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fake dating! zimbits

It was only by a stroke of luck that Jack happened to look at his phone just as he exits the lecture hall. The group chat was blowing up – the group chat was always blowing up these days – but the lack of all-caps or exclamation marks caught his attention right away.

Eric Bittle: Guys, I wouldn’t ask this of y’all if I really didn’t need this, but I have to ask a HUGE favor of one of you.

Shitty Knight: brah are you dying

Justin Oluransi: You can have my kidney, Bits.

Adam Birkholtz: u aren’t gonna save that for me just in CASE, JUSTIN?

Larissa Duan: shit, bitty, r u ok

Eric Bittle: Um, yeah, mostly, I just…..need someone to pretend to be my boyfriend.

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pandasubaru  asked:

AU Ideas: 4 (with Artist Steve?? that'd be amazing) or 13 or 15

  • 15: My friend made me a grindr/tinder profile without me knowing and you liked my profile and then sent me a message which just said ‘Bees?’ and I’m a little confused but intrigued.

— —

Steve’s phone buzzes.

“If this is another Grindr notification, I swear to God—“ Steve starts.

“That you’ll answer it and go get laid?” Sam says. Natasha snickers.

“That I’ll kick your ass,” Steve says.

Sam raises an eyebrow. “Will you?” he asks.

“Yes, I will!” Steve says.

“He’s very scrappy,” Natasha says. “He once managed to scratch me.”

“Check your messages,” Sam says.

Steve sighs, rolls his eyes, and pulls out his phone. He reads the notification from wintersoldat3255. It says, Bees? and nothing else.

He holds the phone up to Sam. “See?” he says. “See the weirdos who message me because you made this profile?”

Sam takes the phone from Steve, reads the message, and snorts. “Okay, well, maybe they’re not all winners. Let’s see what he…” he trails off, eyes going wide. “Shit, those are some pectorals.”

“Oh, pass it here,” Natasha says, taking the phone. Even Natasha — who is rarely impressed — raises her eyebrows. “Maybe you should see what this guy has to say,” she says, passing the phone back to Steve after a long moment.

“I’ve seen what he has to say, and what he has to say is ‘bees’, apparently.”

“It was a question,” Sam says. “You should change your intonation.”

Steve exhales. “Bees?” he asks, exaggerating the raised end of the question. “That better?”

“Very,” Sam says. “Now let’s look at your other prospects.”

Steve gets up to get another round of drinks.

— —

He doesn’t know why he goes back to Grindr that night, after he’s back home and has had a few drinks. It’s not that he wants to get laid — honestly, he doesn’t want to get out of bed — but he’s sort of curious about who saw his photos and thought ‘yeah, I’d hit that’.

He scrolls through a few generic messages, then sees the one from wintersoldat3255.


What the fuck.

So he types out, what the fuck? and sends it back to the guy.

He doesn’t expect an answer — the guy messaged him hours ago — but it only takes a minute or so before he gets a response:

You say save the bees in your profile, which is noble and everything, but I know for a FACT that you’re allergic to bees.

First of all, Steve is a little heartened knowing that Sam knows him well enough to include the fact that the bees need to be put on the endangered species list and should be protected on his dating profile. But then he realizes that this guy… somehow knows that Steve is allergic to bees, which is creepy as hell.

No I’m not, Steve lies, calling the guy’s bluff.

No, you are. I’m the one who shoved an Epipen in your thigh after you got stung during Gilmore Hodge’s birthday party and his mom was too freaked out to do anything about it.

Steve stares at the message, then shakes his head. It can’t be right! The person who stuck the Epipen in his thigh during Gilmore Hodge’s birthday party was Bucky Barnes, and this guy can’t be Bucky Barnes.

Can he?

Steve quickly clicks over to his profile. He scrolls through the pictures, but there aren’t any of his face, just abs and pecs, which makes Steve roll his eyes a little. When he goes back to his messages he has another from wintersoldat3255:

Yeah Steve, it’s me.

Steve’s eyes go wide.

Bucky? he asks.

Long time no see.

Can’t actually see your face, so I don’t really know it’s you.

A photo appears. It’s of Bucky Barnes, mugging for the camera with a toothy grin.

You wanna catch up? Bucky writes.

Sure. Where are you? Steve asks, heart beating fast.

