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You Bet [Part 2]

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

Request(s): A freaking lot

Word Count: 3233… too long I hate it

Song: Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC for no reason other than I love that song

Summary: Steve is awfully distracted by your getup for helping out at the Snow Ball

Warning(s): Smut (duh), Swearing (have you met me), arguing (Nancy and the reader), Jonathan being the coolest, Dustin being a little shit, this is really basic honestly it’s pretty bad

Author’s Note: IT’S HERE! FUCKING FINALLY! THIS HAS BEEN DONE FOR LIKE A WEEK I JUST HAVEN’T GOTTEN AROUND TO POSTING! I’M SO SORRY! Anyway, this probably isn’t that amazing but it could be worse i’m somewhat okay with how it turned out

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Midnight Memories // The Color Of My World Part Two [A Stiles Stilinski Soulmate AU]

Series Masterlist

Relationships: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC/Theo Raeken x Reader/Theo Raeken x OFC

Warnings: Making Out, A Smug Stiles Stilinski Talking About Sex, Swearing, Physical and Verbal Violence, Abusive Relationship, AND REALLY FUCKING ADORABLE STILES STILINSKI SERIOUSLY HE IS SUCH A CUTIE YOU’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL OVER AGAIN.

Word Count: 6,168  

Song: Kid In Love by Shawn Mendes (The lyrics are so spot on it’s actually kind of terrifying)

A/N: Thank you so much for loving part one y’all. Here’s part two that also ends with another cliffhanger because I’m addicted to making you guys go crazy lol

“Oh, shit.” Stiles gasped, letting go of me as I stood on my own.

The room remained full of life and color even though he was no longer touching me. My skin, however, felt lost without Stiles. His touch left a lingering burn in my body and I was already craving it again. I longed for someone I just met and, for some reason, it felt right.

“W-We’re-” I stuttered, my mind completely overwhelmed with what we just discovered.

“Soulmates.” He finished my sentence, his warm colored eyes piercing into mine.

Stiles Stilinski, the boy my boyfriend secretly despises, is my soulmate. It’s funny just how sadistic the universe really is.

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What if Enjolras, having never been to Grantaire’s apartment, had no idea that he was a sort of cat hoarder until one day R shows up to an ABC meeting with a black cat with a bandaged leg in his arms and like six more in different colors following close behind. Most of the Amis have been over before and know about the cats, but Enj is just staring as R awkwardly rambles about, “It wasn’t on purpose, I swear. It’s just that Bulldozer got herself hurt the other day and she can’t walk right and I couldn’t leave her alone, but- I dunno- she’s kinda the leader of their little cat gang and they all ran out when I opened the door and they followed us here, and that’s what happened so yeah.”

“You look good in red.”

A Peter Parker x Reader Fic 

Summary: You know Peter’s secret, you know he’s Spider-Man. But where’s the fun in letting him know that outright? It’s more fun to tease him about it…until you end up in between him and the Green Goblin. 

Warnings: fluff, some minor angst, I wrote the reader shorter than Peter so I apologize to those who’re taller than him ( :/ ), it’s long

A/N: I’d like to give a ginormous thank you to @riseofthehufflepuffs for always being there to help me with my Peter Parker fics and reading them for me no matter how shitty they are. Thank you, Mrs. Parker, you’re the freaking best friend a person could ask for and I’m so excited to see FOB live with you in Novemeber!

“So, Parker.” You poked at your food leisurely. “Do anything fun last night?”

“N-No.” He ran a hand through his hair nervously. “Just worked on some homework, yah know.” 

“Did you see the news?” You dropped your head into your hands, narrowing your eyes at your friend. “That robbery downtown seemed intense.”

“Yeah.” Peter nodded. 

“Thank the heavens Spider-Man swooped in and took them down.” You continued on. “It was crazy, I can’t even begin to fathom living a life like that. Living half as a well-known superhero and the other as, well, some random person. I wonder who they are…”

“Probably just some random person, like you said.” Peter sipped on his drink. “I doubt we know them.”

“Yeah.” You mentally scoffed. “You’re probably right.”

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Youth // Jung Hoseok


the prompt: could you make a Prince Hoseok fanfic? It’d be nice if it were fluffy (Hobie’s been getting all up in my feels as of late) but I have nothing specific in mind. the au i based this scenario off of: i’m in an arranged marriage but i’m in love with the sibling help

words: 3056

category: fluff + minimal angst

author note: hobi is always in my feels ngl. he’s just so happy and handsome and can we talk about the fact that hobi is the definition of husband material? my sister and i talk about that a lot. anyway, enjoy!

- destinee

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“Can you stay?”

“Harry, we need to go now,” you scolded for what seemed like the tenth time that night, tugging on his shirt. He turned away from the conversation he was having with his friends, the whites of his eyes red, a smirk still lingering on his lips.

“What did you say?” He yelled over the pounding music that filled the club. It was so loud the walls were shaking, and you could feel your heart pounding in your ears.

“We need to go!” You pointed to the nearest exit.

“Go where?” He asked, and tripped over a bar stool. He caught himself just before he fell. As his best friend, you felt a sense of responsibility over him. You wanted to always protect him, and make sure he was safe.

“I promised I would get you out of here before you were totally pissed. You’re pretty close to it; we have to go, Harry!” You gave him a pleading look. You could tell he was about to give in, just a little more pushing-

“Just a bit mor-”

“No, Harry.” The firmness of your voice surprised you. You sounded like a mother figure.

