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Youth // Jung Hoseok


the prompt: could you make a Prince Hoseok fanfic? It’d be nice if it were fluffy (Hobie’s been getting all up in my feels as of late) but I have nothing specific in mind. the au i based this scenario off of: i’m in an arranged marriage but i’m in love with the sibling help

words: 3056

category: fluff + minimal angst

author note: hobi is always in my feels ngl. he’s just so happy and handsome and can we talk about the fact that hobi is the definition of husband material? my sister and i talk about that a lot. anyway, enjoy!

- destinee

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Where do we go from here?

Bucky x Reader

Summary: After a man saves your life, you can’t help but get attached to the blue-eyed brunet. And your life has never been dull since.

Word Count: 1,800

Warnings: NSFW gifs included, just smut, mentions of drug use, insults

A/N: A continuation of my Imagine I recently posted here. Sorry if my google translations are for shit. Thank you thesuperwholock394 on AO3 for wanting a backstory to this, I had a blast writing this! And there will be ONE more part to this! :D (GIFs are not mine)

Please read the imagine first so you know what’s happening and won’t get confused. :) 

                                                One Year Before

Frank, your dad’s right-hand man, held the gun to your temple as your father leaned on the desk, arms crossed staring daggers at you.

“You’re a real piece of work, aren’t ya, girl?” You rolled your eyes at him, his demeanor didn’t scare you, not unless he held a needle to the inside of your elbow demanding obedience. But other than that, he was just a man who happened to be in charge of one of the biggest drug gangs on the West Coast. And no one’s been able to catch him.

“Not my fault your stupid fucking coke shipment was confiscated.”

“That shipment cost me 21k, you little piece of shit. You’re just lucky Sanchez loves my stuff, that I don’t mind givin’ him extra for the same price. ‘Course, Imma throw a little bonus on the side.” He smirked at you, giving you a long look.

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Pairing: Jim x Reader 

Word Count: 2643

Warnings: Some swearing, fluff

A/N: Wow I definitely didn’t intend for it to be that long. Also, one day I’m gonna get everything together and start making headers for these posts, but that day is not today. Today I’m going to sleep because I’m currently dying from cramps. Hope you guys enjoy, though! Also, there’s a pic of the bike I mention at the bottom of the fic if any of you are curious. 

You knocked frantically on Jim’s door. Bones was gonna kill you. A few seconds passed without answer and you pressed your ear to the door, listening for movement. Hearing nothing, you pounded on the door again.

“Jesus Jim answer the goddamn door,” you called.

If Jim could’ve yanked open the automatic door, you’re sure he would’ve. He was scowling deeply, hair sticking up in all directions - the first time you’d seen it anything less than perfect. His shirtless torso was still perfect, though, and those gray sweats hanging dangerously low on his hips were downright tantalizing.

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Skittles (sour taste on my lips)

Taehyung x reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: swearing (just accept it, I always swear), smooches!

Rated: T

A/n: I’m horrible at fluff tbh, I had to look at cute pictures of animals to get this right. Also like, why are baby-owls and otters so adorable? I die.

While reading try listening to Ed Sheeran’s “How Would You Feel”. - I mainly used this as a kind of prompt so yeah, that’s what.

When Taehyung was 5 years old a new family moved in next to him and his parents. A married couple with a 3 year old girl. She always wore colorful dresses and had her hair in to braids framing her face. Taehyung and Y/n became best friends from their very first meeting; once some guys made fun of Taehyung’s hair and she walked over and kicked one of them in the shin screaming for them to get away from your neighbor. The boys got scared and ran away. Taehyung and Y/n laughed at them and he invited her to his house. They spent the day talking about how her parents had divorced and she had moved with her mom, Taehyung held her smaller body as she cried and since then she decided she always wanted to be with him.

When Taehyung was a teenager his father told him to find the very best girl. Taehyung curiously asked how he would know she was the very best and his father simply said “I foyu can spend the rest of your life falling deeper in love with her, she’s the one” Taehyung couldn’t help but think of Y/n and how she always seemed to be eating those skittles that she only ever shared with him and none of her other friends.

When he went to Seoul to become a singer they lost contact for two years before Y/n graduated and went to University in Seoul. When they met again it was as if nothing had changed except Taehyung noticed Y/n had gotten more mature, her  hair was longer and she always wore tight fitting dresses whenever they went out. Y/n had noticed his shoulders had gotten broader and he was tall. He had gotten more confident and carried himself differently. He was still her best friends Taehyung though and It didn’t take long until they saw each other at least once a week and the rest of Bangtan loved her. She was one of them.

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Colors (Tythan)

Requested by @kitty-798


(I hope you enjoy!!)

- For all of Ethan’s life, he couldn’t see vibrant colors. To him, every color might as well be a shade of black or grey. The ability to see bright colors was reserved for those who had looked into the eyes of their soulmate. Ethan had yet to do so.

- Ethan was editing a video when Tyler came into the room asking, “Do you need anything?”

- Ethan was about to lie and say no, but he felt like being honest. “Something just feels off. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my editing or if it’s just a crappy video.”

- “Want me to watch it real quick?”

- “If you could please, yeah,” Ethan replied. “I’m gonna get a bite, you want something?

- “No I’m alright, thanks.” He nods, getting up so Tyler could sit down. He went into the kitchen, poured himself a glass of lemonade and eating Pringles. After making a sandwich as well, he returned to the office where Tyler was finishing the video.

- Sitting down the sandwich, Ethan watched the video over Tyler’s shoulder. When the outro ran, Tyler said, “You’re just overthinking it, the video’s fine.”

- Tyler turned to Ethan, their gazes meeting and everything exploded. “Oh my god…. your hair.”

- "Tyler… you’re seeing these new colors, too, right?” His voice trailing off as the colors become more vibrant.

- “Yeah… I am.”

- “I…I didn’t expect…”

- It seemed they were both lost for words in the moment. Eventually, Ethan pulled Tyler into a long and lingering kiss.

#244: You Meet At A Masquerade Ball


This one makes me really excited because it was different and original I couldn’t say yes fast enough when it was requested. @urbanstrangersfanfics was the one coming up with the idea in my DM’s and normally I don’t check those because of spam but god I’m happy I did!!! :-) x

Requested: Yes //  Find my Masterlist here 


“Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Normally when hearing that sentence, it was assumed that the person never actually mean his words. It was something said out of habit without giving a single glance towards the person being bumped into, but when you both shared the eye contact you could tell there was something to it. “It’s alright.” You casually mumbled and fiddled with your dress, not really knowing what to say or where to go. You had been standing at the same spot for at least an hour now. He looked down at you with a blush on his cheeks by the otherwise little push he had given you in the shoulder and placed his hands into his blazer pockets. “I’m sorry I’m so awkward I’ve just been away from my friends and with all these masks I’m having trouble trying to find any of them. You know that feeling?” The way he was looking down at you with blue eyes that charmed their way out of his black masquerade mask showed that he was actually a little bit nervous but you didn’t mind. “I’ve been standing here in the same spot for too long now. My friend had the same mask as someone else but now I feel like I’ve seen the same beige one seven times.” You fiddled with the glass in your hand and laughed quietly when he giggled as well. The only thing that seemed to stand out from his mask was his curly locks and tall frame that with eyes, seemed almost magical. “Well while we’re both lost,” He reached his hand forward in invitation of a dance and nodded his head towards the dance floor filled with many unfamiliar guests, “How about we introduce our secret selves with a little formal dance?”