It’s Grindr. The whole point is that you can see.

Steve rolls his eyes, they make plans to meet-up at a local 24-hour diner in a half hour, and Steve saves the photo that Bucky sent him, just in case.

— —

Bucky is already sitting in a booth when Steve walks in. He perks up, grins, and waves. “Steve!” he calls.

Steve straightens up a little, takes a breath. He shouldn’t be so nervous; it’s not like there’s anything riding on this. He’s just seeing his childhood best friend for the first time in over ten years. No big deal.

Doesn’t help that Bucky was Steve’s first crush, but no big deal, either.

He walks over, and Bucky’s just grinning at him, like he’s the best thing he’s seen in years. “Hey Buck,” Steve says.

“Steve,” Bucky says, kind of breathy. “Wow, you look fantastic.”

Steve shrugs. “I look like me,” he says. “Don’t have abs like you do, apparently.”

Bucky laughs, ducks his head. “I’ll be honest — my friends made that profile for me. I thought Peter was taking pictures for his art class of me at the gym.”

“Why didn’t he include his face?” Steve asks. “It’s not like your face is a bad one.”

Bucky laughs. “Thanks for that, I think.” He pauses, starts playing with the edge of the plastic menu on the table in front of him. “And it’s because I’m out but I’m not out out.”

“Okay?” Steve says, a little confused.

“Anyhow, what have you been up to? How’s life? Do you still like pancakes? Because this place has the best pancakes.”

— —

It’s weird how easy it is, reconnecting with Bucky. Steve never spent much effort trying to find him after they lost touch. He just assumed that Bucky thought he was too cool for him when they got to high school, and it was almost a relief when he moved away during the summer before their junior year, just so Steve wouldn’t have to be reminded of the best friend he lost.

He wants to ask Bucky about it, but he doesn’t have to. Bucky just opens up during their second round of milkshakes.

“I’m sorry,” he says.

“For what?” Steve asks.

“For when I stopped talking to you during high school. I know that it must’ve made you feel like shit.”

Steve fidgets. He doesn’t want to answer that.

“You know my parents were in a bad place.”

“They got divorced, right?” he asks.

Bucky nods. “But the last two years were… really bad.” He pauses, clears his throat. “I wasn’t hanging out with a great crowd. And I think I justified not talking to you because I didn’t want you to get involved with that crowd. But I more just think that I didn’t want you talking me out of the bad shit I was doing.”

Steve remembers the way that Bucky walked down the halls with his friends, rolling his eyes at Steve when he tried to talk to him. Of course, Steve tried to talk to him, tried having a showdown of some kind, but Bucky would just… walk away. He never bothered listening.

It hurt.

“And then my parents got divorced and my mom and I moved in with my Uncle Pierce, and…” He trails off.

“That’s the uncle who I met that one time, right? Who said I should be sent to a pray away the gay camp?”

“We had no money,” Bucky says.

“How was it?”

“I joined the Army as soon as I could,” Bucky says with a weak smile.

“Shit,” Steve says.

He shrugs. “I’m out now, and I’m doing pretty well for myself. Got my issues, but everyone else does.” Steve nods. “And besides, I’m free to do whatever I want now, so.”

“So you’re spending your time on Grindr?” Steve asks.

“You are, too!” Bucky says.

“My friends made me a profile!”

“No, Steve, you can’t take that excuse. I already used it.” He’s laughing, and Steve kicks him underneath the table.

“It’s true!”

“Yeah, yeah, Steve Rogers.” He stops laughing, just smiles. “Steve Rogers,” he repeats, quieter.

“That’s my name,” he says. The ‘don’t wear it out’ is implied.

He glances down at his shake, and stirs it with his straw. “I wanted to find you again for a while,” he admits, still looking down. “I debated about sending you a message for about an hour before I did.”

“I’m glad you did,” Steve says. “I’ve wondered a lot about what happened to you.”

“Do you think…” Bucky starts, looking up. He clears his throat. “Do you think that we could meet again sometime? I just… I feel like this is a second chance, and I don’t wanna mess it up.”

“I’d like to see you again,” Steve says, stomach tingling, and not from the milkshake.

“Cool,” Bucky says, and Steve feels his foot shift against his. He doesn’t move it away.

Steve doesn’t mind, just presses his own foot closer to Bucky’s, and looks forward to their future together.