He sighed in defeat, “alright lads, I’ll see you on the weekend.” He waved goodbye to his friends and stumbled away from the bar, gripping your hand as you pulled him through the crowd behind you. He was like a gentle, little puppy when he was drunk. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, and that’s why you always felt comfortable around him because he almost never lost his temper, especially in this state. Except for the time you accidentally killed his pet goldfish, Fish. He went on a weekend trip with his sister, and when he got back, Fish was floating at the top of the tank. He went ballistic, but you laughed the whole time he lectured you.

Once you finally reached the car, you let go of him so he could get into the passenger seat, a sour look on his face. He looked like a five year old who asked for a toy and was told ‘no’.

“What’s that look for?”

He shook his head, flopped his mop back away from his face, and got into the car. You found yourself rolling your eyes at his childish behavior. He probably won’t even remember this in the morning, you thought.

The drive home was mostly silent. Harry fiddled with the radio the whole time, changing the station less than halfway through the songs. “Why don’t they play anything good anymore?!” Clearly frustrated, he threw his hands up and flopped back into his seat, a peppy pop song that you had heard a million times was ringing through the car.

By the time you made it up to his apartment, it was half past two AM and you could see the sleep that dragged at his eyes. “Thanks for taking me home,” he muttered, hugging you from behind, his head atop yours.

“Go brush your teeth, dork,” you laughed, shoving him off and gesturing for him to go to his bathroom. Rolling his eyes, he stumbled over to where you directed him. You sat on his bed once you heard the sink turn on. Harry’s room was very neat, neater any other guys room you had been in (and that wasn’t many). Everything had a place and a purpose.

You skimmed over the photos on his dresser, and found yourself admiring for what you seemed  to have done countless times, a picture of Harry and you from the first day of kindergarten. Your arms carelessly thrown around each other with innocent, childish grins splattered across your faces.

Harry and you had been friends for as long as you can remember. His friendship was so easy; you always had each other’s backs and got on really well almost all the time, except for the petty little arguments you would have over things like movies and books.

Next to that picture was your high school graduation. You were both clad in green graduation gowns and a green cap, proud grins lit your faces, head rested on his shoulder while holding the diplomas in your hands. That seemed like a century ago when you looked back. Now you were both nearing the end of your junior year in college; it was crazy for you to think about a time like that, things were so much easier then.

The bathroom door swung back open revealing a shirtless Harry. His legs were covered in a pair of old, plaid pajama pants, and his feet were bare. He ran his hand through his short curls and flopped down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling fan as it whirled and whirled in endless circles.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I think I’ve sobered up a bit.” You looked at him after he said this. His eyes were still bloodshot, but the color was returning to his face. You knew he was still drunk, but you didn’t say anything.

“I’m going to go-”

“Can you–” he paused, “can you stay?” He sat up and faced you.

You looked at the sincere expression on his face. He never asked you to stay. “Uhh-”

“Just for tonight–” he fiddled with fingers. “You don’t have to– I jus–”

“Yes, Harry.” You noticed how nervous he was, so you answered so he didn’t have to finish his sentence.

“I’ll stay,” the look on his face was priceless. He looked like a six year old who just walked into a candy store.

You got up and grabbed one of his t-shirts and a pair of boxers from his drawers, heading to the bathroom. Once you changed, you slipped under the covers with him.

“Thank you,” he croaked after a few minutes of silence.

“For what?”

“For everything,” you heard a small sniffle and turned to face him. “Thanks for always having my back.”

You smiled, at a loss for words and snuggled closer.

“You’re welcome.”

You fell asleep with a smile on your face, and butterflies erupting in your stomach.


Pairing: Jim x Reader 

Word Count: 2643

Warnings: Some swearing, fluff

A/N: Wow I definitely didn’t intend for it to be that long. Also, one day I’m gonna get everything together and start making headers for these posts, but that day is not today. Today I’m going to sleep because I’m currently dying from cramps. Hope you guys enjoy, though! Also, there’s a pic of the bike I mention at the bottom of the fic if any of you are curious. 

You knocked frantically on Jim’s door. Bones was gonna kill you. A few seconds passed without answer and you pressed your ear to the door, listening for movement. Hearing nothing, you pounded on the door again.

“Jesus Jim answer the goddamn door,” you called.

If Jim could’ve yanked open the automatic door, you’re sure he would’ve. He was scowling deeply, hair sticking up in all directions - the first time you’d seen it anything less than perfect. His shirtless torso was still perfect, though, and those gray sweats hanging dangerously low on his hips were downright tantalizing.

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Where do we go from here?

Bucky x Reader

Summary: After a man saves your life, you can’t help but get attached to the blue-eyed brunet. And your life has never been dull since.

Word Count: 1,800

Warnings: NSFW gifs included, just smut, mentions of drug use, insults

A/N: A continuation of my Imagine I recently posted here. Sorry if my google translations are for shit. Thank you thesuperwholock394 on AO3 for wanting a backstory to this, I had a blast writing this! And there will be ONE more part to this! :D (GIFs are not mine)

Please read the imagine first so you know what’s happening and won’t get confused. :) 

                                                One Year Before

Frank, your dad’s right-hand man, held the gun to your temple as your father leaned on the desk, arms crossed staring daggers at you.

“You’re a real piece of work, aren’t ya, girl?” You rolled your eyes at him, his demeanor didn’t scare you, not unless he held a needle to the inside of your elbow demanding obedience. But other than that, he was just a man who happened to be in charge of one of the biggest drug gangs on the West Coast. And no one’s been able to catch him.

“Not my fault your stupid fucking coke shipment was confiscated.”

“That shipment cost me 21k, you little piece of shit. You’re just lucky Sanchez loves my stuff, that I don’t mind givin’ him extra for the same price. ‘Course, Imma throw a little bonus on the side.” He smirked at you, giving you a long look.

