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things you said when you were drunk

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”I’m gonna go out on a limb here,” Will says patiently, holding Nico’s hand whilst he’s slumped in a corner, hair flopping over his face, “and assume that you’ve never been drunk before.”

Nico looks up at him and smiles dopily. “What gave it a way?”

Will shrugs, and then smiles. “I’m not sure. Guess I just know you too well.”

Nico nods, and lets out a yawn at that. “Guess you do,” he mumbles. “You know me better than anyone.”

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tododeku: "hold me in your arms"

Izuku wakes to something heavy holding him down, he can’t move, he can’t breathe, it’s too dark, he’s useless, he’s useless, he’s—

“Midoriya.” A low voice, raspy with sleep, but familiar in pitch and tone. Izuku relaxes slightly, enough for his eyes to make out the dimness of their bedroom. “Bad dream?”

Izuku turns, and the arm slung on top of his waist lifts slightly. Todoroki’s face greets him, sleepy eyes reflecting the bit of light coming from the closed blinds. His hand trails up and down Izuku’s side, the warmth comforting and grounding. Izuku sighs.

“Sorry for waking you up.”

Todoroki shrugs. “I get nightmares, too. You know that.”

“Yeah,” Izuku says, “I guess we all do, huh?” He shuffles closer. “Um, To-Todoroki. Do you mind, if I, if we…”

Todoroki hums. Wordlessly, he slides over and puts his arm around Izuku again. He tilts his chin and presses his lips against Izuku’s forehead gently, keeping it there for a full heartbeat. 

Izuku’s eyes close, and he breathes in. He counts Todoroki’s steady breathing, inhale, exhale, inhale again, and soon, they both drift off to sleep quietly. No nightmares come this time.

Wedding Jitters

So I’m pretty certain this was a request made by @ortonaholic quite some time ago

“You know…”
The sudden lack of privacy startled me and I clutched my chest to calm my racing heart beat.

My brother stood behind me, clearly enjoying my reaction.

“What is it?” I ask him agitatedly. This was perhaps my last few moments as an unmarried woman and I needed some alone time to mentally rehearse my role as a wife.

“I was just saying you don’t look half as ugly as you normally do.” He stated quite nonchalantly, grinning at me when I rolled my eyes at him.

I felt the world slow down as I watched my brother act like his typical douchey self. Normally, I’d wrestle him to the ground, demanding him to apologise to me as he would catch his breath in between cackles and roaring laughter…

I felt myself recluse like a turtle would retreat to its shell at the sense of looming danger. But… What was I so scared of?

Today was the day I was finally marrying the love of my life. And he had been nothing but the kindest, most gentle soul to ever grace the earth. Finn and I had been dating for the past 3 years- on & off. The distance often did take a toll on our relationship and I worried if our marriage would be any less stressful. We’d had our fair share of altercations & had called it off about twice. Yet, we somehow wound up back into each other’s arms. Finn believed I was “the one” for him. Although I felt the same way, I could not discount a similar illusion my parents lived under until they got divorced. The incidents that led up to their divorce served a crushing blow to not only my self esteem but killed all the hopeless romanticism in me.

I felt sheer guilt at the anxiety that I felt right now. Shaking the memory of my parents away, I held onto my brother’s arm as he led me through the corridor, walking me down the aisle, to the altar.

Finn extended his arm to help me up the raised platform. I watched my brother’s face for a split second before placing my hand in Finn’s.

My brother smiled warmly at me & I could not explain even to myself why I had to fight tears from forming in my eyes.

Everything was about to change. And I didn’t know if I was ready for it. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone with my pessimism and incertitude, especially not Finn. And so I fought the tears back and held onto Finn’s hand with a smile.
“And this is the much awaited, bedroom.” Finn winked at y/n and opened the door for her to walk in first. Y/n gathered her gown and walked inside the suite, taking in the marvellous interior. She moved quite slowly, wondering how surprisingly posh Finn’s aesthetic was when he wrapped his arms from behind her and placed a kiss to her temple.

“Where are you going babe.” He whispered in her ear, less as a question.

Before y/n could turn around to face him, Finn swooped her up in one swift motion.

“I’m a man of traditions, love.” He smiled at her as he carried her to their bedroom.
Finn nervously played with the lace lining of y/n’s wedding gown. She just sat there on the bed, engrossed in her own little world, refusing to acknowledge her newly status or the fact that Finn’s fingers had already put plenty of creases on her beautiful dress.

Truth be told, he was a little disappointed at her lack of enthusiasm. This was meant to be the greatest day of their lives. It was for him. Though, his own spirits had been brought down as he noticed the growing sullenness in y/n’s demeanour all throughout their special day.

Did something happen? What could have possibly gone wrong? Y/n was over the moon when I proposed to her. She was the happiest woman alive at our engagement.

Was she regretting this decision?

Finn propped himself on the bed with support from his elbow and began,


Y/n snapped out of her trance and swiveled her head to look at Finn, who was watching her sympathetically.

“Is there something you’d like to tell me?” He urged her to speak.

“Erm…not really. Why?”

“You don’t look too happy.” Finn stated blandly. Forward was the way for him. He was never one to beat about the bush. And he would very much like to know the truth immediately.

Y/n’s face fell at his statement and she let out a short breath through her nose. There was no point hiding it. Finn knew her too well for her to get away with any secrets.

“Babe, I just want to know what’s bothering you. I’m here to listen.” Finn’s voice was a velvety comfort. He took y/n’s hand in his own and held it, giving it a gentle squeeze as a reiteration of his words.

I’m here to listen

Y/n’s heart was pounding a thousand beats per minute- or so it seemed. She was afraid the truth would not only disappoint Finn but he might not even understand the gravity of it. Nonetheless, she decided to confess, for Finn was always her confidant and there was no reason why he shouldn’t be anymore.

“I… I don’t know how to explain it to you but I just… I feel scared.” Y/n attempted at enlightening Finn with her thoughts.

Finn’s forehead creased in confusion.

“Scared? Of what?”

“Of everything. I feel like all the small changes are going to culminate into something I won’t be able to adjust to. What if I’m a bad wife?!” Y/n explained her anxieties one by one.

Finn chuckled.

“Finn I’m serious. What if…what if I’m not what you want or rather, someone you don’t need? What if we fight and never make up again? What if one day we begin resenting each other?”

“That day will never come.” Finn replied firmly. He gently traced the outline of y/n’s jaw as he spoke.

“You worry too much, love. I will always want you. Forever and ever and ever and it still won’t be enough for me.” His thumb now glided across the soft skin under her eyes and he leaned in to place a loving kiss to her lips.

He lingered, hesitant to break the kiss but he moved back to take a look at his prone-to-over-thinking wife.

“Sorry I’m such a wreck today. I’ve just been nervous because I want everything to be perfect you know.” She elucidated bashfully.

“Well, we can fix that.” Finn’s oceanic eyes twinkled in the dim lighting of their bedroom.
His fingers worked dexterously on his crisp white shirt as he unbuttoned himself top to down without having to watch himself. He kept a solid, unflinching eye contact with y/n as he worked through the buttons. He then slowly, almost painfully slid the right half across his shoulder, faintly revealing his ungodly muscles.

Y/n quickly drew a hand to her mouth to avoid the sounds of her cackles reaching her phone set. She quite intently made a video of Finn stripping for her. And he was absolutely hilarious to not be filmed for it.

Finn clowned around for several minutes till y/n’s sides hurt from laughing too hard.

“Finn, this is such a fail. I’m not turned on at all.” Y/n spoke between her bouts of laughter.

“Damn it. How is this even possible, I’m supposed to be fucking irresistible!” He feigned annoyance.

Y/n sat at the edge of the bed, now changed into a comfortable pair of sweats. Finn latched onto her, swooping her by the waist in one arm and placing her at the centre of the bed.

“Let’s just catch some sleep, yeah?” He suggested.

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Y/n mumbled from beneath Finn’s weight, who now lay atop her, his head resting on her chest. She ran her fingers through his soft hair, feeling more of his weight as he was lulled to a slumber.

“You’re okay, right?” Finn whispered groggily, fighting the urge to drift to sleep at y/n’s heavenly touch across his hair.

“Yeah. I’m fine. I think it was just those wedding jitters that people get. I’ll get over it soon.”

“Good.” Finn was barely audible now.

He then inhaled deeply and lifted his head from y/n’s chest, meeting his sleepy eyes in her attentive ones.

“I’m kind of too sleepy to say this properly to you right now y/n, but I love you too much to ever see you upset like this. I promise, you have nothing to worry about. Don’t ever doubt my love for you. And don’t doubt us. We’ll be fine.”

His voice resonated a deep affection for her. Y/n smiled at him, admiring his concern as she ran a hand across his soft features and he lay his head back down on her.

“And don’t bottle up your feelings like this, it’s not good for you…”

“Finn, can you like not lecture me while you’re half asleep?” Y/n giggled.

“Yeah, I’ll lecture you when I wake up.”

He nuzzled into her neck, grabbing her hand and placing it in his short hair, gesturing her to continue with her cooling ministrations that he so dearly loved.

“Good night, my beautiful wife.” He whispered, smiling lazily into the crook of her neck.

“Good night, my beautiful husband.” She returned the smile, slowly appreciating the sound of their new reference to each other.

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Secrets And Lies - Nine

Reid x reader

This is the final chapter :)


For someone who had committed such a sin yet again, Y/N slept surprisingly well. She woke up at 8am to her phone singing, the soft weight of her daughter curled up against her. She grabbed her phone, answering it to silence it, realising too late that it was Georgia calling her.

