yeah i ran with it in coloring so

Jealousy Is Such A Pretty Color On You.

Prompt: The reader is jealous of Henley and smut ensues with Daniel!

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Warning: Fingering, smut, curse words.

Word Count: 1.4k

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One Year of the 100:
↳ Day 5: ~ Favorite Quote:
“We all have monsters inside us, Clarke. And we’re all responsible for what happens when we let it out.”



I wanted to color them all but I really need to do homework and I didn’t want to miss Sousuke’s birthday soooo yeah. I might get around to coloring them who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“without me you are nothing” yeah Frank that’s why you moped around your house alone like a sad puppy when she ran off to be with Adam for two days and why her hair color was more relevant to the American public than your entire political platform bc of how unpopular you are and why she had to fuck the life back into you when you were at your lowest and why you would literally not be in the white house or even in the political limelight were it not for her, something that you yourself even admitted so I think we all know who’s nothing without who

“Oh my god, I HAVE to have all my books grouped together by series or it drives me crazy! I am SO O.C.D!”

I totally know what you mean! Like the other day, I accidentally ate M&Ms without sorting them by color, then broke down sobbing because not sorting M&Ms will make my mom die in a car accident. I am SO O.C.D.! And like, the other night I kept waking up in a panic, then ran from room to room feeling all the electrical cords and outlets to see if they felt hot. HA HA HA HA I am SO O.C.D.!

But yeah, you must really struggle with that whole book thing.


So me and my boyfriend’s mom ran a test piece.

I wanna change the “Pewter Silver” to something a bit more blue-ish so it fits the color scheme better but yeah this all looks p fucking sick.

My boyfriend’s mom’s friend was so blown away by the design (We were using her machine to make it) she demanded for a copy of it because she loved it so much.