“Oh, no no this wasn’t supposed to happen!” He exclaimed with wide eyes and kept on almost apologizing, his hands fumbling around the back of his hair, “This is so embarrassing I’m not even shocked it is happening to me.” It had been less than seconds before he had gotten the chance to introduce himself to you that he in accident felt his mask starting to lose. It had been in a quick reaction that he placed his drink onto the table behind you and grabbed onto the mask to make sure he wasn’t revealing himself. It was all about the secrets, it was what the ball was about in the first place and he wanted the keep his anonymous identity. You stood for a few seconds debating with yourself whether or not to help because he was getting a little bit stressed, his inked hands shaking to get the mask wrapped around his face again. “Here, let me help you.” You couldn’t witness his helpless self anymore and leaned up to his tall frame to grab the mask from his rough fingers and tied a small knot yourself. He stood completely relieved by your help and cleared his throat when getting eye contact, letting you see the chocolate orbs of his. “I’m Calum, by the way.” He introduced in laughter, “Sorry about the panic. I just really adore the traditions of these kinds of balls and I’d be sad to do a complete fool of myself already before even getting the chance to introduce my name.” “That’s completely fine.” You replied and took a step back to see him fully, his hair wasn’t that short but he still looked great. “I’m Y/N.” You grabbed your drink and reached out to shake his hand politely, seeing him give you an award-winning smile.


”Normally I would never have the confidence to do this but since this is a night of secret faces I thought I had to do something different.” You looked up confused by the sudden guy taking a seat on the mini bar you had seated yourself at, eyes wide by his sudden gesture. “And must I admit your eyes are just as pretty as they looked on far distance.” A deep blush came to your cheeks by his compliment and he smiled gently, “Okay I’ve been drinking plenty of welcome champagne and my mask is white and made out of paper… But hey, at least I’m trying.” He ran a hand through his dirty blond locks and chuckled quietly at his behavior. “I think you’re very good at what you’re doing right now.” You giggled softly and swirled the olive around your glass of martini with a toothpick. He smiled to himself by your words and positioned on the bar chair so he could look over at the view of people dancing. “You were dragged here by your friends as well?” He questioned and played with the mask he was wearing, having the navy blue color. “Yeah I’m not really sure if this is actually my thing.” You admitted and hurried to drink the rest of your glass when he suddenly grabbed you down and pulled you from the chair. “That makes you my partner in crime of the night! I’m getting revenge on my friends for dragging me here by loosening people’s mask to reveal their faces!” You had absolutely no idea who this dude was but it was better than drinking alone and trying to get over the night. “And the best thing,” He announced, “We’re both masked. Nobody will ever find out that it’s us.”


“I’m gonna warn you already! I’m a horrible dancer.” Your eyes looked up dizzy by the sudden change of dance partner, seeing a curly haired lad stand in front of you with a black mask and hazel eyes. “But I’m gonna try my best just to make sure I don’t embarrass us.” He gently grabbed your hand and wrapped the other around your waist, doing his utter best to not fail. You giggled softly by his nervousness and bit down on your lip, you hadn’t seen him around. He was in fact doing very well, he had nothing to be nervous about. It wasn’t that you were bumping between other partners and his smile seemed to make everything ten times better. “I think you’re doing very well.” You admitted, seeing it become even wider and he looked down at his shoes almost forgetting his next step and knocked himself into you. “Okay I’m gonna keep quiet not to trigger it.” You exclaimed and he was quick to laugh. “I just gotta concentrate, mysterious girl.” He gave you an extra look as if he was trying to figure out who you were but truth was you had never seen each other before so giving up would be the easiest way. He had this expression that told he was trying his best but he only hummed. “If we survive this dance maybe you’ll be able to see my face.” A challenging expression came to his face by your words and he licked his lips carefully before giving your shoes another glance. That was definitely something he found interesting and he leaned down to whisper in your ear.  “Then I must prepare myself for something great because with eyes like yours it’s killing me not to see the rest of your beautiful face.”

Jealousy Is Such A Pretty Color On You.

Prompt: The reader is jealous of Henley and smut ensues with Daniel!

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Warning: Fingering, smut, curse words.

Word Count: 1.4k

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anonymous asked:

u will be able to see the world in full color once you meet your soulmate but until then, you can only see the world in the eye color of your soulmate. however, you can alter the color your soulmate can see, by wearing contact lenses. if you wear blue contact lenses, your soulmate sees the world in blue, purple makes them see the world in purple, etc. you realize each day/week you get to see the world in a different color because your soulmate is being all cute (daejae ofc) -daejae trash anon


Youngjae woke up to a new sky, bright and clear in a color unlike any he had seen before. Despite his grogginess, a sort of excitement filled him as he looked about his room at the colors he had not known were there. His walls were a softer version of this clear-feeling color. His jeans, he found were more solid, but still the same.

He met his friend, Junhong, at the other’s dorm down the hall. “Wanna get breakfast before class?” Youngjae asked the yawning boy.

“I don’t have class, remember?” Junhong yawned. “I specifically scheduled my courses so I could have Fridays off.” He padded back into his room with sleepy steps, not even bothering to close the door behind him.

“It’s Wednesday.” Youngjae told him.

“Shit!” Junhong shouted, rolling out of bed and smashing his elbow on the way down. Two minutes later, he was following Youngjae down to the dining hall. “I only have twenty minutes to eat.” Junhong said, “and that’s if I run to class and accept that I’m going to be ten minutes late.”

“So you really have ten minutes to eat, but you just don’t care about class enough to show up on time.” Youngjae replied.

“The Science of Soulmates 201?” Junhong replied. “It’s a joke class, Youngjae. If it weren’t a requirement for the bio major, no one would take it. Literally all we’ve learned in the past two months is that soulmates see the world in each other’s eye colors until they meet, then everything goes full color. Five-year-olds could tell you that. He literally only introduced the contact lenses thing last week.”

“My soulmate is wearing them today,” Youngjae said.

“What?” Junhong asked, “are you sure?”

“Yeah, usually I see things in brown, but today it’s different. The color of the sky, jeans, your backpack, that’s what I’m seeing today.”

“You should find one of the color charts online to figure out what color it is.” Junhong answered. “I’ve never seen anything but brown either.”

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Pool Party

Request: hey,could you do a newt AU?he and the reader are best friends, and have a crush on each other but to shy to admit it. Reader is kinda insecure about her body (short and chubby) and thinks she’s not good enough for him, bc teresa is so beautiful and skinny and one day they meet all at the pool at Thomas’ place and Teresa gives reader a bikini bc she thinks she'lllook great in it, she changes in the bathroom she starts crying bc she thinks she’s too fat and then Newt finds her and all fluff thx <3

Warnings: AU

Newt smiled, admiringly staring at you. You and him were walking home from school, talking about each other’s days. You were telling Newt about what the school’s class clown did in your class today. It was hilarious to you, and therefore Newt found it funny, too.

Newt always tried to be on your good side. He really liked you, and really wanted you to like him back. Thing was you already liked him. Both of you were far too shy to admit it. Newt thought you were out of his league, but you thought you weren’t good enough.

You were on the shorter side, and chubby. You thought you looked like some fat whale, when in reality you were averaged sized. Society filled your brain with that you should be stick thin. Thigh gaps, flat stomach, tiny wrists, and decent sized breasts, kind of like your friend Teresa. However, you had thighs that touched, belly rolls, and bigger breasts for a girl your height. You were highly insecure about your physical image, so therefore you thought you weren’t good enough for tall, lanky Newt.

“Hey, Thomas is having a pool party at his house. A summer kickoff. Want to come?” Newt asked as you got to your house. 

“Oh, uh… Sure. Well, I’ll think about it?” You said, clearly unsure. You hated swimsuits. 

“Okay,” Newt looked at you. “It would mean a lot if you came though. But whatever you want. See you later.”

You both hugged and he was gone.

You ended up going to the pool party. You wore a single piece swimsuit with a pair of swim shorts. You also wore a cover-up and planned not to get in the water.

All your’s and Newt’s friends were there. Thomas, Minho, Alby, Gally, Teresa, and a few others were all in the pool, splashing around. You only sat in a chair, observing in the shade. You wanted to get in the water because it was so hot, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Not in front of all your friends.