“Hello… ” she croaked out, her voice heavy with sleep.

“Just so you know, I’m not mad. And as weird as it will be, I enjoy our friendship and would prefer it if we could remain friends. I’m taking Ellie to see my mom this morning whilst he packs some things up, and then she has a birthday party this afternoon. It’s at one of those fun factory places, perhaps all three of us could meet there to discuss how this is going to work, 3pm say?”

So he’d actually done it?

Spencer had actually done it.

Fucking hell.

She was awake now and rolled away from Ella, sitting upright.

“Y/N… Are you there still? I mean it, I’m not mad… ”

She realised that she hadn’t spoken and coughed quickly, “I’m here. Gee…. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. He was meant to be with you, I’ve known that for years. Ellie and I will be fine. We’re going to be one of those weird families, where the ex wife and the new wife are still good friends and they all go on holiday with each other, I’ve decided. No arguing.”

Y/N laughed nervously, still unsure at how to process everything.

“So, 3pm? Yes?”

“Yes, okay. I’ll see if JJ will watch Ella for me.”

“Okay. I’ll see you later. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Spencer doesn’t turn up at your door soon.”

She disconnected the call leaving Y/N feeling dumbstruck. It was then she noticed that she had text messages from Spencer, sent hours ago, asking her to call him when she woke up. She called him, him picking up after only two rings.

“I did it,” were the first words he said to her.

“I know. Georgia called me.”

“She did? Was she… Oh shit Y/N, I’m sorry. Was she horrid to you? She seemed okay when she left.”

“She was strangely calm and fine. Says that she knows we were meant to be together, and she didn’t sound like she was lying. She wants to meet later though. To discuss arrangements.”

Y/N felt Ella stirring beside her and she smiled at her daughters sleepy face.

“Yeah she mentioned that. I think… I think she’s being genuine. Listen, erm…. Obviously Georgia and Ellie are staying in the house and I’m not. I know you didn’t say much last night so I don’t know how you feel about any of this, not really. But I need to find somewhere to stay, either a hotel for a while until I can get a rental or maybe Derek has some… ”

“Spencer, just come here. I couldn’t say it last night and I’m not going to say it over the phone, but all those feelings I had all those years ago are still there. They haven’t gone away. So when you’re ready, come here.”

“I’m pretty much packed, at least what I can right now anyway. So I’ll see you in forty?”

“We’ll be up, I’ll make breakfast for us all.”

When Spencer turned up forty five minutes later and started unloading suitcases from the car, Ella looked extremely confused but happy.

“Does daddy live with us now?” she asked, looking up at both adults.

“Yes, daddy lives with us now. Is that okay?” Y/N told her, instructing Reid to put his stuff in the small box room until she had time to make room in her closets.

“What about Ellie and Georgia?”

“They’re staying in their own home. But you’ll still see them, all the time. I promise.”

Y/N sincerely hope that was going to be the case, it would break both girls hearts to suddenly be ripped away from each other.

“So are you and daddy getting married now? Like daddy and Georgia were?”

“Ella… So many questions, baby. It’s complicated. But what matters is that daddy and I love each other and that we both love you. Daddy still love Ellie and he still loves Georgia, but not in the way he did. And Georgia still loves us all. Okay?”

“Okay. Can we have pancakes now?”

“Yes. Go and get the mix out of the cupboards ready for me and I’ll be through in a minute.”

Y/N had seen Spencer stop at the top of the stairs when Ella had started asking questions, obviously wanting to see how she answered them first. He walked down to join her at the bottom and she smiled at him, feeling butterflies in her tummy.

“It’s a lot for her take in. One minute you and Georgia are a thing and the next, you’re here,” she commented.

“It is, but like you said, what matters is that we both love each other. I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get here, to finally be with you.”

“Things happen for a reason, at least that’s what they say. And you’re here now. I love you Spencer.”

“I love you too. So much.”

They hugged, embracing each other tightly until a loud clatter sounded from the kitchen and they rushed in to help Ella before she made a mess of the entire kitchen.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent together, giving Y/N a taste of what life was hopefully going to be like from now on. And she loved it.

After breakfast Ella had wanted to watch cartoons for a while, Y/N normally allowed her to watch them on a Saturday morning so the two adults followed her into the living room, sitting somewhat awkwardly together on the couch whilst Ella lay out on the floor.

Ten minutes or so passed by and Y/N could feel a pair of eyes on her so she glanced over at Spencer at the other end of the couch. He held out his arm and cocked his head. Y/N inched closer on the couch and curled up next to him, her head resting on his shoulder. Suddenly a huge weight felt like it had been lifted off her shoulders. This was right, this was okay. This was how it should be, how it should have been. She gave a contended sigh as Reid kissed the top of her head. Ella looked up moments later, a huge grin on her face at her mother and father snuggling together. Seeing them together made her happy.

When it came time to meet with Georgia, Y/N and Spencer dropped Ella off with JJ, who seemed surprised to see them both together. She raised an eyebrow at Y/N who smiled at her old friend.

“It’s a long story, that’s actually not that long really. But… Spencer will be living with me now. And Gee and I are still friends, that’s where we’re going to now, to work out details.”

“When did this happen, why don’t I know?”

“Last night and early this morning. Bottle of wine Friday night? Seeing as I now have a built in babysitter?” She grinned at Spencer who just rolled his eyes at the two women.

“Definitely bottle of wine. Or two. Me and you are long overdue a good gossip. Text me when you’re on your way back okay. It’s nice out so we’ll probably take the kids to the park.”

Goodbyes were exchanged and then they made their way to The Fun Factory where Ellie’s friends party was taking place, finding Georgia waiting at a table far away from the play area.

“Never quite thought I’d feel happy seeing my husband and my friend hand in hand with each other, but strangely I do. I must be screwed in the head.”

Spencer and Y/N sat down opposite her and the next hour or so was spent hashing out details. In the end it was decided that for now, Ellie would spend every other weekend at Y/N’s house so she could see her father. If he was away on a case then Ellie would decide herself whether she still wanted to go, so that she could see her sister. The last weekend of every month Ella would go to Georgia’s home to stay there. Both women had become attached to the others daughter and they all agreed that they wanted the girls to spend as much time as possible with each other. It would be also mean the Y/N would have some much needed free time once a month, hopefully to have some actual dates with her new partner. It was all very amicable and Y/N couldn’t quite believe how easy this was turning out to be. If only it had been like this in the beginning.

“I have an appointment next Friday with a divorce lawyer. Hopefully we can get that sorted as quickly as we can so that you pair are free to do what you wish, just make sure I’m invited to the wedding yeah?” Georgia joked and Y/N felt herself blushing.

When it was time to leave, the adults plus Ellie and a large balloon that she’d accumulated from the party, left via the front door rather than directly into the parking lot. Ellie and Georgia had walked here, not living far, so they all walked out together meaning that Spencer could wave goodbye to his daughter.

The three adults were chatting together and making arrangements for Spencer to collect some more of his belongings when Y/N saw Ellie let go off her balloon and immediately chase after it, stepping out onto the main road that ran in front of the restaurant.

“Ellie…. ” Y/N called after her, seeing a car speeding along the road. The girl hadn’t heard her and was still chasing the balloon walking directly into the path of the oncoming car.

Without a thought for herself, Y/N dashed after her quickly shoving Ellie forward and out of the way. She saw the girl skid across the tarmac, skinning her knees just as the car slammed into Y/N’s torso, lifting her off the ground and sending her up and over the hood the car.

It’s true what they say, your life really does flash before your eyes. Every memory of Spencer, every memory of Ella seemed to flood Y/N’s brain as she heard a screeching and felt the weightlessness as she flew threw the air, followed by a loud crunching sound as she hit the ground.

Then… Pain. In her head, her neck and chest, a wetness under her hair. Strangely, she couldn’t feel anything from the waist down. She could see her legs bent awkwardly at an angle not normal at all, but she couldn’t feel them.

And then there was the screaming, the crying. Spencer’s face suddenly coming into view, a look of horror upon it.

“Oh my god… Oh my god… Shit.. Fuck… Georgia, the ambulance? We need it now…. Oh my god… Y/N…. Y/N can you hear me?”

She could hear him and tried to choke out a yes. But it was so hard to talk. Her chest felt tight and full of water, like she was drowning somehow.

“Spen….. Spencer… ” her voice felt far away, like the words weren’t coming from her anymore. Spencer knelt down beside her and grasped her hand gently. She squeezed it as hard as she could.

Georgia suddenly came into view. “Spencer the ambulance is on its way. Timmy’s mom has Ellie, she’s taken her inside… Fuck, Spence..There’s so much blood… ”

That was what the wet feeling underneath her head was. Blood. Y/N was glad she couldn’t see it herself, for someone who used to work for the FBI she was surprisingly squeamish.

“Hold on Y/N. I need you to hold on,” Spencer urged her and she tried to smile at him. She felt so tired suddenly, like she just wanted to close her eyes to nap. He looked so concerned, his beautiful face clouded with worry for her.

She knew why, she could feel what was happening.

And she wasn’t scared. She was sad, that this new life she had planned for her, Ella and Spencer wasn’t going to come to anything. She was sad that she wasn’t going to get to see her daughter grow up, or see Spencer walking both of his little girls down the aisles at their weddings. She was sad she wasn’t going to get to walk down an aisle herself. And she was devastated that Spencer was going to have to break this news to her family, to Ella and Ellie.

