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how i organize
  •  one-subject notebooks. 
    • These saved my life. I know everyone’s always saying to keep your stuff in one place and keep track of it all at once, and the way to do that is (apparently) thick, 5-subject looseleaf notebooks and 3″ binders. These have never worked for me, and here’s why: the larger the notebook, the more it catches and rips and doesn’t close right. 
    • Plus, the larger the notebook, the longer you use it, and the longer it has to survive that wear and tear! (Bonus: without having to worry about the notebook being destroyed, I also don’t have to buy the more expensive and durable brands; now I only pay for quality of paper and pretty colours!)  
    • So, I use one-subject notebooks for each class and go through multiple (I’ve never noticed a significant cost difference). A single one-subject notebook lasts me 4-6 units, or about one quarter/half a semester. When I complete a notebook, I simply begin the next, and carry only the newest one with me places. The previous notebooks are kept in my study space so I can always reference them as though it’s one large book, and I rarely need the previous chapters for in-class work. 
    • I start with one notebook per class plus one notebook purely for scribbles or rip-out looseleaf paper, and keep a supply of empty notebooks at my permanent study space.
  • central grade collection. 
    • I do this because it’s easy to reference back to. Soooo many terrible teachers who simply don’t trust their students. Feels nice to whip out a test to prove you were right (and aced it!). Calculating the grade myself makes me more aware of what’s going on with my academics. My biggest downfall this year was not paying attention to my grades!
    • I used to use an accordion folder for this, but this year I’m going to try combining that with a digital file.
    • Whenever I receive a grade back, the paper copy goes in a physical folder and the percentage/grade itself goes onto a file on my computer.
    • The physical folder is organized by classes. As I receive grades back, the newest goes in the front, so each class is naturally ordered chronologically. I tried organizing it further by putting flags to tell apart tests, quizzes, essays, etc. It worked well but eventually I just didn’t bother.
    • The computer file is actually multiple files (again, one for each class). An excel spreadsheet or a simple word doc works well. I specify the material as much as possible (for example, “Unit 1: Trig. Quiz 1: Identities. Date: 7-4-2015″ using both words and numbers) so I can easily search for it later. Next to it goes the numerical and letter grade. I’m thinking of incorporating a note-taking system as well, listing what went wrong and such.
    • This sounds like a lot of work, but it takes very little time and is well worth it. Logging the grades take about 5 minutes, tops. I often find myself putting off work by organizing grades. Obviously it’s hard to log things instantly, so I keep a stack of “to be graded” on my desk until I get around to it.
    • Oh, and keep the physical folder safe in your room/dorm. Carrying it around for spiteful moments is not worth the risk of losing all your grades!
  • separate days.
    • I don’t know about you, but my school has something similar to a block schedule. Monday, Wednesday, Fridays all have the same classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays have the same classes as well. My method works for real block scheduling, too, for even/odd or on/off days. I once had a chronic problem of bringing in the wrong day’s homework. Not anymore!!
    • Basically, just keep the two workpiles separate.
    • I have two cabinets on my desk: one for MWF classes, one for TTh classes. On my desk at all times are my “daily” tools: laptop, charger, planner, pencil pouch, water bottle, etc.
    • In the morning, I always put my dailies in first so I don’t forget, then I check the calendar. Tuesday? Shove in the TTh stack. It’s as simple as that.
    • When actually doing my homework, obviously, prioritize. There isn’t a hardfast “do your homework the day you get it” rule, especially since studying is a process! But when nothing’s especially urgent and I don’t have a favourite assignment, I literally flip a coin.
  • computer files have to be neat.
    • I have so many subfolders I don’t know what to do with them.
    • Separate everything, again, and again, and again. And label it all to hell and back. You can never have a file title that’s too long.
  • You know how you can make multiple accounts on your computer? Admin vs user? Yeah, do that.
    • Make your admin account your free-time, slacker account.
    • Make your user account your work account.
    • Make all the settings admin-only accessible. Don’t get distracted by downloading random crap while doing your homework. Put restrictions on internet usage, gameplay, etc. To get distracted, you have to make the effort to enter an admin password every time you get off task.
    • Bonus: during presentations, you never have to worry about accidentally opening something embarrassing. Everything embarrassing should be in your personal account!
  • Lastly: don’t stress! 
    • When I stress, everything gets disorganized. My mind gets cluttered and so does the rest of my life. I used to stress so hard about grades.
    • If you don’t think you can make the deadline, don’t. One grade is not worth a night of sleep and mental health.
    • If the grade is super important (not all grades are like this: prioritize!) work on it as hard as you can. Don’t stress; put all that stressful energy into the work. Focus your ass off. If you can’t do that, it’s time to stop.
    • Talk to the teacher the next day. Take responsibility for your mistake. Apologize, and do not give excuses. Show to your teacher that you care more about the learning than the grade; it will pay off in the long run.
    • The day after missing a huge assignment is rough. Don’t let it get to you! Dwelling on this assignment only sets you up for failure on any other assignments you have that day. Focus on those and not on what you did wrong. Have yourself a good break, snack, jog, and get back in there. The world isn’t over!
ryki replied to your post “ltarget replied to your photo “llllllance available on redbubble and…”