“Nathaniel will dedicate himself to the Order and to clearing the blemishes on his family’s name. After saving Teyrn Fergus Cousland from a bandit attack, a portion of Amaranthine is returned to the Howes. Nathaniel passes the holding to his sister Delilah’s son. When a new castle is built there, a statue of Nathaniel is erected in its courtyard.”

Day Four | Part 4

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,037

A/N: Y’all really like this series!! Sorry to tell you that Day Five will be the last one! I love all your messages about whether or not, reader and Peter are going to end up together ;) Part three can be found here.

Peter ended up staying the night. It was normal for that to happen. Aunt May and your parents never minded you both staying over since you both lived in the same building, and it wouldn’t be a fuss of worrying where you guys were at all times.

Your alarm went off, waking you and Peter up. Peter groaned as you reached over to grab your phone to turn it off.

“(Y/N), it’s 6 a.m., why do you get up so early?” Peter asked.

You laughed, “I have to shower, you know? And so do you stinky. You stayed the night, you have to get home,” you said.

“Meet you downstairs at 7:30?”

“See you then,” you smiled as he headed out the window and down the fire escape.

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…So I finally gave in and I’m selling what is left of my soul to another long running shonen cause why not

I will attempt to do a weekly review of the manga for those who are interested and to organize my thoughts. Before we start, a couple of things:

- I will need some time to get used to the names since there are so many characters, so I will switch back and forth between nicknames, code names and actual names (I still don’t know if people favour first or last names so I’ll use both

- I’m rusty af when it comes to the review business so I apologize in advance

- I already know all the spoilers cause duh I would spoil my own death if I could, so don’t be afraid of spoiling me of anything, chances are I already know and if I don’t I won’t mind.

Izuku Midoriya Begins 

i do love a good origin story

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Harry: What?

Draco: Don’t give me that! You know perfectly well what!

Harry: Draco, in case you forgot, I’m not an expert at legilimency, so you might as well save us some time and tell me what you’re on about.


Harry: What?

Draco: THAT!

Harry: What the fuck exactly is that??


Harry: Oh yeah, I got a new haircut


Harry: Draco, why are you like this I thought you hated my hair?

Draco: Just because I complain about it doesn’t mean I don’t love it, you oblivious fool!


Harry: Draco…


(several passerby stumble on nothing and choke on air)

Harry: *turns crimson*

Draco: *falls to the ground sobbing* h0w c0uld u d0 this t0 mE?


Draco: *chokes on his tears* Did u at least keep the hair?


