something told you he wouldn’t notice.

“Let’s do this.” You smirked, slipping in the front seat. Thankfully you’d already turned 17 so Dean taught you to drive- not that you got much further than Kansas.
You made sure you were far away from the Bunker before blasting your music loud.  The case was in Nebraska so not too far away. You didn’t stop driving all night and partly into the morning until you reached your destination.After booking into the Motel, you presumed you’d have about 24 hours until your brothers find you. It would have been longer, but you took their car which means they know the number plate. 24 hours was more than enough.

“Okay thank you very much Mrs Lock,” You smiled at the victim’s mother, trying not to look to uncomfortable in your stupid suit. “Please call me if anything else comes to mind.” You added before turning around to leave.


You paused and turned to look, Mrs Lock hadn’t exactly given you anything to go on yet. “Yes?” You encouraged, wanting more.
“I know it sounds stupid but….the man I saw I thought,” She stopped and shook her head. “No nevermind. It’s silly.”
“Go on, anything you can remember is very helpful. Real or not. It all gives us an idea of who…or what…we’re dealing with.”
“Well okay. I could have sworn he was….see-through.”
“See-through?” You echoed. At least that confirmed your suspicions.
“Yes. I know it’s probably codswallop but I saw…something.”
“You’ve been very helpful. Thank you.”

You climbed into the car, happy to know it was definitely a spirit. Vengeful by the sounds of it. It had killed a 13 year old girl and is claimed to have looked like her step-dad who died a few years back because of a car crash. 

You decided to stop off at the local Church where he was buried “Christopher Lock.”. You scanned the gravestones for ‘LOCK’, armed with a ready-loaded shotgun, shovel, salt and a lighter. 

A cold breeze dropped the temperature, sending a chill up your spine.
However when nothing happened you put your things down and began to dig at CHRISTOPHER LOCK’S grave. You hadn’t done this before so now was the time to discover it was incredibly tiring and very time-consuming. 

You dug your shovel into the dirt, but with every load you tossed to the side more seemed to fill the gap. However, you were determined and persevered. 

When you were finally almsot finished, with a few corners of the coffin poking through the soil, you paused for a quick break. Your hands were cramping and your back ached. Taking in a deep breath, you noticed it came out as a cold mist, this was all just like before when Mary took you on that hunt. Only that time the ghost had appeared by now…unless it was occupied with another victim.  
You strained your ears and grabbed your shotgun. A cry for help made you clamber out of the grave and sprint over to where the noise was coming from. It was inside a large shed-like building, which must have been where the grounds keeper kept his things.

You held up the gun, aiming it straight ahead and taking sharp movements as you scanned the building. It was reasonably big, but you could see everything inside from where you were. In front of you was a translucent tall man with a bloody and burnt body, his cothes ripped with an ashen finished. You didn’t have time to take in the two people he was attacking and took a shot. It disappeared into a cloud of mist, the gunshot still ringing in your ears. You staggered backwards slightly from the recoil, but remained standing stiffly. Lowering your firearm, you realised who they were. 

Of course.

Who else.

Your brothers were staring at you with both shock and disappointment. Dean had a stiff jaw and flared nostrils.
Sam got up from where he’d fallen, not sure whether to speak or not. Sam might have been older than you, but Dean was the eldest and you both had to respect that whether you liked it or not. Sam looked equally pissed off, but at least he wasn’t on the verge of exploding, unlike Dean.

You waited, shifting awkwardly. Dean didn’t take his cold and stern eyes off you.

“Where’s he buried?” Dean demanded. You stuttered, surprised that’s what he wanted to know above everything else “Uhm…J-just outside…” You managed, not sure whether to turn to lead the way or wait. 
He kept his poker face as he stormed past you. Sam waited for you to follow on before exiting the building.
You just wanted to do one thing without your brothers being there to do it for you.

Dean picked up your shovel and continued to dig. Sam picked up the salt and lighter, waiting for the bones to be accessible. “Leave the gun and get in the car.” Dean ordered, determined to finish the case before getting into a fight.
Every instinct you had told you to do as he told you to, but there you were not moving. “I said get in the car!” Dean barked, his voice boomed over the otherwise silence.
Again you did nothing. You were too scared to say no, but too stubborn to actually do what he wanted.