He doesn’t? Even look white at all? When will people lay off…. you can tell he’s tan in all of your illustrations, why are people trying to accuse you of whitewashing when you’re obviously not….

yeah, i have no problem with people giving criticism but i just think it’s important to be careful on the internet since things can get out of hand so easily.  and thank you, i’ve been making a conscious effort to not whitewash him so it’s good to know that i’m not doing that anymore?? and like i said, i was wrong in the past, and i have no problem with people pointing it out to me again in the future if i mess it up b/c it’s important that i represent lance accurately

tracer headcanon based on the way me and my friend played the brawl cuz it was basically

me (tracer): im dying
friend (mercy): you lost 10 health…

friend: tracer get back here so i can heal you!
me (running around with 15 hp): nah im good

lena does not react to her injuries the way she should.

if she gets a cut on her finger, she freaks out and begs angela to fix it. if she has the sniffles, she’s going on about how she has the plague and jesse you better delete my internet history because youre the one who sent me those links.

but the moment it’s something actually serious? nothing is wrong at all. yeah her left ankle is fractured but those morning laps aren’t going to run themselves. pneumonia? i dont know her. anyway lena is heading off on a mission. its only a bullet wound jesse, angela just said i have internal bleeding. thats where the blood’s supposed to be 

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so about 13rw I saw something on Twitter today and it was a prom proposal thing and he had a poster that said '13 reasons why you should go to prom with me' and he literally made 13 tapes and it honestly disgusted me and usually I don't get offended over petty shit on the Internet but people romanticize the show way too much and I hate that

yeah i saw that. they obviously missed the meaning massively but i didn’t think too much of it. the thing that resonated with me was the fact people are writing imagines about the characters off of the show. like, it may sound hypocritical coming from someone who runs an imagines blog, but its different imo. these people are writing cute lovey desirable scenarios about rapists and bullies. fuck justins pretty jawline, stan the fuck out of the actor but the actor and the character are separate and your ‘justin imagine’ 'marcus imagine’ are all part of the problem

Request 14~
come on (y/n) this is nothing compared to before I thought to myself, preparing to knock on the large red double doors infront of me.
 Knock, knock, knock.
“3 minutes until meet and greets” I stammered through the door, just loud enough to be audible on the other side. I heard the two British voices reply with okay and thanks from the otherside and left to check with all the people attending the meet and greet.

After an hour of teenage girls hugging them and crying, Dan and Phil had finished all the meet and greets with time to spare.
“Is there any staff who want a signature” the brown haired boy joked. I took him up on the offer and bounced over to them; my (y/c/h) swaying in a ponytail behind me.
“Hi!” I exclaimed, looking up at the two men who were giants compared to me. “I love your videos so much” I mentioned as they signed my phone case.
“Are you watching the show?” Phil asked, a smile plastered across his face.
“Uh yeah I’m helping with the props so I’ll just be backstage or in the wings watching” I told him before realising the time. “Uh you two should really be getting ready for stage” I smiled as I pointed at the clock on the wall.
“Oh shit” Dan whispered under his breath before they said there good byes and head off in the direction of the stage.

I enjoyed the show so much. The screams when they played the internet is here were immense; and seeing all the teenagers crying took me back to seeing MCR in 2006. Every now and then, I got to hand something to Dan or Phil, both boys smiling and filled with pride.

Another hour passed and the show was over. Everything was packed up and most of the girls had left. I watched as Dan and Phil got back on their tour bus and waved as they pulled away.

Whilst I was clearing out the room they had been preparing in, I found a shirt on the chest of drawers which I immediately recognized to be Dans weed shirt.

time skip 

Knocking on the door of the hotel the boys were staying at, I prepared for what I was going to say.

Moments later the door swung open to reveal a paniced Dan.
“Um hi it’s me from earlier, you left something at the venue” I spoke, surprisingly confident. His eyes flickered down to the dark material in my hand and his shoulders immediately relaxed.
“Oh my God, thank you so much” he sighed as I passed him the shirt.

The Next Day

“Tell the people where we’re going today the Philip” I heard the familiar voice from behind me. I spun round to be met with the two dark haired giants from yesterday holding a phone pretty much above my head, clearly making a day in the life video.
“Oh hi! It's  (y/n)” Dan said after nearly walking into me.
“Guys this is (y/n) she helped with the props yesterday” Phil said, walking to be behind me so I could be on camera.

I saw my face had turned bright red on the screen of the phone.
“Um, (y/n) since we don’t know where we’re going do you want to come round with us?” The other boy asked.

The three of us became inseparable as we walked around the streets.