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Jealousy Is Such A Pretty Color On You.

Prompt: The reader is jealous of Henley and smut ensues with Daniel!

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Warning: Fingering, smut, curse words.

Word Count: 1.4k

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Shaving and Photography - Harry Styles Imagine

I think everyone, even the most introverted of us, have the secret dream of traveling around in a caravan with our best friends. To make memories on the open roads, visiting landmarks, and of course there had to be the mandatory bon fire and guitar playing. Well I was finally doing it! My best friends Lorenzo and Daisy had organized it. They’d also invited Lorenzo’s college friend, Harry, and another girl named Cassie, who I’d met a couple times.

Harry was almost a complete stranger, but I’d gotten to know him better since we’d been kinda living together for the few weeks. Harry was sweet, charming, smart, kind, and honestly, dead sexy.

“Y/n can you help me a moment,” Harry called from his small corner in the caravan.

“Coming,” I called. I ran over to the door, and opened it.

“Um, y/n,” pink, colored Harry’s cheeks.

“Yeah, Harry?” I said questioningly.

He nodded towards me with his head, and then adverted his eyes. I looked down at myself. I realized I’d forgotten to button up my flannel the whole way, and my black bra was showing.

“Oh sorry,” I laughed, fixing the issue.

“Now,” I said putting my hands on my hips. “What did you need?”

He gestured to his face that was half covered I’m shaving cream.

“Lorenzo’s got the bathroom, so I decided to shave here, but I haven’t got a mirror. Can you just clean up the bits I didn’t get?” He asked, his cheeks were still pink. I couldn’t tell if it was from the bra incident, or the newly posed question.

“Of course,” I said a bit awkwardly. I sat on the small bed with him.

“So do I just?” I said cautiously picking up the razor. “I’m not sure how to…”

“You’ve got to come in closer,” Harry chuckled.

“Oh, um, okay,” I nodded, moving in slowly. I was practically straddling him when I was finally close enough. Harry hadn’t missed much, which relaxed me a bit, I didn’t want to knick him at all.

“Are you sure about this?” I breathed. Harry’s green orbs looked up into mine. He held my gaze for a minute, before nodding.

I gently pulled the razor across his face, clearing away the stubble. He coached me a bit as I finished it up.

“Beautiful,” he complimented, running a hand over his smooth face.

“Thanks so much,” he grinned.

“No problem,” I smiled back.


Later that day we were checking out the local museums. Harry and I seemed to be appreciating it the most of anyone.

The way was sort of cool, and grey, and windy. My long maroon sweater was comfortable, and the company was nice, the day was just really wonderful.

Eventually Lorenzo, Daisy, and Cassie started complaining they were hungry. Harry and I wanted to keep looking around. Harry and I decided to walk along the scenic bridge, while the others went further into the city. We lazily strolled past the river, as the wind tangled our hair. I stood against the railing, staring out at the lights reflecting on the water.

“It’s so pretty here,” I said admiringly.

“Look, Harry, ducks!” I pointed to the mother ducks and her babies.

“Aw,” Harry commented, but he sounded a little distracted.


I turned to see that Harry was snapping photos of me with his Nikon.

“Harry!” I said indignantly.

“You looked so beautiful!” Harry grinned. “I had to capture the moment!”

“Let me see that picture,” I said advancing toward him.

“I don’t think so, you’ll delete it,” Harry said walking backward a couple paces.

“Harry I demand to see it,” I chased after him. I could hear him laughing as he dodged my hands. Though his legs were long, I caught up with him, and made a grab for the camera.

“Stop, don’t hurt the camera,” Harry giggled, grabbing my hands with his large ones, and holding me back from him.

“I wanna see the picture,” I grinned.

“Trust me it’s lovely,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Hmmm,” I mumbled dubiously. Then, without warning, he pulled me into him and kissed me gently on the mouth. I smiled at Harry, and he gazed back fondly.

“That was nice,” he said, his deep, and accented voice giving me happy chills.

“I agree,” I said cuddling into his chest.

“Here, I’ll let you see the picture now,” he said, and turned on the camera. The picture was of me looking out to the water. My hair was blowing wildly in the wind. It was actually, quite a nice picture.

“See, I told you, beautiful,” Harry kissed my temple.

Skittles (sour taste on my lips)

Taehyung x reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: swearing (just accept it, I always swear), smooches!

Rated: T

A/n: I’m horrible at fluff tbh, I had to look at cute pictures of animals to get this right. Also like, why are baby-owls and otters so adorable? I die.

While reading try listening to Ed Sheeran’s “How Would You Feel”. - I mainly used this as a kind of prompt so yeah, that’s what.

When Taehyung was 5 years old a new family moved in next to him and his parents. A married couple with a 3 year old girl. She always wore colorful dresses and had her hair in to braids framing her face. Taehyung and Y/n became best friends from their very first meeting; once some guys made fun of Taehyung’s hair and she walked over and kicked one of them in the shin screaming for them to get away from your neighbor. The boys got scared and ran away. Taehyung and Y/n laughed at them and he invited her to his house. They spent the day talking about how her parents had divorced and she had moved with her mom, Taehyung held her smaller body as she cried and since then she decided she always wanted to be with him.

When Taehyung was a teenager his father told him to find the very best girl. Taehyung curiously asked how he would know she was the very best and his father simply said “I foyu can spend the rest of your life falling deeper in love with her, she’s the one” Taehyung couldn’t help but think of Y/n and how she always seemed to be eating those skittles that she only ever shared with him and none of her other friends.