“Y/N…” Sam sighed, trying to go for a more calmer approach “Just get int he car, okay?” 
You understood that Sam didn’t want to deal with anymore conflict, but this wasn’t his decision to make. “You’re not Dad.” You glared at Dean. 

Dean stopped, his hands hovering over the lid of the coffin.

“Don’t you think I know that!” he snapped.

“Do you?” You scowled “Because it looks to me like your still trying to copy every damn thing he’s ever done.”

“You shut your mouth!”

“Or what? Are you going to hit me?”You slung the shotgun over your back. “Fuck the pair of you.”

Sam and Dean watched you walk away from them, both in pure shock as they took in the words you’d said. 

You sat in the front of Baby next to Sam. Dean drove the Mercury back.
Sam insisted that he was the one to be with you because of Dean’s…”temper”.

It was silence for Sam, who glanced worriedly at you from time to time. You looked out of the window, headphones in and volume up. You didn’t know what to say, you were furious that they didn’t even thank you for saving their asses. You were angry they hadn’t let you hunt yet. You couldn’t believe that after seventeen years on this dumb planet you were still being treated like a newborn.

About halfway into the journey, Sam tapped your shoulder, making you take an earbud out. “Yeah.” You mumbled, not wanting to look him in the eye. You wanted to be angry at Sam, but it was hard when he hadn’t given you as much of a reason. Both your brothers hadn’t wanted to introduce you into hunting, but Dean seemed a lot more protective about it. 

His vagueness forced you to look up, he had the audio cord in his hand. You took it, taking your headphones out and putting it in. Before un-pausing your music, you whispered a  “Thanks, Sammy.” 
“No prob, sis.” He offered a tight smile.

Dean’s voice boomed through the halls of the bunker: “What the hell were you thinking?!”

“I’m not the one getting my ass kicked by a ghost.” You remarked, noticing Mary had come to see what was going on.

“Don’t you speak to me like that!” Dean hissed.

“Dean calm down.” Sam put a hand out in attempt to do so.

“No, Sam! I won’t calm down because my stupid sister doesn’t seem to realise how dangerous what she just did was!”

“Of course it’s dangerous it’s hunting!” You shouted back, trying not to let tears form in your eyes. Dean continued off your point “Which you shouldn’t be doing!”
“Why not? I didn’t realise you were in charge of my life!”
“You’re going to go hunt when we say you can.”
“You don’t get to decide what I do with my life!” 

“HEY!” Mary shouted, making the three of youstop. “Dean, go to your room.”
Dean frowned “Excuse me?”
“You heard me.” Mary folded her arms over her chest, taking a stand. Dean gave you a glare before storming down the corridor.

You stood in shock, had Mary actually just asked him to do that?
“Y/N, stop shouting at him he won’t listen when he’s mad no matter how loud you are.” She scolded, starting to lightly pace around the room.
You raised an eyebrow at her…who’s side was she on?  “Okay…?”
“You were stupid,” She turned to you “You were reckless, and you scared us all to death. So don’t you ever think you have the right to walk out of this bunker without one of us knowing about it.”

“Mom’s right. You can’t just go hunting when you feel like it, Y/N.” Sam added.

“Well it’s not like you or Dean are gonna take me any time soon!” You protested. “Y/N..” Sam sighed “We didn’t know you were this serious about Hunting.”

“Probably because you never bothered asking.” You rolled your eyes, folding your arms over your chest.
“You can just talk to us.” You realised at this point that Sam wasn’t telling you off but asking you to tell the truth.

Mary stepped back in to the conversation “No one here has the right to tell you what to do with your life. So if you want to hunt then that’s okay. I’ve seen you Hunt and you’re good-”
“What?” Sam’s eyes widened.
“She’s seventeen, Sam. I took her on a few salt and burns that’s all. When Dean has calmed down, you’re going to say sorry to him.”
“But-” You wanted to protest, only she didn’t give you the chance.
“Am I making myself clear?” 
You sighed. “Yeah I guess.”
“Good. I’ll go get dinner.” With that she turned and left, leaving you alone with Sam.

You didn’t know what to say or what to do. You were still angry, but if felt like Mary had put some force field around you meaning you couldn’t be. Sam sat down on the table, his feet still able to touch the floor somehow. He patted next to him, gesturing for you to sit down as well.
You did, your feet swinging in the air.