“So this is the great barrier reef?” Dan asked, a confused look in his hazel eyes.
“Uh yeah”
“Why isn’t it as colourful as the pictures” he asked, still showing signs of confusion.
“Well the people who look after the reef, I think they’re scientists or marine biologist, have said it could be pronounced dead in the autumn” I explained
Both of the 6ft boys had a solemn look on their faces after.

After visiting the reef, we decided to head back to their hotel.

They had been vlogging most of the day and I knew I would appear in the video at some point.
“(Y/n) you do know if we mention any of your social media links you’ll get tons if messages like ’ I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GOT TO SPEND THE DAY WITH THEM’” Dan joked.

“I know Dan, I’ve seen the phandom” I laughed, getting off Dans bed to make a drink.

“Anyway…. Mr Philip” Dan laughed, vlogging again. “What are we watching?” He questioned, legitimately not knowing what was on.
“Are you serious?” Phil joked in response “it’s quite clearly the Olympics” he finsished as I walked back into the room. Dan saw me and took it as an opportunity to joke around.

“Look who is still here” He turned the camera to face me as I sat to the left of Phil. “It’s like 10 at night and she’s still here. Third wheel much”
“Guys pleaae remember that was a joke and there is no need to attack (y/n)’s social media with comments like ‘leave them alone’ and that sort of thing” Phil chimed in, slightly more seriously.

“I do need to go soon though guys” I moaned acknowledging that I’d have to leave the boys
“Just stay here,” Dan suggested patting the space next to him on the bed.
“You do realise what the phandoms reaction is going to be after that” I laughed, sitting in the place I had previously been.

Looking back on the events of the past two days I realised how lucky I had been in meeting and bonding with Dan and Phil. The two men who most people wanted to know. The two men with 2007 hair and who wear nothing but black jeans.


Okay you one why are you on here on tumblr of all places? a place that 13+ meaning adults are on here to. If you are on internet you should have common sense to know “hey I might see something I don’t like’ What should you do.

Like yeah gore, pedophilia, nazi, kinks 18+ stuff is on here and yeah we got that. How to handle it block, report, blacklist, turn safety lock on. If you can’t even do that then sorry get off tumblr cause it’s clear you DONT know how to control and avoid certain content. Also if children are here WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS like did they let you get on or nah If so why didn’t they set you up to avoid this mess. You control what you see not other. That’s what tagging is for if something is not tagged control report that for spam, if your on mobile use washboard don’t even need to download it. 

I’m sorry but some of yall complaining about this stuff are stupid when again and again people tell you how. Cause you can cry and cry but it’s not leaving I wish it did but it’s not block and move your merry way. Welcoming to the internet and tubmlr can’t handle it then  leave nobody is cratering to you nor babysitting 


Finally finished the artworks that I drew for pocky day :‘3

It looks like the internet was still off and the reparations for the internet modem that was should do on sunday was canceled due to the repair man hasn’t came yet to my home for repairing the problem (and the internet modem hasn’t being fix it yet and yeah that’s meant the internet in my home still off now (and I used school Wi-Fi right now wwwwwwwwww) I don’t know if I can still on at my home due to the internet problem that had been through now currently at my home, so yeah I still don’t know the exactly time when I can get on again in the internet ;w;)/)

"Just For Me", a Frozen Kristanna Smut Fic

Ohhhhhhhhhhh my goodness it took for-fucking-ever to get this done, and I’m going to be perfectly honest when I say it is not the super final, “ready to be posted on AO3” draft. That said, I’m 100% done with writing it for now, and it’s more or less coherent enough to put on tumblr so whatever. Also I apologize for writing another non-ending. Bleh.

Just For Me

Frozen; Kristanna; modern AU; prompt: “all tied up”

Rated NC-17 for sex because this is Kristanna Smut Week I mean c'mon

~5000 words

Contains the following: bondage with rope; mention of potential consensual sexual objectification; small discussion of BDSM; super brief mention of Helsa unrelated to the majority of the fic; zero actual Hans

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summary: every morning, jungkook finds a container of milk on his desk.

pairing: taekook (v/jungkook)


Chocolate, reads the small carton on Jungkook’s desk. He sets his backpack down at the side and picks it up, holding the weight of approximately eight fluid ounces of milk in his hand.

This would probably be such a cute gift, if not for Jungkook’s lactose intolerance. He and dairy… aren’t exactly compatible with one another.

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How about a fake married/dating au for a prompt?

Context: Levi and erwin are “sometime” friends. erwin, pressured by his parents to find someone to settle down with, brings Levi to his cousin’s wedding as his +1 because he’s already dug a hole for himself by making up the perfect idea of a fiance. 


“You’re an absolute ass,” Levi hisses from between his teeth as Erwin’s hand settles on his waist, leading him through the steps of something vaguely like a waltz. The orchestra drowns out his harsh vitriol. “This is fucked, do you know that?” 