“Hey, Y/N, get in the pool, yeah?” Teresa asked. She was dripping wet and in a bikini. She looked fantastic, and it made you feel even worse. 

“I think I’m okay…” You sighed, looking away from her.

“What’s wrong? I know you love the water.”

You shrugged, still not looking at her. “I just… I’m not in the mood.”

Teresa rolled her eyes. “I know what you’re thinking. You look fine, Y/N. Honest. What do you have on? A cute swimsuit? If so, it’ll definitely catch Newt’s eyes.”

You blushed at the mention of his name. She knew you had a thing for him. 

“All I have on is a plain pink swimsuit… Single piece.”

“Come on, then. I brought another one, and I know you’ll fit into it.” Teresa grabbed your hand. “We’ll be back, boys!” She shouted at them.

You grimaced. “Teresa, I’m fine, really. I don’t… I won’t fit. You’re so small, and I’m so… not.”

“Y/N, you’re beautiful, and you’ll look amazing in this suit.”

She pulled out a two piece swimsuit from her bag. It was a teal top and bottom. Nothing with a spectacular design, just a nice teal color. She took you to the restroom, shutting the door. 

“You’re not leaving that room until you put it on,” she yelled from the other side. 

You sighed, stripping from your original attire and changing into the new one. It did fit. It wasn’t too snug, or too big. It was perfect for you. Though you couldn’t help but stare at your huge thighs and bulging stomach. You looked terrible.

“I look awful, Teresa.”

She opened the door, smiling right away. “What? No you don’t. You look great, Y/N. It fits perfectly, shows off some skin, you look fine.”

“But… I jiggle.” You were embarrassed. Your body parts jiggled when you walked and you couldn’t stand it.

“So do I and everyone else. Look.” Teresa walked normally, showing that she, too, jiggled. Her thighs shook, despite them being small. Even her stomach shook a little. “See?”


You and Teresa walked back out to the pool. All the boys were still rough housing in the pool, music playing from a stereo. All the boys stopped and stared, looking right at you. You felt so insecure. They were probably thinking how you looked fat in it.

“Looking good, Y/N,” Thomas grinned. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a bathing suit.”

“Yeah, I love that color on you.” Someone else said.

Newt couldn’t keep his eyes off you. He thought you looked so fantastic. Your body was perfect proportioned. You weren’t too thin. You had fat in all the right places. And he especially loved your tummy. He thought it was cute.

“I told you you looked fine. And look, Newt can’t stop staring. Now let’s go swimming,” Teresa whispered.

You nodded your head, feeling slightly better. You both held hands, ran, and jumped in the pool. The water felt cool on your skin. It was refreshing, and you loved to swim. 

“Y/N, I’m so glad you made it. I don’t think I told you that yet,” Newt blushed. He was grinning like he always did when looking at you. 

“Thanks… I’m glad I came, too.”

You and Newt talked and hung out a majority of the time. It was filled with laughter and fun. The rest of the group would occasionally tease the two of you, which often resulted in splash wars.

“I really like you, Y/N,” Newt confessed towards the end of the party. “I think you’re real great.”

“Oh,” you blushed, “I like you, too.”

That was a start of a whole new relationship between you and Newt.

I’m Not Ill pt.2 ( asylum!au)

//Trigger Warning and Disclaimer: mentions of mental illnesses, physical abuse, and light mentions of death. Any medical brands used are of pure fiction //

Summary: Taehyung shows you a room Jackson forgot to mention.

Words: 3 500+

You came back the next day. You didn’t get much sleep since you spent the night wondering about Taehyung. You even kept Namjoon up with you, talking to him on the phone. He knew Taehyung, but refused to talk about him. 

“Listen, Y/N. He’s really… intense. Hard to read. Whatever you call it. I’m pretty sure he’s nice. I mean, I haven’t met him yet, but from what you’ve told me, he seems like a decent guy. He just needs to recover. Uhm, get well and all that.” Namjoon told you. He hadn’t had any sleep for the past few days, and you weren’t helping. 

“But Joonie” you whined. “What did he do? Why are you all keeping secrets from me?”

“Aish, you’re so stubborn. I swear, you’ll be allowed to see the patient files after a few days. You just need to get used to your job first. Tend the patients. And remember that their history doesn’t define who they are right now. They’re getting better, okay? They’re healing.” Namjoon said, yawning at the end. 

You bit your lip, thinking about what he said. You thought about Hoseok and Yoongi, how they seemed to have nothing wrong with them. You thought about Jungkook, how he kept pacing around, as if someone’s going to pounce on him anytime. And lastly, Taehyung. His bubbly personality. His boxy smile. How he acted roughly against the guards, and vice versa. 

You could hear Namjoon continuously yawning at the other end, and decided to let him have his sleep. “Okay, Joonie. I trust you on this one.” you say before hanging up.

“Y/N!” Jackson called after you somewhere in the lounge. The first task they gave you was to man the front desk, and you have been doing that for about an hour and a half now. Luckily, it wasn’t a busy day, and no one visited yet. Which was sad, since you were sure the patients there had at least one relative who cared.

Thrilled to finally do something different for once, you rushed over to Jackson, leaving the counter to a co-worker whose name you’ve known to be Lisa. You were starting to warm up to the staff. Well, mostly to those within your age group, but that’s still a start. 

You walk over to Jackson, seeing Taehyung next to him. They were on the couch, and you noted the absence of Yoongi. Hoseok sat on the same table he was in when you met, Jungkook beside him. Even the mysterious girl wasn’t in her corner.

“Hey, Taehyung wants to hang out with you today.” Taehyung gave you a shy smile. Compared to yesterday, he looked more calm now. You smiled back at him. “Well, I want to hang out with Taehyung too.” you say as Jackson gets up. You took his place and sat beside Taehyung. 

“I’m really sorry about yesterday. Did I freak you out? I’m sorry if I freaked you out.” he rambled, eyes widening, worry evident in his features. He started nibbling on his lip. You were surprised by his sudden shift in attitude. 

You patted his shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, Taehyung. You didn’t freak me out.” The familiar grin crept back on his face in an instant. He threw your arms around you, crushing you with a hug. 

“Ah, I knew you’d understand. And call me Tae instead. Or TaeTae. Or whatever you want to call me. We’re friends now right? Wah, I’m so happy.” He squeezed you, and your eyes almost popped out. You chuckled lightly with him, patting his back. “Okay, Tae. Just uh, loosen up the hug a bit please.”

He obliged, looking up at you, his smile never leaving his face. “What do you want to do?” he cocked his head to the side. You haven’t really thought about that. You didn’t want to play Word Search, and you weren’t too sure if they had board games, much less if that’s allowed. You didn’t want to disturb Hoseok who was trying to get Jungkook to stop chewing his sleeve. 

“Oh, I know! We can go to the garden.” Taehyung got up, dragging you with him. “We have a garden?” you asked. Jackson didn’t mention anything about having a garden. Taehyung nodded vigorously. He dragged you up the second floor, and led you to a room with a ‘Come Inside for Fun’ sign. The sign itself didn’t look official, just half a folder with the words scribbled on using marker and crayon.

Jackson had a lot of explaining to do. Maybe you just missed the room, but he did say that the first five were vacant. But you trusted Taehyung enough to not harm you. Namjoon’s words rang in your ears. 

“Their history doesn’t define who they are right now.”

“Yeah, we have a garden. I made it myself! Well, Bwi helped me, even though V was opposed to it but…” he trailed on, whispering the last part. Before you could ask any questions, he spoke up again. “Do you like it?” 

You looked around the room, your jaw dropping in awe. All signs of it being part of a mental hospital vanished, except for a sign at the side that said: ‘Play nice’. But aside from that, everything else looked more colorful. About half the room was full of drawings. 