But she wasn’t scared. She knew that much.

She summoned every last ounce of energy she had and spoke.

“I need you to… Your phone, the recording app. Turn it on… ”

Oh god how just those few words burned. Reid looked at her gone out, starting to shake his head before Georgia quickly placed her phone in front of Y/N’s lips, the app switched on.

“Ella, baby, Mommy loves you very much. I always, always will. And I’m so sorry sweetie, I really am. I need you to look after your daddy, and your nanna for me. They’re going to need you so much. I love you, and I’ll always be with you…. ”

“Y/N…. No!” Spencer begged, tears dripping down his cheeks.

“I love you Spencer… Please take care of her, bring the girls up together. You mean everything to me. I love you so much.”

“The ambulance is on its way, it’ll be here any second. Please just hold on,” he was frantic and Y/N hated seeing him like this, she wished she could hold on, but she couldn’t. It was too late.

The cell disappeared from in front of her and she cast her eyes to Georgia who was also crying , the words “I’m so sorry” being repeated over and over.

Y/N knew what she was sorry for, all the wasted time caused by the web of lies that was spun years before.

“Gee, it’s okay. Take… take care of them all. Please.”

The woman nodded and Y/N looked back to Spencer who was now weeping. “I love you so much Y/N,” his words cracked and broken. “You can’t leave me, you can’t leave us.”

“I’ll always… I’ll always be here… I…. I love… you.”

Y/N’s eyes started to blur but she caught sight of a familiar figure standing over Spencer’s shoulder, his hand outstretched and a sad smile on his face.

Her father.

Everything was always okay when she was with her father, so everything would be okay now right?

She allowed her eyes to close and her hand to reach out to meet his.

“Daddy? Do I have to?”

The man nodded sadly at her and she accepted her fate.

Her daughter had her father now, and Y/N was back with hers.

It would all be okay, she told herself as she walked hand in hand with her dad.

“Don’t look back baby, not yet. You can look in on them in a while. Okay?”


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72 :(♡


“And that’s why I think Happy Feet is underrated,” you conclude proudly as you and 2D sit together at the bar of a local restaurant.

“Interesting…” 2D says smirking as he takes another sip of his drink.

“I just really like dancing penguins, okay?” you say in defense which earns a small snicker from 2D.

A stranger takes a seat rather obnoxiously next to you, and the two of you stare at him questionably. He looks around nonchalantly before speaking to you, “Sup.”

You and 2D exchange glances, you look at the stranger before answering cautiously, “Um… Hey?”

“Let me buy you a drink,” he says, sounding more of a demand rather than an offer.

“No thank you,” you reply coldly and turn back to 2D who’s holding his drink while sitting uncomfortably.

“Just one drink.”

“I said no thank you,” you turn to face the intruder, holding your ground. He grins smugly before saying, “Really?” He turns to look at 2D as if he just noticed his presence and scoffs, “You’re with him?”

“Hi, I’m 2-”

“Whatever,” he cuts him off.

“Hey, don’t be rude,” you say firmly, “How many times do I have to say no for you leave us alone? Go away.”

2D doesn’t say anything and neither does the stranger. The guy pushes himself off the small table, a weird unattractive smirk on his face before he shakes his head and mutters, “Seriously? This guy?” 

You don’t respond to that and neither does 2D. The stranger ends up leaving you two alone. You look over your shoulder to see if he’s anywhere in sight before speaking, “What a jerk…”

2D was staring into space. You rub the hand that’s loosely clutching his drink and he snaps out of it. “Y-yeah..” he agrees.

You look at him skeptically but he sits up suddenly and shoves his hands into his pocket looking for his wallet. “I think we should call it a night,” he says putting the money for the drinks on the table.


“Yeah, I’m tired,” he says, looking at the exit.

You bite the inside of your cheek and look him over, noticing that he does look a little sleepy. “Alright then…” you say before getting up and following him out of the restaurant.

The car ride is uncomfortably silent and the two of you hesitantly open the door to the shared house. You walk in quietly, hoping not to disturb his band-mates as it appeared they were in their respected rooms, most likely sleeping. 2D doesn’t wait for you as he walks to his bedroom searching around for clothes to sleep in. You lean against the door frame and watch him, concern furrowing your eyebrows together. He walks past you mumbling something about taking a bath and you finally say something, “Was it that guy?”

He stops in his tracks but doesn’t turn around to face you, “What do you mean?”

“Stuart,” you say seriously, “Talk to me.”

He doesn’t answer you for a while until his shoulders loosen up a bit and he drops his arms to his sides. He mumbles, “I’m just no good for you.”

“What?” you ask, not catching what he said.

You deserve so much better.

Your heart clenches in your chest after hearing that and you walk over to face him, “I don’t need anything better because I have you,” he looks at you, “And that’s all I could ever ask for,” you finish. He doesn’t react immediately when you hug him but his lanky arms eventually find their favorite spot around your waist. You rub his hair for a while, feeling comfortable and happy before you ask him, “Do you wanna watch a movie and eat the leftovers before we call it a night?” He nods his head, rubbing his cheek against your neck. The two of you watch his favorite film on the couch, him holding you securely and comfortably before you eventually head off to bed.

More Merle smut!

(Request: Can you do a Merle x Reader smut in which Reader is much younger then him)

Note: Enjoy!

Warning: smut

Originally posted by yokaishinari

You walked out of your college, heavy books in your hand and sleep on your mind. You were so tired and you couldn’t wait to go home and rest, it had been a long day.

“Hey there darlin’” you whipped your head around and saw Merle leaning on his truck, a cigarette in his hand.

You immediately smiled when you saw him and ran over to where he stood. You dropped your books on the hood of the truck and he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you in for a rough kiss.

“Where have you been? I haven’t heard from you in ages!” you said, excited to see him here.

“I was getting some plans ready for tonight, there’s a party at mine. You in?” he asked, offering you a smoke which you gladly took.

“Hell yeah!” you replied.

“Come on, ill drive you home so you can drop off your shit and change into something cuter” he winked at you, making you giggle.

Merle was a lot older than you, you were only in college but he was a man, most people would disagree with what you were doing but you didn’t care; you loved him. You and him had met through your dad. He was a drug user and he’d often send you to go collect what he needed, it just so happened that Merle was his dealer. You had to admit, you were an extremely innocent girl when you had met Merle, but now you lived with him on the wild side.                                                    

You watched as masses of people walked through the front door to the Dixons house. The two brothers were throwing parties practically every week, and they were always fun. There was a never-ending supply of drugs and alcohol going around. You were sat on Merle’s lap as all his friends sat on the sofas and chairs around you. they could barely keep their eyes open because they were so high. Merle had a beer bottle in one hand and his other wrapped around your waist, his fingers just lightly brushing over your skin every once in a while.

A couple of hours into the party and you were starting to feel tired. Yes, you were having a good time, but sleep was calling your name.

“Merle, I think I’m gonna head out soon” you shouted over the music.

“What?” he shouted back.

“I’m gonna leave soon!” you shouted in his ear. He looked back at you in confusion and he stood up, causing you to almost fall off his lap.

He took your hand and led you upstairs, pushing through the crowds of people who were in your way. Once upstairs and in Merle’s room he shut the door behind him, blocking out most of the music from downstairs.

“What do you mean you’re leaving sugar? The party is just getting started!”

“Merle I’m tired and I have an exam tomorrow!” you tried to plea your case.

“Just a couple more hours” he begged

“I’m sorry Merle I can’t”

You went to walk past him and leave but he shut the door as you opened it, causing you to look at him in shock.

“Merle-” You were cut off as Merle kissed you hard, grabbing your waist and pulling you against him, making you feel his hard on.

Suddenly your sleepy state diminished and you moaned into the kiss, allowing Merle to lift you up and throw you onto the bed. “You go when I say you can go baby girl” he said, his voice cracking from how much he wanted you. You felt yourself get wet at his words and you eagerly lifted your shirt over your head as Merle started to undo his jeans. You slid out of your shorts and panties and you were left completely naked.

“Fuck yeah (Y/n)!” Merle said, greedily kissing up your stomach and towards your neck. He was naked too, and you could feel his hard on pressing up against your leg. You moved your hand down between your bodies and grabbed his cock, slowly moving your hand up and down to tease him more. You flicked your thumb over his slit, collecting some precum to lubricate it.

“Fuck” he breathed against your neck. He slowly started to thrust his hips as your teasing became too much. You finally let go of his cock and he took hold of it, rubbing his tip against you slit, making you more wet.

“Shit merle!” You cried out.

He laughed at you squirming beneath him but he finally gave you what you wanted and he thrusted into you hard. You arched your back and grabbed onto his shoulders as he pounded into you. You moaned every time he hit your g-spot, and soon enough he was hitting it over and over. His head was in the crook of your neck and you could feel him sucking at it and roughly kissing it, there would definitely be hickeys there tomorrow. He grabbed onto your hair as he was coming close to his release, pulling at it and giving him more access to your soft skin. You began to feel your walls tighten around him, helping him through his high as well. You both rode out your orgasms together and when you were done he rolled over on the bed next to you. You watched as his chest rose and fell, both of you trying to get the air back in your lungs.

“Alright (y/n), now you can go” he said jokingly.

“Screw you” you laughed and put your clothes back on. “I guess I can stay a couple more hours” you said.