@inthatmoment-i-was-real I hope I did good x

It’s Genetic

Leia: [opening the door to let Luke in] Luke! Happy Life Day – oh. You brought him, huh.
[Anakin’s Force Ghost peers out nervously from behind Luke, waving weakly] 
Luke: Leia, he’s our dad. I know you guys haven’t always had the best relationship but – 
Leia: He killed my parents. He tried to kill me. And my husband. Oh, and you, by the way, in case you’ve forgotten. That’s a little worse than missing a few of my softball games.
Luke: That’s fair, but…he eventually saved the universe! And he saved me! You like me, right? 
Leia: [unimpressed] I guess
Luke: And I…I like dad. He’s been helping me become a better Jedi…and look how great my hair looks these days! 
Leia: [rolling her eyes] Yeah…your hair does look pretty good.
Luke: See? So let’s just…all sit down together and maybe get to know each other a little more. [puppy dog eyes] It is Life Day, after all. 
Han: Leia, just let them come in already…you don’t want to listen to Luke complain for the rest of the night.
Leia: [annoyed] All right, come in. [to Anakin] You sit…over there. Please try not to murder anyone. 
Anakin: [nodding] Of course, I won’t be any trouble, I’m just…happy to be here with my family. 
Luke: Great! Oh, and of course we can’t forget… [opening the door again and motioning to someone to come in] 
Leia: Oh no, I’m not hosting any more of your guests, Luke, thanks. [she starts to close the door on Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost] Uh. H-hi. [to Luke] Who is this?
Luke: [whispering] That’s Ben Kenobi! 
Leia: [eyes widening] This is Obi-Wan Kenobi? 
Luke: [nodding] Yes? 
Leia: [swallowing hard, smoothing out her dress and smiling] Hello, General Kenobi. It’s – it’s my pleasure to host you here in my home. 
Han: [furrowing his brow] 
Obi-Wan: Oh, the pleasure is entirely mine, your highness. [he kisses her hand] I was so very fond of the Organas, you know. It’s lovely to see you. 
Leia: [blushing furiously and giggling] Oh well…you know…I heard so many wonderful stories about you growing up, just w-wonderful, and I’d always wished we could meet, and I could hear stories about you and my father from back in the day…please, come in, sit down. 
Anakin: Uh, yes, Obi-Wan, why don’t you come sit down next to me? You know, Obi-Wan spent more time with me than with anyone else during the Clone Wars. 
Leia: [pointedly] Yes, but that didn’t end so well for him, did it? [turning back to Obi-Wan with open adoration, clasping his hands] General Kenobi, by all means, take this seat over here by me and tell me everything. I’m sure you must have so many amazing stories to share. 
Anakin: [annoyed] Obi-Wan, are you sure you wouldn’t rather sit over here? By me? We could tell everyone about that time we rescued those refugees –
Luke: [miffed, patting the seat next to him] Uh, actually Ben, I was hoping you might sit over here and tell some stories about me when I was a little boy on Tatooine. [to Anakin and Leia] You know, he devoted his life to protecting me. 
Anakin: [pouring himself more wine, increasingly agitated] He almost left the Jedi Order in order to take care of me, you know. He would have left it. The thing he cared about most of all. He’d have left it. For me.
Leia: [curtly] Without the involvement of him and my father, Bail Organa, none of us would be here right now. And also this is my house, and so I get to set the seating chart. [smugly] General Kenobi sits by me. 
Obi-Wan: [flustered by all this attention] Really now, everyone, perhaps if I –  
Luke: [whining] But he was my mentor!
Anakin: [standing up] He was mine first
Luke: [throwing down a napkin] Well I never betrayed him! 
Leia: [grabbing Obi-Wan’s arm] I never even got to spend any time with him thanks to you two idiots! It’s my turn
4-Year Old Ben Solo: [walking in in his Life Day pajamas, making a beeline for Obi-Wan and clinging to his leg] Mine! 
Han: [slowly pounding his head into the dining table] 
Chewbacca: [gently pats Han’s back and pours him another drink]

Long Lost Sis

Summary- When Sam and Dean run into Y/N, Adam’s twin, on a hunt, to say they’re surprised is an understatement.

Just to make it clear, Sam and Dean know about Y/N (from the whole debacle with Adam), but they never tracked her down.  

Shoutout to @winchesters-favorite-girl for her wonderful feedback!

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Long Lost Sister Masterlist


The nest of vamps turned out to be a lot larger than Sam and Dean originally thought. It wasn’t until they were about halfway through chopping heads, that they realized exactly how big of a nest they’d wandered into. The brothers continued to slice and dice their way through the group, bodies dropping around them.

One of the vampires threw Dean against the barn, leaving the vampires to circle around Sam. Sam turned left and right hacking off heads. As he was decapitating one, three more snuck up behind him. They got the jump on him, dragging him down to the ground. Sam’s machete flew from his hand, he tried to reach for it, but it was too far away. Before Sam could worry about his next move, the vampire above his head suddenly flew off. Sam watched as the other two quickly suffered the same fate. Sam looked up expecting to see Dean at his rescue, but instead there was a young woman standing there.

She was short, with long dark hair, wearing a red leather jacket and a satisfied smirk. The woman sheathed her machete and extended her hand out to Sam, helping him up off the ground. When she spoke, her voice was warm and friendly, but a ghost of the smirk remained, “Looks like y’all were in over your heads, maybe next time you shouldn’t high-quinx my case.”

“Sweetheart, looks more like you jumped on our hunt. We were here first.” Dean said, slowly clambering to his feet. The girl crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at Dean.

“Yeah and how did that go for you? The vamps were about to finish off your friend here and you would have been next. I saved your lives. You’re welcome by the way.”

Sam quickly jumped in the middle, trying to avoid a fight, “Thank you for that. We really do appreciate it. We owe you one.”

The girl’s rough exterior softened, “It’s all good. Just one hunter helping another out. Are you both okay?”

Sam smiled at her, “Yeah, will be fine. But you’re right, thanks for saving our asses.”