The walls were stuck with bond paper showing different plants, mostly flowers. Some small post-its hung from the ceiling with glue. Some had short messages on them, others having more drawings. Different colored beanbags were on the floor, and there were two light pink tables on either side of the room. Each one had a cup of crayons and markers. Next to one, was a filing cabinet covered in stickers. 

“Taehyung… you did all this?” you asked, still in awe. “Most of them. Bwi helped me, and so did Jungkook, and Hobi, and I even got Yoongi-hyung to write on some of the post-its.” he beamed. You smiled widely at him. “Tae, it’s beautiful.” You smiled, truly meaning it. It was a pleasant change after seeing boring white walls all day. 

He jumped on one of the beanbags. “Wanna add more plants? I can help you make one. I’d be honored if you added to our garden.” he looked like such an energetic puppy, always looking at you as if you descended from heaven itself. “Sure.” you just felt like smiling all day. 

Suddenly, Taehyung jumped up again. “I almost forgot. Wait here.” he said, running out the door. Gingerly, you stood up again. You went to one of the walls to take a closer look at the drawings. 

They were messy, but the different colors used made it look vibrant. You could compare it to a child’s work, but that just made it more adorable.You noticed some names signed on the corner of each one. Most were Taehyung’s. The more organized drawings had Jungkook’s name on it. You saw some of Hoseok’s too, his style similar to Taehyung’s. This place just kept on surprising you. Still, you noticed an unfamiliar name, the recurring ‘Bwi’. You wanted to ask Taehyung about that, but decided to keep your questions for another time. Again, following Namjoon’s advice.

“I’m back!” Taehyung burst in, tackling you with another hug. “I brought this. It’s where I get my plants.” he gently nudged a book at you. ‘Botany: Exploring the Wonders of Nature’. If it weren’t for Taehyung, you would’ve rolled your eyes. This book brought back bad flashbacks of your science class in high school, But despite that, you took it and scanned over the pages. 

The book was rather personalized. Some of the pages had been written over with blue crayon, and most, if not, all, of the illustrations were colored in. It made you like it a hundred times more. “We found that a few months ago. I was super bored, and I had nothing to do, so I decided to make my own garden. Jackson helped us put this up.” he gestured to the whole room. So Jackson did forget to mention this.

“Anyway, just flip through the book, and tell me if you like something. Or go invent your own. You can do anything you want. I’m so glad you’re here with me Y/N!” he grabbed your hand and swayed it around, while your other hand balanced the book. “Tae, can you help me choose? They’re all really beautiful, and since you’re more experienced, I need your guidance.”

He nodded, plopping down on the floor and pulling you with him. You landed on his side, giggling. You held him upright and opened the book in front of you. Taehyung started flipping through the pages, skipping over most of the herbs and leaves. “Oh, how about this?” he pointed to a small drawing, colored over with red and black. 

“Poppy flowers?”

“Yeah! They’re really cute, we like them so much. Do you know that painting by… aish, what was his name? Van- something.”

“Van Gogh?” 

His eyes lit up at the name. “Yes! I love that! Bwi does too.” He ran his thumb over the paper and looked at you. “Well, let’s get to it then.” You couldn’t think of any reason why he was in the eighteenth room. He just seemed like a harmless child.

You decided to color on the floor. The cup of crayons was in the middle, and you were each working on your own paper. You kept passing awkward side-glances back and forth, and Taehyung just looked so cute while he colored. He even frequently peeked at your drawing, checking if you needed help.

His tongue stuck out a bit on the side. One of his legs was stretched away from you, and his head was tilted. Then, he jerked his head towards your direction. His action surprised you, and you quickly looked back at your paper. “Y/N-ah, we’re so happy! Thanks so much. Also, uh, why don’t you add more stems? And let’s add a bit of yellow!”

He moved closer to you, your shoulders touching. You colored in silence, with Taehyung occasionally saying ‘Jjang!’ and ‘Wah!’. You laughed at his silliness, and as he was scribbling in a yellow poppy, you couldn’t help but ask. 

“Tae, who’s Bwi?”

You haven’t seen all the people in the ward, and you were sure Jackson wouldn’t forget to mention a patient. So you though maybe Bwi was a nickname he gave to a nurse or to a friend. “He’s my friend. Along with V, but V doesn’t like it when I talk to other people.” he ended with a frown. 

“What? Why not?” He just confused you more. You were right about the friend part, but you haven’t seen Taehyung hanging out with anyone else aside from Jungkook or Yoongi. He just shrugged. 

“It’s done!” he said, cutting off your thoughts. He looked over at your drawing. “You’re also done?” You nodded, a smile tugging at your lips. He stood up, both drawings in his hand. 

“Ah, our magnum opus, or something like that. Whatever that spider said in that one book.” he got some tape and put it on the paper. He handed your drawing to you and held his own. “Something tells me you like reading books, huh?” you grinned at him. You slowly walked by the walls, finding a spot to put your ‘plant’ on. He pointed to the center of the wall.

“Over here?” you asked. You moved over to the spot and stuck your drawing there. He then proceeded to put his beside yours. “It’s really pretty! Oh, and to answer your question, no, I don’t read. But Jungkook does. He reads to me sometimes when we’re bored.” he stood in front of you rubbing his hands together. You took his hands into yours. 

“Hey, thanks for bringing me here. I really appreciate it.” he nodded again, the boxy smile on his face. “We can always go here. You’re always welcome. And we can even drag Jungkook in here too. He’s really shy though, and it might take a while before he warms up to you, but still. You have me though!”

“Taehyung?” Yoongi stood at the doorway, squinting his eyes. He gave you a blank look and turned to Taehyung. “Hey, I need to borrow you from-”

“Y/N! This is Y/N.” he wrapped an arm around your shoulder. “She’s my new friend, and she’s really nice-”

“Yes, you’ve been talking about her since last night. She looks really nice.” Yoongi rolled his eyes and grabbed Taehyung’s wrist gently. “It’s uh, meds time.” 

Taehyung made a face, and it showed nothing but pure disgust. “But I don’t want to. They can’t make me!” he pouted, crossing his arms. He looked at the floor, avoiding the older boy’s gaze. “Tae, you need to.” he said firmly. Yoongi looked at you, silently pleading for help.

“Hey, I’ll be there. I’ll accompany you.” you said in your most soothing voice. He loosened his arms a bit, but the pout was still on his face. You took his arm and slowly led him out the room. Yoongi followed behind you, his hand on Taehyung’s back. “You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of Y/N now, would you?” you heard Yoongi whisper. Taehyung weakly shook his head. 

“Kim Taehyung?” a nurse approached you. He seemed snobbish, a bored look on his face. Behind him was a cart, full of medicines and bottles of water. He held a clipboard and he was checking something off the list. Taehyung still had that look on his face. He wanted to be anywhere else but there. Medicine time was the worst for him.

“Venlaflamine, Sertione, wow, it’s a miracle that you’re here.” the nurse sneered. He took out two pills and a water bottle, and handed them to Taehyung. Taehyung just stared at it. His hands were on his sides, and he didn’t look like he was going to move any time soon. “Just take it, psycho.” The nurse hissed and shoved the bottle at him. He turned around, dragging the cart with him. 

“How about you get some manners, you-” Yoongi cut you off by placing his hand on your shoulder. “They won’t treat you any different just because you work here.” 

Just like what Jackson said. You truly hated this place, and if it weren’t for the patients, you would’ve left already. But seeing Taehyung so excited about his garden, hearing about his bond with Jungkook, and seeing how Yoongi cared for him was enough to make you stay. 

“Y/N? Mrs. Kim wants to talk to you.” You looked over to the end of the corridor, where Jackson was. “Go.” Yoongi said. “I’ll take care of Taehyung.” You took one last glance at him. He gave you a small smile and hugged you again. “See me more, okay?” he whispered softly.