Erwin rolls his eyes, pressing his lips tight together to prevent himself from making a swift retort. His parents are watching, somewhere off to the side; he can feel the weight of their judgment even from here. “Yeah, well, what was I supposed to do? Hire an escort off the Internet?” 

Levi’s hand clenches around its grip on his shoulder, and Erwin winces, a grimace that he hopes goes unnoticed by his parents. “Yeah, maybe you should have,” Levi snarls. “You can’t just go and fuck around and expect everything to be okay. Someone always gets shafted for shit like this.” 

Erwin leans forward to press a kiss to the corner of Levi’s mouth, all too aware of the expectant gazes of his parents. “Sorry,” he murmurs against the dry chap of Levi’s lips, which are surprisingly soft against his own. “They’re watching.” 

Much to his surprise, Levi reaches up, threads his fingers almost painfully tight through Erwin’s slicked back hair, and presses him closer into a kiss desperate in its passion, frightening in its intensity. “Fuck you,” Levi grits out against Erwin’s mouth, and when Erwin pulls back, he swears he must be more drunk than he thought because Levi has a soft shine in his eyes that looks suspiciously like tears. 

Sharon Rooney: My Mad Fat Diary actor on mental health and why we definitely should have young women masturbating on TV

The Independent: Hi Sharon, what’s the best thing you’ve learned from the programme?

Sharon Rooney: “I think the best thing that I’ve learned is that: ‘if people don’t like you for who you are, they can f**k off.’

"I know it’s a bad word, but it’s true and you shouldn’t live your life to please other people, you should live your life for you, and that’s definitely what I’m going to take away from the show.”

Did you ever worry about being typecast?

SR: “I think because the show gives you a chance to be funny, confident at times, vulnerable, it lets you be every emotion but I think I was lucky in that way because I got to be funny and to be sad at the same time. It was the best part I’ll probably ever have in my life.”

Rae has quite a tough time in some respects – could you relate to it?

SR: “I think anybody can relate to it because of being a teenager. If you take away how people look, act and how they are – whether or not they have a mental illness, if they’re fat or thin, being a teenager is hard – really hard – and being a teenager now, or being a teenager in the 90s is hard. The things I could relate to were being young, and finding your first love, so it was great to go back and re-live it. I don’t think you need to be a mad, fat teenage girl to understand what it’s like.”

Are there different challenges for teenagers today?

SR: “I think now, one of the main challenges today is social media. When we’re doing the show, we laugh about it, because we’re doing it with our bloody iPhones in our pckets. When you’d upset someone or had a fight, you had to physically go round to their house to apologise, you couldn’t just Snapchat them a funny picture and say ‘sorry LOL’. You had to go round and talk face-to-face. You would meet up in the pub… I think it was a wee bit more social then, and there wasn’t the same pressures of selfies and looking perfect.”

Do you think there’s pressure on young women to look a certain way?

SR: “Yeah – I think it’s always been around, but I think now with the internet it’s a lot harder.”

You’re very active on Twitter, do you get a lot of trolls?

SR: “Do you know, I don’t.”


SR: “I know! But now maybe people will be like ‘she doesn’t have any, let’s go in there and get her’! When the show first came out, I got so much grief and I thought ‘Oh God, maybe I should just come off Twitter.’ People didn’t understand the show, and were like: ‘How dare you take the piss out of mental health’ and were like ‘Who ARE you? You don’t look like the typical lead actress.’” That’s what the block button’s for, I don’t have time for that nonsense. Or the mute button: ‘I can’t see! I can’t see!’"

Do your fans ask you for a lot of agony aunt-ish advice?

SR: “It’s more people getting in touch to say they’ve got help, which is the best feeling ever. I’ve never won an Oscar but I imagine it’s up there with that feeling, to have someone say ‘You’ve changed my life. I got help, I asked for help.’”

Is there too much stigma around mental health?

SR: “Definitely – I think it’s a lot of s**t really, because if someone’s got crutches on, or a sling on their arm, everyone is sympathetic. But if someone’s got anxiety it shouldn’t be any different. Your mind is just as important – if not more important – as anything else. You have to look after it. It’s a really s**tty thing when people get judged for being honest about needing help.”

A lot of people shy away from saying fat – what do you think about that?

SR: “This question makes me laugh because everyone goes: ‘Does that not really offend you?’ It’s a word! But also it’s not just about how she looks – her problems are huge! Her problems are fat, and have you seen the size of that diary? The diary itself is fat. So it honestly doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”

We’re in such an interesting time in terms of the way women are seen, and we’re still so defined by our weight. How do you feel about that?

SR: “I don’t think it should ever make a difference. In my opinion, someone is a great person if they’re a great person – I don’t like people for the way that they look, or their skin, or the length of their hair. I like people if they’re a good person, so I couldn’t care less about what they look like. What someone weighs, not interested. If you’re happy and a nice person, come and join my team. If you’re an a**ehole, then you can’t join my team!”

There also seems to be a thing where if you’re a bigger woman people go in for the backhanded compliment of: ‘Oh wow, how come you’re so confident?’ Do you get that a lot?