“That’s my girl” he smiled at you and you threw his clothes at his face, pretending to be mad that he basically fucked you into staying. You both changed and made your way back downstairs to join the party.


Imagine – Taking care of Finn after he injures his shoulder

Word Count – 1825

 Pairing – Finn x Reader

 Warnings – None really

 A/N – I don’t know if anyone remembers me or not but I used to be tfw-bitch-jerk-assbutt and I was gone for a while but now I am back and going to be making WWE and Supernatural imagines, requests always open and as always, enjoy! Sorry if I’m a little rusty I haven’t made an imagine in half a year.


 You were in the backroom, sitting and watching your boyfriend Finn Balor stand in the middle of that ring and give up something that meant everything to him thanks to a shoulder injury that turned out worse than expected.

 Your eyes along with his began to water as the “Thank You Finn!” and “You Deserve It!” chants filled the arena, seeing him smile ear to ear but you knew deep down inside he was hurting. He gave the belt back to Mick Foley, holding it for a few seconds longer then he was supposed to, looking at it one last time until he would come back and go after it again.

 “Hey y/n..” A familiar voice said behind you, it was Seth.

 “Oh, Hey Seth.” You fake smile, whipping away the tears which he noticed.  He kneeled down in front of you and grabbed a tissue.

 “I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt him or put him in any danger. I understand if you’re mad at me and you have every right to be –“

 “Seth, it’s not your fault. It was just a freak accident, it was nobody’s fault.”

Before Seth could reply his music hit. He  gave you a small smile and a “see ya later” then walked off to go down the ramp. Right when he went out Finn came in, trying everything in him to hold the tears back.

 “Hey sweetie, I’m so sorry.” You frowned, giving him a hug trying to be careful with his shoulder.

 “I need to get my things then we can head onto the hotel.” He walked off, head hanging low and barley talking to anyone. You helped him carry some bags, told everyone good bye as they gave both of you hugs, then you were gone. You put his bags in the backseat as he got into the passenger side.

 You climbed in and started the car, the second you started the car is when the tears began to flow from his eyes.

 “I hate this.” Finn said shakily, looking out the window at the building he wouldn’t be seeing again for a long, long time. His home. You unbuckled your seat belt and let him cry on your shoulder, rubbing his back while he clenched onto you for life, soaking up your plaid shirt with tears.

 “You’re gonna get it back babe, you’re strong. You can fight through anything.”

 “I just want to go to the hotel… Can we go? This hurts to much.” You kissed his cheek and nodded, driving off after.


The car ride back to the hotel was quiet and long. You tried to make conversation with Finn but you could tell he wasn’t in the mood to talk which you understood. You took his bags in then helped him come inside. He laid down on the bed while you went to go get him some ice, hearing him sniffle and wipe his face.

 You kneeled down next to him, placing the ice on his shoulder with one hand and running your fingers through his hair with the other. You hated seeing him like this, it tore your heart apart.

 “This was a childhood dream of mine since I can remember, being on the main roster. But I screwed it up. I screwed up, and now I have  to waste away my life for 6 months. My parents were in the front row, I let them down, y/n. I let you down. I let Vince down, I let the fans down. All because I forgot to take a bump properly.” He opened up, wiping his eyes that were bloodshot from crying so much.

 “Finn Balor. You did not let any of us down. Not your parents, me, Vince, the fans…nobody. I told Seth the same thing earlier it was an accident, accidents happen and in this business they happen a lot. Please stop being so hard on yourself, I love you.”

 You kissed him softly as you wiped the stray tears running down his cheeks away with your thumbs. Feeling his lips quiver against yours still trying to hold the tears back. You hugged him for a while then his phone rang.

 “I have surgery tomorrow at 5:30 in the morning.”

 “I will be with you every step of the way.”

 You both spent the rest of the night cuddling in the bed, watching Family Guy to cheer him up which it did a little. You got up and started packing his bags for him for tomorrow.

 “Babe? Do you know where –“ You stopped and smiled, seeing him asleep peacefully on the bed while hugging your “Balor Club” t shirt that smelt just like you, seeing a smirk across his lips.

 You covered him up and put an extra ice pack in the freezer for tomorrow morning, finished packing then head to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


 You and Finn sat in the waiting room, you watched as he bounced his leg nervously and played with his hands nervously.  You felt bad with his nervous he was, trying to think of ways to calm him down then the idea came to you.

 “Do you remember our first date? You took me to the park and hung out there the entire day? And I made you TERRIBLE cookies.” You both chuckled at the memory

 “They were good cookies.”

 “Please, you’re just being nice. And do you remember our first kiss? We were in the middle of the ring at a live event for NXT. I just reclaimed my NXT divas belt, I was showing off and smiling with joy then you ran in. The crowd was going ballistic, you gave me a tight hug, looked into my eyes and kissed me. God, I don’t think I could hear for a week that arena was so loud. Then of course everyone started chanting “Let’s go Finn!’ and it was the funniest and cutest thing ever.” You smiled over at Finn, watching him as he blushed and did that playful smile he was when he’s shy.

 “Remember when I broke my foot, we were at another live event and you and Bayley decided to do something to cheer me up. I had no idea what was going on then I saw both of you come out with my jacket, and my theme. It made my night! It was weird seeing two people do it but it was cool. I also tried to join In but of course I fell..” Finn chuckled, sighing after.

 “I can’t wait to get back into the ring, y/n.”

 “Trust me, the fans can’t wait either.”

 The doctor called out Finn’s name. You gave each other a tight hug and a kiss.

 “I’ll be right here waiting for you when you come out”

 ‘Okay babe..” He said nervously, giving you a small wave goodbye.


 3 Hours past and the same doctor before finally came out. You got up quickly and the only question you could ask was “Is he okay?”

 “Yes, He’s going to be very sore for a long, long time. Keep giving him ice on it and take it easy. He will need physical therapy.”

 ‘Thank you Doctor”

 “You’re welcome, oh and misses Y/L/N… He is very, very loopy. He’s been asking for you non stop since the second he woke up.” You blushed, wanting to see him right away.

 The doctor takes you to the room and leaves you two alone. Finn gives you the biggest, happiest smile but then also so tired he can barley keep his eyes open. He waved and you pulled up a chair next to him and held his hand.

 “Hey y/n! I missed ya sooooooo much!” He said happily

 “I missed you too Finn, do you feel alright?”

 “Never better! Kind of tired…” He slurred, leaning his head on his shoulder, looking into your eyes and smiling softly.

 “Yeah, the doctor said you’re going to be loopy and sleepy for a while.”

 Finn gets quiet for a few minutes, then of course starts up again.

 “You have beaaauttiifffullll eyes y/n.”

 “Why thank you Finn, you have beautiful eyes too.”

 “Do you think I’m pretty?” He asked

 ‘The prettiest” you winked, making him blush again.

 You got up to throw something away, bending over when you hear Finn say quietly

 “You have a nice arse.”

 You froze, not knowing what in the world to say. You looked over as he gave you a wink.

 The day went on and on with Finn rambling tiredly. One second he’d be happy, next  he’d be crying.

 “I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world”

 “I really want McDonalds, y/n.”

 “I miss Dusty…” he cries, that one broke your heart.

 “When are we going home?”

 You sat in the chair, reading a magazine while Finn watched tv, his loopyness finally wearing off. The door opened and it was Finn’s doctor, holding papers with a smile on his face.

 “Okay Mr. Balor you are ready to go home. Please just take it easy, and if your shoulder starts to hurt take some aspirin Y/N will give you. No wrestling until your doctor/physical therapist tells you so. Here’s my number if you have any more questions. Y/N can you sign these papers then you two can head on out.”

 You both gave the doctor a thank you, then he headed on out. You were signing the papers when you felt Finn’s hand go on top of yours, squeezing it softly. You looked up at him and saw a soft smile upon his lips.

 “Thank you love.”

 “For what?’

 “Staying, like you said.”

 “Finn, you know I’ll always stay by your side.”

 “I know, I was just scared you were going to give up on me since I’m a one arm man now.” You both laughed, kissing him on his temple and rubbing his hair back.

 “Thank you.” He whispered again softly with the most tired eyes but also loving.

 You finally go out and went home. You and Finn both decided it was best if Finn stayed at his moms while he heals up since you had to go back to work. Finn always makes sure to FaceTime you ever chance he gets, and he’s always sending you cute pictures or texts to make you smile as you do for him. But there was one thing for sure

 You couldn’t wait for him to come back home.

Lauren/You (Do Not Disturb) II

The robe wasnt completly see through due to the designs around the edges and across the chest. Still the thin piece of fabric let some to the imagination, but still caused your mind race and hands to clench in anticipation.

Coming your way across the carpet floor in black six inch heels. Placing her hands on your shoulders while your right hand rested on her lower back and left was steadly moving down to her butt. Pulling her closer so she is pressed against you, she kissed your cheek while one hand moved to the back of your head to gently tug at your hair. Moaning lowly you pull her even closer and grip her ass while kissing down her neck.

Clenching her jaw because Lauren wanted to give in so badly, but right now wasn’t about her. Gripping your shirt she pushed you back. Removing you lips from her neck you look at her confused with your eyebrows scrunched together. Giggling at how cute you are, Lauren pecks your lips a few. Turning around, your hands move to her hips. Walking out of reach she goes to the stereo and you watch her hips sway. Bending down she set it up and after finding the right song she stood back up and untied the ribbon on her robe.