With that, Yoongi led him to the lounge, while you went with Jackson to the ‘Employees Only’ room. “Is she mad or something?” you asked nervously. It was just your second day, so you couldn’t really have screwed anything up yet. And even though you were new to everything, you though you did pretty good so far. You even fixed some of the notes and papers on the front desk a while ago. 

“Good to see you, Y/N.” Mrs. Kim said. She signaled for Jackson to leave the room, shutting the door behind him. She motioned towards the seat opposite her, and you sat down. “Excuse me, did I do something wrong?” You began to fiddle with your thumbs, hoping to give you ease. 

“No, you’re doing quite well actually. It’s just that, some nurses have seen spending time with Taehyung earlier. I was also surprised, especially when he brought you to that room. Usually, only the patients enter there, and he didn’t let nurses in, unless he needed Jackson to fix something. I think it’s safe to say that he grew an attachment to you.” Mrs. Kim peered at you over her glasses. After a while of silence, you mustered up the courage to speak.

“Sorry for asking, but why is that concerning?”

“Ms. Y/L/N, you are aware that he’s in the eighteenth room, right?” you nodded.

“Good. Just remember that he was put there for a reason. And since we’re on the topic, I think it’s acceptable to disclose some of his information to you. Y/N, he has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and even some traces of Schizophrenia. Do you know how dangerous people like him could be?”

“He doesn’t look dangerous. In fact, he’s probably the most harmless person here.” you protested.

“No.” Mrs. Kim snapped. She didn’t raise her voice, but coldness was laced within her tone. “You’ll be shown his records in a few days, but until then, I advice you to be cautious around him. We never know what he could do.”

“If he’s dangerous, then why is he allowed to roam around?”

“There’s always guards for safety precautions. We don’t want to aggravate him more by locking him in his room.” With that, she nodded at you and stood up. “I really hope you consider my words.” She walked out the door, leaving you in your seat. 

You still didn’t get it. You didn’t get a lot of things for that matter. This hospital was just so secretive, and in the little time you’ve spent here, a million questions has already piled up. Someone walked in the room again, and you looked up to see that it was Jackson.

“Hey, it’s about Taehyung, isn’t it?” he asked you, brows furrowing in concern. You nodded, not really finding the will to talk. Your little discussion with Mrs. Kim had drained you mentally, and you didn’t want to hear people talk bad about Taehyung anymore. Not after seeing the state he was in. 

“I don’t fully agree with her. Personally, I think Taehyung is nice and everything, and I hate how they look at him like a walking time-bomb. But we still have to keep in mind that he’s sick, okay?” You understood his point, and you want nothing more but to help your new friend. You just didn’t know how, not with the other nurses and staff trying to pry you away from him.

“How long has he been here?” Your voice was low, soft enough that you weren’t even sure if Jackson heard you. “From what they told me, a few years.” he replied. 

A few years?!’ you thought. “And he never got better?” 

“He has some issues with the medication. And they said he often relapsed. But I think he’s going to. He will. Especially with you here. Let’s just take everything slow. I don’t want to rush him. Poor guy’s been through a lot.” you looked at him, hoping that he’d elaborate what he said, only to get a long stare in response. You sighed and got up. “I’m going to check on him.” you said, leaving Jackson behind.

You went to the lounge, but Taehyung and Yoongi weren’t there anymore. The only person to be seen was Hoseok, who was dozing off in his chair. You looked around the room, trying to find anything they might’ve left behind. Then you heard a loud smack and a startled yell. You whipped your head around to find Hoseok, awake and rubbing his head. 

“Hi.” he said sheepishly as soon as he saw you. “I fell asleep for a little while.” You gave him a small smile. “Yes, I’ve noticed. Have you, by any chance, seen Tae?”

He gave you a confused look. then yawned. “Well, they went up a while ago. Yoongi wanted to tell you that Tae needed rest, and you didn’t have to go after them.” he explained.

“Oh, well thanks for telling me.” You couldn’t help but feel a bit down. You hoped that you could talk to Taehyung more, and heck even Yoongi, just to find out what they’re actually like. “I’d also like to thank you. Thanks for spending time with him. It really means a lot. All he’s ever received was pain from these bastards.” Hoseok’s voice broke through again. 

“It’s my pleasure.” You didn’t want to imagine anyone hurting Taehyung. And based on the spite in Hoseok’s statement, you knew that you weren’t the only one who hated the place. 

                                  ‘But why wouldn’t they speak up?’ 

Speak up to who? No one would believe them. In the eyes of everyone else, they were nothing but lost causes trying to fix their broken selves. But you weren’t going to accept that. You found the reason why you were here, and it wasn’t because of family favors or money. You just wanted to cure Taehyung.

In the midst of thinking, you accidentally hit a waste basket. You scrunched your nose, starting to feel throbbing on your lower leg. You took the basket and moved it to the side, but not before catching a glimpse of a half-full water bottle, two familiar pills floating inside.

Ace!Sportarobbie part 2: The Word Asexual

He had FINALLY done it.

After all these years, Robbie Rotten had FINALLY found a surefire way to make the notorious SportaACTIVE slow down! He had been practicing the method for the past few days, and he was ABSOLUTELY SURE that it would work, this time.

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Charlie Hunnam on working with Rob and filming in the amazonian jungle.

Q “How is it working with Rob?”

“Really wonderful. I mean, really fantastic to work with. We didn’t really talk too much while we were working. There was a time these characters meet each other on screen in the film, and so I don’t know if we never really talked about it, but I had decided that I just wanted our relationship to exists exclusively between action and cut. But I also didn’t want to put Rob off and like make him feel uncomfortable or anything. So I thought I would play this game with him and see if he was receptive and if I was upsetting him, then I would change tactic. But he either just didn’t care or understood what I was doing and wanted to play the game with me. So yeah, we didn’t talk too much while we’re filming, but it was all about the movie, no animosity or anything like that.

Q “It looks like you guys are cool and you’re taking pictures together”

No no I love the dude, and I came into this project really admiring and liking him. It was really just about trying to explore like a creative thing you know? Try to explore a acting technique or a way to put a relationship on screen together that I’ve never tried before, and I thought about a lot prior to this film but never really had an opportunity where it was appropriate, and this is where I tried it out. So it’s cool.”

Q “I heard you had a beetle going in your ear”

“I had a little beetle crawl in my ear. Yeah, little stowaway… I mean I had a scorpion on my hands and it was not planned. You know that I had my hands on the ground and this little really little like opaque pink colored scorpion ran and just sort of stopped on my hands and I just like flicked it off as the cameras was rolling and then it just stood there. And so there was a snake wrangler on set and right after they told “Cut!” I said “That little thing was just on my hand, is that poisonous?” and he said “Dude, if that had bitten you, you’d have been dead in about 30 minutes”

Of Cats and Thieves

A/N: Inspired by the Job Set on SIF, though throughout writing this, I found that I couldn’t fully explore this AU until the other four are released too OTL Hence, only a short blip here. I’ll most likely write more and finalize the nonexisting plot and ships when I know what other jobs the rest have XD
Words: 2,130
Ship(?): Kanan x Mari

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, what about Graves taking Credence to get a wand? You write him being such a nice sugar daddy in your fic. I want to know your thoughts for the wand too =D

This might not be EXACTLY what you are imagining, but @martythegirl and I brainstormed up some pretty specific things.

First, her wonderful illustration:

Now, I think a lot of JKR’s ideas are just Bad. The idea that wands make magic users better and America needed English people to come teach ~real magic~ with ~wands~ but then witches and wizards are demonstrated to be Incredibly Powerful by having them use wandless magic is… nonsensical.

Also it’s just really racist? The idea that NO ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET (except white Western Europeans) was using any sort of magic-infused item to aid in the casting and use of magic is just incredibly false and Bad.