When he went to Seoul to become a singer they lost contact for two years before Y/n graduated and went to University in Seoul. When they met again it was as if nothing had changed except Taehyung noticed Y/n had gotten more mature, her  hair was longer and she always wore tight fitting dresses whenever they went out. Y/n had noticed his shoulders had gotten broader and he was tall. He had gotten more confident and carried himself differently. He was still her best friends Taehyung though and It didn’t take long until they saw each other at least once a week and the rest of Bangtan loved her. She was one of them.

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Colors (Tythan)

Requested by @kitty-798


(I hope you enjoy!!)

- For all of Ethan’s life, he couldn’t see vibrant colors. To him, every color might as well be a shade of black or grey. The ability to see bright colors was reserved for those who had looked into the eyes of their soulmate. Ethan had yet to do so.

- Ethan was editing a video when Tyler came into the room asking, “Do you need anything?”

- Ethan was about to lie and say no, but he felt like being honest. “Something just feels off. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my editing or if it’s just a crappy video.”

- “Want me to watch it real quick?”

- “If you could please, yeah,” Ethan replied. “I’m gonna get a bite, you want something?

- “No I’m alright, thanks.” He nods, getting up so Tyler could sit down. He went into the kitchen, poured himself a glass of lemonade and eating Pringles. After making a sandwich as well, he returned to the office where Tyler was finishing the video.

- Sitting down the sandwich, Ethan watched the video over Tyler’s shoulder. When the outro ran, Tyler said, “You’re just overthinking it, the video’s fine.”

- Tyler turned to Ethan, their gazes meeting and everything exploded. “Oh my god…. your hair.”

- "Tyler… you’re seeing these new colors, too, right?” His voice trailing off as the colors become more vibrant.

- “Yeah… I am.”

- “I…I didn’t expect…”

- It seemed they were both lost for words in the moment. Eventually, Ethan pulled Tyler into a long and lingering kiss.

sinningwiththesamurai  asked:

#8 with your choice since I already asked for puppy!

You get puppy again I’m not sorry

“Because I love you, #*@- it!”

Someone telling you they loved you wasn’t supposed to hurt. 

It wasn’t supposed to feel like you were shattering, losing something precious, but it did. He wasn’t supposed to say it. He wasn’t supposed to stop, and hold you and look at you like that and…you had to tell him, or you’d both feel the raw, miserable gnaw clawing at your heart when he figured it out for himself. “No,” A part of you didn’t want him to ever know, but you knew now that you loved him too much to go through with it after all, and it made you feel small, and lost like a child, “No, Inuchiyo you–it’s not me. It’s, it’s some, some image you have of me. You’re,“  Oh, how you hated to tell him! “You’re in love with a girl in your head.” You felt your voice crack, and cursed it. He’d realize it, now. Realize he’d had you on a pedestal, idolized, that it was the…the convenience of it all and not you and he’d be gone and…your throat hitched. You hadn’t realized, until it hung in the air between you, how wretchedly you feared losing him.


Inuchiyo sighed.

You closed your eyes, and hated that you were afraid to look at him, but they flew open when you felt a gentle flick of fingers against your forehead. He wasn’t smiling. Here it comes, you supposed. Here came the–

“You snort in your sleep.”

You blinked. “Er…”

“You snort when you sleep.” He repeated, “And then you sort of half jump, like it wakes you up but it doesn’t and then you kick like a donkey. It’s…” A smile, then, the sort of stifled twist of his lips when he was trying not to laugh, “Well it’s something, I guess.”

You stared at him, slightly indignant. When was the last time you’d slept together anyway? “We were kids.”

“Were we kids when you got roped into the Old Man’s drinking game last week? How the hell do you think you got home?”

You gaped at him, mouth opening and closing, and heat found your cheeks with a fury. You had wondered, at the time, how the rest of that night had gone. “You…you…”

“Me, me, yeah. You…” His turn to blush, and he tugged on his neck as his eyes darted guiltily to the side, unwilling to look directly at you, “…well you wouldn’t let go.”

“Oh. Well…” You started, but had no defense. This, somehow, wasn’t how you expected this conversation to end. Or start. Or…or happen. But he wasn’t done, and his eyes were back on yours.

“Which is another point - you leave yourself completely , cluelessly open. You’re flighty, you’re impatient, you’re a hypocrite about food sometimes, you’re judgmental, and you meddle, and you’ve lied to me more than once–”

“Okay, now hold up, Inuchiyo – ”

“Shut up, I wasn’t done, and you did. You mumble to yourself, you daydream, you never listen to me, you’re gullible, you scream when you’re mad and stomp your feet like a toddler, you still like those children’s shows at the festivals, you crack lame jokes, you slouch when you’re thinking and shuffle when you walk. You get drunk on a sip of sake and you always underestimate me. You overthink everything, and god knows it takes you forever to make a decision, unless, of course, it’s a decision that’ll get you and everyone around you potentially killed, and then hey, you just run right in.”

Your throat tightened, furious heat gathering behind your eyes and you blinked rapidly in embarrassment. You hadn’t…you hadn’t expected quite this of an extreme swing in emotions, when you pointed the truth out to him. You’d thought…

“Dummy.” The rough, familiar voice softened, but there was something low and raw to it, at once overwhelmingly gentle and yet urgent with something that had your heart stuttering in your chest. “I’m sayin’ I know you. All your silly quirks, all your stupid mistakes, all your odd habits. The girl in my head’s you.” His hand was shaking, you realized, and yours were too, as your shoulders finally wracked with a sob, and his fingers barely touched the skin of your cheek. “Besides, whatever you’ve got in you, mine’s worse.” His throat bobbed, and the last word was hoarse and secretive. You didn’t know what he meant, and didn’t press, “And yours make you…everything. Everything I love.”