Heavy bass filled the room before sultry vocals flowed from the speakers. Sitting on the edge of your bed you wait patiently for Lauren. Turning to face you as the song began her robe is partially open and you can partially see the rest of her lingerie set.

So I got this feeling
You and I need a moment
I want you to love me, babe
Make me know it
I need you to want me, babe
Come and show it

Let me satisfy you tonight
Come inside, sit on my couch, oh

Grabbing you hand she pulls you up and sets you down in a chair. Sitting down you run your hand up her leg snd she bites the corner of her bottom lip.

I know what you like just sit back
Let me ride, hear it all out uh

Turning around she slowly slid the robe over her shoulders and down her arms. Letting it fall to the floor you lick your lips and sit up a little more.

I want you right now
Not another minute later, so come on

Easing into your lap you guide her hips with your hands until she settles on you. Grinding on you, you bite down on your lip.

Put your money where your mouth is
Give you what you paid for, come on

Moving her hair to one side you kiss her shoulder before she abruptly stood up.

I know it’s real how my body feels on yours, oh

Walking behind you Lauren ran her down your chest and stopped just above your lap. Stepping back in front of you she moved her hips slowly then moved back to your lap. Straddling you

And I want to spend some time
No enter sign on the door
Oh, no, please don’t disturb

Not being able to take it anymore you stand up with Lauren still on your lap. One hand holding her lower back, bringing her completly against you while the other hand held the back of her neck. Moving to the bed you set her down and climb between her legs. Her legs hiking up and going around your waist while the two of you continued to passionatly kiss. Her heels digging into your lower back you sit up and throw your shirt off. Lauren takes this as her opportunity to push you over onto your back and straddle your hips. Lying back against the pillows you grip her hips and pull her down trying to ease some of your arousal.

Sitting up with her still on top of you, you kiss her lips one more time then move down to her jaw and neck. Playing with the hooks on her bra she forcefully pushed you back against the bed and slowly did it herself. Tossing it away you couldn’t wait for the night the two of you had ahead.


The next morning while you were still asleep with Lauren curled up beside you, the girls barged into the room.

“How did you guys even get in here” You say rubbing your eyes.

“Lauren left the keycard to your room on her bed” Camila said from between Ally and Normani.

“Somebody obviously didn’t want to be bothered” Normani said with and arched eyebrow, but somebody didnt quite catch on.

Camila sat down on the corner of the bed and played with some piece of paper in her hands. “Yeah why was there a do not disturb sign ob the door.” Showing you the sign that sure enough read “DO NOT DISTURB”

“Camila there’s a reason why people put those up.” You say with a smirk as memories from last night flashed through your mind. How interesting it would have been if one of them had came in.

Taking a second to put a few things together she sprang up from the bed. “Ew!” Dusting her pants off she went and stood back beside Nomani.

“So are you two gonna get up any time soon cause I’m hungry.” Dinah says with a cute pout and rubs her stomach.

Lightly laugh you go to sit up, but Lauren groans and grabs onto your arm tighter. Giggling you look back at the girls. “Yeah we’ll be ready in a bit.” You say and the girls leave to let you guys get ready.

Hearing to the door close, Lauren rolled over snd looked up at you. “Good morning babe” She said in her sleepy, morning voice.


“Did you enjoy your birthday?” She asked while playing with your fingers.

“I sure did. I especially enjoyed the little surprise you gave me last night. I think the people next door even know how much we enjoyed it.”

“Why so?”

“Because I think I hear em knocking on the wall a few times last night.”

Blushing Lauren hid her face in her hands.

“Come on babe, D is hungry and you know how she gets if we take too long. Beside you have nothing to be embarrassed about . If they saw half the things that went on last night they’d be the embarrassed ones.” You say cockily then stand up. Throwing a pillow at you, you dodge it and run into the bathroom laughing.


Sitting at breakfast with the girls you were all smiling and having a good time. Leaning over to give Lauren a kiss , Ally pulls put her phone and snaps a pic of you two. Posting it on Instagram she captioned it: They’re so cute😍☺️ Happy Birthday again Y/N, love you.


God. Aight hit me up on wattpad @TheHandLifeDealt to read more of my stuff. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed, peace.

“Atsushi’s Favorite Gift”

Summary: Atsushi enjoys a relaxing picnic with Chuuya and Akutagawa to celebrate his birthday

Notes: Happy birthday atsushi!!!!!!! so this fic was kind of rushed (i didnt even realize may 5 was his birthday until like, noon of may 4 lmao) but its still very sweet and fluffy and no one dies! also this is based on my chuuakuatsu headcanons I posted about a while ago, but basically all you need to know is that atsushi is trans and he’s pregnant with chuuya’s baby and this is NOT some kind of mpreg/genderbend/fetish thing, and my comrades @akuchuus and @anemiaman have already promised to fight anyone who misconstrues it as such so yeah! I hope you all enjoy this!


It was Chuuya’s idea to have a picnic.

Even as they were sitting outside on a blanket laid on the soft grass behind their house, new leaves and budding flowers swaying in the gentle breeze, Atsushi couldn’t help but wonder if there was something else up Chuuya’s sleeves. After all, this was the same Chuuya Nakahara who insisted on throwing elaborate parties for every occasion, celebrating holidays and the time Akutagawa “saved” his life by crushing a spider with equal enthusiasm. Atsushi had told Chuuya he didn’t want anything special for this birthday, but a part of him was still surprised Chuuya had listened.

Chuuya had gone inside to grab the cake; Akutagawa claimed the sun was too bright and was looking for an umbrella, leaving Atsushi alone in the garden. A squirrel darted by, casting curious glances at the blanket. Atsushi gathered some crumbs off the blanket and held them toward the squirrel with a soft, inviting meow, but the squirrel just chittered and scampered up a tree. Daffodils bobbed their bright yellow heads in the wind, and Atsushi smiled, reaching toward the brilliant petals with one hand as he remebered how much fun it had been planting this garden with Chuuya and Akutagawa almost two years ago.

A few months after Chuuya had been dating Atsushi and Akutagawa, he had got it into his mind to buy a “proper home” as he called it, away from the heat of the city and stench of the port, somewhere they could relax. Another reason, one Chuuya never said aloud but Atsushi understood implicitly, was that Akutagawa’s coughing fits had been getting worse and he was convinced fresh air would be easier on his fragile lungs. Rare as it was for everybody to be able to get their time off to coincide, the house really only saw use on the weekends, though Akutagawa did seem to cough less when they were there.

From the moment he saw the house, Chuuya had been determined to make it perfect from top to bottom, including the large, untamed backyard. For the first few weeks, Chuuya was constantly on the phone, asking Kouyou whether or not koi ponds were still in style, consulting Kajii about which brand of fertilizer was scientifically the best, and trying not to snicker as he ordered sacks full of seed, but after some time had passed, Chuuya calmed down and began planting flowers himself, asking Akutagawa and Atsushi for help.

Akutagawa hated plants. No one knew why. Still, Akutagawa had tried to overcome his hatred for all of five minutes before hissing at a leaf that brushed against his hand and storming off, muttering to himself about the evils of vegetation. Although Atsushi would have loved having Akutagawa around, he couldn’t help but be a little happy to have Chuuya all to himself for a while. Akutagawa and Chuuya had known eachother for years before Atsushi had come into their lives; Atsushi was never jealous of them, but he did feel left out sometimes, and it meant the world to him anytime Chuuya or Akutagawa spent time with him in particular.

Atsushi loved every minute he and Chuuya spent together in the garden, even when he get a splinter stuck in his hand from the handle of a shovel, or when Chuuya tripped over a rake and spent a solid thirty minutes shrieking obscenities at it, or the countless times they had to stop entirely because Chuuya was laughing hysterically at the prospect of using a hoe.

Atsushi tried to be the voice of reason. “Come on, Chuuya-san, why don’t you just pick that up-”

Chuuya failed to choke back a laugh. “Pick what up, baby? I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Atsushi blushed and pointed at the hoe. “That.”

Chuuya raised an eyebrow. “You want me to grab that hoe?” A grin spread across Chuuya’s face. “Y’know, I totally would, but, you see, the handle-” Chuuya’s words dissolved into laughter; he had to take a moment to compose himself. “-the handle’s all covered in dirt.” Chuuya’s eyes sparkled as he smirked at Atsushi. “Do you really want me to get my hands on that dirty hoe?”

Atsushi was taken out of the memory when he heard the door open.

Akutagawa glared at the sun as he sat beside Atsushi, unfolding his umbrella and holding it over their heads.

Atsushi wrapped an arm around Akutagawa, leaning toward him so their cheeks were pressed together. “Is it dark enough for you now, Ryuu?”

“It’s never dark enough.”

Atsushi laughed, then moved so he and Akutagawa were facing eachother. “Why don’t you just sit inside? You can turn the lights off and hide under the blankets.”

“Well…” Akutagawa coughed, staring at the ground for a moment before looking back at Atsushi’s smiling face. “You’re out here.”

“Ryuu!” Atsushi hugged Akutagawa, pulling away the instant he felt his stomach press against Akutagawa’s. “Oh, sorry,” he said, embarrased

Akutagawa blushed. “Don’t apologize.” His eyes gravitated toward Atsushi’s round stomach, already starting to push against the new shirt Chuuya had bought for him a few weeks ago. “It’s-” Akutagawa coughed, making his face even redder. “It’s strange to think about, you having a baby- or, two babies,” he added, correcting himself. “Twins.”