And ANOTHER THING, it’s obvious that wands can be made from things beyond just the limited list that is available in the extra-canonical sources JKR has provided. Even Picquery’s wand has a core that’s technically unapproved/possibly illegal in America. And since it’s America, I figure if wands are supposed to be licensed and highly regulated by MACUSA and this is some kind of gun control metaphor with heavily racist overtones, then there’s got to be a market for illegal and unregistered wands.

I wanted the wand that Credence would eventually possess to reflect something DEEPLY North American but also sort of dark and terrifying and taboo. Something that is outside MACUSA’s laws and honestly sort of scary to anyone with sense. 

Therefore the wand is Maple with a Wendigo tooth core. :)

And this is set about a year after “In a City, Reconstructed.” It’s more “I love you so I’m going to track down someone I arrested for illegal wandmaking and threaten him into giving you a wand” than “Baby boy, let me buy you something nice.”

Alexander Running Deer sits beneath the bare limbs of the Ash outside his home. He moved to the Dakotas specifically to stay away from other people — magical or not — so he frowns when he sees four figures walking up the road to his home. Coyote, who dozes with her head on his ankles, glares at him when he moves.

Alex picks up his walking stick and hoists himself to his feet.

He does not plan to have visitors. Not now. Not ever.

Especially not in the winter.

“Go away!” he shouts at them.

Three of the four strangers stop walking, but the third does not.

“We’re here to buy,” the man says.

As he gets closer, he begins to look familiar.

“Well, I ain’t selling!” Alex shouts.

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kleinsens  asked:

#39 w/ kleinsen for the otp quotes challenge!!

I’m sorry if this sucks but I just realized this is my first ever writing anything that i’m sharing to the internet. So here ya go!

It was the middle of the winter and Jared had invited Evan over to his house to play video games and what not. Jared just wanted to spend some quality time with his friend but to be honest he was just bored and no one else to talk to. The door bell rang signaling that Evan was here. Jared opened the door, swiftly Evan ran inside, breathing heavily. “It’s freezing out there! Evan breathed as he let his body fall on the couch. “Hello to you too, Evan” Jared sighed shutting the door and meeting him on the couch. “Uh huh” Evan replied tiredly still trying to catch his breath. The room was quiet for a moment of just a cosy atmosphere, until Jared broke the silence “Well are you ready for me to kick your ass at Mario Kart” Jared challenged not wanting to feel anymore of the pleasant tension. “Bring it on”


p>After hours of countless losses on Jared part, and the sounds of teenagers screaming bloody murder if they ran over a banana peel, the boys started getting a little tired. “Is it ok if I just stay here tonight” Evan yawned laying his head down on Jared’s shoulder. “Yeah I guess so. Want to sleep on my bed or the couch?” “Can’t I just sleep here with you, you’re very warm…it’s nice” Evan had to already be half-asleep, he wasn’t even making any sense. “What?” Jared laughed trying to clear away the tension that entered the room. “I was just wondering if, ya know, cuddle or s-something like that?” Jared was confused to the situation that’s happening around him. “I-I mean, you’re just so warm and It’s really really cold in here, a-and…” Evan’s voice drifted off. Jared was frozen in place, not knowing how to react, Did Evan like him? Was he just joking? Jared justed looked away trying to hide his tomato red face. “I’ll just go. S-Sorry for m-making everything weird. See you later, Jared” Evan got up and made his way to the door. At that Jared snapped back to reality. “Evan, wait” Evan turned back to face him his face a beautiful dark pink color. “It’s totally fine. Just come back over here” Evan’s face lit up before he ran and basically jumped on Jared. “Don’t get ahead of yourself” Jared giggled “So what’s even happening, right now?” Evan asked nuzzling his head into the other’s chest. “We’re just two totally straight dudes getting heat from their best friend” Jared replied “yep” Then Evan whispered something just barely loud enough for Jared to hear “I love you” Jared smiled “Yeah I love you too”

The Crash

Title: The Crash

Genre: Fluff, Domestic

Word Count: 5, 904

Warnings: None!

Description: It’s another sleepless night for Phil only that Dan comes along and they end up shopping at like, 1 A.M. at a twenty-four hour superstore. It’s a bit of a disaster.

Author’s note: *comes up with a simple plot* *5,000+ words later* Uhhh… (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Family Vacation - Leonard McCoy

This is a request for the whole crew, but I made it into a Leonard fic, too. 

The first sight of the blue and green planet you called home made your heart race. Even just staring out the tiny porthole on the Enterprise, you realized how much you missed it. Someone cleared their throat behind you and you stood up, fixing your dress.

“Enjoying the view?” Jim asked.

“Yeah, are you?” Jim laughed and shook his head.

“No way. Leonard’s my best friend, I would never check you out.”

“Mmhmm,” you said, walking back towards your room. “So where are you going first?”

“What do you mean?” Jim asked.

“I mean, we’ve been in space for five years, where’s the first place you’re gonna go?”

“Probably back home to see my mom. What about you?”

“I’m going to Georgia with Leonard first. Then who knows what.”

“You are coming to Hawaii with the rest of the crew, right?”

“A week on a tropical island with the friends I’ve spent the last five years with? I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Jim smiled and gave you a hug. 

“I’ll miss you, Y/N.”

“I’ll miss you, too.” You watched Jim walk back towards the bridge, and made your way back to your apartment. Pushing open the door, you found Leonard angrily packing his things into his suitcase.

“Hey, babe.” He looked over at you and sighed, placing his hands on his hips. 


“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I  just can’t find some of my medical equipment.”

“You keep medical equipment in our room?” you asked, sitting down on the couch. He rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen to grab a beer, sitting down next to you. 

“I do sometimes keep equipment in here.” You laughed and leaned against his chest, smiling up at him as he wrapped his arm around you. 

“When we get a place of our own, it needs to be bigger than this.” Leonard chuckled and kissed your forehead.

“Yeah, this is one of the only things I’m not going to miss about the Enterprise.”

“You do still wanna move in together?”

“Of course, you’re the one thing that made five years in space bearable.” You leaned up and kissed him with a smile.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Later that day, you were grabbing your bags and stepping off of the ship you had called home for the past five years. You had changed out of your uniform, and were now wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Leonard took one of the bags off of your shoulder, and smiled at you.


“With you? I’m ready for anything,” you said. Leonard took your free hand and the two of you walked up to the group of people gathered in a circle. 

“Alright,” Jim said, smiling over at the two of you. “Well, we won’t see each other until Hawaii, and maybe not for a long time after that. But, we had a good run. I’m not always great with words, but thank you for making these five years in space memorable. I’m truly going to miss each and every one of you.” Jim smiled his signature grin, and the crew lumped together in a big hug. 

After saying your goodbyes to the crew, you and Leonard climbed onto another ship that would take you to Georgia. You fell asleep against Leonard’s shoulder on the way there, and he had to shake you awake.

“Y/N?” You jumped up, and wiped the drool from your mouth.

“Sorry,” you mumbled. 

“That’s okay, darling. We’re here.” You looked out the window and saw a vast field of grass, and not much else.

“Really? How long was I asleep?”

“A couple of hours,” he said with a shrug, reaching for your bags. You took one from him and followed him off of the ship. “My mom said she’d meet us here,” he said, looking around the station.

“And I look like shit,” you mumbled, checking your reflection in some nearby glass. You redid your ponytail and tugged on your shirt, trying to remove the wrinkles from it.

“You always look gorgeous,” he said, snaking an arm around your waist. You smiled and kissed him, placing your hands on his cheeks.

“Jim said the two of you went at it like rabbits.” You pulled away and saw an older woman standing in front of you, her arms folded just like Leonard’s usually were. You glanced up at Leonard and he sighed.

“You talk to Jim, ma?” he asked, stepping towards her. She laughed and hugged him tightly.

“He does call sometimes. Unlike others,” she said, looking up at him. He laughed nervously and looked back at you.

“Well Leonard is our chief medical officer, he’s got a lot of work to do, saving lives and all,” you said with a smile. His mother laughed and patted her son’s arm. 