“Are you here by yourself or you got a partner around here somewhere?” The women turned and scowled at him. Dean didn’t mean to overstep, but she couldn’t be much older than 20, yet she seemed to have come alone. Hunting solo was never the best idea.

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

“No offense, you just seem a little young to be hunting, especially by yourself. Not exactly safe.”

Sam sent his brother a warning look; he didn’t need Dean starting a fight with the hunter. “Knock it off; she just helped us out, could you please not piss her off.”

She laughed at the brothers bickering and extended her hand for them to shake. Sam gladly took it, “I’m Sam and this is my brother Dean.”

The girl’s face visibly paled and even though it was getting dark, Sam noticed that she suddenly stood up a lot straighter and less relaxed.

“Sam and Dean Winchester?” She asked.

“Oh God,” Dean groaned. “Please don’t tell me you’ve heard stories too. Is that all hunters have to talk about nowadays? Us?”

The young woman let out a weak chuckle, her eyes darting back up toward the main road. The sudden nervous edge to her voice was not missed by the boys, “Well, Sam and Dean it was nice meeting you both, but I’ve got to go.”

She started to edge backwards. Trying to escape from in front of the boys, as quickly as possible.

“Everything alright?” Sam asked, confused by her sudden change in behavior.

“Fine, just, things to do. Don’t have all night to stand around chatting.”

Dean took a careful step toward the younger girl, reaching a hand out toward her, “I don’t know what’s wrong or what you might have heard about us, but you seem pretty spooked now that you know who we are. We’re not going to hurt you.”

She seemed to be debating with herself for a moment, “Look, I really need to be going.”

Sam tried this time, “C’mon, you just saved us, as you were more than happy to remind us. What’s with the sudden rush to get away?”

“Yeah, you don’t like making new friends?”

Sam shout Dean a glare, “Look, at least tell us your name.”

“Y/N. Y/N Milligan.”

Both brothers paled, eyes wide. There standing in front of them was their long lost sister. Oh Crap!

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A Girl Called Mike - Part Six

Pairing: Dean × Reader

Word Count: Around 5300

Summary: The reader disguises herself during hunting jobs as a man named Mike and has met up with the Winchesters several times. They are unaware of her true identity. Feeling they know and trust Mike, they agree to invite the reader to the bunker.

Click Here for Part 1

Part 2

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Warnings: Language, Violence

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors and appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

@misguidedconqueress thanks for all the encouragement, reviewing, editing,  sharing your wisdom, and everything else I am leaving out. You are amazing!


It had been a few days and you were still empty handed. The library was turned over. Books were everywhere, littering the tables and floor. At least three laptops were open with different searches and translations running at all times. Sam was aghast at what little information was turning up, but you couldn’t say he wasn’t dedicated in giving it his all.

You on the other hand were going stir crazy. Your mind was spinning with images of words and your dreams were filled with Corson and his cold, black eyes. You needed to run, you need to punch something, you needed to hide. You splashed your face with cold water to break the thought pattern. The reflection in the mirror was unrecognizable; the boundaries between you and Mike blending together. What you really needed was a case.

You found Sam in the library. “Can I borrow a ride?”

He put a pencil down. “What for?”

“Listen, I really appreciate you helping me out and stuff, but I need some air and I think we could all use a little break.” You suggested.

Sam frowned but agreed. “Yeah, it might be helpful to take a look again with fresh eyes.”

“Well, I found a case so I’ll be back in a couple days tops.” You explained as Dean entered.

“Dude yes. I need a case. When are we leaving?” He asked filled with anticipation.

“Oh, I meant just me. It seems like a simple salt and burn. Definitely not a three man case.” You diminished.

“Why don’t you and Dean just go then. I’ll hold down the fort.” Sam suggested.

“What you’re really saying is you need some ‘you time,’ don’t want us to know about your weekly pedicures.” Dean joked. “But whatever. Y/N pack your things. We’ll leave in 20.” He instructed before leaving the room.

Sam and you exchanged shocked glances. “Dude. What the hell?” You whispered.

“What? I don’t mind keeping at it while you two take a break. Besides it would be good for you two to… reconnect.” Sam defended.