Love. Love. He’d said it, love. It undid you, wrenched something loose you didn’t even know you had been gripping with all your might, and it came out in a sob.

He pulled you against him, strength of his arms all heat and comfort as you wept. Hiccuping, sniffing back mucus, bawling like a child into his shoulders, broad and strong and as squared to the world in your defense as they had been when you were children. You clung to them, to him, shaking. “Damnit, Inuchiyo this…this was not the plan.”

“Yeah, what was the plan?”

You held tight, shaky breath trying to muffle your tears, “I was going to seduce you!” As soon as you’d realized you loved him, it had been stupid, but, you wanted something of him, a memory you could carry when he finally realized the truth. He wasn’t supposed to stop, and you weren’t supposed to ask why and leave him an opening to blurt out how he felt.

He snorted, something free in the sound even as his hands ran through your hair, stroking softly, “Okay, add that to the list. Shit at seduction.”

You balled your fists and banged them into his chest, “Damnit, shut up.”

He laughed, hands stroking your hair, then back, to soothe your shaking shoulders, and you felt the scatter of his heart and knew the coolness was feigned, “Well, I mean, you could try again? I wouldn’t complain.”

You hiccuped again, unable to stop it, and furiously wiped your eyes with the back of your hand, laughing and crying at once. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that he could love you so much, when you loved him so much. “What, now?” You wanted to tease him, because how hard up did a boy have to be to find a tear-streaked, sniffling, red-eyed mucusy mess of a human attractive enough to want, but the realization that he did made your throat close around the words with an ache. His hands were large and warm, cupping your cheeks, and his thumbs brushed away the last of your tears with a gentleness you wouldn’t have dreamed the clumsy, brutish boy of your childhood was capable of. Damn him, he was right - you did underestimate him.

“I can wait.” It was a murmur, soft as he laid his forehead against yours, hands still gentle on your cheeks. And then a smile, cocky and brash, “Hell, I’ve waited a long time. What’s a little more?” You wanted to laugh, but couldn’t, and managed only a hiccupy smile. “Course, if I’d known you had some stupid hangup in your head maybe it wouldn’t have been so damn long.”

That got a smile, and you hid your head in his shoulder, taking a long, deep breathe that felt clear for the first time in a long, long while. “I’m sorry, Inuchiyo.”

“Toshiie.” He corrected, with the sigh of someone who didn’t anticipate being listened to, and he grumbled, “Well I guess it’s okay if it’s you.” 

You thought of his tirade and grinned, curling your hands in the fabric over the shoulders that had protected you for so long. “I love you, Toshiie.”

The immediate stuttering, stumbling tumble of sound finally coaxed a giggle from your lips, and when you pulled back to beam at him, free at last to say it without fear, you were met with the furiously bright color of his cheeks, and you ran your fingers adoringly across their heated expanse. But he recovered, and caught one of your hands with his own, and a smile that was boyish and kind and yours alone. “Sheesh. Yeah, I know. And I love you, too.”

This time, your heart felt whole.

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u will be able to see the world in full color once you meet your soulmate but until then, you can only see the world in the eye color of your soulmate. however, you can alter the color your soulmate can see, by wearing contact lenses. if you wear blue contact lenses, your soulmate sees the world in blue, purple makes them see the world in purple, etc. you realize each day/week you get to see the world in a different color because your soulmate is being all cute (daejae ofc) -daejae trash anon


Youngjae woke up to a new sky, bright and clear in a color unlike any he had seen before. Despite his grogginess, a sort of excitement filled him as he looked about his room at the colors he had not known were there. His walls were a softer version of this clear-feeling color. His jeans, he found were more solid, but still the same.

He met his friend, Junhong, at the other’s dorm down the hall. “Wanna get breakfast before class?” Youngjae asked the yawning boy.

“I don’t have class, remember?” Junhong yawned. “I specifically scheduled my courses so I could have Fridays off.” He padded back into his room with sleepy steps, not even bothering to close the door behind him.

“It’s Wednesday.” Youngjae told him.

“Shit!” Junhong shouted, rolling out of bed and smashing his elbow on the way down. Two minutes later, he was following Youngjae down to the dining hall. “I only have twenty minutes to eat.” Junhong said, “and that’s if I run to class and accept that I’m going to be ten minutes late.”

“So you really have ten minutes to eat, but you just don’t care about class enough to show up on time.” Youngjae replied.

“The Science of Soulmates 201?” Junhong replied. “It’s a joke class, Youngjae. If it weren’t a requirement for the bio major, no one would take it. Literally all we’ve learned in the past two months is that soulmates see the world in each other’s eye colors until they meet, then everything goes full color. Five-year-olds could tell you that. He literally only introduced the contact lenses thing last week.”

“My soulmate is wearing them today,” Youngjae said.

“What?” Junhong asked, “are you sure?”

“Yeah, usually I see things in brown, but today it’s different. The color of the sky, jeans, your backpack, that’s what I’m seeing today.”

“You should find one of the color charts online to figure out what color it is.” Junhong answered. “I’ve never seen anything but brown either.”

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Iron Man’s Daughter

A Wattpad request. I do not own Peter, Tony, or Natasha. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: Fluffy humor, awkward, bashful Peter, protective Tony. 