“Very true. You must be Y/N. When he does call, you’re all he talks about.”


“Oh hush,” she said, giving you a hug. “It’s so wonderful to finally meet you.”

“You too, ma’am.”

“Oh please, call me Caroline.” You smiled and nodded, glancing over at Leonard. He was beaming and you winked at him. “Well come on, I’ve got dinner waiting for you at home.” 

“Ma, you didn’t have to do that.”

“Do you even know me?” Leonard smiled and held out his hand. You grabbed onto it and he kissed your forehead, following his mother.

“Now I know where you get your cooking skills,” you said, flopping down on the bed after dinner. Leonard laughed and began undressing, throwing his shirt on the ground. 

“She hasn’t cooked like that since my old man died,” he said, fiddling with the ring on his pinkie finger. You reached out your hand and took his in yours, pulling him closer to you. “I think she just wanted to impress you.”

“Consider me impressed,” you said. Leonard leaned down, putting his hands on the bed beside your thighs.

“She likes you.”

“I like her. And her son, for that matter.” 

“Good, I was wondering if you liked me or not.” You leaned back on the bed, grinning at him.

“Want me to prove how much I like you?” He crawled on top of you, smiling at you as he did.

“I would love that.”

“I left Starfleet to get off of a ship, not to spend time on more of them,” Leonard grumbled as you made your way down to Hawaii. 

“Ya know, we don’t have to go on this vacation. I could just take back those bikinis I bought,” you muttered.

“It won’t be completely horrible,” he said, smirking at you. “And it will be good to see the crew again.”

Landing on the tropical island a few hours later, you stepped off the ship and saw Nyota and Spock arguing at the station. You looked back on Leonard with a smile and walked towards the two of them.

“Hiya,” you said. They both turned to look at you and stopped arguing. “Everything okay over here?”

“Yeah, someone just didn’t want to leave home,” Nyota said, giving you a hug. 

“I know what you mean.” You shot a look towards Leonard who rolled his eyes. “How’s your vacation going?” 

“Good,” she said, beginning to walk. “I haven’t spent this much time with Spock in so long.” You looked back on him, and saw the corners of his mouth turn up at something Leonard said.

“Things okay with you two?”

“Yeah, a lot better. It’s good to be back.” You nodded and let out a sigh.

“Yes it is.” You rode to the resort with Nyota and Spock, listening to Spock tell all about meeting with a few more of his kind. Stepping into the resort, you were taking in the view when Chekov ran up to the four of you.

“They have an open bar!” he shouted with a colorful drink in his hand. You laughed at him and looked back on the guys.

“I’ll check us in,” Leonard said. You smiled and leaned up to kiss him.

“Okay, we’ll go check out the pool.” Nyota nodded and followed you out onto the sunny pool deck. You smiled at each other, seeing how beautiful the deck was, covered in flowering plants and lounge chairs, the water a clear blue.

“Well you ladies aren’t dressed properly,” Jim said, throwing his arms around the two of you. 

“Hello, captain,” Nyota said. 

“Where are your boyfriends?” he asked, pulling you both close. 

“Checking in,” you responded. 

“Okay, so then you’ll change into your bathing suits?” You rolled your eyes and threw his arm off of you.

“I missed you, Jim,” you said with a smirk. He kissed your cheek and laughed.

“Good, I missed you, too.” Leonard and Spock walked back out, wrapping his arm around you. 

“Where’s the rest of the crew?” Spock asked. 

“Scotty is trying to surf,” he said with a smirk. “And Chekov is drinking them out of all their food. Sulu is down by the beach with his family.”

“Ooh, let’s go down to the beach,” you said, looking up at Leonard. He leaned down and kissed you before nodding.

“Okay, let’s go get changed.”

“Yeah, I’ll come, too,” Jim said. Leonard held out a hand and stopped him. 

“No you won’t.” You laughed and followed Leonard up to your room. You popped open your bag and began rifling through for your swimsuit as Leonard laid down in bed. You walked towards the bathroom to change but he grabbed your hand.


“Let’s sleep,” he said, pulling you towards him. You groaned and tried to slip your hand out of his. 

“No, I want to vacation.”

“People relax on their vacation.”

“We can relax on the beach,” you said, trying to pull away again. 

“Or you could relax here in my arms.” You groaned and leaned down to face him. 

“As lovely as that sounds, that’s all we’ve been doing since we got back. We’re  here with the crew, so let’s go see them.” Leonard grumbled and you kissed his cheek. You stood and went to change, coming back out to find Leonard still on the bed.

“Please change.” He opened his eyes and smiled at you.

“I’ll meet you down there.”

“Fine. I’ll let Jim rub sunscreen on me.” Leonard laughed and rolled over. 

“I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.”

“Okay, goodnight, asshole,” you said, flicking off the lights.

“Love you.”

“Love you, too,” you said, closing the door behind you. 


“Hey. Did we get rooms right across from each other?” you asked, facing Nyota in the hallway. She laughed and shrugged, walking down towards the elevator.

“It’ll be just like old times.” You laughed and followed her.

“Yeah, but I don’t think we’ll be sneaking out in the middle of the night to go back to our own rooms.”

“True.” The doors of the elevator slid open and you made your way down towards the beach. 

“Spock isn’t joining us?” you asked as you laid down a towel on the sand. 

“No, he said he wanted to do some reading,” she said with a roll of her eyes.

“Leonard said he wanted to take a nap.” She giggled and laid down in the sand next to you. 


“Ask and you shall receive.” You looked back and saw Jim and Chekov standing above the two of you. 

“Where are your boyfriends?” Jim asked, sitting down on your towel. 

“Absent,” Nyota said, moving over so Pavel could sit next to her. 

“Well, it’s a good thing we’re here,” Pavel said, nudging Nyota. 

“Why is that?”

“We’re gonna help you have an actual vacation.” You raised an eyebrow at them as they pulled snorkels out of their bag. “Care to join us?” Jim asked. 

You reluctantly took the snorkel from Jim and nodded. He beamed and stood up, holding out a hand for both you and Nyota. You followed him to the clear blue water, stepping in reluctantly. 

“It’s cold,” you whined. Jim grabbed your arm and pulled you into the water. You splashed down into the water, landing on top of Jim.  “Asshole.”

He laughed and stood up in the water, strapping on the mask. “Come on,” he said before putting in the mouthpiece and diving back into the water. 

You waded in the water, letting it lap around your ankles as Pavel, Jim, and Nyota swam deeper into the water. Their legs kicked up frequently, a splash of color compared to the blue waves. 

“Not going for a swim?” You turned around and saw Sulu walking with his daughter up towards the beach. 

“Not just yet,” you said. “Your man abandon you, too?” He shook his head and stopped next to you. 

“He wasn’t feeling well so he went back up to the room. So it’s just me and my girl,” he said, smiling down at his daughter. 

“Daddy, let’s go swimming,” she said, tugging on his shorts. He sighed and you bent down. 

“Wanna come swimming with me?” you asked. She smiled and looked up at her father. He nodded and you took her hand, leading her out into the water. You swam out far enough so that she could still touch the sand. 

She splashed around in the water for a while, and you watched her until you felt something grab your leg, and you were pulled under. The cool water rushed into your nose as your foot made contact with someones face. 

When you resurfaced, you brushed your hair out of your face and turned around to see Jim clutching his face. Blood was pooling out of his nose.

“What the hell was that for?” you asked, putting a hand over your mouth. 

“Watch your language, there are kids around,” he teased. 

“Is your nose okay?” you asked, rolling your eyes. He grimaced and shook his head. “You should see a doctor.”

“I’ll go see Bones,” he groaned, walking out of the water. 

“Hey,” you said, a few hours later, walking into your room. Leonard smiled at you, and stood up to kiss you.

“Hey, I saw what you did to Jim. Nice work.” You smirked and fell down on the bed.