SR: “No, never, I don’t think anyone’s ever asked me that – if they did we would be having a little chat. I’ve got insecurities like everyone else. One day I’ll put on a dress and go ‘Nah’ the next week I’ll put on the same dress and go: ‘I look great!’ I think it is really insulting just because you’re a certain size or weight, doesn’t mean you’re life is rosy. Also what I hate is when people go ‘Real women have curves.’ No no no, you can’t do that. You cannot make someone else feel worse to make yourself feel better. You’re a real woman if you identify as a woman – that’s it.”

You have quite a lot of interesting scenes in the show. Do you ever feel self-conscious if you’re doing something like a masturbation scene?

SR: “I think it’s great! I think it’s brilliant! We should have a young woman masturbating for the first time on television! That’s that awful time when you’re that age and you start discovering your body and you’re like: ‘what do you do, and what things do I like?’ It’s an important time and everybody does it. Anyone who says they don’t is lying. So I think it’s great. When they said we’d be doing that scene, I thought ‘Yeah I’ll do that. Why not?’ How many times have you seen a boy having a wank? All the time! It’s all they talk about! I thought: ‘Let’s do it for the girls.’ Any time there’s an awkward scene or a sex scene or a scene where I have to be naked, the crew are so amazing. You feel so safe on that set. Standing there in my pants, that was OK. I didn’t feel anyone was judging or looking or being cheeky – none of that.

"And have you seen Nico? [Mirallegro, her on-screen on-off boyfriend] He’s great-looking. I’m not going to turn down any of them scenes! I’m going to ask for more!

What are you going to miss about the show?

SR: "I’m going to miss feeling like I’m making a difference. Every time we’ve tackled something new, we’ve tackled something bigger, and now I feel we’re not going to do that. But hopefully we’ll leave a legacy and our fans will pass it down to the next generation of teenagers.”

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Hey, can you please stop tagging your Final Fantasy XV hate? I know that you're unhappy with the game, but it doesn't mean you have to ruin it for others who are excited for it. It's fine that it's your opinion but you shouldn't be putting it in the tags for fans to see. You're not even respectful or critically constructive about what you say. Saying a game is going to fail because YOU don't personally like it is pretty self-centred and petty. Just keep your negative opinions to your blog only.

LMAO how’s any of my Final Fantasy XV posts hate?

I keep being asked about my opinion about the game and I’ve posted multiple times the reason (obvious my own) why this game is already a failure (which actually is). I’m not ~bashing it for the lols~ or claiming it sucks without reasonings.

If you can’t handle inoffensive proper criticism then you should get off the internet because this is the very least you can find about people not agreeing with your opinion.

And yeah, since these questions are FFXV related of course that I’m tagging them sis.

Also, ordering people to keep their opinions “just for their blog” sure is self-centred and petty.

Sorry sis but I’ll keep posting whatever the fuck I want.

Looks like there’s a delusional pride side in EVERY fandom lmao.

Piper’s Guide On How To Start Watching Jacksepticeye

Like survival games?

Like puzzle platformers/escape games?

Like slow-paced letsplays?

Like horror games?

Like full game letsplays/have a lot of time to kill?

Like the general weirdness of the internet?

Like thought-provoking/sweet/emotional games?

Wanna get in a little further? (AKA, I don’t know where else to put these)

BONUS! Like lots of rage?

So, yeah! That should be enough to kick people off! Try out a few of these and see if you’re prepared to handle the BOSSNESS.

Chat messages - Bucky x Reader - Part 4

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ So I just could keep myself from writing the next part, so now you little lovebirds get the next part. It’s funny how easy this story is to write since I have a good plot to this :D I hope you enjoy! ♥

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3

Summary - You and Miles, your best friend, just talk about your latest crush from Tumblr, when a superhero Captain and a Winter Soldier decide to come into the book store you work in. First it’s nothing super exciting, until you notice that your crush James is actually James Buchanan Barnes.

Words - 1,944

Warnings - panic attack, hyperventilation, angst, crying, language

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

A/N: This man is soooo gorgeous…holy shit…my ovaries are going to explode if I look at it for too long xD

“It’s James!”

It took you some time to understand it yourself, but now that you did, you wished you just didn’t put one and one together. 

This James you talked to just yesterday, was actually James Buchanan Barnes…Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes, who is right outside talking to his childhood friend from the freaking 40s about the freaking book “Sleepless in Seattle” he freaking talked about just yesterday. An former assassin from some secret organization and now part of the famous and loved superhero squad “The Avengers”. This freaking beautiful man right outside is the one, who complimented you mutiple times already, without even seeing your face. He won your heart with just his beautiful words and his beautiful voice, you couldn’t mistake.

“Oh god”, you cry out again, hyperventilating, tears spilling out of your eyes and it feels like the already small room gets even smaller and the air gets sucked out of the room.