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Legends of Tomorrow  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You know I’m a killer.“
  • “No, I remember. I just don’t care.”
  • “What the hell happened back there?“
  • “This is not judgement. It is concern.”
  • “How did you even have time to steal this?“
  • “Now, you’re annoying in multiple languages.”
  • “You’re smiling. I didn’t know you could do that.”
  • “You’re not nearly as thick as most people say.“
  • “Look, if you’re gonna kill me, just do it already.“
  • “Yes, but you are so much better at this than me.“
  • “You got the wrong guy, hero ain’t on my resume.“
  • “I can’t understand why you would give all that up.“
  • “There’s something weird going on with your face.“
  • “You know what I think? I think you think too much.“
  • “We’re just gonna pretend like none of this happened?“
  • “Is there anything you think about other than yourself?”
  • “I just took out six men. You guys couldn’t handle one?“
  • “I was liberating her. With an option to seduce her later.“
  • “You know, I thought about going to medical school once.“
  • “Actually, I’m in charge, in case any of you have forgotten.”
  • “Oh, come on. What’s the harm in us just… taking a look around?“
  • “Really? We’re trying to save the world and you’re lifting wallets?“
  • “Yeah, who wants a relationship based on honesty and communication? Bleh.“
  • “While I’ve been busy working, you’ve been busy seducing that young woman!“
  • “To quote every Star Wars movie ever made, ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this’.”
  • “So, uh, what’s so special about me? I mean, aside from my sparkling personality.“
Care and Nurture

Request: could you do a established relationship dan howell imagine where the reader works for an animal shelter taking homeless, scared dogs from the streets and helps take care of them, and dan comes with her to save a dog one day, and he sees how she approaches them and gives them love and just like realizes how much he loves her and how caring she is etc etc fluff lmao

Requested by: anonymous.

Pairing: Dan x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by moonchair

When you heard the door bell ring, you peeked up from behind the counter. It was just you in today, seeing as it wasn’t one of your busy days, and you loved working where you worked, you opted to just spend the day helping out. It was a tad bit lonely, sure, but you were surrounded by wonderful animals that kept you company. 

Though when you heard the chime and then the followed footsteps, you were more than surprised. You all were never really busy on Thursday’s but you didn’t mind. So stretching, you allowed yourself to straighten out, making your way around the counter to greet your customer. Though your steps slowed as you saw who stood there, Dan, your very own boyfriend.

“Daniel?” You questioned softly, gaining his attention. “What are you doing here?” Your eyes fell on the small puppy in Dan’s arms with curiosity. Not waiting for Dan’s response, you walked over to him and gently let your hand move towards the small golden lab puppy. “And who’s this?” You cooed.

“I found him on the street and he was crying, so-” Dan explained in a hush. 

“Can I see him?” You asked and Dan nodded. Gently you slid your hands underneath the puppy, bringing him over to your own arms. He cried a tad bit as you brought him to your arms, but the minute you held him they seized. “Okay,” you sighed, walking over to the counter. Dan followed behind and you faintly realized his eyes were stuck on your own figure, almost lovestruck, which made you faintly smile.

Setting down the puppy, you pressed gently against all across his body waiting for him to react. Once you gently pressed against his leg, he cried out and you soothed him by petting across his head. “There we go.” You mumbled, focused. Picking up his foot, you noticed a small sliver poking out. “Can you grab those tweezer’s?” You asked, holding at your hand. When you heard no shuffling and felt nothing landing in your hands, you turned around to Dan only to see him staring at you.

“Dan.” He snapped out of his stupor, focusing back on you. “The tweezer’s.”

“Oh, y-yeah.” He stumbled, rushing over to grab the tweezer’s before handing it to your palm. Grabbing it, you grabbed ahold of the puppy’s paws, and gently grabbed ahold of the sliver. The puppy cried but soon it was over as the sliver was pulled out. “There ya go, sweetheart.” You smiled at the puppy, picking him up before turning around.

“Will he be okay?” Dan asked.

“Yeah, just had a sliver. You said you found him on the street?”


“Well thank you, Dan.” You grinned brightly, “you just saved a puppies life.” Moving over to all of the other animals, you opened one of the spacious cages and placed the puppy in. The cages were prepared, in case of situations like this, so once the puppy was secure, you closed the cage. Walking back out to Dan, you walked up to him, smiling.

“How are you?” You asked, grabbing ahold of Dan to hug.