Sam wrapped an arm around you, hugging you tightly against his chest. You both sat in silence for quite some time. Neither wanting to move.

“You know,” Sam lightly cleared his throat “Dean wanted to be the first person to take you on a hunt.”
“When we found out we had a sister he was so excited to be an older brother again- not that he’d admit it.” You smiled a little “Then you found out about hunting and he wanted to make sure you were so prepared it was almost impossible for you to fail at it.”
“So why doesn’t he want me to hunt?” You asked, desperate for an actual answer.
“It’s not that he…we don’t want you to. It’s that we want you to do whatever it is that you want to do.”
“But I want to hunt.” You said it like it were obvious.
“We didn’t know.”
“I’ve been training.” You explained “Mary helped me a little.”
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Sam sounded hurt which made you feel guilty.
“I thought you’d be angry. I thought you wanted me to go have one of those stupid apple pie lives.” You scoffed at the thought.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. We should have realised.”
“Is that why Dean’s so angry?” 

“He just doesn’t want you to get hurt. He doesn’t want to be like…like Dad. He’s scared, Y/N. He’s scared he’s going to do it wrong.”
“He won’t.” You assured him despite his absence.
“You try telling him that.” Sam scoffed.

“I will.” You smirked, “Just you watch.”

Sam chuckled.

You glanced up when you heard footsteps, making your smile fall into a curious glance. Dean turned the corner, his face was softer as he moved over. He sat down next to you so you were in between your brothers. “I’m sorry, kid.”

“Me too, De.” 

“We should have let you hunt by now, I’ve been selfish. There’s me knowing your all safe at home while me and Sam are out ganking monsters, never thinking of it the other way round. Hell, you don’t even know if we’re gonna come back sometimes. I guess I’ve always known real deep down you wanted to hunt.”

You didn’t know what to say so you just pulled him into a hug. Dean hugged back. pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Does this mean I can hunt?” You asked, giving him your best puppy-dog eyes

“Don’t give me that look,” Dean rolled his eyes “Yes. But you’re not hunting alone.”

“I won’t.” You promised. 

“And you do as I say.”

“I might.” You smirked, making him chuckle.

“Does this mean I get to ride shotgun?”

“Don’t push it.” Sam nudged your side playfully.

“Can I pick the music?”

Dean looked mortally offended “He said don’t push it.”


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@ly–canthrope requested: Heya, well can I request a bucky one please? :) Steve and Bucky taking refugee in your home, however this is a problem because you swore to leave that life behind (thus why you dropped off the grid etc and got a job as a local waitress at the cafe). And Steve is like I know I’ll owe you but you are pissed off at him bc how dare he drags you back into this life - whereas bucky is guilty and is like, why steve why lmao. So bucky tries to find ways to help you out (bc you have long shifts and are exhausted) so he makes your coffee morning and night and one night he makes it and you guys watch a movie together and he has one arm around your chair and you kinda cuddle and it’s all swee

Author’s Note: Finally! I’m sorry it took so long but I had to move to my dorm and during the first day I didn’t have WI-FI but finally I have it! yay! Besides I started my thrid year and all my subjects are about translation and I think I’m in love with this world. Anyway, sorry for this. I’m preparing new Ivar fanfics orMarvel ones and you can send me requests so, c’mon!

Words: 1,307.

Warnings: Sexual themes, nothing explicit. Angst at the beginning, language and fluff.

Originally posted by in-starkestday-in-bannerednight

A knock on the door startled you, making you to spill the coffee you were drinking at the moment. You muttered a curse under your breath, cleaning the surface of the table, looking at the door while your hand reached for the gun hidden inside the drawer.

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Mysterious Hazelnut Pt. V

Summary: Coffee have always been key to lighten up your mood in cloudy days. Specially when its made by your favorite barista.

Author: @sleepywinchester prev. deanwincehster-af | Mobile Masterlist |

Pairings: Barista!Sam x Plus Size!Reader

Words: 1.5k+

Beta: @latinenglishfandomblog

Warnings: None. Unless you think Tequila is something to get warned about.