“Y/N! Calm down! Calm down.” Miles grabs your shoulders and breathes in and out visibly. “Follow my breathing. In….and out…” You finally calm down, the tears still messing up your little make-up you have on. Miles smiles seeing that you’re calm again.

“And now tell me what you mean. You can’t be serious, saying the Winter Soldier is on fucking Tumblr chatting with you about…movies for christ sake.”

“It has to be him! Their voices are literally the same. I can’t mistake them. And he told me yesterday that he rewatched Sleepless in Seattle yesterday and now this Winter Soldier has the same freaking book in the hands. And it can’t be a coincidence that his best friend is also called Steve and he lives with him and around ten other people called Sam, Natasha, Wanda, Tony-” “Okay, okay.”

He motions you to come over to him, as he stands at the door, his ear on it to listen what the guys are talking about and his expression tells you that they seem to talk about something interesting. You join him and lean your ear against the door.

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so i found ’I know you steal my Wi-Fi to watch porn but it’s kind of hot idk’ AU on a list of AUs and i just think it's fucking brilliant (you don't have to write it ofc i just felt like sharing it with someone)

This was well timed, anon! It worked with some other smut I wanted to do, ie, oops, you found me snooping for porn on your laptop. So here we are.


It is genuinely an accident the first time.

Well, okay, scratch that. It depends on how far she goes back, and the definition of accident.

It isn’t really anything to start with. How it starts is that three days after she moves into her new apartment, someone knocks on her door and greets her with, “Uh, hi, so, this is awkward.”

“It wasn’t until you said that,” she says, amused. All she’s really done since she got the apartment is unpack and sleep, so she hasn’t met any of the neighbors, but she assumes he’s one of them. He’s not dressed in a uniform or a suit or anything, just wearing a gray tanktop and a pair of too-long flannel pajama pants, and it’s really too late for deliveries or outside business. He has messy black hair and glasses, black ink on both arms, not a lot, just a few words and images she can’t really examine in detail, but wants to. If he’s a neighbor, she thinks she’s going to like this building. “Now you made it weird.”

“My specialty,” he says, with a wry smile. “Uh, so–you’re the new wifi that showed up, right? Slythergriff?”

Clarke does not flush; she likes giving her shit silly names. She’s not ashamed. “Did you come over at nine o'clock at night to make fun of me about my wifi name? Because that is awkward.”

“Uh, no, I–” He huffs a laugh. “I’m trying to submit a paper and my net crapped out and I was hoping I could steal yours so I can get it sent off before midnight. Which I know is weird to ask someone I’ve literally never met–”

Clarke leans against the door frame, considering him. “Honestly, my number-one question is why me, yeah. Have you borrowed everyone else’s wifi and they won’t let you do it anymore? I’m not sure I should trust you.”

He laughs, which does some great things for his face. And his face doesn’t really need the help. “Yeah, uh, Mrs. Doyle lives next door to me, she doesn’t have the internet. I had to fix her computer once and tried to hook it up for her and she told me if she wanted pictures of strange men’s penises, she would buy pornographic magazines like God intended.”

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22) Rainy Day Snuggling

A/N: Prompt: Trampolines and Moonshine

The rain had recently changed from a light drizzle to big fat drops, but the air was still warm. Regina was slightly worried as she peered through the window at the rapidly darkening sky.

She stepped out into the backyard and watched Emma and Henry silently from under her umbrella. They were jumping and laughing together. The rain only seemed to spur on their excitement. For a moment, Regina’s heart clenched in joy as she thought about how much it had taken to get to this point with Emma and Henry and their trust in her. She trusted them as well, and as testament to that was the fact that she allowed Henry to get a trampoline.

In response to the complaint, that Henry didn’t spend enough time outside, he said it was boring. So with Emma’s insistence and reassurance that it was perfectly safe, Regina let him get a trampoline. Though, as she watched the blonde thirty year old bounce merrily, her golden curls flying in the wind, she couldn’t help but wonder if the trampoline was more for Emma than Henry.

“Henry, it’s raining, and it’s time to go inside and read your history book for an hour,” Regina called out to catch her son’s attention. He stopped jumping and turned around. His shoulders heaved like he was about to protest, but Emma caught his eye and his shoulder’s slumped.

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Okay so I know you wanted it sad but it’s Ashton so I couldn’t just leave it that way lol I hope that’s alright, if not and you want a tear-jerker then just let me know and I’ll write a new one for you but hopefully this ones alright! (:

Being Ashton’s girlfriend for the better part of a year has obviously given you some time to adjust. Adjust to it all really, the photos, the rumors, the tweets, the being recognized, just about anything and everything that comes with being in a relationship with someone famous. However, nothing could have quite prepared you for today.

You’ve had your fair share of breakdowns over things people have said about you and your relationship and even over things they’ve said about your boyfriend but Ashton was always there to sooth and put you back together.