“Do you wanna see if you can feel them?” Atsushi asked. “I felt a kick earlier today.”

Akutagawa nodded, eyes widening, and placed one trembling hand on Atsushi’s stomach.

Atsushi put his hand on top of Akutagawa’s and smiled.

After a few seconds, Akutagawa pulled his hand away, disappointed. “I didn’t feel anything.”

“Well, obviously they don’t kick all the time.” Atsushi couldn’t help but laugh at Akutagawa’s sour face, but he reached out and caressed Akutagawa’s cheek. “Next time I feel something, I’ll make sure to let you know, okay?”

“I got something both of you can feel!” Chuuya proclaimed, striding through the door with the cake, his mischievous eyes gleaming brighter than the lit candles.

Akutagawa scowled. “Nakahara-san, if you say ‘deez nuts’, I swear I’ll-”

“Deez nuts!”

Akutagawa got up to leave, but Atsushi touched his wrist. “Please, don’t go,” he said. “I don’t want to eat the cake without you.”

“I-I guess I can stay, if that’s the case,” Akutagawa said, blushing again as he sat down.

Chuuya sat across from Atsushi and Akutagawa and placed the cake in front of Atsushi. “Alright, now let’s hurry up and sing before the wind blows out the candles.”

After an hour had passed and several pieces of cake had been eaten, the sun began to set, and the air grew colder. Atsushi shivered as a cool gust of wind danced through his hair.

“Are you cold?” Chuuya asked. “We can go back inside, if you want.”

Atsushi smiled. “I’m okay, Chuuya-san.” He gazed at the sunset, then up at the faint stars blossoming above and sighed, content. “It’s a beautiful evening.”

Akutagawa slipped out of the oversized sweater he was wearing over his shirt and handed it to Atsushi. “Put this on. You’ll get sick if you don’t stay warm.”

Atsushi laughed. “Ryuu, I’m fine.” He ran his hands over the fluffy sweater; Chuuya had made it himself, and the odd little bits of yarn sticking out in places proved it. “Besides, you get sick more than I do.”

“Please, put it on.” Akutagawa’s gray eyes gleamed with anxiety. “I want you to be safe.” He looked down at Atsushi’s stomach. “And the babies.”

“Oh, okay.” Atsushi hugged Akutagawa, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek before pulling away. “You worry too much,” he said, wriggling into Akutagawa’s sweater. Although the sweater hung off Akutagawa’s bony frame, it barely covered half of Atsushi’s stomach. He tugged at the bottom of the sweater, in a vain attempt to cover himself better, then gave up, sighing. “I hope I don’t stretch this out too much…”

Chuuya leaned over and rested his head on Atsushi’s stomach. “If you do, I’ll just knit him another one. Don’t worry about it.” Atsushi felt a flutter in his tummy, and apparently Chuuya felt it as well, if his joyful shriek was any indication. “Atsushi, the babies!”

Atsushi laughed and nodded, smiling wide enough to make his cheeks ache. “I know, I feel it, too, Chuuya-san.”

Akutagawa’s eyes widened. “The babies kicked?” He shoved Chuuya aside and pressed the side of his head against Atsushi’s stomach. After a few moments, he pulled away, scowling. “I still didn’t feel anything!”

“Yeah, I think they stopped now.” Atsushi held back a laugh. “Sorry, Ryuu.”

“What are you apologizing to Ryuu for?” Chuuya complained, crossing his arms. “I’m the one who got pushed onto the fuckin’ ground.”

Atsushi leaned forward and gave Chuuya a kiss. “Sorry, Chuuya-san.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Akutagawa huffed, clearly not over his disappointment. He coughed into his hand. “At least you got to feel the babies.”

Atsushi hugged Akutagawa. “Maybe you can’t feel the babies, but you can feel this, right?”

Akutagawa leaned into Atsushi’s embrace, closing his eyes. “Yes.”

Chuuya wrapped his arms around both of them. “And everyone can feel deez-”

“I fucking swear, Nakahara-san, if you-”

“Deez hugs!” Chuuya sounded insulted. “I was gonna say hugs.”

After sitting outside for a few more hours, Atsushi was starting to get a little sleepy. He yawned, and before he could so much as cover his mouth, Chuuya was holding him.

“You tired, baby?” Chuuya asked, his voice low and gentle in Atsushi’s ear.

Atsushi blushed. “You don’t have to carry me, Chuuya-san. I know I’m kind of heavy, and I-”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Chuuya gave Atsushi a kiss on the nose. “Nothing’s too heavy for me.”

“Okay, then.” Atsushi nestled closer to Chuuya and wrapped his arms around him. “But promise-” Atsushi yawned again. “-promise you’ll let me carry you around sometime, okay?”

Chuuya laughed. “Sure thing, babe. Once the babies arrive and we’re all worked to the bone, you can carry me around as much as you want.”

“I could help.” Akutagawa stood off to the side with his arms wrapped around himself, scowling at the ground. “If I’m needed.”

“Of course you’ll help, dumbass,” said Chuuya, matter-of-fact. “Don’t think you’re exempt from diaper duty just because the babies aren’t made with your sex fluid.”

“Chuuya-san!” Atsushi cried, blushing ear to ear. “There has to be another way to phrase that!”

“Bodily secretions? Baby gravy? Sexy-time goo-goo juice?”

Atsushi pretended to struggle against Chuuya’s grasp, giggling. “Put me down! I don’t know where your filthy hands have been!”

Akutagawa reached for Atsushi. “Yes, let me hold him. Your hands must be slippery from all those fluids, Nakahara-san.”

Chuuya stepped toward Akutagawa and allowed him to reach out so Atsushi was cradled in both of their arms. “An extra pair of hands never hurt,” Chuuya said with a wink. “C’mon, now, let’s get him off to bed. Not that I’m tired, of course,” he added, puffing his chest. “But you need your rest, sweetie,” he said, giving Atsushi a quick kiss. “It’s hard work carrying those babies around all day, isn’t it?”

Chuuya fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow; Atsushi and Akutagawa stayed awake for a while longer.

Atsushi was just starting to drift off when he felt the babies kicking. Without saying a word, he took Akutagawa’s hand and placed it on his round tummy.

Akutagawa gasped. “That’s- that’s them? The babies?”

Atsushi laughed, then yawned. “That’s them. They’re saying hello to you, Ryuu-chan.”

Tears sparkled in Akutagawa’s eyes. “Hello.” He rested his head on top of Atsushi’s tummy but kept his eyes trained on Atsushi’s face. “Do you think-” Akutagawa was quiet for a moment, then coughed. “Atsushi… will they love me?”

Atsushi stroked Akutagawa’s hair. “Of course,” he whispered. “They’ll love you every bit as much as Chuuya-san and I do.”

Akutagawa inhaled a deep, shuddering breath and fell silent. Minutes later, he fell asleep, his dull, raspy snores as sweet and familiar as a lullaby.

Atsushi glanced at Chuuya’s sleeping face, then Akutagawa’s, then down at his own round tummy and smiled. Chuuya and Akutagawa had given him many gifts- pancakes shaped like cat faces with syrupy smiles at breakfast, bouquets of flowers, tiger plushes, warm bowls of chazuke, and a lovely picnic to top it all off- but no gift could ever make Atsushi happier than his wonderful family.


(Tom Holland x reader)
Warnings: jealousy, bossiness (is that a word)
Requested: yes
Summary: You and Tom have been best friends forever. Everyone thought that you two had some sort of feelings towards each other but it was just two best friends with no romantic feelings. Right?
(Y/N)- your name

This changes P.O.V a lot

Tom’s P.O.V

I look around the airport for my best friend. She was coming to visit me while she didn’t have school. I was super excited to see her. We have been friends since our first ever day of school. We met when we were on the playground. Neither of us had anyone to play with because we were both so awkward and shy.

I check what time her plane was suppose to come. I look at the time on my phone. She should be here any second now. I look up and there is a lot of people starting to go down the stairs. Then I see her. My beautiful best friend.

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3am being (Spencer Reid fluff)

note: This is an oooooooooold story, I’m trying to post regularly so if I don’t have anything new for you I will just post my old ones 

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anonymous asked:

lmao Bucky wishing to get a bit of sleep bc Steve always wants it reminds me of this video where a dog was sprawled on the floor and this cat kept rubbing its body all over the poor dog's neck and then actually sat on the dog's face and if that's not an accurate depiction of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes' sex life, I don't know what is.

Even when he sleeps, Jesus fucking Christ. 

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Yoongi released a mouth full of swears, yelling loudly and tightening his jaw as he looked up towards the ceiling. “I’m almost done; promise.” You held up your pinky.

“It hurts,” He groaned, slowly peeking down at your cleaning up his wound.

“You should he careful then,” You smirked, wrapping his forearm up with bandage.

“Shut up, jagi.” He pushed your head with his free hand.

“Ow!” You slapped his arm, holding his dangling leg from the counter to not fall back.

He laughed, looking down at you still dressing his little accident. “Yah, (Y/N)..” He said slightly, dropping the playful tone.

“Hm?” You hummed, cutting some of the white material and putting it back in the first aid kit.

“I love you.”

“I know you do, you tell me everyday.” You breath a laugh, about to carry the box away.

“No,” He held your wrist, “I really do.” He inhaled sharply, “Okay: you just took care of me being clumsy and stupid.”

“So?” You walked back to him.

“You..” He moved his hand in an odd way, “You take care of me a lot.”

