yeah i remember the pictures xd

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Do you remember when Lauren shared with us one of her sketches, and she showed us a drawing of her Fairy and the Fawn and above her sketch book we saw the picture of a girl who looks like Camila lying on someone's chest? xD oh Lauren. That happened in late 2015 right? I felt like she showed it on purpose.

February 2016 actually 😊  - and yeah it looks a LOT like Camz

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can we talk about ep 9? ciel assigns the trio to take a photo of sebastian with a camera that reveals what is most precious to the subject that is not of this world. later sebastian says that it's an honor to learn that the thing ciel most treasures that is not of this world is himself. but i've been thinking that maybe ciel is the thing that sebastian most treasures as well since sebastian took a picture of ciel too! canon or not that episode was really cute :3

Yeah, I remember I thought it was kind of a mutual thing in that case too!

My only problem with it is that the stupid naked dog totally ruined it

but well… the anime team’s questionable decissions are not our fault after all xD

It was a good filler episode indeed anon :3

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*unholy screeching* you're adorable ily,, but yeah i meant 'to' XD using - when we mean to was taught to us in school but fhh twenty one pilots are great pelase marry me

ah, sorry! i guess i’ll answer from 1 to 6 now??

1. the meaning behind my url

as i said twice, i am the daddy of skellies

2. a picture of me

3. tattoos i have

i don’t have any tattoos, but i kinda want one
4. last time i cried and why

i can’t remember specifally, but i think i almost cried yesterday, basically it’s because i felt like shit, you know the “no matter how hard i try everyone will think they’re better than me” kind of shit, i actually almost cried twice yesterday, the second time was because i just felt lonely as hell
5. piercings i have

i don’t have any piercings! but i do think a belly piercing would look p cool
6. favorite band

twenty one pilots, but i think it’s debatable if it’s twenty one pilots or skillet 

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For the impulse control thing Cole but also Chrom xD

Yeah I remember WAAAAYY back on my first blog I just reblogged it with a picture of Chrom and I didn’t wanna make the same joke twice, but I was definitely thinking of Chrom too XD