“I’m well.” Dan smiled, “you’re very good with them, you know?”

Laughing, you shook your head; “I believe that’s why I work here.”

“Yes, yes.” Dan sighed, rolling his eyes. “But still. You’re too sweet for your own good.”

Leaning up, you pressed a kiss against her lips. “Thank you.”

  • pat: you wanna hear something really dark? you know how the titanic was famously like women and children first to the lifeboats?
  • woolie: yeah
  • pat: you know what the deal with that is?
  • woolie: what
  • pat: um. if you don't do that. you know what your survivors look like? all dudes.
  • woolie: mmmm
  • pat: because they're stronger and they'll just push down anyone drowning and float on them.
  • woolie: yeaaaaaaaaah
  • pat: every other similar wreck in its time had
  • woolie: no....
  • pat: something like, 399 male survivors, 1 child, cos one guy was very big and very tenacious and managed to save his kid or whatever but
  • woolie: yeah i--
  • pat: "i'll kill you all motherfuckers"
  • woolie: --i thought that was--
  • pat: probably shouldn't have said that lol
  • woolie: --i thought -- wow -- i thought that was kind of implicit in the rule cos like, i kind of assumed that was the case, compensating for like, when the actual "survival of the fittest" shit kicks in--
  • pat: "hey mrs fuckin pennybottom, that frilly hat ain't gonna protect you from this fist"
  • woolie: --we just become animals again

When Jin was getting ready to meet his lady the first time he was just going to be dressed causul™ but then he accidentally knocked over the case of flowers and was like fuck yeah I remember I have her dairy and she wants those fucking smeraldo flowers I should get sum so he dressed to fancy and meet the flower delivery truck moments before his girly died so after the tragedy he went back in time to try and save her by this time not getting her flowers after he noticed he knocked down the vase


Imagine: Dean who has no memories left, meets the reader (his wife) and falls in love with her all over again .

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Wife!Reader,
Sam Winchester x Reader (friendship/brother relationship), Rowena mentioned

Words: 500+ (this is so short omg)

A/N: There’s a lot coming, but right now I have a lot work because of school (it sucks), and I am so unbelievably sorry that you all have to wait ✨

(gifs not mine)

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 16 Full Translation

The Ceremony


pages 169-179

Eight days since the evening the announcement of the nyuseki was made.

When Kurosaki Ichigo who had just finished afternoon classes returned home, the genkan entryway was filled with shoes of various sizes.

“They’ve already gathered here huh…… I’m home”

Removing his shoes, he headed towards the living room. As he reached his hand over the knob of the door to open it, in an instant, the door opened from the inside and Arisawa Tatsuki came flying out.

“Whoaa, watch out!”

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How Altean Shape-shifting might come to play next season....

Anyone else feel a bit weird about Atlean shape-shifting so far? I mean, it’s really cool and I love the concept that Alteans used it to help with exploration and diplomatic missions. And of course, it was also awesome to see Allura rocking the Galra look.

But what bothers me is that we’ve only seen it come into play just once in the entire two seasons we’ve had of Voltron so far. It was cool when it happened, But even though it was made out to be a big reveal and an ability that would come in useful for future missions….we haven’t really seen any more of it. Not even a tiny mention throughout all of season two. 

So why bring it up this cool ability in the first place when it wasn’t going to be used anytime soon?

However, I think the odds are good that we’ll be seeing a lot more of it come into play for season 3.

But not by Allura.

But this beautiful piece of trash here….

Yes. Prince Lotor.

Since it seems Season 3 will bring in a lot of nitpicks from the original series, it’s completely probable that Prince Lotor will not be full Galra but be a half-breed- Part Galra and part Altea from his mother’s side. So that means it’s completely possible Lotor could have Altean shape-shifting abilities.

Which means the paladins are completely fucked.

I get the feeling that Prince Lotor is going to be more hands-on with dealing with Voltron and its paladins. He’s not going to send some lackey to take them down- he’s going to do it himself and completely mess with their minds while doing it.

I can imagine the first time they experience Prince Lotor’s shape-shifting abilities. Imagine, they’re on a Galra ship, thinking that Shiro might be held prisoner on it. Keith is alone and going through the cells. Then suddenly, he hears a familiar voice. He turns and behold, there is Shiro, unharmed and smiling at Keith. An emotional Keith instantly runs to embrace his closest friend, the brother he never had. Shiro wraps his arms around Keith…..