A/N: Today is February 6th and I’m already doing some Valentines ish chapters. Don’t mind me, I’m just being festive. Lol. | Feedback is always appreciated it! <3


Everyone had good days and bad days, it was something normal. In your case and for your sometimes extremely bad luck, things always came heightened. There weren’t good days, they were out of this world great days. But the bad days? They were the worst. Bad mornings like having some spilled coffee or forgetting your keys wasn’t your thing. No. Situations like this only backed up more your theory.

The universe must have single hand picked you to get the worst days. Sometimes you thought of going to see a psychic and getting into all the crystal meditation. Everything that helped your bad luck but yet again you ignored all those possibilities. You wouldn’t waste time in such things knowing that; it wasn’t bad luck, it must be bad karma. Out of all the days they could have picked to fire you, they picked today. Your twenty two birthday, not other day than February freaking fourth teen.

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anonymous asked:

Can we get some headcanons for a male!mc who always steals he's boyfriend clothes? XD RFA and anyone would be great :))

((How about some scenarios of them catching MC in the act? I hope that this is to your satisfaction Anon))


  • MC was kind of short, but he was in luck when he found out that Yoosung was the same size as him
  • He really liked Yoosung’s hoodies…especially his LOLOL one.
  • It just fit really well and on top of that it smelled like Yoosung
  • One day, MC got a call from a frantic Yoosung
  • “MC! I can’t find my favorite hoodie and I really wanted to wear it today!”
  • MC guiltily glanced over at the LOLOL hoodie that was draped lazily over a nearby  chair
  • “Can’t you wear another one?” MC asked quickly
  • MC heard his boyfriend sigh in irritation
  • “Lemme rephrase that. I can’t find any of my hoodies! MC, can I please borrow one of your hoodies?”
  • MC panicked as he saw his collection of Yoosung’s hoodies thrown all over his apartment
  • “Uh, sure thing babe, lemme just clean up first!” MC replied nervously
  • Suddenly MC heard a frantic banging on his door with shouts from his boyfriend demanding to be let in
  • MC decided to bite the bullet and let Yoosung in. He looked around and found his hoodies…everywhere! Including his favorite LOLOL sweatshirt ON his boyfriend,MC
  • “MC…why are all of my hoodies at your apartment?” Yousung demanded of MC
  • “I…I like wearing them.” 
  • “Just wear your own!” Yoosung complained, picking up a hoodie from the pile of hoodies in the corner or the room. 
  • “Well, mine don’t smell like you and yours are comfy” MC admitted
  • Yoosung looked MC, and a mischievous little smirk graced the blonde’s face. He dashed past MC, ran into MC’s room, grabbed MC’s favorite hoodie and pulled it on.
  • “Ya! You’re right babe! It does smell like you! Thanks for the hoodie!” Yoosung sang as he ran past MC, placing a chaste kiss on his boyfriend as he ran for the bus
  • MC couldn’t help but laugh. He probably wasn’t getting that one back. 


  • MC is about Jumin’s height so it’s rather convenient that Zen wears the same size shirts as him.
  • And MC really likes Zen’s coats, and sometimes just borrowed Zen’s jackets
  • One day they decided to go on a run together and MC didn’t have time to change out of  Zen’s jacket so he just decided to go run in it
  • They ran for a bit before MC begged Zen to let him take a break (MC isn’t too in shape yet)
  • “Come on slow poke!” Zen teased
  • MC caught up to Zen and started to catch his breath
  • “Hey, isn’t that my jacket?” Zen asked the exhausted MC
  • “Uh…maybe?”
  • Zen started to laugh, and MC’s ears began to turn red with embarrassment
  • “I thought it looked familiar. It looks better on me that it does you”
  • MC began to shed the coat, and Zen quickly pulled it back onto MC’s shoulders and zipped it up
  • “Hey, you’re gonna catch a cold if you do that! Besides, it looks way better on you than me, so you should keep it babe.”
  • MC’s eyes lit up at the idea that he’d get to keep something that smelled just like his boyfriend.
  • “Really Zen?” MC asked excitedly
  • “Yeah. On one condition though. Come here, I wanna take a selfie with my cute boyfriend wearing my jacket.”
  • Zen posted it several times in the chat room.