Pairings: Peter Parker x fem!Stark reader, dad!Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

Peter’s mind wasn’t where it should have been. He was supposed to be listening to Tony about the upgrades he wanted to make to the Spider-Man suit. Instead, Peter was thinking about you. You had just transferred to his school and immediately caught Peter’s attention. Not only were you pretty with (h/c) hair and shiny (e/c) eyes, but you were brilliant too. A genius. But a humble one.

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#244: You Meet At A Masquerade Ball


This one makes me really excited because it was different and original I couldn’t say yes fast enough when it was requested. @urbanstrangersfanfics was the one coming up with the idea in my DM’s and normally I don’t check those because of spam but god I’m happy I did!!! :-) x

Requested: Yes //  Find my Masterlist here 


“Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Normally when hearing that sentence, it was assumed that the person never actually mean his words. It was something said out of habit without giving a single glance towards the person being bumped into, but when you both shared the eye contact you could tell there was something to it. “It’s alright.” You casually mumbled and fiddled with your dress, not really knowing what to say or where to go. You had been standing at the same spot for at least an hour now. He looked down at you with a blush on his cheeks by the otherwise little push he had given you in the shoulder and placed his hands into his blazer pockets. “I’m sorry I’m so awkward I’ve just been away from my friends and with all these masks I’m having trouble trying to find any of them. You know that feeling?” The way he was looking down at you with blue eyes that charmed their way out of his black masquerade mask showed that he was actually a little bit nervous but you didn’t mind. “I’ve been standing here in the same spot for too long now. My friend had the same mask as someone else but now I feel like I’ve seen the same beige one seven times.” You fiddled with the glass in your hand and laughed quietly when he giggled as well. The only thing that seemed to stand out from his mask was his curly locks and tall frame that with eyes, seemed almost magical. “Well while we’re both lost,” He reached his hand forward in invitation of a dance and nodded his head towards the dance floor filled with many unfamiliar guests, “How about we introduce our secret selves with a little formal dance?”


“Oh, no no this wasn’t supposed to happen!” He exclaimed with wide eyes and kept on almost apologizing, his hands fumbling around the back of his hair, “This is so embarrassing I’m not even shocked it is happening to me.” It had been less than seconds before he had gotten the chance to introduce himself to you that he in accident felt his mask starting to lose. It had been in a quick reaction that he placed his drink onto the table behind you and grabbed onto the mask to make sure he wasn’t revealing himself. It was all about the secrets, it was what the ball was about in the first place and he wanted the keep his anonymous identity. You stood for a few seconds debating with yourself whether or not to help because he was getting a little bit stressed, his inked hands shaking to get the mask wrapped around his face again. “Here, let me help you.” You couldn’t witness his helpless self anymore and leaned up to his tall frame to grab the mask from his rough fingers and tied a small knot yourself. He stood completely relieved by your help and cleared his throat when getting eye contact, letting you see the chocolate orbs of his. “I’m Calum, by the way.” He introduced in laughter, “Sorry about the panic. I just really adore the traditions of these kinds of balls and I’d be sad to do a complete fool of myself already before even getting the chance to introduce my name.” “That’s completely fine.” You replied and took a step back to see him fully, his hair wasn’t that short but he still looked great. “I’m Y/N.” You grabbed your drink and reached out to shake his hand politely, seeing him give you an award-winning smile.


”Normally I would never have the confidence to do this but since this is a night of secret faces I thought I had to do something different.” You looked up confused by the sudden guy taking a seat on the mini bar you had seated yourself at, eyes wide by his sudden gesture. “And must I admit your eyes are just as pretty as they looked on far distance.” A deep blush came to your cheeks by his compliment and he smiled gently, “Okay I’ve been drinking plenty of welcome champagne and my mask is white and made out of paper… But hey, at least I’m trying.” He ran a hand through his dirty blond locks and chuckled quietly at his behavior. “I think you’re very good at what you’re doing right now.” You giggled softly and swirled the olive around your glass of martini with a toothpick. He smiled to himself by your words and positioned on the bar chair so he could look over at the view of people dancing. “You were dragged here by your friends as well?” He questioned and played with the mask he was wearing, having the navy blue color. “Yeah I’m not really sure if this is actually my thing.” You admitted and hurried to drink the rest of your glass when he suddenly grabbed you down and pulled you from the chair. “That makes you my partner in crime of the night! I’m getting revenge on my friends for dragging me here by loosening people’s mask to reveal their faces!” You had absolutely no idea who this dude was but it was better than drinking alone and trying to get over the night. “And the best thing,” He announced, “We’re both masked. Nobody will ever find out that it’s us.”


“I’m gonna warn you already! I’m a horrible dancer.” Your eyes looked up dizzy by the sudden change of dance partner, seeing a curly haired lad stand in front of you with a black mask and hazel eyes. “But I’m gonna try my best just to make sure I don’t embarrass us.” He gently grabbed your hand and wrapped the other around your waist, doing his utter best to not fail. You giggled softly by his nervousness and bit down on your lip, you hadn’t seen him around. He was in fact doing very well, he had nothing to be nervous about. It wasn’t that you were bumping between other partners and his smile seemed to make everything ten times better. “I think you’re doing very well.” You admitted, seeing it become even wider and he looked down at his shoes almost forgetting his next step and knocked himself into you. “Okay I’m gonna keep quiet not to trigger it.” You exclaimed and he was quick to laugh. “I just gotta concentrate, mysterious girl.” He gave you an extra look as if he was trying to figure out who you were but truth was you had never seen each other before so giving up would be the easiest way. He had this expression that told he was trying his best but he only hummed. “If we survive this dance maybe you’ll be able to see my face.” A challenging expression came to his face by your words and he licked his lips carefully before giving your shoes another glance. That was definitely something he found interesting and he leaned down to whisper in your ear.  “Then I must prepare myself for something great because with eyes like yours it’s killing me not to see the rest of your beautiful face.”