He’s always been like that, the rock of the relationship, always the bigger person. He’s also always had this natural instinct to protect you. From what? That didn’t matter. It could be from something as simple as a bee to something as big as death threats. That’s something you’ve always loved about him, his huge heart that honestly got taken for granted far more than you could even bare to think about.

It always puzzled you how people could be so harsh and just plain out rude to the giddy boy who was always trying his best to make everyone happy, always putting his own happiness last.

So really, from retrospective you should have seen this coming, the boy was due for a breakdown and one that made up for all the other times he held it in and sucked it up. For all the times he had to be there to take care of you instead of himself, for all the times he put on a smile instead of allowing himself to feel the pain, for all the times he had to be the rock.


He comes home late, which is the usual for the past couple weeks as they’ve been so busy lately with their new album so that’s no surprise to hear the jingle of keys at just gone one in the morning. “Your plates in the microwave,” you hum from your spot on the couch where you’ve been reading to keep yourself up. He ignores you, slamming the front door, walking straight pass the living room and trudging up the stairs. That is not the usual.

You frown, bookmarking your page and setting the book aside before venturing after him. There’s only one problem you can think of for him to come in like that remembering him mentioning they’d be songwriting today. This has only ever happened a handful of times and even then he hadn’t just flat out ignored you.

“Rough writing day?” you hover in the doorway to your shared bedroom where he doesn’t even acknowledge your presence, working his shoes off. “Ash?” you try to get something out of him - anything - but still don’t even a glance, grunt, nothing. “Hey, whatever it is i’m sure it’ll be fine,” and that gets you a huff as he shoves his jeans off and goes over to replace them with joggers.

“Will you at least tell me what it is? I can’t help if I don’t know what’s bugging you.” He shakes his head but you can read his body language as easily as reading that book a few minutes ago. He’s tense and his hands are clenched tight and his breathings gone rigid and it’s only then that you realize he’s angry. At what, you couldn’t possibly begin to guess.

“Was it writing? You know you’ll get it babe, maybe you just-” But you’re cut off with a bitter, “Yeah maybe I should just write about all the shit I get because of you.” And that, that’s just a blow to the chest. “Ash…” your voice barely audible as you begin to try to wrap your head around what he’s just said. “I mean honestly, it’d be so easy to just hop on the internet really quick and have it all written out for me there. And we’ll call it shitty boyfriend, even shittier girlfriend.”

"Can Ashton go die and take his girlfriend with him, Ashton’s so annoying but not as annoying as his girlfriend, lost all respect for Ashton since he got with that bitch…” he goes on and you know they’re not his words, you even think you’ve read a few of them yourself but it doesn’t hurt any less. “You’re right babe, it’ll make for such a great fucking song,” he snaps, slamming the bedroom door shut behind him.

You flinch with the sound, the tears that had been blurring your vision now rolling freely down your cheeks. Your frozen in your spot, staring at the door he’d just walked out of, your mind racing a million miles a minute.

You fall asleep alone that night after you’ve cried yourself into exhaustion.


He’s not there the morning after, already gone to the studio with nothing but the blanket and pillow on the couch to show he’d even been there at all. You don’t bother with dinner, don’t bother leaving a plate in the microwave or staying up for him, actually going to sleep a good two hours before he even comes home just to be sure to give him some space.

It goes that way for a couple more days until you find it too depressing to be around the house, going out for the day to have a you day and as laughable as it is, checking up on your boyfriend through social media.

You don’t see each other or talk until later that night when you get home. It’s dark out but it’s still fairly early, at least compared to the time Ashton usually gets home. That being said, you’re startled to find him sat at the edge of your bed, your book clutched tightly in his hands. He looks up at you with your startled yelp and you immediately take in his disheveled state.

His hairs a complete mess atop his head, eyes red and glossy, cheeks stained with tears. You don’t have time to say anything as he’s quick to spring up to his feet and wrap himself around. “You alright?” you ask for lack of thinking up anything better.

"I’m so sorry baby, I don’t know why I said anything I said and fuck I was such a dick and you weren’t here when I got him and holy shit you scared the crap out of me.” “Calm down babe, you didn’t honestly think i’d leave you did you?” You ask softly as he pulls back to look at you like he’s just making sure you’re actually there in front of him. And because he’s Ashton and so much harder on himself than anyone else, “I don’t know why you haven’t.”

"You were upset, you are allowed to be upset at times too you know?” You place a comforting hand on his cheek. “But I shouldn’t have said all that to you, you see enough of that without me throwing it in your face.” “True, but you also shouldn’t have to always be the one to be okay. Shitty boyfriend, even shittier girlfriend right?” you chuckle in good-measure. He reluctantly breaks into a smile and soft laugh of his own, shaking his head at you.