  • MC was super tiny for a guy, and occasionally confused for Jaehee’s sister from the back (super embarrassing for both parties when MC turned around and was clearly not a girl)
  • For some reason, he has always wanted to try on one of Jaehee’s skirts, just to see how he’d look in her outfits
  • One day when Jaehee was out shopping, MC took out one of Jaehee’s skirts and tried it on
  • Surprisingly, it fit him really well. He spun around in the full body mirror inside the door of Jaehee’s closet, looking at his appearance from multiple angles
  • He decided to go the whole nine yards and put on Jaehee’s entire suit and also put on Jaehee’s faux glasses.
  • He looked a lot like Jaehee, so he decided to pretend to be her
  • “Hello, Mr. Han. Yes sir, I’ll have the papers on your desk by tomorrow morning. Mr. Han, you have an appointment today with the department of fancy clothes at noon, and then you have another appointment with the Jerks of Korea at two.” MC joked, laughing brightly. He  then got a hilarious idea
  • “Your cat Mr. Han? She is an angel you say? Well, with all due respect, your cat is not angel in my opinion. I do believe she is, to be frank, an asshole who sheds all over my furniture without any care in the world. Sir, if I have to take care of Elizabeth 3rd one more time, I will shave it from head to tail.” MC said in his most “matter-of-fact”voice.
  • Suddenly he heard bags crashing to the ground as someone burst out laughing. He turned around to see Jaehee laughing so hard she had dropped everything in her arms, and was struggling to recompose herself
  • “H-how long were you standing there?”
  • “Since the Jerks of Korea part” Jaehee choked out between fits of laughter “Oh, my, I literally wish I could say half of that to Mr. Han. MC, you’re the best”


  • Today was the day MC told himself as he pulled out Jumin’s PJ top
  • MC was a good two sizes smaller than Jumin, so it was quite large in comparison to the tiny MC
  • Jumin rarely wore pajamas, but the one time that MC saw him in pjs, he immediately wanted to wear them and show Jumin how absolutely adorable he could be with Jumin’s oversized shirt
  • He considered also wearing the pants, but as soon as he saw long they were, he reconsidered it, since falling on his face in front of his handsome boyfriend was not on his itinerary
  • Jumin came home early, and when he went in, he expected MC to go and greet him like usual, but MC was nowhere in sight
  • Suddenly MC came out of their shared bedroom, the oversized sleeves flopping around as he ran towards his boyfriend
  • “Jumin! Welcome home dear!” MC said excitedly
  • Jumin looked perplexed, and looked to be analyzing MC as he stood there awkwardly in the oversized shirt
  • “MC, that is much too large on you. I’ll have the tailor make you a new one with the proper dimensions immediately.”
  • “Jumin…that’s not…Aren’t I cute?
  • Jumin gave MC a look as if he just asked if he could fly
  • “MC, you’re always cute, but that shirt still doesn’t fit you properly, and I’m having them make you a new one as we speak”
  • MC gives up, but makes Jumin promise that as soon as he got his, that he would wear his to match.


  • Saeyoung couldn’t find his favorite shirt, or pants, or hoodie
  • Actually, forget his favorite outfit, besides his underwear and socks, he couldn’t find any of his clothes
  • Not that he had that many outfits to begin with.
  • He couldn’t even find any dirty clothes, and he swore he did his laundry.
  • All he could find was his cosplay outfits, and so, he picked out a french maid cosplay and put it on not the worst thing in the world
  • He walked out of his room to an irritated Vanderwood
  • What the hell were you doing in there Luciel? Playing dress up?” Vanderwood shouted
  • “Nope. I couldn’t find any other outfits” Saeyoung replied, pulling up his computer chair and getting to work
  • “Then wear a dirty outfit”
  • “Can’t find those either”
  • “I just cleaned your room a week ago!”
  • “I know…I honestly don’t know where my clothes went! I’m serious Vanderwood!”
  • Vanderwood stomped into Saeyoung’s room to find that he wasn’t lying. He literally did not have any other outfits besides his cosplay, underwear and socks
  • “What the actual hell?” Vanderwood asked in disbelief
  • “So out of all the cosplays you have, why the hell did you chose the french maid outfit?”
  • “What? I’m cute and there’s no dress code! Maybe I want to look like a cute french maid.”
  • “Whatever. I don’t actually care. Just get to work”
  • Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the doorbell buzzed
  • “I’ve got this. YOU STAY.” Vanderwood demanded to an empty chair, as Saeyoung snuck away to open the door.
  • He opened the door, after looking through the security screen to MC wearing Saeyoung’s favorite outfit.
  • “Hey Vanderwood! I found where my clothes went!”
  • “Where?” Vanderwood shouted back irritated
  • “Here!” Saeyoung said proudly, showing his boyfriend off to Vanderwood