….And then starts to strangle him, laughing maniacally in a voice that is not his own. Slowing, he shifts back into Prince Lotor.

Of course, the other paladins would come and save Keith. But even now that they know about Prince Lotor’s ability, they have always be on their toes, just in case he tried to impersonate one of the paladins while one of their teammates is alone. Imagine the paranoia and distrust that might surface, especially whenever a mission calls for the team separating.

But yeah, basically I just want Prince Lotor to be like Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist. 


saturndream  asked:

Hi!! ive been on tumblr for a while (and following you for a while haha) and i just haven't been growing. im active and posting alot of my own pics but i havent gottan any new followers in 2 months! do you have any tips?

hello! first of all thank you so much for sticking around yay love yaaa! 💟 here’s a slightly elaborate (and quick) list of my tips to gain more audience:

1. ask ppl to check your blog! a little note that some people might find this annoying!! i find this okay bc i constantly feel the need to find and discover new blogs! however, that is not always the case for everyone. please do check the faq of every person before hitting up their asks!
2. make/post your own content. simple ones like cute photos, selfies, thoughts, etc. please do tag other people who can reblog it for you too! in my case, my tag is: peachisty! this really helps in gaining more notes i believe. this is because more notes = more audience!
3. get a nice lay-out, personalize it. dont just settle for the lay-out you took from the theme-garden. style it! literally the codes are everywhere in google! but if you have no idea where to start, feel free to hmu! i know lots of css stuff and im p much skilled with web designing so yeah :~)
4. choose your blog style and stick with it! in my case, it’s personal/art/positivity i guess? changing your blog style once a month doesn’t help tbh bc people want consistent content! and having literally super random stuffo is chaotic i believe?
5. get a nice, catchy url and dont just leave it around!!! dont change ur url everyday! my url is p much a gem so i dont rlly think i will ever ever change it tbh haha. i do have some saved ones that are centuries old btw!! if u dont have something in mind, feel free to hmu so i can give em to you
6. talk to your pals !!! may it be thru saying: “if u ever need somebody to talk to im here!” or thru posting updates about you or your day!! i think it just makes me feel safe and happy to read regular updates about ppl on my dash!!! i guess the same goes for other ppl!
7. make your own tag and reblog the stuff ppl tag you into!!! usually, your tag may be your url bc it’s easier to remember! i think this helpz bc u can gain pals thru exchanging of posts tooo
8. make a faves page! haha idk, but faves page made me discover tons of really cool blogs!!!!!! this assures u new mutuals too!!! mutuals that match your aesthetic! ;)
9. join networks. this did not entirely help me in gaining followers but it did help me gain friends!! this is bc networks treat each other like family!!! and idk!! that’s the very reason why i made tumblr tbh!! to meet new beautiful ppl that have the same aesthetics and passion as mine!! networks give u that! along with it, u can do group blog rates, follows, etc!
10. follow similar blogs! this is p much obvious! u follow similar blogs in order to have similar posts on your dash that u can easily reblog! also, if u have the same content, there is a huge possibility that the person will follow u back!!

last note: i want you to know that it is never about the amount of followers!! if you’re using tumblr as a platform to showcase your art: im pretty sure it feels more validating to have sum ppl recognize your talent but please do not entirely depend on it! dont stop making art just because you dont have lots of audience! the amount of ppl who sees your art =/= your skills ok !!!!! :0 at the end of the day… if you come to think of it… i can delete this blog and im back to 0?? i mean… do you get me? you’re still youuu! :)

i hope this helps !! good luck on your journey bb 🐝

Visions of a Wolf - The Seer (Luhan, pt. 1) [Chronicles of the Wolf series]

Welcome, handsome wolf~ ♥

[ Luhan | Visions of a Wolf ]
   \ the seer


The sharp rays of the setting sun made the glare red behind Luhan’s closed eyelids. “Shit…” he muttered, hand coming up to his temple for a quick massage.

Like it would somehow manage to stimulate a better response from his otherwise mute abilities. It was dragging on too long, and the dark made it that much harder to track. Meaning they would have to rely on Luhan a lot more. Too bad he was currently unsuccessful.


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