Pool Party

Request: hey,could you do a newt AU?he and the reader are best friends, and have a crush on each other but to shy to admit it. Reader is kinda insecure about her body (short and chubby) and thinks she’s not good enough for him, bc teresa is so beautiful and skinny and one day they meet all at the pool at Thomas’ place and Teresa gives reader a bikini bc she thinks she'lllook great in it, she changes in the bathroom she starts crying bc she thinks she’s too fat and then Newt finds her and all fluff thx <3

Warnings: AU

Newt smiled, admiringly staring at you. You and him were walking home from school, talking about each other’s days. You were telling Newt about what the school’s class clown did in your class today. It was hilarious to you, and therefore Newt found it funny, too.

Newt always tried to be on your good side. He really liked you, and really wanted you to like him back. Thing was you already liked him. Both of you were far too shy to admit it. Newt thought you were out of his league, but you thought you weren’t good enough.

You were on the shorter side, and chubby. You thought you looked like some fat whale, when in reality you were averaged sized. Society filled your brain with that you should be stick thin. Thigh gaps, flat stomach, tiny wrists, and decent sized breasts, kind of like your friend Teresa. However, you had thighs that touched, belly rolls, and bigger breasts for a girl your height. You were highly insecure about your physical image, so therefore you thought you weren’t good enough for tall, lanky Newt.

“Hey, Thomas is having a pool party at his house. A summer kickoff. Want to come?” Newt asked as you got to your house. 

“Oh, uh… Sure. Well, I’ll think about it?” You said, clearly unsure. You hated swimsuits. 

“Okay,” Newt looked at you. “It would mean a lot if you came though. But whatever you want. See you later.”

You both hugged and he was gone.

You ended up going to the pool party. You wore a single piece swimsuit with a pair of swim shorts. You also wore a cover-up and planned not to get in the water.

All your’s and Newt’s friends were there. Thomas, Minho, Alby, Gally, Teresa, and a few others were all in the pool, splashing around. You only sat in a chair, observing in the shade. You wanted to get in the water because it was so hot, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Not in front of all your friends.

“Hey, Y/N, get in the pool, yeah?” Teresa asked. She was dripping wet and in a bikini. She looked fantastic, and it made you feel even worse. 

“I think I’m okay…” You sighed, looking away from her.

“What’s wrong? I know you love the water.”

You shrugged, still not looking at her. “I just… I’m not in the mood.”

Teresa rolled her eyes. “I know what you’re thinking. You look fine, Y/N. Honest. What do you have on? A cute swimsuit? If so, it’ll definitely catch Newt’s eyes.”

You blushed at the mention of his name. She knew you had a thing for him. 

“All I have on is a plain pink swimsuit… Single piece.”

“Come on, then. I brought another one, and I know you’ll fit into it.” Teresa grabbed your hand. “We’ll be back, boys!” She shouted at them.

You grimaced. “Teresa, I’m fine, really. I don’t… I won’t fit. You’re so small, and I’m so… not.”

“Y/N, you’re beautiful, and you’ll look amazing in this suit.”

She pulled out a two piece swimsuit from her bag. It was a teal top and bottom. Nothing with a spectacular design, just a nice teal color. She took you to the restroom, shutting the door. 

“You’re not leaving that room until you put it on,” she yelled from the other side. 

You sighed, stripping from your original attire and changing into the new one. It did fit. It wasn’t too snug, or too big. It was perfect for you. Though you couldn’t help but stare at your huge thighs and bulging stomach. You looked terrible.

“I look awful, Teresa.”

She opened the door, smiling right away. “What? No you don’t. You look great, Y/N. It fits perfectly, shows off some skin, you look fine.”

“But… I jiggle.” You were embarrassed. Your body parts jiggled when you walked and you couldn’t stand it.

“So do I and everyone else. Look.” Teresa walked normally, showing that she, too, jiggled. Her thighs shook, despite them being small. Even her stomach shook a little. “See?”


You and Teresa walked back out to the pool. All the boys were still rough housing in the pool, music playing from a stereo. All the boys stopped and stared, looking right at you. You felt so insecure. They were probably thinking how you looked fat in it.

“Looking good, Y/N,” Thomas grinned. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a bathing suit.”

“Yeah, I love that color on you.” Someone else said.

Newt couldn’t keep his eyes off you. He thought you looked so fantastic. Your body was perfect proportioned. You weren’t too thin. You had fat in all the right places. And he especially loved your tummy. He thought it was cute.

“I told you you looked fine. And look, Newt can’t stop staring. Now let’s go swimming,” Teresa whispered.

You nodded your head, feeling slightly better. You both held hands, ran, and jumped in the pool. The water felt cool on your skin. It was refreshing, and you loved to swim. 

“Y/N, I’m so glad you made it. I don’t think I told you that yet,” Newt blushed. He was grinning like he always did when looking at you. 

“Thanks… I’m glad I came, too.”

You and Newt talked and hung out a majority of the time. It was filled with laughter and fun. The rest of the group would occasionally tease the two of you, which often resulted in splash wars.

“I really like you, Y/N,” Newt confessed towards the end of the party. “I think you’re real great.”

“Oh,” you blushed, “I like you, too.”

That was a start of a whole new relationship between you and Newt.

You’re Not Alone

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader (Modern AU)

Warnings: Language, Angst-ish, Fluff,

Word Count: 2250+

Request: “Hi! I was wondering if you could write something about Steve being the Reader’s gym coach? Thanks!” - @cobo-doodles

A/N: I went a little off the rail with the coach thing. It wasn’t a super big part of their relationship, but it was how the two met. I tried a different approach on how the two would be if one of them had a bad day, or week in this case. I also really need a Steve in my life… I hope you enjoy it!!