“Mhm.” You nodded slowly.

“Agh,” He groaned, “Dammit..” He rubbed his temple, “I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me—and everything you’re going to do in the future. I appreciate your support for anything I do, you staying up for me and giving me coffee while I’m up late working on music, and just staying with me during all this.” He held your hand gently, “You stay even though you’ve had so many chances to leave..”

“Why would I?” You put the kit on the counter next to him.

“God knows we aren’t the perfect couple,” He bit his lip lightly looking down, “I know I apologized so many times to you for forgetting important days, missing dates, being too tired, and everything—but I just want to make sure you know that I really am sorry. I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through during our time together,” He tucked some hair behind your ear, “I’m sorry for yelling, I’m sorry for being stupid, and I’m sorry for working so much.”

“It’s fine, Yoongi—really.”

“No, it isn’t.” He shook his head, “You deserve so much more, and you should force me out of the house and to dinner or something. Next time I complain about not wanting to go shopping with you, slap me and drag me to the mall—please. I need to spend as much time with you as possible, and make sure you feel as loved as I feel. I know I don’t tell you a lot about my feelings, because-”

“You don’t express them well.” You finished for him, “I know, baby.” You cupped his cheek, while you stepped in between his legs and looked up at him. “It’s completely fine—I understand. You just can’t express yourself, and that’s normal for some people. Just don’t worry about it, okay? You tell me you love me everyday, and you kiss me as well.”

“That’s nothing compared to what you do,” He laughed sadly, “I wish I could be more like the guys..” He hung his head low.

“Look at me, Yoongi.” You raised his head up with both of your hands, “It doesn’t matter to me how you show them—or even if you do at all. I know you care because you stay,” Your thumb lightly brushed over his cheek bone, as you looked into his saddened eyes. “Not only that, but when you sleep you throw your arm around me and mumble.” You tried to make light of the situation.

“I do?” He sat up straight.

“Yeah, a little bit.” You nodded.

“What do I say?” He asked.

You cleared your throat, getting ready to imitate his sleepy voice. “I love you, baby doll. Love you~”

“Stop lying,” He jumped off the counter.

“I’m not!” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his waist and looking up at him.

“But still, I don’t want you to think I don’t love you—I wanna do so much more for you.” He hugged you into his chest. “I don’t want you to leave me—I don’t wanna loose you, jagi.” He rested his head on top of yours. “You’re too important to me, and I’m not entirely sure what I’d do if you weren’t with me. My drive to succeed wouldn’t be there without my cheerleader, and my bed would be so cold and empty without a certain someone’s tiny body cuddled up next to mine.” He chuckled, ruffling your hair and he pushed you away.

“You do realize what you just did, right?”


“You told me how you feel,” You smiled.

“Ah~” His cheeks tinted to a soft pink, “I guess I did. That’s how I feel,” He looked away, scratching the back of his head.

“I think you explained yourself perfectly,” You stood on your tippy toes to kiss his cheek.

“You do?” He looked down at you.

“I was fine without the explanation, but I liked it.” You brushed his hair out of his eyes.

“I really love you with all my heart, (Y/N).”

“I love you, too.” You laughed.

“I love you so much more, and you’ll never know.” He kissed your head lightly, pressing your bodies together and swaying softly.

I’m His Mother.

Originally posted by onemorepartofyourskin

This is a Andy Biersack Baby Daddy story. What I mean is this is a story about Reader having a baby with Andy from Black Veil Brides.

Reader X Andy Biersack

Warnings: None I think.

I should have known it was a bad idea. I known it was a bad idea the moment my foot stepped into their bus. But what can I say how many people can say they got got picked from the crowed to meet Andy Biersack?

Judging by the looks I got from the rest of the band the next morning a lot..

It started as any normal concert. Loud and exciting. Just having a good time listening to good music. When someone picked me up putting me on the crowed I screamed loudly a loud laugh leaving my mouth. When the security guard set me down he let me go before I was stable making me reach out and grab the first thing closest to me which happened to be Andy’s leg.

Looking down at me he kept singing but winked at me.

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Bad Dreams- Issac

@gredandforge123 Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a request where Isaac was hanging out with Scott at the McCall house and the reader is Scotts brother and she wakes up from a bad nightmare and Scott wasn’t at the house only Isaac? If that makes sense haha

A/N: Hey! Thanks for the request but sorry it took so long for me to post lol. Hopefully you enjoy. :) 

I sit on the stairs listening to Scott and his friends talk about werewolves and other super natural things I can’t wrap my head around.

I closed my eyes leaning my head on the wall next to the stairs. 

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?” 

I open my eyes to see Issac looking down at me, “I didn’t want to miss any of the fun.” I smile at him. 

Issac sits next to and just stares at me “What?”

I tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“It’s weird how interested you are in this.”

I look at Issac and start shaking my head “Are you kidding me Issac? You’re telling me that werewolves and claws aren’t interesting not even a little?” 

He lets out a laugh “Yeah I guess You’re right.” We sit in silence as we listen to Scott talk to his pack.

“Issac!” I hear Lydia call from downstairs.

Issac looks at me “Well that’s me.” I laugh nodding my head. 

I wait ten more minutes before I hear people start to leave. “Hey Y/n.” I stand up seeing Scott at the end of the stairs. “I'm heading out for a bit.” 

I don’t ask questions instead I say “Alright see you.”

“Well Y/n, I guess it’s just you and me.” I walk down the stairs to see Issac on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in his hands.

“Yeah Guess so.” I take a seat next to him and grab the popcorn.

“Hey.” Issac says turning his body towards me.

I hand him the remote “Pick a movie.” 

He takes the remote and picks a movie I haven’t seen before. I open and close my eyes starting to get really sleepy. I put my head on Issac’s shoulder expecting the darkness.

I’m yelling for Scott then Isaac then for anyone but no on calls back. I’m running as fast as I’m able, not caring that my jeans are slipping down. It catches me no matter how fast I go. I flip over so now I’m laying down on my back. I screaming as I feel my neck get cut open. 

“Y/n, wake up.” I jump up looking around seeing that the tv is the only thing lightning the room. “Y/n hon, it was just a dream.” I turnback to look at Isaac, his hair is crazy and sleep is in his eyes.

“It was the same dream I always have.” I shake my head “I just usually wake up before it catches me.” 

Issac puts his hand on my shoulder “Everythings ok. I won’t let anything happen to you.” He moves his hand up to my cheek then to my chin so he can turn my face to look at him. “I won’t.” Issac moves his hand back to my cheek and he slowly starts to lean in. I hold my breath waiting for his lips to meet mine. After a few seconds we pull apart needing air.

“Sorry I woke you up.”

Issac pulls me in closer “I’m not.”

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: ok well the regular updating thing’s coming along alright and by alright i mean i’m fucking embarrassed i meant to spend today revising for geography tomorrow and what do i do instead?? write a chapter nearing fucking 6k wordS i’m so sorry i hope this is alright im kinda wanting to just get on with the storyline now  sigh 




Dan wakes up surprisingly early the following morning after many failed attempts at getting back to sleep; for someone who usually tends to lay in until gone one o’clock in the afternoon, being up at half past ten is a strange novelty. He sighs, kicks his duvet off, and stares at the ceiling.

He wonders if Phil will actually show up today. He’s no stranger to ‘forgotten’ arrangements and empty porches so he certainly isn’t holding his breath, although it doesn’t stop him anxiously sweeping old socks, empty glasses and dirty plates under his bed in an attempt to make his room at least seem half-clean. Audrey will probably kill him when she finds out there’s more crockery in his bedroom than there is in the actual kitchen, but he doesn’t care. He knows she’s too preoccupied with other housework and he doesn’t want to labour her with the heavy task of his room today.

Besides, he’s not even sure Phil’s sleeping over so he’s not really sure how the effort of tidying his room up a little bit is going to pay off. It had taken constant reminding that this isn’t Ryan visiting, sleeping over without any proper night things isn’t exactly the norm in any other situation (although it’d got to the point where Ryan had a toothbrush of his own round Dan’s and most of his pyjamas fit Ryan better than they fit himself, so he didn’t exactly have to pack anything anyway).

He sighs, flopping back on his bed after cramming every crumpled item of clothing from his floor into the wardrobe until it looked as if it would only need one more sock to physically explode; covering every inch of his room in shards of wood, coat hangers and many, many hoodies.

He stares at the wardrobe doors, groaning with the pressure of staying shut. Maybe he’d be better off not taking Phil into his room at all.

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anonymous asked:

''anyone over the age of 17 should not be in romantic or sexual relationships with people that much younger than them.'' ''iterally stop trying to tell a child its ok for adults to want to have sex with kids her age because “““the law in MY state says fucking kids is ok!!!!””” ota//yuri is fucking gross, end of conversation''. *Sigh* Yeah, because a 2 years age gap is a huge difference in age. Also, Teenagers don't exist once again, how can they be so irational and ilogic?

Irrational and illogical indeed 

Ughhh great, this seems like a new ant/.😒 I… I can’t get past their url. Another one of those (characters)-against-(something) urls, and this one made me burst into laughter because the character was… quite unexpected.

It’s late and I’m not sleepy so I’ll break down this ant/’s post

“anyone over the age of 17 should not be in romantic or sexual relationships with people that much younger than them.”