"Think I win the shittier title this week,” he says wholeheartedly. “Agreed. You can have it this week Irwin,” you grin, arms wrapping loosely around his neck. “I love you shitty girlfriend,” he giggles, hands landing on your waist and pulling you closer. “I love you too even shittier boyfriend,” you chuckle lightheartedly before meeting him halfway for a kiss.

anonymous asked:

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but why are you so worked up over the GamerGate douches? There will always be men who look for any excuse to harass women. It's not right and it needs to be stopped, but it's much larger than GamerGate. I'm not disagreeing with your stance on being anti-harassment....I guess I'm just curious why GamerGate in particular has you so upset? (I hope that's not confrotational....I'm just genuinely curious.)

It’s not confrontational, Zodiac Killer— I obviously have a very weird dirtbag energy where that stuff is concerned (especially because I don’t want to clutter people’s dashes so I’m always just sort of erupting in “and another thing!“ after ingesting a LOT of this stuff, more than I want to admit to).  I guess part of it is having seen it go from the very start because it started at a time when I was looking at twitter a lot to keep up with Ferguson.  And just seeing it go on and on from there, all the times I thought it was finished and it lurched back to life to attack more women like a horror movie slasher… I feel pretty invested just in wanting to see the whole life of the thing…?

Any other world event is too horrifying for words, so it’s a comparatively lower-stakes mental thing, to hide from having to think about cops murdering people or folks getting beheaded.  (And a lot of that stuff, I just can’t talk about as openly for all kinds of different reasons, not least of which is I probably all the time think all kinds of things that young tumblr moppet people would probably find pretty pretty offensive— I mean, I don’t even feel comfortable talking about Gone Girl that much, and that’s a movie about made-up people)

There’s the “the nerds are the bad guys now” part.  Thethe nerds won; oh god yuckaspect.  Like, I used to wish people liked comics more and now i can’t go to the movies without them all being about dumb-ass Thor or whatever, and people screeching at ladies who give those movies bad reviews, and it’s terrible.  I have a certain fascination with watching people become bullies and justify their behavior with how the “jocks“ treated them in high school (p.s. nobody cared they existed in high school)…

There’s some personal stuff— I’ve read some of the victims for years, people they’re attacking based on one whole thing they’ve written.  Or look, I very much know that experience of writing something and having people yell about something that doesn’t resemble what you wrote.  All the cretins who think arguing You As a Person is a vital way of disagreeing with you.  I know specifically what happens if you try to write about how nerdy media trades in sexist imagery and constantly celebrates violence towards women.  So with gamergate, these are people who do something I admire (better than I’d have done it, with a couple of them), getting a very-worst-case nightmare scenario treatment for months. If you write about nerdy crap on the internet, you probably have plenty of moments of “why am I even bothering I should get as far from these fucking people as my little legs will take me” but you dust yourself off and you do it anyways because you’re a weirdo and what else are you going to do, your laundry?   So to see a massive “don’t bother with these gross people fucking run RUN” play out at this scale (and people keep going anyways and refusing to quit) is … hard to describe in words.

And yeah, there’s probably something in there that’s reflecting something about me that I hate about myself.  I’m a person who has hyper-obsessed about nerdy crap in my life, and often has cared more about nerdy nonsense than I do about people’s feelings (and would probably make most of the same choices again because I don’t really have the “making people feel good about themselves is the ultimate thing that matters“ parts that normal people probably have). I’m a lousy crappy guy in a lot of ways.  I even get why they don’t like certain kinds of think pieces, because even though I happen to like that kind of think piece quite a bit, I do have a certain suspicion about people who don’t seem very in touch with their own vulnerability. All the internet writing the premise of which is ”I’m the good guy now let me tell you cretins how to be more like me“…? All the people who think they’re the Good People— all the hyper-defensive people on the internet who make “not all men” jokes or whatever. Anyways, so I guess some part of me looks at those people and it’s like looking in a circus mirror.   (I think the difference being… For me, finding out how I’m a piece of shit is usually pretty fun because… I’m trying to have a human experience of life, and see getting older as a series of humbling events— I’m not trying to “win” anything, or I’m hoping I’m trying to “win” less, at least.  Whereas those folks are trying to win— they’re on some hero shit…)

I don’t know. Plus, goddamn, those people are grade-a nuts. (There’s a couple folks who I really genuinely no-joke believe should be on some kind of Snowden-y watch list— people who think they’re in the middle of a military operation, like they never 100% came home from Nam and video game journalism ethics is their First Blood Part One or whatever).  I’ve spent no small amount of time in my life gawking at weirdos on the internet and this is some kinda apex, these are the apex predators of internet weirdos.  There’s a Jezebel article explaining how they operate like a hate group and it’s like… Watching a hate movement juxtaposed with, like, video games…?  *video games?* Other instances of men being terrible aren’t going to have that level of ludicrousness to them— they’re just going to be terrible, not terrible and bone-deep ridiculous.  (Especially If you go deep and look at who they are when they’re not gamergating, it’s a whole world of ludicrous sadness, some of these peoples’ lives).  So even though I hate these people, in a very real way— I wish these people bad things in life, I do enjoy it as a confirmation of my overall worldview of the world being a relentlessly absurd place…