The gifs, not mine. Credit to the wonderful owner.

Originally posted by your-kylie-me


“No.” The snarl pulled a chuckled form the blonde man, his arms crossed against his chest as he observed the smaller woman struggling with the leg presses. Y/N huffed with a glare through the mirror on the wall, grumbling under her breath how he still looked perfect despite doing the same routine as her. It wasn’t fair. She was a panting, gross, sticky mess while he hadn’t even broken a sweat.

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Visiting Day Gone Wrong

Originally posted by effindivergenteric

Requested by @jaxteller9994

Request: Can I have an Eric coulter imagine where the reader is from amity and she transfers to dauntless and Eric trains her and they get close and then on visiting day her parents come and be mean to her and Eric gets mad and protects and Eric and the reader become a couple at the end 

“See you later, Eric!” I call as I leave the training room. 

“Bye, Y/N!” Eric replies.

Eric had been training me because I had been doing fairly bad in the ranking and we had gotten close. I wanted to be more than friends, but I didn’t tell him that. Why would I? I’m just an Amity transfer, so why would a leader like Eric want to be with me? 

Anyways, tomorrow we didn’t have training seeing as though tomorrow was Visiting Day. I was very excited to see my family again, especially my mom. I missed her a lot and I just wanted to hug her. Tears pooled in my eyes just thinking about it. 

I walked back to the dorms, and took a quick shower. Afterwards, I got into bed, and fell into a dreamless sleep. 

I woke up to the feeling of somebody shaking me awake. “Hey, Y/N! Wake up! It’s Visiting Day!” My friend said. I shot up in bed and looked at him. A smile appeared on my face. I hopped out of bed, and started to get ready to see my family. When I was done, I walked out of the dorms and headed to the cafeteria for breakfast. 

Upon arriving, I noticed that there were a lot of people in there. More than normal. I hurried and got into the line, fearing that everything good had been taken. I was wrong! The cooks hadn’t let me down. There was enough to feed the whole Dauntless Compound, twice! I grabbed some cereal and some pancakes. I walked out into the dining area and found where my friend was. I took a seat next to him. “So.” I said. “Are you excited to see your family?“

“Oh yeah.” He replied. “I’ve missed them so much. Especially my younger sister.” 

We sat there and talked about our families until Max came out and told us that our families were here, and that we would meet them in the Pit. I squealed with excitement, and got up. I followed the crowed towards the Pit, and searched for my family. Through all of the black and a few other colors, I spotted a blur of red and orange amongst the crowd. I knew that was my family. 

I ran up to them and smiled. “Hey guys!” 

My family turned around to face me, but none of them smiled. “Well, if it isn’t the disgrace to the family.” My older brother said. 

“What?” I asked.

“We wouldn’t have come, but we’re supposed to be kind, so we came anyways.” My father said.

“Well, you’re not being kind at all, right now.” I said confused. “What’s caused this?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” My father said. “Maybe that you’re the only one from the family for generations to actually transfer to another faction. You’ve broken the family tree. You’ve left us and we want nothing to do with you.” 

Tears formed in my eyes. “How could you.” I croaked. 

Then, I felt a presence beside me. “What’s going on here?” Eric’s firm voice sounded. 

“We were just having a conversation with one of our family members.” My mom stated. “And, who are you?” 

“My name is Eric. I’m one of your daughter’s trainers. I’m also one of her leaders.” 

This made my family take a step back. “But, you’re so young.” My dad noticed.

“Age doesn’t matter here in Dauntless. But that’s not the point. The point is that you’ve only come here to make your daughter hurt and feel bad for making her own choices. If you were just going to abuse her, why come here?”

“Like told her before you came along.” My father said. “We’re Amity. We came because we thought she would want to see us. We were being kind.” 

“Well, I’m gonna repeat what Y/N said. You’re not being very kind. So either you say something nice, or you leave.” 

My family stared at me, and then turned around and walked off. I watched them go for a moment, but then I felt the sudden urge to scream. I didn’t want to break down in front of everybody, so I ran off. Leaving Eric behind. 

I ran, but I could hear footsteps behind me. “Y/N!“ Eric called. “Wait!” 

I stopped, but didn’t turn around to face him. I felt his hand grab mine as he turned to stand in front of me. “Hey.” He said. “Don’t listen to them. It’s not you’re fault-”

“Yes it is. I’m the one who chose to go.” I cried. I couldn’t help it but I let out a really loud sob. As soon as it escaped my lips, my hand shot up to cover my mouth. Eric pulled me into his arms and rubbed my back. I buried my head into his chest and cried. “Shh. Shh. Everything’s going to be alright. Don’t listen to your family. I’m here for you, and I support you. If they don’t support your decision then they’re not really family at all.”

“So does that mean that you’re my new family?” 

“It can. If you want.”

I pulled away from him. I looked into his eyes, and he wiped the tears away from my face. “I’d like that Eric.” 

 He leaned forward and he kissed me. It was short but sweet. 

“Thank you, Eric.”

“Anytime, Y/N.” 

The Gift - A Solangelo One-Shot

In which Will wanted to show that even though he might not know a lot about it, it didn’t mean that he didn’t care

(Some sort of a continuation/sequel of another one-shot: ‘My Kind of Football, Your Kind of Football’ but can still be read separately)

(Word Count: 2700 words || Rating: Teen and Up Audiences || Read on AO3)

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