Yeah if you’re 17 and you have feelings for and/or are in a relationship with your friend/so who is 1-3 years younger than you, you better hope those feelings go away at midnight of your 18th birthday or else you’re a bad person!! /s

literally stop trying to tell a child its ok for adults to want to have sex with kids her age because “““the law in MY state says fucking kids is ok!!!!


What people are telling kids (kids being “teenagers who are post puberty and have a brain to think with”) to do… is to apply common sense and critical thinking skills to their life and their personal experiences and their relationships.

Is their teacher being inappropriate with them or straight up trying to be in a relationship with them? YEAH any teenager with common sense probably knows that’s WRONG and should very much tell their parents and/or principal about their teacher’s behavior. The teacher is an adult, and in a position of power over them. That is not okay.

Is a former 18/19-year-old upperclassman who is a known “player” and has a bad reputation for using underclassman to “sleep around” with them… is that guy visiting from college for the holidays and flirting with a former underclassman, obviously just looking for a hook up? Hopefully that underclassman uses that thing between their ears and takes advice from friends and proceeds with caution and thinks “hmmm this person is known for using younger students just to sleep with them and I don’t want that, so I’m going to ignore them and/or avoid them.” The 18/19 year old, while a legal adult is still a teenager, but obviously has ill intentions. That’s not okay.

Is their 18 year old friend/upperclassman harboring a crush on them and finally got the courage to confess their feelings after several months/years of being too shy to admit said crush? Hey if said 18 year old is a nice, decent human being and the feeling is mutual and their parents/friends approve of this individual, they can go ahead and date them if they want! That seems like the basis of a normal, healthy relationship. This 18 year old is, yes a legal adult, but is also a fellow teenager who has good intentions and simply has feelings for a friend who is just a couple years younger. This is okay!

Literally no one is telling kids that it’s okay for adults to have sex with them? What kind of mind must you have to even think that? People are telling kids to use their brain and make good choices. Kids should use critical thinking skills because hey, not every situation is black and white, and kids should trust their gut and access every situation based on the specific people and circumstances involved. That’s how they grow to be a well-rounded adult with good decision-making skills!!

camping with joshua

ah it’s really no problem i’m really sorry this is really really late :-(((

// Jisoo / Joshua

It was almost one in the morning when you woke up shivering. You looked over to see Joshua sound asleep, small clouds of fog forming every time he exhaled. You were freezing, but you didn’t expect it to be this cold even in your sleeping bag and next to Joshua. 

Only an hour had passed since you and Joshua made your way to the tent after sitting around the campfire with the other members of Seventeen. You couldn’t feel the cold seeping through your thin windbreaker until you were finally out in the tent. 

Joshua told you before you left to bring a jacket. “It’s not going to be that cold, Joshua! I’ll be fine! Plus, my sleeping bag is made for below 0 temperatures!” you told him to which he sighed. The more you thought about it, the more you realized that he was right. It was freezing, and maybe your sleeping bag was lying. 

Joshua stirred in his sleeping bag next to you. “Hey,” he murmured with his eyes still closed. “Why are you up still?” You looked over at him. His messy bangs that peeked out from under his hood and the sleepy look on his face made you giggle. You thought of Joshua saying, “I told you so!” and you pressed your lips together. 

“N-nothing,” you answered. “I just can’t sleep.”

“Oh, yeah?” Joshua said, propping himself up and out of his sleeping bag. “Are you sure?”

You sniffled your nose before replying, “Yep!” 

“You’re cold.” 

“Hm? I’m not cold, Josh. What are you sayi-” Joshua pressed his finger onto your nose, feeling how cold it was. 

Joshua chuckled, “I knew you’d get cold.” He reached over for his bag and pulled out the jacket you were supposed to bring and another thick blanket. “You’re really sensitive to the cold, silly. Don’t worry about it though. I knew this would happen.” He handed the jacket to you, and you put it on. He took the blanket, wrapping it around you, making sure you were cozy. “Feeling warmer?” 

You nodded your head, your eyes tearing up. You sighed, “Thanks…. sorry, I didn’t listen to you.” 

Joshua laughed before pulling you close to him. He kissed your forehead and whispered, “It’s fine. You know, you get cold really easily, but it’s because all your warmth is on the inside.” He pressed his forehead against yours, and he held your hands in his. “Let’s go to sleep now.” 

You and Joshua lied back down, and he pulled you close to his chest. “It’s warm now, isn’t it?” 

Malec Drabble Alphabet - M

M - Magnus

Magnus Bane. It was a name that inspired both fear and awe in equal measure. It was also a name that was almost universally known amongst all the varying species of the Shadow World. Magnus Bane: one of the most powerful warlocks of their time, a well-known lothario and party boy… and also a complete enigma to most. He seemed to have allies and foes on every continent, though none appeared to know anything but the basic details about him; his true age still remained a frustrating mystery. The warlock also seemed to be able to procure anything for anyone, at the right price of course. His magic was known to be stronger than the everyday warlock, capable of making what should be impossible happen. He was a modern legend, immortal and untouchable.

To Alec, the name Magnus Bane meant something else completely. It was a name that brought comfort and, dare he say it, love. He knew very well that Magnus was a person like any other, full of beautiful contradictions and uncertain truths. He knew of the man beneath the legend. He knew of his little nuances; the way he used humor to deflect and disarm, the way he used clothes and makeup as armor, the difference between his placating smirks and his genuine smiles. He knew all about Magnus’ insecurities that he hid behind boisterous confidence, and he knew all about the dark past he’d escaped.

Alec knew everything about Magnus Bane, and yet he was learning more everyday. And, Angel, he loved everything about him too.

Love. Alec was in love. He could hardly believe it himself.

Oh Alec had people he loved, his siblings being at the top of that list… but being in love was an entirely new feeling for him. He didn’t realize how beautiful and yet painful it could be. It felt as if his heart would beat right of his chest every time he was with Magnus. Wonderful, gorgeous Magnus. Magnus who was legendary for his hedonism and even his brutality and yet was most understanding, generous person he had ever known.

Alec wished he could tell the warlock how much he meant to him. But the words always got caught in his throat, dying on his tongue before he could get them out. Maybe he was afraid of rejection, irrational though it was… or maybe he felt he wasn’t worthy of loving Magnus. Or maybe he just was bad at love. Honestly, it amazed him that the other man had stayed with him for as long as he had. Alec was constantly grateful for the warlock’s patience with him.

“What about love?” Magnus had once asked him.

I love you, the shadowhunter thought now, looking at the man lying beside him. He swallowed thickly, unable to tear his eyes away from Magnus’ resting face. His hair was a mess; dark locks falling into his eyes. The makeup he’d been wearing earlier long wiped off, leaving only smooth, bare skin. He was lying on his stomach, arms curled around a pillow, eyes slowly drifting closed. Angel, he’s so beautiful, Alec couldn’t help but think, dumbfounded.

How do I deserve this?

“Alexander, I can feel you brooding,” Magnus huffed fondly, interrupting the shadowhunter’s spiralling thoughts. “It’s much too late for brooding.”

“How’d you know I’m brooding?” he asked, brow furrowing. “Maybe I’m just strategizing for tomorrow’s mission.” Yeah, my mission to finally say it. Honestly, it’s just three words. Stop being pathetic. You say them to Izzy all the time.

But this… this is different. More important somehow.

“It’s also far too late to be strategizing, darling,” Magnus said softly, opening his sleepy eyes. He reached over and gently touched his thumb to the wrinkle in Alec’s brow, smoothing it away. Alec’s throat tightened at the action, his heart stuttering. C’mon. Just say it. “Sleep. You can be your big, strong shadowhunter self tomorrow. Right now I just need my Alexander to close his admittedly gorgeous eyes and get some rest. Wouldn’t want him to get injured on that all important mission tomorrow.”

He flushed a bit at the compliment, heart picking up speed. “Are we talking in third person now?” he asked dryly. He was rewarded with an amused smile, Magnus’ eyes sparkling. Now’s your chance. Just say it. “Magnus, I–” the other man looked at him drowsily, waiting for him to finish. Just. Say. It. “I- I won’t get injured,” he finally mumbled, looking away.


Magnus laughed a bit, the sound as painfully beautiful as the rest of him. “I hope not. I don’t particularly like having to fix you up when you’re all bloody. But I thank you for the reassurance. Now less talking, more cuddling; I want to sleep.” The warlock promptly took one of Alec’s arms and pulled it over himself, rolling onto his side to accommodate the new position.

Alec sighed, feeling like a failure, but settled gladly around the other man, their bodies pressed flush together. Spooning, another new concept to Alec, though one he apparently sucked less at. I just can’t say things, he thought sulkily. But he gave into his to desire to hold Magnus a bit tighter in an attempt to calm himself, pressing his nose into the back of his neck, nuzzling.

The warlock sighed contentedly at that and was soon sleeping peacefully. Alec, on the other hand, was still very much awake… And in the comforting darkness of the bedroom, with the only sound breaking the stillness the steady puff of Magnus’ breath, he finally allowed himself to say what he’d wanted to say the entire time.

“I love you,” he whispered against Magnus’ skin. I love you so much. Thank you for letting me love you.

Tomorrow, he then decided. Tomorrow he would say it for real.

He didn’t get to see Magnus’ answering smile from where he lay in Alec’s arms, the warlock having heard the entire thing. But that was ok, because he would realize what happened in the morning, when Magnus would roll over and catch his face steadily in his hands, the words spilling out breathlessly. 

“I love you too, Alexander,” Magnus would say for the first time.

But certainly not for the last.

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