“You should have come out with us. The water was so beautiful, and we saw a lot of cool fish.” Leonard smiled down at you and grabbed your hand.


“Yeah. Where were you?”

“Bandaging up Jim.” You rolled your eyes and grabbed onto one of the pillows, snuggling into it.

“Well you missed out.” He laid down next to you and brushed some hair out of your face. “I promise I won’t do that anymore.”

“Good. I missed you.” He kissed your forehead and pulled you against his chest. 

“Do you have any other plans for today?” You wrapped your arms around his waist and looked up at him, biting your lip.

“Just dinner with the crew tonight.”

“I’ll be there.” You kissed him, immediately heating it up, sliding your tongue into his mouth. 

“Do you have any other plans?” you asked. He shook his head an d rolled over so that he was lying on top of you. “Good. Cause I’ve got all sorts of relaxing for us to do.”

Leonard kissed you before crawling underneath the sheets with you, starting the soon to be best vacation of your life, with the crew you had grown to call family. 


Prompt: Can I request Hal Jordan and the reader on date but it gets interrupted by other lanterns

Hi, okay, I’m not that read up on the Lanterns, I mean, I used to watch that cartoon network show and a few movies. So, I’m gonna try my best.

Y/N=Your name

Y/F/IC= your favorite Ice Cream


Pairing: Hal X OC

Word Count: 1,053

At first, you were nervous, the rumors that you had heard while working on the Air Force base along side the two. Your mutual friend, Carol, had set the two of you up on a blind-date, saying that she’d bring him to your station after work.  You had never met him before today, but he seemed to be nice. The pick-up line he had used while meeting you as Carol introduced you was cheesy, but it still made you blush, “I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met. I wouldn’t forget a pretty face like that.”

“Hal,” Carol groaned as the two of you shook hands, “You’re going to scare her away- and you just met.”

“it’s fine Carol,” you chuckled, “It’s kinda cute.”

“Don’t encourage him Y/N. It’ll be bad for you.”

Hal rolled his eyes at Carol before he motioned for her to scat, “now you’re going to scare her away. Come on Y/N, I know a great place to grab a bit to eat.”

“Perfect,” you said, grabbing your purse off of the counter and waving to Carol, “See you tomorrow.”

“See you then,” She smiled, leaning against the counter and watching the two of you leave, patting herself on the bak and already planning your wedding… probably.

“So Y/N,” Hal smiled down at you as you walked, “Carol talked quite a bit about you, but I’d like to hear it from you…”

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f/f Blue/Adam fic

I wrote Blue and Adam’s first meeting if every character in the books was a girl. There’s some canon divergence [obviously] and there’s some thoughts that are probably kinda offensive about the LGBT community, because it’s from girl!Adam’s POV and she doesn’t know everything.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy it!

Rose was talking shit about someone at school and Noa was cracking up, while Gansey was trying to point the conversation back to Glendower work.

“I think this could be a real breakthrough,” she said, looking irritated, since Rose and Noa were still laughing uproariously.

“That’s what Carruthers said when she discovered that you can wash your face,” Rose added, and Noa doubled over again.

“This coming from you,” Noa said. “Fucking… dirt goblin.”

“Yeah, but I can get away with it, I’m hot as fuck. Right, Gansey?”

Gansey let out a long sigh. “How about we focus more on the recording I found of my own voice on the ley line, and less on the washing habits of our classmates?”

“You’re no fun.”

“At least Addy’s paying attention. Right, Addy?”

Addy had not been paying attention, actually. She was going through the Latin terms in her head again, because there was a test tomorrow, and if Rose got the top score again, she was gonna fucking lose it.

“Uh, what did you say again, Gansey?” she said, a beat too late, and Rose said, “See? Even goody-two-shoes Parrish isn’t paying attention.”

Addy rolled her eyes. She wasn’t going to start shit with Rose today. Well, not again.

Gansey was looking disappointed, which set off a slight pang in Addy’s chest. It was just so hard to constantly focus on whatever was going on. Sometimes Glendower things had to take a backseat to schoolwork, didn’t they?

“I was saying,” Gansey said, “that I found the number of a local psychic, and I think we should ask them about the voice on the ley line.”

“A psychic?” Rose said. “Are we really going to waste our time there?”

“Hey, I’ve talked to legit psychics before.”

Rose folded her arms, but Addy knew damn well that she would go along with anything Gansey said.

“I think we should go,” Noa said. “It sounds fun.”

“Well, of course you’d want to go, weirdo,” Rose said, and Noa flicked their straw wrapper at her.

Addy began to drift off again. She hadn’t gotten enough sleep last night. There’d been a late shift, and then a metric ton of homework. When did she ever get enough sleep?

The Latin vocab. Fuck. She needed to get back to…

There was that waitress again. She was new, or she’d switched to the dinner shift recently, and Addy had seen her a few times. She didn’t know why the waitress was so fascinating, except that she wore weird clothes under her Nino’s apron, and her short choppy hair was covered in glittery hair-clips. And there was something fierce about the way she looked. She was just… really pretty. Addy guessed that meant she was jealous of the waitress, if she cared about her appearance, but this wasn’t really a look she wanted for herself. If anything, Rose should have been jealous of the waitress for pulling off the “edgy-not-giving-a-fuck” look so well.

She was glaring at a couple of Aglionby girls sitting in the corner of the room- Addy didn’t know them personally but she knew they were seniors and that they were insufferable about their wealth. One of them had brought a Starbucks cup with her into Nino’s, even though Nino’s sold perfectly good coffee. The waitress made a remark about the girls to one of her coworkers, and judging by the coworker’s dirty laugh, it wasn’t a pleasant remark. Addy’s face quirked into a smile.

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Check, Receipt

(I saw a text post that gave me a bad idea for a fic. Link at the bottom because boy does it spoil the ending)

The man screaming at Arataka Reigen was not a psychic, but he was almost as dangerous as one.

He was Reigen’s least favorite sort of client: the sort who knew the field.  All Reigen’s smooth talking and confident reassurance got him nowhere against a man who knew the topic inside and out. The meeting started with talking, then arguing, then yelling as Reigen backtracked over his words again and again.

Mob sat at his own desk and watched. He wasn’t particularly fazed by the yelling, and he only half-listened to what was actually being said. He focused instead on the small orange revenant circling the man’s neck. It reminded Mob of a fly or a mosquito—buzzing, hovering, waiting for the opportune moment to land and eat. It probably wouldn’t; the man reeked of incense, peppermint, and oil. It was a smart, well-researched combination of spirit-warding scents, but not enough to banish it.

“Look—shut up—calm down, I—no, shut up! Shut up for a second!” Reigen slammed his hands to his desk and stood. He succeeded temporarily in quieting his client, who’d gone off on a long rant of all the reasons Reigen’s recommendation of Himalayan salt was absolutely stupid. Instead Reigen turned to his shelf and grabbed a stack of blank tags, ink, and a calligraphy brush. “I’ve got some sigils we can try out, okay?!”

The man snorted. “Oh sigils? Hadn’t thought of that!” He reached into his coat pocket and slammed down a leather-bound journal. He flipped it open and thumbed through the pages, each of them tattooed with dozens of sigils. Hundreds of pages spilled past, like a shuffling deck of cards, each one filled. “All of these I’ve tried! 5,492 sigils! Nothing gets this damned thing off my neck!”

Reigen’s face remained impassive, though his forehead was soaked with sweat. He sat down again, ink and tags and brush now sitting uselessly on the desk. He stared silently for a moment. “Okay, so not sigils. I can try some incantations.“

“1,042 incantations, 47 different languages, nothing worked. You got an incantation I haven’t heard? I’d love to hear it!”

Reigen nodded, eyes wide, face shinier with each passing second. He nodded again and folded his hands. “Sometimes um…well, I have some incense in the back room. We can—“

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