  • V could not find his warm jacket anywhere. It wasn’t where he had left it, and being half blind didn’t help
  • He really needed to go shopping, but he couldn’t see, so he called up his boyfriend MC to help him find it
  • MC looked over at a nearby chair where the jacket lay
  • He grabbed the jacket and headed over to V’s house
  • He went in and “helped” V find his jacket.
  • This wasn’t the first time MC had to “help”his boyfriend find something. Nor would this be the last
  • At least, that’s what MC thought as he walked towards the door
  • “MC, can I ask you something?” V asked
  • MC froze with his hand on the doorknob. He hoped that he was overreacting and that V suspected nothing
  • “What is it Jihyun?” MC asked shakily
  • “Why is it that whenever you’re here, something of mine goes missing? Like a shirt, my jacket, and for some reason my hats. You aren’t stealing them, are you?”
  • “I uh…”
  • “Wait, ARE you?”
  • “Maybe?” MC replied sheepishly
  • Jihyun smirked, and made a motion for MC to go over to him
  • MC did hesitantly, unsure if Jihyun was going to get mad or not.
  • As soon as he was three feet away from Jihyun, Jihyun took off his shades and softly gazed at his boyfriend dearly
  • “Is that my shirt too? If you want something, just let me know so I don’t go around looking for something that isn’t there.”
  • “Wait, you aren’t mad at me?” MC asked confused
  • “No? Why would I be mad at you? I just want to know if you have something so I know that I‘m not losing my mind yet. Besides, you look really cute.”


  • There were a lot of crashing noises coming from Saeran’s room
  • “Where the hell is is?” Saeran shouted out exasperatedly
  • “What’s wrong bro?” Saeyoung yelled back
  • “I can’t find my leather jacket!”
  • “Isn’t it in that old box in your closet?” Saeyoung asked
  • “Wow. That’s a lot of “fucks” in one sentence” Saeyoung replied laughing
  • “Shut the hell up Saeyoung!” Saeran shouted back
  • Suddenly it was deathly silent, and Saeyoung could feel the anger radiating out of Saeran’s trashed room
  • “You didn’t hide it from me, did you LUCIEL?” Saeran snarled
  • Saeyoung knew that it wasn’t a laughing matter anymore because his brother only called him by his baptismal name when he was beyond pissed off. Saeyoung got up to go help his brother, and had to dodge a box that Saeran threw at him
  • “Dude, chill. I didn’t touch your jacket. You sure that it’s not still in your closet?”
  • “I just threw the fucking box at you. Was it in there?” Saeran sassed
  • Before Saeyoung could say anything in reply, they heard a knock on the door. They were planning on ignoring it when Saeran got a text. He glanced at it, then stomped out of his room and threw open the door.
  • “Hi Saeran.” MC greeted, standing there in Saeran’s leather jacket
  • “MC. Jacket. NOW.” Saeran growled out between his clenched teeth
  • “Hey Saeran, who’s at the door?” Saeyoung shouted from Saeran’s room (who was cleaning up for his brother)
  • “My fucking nerd of a boyfriend who stole my leather jacket” Saeran shouted as he tacked his boyfriend and pulled the leather jacket off.
  • “Looks like you found it” Saeyoung laughed.
{ five’s company }

t/w: none

a/n: snippet at work with surprise guests ! enjoy! 

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You said goodbye to John, giving him a quick kiss before hopping out quickly. You headed up to the front doors of the office and slipped inside. 

The business of the office used to make you nervous at first, but you found your way with ease after your first couple weeks. Now, you knew this place like the back of your hand. You headed to the elevators, looking at your phone as you walked up. You had no new emails and thankfully, no deadlines that you were aware of. Surely, you’d get something to do. It was a little slower at work as the political world was quieter. Major elections and campaigning were over.

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